20 Kasım 2023

Big Max Ch. 02

Eating Pussy

Sophie knew she was going to struggle to avoid watching the camera whenever she could. She discovered that there was a record function, and she felt sick with regret that she hadn’t known about it in time to capture the events of the other night, as she would desperately love to see them again.

She had kept quiet about it among her friends, even when Big Max came up in conversation, and Ellie was asking if she ever saw him in the shower. If only she knew, thought Sophie.

It was a Wednesday later that week, which meant that her friend Clara from gymnastics would be staying with her. Clara lived much further away, and had been going to gymnastics less and less because of the pressures of getting back so late, so the girls had hatched the idea that she would stay over with Sophie (who lived much closer) on Wednesdays and see if that helped. They were still only a few weeks into the experiment.

Sophie enjoyed Clara’s company – she was slightly separate from the rest of her social circle and it made out easier somehow to talk openly with her. They shared a sense of humour, and Sophie looked forward to Wednesdays. Plus, they tended to get noticed by men when they were together. Clara had a shock of wavy red hair and freckles, and an incredible round arse that Sophie was quite jealous of.

The new routine had become that they would have pizza with Max and Louise. Everyone regarded the extra guest as a good excuse for a mid week takeaway.

It put everyone in high spirits as the four of them sat around the table and chatted about this and that. Increasingly, the dynamic had become that the Louise and the girls would gang up and tease Max. Today, it was his misspent youth they were pressing him on.

“Mum says Max used to be a stripper,” Sophie explained to Clara, laughing. Louise half spluttered into her drink. Clara was grinning and making no attempt to hide the appraising look she was giving Max’s muscled body.

“Can we have a demo? Or are you a bit rusty”

Max was smiling, slightly bashfully.

“No more pizza for you! I was a dancer for a short time. I did some bar work in a club and it led to them asking me to dance.”

“Shirtless. He always forgets to mention that detail,” interjected Louise, laughing but looking fondly at Max.

Sophie was enjoying needling Max too, and chimed in.

“Was there oil? Did you get bank notes in your pants? How good is your lap dancing?”

“You’re not too old to put you over my knee young lady.”

A look crossed Max’s face as though he worried he’d crossed a line immediately after saying it. Sophie saw it and was thrilled at his reference to spanking her. Her mum was laughing though.

“Hey, get in line,” she aimed at Sophie.

“Besides, I should be dishing out the spankings, thank you.”

“Fine by me! If I can watch,” Max chuckled.

Clearly Max had given in to the part of him that liked to flirt with pretty girls, and the part that worried about whether it was appropriate to joke about watching his step-daughter get spanked by her mum was now watching from the sidelines.

Clara piped up,

“Hey, don’t forget me. I’ve been bad.”

“Clara Robinson, you shock me!”

Louise was keen to tease Sophie’s pretty friend. “I didn’t take you for a whips and chains type of girl”

“It’s always the quiet ones,” Clara quipped back.

“Didn’t have you down as one of those either.”

“Mum’s calling you a screamer,” Sophie joined in.

“Now now, ladies.” Max grinned at their banter. “We don’t need to know if Clara screams or not.”

Clara was blushing hard, and Sophie was jealous that Max was directing his flirting towards her but also increasingly horny.

She chimed in with, “Alright Sir Gallahad, put your sword away.”

“A minute ago you were all intent on seeing it.”

“Ok, down boy.” Sophie saw that her mum had put her hand on his leg, and knew it would have the opposite effect.

Later, back in Sophie’s bedroom, Clara said, “I think the three of us got under Max’s skin tonight,” She added with a giggle, “I think your mum’s going to get it.”

“Clara!” Sophie pretended to be shocked.

“I bet you’re right – should we find out?”

Sophie’s heart pounded as she decided whether or not to share the secret of the camera with her friend. She’d said it now, and would need to explain what she meant. She also knew that they really had got Max fired up and was desperate to see a re-enactment of the other night. She trusted Clara to keep her secret.

