13 Kasım 2023

Black in Me Pt. 05


After hearing about all the fun and frolicking that goes on at Bear events, I told Leo that we should attend one. He had attended a few and sounded like he experienced much enjoyment while I had never been. He warned me of the dangers of a couple going — that there would be a lot of hot men and we’d both be tempted to stray outside our close relationship. Leo and I had been faithful to each other for a few years and the sex remained fantastic. But we decided that going might spice up our relationship but needed to set parameters for what we could do and not do sexually with other guys. Admittedly I was already feeling a bit jealous at the thought of Leo sticking his dick in anyone else. The day before we left for San Francisco we discussed our expectations.

“I’m not sure how I’ll handle the sight of you fucking someone else Leo,” I said, my feet on his lap as we both lounged on our oversized couch.

“Ditto. I think we need to draw the line at anal. I don’t want anyone else up in there, babe.”

“I definitely agree. Blow jobs permissible.”

Leo thought about it for awhile. “Giving and receiving?”

“Why not?”

“Cool. Play alone or together?”

“I’m not sure. What do you think?” I asked. This was a defining moment in our relationship — the true test of our trust towards each other.

“I’m perfectly secure with you being alone with someone else, as long as I hear all the details — and I do mean everything,” said Leo, squeezing my feet extra hard.

“Same here. So no anal, blow jobs ok. Anything else?”

“I just draw the line at anal, anything else goes, safe and sane.”

“So if someone wants to eat my ass that’s cool?” I asked, pushing the tolerance level.

“Yeah, that’s cool. Look James, we’re going there to have fun. You do whatever you need to do, as long as it’s safe. I love you, I know I have your heart, and

I also you know you like dick, so go for it.”

“You sure?”

“Yes. Can you handle me doing up some boys?” Leo asked with seriousness.

“I got to admit I’m hesitant about it. That’s just me, a bit jealous.”

“Well before we get on this plane we got to make sure. I love you and want you to have a good time. If me being with someone else freaks you out, I got to know now.”

“It’s cool, let’s do this.” I said, confident that we had worked things out.

After a long, miserable flight, and subsequent cab ride, we finally arrived at the

hotel in San Francisco. Before we even got on the elevator someone recognized Leo.

“Leo!” someone shouted. A middle aged white guy came over to us and greeted Leo, who was very happy to see him.

“Steve! Man, it’s been awhile. How have you been doing?” They hugged and kissed each other.

“Doing okay man. Wow, haven’t seen you in a few years,” Steve said, feeling Leo’s chest.

“Steve, this is my man James.” Leo put an arm around me as Steve and I exchanged handshakes.

“Nice to meet you James.”


Before I was able to get a word in Steve turned to Leo and started conversing with him. “So stud, what have you been up to?”

“The usual, working, taking care of mama. James has been a huge help with her for which I am extremely grateful.” Leo turned and kissed me.

“Well that’s good. So you got a regular man? I would never have thought,” said Steve, winking at me.

“Can’t stay a whore forever.” Leo said laughing.

“Oh yes one can. Why the fuck you think I’m here?” said Steve.

“You haven’t changed one bit Steve,” said Leo, putting his arm around me, sensing my insecurity.

“I know, so many men, so little time. Speaking of which, will I get some time with you?”

“We’ll see about that. I’ve got something to take care of first.” With that Leo grabbed my ass and kissed me.

You lucky boy.” said Steve to me. “Can I watch?”

“Bitch, I’ll talk to you later,” said Leo as we got on the elevator.

“Sounded like you and Steve had some fun at the last bear event,” I said, hopefully now sounding sarcastic.

“Yeh, he’s a hot guy, we used to hang out a lot.”

“Well he obviously wants to get with you.” I awaited a response, trying to see how close he was with Steve.

“Yeh, well right now I got other things on my mind.” Leo placed my hand on his dick which was getting hard thinking about Leo having sex with Steve


“Damn baby, is that for me?” Leo reached inside my pants and felt my cock, then moved it to my ass.

We walked to the hotel room, Leo’s hand still inside my pants. Two guys walked past us, admiring what they saw. “Woof! Can we watch?”

“Maybe later guys, but you can listen.” said Leo.

“Oh, that’s no fun.” One of the guys responded as they walked away. “Have fun, see ya.!”

