21 Kasım 2023

Bonnie’s Obsession Ch. 5


Bonnie’s hands shook as she picked up the phone and dialed. She couldn’t believe she was doing this, but she had set herself on this course and she was determined to see it through.

She and Jason, her son and new lover, had left their cottage early the morning following their all-day tryst with Christina and headed northwest. After making a jog up to see the Grand Canyon, they had driven as far as Yosemite and took in the sights there for a couple of days. Along the way, she and Jason had talked about where they wanted to go and what they wanted to do.

Bonnie had decided that she would never have a better opportunity than this to seek out Garth, her lover from long ago and Jason’s father. Bonnie and Garth had had an intense romance way back in 1980 as Grateful Dead vagabonds, but had parted ways before Bonnie learned she was pregnant. Garth hadn’t been the only man she’d had sex with on that tour, far from it, but once Jason reached boyhood, there was no doubt that Garth had been the father. She still kept a picture that someone had shot of the two of them at some concert stop along the way, and the older Jason got, the more he resembled Garth.

So once they left Yosemite, they had headed for San Francisco, where Garth had lived, when he wasn’t out on the road with the Dead. But Jerry was gone and most of the Deadheads had joined the real world, and she believed that if Garth was still alive, San Fran was where she’d find him.

She wasn’t sure why she was seeking him out. Nostalgia, maybe. Certainly, she recalled his sexual capacity, which was enormous, and his long, fat cock, both of which Jason had inherited and then some. She had had so many doubts as they neared the city. Was he married? Would he refuse to see her? Was he even still alive? It had been 22 years, and there had not been any contact since they had parted, tearfully, after she reluctantly returned home to North Carolina.

But when they arrived, and settled in their hotel, she had looked him up in the phone book, and, sure enough, there he was. There was an address that meant nothing to her, and a phone number. Twice she had picked up the phone and twice she had hung up without dialing. But the third time, she steeled herself and dialed the number. It was early evening, and if he were a regular workingman, he’d probably be home.

A man answered the phone on the third ring. “Is this Garth, Garth Williams?” she asked, hesitantly.

“Hold on a minute, I’ll get him,” said the voice.

“Hello,” Garth said after a brief pause.

“Garth? I don’t know if you remember me, but this is Bonnie O’Connor,” she said.

Garth was stunned for a second, then a sly smile crossed his face. He sure as hell remembered Bonnie, who had been one of the wildest sex machines he’d ever had the pleasure of fucking. But he hadn’t heard from her in over 20 years, and figured she was, regrettably, out of his life for good.

“Bonnie?” he answered when he’d found his tongue. “My God, is it really you? What have you been up to, girl?” And it was like the years had never passed. She told him she was on vacation with her son, and that they were in town for a few days. She didn’t tell him that Jason was his son also, or that they were having sex. She figured he’d find out soon enough. Turned out, Garth had been married, but had been divorced for several years. He lived in an apartment in the heart of the city, not all that far from her hotel. He co-owned a modest-sized architectural firm and had been quite successful. In the course of their conversation, it came out that Garth and his partner were flying to Chicago the next morning and would be gone the rest of the week, but they’d be happy to meet that evening for drinks and dinner. They agreed to meet at the hotel bar in an hour.

Bonnie and Jason had settled into their seats and had gotten their drinks when two men entered the bar and appeared to be searching for someone. Bonnie recognized Garth right away, and her stomach did flip-flops. His hair was shorter and streaked with a touch of gray, and he had added a few pounds, but there was no mistaking him for anyone else. He still had those soulful eyes and bushy moustache that had melted her all those years ago.

The man with him was slightly shorter than Garth and a little stockier. He was clean-shaven with a pair of rimless glasses, and his short hair was brown with a liberal amount of gray, as well. As the pair made their way through the crowded bar, Bonnie waved and caught his attention. Garth smiled and made a beeline to their table. After a hug of greeting, Garth introduced the man with him as Jeff, his roommate and business partner. Bonnie, in turn, introduced the pair to Jason, and she watched as a look of shock passed over Garth’s face.

Bonnie just nodded as Garth looked at her quizzically. “Yes, it is,” she said simply.

Garth felt his knees getting weak and he quickly sat down. He knew as soon as he’d laid eyes on the young man, Fatih Escort that Jason was his son, as well as Bonnie’s. Jason looked like a younger version of himself. When he finally regained his composure, he turned to Bonnie and asked, “Why didn’t you try to contact me, and tell me I had a son by you?”

