20 Kasım 2023

Beth’s Little Secret Ch. 15

Big Tits

Alice takes over the story:

Beth and I clattered up the stairs to the flat, laughing, and dropped the bags we were carrying onto the sofa. “That was fun,” I grinned. “Poor Tim, I think he thought we’d never finish.”

“Did you see his face when I said, just one more shop,” Beth laughed.

Tim caught us up. “Are you going to show me your loot, then?”

Beth wagged a finger at him. “Patience – all in good time.”

She turned back to me. “I think I’ve decided – could you cope with a bit of a nap before we go in? Otherwise we’ll be flagging when it gets to the small hours.”

“Mm, sure.”

Tim watched appreciatively as always as we slipped out of our clothes. “Does nap time include me?” he asked hopefully. “I promise not to wriggle.”

Beth and I exchanged looks. “Sure,” she nodded.

We went through to the bedroom, and Beth tugged the curtains closed. “Maybe we need some thicker ones,” she mused.

We all snuggled up together in the semi-dark, and I heard Beth’s breathing slow, then a soft snore from Tim. “Maybe some earplugs too,” I grinned to myself, closing my eyes.

The next thing I knew was the soft beeping of the alarm on Beth’s phone. She turned, fingers accidentally brushing my breast, and I gasped quietly. “Mm, don’t think we’ve got time,” she murmured with a hint of regret. “But remember, if things are quiet on the ward we’re going to entertain each other with planning what happens when we get home again, aren’t we.”

Tim suppressed a yawn. “Want me to drop you off when you’re ready?”

“Better than that,” offered Beth. “You can walk with us up to the ward, then you’ll know what it looks like.”


“Want a shower, Alice?” queried Beth, but I shook my head. “Let’s be early, that’ll get us in Sparrow’s good books.”

Tim watched as we put on our uniforms – “Very smart” – then he pulled on jeans and t-shirt. “OK?”

It felt very strange to be heading to work when all the traffic was the other way and the sun was sinking, but there were plenty of other cars turning into the hospital, staff arriving for the same shift as us. Tim found a parking space – “I’ll get a couple of hours, just in case -” and we made our way into the hospital block. When we reached the ward, the day staff were just finishing up, and the staff nurse nodded to us. “Good to see you.”

She glanced at the rota. “OK – you two are by yourselves, there’s only one staff nurse to cover this ward and 98 tonight. She’s just across the corridor if you need her.”

Beth blinked, looking at me. “Wow. I know everyone here is in for routine stuff, and they should all just sleep, but this feels a bit scary.”

“Don’t worry,” the staff nurse reassured. “Maisie’s really not far away.” She grinned. “And if you’re really concerned about anything, you can always bleep Dr Patel – though you’ll have to explain why you’ve woken him up, if there turns out not to be a problem.”

“We can handle him,” grinned Beth. “Thank you – we’ll be fine.”

The staff nurse was the last to leave, and Beth sat down at the nurses’ station. “You absolutely look the part,” I ventured, and she chuckled. “We’ll see.”

I glanced at Tim. “Shall I walk you as far as the lift?”

“Sure.” He leaned over the desk to kiss Beth – “Here’s a starter for your imaginings tonight, you two – one of you kneeling on that chair while the other kisses her, strokes her breasts, and I come up behind and lift up her uniform – no panties, of course – and enter her…”

Beth fanned her face. “Go on, shoo – before we make that real, and get caught when Sparrow realises she’s forgotten her car keys or something.”

Tim smirked. “Come on, Alice.”

We walked back down the corridor, and I paused at one of the doors. “Hmm, nurses’ break room – wonder what’s in here?”

I pushed it open, Tim following me. Inside was a tired-looking single bed, and a sink with a kettle. “They don’t exactly spoil you -” Tim began, then I silenced him with my lips on his. “You didn’t think I was going to let you just go home after you teased us like that, did you?” I whispered.

“But -“

I bayan esmer escort bursa put a finger to his lips. “I know exactly what I want, you only have to let me show you.”

My first move was to kneel, my fingers on his belt then the zip, tugging his jeans down and freeing his erection from his boxers. I let his hardness slide between my lips, and he gasped. “Ohh, that’s good.”

I could already taste him leaking, and I chuckled. “You wanted us when you woke up, didn’t you – I could see the look on your face – and now you won’t miss out.”

I moved on him for a little longer, then got to my feet. “Your next treat,” I teased, lifting up my uniform far enough for him to see my panties. “Come nearer.”

I tugged my panties down just a little, and guided his hardness between my parted thighs so that he slid against my already-wet entrance. “Ohhh…” I breathed.

“Want me in you?” he queried softly. “If you lean back a little…”

I shook my head. “This is perfect – I guess it’s working for you too?”

