21 Kasım 2023

Broken Ch. 10


Author’s Note:

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the written permission of the Author, except where permitted by law.

This is a work of fiction, and as such, certain events or situations may be improbable, and certain details may not correspond to real life. If you’re looking for strictly likely situations and exact reality, I suggest you skip this.


“Who are you? My aunt, cousin? What?” Lisa gasped.

“I’m your grandmother, Lisa,” Amanda whispered.

Lisa had a wild look in her eyes, and Amanda was afraid that she had made a mistake.

“Huh! Yeah, right. You must have had my dad when you were like fifteen then. Maybe that’s what your family does. He was only sixteen when I was born.”

“Lisa,” Amanda said sternly, “How do you know how old he was?”

“I can do math. He’s thirty six and I’m almost twenty,” she smirked.

Amanda smiled. It was the same smile she used in court, letting the fact that she had just made a case-winning point sink in.

“I thought you said you had not decided yet if you wanted to find him or not.”

“Yeah, what’s your point?” Lisa huffed.

“Jim told you his age, last night?”

Lisa shook her head, then her eyes gradually lowered to the floor and her head gradually quit denying the truth.

“You’re not my grandmother,” Lisa whispered almost silently.

“James, your dad, is my son, Lisa.”

“No…you don’t look like a grandmother…”

Lisa’s head began again to deny what she was being told.


“My grandma, she looked like a grandmother. She was old, sixty-three, when she…um, died. She had breast cancer too,” Lisa wasn’t having an easy time, and was still looking at the floor.

Lisa raised her face to look at Amanda.

“Grandmothers are supposed to be old, and chubby, and cuddly. You’re not…any of those things,” she moaned.

“If you give me a chance, I can be as cuddly as you want me to be, maybe more.”

Lisa’s gaze softened, and she smiled.

“Prove it,” she whispered.

Amanda opened her arms for Lisa, and Lisa more or less threw herself into her grandmother’s embrace.

After several minutes of silence, Amanda could feel the arms around her relax, and Lisa giggled.

“You’re a good cuddler,” Lisa said almost nonchalantly.

“I may have to admit you’re my grandma.”

“I’m sixty-three, so I have two of the three things you expect.”

“Don’t ruin it by telling me that lie,” Lisa sat up as she accused Amanda.

“I was twenty-seven when your dad and his sister were born.”

Lisa looked Amanda up and down, and frowned.

“I’m wrinkling your beautiful clothes, and smearing my makeup on you.”

“That doesn’t matter, Lisa. A cuddle is worth more than a dry cleaning bill.”

Lisa’s frown deepened.

“How can you be so nice to me now when you sent me away before I was even born?”

“That… It…”Amanda stammered.

She knew her beloved husband had kept secrets from her, but she understood his reasons.

“I didn’t know. Your dad told me just today.”

Lisa looked puzzled.

“I’ve learned heaps about finances in the last 4 months, since I have to take care of myself.

“Like it’s crazy to pay somebody $100 to rake my leaves when I can do it for free myself.”

Lisa paused and looked out the front window.

“And that sometimes it’s better to pay somebody than promise yourself you’ll do it…tomorrow.

“I think half a million dollars isn’t easy to hide. Are you telling me my grandfather and dad hid that from you?”

“Your mom got half a million dollars?”

She had stopped reading the agreement after she learned who to contact about Andrew’s secrets.

“That’s what it said,” Lisa said with a nod at the agreement.

Amanda wondered how long that lasted Sonia.

“Your grandfather probably thought he was doing what was best for his son, and by keeping me in the dark, was protecting me from the truth about our son.”

“You didn’t ask him before flying out here to…um, find me?”

“I…we lost your grandfather three years ago.”

“I’m sorry, Grandma…Amanda?”

Amanda’s expression turned to a question, and Lisa raised her hand to Amanda’s head and watched it as she stroked her hair.

“You’re a hard one to read,” Lisa murmured.

“What do you mean, Lisa?”

“You show up at the hardware store dressed like you’re going on a wine and dine date. You drive a car I don’t even recognize the brand of, and whatever you said to my manager pretty much crushed him in the few seconds it took you to say it.

“I didn’t imagine you’d be such a good cuddler, ’cause Fındıkzade Escort you look like you’re, you know, stuck up a little.

“But you don’t even color your hair, and you didn’t flinch when you told me your age.”