Clara bursa escort bayanlar was still looking puzzled as Sophie opened her laptop and brought up the camera feed (remembering this time to click record) at the same time plugging in the headphones and offering one to Clara, along with half of the chair. This meant the girls were pressed thigh to thigh – since it was a warm night both wore shorts. Clara wore loose cotton ones and Sophie her usual tight yoga ones.

They both saw Max and Louise kissing in the other room, and Clara was startled to realise her friend’s set up.

“What the actual fuck Soph?! You’ve a camera in there?”

Louise by now had her top off and her tits out on the screen in front of them, and Max had them in his hands.

“This is so bad…” Sophie could see her friend’s eyes were glued to the action unfolding in front of them though, and her protests were subsiding.

“I knew you were horny for Max but this is spying! Imagine if they knew we were watching!” Clara was whispering and she sounded slightly short of breath.

“Yes, imagine that,” Sophie said with a nervous giggle.

“I notice we haven’t turned it off though.”

“No we haven’t have we …fuck he’s huge.”

Both girls fell silent and Clara squeezed Sophie’s hand when Max got his cock out and Louise pumped it eagerly with her hand.

Sophie could feel that she was already sopping wet. It was one thing to have been getting hornier all evening and to have Max about to give her mum another seeing to in front of them, but another to have her pretty friend’s smooth thighs trembling against her own, and to be holding hands in Clara’s lap.

In a silence so intense that it seemed they both were forgetting to breathe, they watched Max and Louise tear the rest of each other’s clothes off and dive onto the bed, straddling each other upside down. Through the little plastic buds the girls shared, they could hear the sounds of Max licking Louise’s dripping wet pussy while she took him noisily in her throat. Sophie saw that her mum had waxed and trimmed in the past few days and her cunt was looking exposed and highly pornographic.

“Wow, your mum’s really hot and slutty,” Clara whispered, giving Sophie’s hand a squeeze, “it must be where you get it from.”

“Trying to pretend you’re not horny as fuck too Clara?” Sophie wiggled her hand out of Clara’s where it lay in her lap, and touched her friend’s hot damp crotch.

Clara gave an intake of breath and giggled

“Busted.” She reached across and did the same back to Sophie who had wet through the tight fabric. “Snap” she said, and neither girl made an effort to retrieve their hands.

Back on the screen in front of them the pair were enjoying devouring each other. Sophie watched her mum splutter and drool onto the big cock messily. Clara was right, she was slutty. Then she took both girls by surprise.

“Do you want my arse tonight Max?”

She was already on her knees, wiggling it at him, as he smiled through a slick of her juices across his chin and said,

“Fuck! You know I always do.”

Both girls enjoyed how the lamp picked out his muscles as he pumped his fat cock – it already shone with Louise’s spit and he added a mouthful of his own to it.

Sophie pressed harder with her fingertips on Clara’s pussy. She couldn’t believe her mum was about to do that – wanted it, even – and she also couldn’t believe how close she was to actually fingering her friend. She could feel a burning heat through the fabric and the outline of Clara’s lips. Clara was breathing hard and with her own hand increased the pressure on Sophie’s cunt as well, circling slightly. With her other hand she pulled her soft t shirt up high, exposing her smooth tummy and round breasts, and then tweaked and teased her nipples which were furiously hard.

Sophie didn’t know where to look. Out of the corner of her eye she could see her friend’s beautiful tits as below her they explored each other with their fingers, but on the screen Max was guiding his cock into her mum’s arsehole while she rubbed her clit and encouraged him.

“Oh my God I forgot how big it is when you put it there…ungh, fuck yeah.”

“Slowly… Yes that’s good”

The girls touched each other in slightly panting silence as they listened to Sophie’s mum’s monologue about the big dick’s progress into her rectum.

Max had his hands on her hips, easing her onto him, while Louise got hornier and more accommodating – and impatient:

“Shove bayan sarisin escort bursa it up my arse you dirty bastard.”

Sophie couldn’t believe her ears, and she was blushing with embarrassment that her friend could hear her mum say these things.

