6 Kasım 2023



—This is a story which includes a transgender male, as mentioned in the themes. If you’re not partial towards these types of stories, you have been warned and any comment saying the extent of “that’s a woman” is redundant.—

Sometimes he left me tied up, waiting. But it wasn’t like that this time. There had been a bump of something falling and a muttered curse barely audible, so he went to check, despite my asking to be untied. A few moments later there were some shouts and a thump, I didn’t know who it was that fell. I wanted to call the police.

Steps echoed closer to the room and the door creaked open. A man dressed in dark jeans and a black shirt stood in the doorway, slack jawed at the sight of me. I tried to yell, to tell him to leave, but the gag in my mouth muffled it into a panicked series of noises. He grinned as I tugged at my restraints, the ropes digging into my ankles and wrists.

As he moved closer I closed my eyes hoping he’d leave. Maybe he’d just take the things on the end table and go. He didn’t. His hand traveled up my leg and to my crotch. Fingers searching for a hole to bury themselves in and they got in. One, two, three all inside me as his other hand traced the scars on my chest.

“I never thought I get to try someone like you” He said after waiting far too long.

His fingers were coated in my juices even as another finger entered me. I wasn’t used to this type of stretching. I groaned out in pain, begging him to stop when he pushed so far in that only his thumb stopped his progress. He rubbed at my bud as tears ran down my cheeks. When my muscles seized he pulled out, wiping izmit escort the wetness on my stomach and walking around the room.

In the closet he found our toys. Vibes and dildos in separate bags, all in one box. With the box on the bed he rifled through, examining each object, laying them in groups of things he seemed to like, and things he didn’t. A blindfold was put around my head.

Something pressed against my cunt as he spoke “Are all of you this loose, or are you just a whore?”

Pain exploded through me as I realized that his fist was stretching past my opening. His thrusting arm jostled the bed until I cried out. My muscles clenched at his arm while he thrusts slowed, eventually pulling out and running wet fingers through my hair. They closed, forcing my head backwards, pushing the gag down to be replaced with a dildo. My mouth stretched farther than I thought possible and I knew he had shoved Mark’s dildo in my mouth.

Mark was very much a size-queen. I had bought that dildo as a present for him when he had gotten bored with his previously largest one. It was never supposed to go inside me yet it was forcing my jaw open, the corners of my mouth feeling like they would tear. A cold and blunt object was pressed against my ass before a jet of gel found its way inside me.

“Your back isn’t that loose,” He said probing it with his finger “It doesn’t even want to return my pinky. Don’t worry, we’ll fix that.”

The dildo from my mouth was removed. Even though I could scream now, there wasn’t a point. We lived far from any other people, our closest neighbour was ten miles away. We kocaeli escort had bought it for privacy. What a way to backfire. I thought all this while I waited for his next action. It didn’t come at first, not the way I expected it. Instead of just shoving the dildo in, he probed my hole with his fingers, scissoring until the sphincter relaxed. His tongue helped too just before I felt the monstrosity slide in.

His mouth traveled upwards until he tongued at my other hole. Flailing wouldn’t make a difference so I let him, his hand moving the dildo inside me while his other teased at my g-spot. His tongue ran circles around my bud. I couldn’t help but howl as he forced me to cum.

Weight moved from between my legs to beside my shoulders just before the pressure of a hand opened my jaw. Liquid fell into my mouth until I gurgled and my jaw was shut. I swallowed it and he seemed happy. He laid above me, his skin against mine, as his mouth left hot trails down my neck, my collarbone, my scars. His hands seemed to trace, agonizingly slow, to my hips just to be followed by his mouth.

As he removed the dildo he spoke. “Did you know you were a squirter, or did you just want to surprise me?”

My shock wouldn’t let me respond. He slapped my face and asked again, yelling. “Did you know?!”

“I didn’t!” I cried back


With that his cock rammed into my ass, hot and rough. His hips smashing against my ass with each thrust. His hands bruising my hips as he used them to leverage himself into me. But he was bored soon and decided to retie my legs to my arms. I would have kicked and izmit escort bayan fought, but something kept me submissive as he positioned me. He seemed to enjoy the new position more as he slammed into me. His breath heavy on my neck while his shoulders pushed my knees towards my shoulders, his hands pressed into the bed. He started panting before he pulled out, his cock settling over my folds.

“Why didn’t you keep going?” I asked, my hips moving to lessen the lingering pain

“That’s not where I wanted to finish.” He whispered into my ear, “It’s also not when I wanted to finish.”

And his weight was gone. The cold air rushed against my body as I listened to his footsteps. They halted for a moment and I felt the dildo from earlier penetrate my ass again, and another, more average sized enter my folds. I didn’t know which came first, the buzzing or the vibration, but I could feel the dildo in my cunt begin its assault of my pussy just as his weight pressed the bed down. His cock pressed beside the vibrator as he moved it up and down my folds, the tip massaging my bud gently.

He went and I was full. The vibrator pushed against my g-spot. The dildo in my ass was so deep that nerves I never knew existed were being stimulated. This mans cock added a rhythm that was just right that even if he hadn’t rubbed his thumb against my bud I would’ve still came. It happened hard, my back arched, my toes curled, my eyes rolled backwards and I yelled in pleasure. My walls clutched at his cock as he pressed himself inside me, grunting as his hips jerked violently and his semen coated my insides.

Although he pulled out he left the vibrator and dildo in his and fingers continued to assault my bud. He forced me to orgasm again, and again until my voice was hoarse and his cock ached with purpose once more.

~To Be Continued?~

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