“I’m sorry, Garth, I didn’t mean to shock you like that,” Bonnie said softly. “What would you have done? I had no way to contact you, and, anyway, you were in California and I was in North Carolina; you had your life and I had mine. Besides, it was my fault I got pregnant, and at the time, I wasn’t 100 percent certain he was your child. You remember how we were in those days. I should have been more careful. Believe me, I wrestled with the decision to come here, but Jason insisted.”

“I wanted to meet you,” Jason interjected. “Mom has told me so much about you over the years that I feel like I know you already. I just wanted to see if what she was telling me was true. And I must say, I think she was telling me the truth.”

“I’m flattered,” Garth said sincerely. “So tell me about yourselves, and what you’ve been up to.”

With that, the ice was broken, and the foursome was soon deep in conversation. After awhile, Garth looked over at Bonnie with a mischievous grin and said, “Now that you’ve thoroughly shocked me, I guess it’s my turn to shock you. Jeff and I live together as lovers. We’ve been together now for about five years, ever since my divorce.”

Bonnie, however, was not shocked. On the contrary, the thought of Garth’s big cock in the hands of another man, especially her stud son, made her pussy start to drool. It was just what she had anticipated, what she had counted on when she’d decided to come to California.

“Actually, I’m not surprised,” she said. “I saw you one time with Blizzard (one of their Deadhead traveling companions from long ago) when you thought I was asleep. He was giving you a blowjob, then you turned around and gave him one. It was one of the most erotic things I’ve ever seen. Let me ask, are you completely gay or do you still fool around with women any?”

“Oh, I get a hankering for pussy quite a bit,” said Garth. “I’ve got an old girl friend that I call when the mood strikes me. She loves to fuck, and she loves to watch Jeff and me go at it. We have some pretty wild times.”

The tone of the conversation was getting everyone turned on, and Garth looked over at Bonnie, then at Jason. He looked his newly discovered son up and down and he liked what he saw. He was a tall, handsome young man with a full head of curly brown hair and a sexy look in his eyes. And Bonnie apparently hadn’t changed a bit. She was still just as gorgeous and just as sexy as she had been, with her bright red curls that fell about her shoulders and her lightly freckled complexion. Even more so because of the way her body had aged, like fine wine. Bonnie had dressed simply, in a light tank dress that buttoned all the way down the front and a sweater for the cool San Franciscan night. The dress fit snug enough for everyone to see that she’d left her bra in her suitcase.

Finally, Bonnie broke the sexual tension. “I’ve got an idea,” she said. “Why don’t we get some dinner, then maybe we can go back to your place and have a little party? You know, relive old times.” And as she did, she ran her hand over Garth’s rapidly swelling cock and ran her tongue over her lips in a very suggestive manner.

Garth and Jeff were instantly agreeable, so they ventured out to a Chinese restaurant down the street. After sampling a lavish buffet, Garth sat back and looked over at Bonnie and Jason again. He cocked an eyebrow as he noticed mother and son holding hands like lovers. Bonnie shaded her eyes as she looked over at Garth.

“I know what you’re thinking,” she said. “It’s true. Jason and I have been screwing since about three days into this trip. You may not believe this, but I had stifled my sex life in order to make a good life for myself and for Jason. Until we came together, I hadn’t had sex with anyone other than myself for seven years. But Jason has brought me out of it, and we want to explore every aspect of sexuality while we’re on vacation, then when we get back to Georgia, we’ll make a decision on where we want our relationship to go. I’ve got to tell you, Garth, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. He’s the most incredible lover I’ve ever had. And his cock is even better than yours. And that’s saying a lot, because if I recall, you were pretty well endowed. I hope you don’t think I’m some kind of monster for fucking my own son, but I love him with all my heart.”

Garth could feel himself getting hard as a rock from the mental image of the son fucking the mother, especially this son and this mother. Suddenly, he laughed heartily and that lightened the mood.

“You really are a piece of work, you know that?” Garth said. “I think it’s time we took this party to our place. I’ve Fatih Escort Bayan got a nice stash of the finest California sensamillia you’ve ever tasted. We can get a good buzz going, then we can all fuck our brains out.”

On the short drive back to their apartment, Garth looked over at Jason, sitting in the passenger seat, while Bonnie and Jeff sat in the backseat.