“Ungh… Deeper”

Suddenly Sophie felt her fingertips touch slippery wet flesh, and she saw that Clara had pulled her baggy shorts and the gusset of her knickers to one side, so her plump little cunt was on display and leaking onto Sophie’s fingers. It was framed, like Clara’s pretty face, with a shock of red hair.

“Your mum’s a filthy slut, Soph… Are you?”

By way of answer, Sophie slipped her finger between the lips of Clara’s pussy and up inside her, marveling at how the soft walls that gripped her snugly were both so familiar and so new.

Clara moaned and pushed her own hand down inside Sophie’s little shorts, and both girls listened to the horny little grunts Sophie’s mum was making as she was buttfucked on the screen in front of them.

Then another surprise caused them both to gasp.

“Are you pretending it’s Clara, Max?”

Sophie felt her friend’s cunt squeeze her finger, giving away how excited she was to suddenly feature in the action next door.

“You lucky bitch,” hissed Sophie, but kindly, and played with Clara’s clit to make her whimper while her mum kept talking about Max taking her up the arse.

Louise was pausing with each stroke, struggling to get the words out that she knew would make Max come.

“Go on…ungh… fuck that … big dick … up into her. …Ah…shit, you’re going to make me come… Pump your cum up…ungh… her tight little arse. You can watch me lick her young ginger cunt.”

This was too much for Clara, and she was coming on Sophie’s fingers, getting her own hand involved too to take her over the edge.

Sophie could feel her friend coming hard as they both watched Max unload his balls into her mum’s greedy arsehole, all the while pretending it was Clara’s bum they were plundering.

Sophie could see and hear that her mum was coming too.

“Fuck, Max, I can feeling it squirting into me.”

Sophie was amazed at how much cum seemed to be spilling onto her fingers from Clara’s cunt as her hips continued to buck while she came a little puddle onto Sophie’s chair.

“Who’s the dirty slut now?” Sophie asked her friend.

“I’ll show you,” came Clara’s breathless reply, and with that she first held Sophie’s sticky fingers to her mouth and licked her own cum from them, before retrieving her hand from Sophie’s shorts and licking that one too, savouring her friend’s flavour while looking her in the eyes.

Then she kissed her – Sophie was startled by Clara’s soft passion, her lips wet with both of their juices.

Back on the screen Max had pulled his dick back out, followed by a torrent of cum, and tossed a towel under Louise for her to let the rest spill forth. While they watched that obscene little show, Clara pulled Sophie’s little yoga shorts from her, and without saying a word, knelt between her legs.

Sophie felt as though she could hear her own heartbeat as she looked down at Clara’s mouth so close to her wet, needy pussy. She could smell herself, or perhaps it was Clara she could smell – either way there was a warm aroma of horny teen cunt emanating from the pair of them.

Clara’s tongue teased her thigh, or perhaps it was working up the courage to taste Sophie’s clear juices barely contained by her pink lips. When Clara’s mouth closed over her pussy, and she felt her friend’s tongue slip between her folds, exploring her and finding the little nub of her clit to pinch and roll, she was already close to coming.

“That feels amazing, Clara.”

Clara reached up, still licking, and freed Sophie’s tits, glancing up at her friend’s rigid nipples.

Sophie pushed her finger tips through Clara’s red hair, pulling her further between her legs and moaning as Clara pushed her tongue in as far as she could.

“Let’s see if you’re like your mum,” Clara said. Sophie nearly jumped when Clara’s finger touched against her anus, and began to lightly stroke it. Sophie moaned again.

“I don’t know… I’ve never…ah!”

Clara had borrowed some of the cunt juice spilling out of her and used it to slip the tip of her finger through Sophie’s little sphincter while she was still working out how she felt about it.

It turned out that she liked it a lot. bursa evi olan eskort Sophie wanted her friend to push it deeper.

Instead, Clara was flicking the tip of her tongue over Sophie’s clit, and doing her best to squeeze a second finger tip into her arsehole beside the first one, drooling onto both to ease the process.