“I told him he was wrong for treating you the way he did.”

“I’m used to it…”

“You shouldn’t be, Lisa.”

Lisa smiled and shook her head.

“I was talking about you, and you made it about me, just like a grandma would.

“I hope you don’t need to hurry back to Indiana.”

“I live here now. I wanted to be near my grandchildren.”

“Oh cool!” Lisa chirped.

“How many, um…others are there?”

“Counting you, I have four. I also have three great-grandchildren.”

“Oh wow. Three greats. I know about Clyde’s…um, I mean…” Lisa ended in a whisper.


Amanda barely heard her gasp the last word as Lisa looked away.

“Lisa, I know you know Clyde, and he’s why what happened last night happened.”

Amanda heard Lisa suck in a breath of air, and hold it, before she slowly turned back to look at Amanda, then at the floor.

“He told you?” Lisa groaned.

“He told me what happened between you two, and the horrible mistake you and he made.”

Lisa shook her head.

“It wasn’t horrible, but yeah, it was a mistake. It was pretty freaking awesome, really…”

“Lisa, you’re not thinking…”

“No, grandma. I’m not gonna want him to fu…slee…”

“You’re not going to fuck your Dad again?”

“Right. He’s my Dad, for fuck’s sake, and it didn’t help. I still want…” Lisa groaned, then bit her lips closed.

“Your brother.”

Lisa nodded, then looked at Amanda. Her shock, and fear, was obvious.

“What’s wrong with me, Grandma?”

Amanda pulled Lisa into her arms and hugged her tight.

“Nothing. It’s what we do.”

Lisa somewhat passively pushed herself away. Passively, but still, away from her grandmother’s embrace.

“What do you mean? We do…what do we do, and who is we?”

Lisa’s expression had changed a tiny bit. She no longer looked shocked, but it was only fear now.

“You and I, we love our brothers…we need our brothers, we love them more than anything or anyone in the world,” Amanda said slowly, then sighed.

As difficult as it was for her to say it, to admit it, she knew it had to be harder for Lisa to hear it.

“I’ve never been in love…” Lisa moaned, “until I met Clyde. I didn’t even fall in love with him; it felt like I had always been in love with him.

“Is that how you felt about Grandpa?”

“Your grandfather wasn’t my brother, Lisa, but that’s how I felt about my brother. We were raised together though.”

“Why are we like that? Why do we love our brothers?” Lisa whined.

“It isn’t…wasn’t…it’s all of us, Lisa. My grandmother, my mother, me, Jim’s sister…we’ve all loved our brothers.”

Lisa shook her head in disbelief.

“Clyde’s sisters…” Amanda continued.

Lisa’s head jerked as her eyes focused intently on Amanda.

“Bonnie is Clyde’s sister, his twin sister.”

“Twins? Are you serious?” Lisa gasped.

Amanda nodded before continuing.

“You and Haley are the first girls as far back as I know that were in love with their brother that wasn’t their twin brother.”


Lisa collapsed backwards onto the sofa, then swung her legs up and across Amanda’s lap. Her arm flopped over her face.

“Haley…is…my sister? So Haley’s baby is…”

“Twin boys, and Clyde’s, and they’re your nephews.”

“Well, that kind of throws a wrench into the works, them being boys.”

Amanda laughed, in spite of the ache in her heart for her granddaughter.

Lisa rose up a little and leaned on her elbows behind her.

“What do I do?”

Amanda shook her head slowly.

“I don’t know. Maybe it would help for all of us to talk, together. Come to my house tomorrow night. We’ll all have dinner, and you’ll get to meet your sisters and aunt.”

“I already know both my sisters. There’s problems there.”

“I’m aware, and that’s another reason for us to talk, just us girls.”

“I’ll have dinner with…our family? Oh my god, I’m not alone…I have a family.”

Lisa smiled, a big, beautiful smile and shook her head.

“I have a family,” she whispered.

Amanda moved Lisa’s legs off her lap and pulled a pen and paper out of her purse, then wrote on it.

“Here’s my address.”

Lisa read the note, then looked at Amanda.

“Navajo Trail? I wasn’t rich enough to be friends with any of those snobs, so I’ve never been in any of those houses,” she murmured, then smiled.

“I made up for it by being way prettier than any of them, though.”