“So tell me, son, are you ready to explore the other side, to walk on the wild side?” Garth asked.

“Yes sir,” Jason answered seriously. “I want to try everything. We’ve been shedding all of our inhibitions on this trip. I trust you to make it good, or I wouldn’t be doing this.”

“How far do you want to go, Jason?” Garth whispered.

“All the way, Garth,” Jason answered. Garth just nodded with a wry look on his face, then turned his attention to parking the car. Their apartment was on the third floor of what had been a large Victorian home. Garth and Jeff had been part of a co-op that had bought it for a song, then had renovated and sublet it. There were two bedrooms, with a connecting bath, off a main living room. Part of the living room was taken up by the dining table, with eight chairs, and that end of the room opened to the kitchen, and the back door, leading to the outside staircase down the back of the house. One bedroom was an office with a drafting table, and that bedroom opened onto an enclosed balcony, which contained a hot tub, a patio table and a couple of chairs. It was a cozy, quiet place.

Garth got drinks, then put on a CD of a Dead show from the mid-70s, while Jeff broke out a very green, very sticky bud and began to break it apart onto a tray. When he had some loose, he opened a cabinet and pulled out a ceramic bong. Then for several minutes, the pipe made three trips around the room. The sounds of the Dead wafted around the room, as Jerry Garcia sang their theme song for the night, “Get in the groove and let the good times roll.” As Jeff fired up the bong, Garth returned with a handful of pills. He gave two to Jeff, two to Jason and took two himself. When Jason asked what the blue diamond-shaped pills were, Garth grinned and answered, “Viagra, the wonder drug of the new millennium. It’ll keep you up like a rock and get you back up in a hurry. It’s great stuff.”

Garth and Jeff knew that the combination of Viagra and the potent herb would put the men in a righteous mood, and, sure enough, after the third trip of the bong around the room, everyone was feeling very mellow. Bonnie was sitting on the sofa between Garth and Jason, her arm around the shoulders of each. Her head lay back on the chair as the familiar feelings and familiar sounds washed over her. Jeff sat on the chair nearby, watching avidly.

“I’m glad I found you,” Bonnie whispered to Garth, then she pulled his head to her and they kissed urgently. Then she broke the kiss and turned to Jason and whispered, “And I’m glad I found you, too,” then she pulled her son to her and kissed him deeply, their tongues dueling. Then she pulled away and gave a low, sexy chuckle.

Garth and Jason looked over at each other, then at Bonnie’s swelling breasts, the nipples of which were poking out through the material of her dress. On an unspoken cue, they each ran a hand up the inside of Bonnie’s thighs, and were delighted to learn that Bonnie had left her panties at the hotel, as well as her bra. Their hands met at the flaming delta of Bonnie’s legs, and their fingers began to roam through her orange-framed pussy. Jason, on her left, rolled her clit around in his fingers, feeling it swell and throb as it peeked out from its hood. Garth, from her right, was sawing two fingers between her pussy lips and into her steaming cunt.

Bonnie’s breath quickened as she felt herself being fingered under her dress. She swung her arms around and grabbed for the cocks that were bulging in their pants. She squeezed them a few times, then reached to unbutton Garth’s slacks. She cooed as she flopped his meat over the tops of his boxers. She lightly jacked him off as she gazed down at an old friend. Garth’s cock was just as meaty as she’d remembered, at least 9 inches and fat. She stroked him for a minute or so, then turned and opened Jason’s pants. She growled when she got her hands around her son’s 10-inch monster and began to fist him, while resuming her fisting of Garth. She was in cock heaven, especially when she looked up and saw Jeff taking off his clothes. Jeff’s cock wasn’t quite as long or fat as the other two, but it was plenty long enough. Moreover, she could see that Jeff kept himself in tremendous shape. There didn’t appear to be an ounce of flab on his body, which was well-defined without being muscle-bound.

As she worked her hands over Garth’s and Jason’s cocks, they took turns opening the buttons on Bonnie’s dress. When they had it half opened, they each wrapped a hand around one of her swollen tits and stroked her peach-colored nipples. Almost like Escort Fatih they were thinking as one, Garth and Jason bent over, took a nipple between their lips, and began to suck and lick the hard little buttons ravenously. Bonnie groaned as her sensitive nipples got the treatment from two sets of lips, all the while slowly working her hands over their cocks. She worked the slick fluid that bubbled up from the slits at the end of their dicks and coated their shafts until they gleamed in the light.