“Ah! Fuuuck!” Sophie knew she was close to coming on Clara’s face if those two fingers forced any deeper into where they shouldn’t be. It was so dirty to have her friend’s fingers in her arse, she thought, and wondered how her mum managed to fit all of Max inside there. She wondered how that would feel.

Clara seemed determined to simulate it for her, and paused with a shining chin to say,

“Imagine it’s Max’s big cock, Soph.”

Sophie just moaned assent, and breathed out a little as she let them in deeper.

She was imagining it was him pushing further up her tight tunnel. She could feel Clara curl her fingers a little, deep inside her, touching her walls. It felt curious, like it was deep in her belly, and watching her friend lick her pussy with such obvious enjoyment was a beautiful sight.

Clara looked up and saw Sophie watching, and smiled with her eyes mischievously. She began to fuck Sophie’s arse hard with her two fingers, pumping them in and out of her slippery hole to make her whimper.

Sophie bit her lip to try and stay quiet. There was a noise in the hall and she glanced at the screen. Her mum was in bed but Max was missing. Probably gone to clean his cock after slamming it so far up her mum’s arse, she thought dirtily. Imagine if he could see what Clara was doing to her now. He’d fuck them both so hard given the chance, Sophie was thinking. She wanted to lick Clara’s pussy juice off his cock.

Sophie was brought back to the present by Clara working a third finger into her, spitting copiously onto them again and pushing hard so they slid in suddenly.

“Fuuuck, Clara that’s so big. I’m going to come.”

Clara went to work again, concentration in her face as she forced Sophie’s legs wider and higher and tried to fit her rigid three fingers as far into her friend’s spasming anal passage as she could.

Clara stopped her licking for a second to take a good look at Sophie stretched around the base of them, and as she did so she was caught on the lips and chin with a hot gush of liquid that took her by surprise. She gasped and so did Sophie, who was clearly in the middle of coming hard and looking down with shock at Clara’s dripping face.

“Do that again,” said Clara, shoving her fingers in at an angle and causing another spurt to shoot from Sophie’s open cunt. This time Clara had her mouth open ready, and Sophie watched with amazement as her friend pounded her arse to make her pussy gush hard into it, filling it to overflowing. It felt a bit like she was pissing uncontrollably but with such force, and still coming as Clara did her best to drink the little fountain – she had her tits soaked nonetheless by the hot jets.

She licked Sophie’s trickling, swollen pussy a few more times as her belly fluttered, and the tight canal clutched her fingers over and over. Sophie was whimpering now, as the orgasm subsided, and she whispered

“I’m so sorry, Clara – that’s never happened before – ungh.” She made a little noise as Clara slipped her bunched up fingers out from inside her friend’s arsehole and looked up at her with her face and breasts drenched.

“Don’t be sorry, that was the hottest thing ever. Literally!”

Clara gave Sophie’s pussy a gentle slap and then raised herself up to give her best friend a reassuring but definitely cunt-scented kiss. Clara was cradling Sophie’s face with her hand, tucking stray hairs behind her ear, and both girls could smell Clara’s fingers.

“Turns out you like it in the arse as much as your mum does.”

Sophie blushed deeply.

“Do you want me to lick you?” Sophie asked her friend quietly.

“Absolutely,” Clara giggled, pinching Sophie’s nipples, “In the morning though.”

The girls fell into Sophie’s bed, and lay entwined, gently stroking each other in the dark. Sophie helped Clara out of her soaking t-shirt, and as they began to doze wrapped in each other’s limbs, Sophie was worried.

“Don’t tell anyone you made me squirt,” she whispered.

“Don’t tell anyone I licked your pussy,” Clara replied, giving Sophie’s hand a reassuring squeeze.

“Don’t tell anyone we watched my mum get her arse fucked,” Sophie chuckled quietly.

“Agreed,” Clara giggled too, as the two girls kissed again, neither in a hurry to wash the pussy off themselves. They drifted off to sleep, as on the screen across the room, Max and Louise did the same, oblivious to the effect they’d had on their secret watchers.


The next chapter is coming soon. Please send feedback and give a good rating if you like the series.

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