6 Kasım 2023



Unusually, for a British summer, it had been a lovely warm day, clear, bright and with the changeover day for new arrivals, and those departing, not too busy around the pools and bars. The campsite was beautifully tended lawns where cars had to park on a concrete car park so as to keep the grasses healthy and unworn. This made the ground good for drainage and comfortable for even the most rudimentary of tents. You’d been asked to go camping with another couple who were both your mates, this meant you had a bijou tent all of your own around 30 feet from your companions, which allowed a minimum level of privacy.
The daily regimes had been up in the morning for a group breakfast, swimming, light lunches, some reading in the afternoon, some dinner (bbq or one of the restaurants), then listening to bands in the pub onsite, then back to the tents for a few more drinks then bed. Ultimately relaxing and stress free. It had been a hard year for you, exhaustion was beginning to wear you out, so the idea of the holiday won you over.
As you were there for a 10 day stay, and had been already for 3, today was the depart/arrival day for those doing 7 days or 14.
You now knew your way around fairly well, and didn’t always need to follow around your mates, you enjoyed wandering off and exploring on your own, walks, swims, cycle, quiet spots to read, your plan was to relax and nothing was going to stop that. The holiday took a turn for the more interesting when out for a walk along one of the rivers. Dressed in a floaty summer dress and a small bag with a book and a phone, the air was warm and the smell of the river and kocaeli escort bayan trees somehow seductive.
Your phone vibrated and you checked the message. It was a quick hello sent by me, asking how your holiday was going. You replied that you were have a relaxing time and that you were enjoying a lovely wander along the river. Somehow I sensed that the air and the smells were giving you soft sensations so I pushed my luck a little and asked what you were wearing, you said, only dress and shoes. Mmmmmm I thought and sent you one of my naughty pics of being hard and wet. You received the text, noticing an attachment and the naughty part of you rejoiced when there was a perfect pic of my beautiful hard cock. You immediately felt warm between your shaven lips and looking around see nobody around so you decided to rest against a tree where anyone walking by on the path wouldn’t see you unless searching a little too hard. You continued the texting asking me to send specific pics of scenarios, me teasing my star with a bottle, stroking hard, wetting my finger and probing my star all the pics you enjoy, this got you very wet and casting a quick glance you used one hand to tweak the nipple of your right breast and roll it in your figures through the minimal fabric.
Your other hand put the phone to the floor and you began to rub your clit slowly. As the bud engorged, you took a photo and sent it to me, this got me very hard, and I sent a pic back which surprised and delighted you. It is a shot of my shaft with a pair of female lips around the end, and my caption states, this is happening right izmit escort now. As you rubbed your pussy I was having my cock devoured by my wife, felicity. You began to make further requests, so I sent what you ask, a pic of felicity licking my star whilst cupping my balls, me licking her star with three fingers buried in her pussy, her lips tight around my knuckles, the next pic is my cock at her pussy not quite going in but the end glistening with her wet lips ready to received. You’re now texting and rubbing at the same time, getting wetter and wetter, asking for more and more, telling me to push my cock in as far as it can go, each pic makes your fingers move faster and faster until you sense that you’re about to explode. Worried about being heard you text back, to continue in 15 mins once you are back to you tent. Your walk back was delicious, the air blowing lightly up your dress, the sensation not hiding the wetness and warmth of your beautiful bare mound.
Back at your tent you noticed that there a few more tents erected although still with plenty room around. You climbed into your tent, lie back, lift the dress over your head and begin to dip your fingers in the wet pussy and use those wet fingers to tweak and pinch your nipples, you remembered to text and before long more pics are flowing. The sensations in your pussy drove you wild and it won’t be le long before a delicious orgasm takes over your body, so you slow it down, not noticing any more texts or lack of.
You were completely absorbed in delivering your own pleasure that you don’t hear the muffled voices outside your tent, escort bayan you don’t even notice the zip lift as your eyes were closed, however you do feel the tongue on your pussy and the two fingers enter your star and you looked down and saw a blonde head eating your pussy expertly, as you were so turned on, you didn’t question, you just let the blonde devour you, again your eyes became shut as you let the waves of pleasure pour over you.
Sensing movement to your side, it’ not a total shock when a cock brushes your lips, the salty taste unmistakeable you mouth opened and the cock slides in and slowly begins to fuck your eager mouth, you think you were having the best dream in the world, but it is really happening. The identities of the intruders are revealed when the male said breathlessly, “Felicity, make her cum”, this revelation sent waves of lust searing through your body, as you respond, I want that cock in my pussy and that pussy on my mouth, so we change positions in the small tent.

Felicity gasps as she rode your face, your tongue expertly licking her and your fingers fucked her star. My cock is thrusting deep into your pussy as my fingers are teasing your star, sometimes one finger for tickle, then three fingers which feel my cock through your walls., your moaning became faster and soon I could feel the telltale clenching of your star on my fingers as your pussy gushed onto my cock, with this I explode inside you, fucking as hard as I can, and with you tonguing and my ravage desire, Felicity’s pussy exploded all over your face as you lap it up tasted divine. We keep going until we are exhausted and spent and just lie entwined, dripping, sweating and cum soaked.

This is when we told you we are three tents down, for 7 nights and we planned this to be the first day of fucking your brains out between us.

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