We walked in the room and immediately Leo took a hold of me and we started kissing. “Go shower and get ready,” said Leo, breathing heavily. He was really

horned gaziantep escort up. I took off my clothes and walked to the bathroom where I got myself ready for the plowing I was about to get. I knew after this Leo would be the target of other horny guys so I wanted to make the best of our time. I walked out of the shower, naked, fully hard in anticipation and laid on the bed, belly down. We were in a suite so Leo came in not expecting me to be in position.

“God damn baby, that’s beautiful.” Leo came over to me and caressed my bare ass. Being already naked himself Leo got behind me and slapped my ass with his hard dick. It felt like a warm club spanking me.

“You want Daddy’s dick baby?”

“Yeah I do.”

“Well you’re gonna get it, long and hard.” Leo lifted my ass up into position and began licking my anus with his expert tongue for a good while before he began to cover it with the lube. I felt the head of his dick penetrate the rim of my ass, then slowly past the first ring. It hurt like hell and he slowed down but did not stop. I continued to moan loudly as Leo slid the entire length into my ass, feeling his pubes press against me. His balls nestled between my legs, warm and soft.

“Oh baby, you feel so good,” he whispered in my ear. I was still breathing heavily from the penetration and the massive body that lay on top of me. For the next 10 -15 minutes Leo screwed my ass until he shot his load deep inside of me. We lay in our usual positions for a few minutes until Leo pulled his dick out, allowing his cum to ooze out of my ass down my leg. He slapped my ass, moist from the shower, his sweat and cum, which made a very loud smacking sound.

“Damn that was good baby.”

Leo stood before me hands on his hips, his half hard dick shining in the little light that entered our window from the almost closed curtains.

“Hell yes. You shot a huge load.”

“Been a few days.” Leo headed to the bathroom where I joined him. His now soft dick let out a steady stream of piss that escaped his long foreskin. Even soft his dick was quite impressive, fat and hanging nicely.

On the way out he gave me another kiss, grabbing my ass and sticking a finger in my sore hole. “So when we going to have that baby?” Leo laughed and I laughed with him. If I were a woman I’d definitely have a lot of Leo’s babies by now.

We both fell asleep in the comfort of our bed until late that night, around 10 when we showered and headed out to a bath house where there was a large gathering of men. In the lobby I saw a lot of Black and Hispanic men that were built like fireplugs and was wondering if I was going have the opportunity to see them in action, or even get with them. I had the feeling that Leo was going to be busy as he was getting a lot of stares and guys “woofing” at him.

As we waited in line, Leo and I the chance to get to know people. There was a good variety of men there, young, middle aged, elderly, white, Black, Hispanic, couples and singles. Leo’s outgoing personality got him immediately connected to quite a few guys while I pretty much remained in the background. With this being my first leather event, I thought I would be mostly observing.

When we got in, we disrobed, got our towels positioned, and were ready to head


“Well have fun my love,” Leo said as he got up and bent over to kiss me.

“I’ll try. I know you will with all these guys after you.”

“Now I want to be sure you’re okay with this,” said Leo seriously.

“Yeh, I’m a bit nervous but I’ll be okay.”

“What are you nervous about?”

“This is new to me, a lot of horny guys in one place. I’m not sure what is going to happen.”

“Just have fun and stop thinking.” Leo got out his flask and handed it to me. “Drink up.” I took a couple of shots and Leo finished it off.

“Well I’m going to head in to check things out. The flask will be in my locker if you need it.”

Leo headed out of the locker room while I got myself together and had a pep talk to myself. I promised to have a good time and not get upset or jealous when Leo was having sex with someone else. That would be much easier to do if I found someone hot to play with, which happened immediately as a large Black man came into the locker room. He was about 6′, 280# and nicely shaped, with a cute round face and beautiful full lips. I couldn’t help but stare as he took off his shirt, revealing a big chest, not buffed but not flabby.

“How you doing man?” he asked as he took off his pants. He was masculine to top it off.

“I’m good thanks, yourself?”

“Oh not too bad. Just getting here and was about to head out.”

“Cool. Maybe I’ll see you in there. Name is Jay.”

“Nice to meet you Jay. I’m James.” We shook hands and I stared at the modest bulge in his underwear.