With Garth and Jason occupied, Jeff knelt in front of Bonnie and finished unbuttoning her dress, coming up from the bottom. When he was finished, the sides of the dress fell away, exposing Bonnie’s hot nakedness, the swell of her breasts, the flat stomach, the slender thighs, the juicy pussy between those thighs. Jeff spread Bonnie’s legs and worked two fingers vigorously back and forth in her cunt, circling them around and opening her up. After a little of that, he bent down and slashed his tongue up her hot pink furrow, followed immediately by the rest of his mouth, which licked, sucked and chewed on Bonnie’s swelling, drooling crotch.

Bonnie nearly swooned at the oral assault, and groaned heavily. Jeff was doing things in her pussy with his mouth and tongue she’d never felt before in her life. Garth chuckled as he watched Bonnie begin to writhe on the sofa.

“He’s very good with his mouth,” Garth said. “Very, very good.”

“Ohmigod, no wonder you stay with him,” she panted as she felt her first orgasm of the night swelling in her guts from Jeff’s ministrations. In response, she gripped Garth’s cock at the base, bent her head and ran the fat dickhead over her face, inhaling his musky aroma. Her tongue whipped out and licked at his shaft, and she swirled the tongue up and down until she licked up to the head, opened her mouth and sucked him in. She hummed in satisfaction as she pursed her lips around his shaft and felt the head of his cock pass into her throat. She quickly established a sucking rhythm on his cock, taking about two-thirds of it into her mouth and working her lips up and down.

Just when she could feel her orgasm reaching a climax, Jeff pulled his face away, leaving her hanging.

“Not too fast,” he said. “We don’t want to wear you out too soon.” Bonnie just nodded numbly as she pulled her mouth off Garth’s dick, her lips gleaming with saliva and his pre-cum. Without a word, she shrugged out of her dress, leaving herself naked, bent to her left and put her head to Jason’s lap. She didn’t mess around with licking him; she just opened her mouth and sucked him in, while Jeff resumed eating out her twitching pussy. She sucked on Jason for a few minutes, then turned to suck Garth. She alternated one more round before she came up for air.

Again, Bonnie came close to cumming before Jeff quit. By this time, only Bonnie’s head and shoulders were still on the sofa; her legs were wrapped around Jeff’s shoulders and her butt was cupped in his strong hands. Bonnie looked up at Jeff with lusty eyes.

“C’mon up here, Jeff, and let me suck your cock,” she said in a syrupy tone. “Let Jason take over down there.”

Jeff laid Bonnie down on the thickly carpeted floor before he stood up and presented his cock for her inspection. She sat up and licked up the underside of his dick, whirling her tongue over the pronounced ridge of flesh that ran up his shaft. She sucked him past her lips and into her throat, effortlessly taking every inch deep in her gullet, until her nose was rooting around in his light, well-trimmed pubic bush.

Jason knelt on the floor watching his mom deep-throating Jeff while twisting two, then three fingers, in the dripping cunt that lay between her outstretched legs. Kneeling down further, he pulled his fingers out, reached under her body to pull her crotch up to his face and began his own oral attack on the succulent flesh of the pussy from which he’d come 21 years earlier.

Bonnie gave a heavy groan as she sucked eagerly at Jeff’s cock, which was buried to the hilt in her mouth. After a few minutes, she wrenched her mouth breathlessly off Jeff’s cock and turned to inhale Garth’s cock, which had been poking around that side of her face. She worked her mouth wider and wider and opened her throat deeper and deeper until she had him, too, all the way to the hilt. She gave a muffled squeal from the eroticism of fully taking Garth’s long, hard cock, and from the sparks that were zinging up from her pussy, thanks to her wonderful, sexy son’s hot, active mouth.

Jason ate his mother out until he felt his tongue start to go numb, then he pulled away, got up on his knees and straddled Bonnie’s chest. Bonnie was going back and forth feverishly between Garth’s huge dong and Jeff’s slender poker. Her face was covered with a potent combination of copious pre-cum and her saliva, from where they rubbed their dicks over her face when they weren’t buried in her mouth. As Bonnie pulled away, she felt Jason’s slightly softened dick pass her lips. From his angle, he could only get the head and another inch or so, but Bonnie lavished what part she had in her mouth with hard sucks and licks, and it quickly returned to its usual 10 inches of rock hardness.

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