Tim nodded. “Feels amazing…”

I moved against him, my hands on my breasts through the uniform. “Imagine it’s Beth touching me like you said,” I breathed, and Tim nodded. “Will you – can I make you come?” he asked softly, and I shook my head. “When Beth and I get home I promise we’ll both be so ready for that…”

I reached to touch his slippery hardness as he continued to move between my thighs. “But you can come, I want you to…”

I moved my hands to brush his nipples through his thin t-shirt, and he gasped. “Yes – I’m nearly there -“

“Imagine you’re in Beth like you said, she’s kneeling on that chair, uniform pulled up so you can see her bottom, her stockings…”

Tim nodded wordlessly, starting to gasp, and I gave him a knowing smile as I gently pinched his nipples. “Oh – oh god -” he moaned, tilting his head back, closing his eyes. I glanced down, and allowed myself a grin of triumph as Tim’s sticky whiteness spurted onto my fur, then my panties, pooling on the strip of fabric between my thighs. One last spurt, and he moved back a little, his chest still rising and falling. “Wow, Alice…”

“Not quite finished yet,” I teased. “Watch.”

I used my fingers to slowly draw my panties back into place, breathing in as I felt his still-warm stickiness spread over my entrance, visibly wetting the front of my panties. “Touch,” I invited, and Tim cupped my mound with his fingers. “Oh, god, that feels amazing,” he breathed.

“And imagine Beth’s reaction when I show her,” I murmured. “I might even let her have a taste…”

Tim took a deep breath. “Phew, Alice, I didn’t know you had such an imagination.”

“Wait till tomorrow,” I promised again.

He nodded. “I’d better get going, really.”

I tugged my uniform down. “See – butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth.”

Tim chuckled. “Weren’t you saying just last night about how Beth and I have used your mouth?”

It was my turn to gasp, and he tugged up his zip, still grinning. “See you tomorrow.” A last kiss, and I watched him disappear toward the lift.

I made my way back to the nurses’ station, and Beth looked up, smiling. “You took a little longer than I thought,” she teased. “Did you give him a proper goodbye?”

“Kind of,” I chuckled. I pulled up my uniform, and Beth’s reaction didn’t disappoint. “That is so hot,” she breathed.

“I promised Tim I’d let you taste,” I invited, and Beth’s eyes didn’t move from my face as she slipped her fingers down the front of my panties, drawing them back out with glistening fingertips, putting them in her mouth. “Mm,” she murmured, eyes finally closing. “God, Alice…”

I straightened my uniform, and leaned over to kiss her, tongue dabbing her lips. “Mm.”

Beth fanned her face. “Phew. Now we do actually have to do some work – where’s the observation chart?”

We made our first round of the ward, and I threw an amused glance at Beth. “I can still feel it when I walk, too.”

When we got back to the nurses’ station, we sprawled in the two chairs, and Beth bursa ucuz eskort grinned at me. “You kind of got a head start on our make-believe tonight, didn’t you.”

I nodded. “Your turn, then,” I chuckled.

Beth thought for a moment. “I know,” she said with a wicked smile. “Seeing as he didn’t make you come, he has to use his tongue on you while you’re still sticky with his stuff, until he gets you there.”

“Then afterwards you kiss him, so you can taste him and me at the same time,” I capped her fantasy.

“Then I kiss you, tongue in your mouth.” Beth closed her eyes, hand straying downwards, obviously tempted.

I put my fingers on hers. “Ah-ah. Not till we get home – I know I jumped the gun a little, but…”

Beth nodded. “You’re right.”

She looked thoughtful. “I wonder if it’s possible to come without any touching at all?”

I chuckled. “We have all night – maybe we’ll find out, if we’re creative enough with what we think up.”

I glanced at her. “What would your ultimate fantasy be? What you’d do if you could have anything at all, nothing was impossible, no consequences?”

Beth raised her eyebrows. “You mean that I’ve not already done – sleeping with my brother, moving in with him, then both of us enjoying the most beautiful adventurous young woman -” I looked down shyly – “then wanting something inside me everywhere anything can go – ” now Beth looked as though she’d even shocked herself – “and that toy, putting it inside you, putting it inside Tim… and swallowing his stuff, your stuff…”

She slowed to a halt, and I took a deep breath. “Wow, Beth, see what you mean. But if…?”

“I know one.” Beth hesitated. “But it might shock you.”

My eyes widened, trying to imagine. “Go on.”

“Well… What if it was someone I hadn’t meant to have me, wasn’t sure I wanted to?”

I gasped. “You mean, like rape…?”

“Or at least reluctant, or not now, not yet,” Beth backtracked a little.

“Would you imagine, I don’t know, being tied up?” I asked breathlessly.

“Or tied down,” Beth chuckled. “Actually Tim and I talked about that one, but we never actually did it.”

“That settles it,” I grinned. “On the way home tomorrow we’re definitely going to the hardware place, get some rope and stuff – the bed has places we could put knots, doesn’t it.”

“That’s exactly what Tim said,” Beth laughed. “OK, you’re on for that one. Anyway, it’s your turn now – want to start from where I left off, or…?”

“Oh yes,” I breathed. “Would he tie us both up, or would one of us be the accomplice, betraying her own sex by helping a man have his wicked way?”

“Wow, I like where this is going,” nodded Beth. “If he tied us both up, how would he do it?”

“Well, it could be face to face but with our wrists behind our backs,” I suggested. “We’d be kneeling, and he could do what he wanted to either of us from behind, and the other would just have to watch, feel what was happening.”

