20 Kasım 2023

Blackmailing His Sexy Half Sister


Tyler arrived home at two-thirty in the afternoon feeling horny. His parents and older half-sister weren’t due home for another three hours, making it the perfect time for getting his rocks off viewing hot naked women sucking and fucking their way through multiple partners on the adult movie channel.

The movies only got him started. Tyler’s fantasies soon drifted to his half-sister. Anna was a hot-looking twenty-year-old with long near-black hair, intense blue eyes, full lips, taut round ass, and perfect 38D tits.

Dreams about her both disturbed and excited Tyler; part of him knew seeing Anna in a sexual manner was wrong even though she was only a half-sister while the other part yearned to have her.

He stopped mid-stroke after hearing a noise from upstairs. No one should be home yet, he thought while hearing gasps and moans coming from his parent’s room.

Tyler yanked up his jeans and crept upstairs until reaching the noise’s source. Something made him peer inside the ajar door and thought he saw Anna on the bed. He opened the door a little more and to his surprise, found one of his father’s friends with Anna, both of them naked!

He stood out of sight and watched as George rubbed his cock up and down the slit of Anna’s bald mound, teasing her until she begged him to stop.

“So tight,” George moaned as he entered her. “Your pussy is so tight.”

He began fucking Anna with slow strokes, kissing and sucking her soft, creamy breasts. Tiny squeals of delight escaped her lips as he increased the pace of his thrusts.

“God yes!” she moaned. “Fuck me harder!”

“Feel good?” George asked, not missing a beat. “You like taking my cock, baby?”

“Yessss. I’ve been so horny…”

Tyler was amazed he was watching the two of them have sex. Tyler dropped his jeans and underwear and placed one hand around his hard cock. He slowly rubbed the shaft, his eyes remaining fixated on Anna’s bouncing tits while George continued slamming in and out of her for several minutes.

Tyler stared with mouth agape as George suddenly pulled out, flipped Anna onto her stomach, and buried his face in her shapely bum. George began eating her with fervor, his slick tongue working its way front to back. He buried his face deeper and increased the intensity for several minutes until Anna cried out in orgasm.

“You’ve got a beautiful ass, baby,” he said huskily when he finished.

Anna Başakşehir Escort remained on her stomach as George’s cock slid up and down her crack. He kissed and sucked her neck before he again sank his entire shaft into her pussy.

“Ohhhh, George,” Anna breathed. “Go deeper.”

George slapped her bottom and increased his thrusts. “Anna, Anna, you’re so sexy…so dirty…so slutty…the hottest fuck I’ve ever had. I can’t get enough of you.”

“Mmmmm… I love your big cock. I’ll give you all the pussy and ass your wife doesn’t.”

Anna moaned as George’s ass cheeks clenched and released while he fucked her from behind. George kept talking, but Tyler was so lost in fantasy and stroking his own cock that he couldn’t make out any additional words.

The aura of illicit intercourse overtook Tyler’s senses: Anna’s increased moans turning into cries, George’s grunts of pleasure, the bed squeaking in time with George’s increased thrusts, the scent of raw sex making its way out of the room and curling under Tyler’s nose.

George let out a yell, jarring Tyler from his thoughts. “Fuck, Anna, I’m going to come!”

“Yes!” she wailed. “I want all your cum in me now!”

Panting, George soon finished and held his cock inside her for a few moments. He kissed Anna’s back before he gently pulled out and fell onto his back, satisfied.

“Thanks, baby,” he said breathlessly. “That was amazing.”

She giggled. “At least we finished long before Mom, Mac, and Tyler came home.”

George caressed one of her tits. “Yeah, I don’t think Mac would’ve appreciated me fucking his stepdaughter.”

Anna sat up and handed him his clothes. “Which in that case, you better get dressed and leave before we DO get caught.”


Tyler found his way down the hall to the bathroom to clean up his cum-covered hand and cock. He washed at the sink, not noticing the open door until he heard Anna – now wearing a robe covering her nakedness – gasp as the sight of Tyler cleaning up the end result of masturbating while watching her and George.

“Tyler, what the hell are you doing home so early? Moreover, why are you doing jacking off in here?”


“Well what?” Her eyes then widened. “Oh my God, you saw me with George!”

“Anna, I…”

“You dirty pervert! I swear if you say one word to Mom or Mac about this-“

An idea crossed Başakşehir Escort Bayan Tyler’s mind and he smiled knowingly. “Don’t worry; your secret’s safe with me…on one condition.”