“I believe that,” Amanda laughed, on her way to the front door.

Amanda turned and hugged Lisa before stepping outside.

“You have your grandfather’s smile,” she whispered before releasing Lisa.

“I wish I could make up for being a bitch to my sisters by being prettier than they are…but Fındıkzade Escort Bayan I’ll just have to figure out a different way to make up for it,” Lisa chuckled, then nodded toward the curb in front of her house.

“What is that?”

“A Maserati.”

“Can I borrow it?” Lisa grinned and winked.

“Sure. When?” Amanda chuckled.

Lisa’s eyes widened in surprise.

“What’s wrong with now?”

“Where are we going?” Amanda giggled in reply.

“Doesn’t matter, it’s a Maserati.”

It took Lisa a second to find the Start button and push it.

The engine growled to life, then revd a couple of times.

“Oh my god, that’s so sexy,” Lisa groaned before pulling away from the curb, tires skittering and the back end of the car trying to fishtail.


Jim had spent the day distracted. The conversation with his mother had done nothing to relieve his feelings of guilt.

He was certain he should have stopped Lisa. He should have talked to her.

He should have apologized, for having sex with her, for giving her the life she had, for not loving her mother.

Because he had no way to know how to find her, he decided to go back where they had met. He just wished that he didn’t have to see her the same place they had sex.

He had already resolved to not let that happen again, no matter what. He knew though that he had never been able to say ‘no’ to an attractive woman, and his daughter was just about the most attractive woman he had ever met, even in the dark.

Or, maybe, especially in the dark. He was going to try to hide any disappointment if she wasn’t so attractive in the daylight.

He needed gasoline in his truck, so had to go out of his way. It wouldn’t have been far to go from his house on his mother’s property to The B, but he had to drive to the interstate for a gas station.

Jim pulled up to the pump and jumped out of his truck. He had to pay first, and as he walked toward the store, he counted out three twenties and thought he should open a bank account, now that almost nobody was looking for him.

He looked up as he pushed his wallet into his back pocket and a group of three girls, standing together a few feet to the side of the entrance, caught his eye.

Two of them were wearing skin-tight blue jeans and the other was wearing some multi-colored pants that were somehow even tighter on her than the jeans on the others.

He expected them to be talking, or giggling, with each other, but they weren’t. They were staring at him, two with shy smiles on their faces, and the third, the one with the second skin pants, was biting her lower lip.

“Hi Mr. Steele,” the lip biter greeted him in a very sultry voice.

All three were now blushing.

“Um, hi…girls,” he mumbled and nodded before opening the door and going inside.

Until the door closed behind him, he could hear their giggles.

Inside, he headed for the coolers on the back wall, and saw a group of guys, about the same age as the girls in front, and made the assumption the two groups belonged together.

The boys were making eye contact with him, and nodded as he approached, so he nodded back.

They were still looking at him when he turned, after grabbing a soft drink from the cooler, and nodded again as he passed.

There was a man at the counter, and a couple behind him. The couple looked to be about the same age as the girls and guys he had already noticed, but it was hard to tell. They were making out while they waited.

When it was their turn, the boy reluctantly pulled away from his girl and half stepped to the counter, keeping an arm around her.

She looked up, then did a double take.

“Mmm, hi, Jim,” she murmured softly, glanced at her boyfriend, then back to Jim, and looked him up and down from head to foot before making direct eye contact with him again.

“Do you need a receipt?” the cashier asked in a monotone.

“I’ll take that, and a pen,” the girl announced, without looking away from Jim, then turned and snatched both from the cashier and scribbled something on the receipt before turning back to Jim.

Jim noticed her tongue flick over her lips as she reached for his chest and stuffed the receipt into the front pocket of his shirt, then stepped toward him.

He felt her warm breath against his ear before she spoke, and a shiver ran up and down his spine.

“Text me next time you want to look at stars. I’m very, very good at it.”

She stepped half a step back from Jim, then patted the receipt inside his pocket.

“Let’s go,” she growled to the boy beside her without looking away from Jim’s eyes.

Hey guy half grinned and nodded at Jim before they walked away.

Jim was pumping gas into his truck before he allowed himself to ask, out loud, “what the fuck just happened?”

He was trying not to make eye contact with the three girls still outside the store, but knew they were looking at him.

