21 Kasım 2023

Cabin Fever Ch. 01

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Brad Clark pulled into his driveway at four o’clock on Thursday afternoon. He and his wife were going up north to close the family cabin for the season. The cabin had been in the family for many years, handed down from Brad’s grandparents to his parents and now to him and his younger sister.

Brad and his wife Lisa were meeting his sister Wendy, and her husband Kevin. The four of them would make the journey together. They planned the trip weeks ago and Brad was looking forward to spending the extended weekend with his sister and her husband.

Lisa and Brad met in high school. They dated through their senior year, falling in love with each other. While they were dating, Lisa introduced her brother to Brad’s younger sister at a family party. They began dating and became a couple.

In the second year of his carpenter apprenticeship, Brad married Lisa. Two years later, their siblings married each other. Since then, the two couples spent a lot of time together. All four of them enjoyed the other’s company and seldom argued.

“Hi, Lisa, I’m home, Honey,” Brad yelled as he walked into the house. He went to the bedroom when he didn’t find his wife in the kitchen or living room of their small ranch house.

“Why are you dressed for work? We have to pick up your brother and my sister in half hour,” Brad said.

“Hi, sweetie. They called me into the hospital. One of the nurses had an accident and I have to work all weekend. You’ll have to go without me this time,” Lisa said as she attached her name badge to her white uniform. “I’m sorry. I’m going to miss going. It’s always so pretty at the cabin this time of year.”

“Christ, couldn’t they get anyone else to fill in? We planned this trip weeks ago.” Brad sat on the edge of the bed.

“I know. I’m so disappointed. I wish I didn’t have to work, but you know I don’t have enough seniority to bump anyone.”

“I’ll call Wendy and Kevin. Maybe we can do it next weekend so we can all go,” Brad told his wife.

“That would be wonderful except I’m scheduled next weekend too,” Lisa reminded him.

Brad nodded. He didn’t want to leave his wife home, but if he didn’t close the cabin for the winter this weekend, it may be a few weeks before he would be able to winterize it. The closer to November it became the greater risk of the pipes freezing.

“Please don’t be angry with me. I can’t help it,” Lisa said as she gave her husband a hug. “You’ll have a good time with Wendy and Kevin. Tell them I miss them,” Lisa said and then she kissed Brad.

“This sucks, Lisa. I want you to call in and tell them you can’t work,” Brad was becoming upset. He held his five foot five wife against his body, feeling her small breasts press into his chest. Brad stood six one and was able to rest his chin on top of her head.

“I can’t, Brad. I have to work this weekend. I may have to work doubles,” Lisa said. She rose up, kissed him, and smiled. “I promise I’ll make it up to you, baby.”

Feeling upset with his wife, he told her goodbye. Brad grabbed his suitcase and left for his sister and brother in law’s house. After tossing his suitcase into the trunk of his car, he drove the half mile to his sister’s house. Brad didn’t see Kevin’s truck parked in the driveway and wondered why.

Brad walked in the front door of the house and saw his sister sitting on the couch with her suitcase near her. When Wendy saw her brother, she got up and grabbed her bag.

“Let’s go, Brad. Kevin isn’t going with us this trip. He called a few minutes ago to tell me he had to work all weekend. Something about finishing a house he’s been working on,” Wendy said with a huff. Kevin was a carpenter and often worked weekends.

When Brad furrowed his brow, Wendy said, “What’s the matter?”

“Lisa was called into the hospital. She can’t go either,” Brad said.

“I don’t care. Let’s go, we can close the cabin and come home early. This is supposed to be a great weekend. Warm days and cool nights,” Wendy said as she scrawled a note for her husband.

“Um, aren’t you going to change your clothes?” Brad asked.

“Why, what’s wrong with what I’m wearing? I haven’t changed since I got home from work a few minutes ago. I can change when we get to the cabin.”

Brad looked at his sister’s pleated skirt and white blouse. Shrugging his shoulders, he picked up Wendy’s suitcase. She locked the house as Brad put the bag in the trunk.

Wendy and Brad left for the interstate facing a two and a half hour trip. While Brad drove, his sister sat in silence. She stared out the side window, fuming because her husband had to work. An hour into the drive, Brad asked Wendy if she was hungry. She said she was so he pulled off the highway.

“Is everything okay, Wendy? You haven’t said three words since we left your house,” Brad said.

“I’m sorry. I’ll try to be better company. I’m just upset with Kevin. He knew how much I was looking forward to this trip. Because of his job we’ve only been up north twice this year,” Wendy said.