“They aren’t due home for a while yet, so since you enjoyed spreading your legs for George, maybe you could spare me some action.”

“You’re my half-brother! That’s sick! Forget it!”

“Then I guess the folks are going to find out how much you enjoy fucking old dudes, particularly Dad’s best friend. How long have you been giving it to George anyway?”

“Longer than I’ll ever tell you.”

“Hm, wonder how Dad will react when he learns his goody-goody stepdaughter’s a total slut?”

Anna sighed. “All right, this one time, but if I hear that you still blabbed about me and George to anyone…”

Tyler undid her robe and began kissing her neck. “Don’t worry, baby. We’ll have some fun and no one will be the wiser.”

“Okay. Let’s go in the bedroom.”

He pushed her against the bathroom wall, pinning her. “No way. I want to do it here.”

“In the bathroom? Are you out of your mind?”

“No, just horny as hell. God, Anna, I’ve always wanted you. I make myself come almost every night thinking about things I could do with that hot body of yours.”

“You are so gross…” she replied through clenched teeth as he began sucking and fondling her breasts.

Tyler pulled Anna’s face to his and kissed her, tongue ravishing every inch of her mouth before he began pushing her head downward.

“Suck me,” he whispered. “I want to see that beautiful mouth on my cock.”

Tyler felt one of her soft hands on his erection and closed his eyes. Anna’s tongue swirled around the tip, slid up and down his rigid shaft, and teased his balls.

She then swallowed his entire length and began giving her nineteen-year-old half-brother a professional-quality blow job.

His hands tangled in her hair as he began fucking her face. “Oh, Anna, this is better than I ever imagined. Keep going, baby; your mouth feels fantastic.”

Tyler barely prevented busting a nut in Anna’s mouth from her expert sucking. He withdrew his cock and pulled her up, giving her another deep kiss. He lifted one of Anna’s legs while his other arm steadied her against the wall.

“I’m ready for some fucking,” he growled in her ear.

He entered her in one swift motion Escort Başakşehir and began fucking her slowly, and then harder, rougher, and more intense. The look in Anna’s eyes changed from revulsion to lust, begging him to give it all to her.

Anna grabbed his hair and parted his lips with her tongue. They kissed passionately as he slammed in and out of her.

“Fuck, Tyler, I’m going to come!” she gasped when they broke the kiss.

He reluctantly withdrew his cock after Anna’s orgasm subsided and laid on the floor. “Your turn, baby.”

She smiled and began licking and sucking Tyler’s shaft until he could no longer stand it. Anna then straddled his hips and rode him with abandon, her enormous breasts bouncing as she impaled herself on Tyler multiple times.

He lifted his hips, moving in time with her downward rhythm. Tyler had fucked other girls, but none came close to putting him in total ecstasy the way Anna was doing.

“God, I love being on top,” she said. “Do you like having girls ride your cock, Tyler? Do you like how my pussy feels moving up and down on it? Mmmmm…I never had any idea you were so hot.”

He grabbed her tits and tightly held them, sucking on each nipple. Anna rubbed her clit while she fucked him, sparking her second orgasm.

Tyler pushed off Anna and flipped her onto her stomach. Remembering how George went down on her, he grabbed her hips, pulled them toward him, spread her cheeks and buried his face between them.

“Fuck yesssss,” she hissed as he ate her glorious ass. “That feels soooooooo good!”

His tongue assaulted both her holes until she came a third time.

He then proceeded to enter her from behind, grabbing Anna’s hips and feverishly pounded her. Their sighs, grunts, cries, and screams bounced off the bathroom walls as Tyler fucked her with fury.

He soon felt his cock stiffen and managed to get in a few more hard thrusts before hitting his orgasm. Anna’s final climax never subsided as he came, his hot cum mixing with the remnants George shot inside her earlier.

When he finished, Tyler gently let go of Anna’s hips. His body followed hers to the floor, and he finally withdrew his softened member.

They lay quietly for several minutes before Tyler moved off her body and sat up.

He playfully patted her ass. “I don’t need to ask if you enjoyed that much as I did.”

“Wow!” Anna cheerfully cried. “I went from not having sex for weeks to doing two guys the same day.”

She rolled over and sat up. “I presume you’ll keep quiet about the thing with George.”

He grinned. “What about George?”

Anna gave him another deep kiss. “Good boy. Now let’s get a shower before Mom and Dad come home.”

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