21 Kasım 2023

Business With Uncle Raffe


This is not a true story!!!

It was the summer of my 18th birthday when my mother informed me that she would be leaving for a business trip and I was to go and stay with my Uncle Raffe. I became excited; I hadn’t seen my Uncle Raffe in two years and with him being my favorite Uncle, I was really looking forward to the long stay, and getting reacquainted with him.

The last time he had seen me I was a short-hair, freckled and a bit chubby and I was a bit uneasy about my body. My mom told me we were to leave that night and told me to go and pack my things. While packing, I took all my new clothes which my mom had just bought for me and I thought I would look very nice for outings and parties—just in case, I told myself.

When we finally arrived, my mom was the first one to greet Uncle Raffe. As I stepped out of the car and walked toward him, I could automatically feel his stare and prayed it wouldn’t be like that the whole time I was to be here. I guess I had changed quite a bit from a flat-chested, short-haired girl to a mature D-sized woman with long legs and long auburn hair that hung nicely down my back.

“Laura, you’ve matured perfectly,” he said, as he gave me a light tap on my ass, like he often did. “Say goodbye to your mother and get your things.” So we said our goodbyes and went into the house so Uncle Raffe could show me to my room. He told me to unpack and get ready for dinner, so I decided to wear one of my new dresses; it was rather short, but looked nice with my long legs.

All through dinner, I could feel Uncle Raffe stare but I thought nothing of it. After dinner Uncle Raffe told me of a movie that was playing that he wanted to see, so we went to the drive-in and it was very comfortable in the car because I often hated crowds. We were sitting and enjoying the movie Küçükköy Escort with the windows rolled down when we heard moans coming from the car next to us.

Knowing all too well what it was going on, I asked Uncle Raffe if we could park elsewhere, but he said that we were fine. A few moments later their bodies came into view. “Uncle Raffe, please,” I said.

He looked at me puzzled and said in a low voice, “That looks like fun.”

“They’re being nasty.”

“Nasty how? They are having sex in public, but that’s not what they are doing it for; they are doing it for pleasure.”

I shifted uncomfortably. “You shouldn’t say things like that.”

“Would you rather I do it then?” he asked, putting his hand on my knee. “Look. Laura,” Uncle Raffe said, sliding his hand under the hem of my dress.

He continued sliding up to the inside of my thigh, spreading my legs wide as he worked his fingers toward my pussy. When the tip of his finger was entering my pussy, I almost jumped in his lap.

“Easy, Laura, I can feel how wet you are.” As another finger was entering, I exploded with my first orgasm.

“I think we’d better leave now.”

On the way to Uncles Raffe’s the short ride was a quiet one: no one spoke. That night, I lay in bed thinking of what had happened and how much I had liked it. The next morning, Uncle Raffe told me to dress nice, that we were going to a dinner party one of his lady friends was having.

So I again wore one of my new dresses, this one a little longer then the first. When we got there, Uncle Raffe introduced me to Ellen and her son Mark. A few minutes later we sat down for dinner; I watched as Uncle Raffe flirted with Ellen and my belly tightened. I knew at once it was jealousy.

After dinner, Uncle Raffe invited Küçükköy Escort Bayan them to come over to the house the next day, which they happily accepted. They arrived at noon; Ellen and Mark were very nice. Mark and I went around the fence toward the pool when he kissed me; Uncle Raffe saw and automatically demanded I go upstairs to my room. I obeyed. As it got late, I dressed for bed, slid under the covers and quickly fell asleep. Waking, I saw Uncle Raffe looking down at me. I jumped.

“Ellen sent you dinner. I brought it up to you,” he said, smiling.

I said thank you, and waited for him to leave, but instead he lay down half on top of me touching my hips and legs. Hugging me closer, he grabbed my breast.

“Uncle Raffe…”

“Beautiful,” he whispered, as he licked at my nipple though the fabric of my gown.

I arched as he licked and sucked at my nipples with his free hand sliding up my thigh. My legs quickly dropped apart. Hearing Ellen coming up the stairs, Uncle Raffe quickly got up and exited the room leaving me with feelings I couldn’t explain.

When I awoke the next morning, Uncle Raffe had decided to take me to the library. He explained it was not the public library but a private one that he used often for business. When we arrived, Uncle Raffe went straight into the library, not saying anything of the last two nights that had happened between us.

I decided to speak first. “We shouldn’t be here alone.”

Turning around to look at me, his tongue swept over my lips and he swung me around pinning me up against the door, so he could press himself into me with his already stiff cock.

His entire length throbbed against my pussy and he was rubbing my nipple long and hard with his fingers. He whispered, “We will finish Escort Küçükköy this later.” He turned away leaving me waiting and wanting more. Thinking of all the times he could have just taken me, it made me even hotter.

By the time we got back to the house I was really excited with anticipation and Uncle Raffe could apparently tell. He told me to bathe and get ready for dinner so I went and took a nice long hot bath. After I got out and wrapped a towel around myself, getting ready to leave the bathroom, I turned and saw Uncle Raffe. “You scared me,” I yelped.

He said nothing he just picked me up and carried me to the bed. He laid me down gently and started to undress as I was laying there, holding my towel tightly.

I could see his cock spring free; it was about 7 inches long and 4 thick, and semi-hard. I suddenly became afraid, seeing my first-ever cock. Uncle Raffe could sense my fear and quickly assured me he only wanted to pleasure me.

Then he removed my towel; I rose up, taking his cock into my hand, feeling its softness. He urged me to lay with my head hung over the bed as he positioned himself above me. I took as much of him as I could into my mouth and sucked it while he stood there looking down at me.

He began to moan and his fingers began to play with my nipples, causing me to moan as well. A few minutes later I felt something salty hit the back of my throat and I swallowed. Uncle Raffe quickly told me to turn around as he dropped to his knees and placed my legs apart. He began licking the slit of my pussy and sucking at my clit. I couldn’t help but moan loudly; he sucked me hard until I tightened and suddenly, hot liquid oozed from my now-wet pussy. He sucked and licked till he was hard again.

Then standing, I knew he was ready to enter me. Leaning over me, he whispered, “After this time, I promise the next time we join it will be only pleasure.” As he stuck the tip of his dick in my pussy, I could feel myself tighten, then felt my barrier give way.

“Awwwwwwweee…Uncle Raffe!” She knew then she would never let another man touch her.

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