“Lisa and Zeytinburnu Escort I have been up there a few times, but she’s been putting in a lot of hours too,” Brad said.

Brad and Wendy finished their meal. They left the restaurant and headed for the cabin. Before they arrived, Brad stopped at a small grocery store to pick up the food he and his sister would need for the weekend. Brad pushed the cart up and down the aisles and Wendy put food in it. When they reached the beverage aisle, Wendy added several bottles of wine and two bottles of booze.

They arrived at the secluded cabin and Brad and Wendy carried the food and bags inside. Brad started the hot water heater and furnace while his sister put the food away.

Brad started a fire in the fireplace and settled on the couch. Wendy poured wine for them and joined him. They talked about the tasks they would have to complete before leaving for home. At nine thirty, Brad decided to call his wife to tell her he was sorry for the way he acted.

Wendy told her brother to forget it, but he shook his head. Brad went to the kitchen and dialed the number to the nurses’ station at the hospital. After talking to the person that answered the phone for a moment, he slammed down the receiver. Brad dialed home, but didn’t receive an answer.

“Something’s going on. Lisa isn’t scheduled to work like she said she was,” Brad said as he picked up his wine and downed the contents of the glass. He went back to the kitchen and picked up a bottle of whiskey. Brad poured some of the amber liquid into a glass and drank it in one gulp. After pouring more into the glass, Brad went outside to stand on the porch.

Wendy walked outside, stood behind her brother, and put her arms around his waist. “I’m sure there’s an explanation for this, Brad. Why don’t you try calling home again?”

Brad nodded. He went back inside, but instead of calling home, he called a friend that lived across the street from his house. While he was talking, Wendy came into the room. Brad said goodbye and handed the phone to his sister.

“Call your house. I’ll bet there’s no one home,” Brad said.

“How do you know?” Wendy asked.

“Your husband’s truck is parked in my driveway. So is Lisa’s car. They’re at my house,” Brad said.

Wendy dialed her house. After holding the phone to her ear for several minutes, she hung up. She took the glass of booze from her brother and drank most of it. Tears ran down her cheeks. Wendy sobbed slightly and handed the empty glass back to Brad.

Brad hugged his sister for a moment. She sniffled and then said, “I’m going to bed.” Wendy turned around, leaving her brother standing in the kitchen. Brad was going to have another drink, but decided against it. He knew it wouldn’t help to get drunk so he went to bed.

A strange feeling between his legs brought Brad out of his deep slumber. Looking down, he saw his naked sister kneeling between his legs. Wendy bobbed her head up and down on his rigid cock. When she noticed her brother was awake, Wendy moved up and impaled herself on Brad’s dick. She felt her pussy stretch to accept his long thick shaft and moaned.

“What are you doing?” Brad asked as he felt his cock enveloped by his sister’s warm pussy.

“If my husband can fuck his sister, I can fuck my brother! I’m getting even with that son of a bitch!” Wendy said as she wiggled against Brad.

Wendy moved up and down. She started slowly, but increased her tempo until she slammed herself down on her startled brother. Not knowing what else to do, Brad gripped Wendy’s hips. He pushed up, meeting her thrusts with his own. Wendy started to cry but didn’t stop fucking Brad. She put her hands on her brother’s chest, sobbing as she fucked him. Brad moved his hands to her chest, mauling Wendy’s jiggling breasts.

“Pinch my nipples,” Wendy begged.

Brad trapped his sister’s nipples between his fingers and thumb. He rolled them while applying pressure. Wendy groaned and increased the speed of her pounding. Brad felt his orgasm building. He told Wendy he was going to cum, but she didn’t stop moving. He started to shoot his semen into her and Wendy slammed her crotch down and screeched. Like her brother, she was lost in a climax.

Wendy fell forward, resting her head on her brother’s shoulder, and sobbed softly. Brad rubbed her sweaty back to comfort her. The reality of what they had done began to sink in for Brad. He tried to feel guilty for having sex with his sister, but couldn’t. Wendy rolled off her brother. She curled up in a fetal position with her back to Brad. He rolled on his side facing her back and put his arm over her quivering body.

Brad felt his sister’s breathing change, signaling she was asleep. He continued to hold her as he thought about what had taken place. Brad justified the act by blaming it on the booze and the belief their spouses were having an affair.


“Are you awake?” Wendy said as she rubbed her brother’s chest.

Brad opened his eyes, Zeytinburnu Escort Bayan looking up at Wendy’s smiling face. “Yeah, I’m awake. Are you okay?”

