6 Kasım 2023

Being owned – Part 4


Moodily I stared out of the window. It was pouring down. No nice warm summer rain but fat cold drops. Today was the third day of this and the temperature had dropped noticeably. On the first day I had tried to go out nonetheless but since I did not really enjoy it I had stayed in the bungalow since.

He had not been here either. My period had started one day before the rain. Since then I had been on my own.

With a sigh I moved away from the window. The panties were uncomfortable, too. No wonder, dogs had a different anatomy. If I had to stay here another day without distraction I felt I would go crazy. The books and the TV only annoyed me at the moment. My gaze fell on the trapdoor.

I had never been down there on my own. So far I had only seen three of the many rooms down there. The two rooms in which I had been fucked and the shower room in which I had to clean myself afterwards.

Did I really want to know what was down there? No. But it was better than just sitting here and staring at the raindrops hitting the window. I opened the trapdoor and went down before I could think better of it. My heart beat fast as I moved along the dimly lit tunnel. My naked feet made no sound on the cool stone floor as I advanced.

The first door on the left was locked. So was the first door on the right. And the next pair of doors were also locked. Were they all locked? I had never seen him unlock a door.

On the right was the room with the bean bags and dog beds. The door opened easily and I closed it again. So not all doors were locked, I noted as I tried the one opposite.

It opened with a creaking noise. A big four poster bed stood in the middle. The covers were made of dark silk or satin. The carpet rustled under my feet as I moved closer, let my hand run over the sheets. ‘Dark colours, that you won’t see his shed fur’, I thought and smiled.

As I explored further along the tunnel I discovered that most of the doors were locked. Only the one to the room with the pedestal and the shower were open. I had lost track of time. It didn’t matter anyway. He would not come to get me. The tunnel led on and on. I followed. It must lead somewhere.

After some time there was another door. Made from stainless steel and not wood like the others. I reached out, tried the handle. The door swung easily on it’s hinges, opened noiselessly. As soon as I had opened it a crack I heard the noise. Soft woofing and the clicking of claws on stone. I had found the kennels.

Opening the door fully I stepped inside.

Seven big kennels lined the walls. Some were occupied by more than one dog, some were empty. Dog beds and bowls were in every kennel, doors kağıthane escort in the walls that seemed to lead outside. All ten dogs looked at me, their tails wagging.

“Hi guys,” I greeted them and felt stupid. The Irish Wolfhound closest to me let out a soft deep “Woof” and I walked towards him, held out my hand. He had fucked me only twice so far. He sniffed at my fingers, licked them. I reached into the kennel, scratched him behind his ears. With a low grumbling sound he sat down, leaned against the bars. “You like that, hm?” I smiled, let my hand run through his fur. “And I don’t even know your name.”

I looked around at all the dogs. Each one of them had fucked me at one point of my time here. But I didn’t know our owners name either.

The Irish Wolfhound was clearly enjoying the attention. I sat down, leaned against the bars as well and continued to pet him. Now, both of us sitting, he was taller than me, sniffed at my face. I felt the cold bars against my body, his warm body on the other side. It was oddly comforting and I snuggled against him, continued to run my fingers through his fur.

Before I knew it I started to talk. I told the dogs about my life, my parents and my little brother, the time I had lived on the streets. I opened up about feeling lonely, even being scared sometimes. It felt good. The warm body next to me, talking to a living being about everything. Even if it was a dog.

I awoke with a start. My body was stiff, I was shivering. Where was I? Then I looked around and remembered. Down in the kennels. Most of the dogs were curled up as well, I heard a faint snoring from one of them. Stiffly I got up, stretched my aching body. “See you later guys,” I murmured and left them.

Back in my bungalow I discovered that it wasn’t as late as I had thought. And even better. The rain had stopped and the sun was shining brightly. Humming I made myself a coffee and went outside. It was still a bit chilly in the shade but as soon as I stepped into the sunny patches it was nice enough to go for a walk.

So I strolled along the sunniest path I had discovered so far. It led to one of the meadows. This one was on a shallow hill and bordered by a thick hedge. I had never ventured much further. Today I just stopped to sip at my coffee, then I walked on. The ground was soft under my feet, the long grass brushed my naked legs. Smiling I closed my eyes and turned my face towards the sun. It was good to be alive. It was good to feel the sun on my naked body. I could nearly forget everything around me in this moment.