When the guys from inside came out, he looked over at them. All the guys nodded and the girls gave Escort Fındıkzade him little waves. Except the lip biter.

She blew him a kiss.

Lisa’s words echoed in his mind. She told him that all the people with her on The B knew they were having sex, and that all the guys wanted to be him, and all the girls wanted him, because she was fucking him.

He didn’t believe her then, but decided he might be wrong, as unlikely as it had seemed to him at the time.

The B was almost deserted when he arrived.

It was after six, so there would still be more than an hour of sunlight, but the fact that there was only one other vehicle there wasn’t a good sign for his daughter being there tonight.

The only other vehicle was an older, dilapidated sedan. The paint was faded where it wasn’t rusted, and the trunk appeared to be held mostly closed with a bungee cord. There was a couple standing on the gravel next to it where it was parked at the very end of the gravel area.

Jim stopped and parked just past the half-way point of the parking area. This left him about twenty yards from the other vehicle. He could see the people there well enough to recognize them if he had known either one.

They looked to be younger, around Lisa, Haley, Bonnie, and Clyde’s ages, but with a closer look, he thought the girl could be younger. The boy, or man, wasn’t so easy to judge. The cowboy hat he wore left most of his face in shadow, but he looked tall, over six foot, but skinny. He towered over his companion.

She had to crane her neck to look in his face. The loose dress she wore, cinched tight around her narrow waste flapped in the breeze when it blew, but otherwise hung against her body to just above her knees. There were few curves to cling to. Jim could barely see the hint of her tiny bust line, and the black combat boots on her feet emphasised how spindly her tiny legs were.

When he stopped, the girl looked over at him for a second, then she turned back to her friend, said something apparently animated, then turned away and crossed her arms.

The boy turned and looked in Jim’s direction and he could tell he looked to be close to twenty, then he walked around the car and got in.

The car’s wheels kicked up a cloud of dust as they spun in the gravel, and then he shot straight backwards, past where Jim had parked.

He watched in his rearview mirror to see the car slide sideways then reverse direction in another cloud of dust. He watched until it disappeared beyond Jim’s line of sight in the trees.

Jim lowered his eyes to the girl. She was meandering toward Jim, scuffing her boots in the gravel and swinging her arms over the folds of her skirt that billowed beside her thighs. The motion of her arms pulled the hem up past her knees, then letting it drop back.

The breeze was pushing her dress against the front of her legs and abdomen. Jim thought to himself that she might as well be wearing the stretch pants the lip biter at the gas station was wearing; both pieces of clothing revealed the same details of the body underneath.

As the girl approached Jim’s truck, she angled off the side of the road, out of the gravel and started up the slope. He thought she was going to just keep walking, but when she was directly beside him, and he was watching through his passenger window, she spun and sat on a barely noticeable tree stump that was several feet across but only a few inches above the surface of the ground, cut off even with the slope of the mountain.

She reclined onto her back on the stump, which left her half-way between sitting up and laying down. She pulled her feet up, almost under her, but spread a couple feet apart, insteps pressed into the side of the stump.

She hadn’t looked at Jim, or acknowledged his presence since that first glance. She seemed to be pretending he wasn’t there, and doing it very convincingly.

Even with her delicate hands holding her skirt at her pressed together knees, Jim could see the back of her naked thighs from her knees to her white cotton, panty-clad bottom.

Jim looked at her face. She was relaxed, eyes closed and lips parted ever so slightly. He wondered if her rapid breathing was due to the exertion of climbing that little bit of the slope to the stump as his gaze rested momentarily on her dainty breasts rising and falling.

Part of him didn’t want to, but most of him won, and he looked back under her skirt. The girl’s legs were so thin and delicate that even with them pressed together, he could see the front of her white panties up to just above her belly button.

The part of him that had won refused to look away, even as her knees slowly parted and moved away from each other about a foot, then reversed directions to meet again.

Her movement mesmerized Jim, and by the second round of opening and closing, he could make out the mounds of her lips inside the white between her thighs. After a few more cycles, they stopped as they reached the end of their outward movement.

Jim stared for a minute, maybe more, maybe less, before raising her eyes.

The girl had raised to an upright sitting position, and was looking at him. When he found her eyes, she smiled and raised one hand from her knees to wave at him.

Jim hesitated, then hesitantly returned her wave.

She raised her eyebrows without changing her smile, or the position she was in.

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