“So you here alone James?” asked Jay as he slid off his underwear revealing a medium sized but thick, cut penis.

“No, with my partner. He’s already in there.”

“Oh, cool, so you guys are open?”

“Haven’t been but will be this weekend.”

Jay laughed. “Well, have fun, later, see you later said Jay as he wrapped the towel around his waist as he walked past me.”

I watched Jay walk out as he fastened the towel tightly around his large waist and shapely ass. I knew I had to get with this guy. When I walked into the club there was a large room with rows of glory holes that had men kneeling down sucking dick. I watched for awhile and was amazed at the sight of so much dick being slurped on. Most were white guys but there were a few black dicks and one looked very familiar that had a white guy bobbing on it. I figured it was Leo but didn’t want him to think I was spying on him so I walked past the upper row where the guys were standing and sure enough, it was Leo who had his dick through the glory hole. I stopped and checked out his reaction to getting head from a stranger and he was obviously enjoying it. Just then I felt someone behind me reach around and feel my dick.

“Nice one,” said the voice behind me. I turned around and it was Jay. He had reached under my towel and was playing with my dick.

“Thanks” I was nervous as hell. The sight of Leo getting head while having a handsome bear behind me playing with my dick was making me excessively horny. My first thought was to get Leo’s permission to get with Jay but I remembered the conversation we had. Besides, he was quite busy enjoying himself. Jay was now grinding himself onto my ass so I figured we’d better go someplace else.

“Is there somewhere we can go?” I asked.

“Yeah, lots of places, c’mon.” Jay took me by the hand and led me past private booths to a dark room. He immediately pulled me close to him and started kissing me passionately. I thought to myself ‘Was kissing allowed?’ and wasn’t really getting into it because of my preoccupation with the codes that Leo and I decided upon. At this point I couldn’t remember what we said, other than no anal.

“You not into kissing?” Jay quietly asked as he pulled back, stroking my face with his hand.

“Yes I am man, just a little nervous.”

Jay laughed softly. “That actually turns me on.” I laughed with him. Jay was a really hot guy and he did kiss very well. “Well I got something that will loosen you up. Jay reached down and pulled out a bottle of poppers out of his sock and held it up to my nose. I did poppers before and didn’t like it but I figured I would try it. Inhaled it deeply and within seconds I was feeling an increased need to get off. Jay put his hand on my head and pushed me down to his dick, now half hard. I removed his towel and eagerly pulled his dick in my mouth. I began to suck on it, moving my lips across it and feeling it grow. Jay put his hands on my head to stop me from blowing him.

“Slow down,” he whispered as he took a hit of the poppers, then holding it under my nose where I took another hit. I was so high that at that point I sucked Jay’s dick fervently. After a few minutes he stood me up and we kissed, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths, his bare chest and belly pressed against mine, our dicks grinding, wet from my saliva. Jay knelt and began to suck my dick and within minutes I started to come. I squirted several shots into Jay’s mouth and he took it all with much enthusiasm, keeping his mouth around my dick and sucking to get it all out. I did not recall having an orgasm like that in quite awhile. Once Jay finished me off he stood up and put his towel back on.

“That was nice” he said, “but quick,” as he got ready to head out.

“Hell yes. Thank you.”

“See you around.” said Jay as he started to leave the dark room.

“You don’t want to come?” I asked.

“No it’s cool, going to be a long night.” With that, Jay kissed me, the taste of cum still in his mouth, and walked out of the dark room.

Normally after I come, I’m ready to relax and do nothing but I was anxious to see what Leo was up to. I walked around for about 10 minutes, having covered the entire place, including a room where a Hispanic bear was pissing on a piggish white guy while another was coming on his face. So, I looked through the glory holes in the dozens of private booths trying to see where he was. In the process I was getting horny watching all the sucking and fucking that was going on all around me. In one of the booths was Jay, getting another blow job, in another was a built leather guy fucking a moaning bottom. In one booth there was a bearish black guy face fucking someone without mercy. I’d definitely have to get back with him I thought.