Wendy leaned over. She pressed her lips against Brad’s, kissing him tenderly. Brad moved his hand to her arm and stroked her. The tender kiss became passionate when Wendy opened her mouth and pressed her tongue against his lips. Brad accepted her tongue, flicking his against it.

Pulling her mouth off her brother’s, Wendy smiled. “Yeah, I’m okay. Are you?”

Nodding, Brad said, “Do you feel better? Do you feel like you got even?”

Wendy chuckled as she shook her head. “I’m not concerned about getting even, not anymore. Brad, why haven’t we done this before?”

“Maybe because it’s incest,” Brad said.

“Who gives a fuck? That was one of the best fucks I’ve ever had. I have been lying here for an hour trying to be pissed off at Kevin and Lisa, but I can’t, not because they are having sex. I am pissed about the lies.”

“We don’t know for sure that they’re having an affair with each other, do we?” Brad asked as his hand moved to one of his sister’s breasts. He gently massaged her, noting how much larger her breasts were than Lisa’s.

“No, but if they aren’t, maybe they should. I know one thing for sure, I’m not going to stop loving you or fucking you,” Wendy said. She moved her right hand to Brad’s cock and began to stroke him.

Chuckling, Brad said, “What am I going to do with you, Sis?”

“Anything you want to, Brad. Right now, I’m going to have breakfast,” Wendy said with a grin. She moved down and took his cock between her lips. Brad moaned as his sister swiped her tongue over the head of his cock. She looked up into his eyes and took his member deep in her mouth.

Wendy removed his cock from her mouth. She grinned and said, “Does Lisa suck your cock for you?”

“Once in a while,” Brad said.

“Can she do this?” Wendy put her open mouth over his cock. She lowered her head until his dick slipped into the throat. Rubbing her nose in his pubic hair, Wendy moaned. She pulled her head up, letting his prick pop out of her mouth.

“Hell no, she gags when she gets half of it in her mouth. I’ll bet Kevin loves that!”

“Kevin doesn’t like oral sex. He lets me suck him every so often, but he won’t cum in my mouth. He doesn’t eat my pussy either,” Wendy said.

“Well I do! I’ll eat you until you scream,” Brad said.

“Not until I taste your cum.” Wendy returned her mouth to his cock. She started to bob her head slowly, taking more each time she lowered her head. Wendy held his balls in her hand while she took him deep in her throat. When she felt that Brad was going to ejaculate, Wendy slowed down. She savored the feeling of her brother’s prick in her mouth and against her tongue.

Brad moved his hips, pushing his cock into Wendy’s throat. She groaned around his prick, sending vibrations through his entire body. When he came, Wendy backed off so only the helmet shaped head of his cock was between her lips. She moaned as several shots of hot semen blasted against the inside of her mouth. Brad’s cock stopped pulsing and she took him deep again. After a moment, Wendy removed her mouth and swirled his cum around with her tongue, relishing the taste and texture.

“Mmmm, that was delicious,” Wendy said as she licked her puffy lips.

Brad pulled his sister up and gave her a kiss. He could taste his semen, but ignored it. He swiped her lips with his tongue and then pushed it into her mouth. They kissed for a few moments before Brad pushed Wendy on her back. He moved down between her legs, picked them up, hooked them over his shoulders, and pushed his face against her pussy. Using his tongue, he parted her blonde pubic hair and licked the length of her labia.

Wendy began to moan as her brother sucked her clit. He flicked his tongue against the nubbin, causing his sister’s body to jerk and vibrate. Brad slipped a finger into her pussy while teasing her clit. Wendy thrashed around on the bed, urging her brother on. As she approached her orgasm, Wendy felt Brad’s thumb against her anus. She let out a screech when his thumb pushed past the tight ring of muscle and penetrated her rectum. The sensation was more that Wendy could stand and she came. Her body stiffened and her toes curled as her pussy contracted.

“Oh shit that was good!” Wendy said while her brother kissed her thighs. She bent at the waist, reaching for Brad. “Come up here and kiss me, baby.”

Brad moved up his sister’s body. He hovered over her for a moment and then placed his lips against hers. Wendy sucked his tongue into her mouth and returned the kiss.

“I have to piss,” Brad said as he rolled out of bed. Wendy watched her brother’s firm ass as he walked out of the room. A moment later, she followed him.

Brad smiled when his sister came into the bathroom. He finished at the toilet and Wendy sat down. Once she finished, they got into the shower together. They took Escort Zeytinburnu turns washing one another and made comments about the times they bathed together when they were children. Wendy played with his cock and balls as she coated them with soap. Brad washed his sister’s breasts and pussy, kissing her as his hands moved over her.