“Or tied back to back, so he could fuck one and the other wouldn’t be able to see, to move,” Beth added.

“Mm,” I nodded. “I like that one better. And maybe the one he wasn’t fucking, he’d make her have a toy in there so she could feel something even though she didn’t want that either.”

“Phew,” Beth breathed. “Gosh, I think it’s time we walked round again.”

The ward was dark, and Beth had a torch on her keyfob with just enough light to stop us knocking into things. “You really are the Lady of the Lamp,” I smiled.

She looked for a moment like she might cry. “Thanks, Alice…”

We finished our round, and I glanced at my watch. “Still a couple of hours to go. Did you bring anything to read?”

Beth grinned. “I, um, slipped that book into my bag – you know, the one that came with the toys and stuff.”

I felt another thrill of anticipation. “Mm – let’s have a flick through. We should be able to find what Tim did to you last week, I bet there are names for those. Then we can pick something else – he still owes us another wish, doesn’t he.”

“Or three, or however bursa anal yapan escort many,” Beth chuckled softly. “Let’s face it, he’s in a win-win situation, right?”

“Right,” I grinned.

We were absorbed in the book when Beth’s phone pinged to remind us about our last round of the ward before the shift finished. Some of the patients were starting to stir, and we took it in turns to fill water jugs for them. “Breakfast soon,” Beth promised.

“You two OK?” I heard the staff nurse’s voice behind me.

I glanced at Beth. “Think so – all the charts are up to date, nothing unusual happened.”

“Unless you count Tim’s goodbye surprise,” Beth leaned over to whisper, causing my face to go an unmistakeable pink.

“Very good. OK, go and get some rest – I know it’s not always easy, first time on nights – and I’ll see you later.”

Tim was waiting for us at the entrance. “All OK?”

“Mmhm,” Beth nodded. “Can we take a detour on the way home? The DIY place.”

Tim chuckled. “I know at least one of the things you two were talking about, then.”

“Oh, you have no idea,” I grinned, exchanging glances with Beth.

When we got back, Tim dropped the carrier bag with our purchases on the sofa. “Anything in there we need straight away?”

“Hmm, don’t think so,” Beth replied. “Maybe when we wake up. Right now we just want you in bed.”

I started to undress, and Tim breathed in, his eyes widening. “Mm, Alice – did you do what you said?”

“Oh yes,” I reassured him. “Beth tasted. And we have something in mind for you, too.”

“I was counting on it,” he chuckled, managing not to fall over as he balanced on one leg to pull off his jeans.

A couple of minutes later we were in the bedroom, and I sprawled back on the bed, parting my thighs, drawing my knees up slightly. “First thing, you have to finish what you started.”

“But -” Tim began, then grinned. “OK – I get it.”

I closed my eyes as he buried his mouth in me, knowing that he was tasting what he’d put there himself a few hours ago, as well as my wetness. “Oh, yes…”

Beth watched fascinated as I started to stroke my breasts, my nipples. “It doesn’t seem like any time at all since you were sliding on me, then coming, mm, all that stickiness, I could feel it all night…”

Tim’s response was unmistakeable, his tongue moving urgently on me, and all the pent-up desire and imagining of the night came to a head. “Oh – god – Tim – yes, mm…”

A spurt of warmth onto his waiting lips, and my flexing hips subsided. “Mmm…”

Beth kissed him, then me as she’d promised. “Now, my turn.”

She laid on her side, patting the space in front of her. “You here, Alice.”

I joined her, kissing her lightly on the lips, and watched as Tim slid close behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist. “Now, don’t just go to sleep on us,” he teased.

“Oh, I think you can find a way of keeping me awake,” Beth murmured. She drew her knees up a little so that they were touching me, and I could tell when Tim entered her, Beth’s lips parting a little, her eyes closing. “Mmm…”

“Want me to help?” I asked her softly.

“Mm, please.”

I shifted down a little, planting soft kisses on her breasts, my lips moving towards her nipples then teasingly away again. “Oh, please,” Beth gasped, and I relented with a quiet chuckle, taking one nipple into my mouth and suckling gently. She drew one leg up, bending her knee, and I watched mesmerised as Tim thrust slowly in and out of her. “Mm, Alice, your fingers,” Beth pleaded, and I nodded, sliding my hand down to stroke fingertips over her nub, feeling her hips flex with the movement of Tim’s body. “Ohh…” gasped Beth, ” that’s incredible…”

Tim began to move more insistently, and I watched as the combination of his hardness inside her and my fingers circling, pressing, brought her closer to her release. “Mm – oh, yes – Tim, you can come whenever you want,” she managed.

He nodded, moving one hand under her leg to raise it higher, part her thighs even more. “Mm, yes, Beth, I’m close – mm -“

Tim cried out as his climax overtook him, thrusting hard into her once, then again. I gasped as he withdrew, his hard tip almost touching my hand as he spurted his creamy fluid onto my fingers, onto Beth’s nub. As she felt warmth splash on her, run down, and my white-slippery fingertips touching her, Beth moaned, arched, spurted her own wetness between my fingers – “Ohhh…”

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