I finally reached a booth where, through the glory hole, I saw a muscular white ass being gripped by large black hands. ‘This had to be Leo,’ I thought to myself. I watched as his large, black finger play with his ass while the other hand slapped the bare cheek loud enough to be heard outside the booth. The glory hole was large enough so that I could look up and see the faces of the two men — one was that of Leo. They started kissing and for several minutes groped each other until Leo pushed the man’s head where he began to suck him. It was Steve. Watching another guy suck my man was a big turn on but at the same time a weird kind of bitter feeling that he would want another man doing what I could do. But I showed self- control and watched as Leo received head from a very talented mouth. Steve really did have an incredible body, muscular and powerful.

After a few minutes he stood up. “I missed this big dick, daddy” he said.

“And you know what do with it,” said Leo, kissing him.

“Fuck yeah man, you’re just as hot as I remembered.” He ran his hands over Leo’s chest and sucked in his nipples while Leo returned to fingering his ass.

“You want to fuck me?” Steve asked.

“Hell yeah. Turn around.” I watched as Steve turned around and presented his ass to Leo. He saw me watching through the hole and stuck his finger through to get me to pull my dick out but at the moment I was interested is seeing what was going to happen next. I found myself getting angry at the thought of Leo doing something we agreed not to, especially with a previous flame. I watched as Leo slapped his dick on his ass, and then apparently entering him. At that point I lost all logical thought and stormed out of my booth and opened the door to the door to theirs.

Leo saw me. “Hey baby,” he said, not sounding surprised. At that point I was under the impression that Leo was fucking Steve.

“What the fuck is going on Leo?” Steve pulled his towel on and hurriedly left out of the booth, shaking his head. “You’re an asshole,” he said on his way out.

“What do you mean?” asked Leo, earnestly not knowing what was going on.

“I saw you fucking him, I thought we said no anal.”

“I wasn’t fucking him, just rubbing my dick on his ass.”

“I heard you say you wanted to fuck him.”

“Number one, I did want to fuck him but wasn’t going to. Number two, why are you spying on me?” said Leo, sounding concerned more than angry.

“I just happened to look through the booth and there you were, humping some guy. What the fuck was I supposed to think?”

Leo grabbed his towel, wrapped it around his waist, grabbed me by the arm and headed out. “Let’s go.”

I snatched my arm from his grip, still angry and out of control. “Fuck you.”

“What the hell? I’m going in the locker room. Come see me when you got your shit together,” said Leo as he turned his back to me.

I watched as Leo calmly walked away. I walked around for a few minutes and realized how wrong I was and what a fool I made of myself. Leo had never lied to me and wasn’t now. Jealousy got the best of me and I was trying to figure out a way to let him know I meant no harm. When I got to the locker room Leo was half dressed.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“Back to the hotel,” he said, dryly.

“You’re finished?” I asked.

“Looks like it.” Leo continued to get dressed, avoiding looking at me. He was obviously disgusted.

I was thoroughly ashamed. “I’m sorry Leo, I fucked up.”

“No kidding,” he said with disgust. Leo sat down next to me. “Look James, I don’t know what else I can do to convince you that I will always be honest with you, and that I’m never going to leave you for anyone else. But you’ve got to prove to me that you understand that.”


“Okay what? That you’re going to start believing me? Action speaks louder than words.”

I looked at Leo and saw the disappointment on his face “You’re right, again.”

Leo shook his head. “Really doesn’t matter, go and have yourself a good time.”

“What are you going to do?” I asked.

“Go back to the hotel room, I don’t know man. I’m not feeling so well.”

I started getting dressed but Leo stopped me. “You can stay James, you do what you want to do. There are a lot of hot guys in here for you. Have fun.”

“Don’t know that I’ll have fun without you,” I said, hugging him.

“Try. I’ll talk to you later, I don’t want to see you back at the hotel room for awhile.”

I wasn’t sure how to take that. “What do you mean?”

“Stay your ass here and enjoy. Tell me all about it when you get back.”

I was glad Leo was lightening up. I felt like I ruined his day but was given the go ahead to enjoy mine.

“Sorry I fucked up your day.”

“You didn’t fuck it up. I’m going to enjoy myself because that’s what we came to do.”

“I love you Leo,” I said.

“Love you too James.” Leo kissed me softly on the way out, leaving me in the locker room by myself. With all these hot guys in here I would definitely enjoy myself. I was convinced Leo had my best interests, but had to show I trusted him and leave him alone for the day. I had a feeling that he was going to find someone else that night, probably Steve. I didn’t blame him.

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