“Honey, that was the first time anyone touched my asshole like that,” Wendy said with a chuckle as she dried herself.

“Hmmm, a virgin,” Brad replied and then he laughed.

Wendy nodded and grinned. “Have you ever done that? You know, fucked Lisa in the butt?”

“Nope, she doesn’t like me touching her back there. Did you like it?”

“It was different. I’ll let you know whether I like it or not next time,” Wendy said. “Let’s have breakfast.”

“That sounds good to me. Are you going to get dressed?” Brad asked.

“Yup, I want you to undress me later,” Wendy replied.

Brad and Wendy cooked bacon and eggs for breakfast. While they sat at the table, they talked about what they needed to do that day.

“You know, I used to try to peek at you when we were younger,” Brad said with a smile.

“I know. I used to let you sometimes.”

“Did you ever think about having sex with me? I used to play with myself thinking about you,” Brad said.

Wendy smiled and nodded. “I did the same thing. Brad, I’m not sorry we had sex and I don’t feel guilty at all.”

“Neither do I. What are we going to do when we get home?” Brad asked.

Shrugging her shoulders, Wendy said, “I don’t know and I don’t want to think about it. We have this weekend to do whatever we want to do.”

After taking care of the dishes, Brad and Wendy went out on the porch. The morning air had a slight chill to it, but it wasn’t cold. Moving behind his sister, Brad put his arms around her. He covered her breasts with both hands, gently massaging them through her tee shirt and bra. Wendy leaned her head back against his shoulder. They looked at the colorful trees, commenting on how peaceful it was. Brad put his hands under his sister’s tee shirt. He played with her breasts, feeling her nipples harden through the thin material of her bra.

“I guess I shouldn’t have worn the bra,” Wendy said as she wiggled her bottom against Brad’s growing cock.

Brad moved his hands to the front clasp of his sister’s bra. He released it and fondled her bare breasts.

“You have great tits, Sis,” Brad said as he kissed her neck. “You have a great everything.”

“Thank you. You’re pretty sexy yourself.” Wendy moaned and reached behind her. She rubbed his cock through his jeans and sighed. “Your cock is the biggest one I’ve ever had. Kevin’s is nice, but not as nice as yours.”

Moving his hands down her body, Brad unsnapped Wendy’s shorts. He pushed them down over her hips and rubbed her pussy. Wendy moaned as her brother diddled her clit with one finger.

“I want to fuck you again, Sis,” Brad whispered in Wendy’s ear.

“What’s stopping you?”

Brad released his cock, pushed Wendy’s shorts down to her ankles, and pressed against her back. She bent forward, grabbing the railing of the porch, and waited for her brother to enter her. Brad rubbed his cock head against her pussy and then pushed it into her. Wendy let out a grunt as his hips hit her ass. He gripped his sister’s hips and began to move.

Wendy pushed back and Brad pushed forward. The siblings quickly developed a rhythm, moving in unison. Brad reached around Wendy’s body with his right hand and started strumming her clit. She moaned and threw her head back.

“Oh yeah, that’s the way. Fuck me, Brad. I need you to shove your cock deep in my pussy. You’re going to make me cum, baby. Keep going, keep fucking me,” Wendy chanted.

Brad grabbed his sister’s hair with his left hand. Pulling her head back, he kissed her roughly. Wendy responded to the kiss, shoving her tongue into her brother’s mouth. She began to cum, twisting her head away and letting out a mournful cry. Brad’s cock swelled in her pussy and began spewing semen into her.

Wendy moved away from Brad. She bent at the waist and took his slick cock in her mouth. Brad held her head while she sucked him clean. She stood up and Brad pulled her to him. They stood on the porch with their pants around their ankles and their arms around each other.

“I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun fucking,” Brad said. “You are one hot little girl.”

Grinning, Wendy said, “I’m not a little girl. I’m twenty two, only two years younger than you.”

Brad moved his head so he could look into Wendy’s eyes. “You’re my little girl. Wendy, I love you.”

“I love you too, Brad,” Wendy said and then she gave him a kiss. “We should get the raft on to shore today.”

Brad laughed. “We’re standing here with our pants down and you’re thinking about the raft!”

“I’m thinking of you fucking me on the raft,” Wendy replied.

“I need a little time to recoup. You’re going to wear me out,” Brad said with a chuckle.

“That’s the idea, baby! I’m going to suck and fuck you until you can’t walk.”

“How about your pretty pussy, isn’t that going to get sore too?”

“If it does, I’ll use my mouth. If my jaw aches, I’ll jack you off,” Wendy said and then she laughed. “I feel like I’m eighteen again!”

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