“Enjoying the sun?” His voice startled me, I opened my eyes and spun around, spilling eyüp escort a fair portion of my coffee. He seemed to have appeared from nowhere but for all I knew I could have stood there for a long time.

“Yes.” I smiled at him. My owner looked at me, naked except for this ridiculous dog panty. “Come with me.”

I nodded and followed him. He led the way towards a patch of trees on the other side of the meadow. His pace was fast and I had a little trouble keeping up. At the first line of trees he stopped and waited for me. As soon as I had caught up he walked on.

Under the trees I felt the cold. Shivering I followed him, felt my body react to the drop of temperature. Only a few steps into the small wood I felt I had to pee.

“Just a second,” I called out and stepped behind a bush. After placing the empty coffee cup I was still carrying on the ground I pulled the panties down. As soon as I had crouched down I started to pee. Leaves rustled and there he was, looking down on me, watching me. Blushing I looked down. I still wasn’t used to being watched doing my business. Looking around for some suitable leaves and finding none I sighed. Wriggling my ass to shake off the last drops I straightened myself again, pulled the panty up. And started to giggle. His bushy black eyebrow rose, he cocked his head and looked at me, a smile on his lips. “What’s so funny?”

It took me a moment to reply without giggling too much. “I just thought”, another fit of giggles shook me. “Humans walking their dogs. And you… walking your human.” He laughed. “Yes, me walking my human.” Still smiling he went on. “And training my human. Come.” One finger pointed to the spot in front of him. Careful not to tread in the small puddle I had left on the forest floor I stepped towards him.

He nodded, reached out and placed both hands on my tits. The bruises were faded but they were still sensitive to touch. This time though he was gentle, just the right amount of pressure as he played with my hard nipples. His breathing got harder, the only sound apart from the occasional drop of water falling from the trees.

Gripping both my shoulders hard he turned me around. Only as I felt his fingers between my butt cheeks I remembered the hole in the panties. Where the tail of a female dog would stick out his fingers found entry.

I flinched, took an involuntarily step forwards. He just followed, his finger probing for my asshole. That would hurt. Slowly he inserted one finger in my dry ass, pushed a bit before he withdrew again. Swallowing hard I braced myself for what was about to come. With both hands he pulled the cheeks apart. Before I knew what was happening mecidiyeköy escort I felt his spit hitting my ass. The finger probed again, more spit and I felt the tip of a second finger.

Bending forward I held on to my knees for support. Both fingers entered my ass, probing, stretching. He spit again, started to fuck my ass with his fingers. I forced myself to relax, knowing from my little experience with anal that it would hurt more if I was too tense. Deeper and deeper he forced his fingers, spread them and I moaned in pain.

After fucking my ass with his fingers for some time he withdrew them. I heard the zipper as he opened his pants.

“Turn around.” Straightening up I turned around, looked at him. His cock poked hard and erect from his pants. “Make him as wet as you can. Then it won’t hurt too badly.”

My mouth felt dry but I got down on my knees, licked my lips. He waited, looked down on me. Heart beating fast I bent forward stuck out my tongue and licked the tip of his dick. Slowly I closed my lips around him, started to suck. He was so big – though not as big as in his other form – it nearly filled my mouth. Thinking about it in my ass made me shiver. My owner did not move. He let me lick and suck his cock at my own pace. I tasted his precum, thick and salty on my tongue. Maybe I could keep this up, make him cum in my mouth rather than fuck my ass. Tentatively I reached for his cock, massaged it while I sucked. He moaned and smiled down at me.

“That should be enough.” As he pulled his dick from my mouth I watched a thread of saliva hanging from it. At least it was wet. But I was scared nonetheless.

Still on my knees I turned around, raised my ass and spread my legs as far as I could. I felt him behind me as he bent over me. “Good girl,” he mocked me as he rubbed his cock against my ass. As I had suspected it hurt as he shoved it inside. Instinctively I tensed up, cowered down as he pushed himself deeper. It hurt even more now but I could not help it. Without mercy he pushed on, entered my tight ass slowly. I whimpered but he only stopped as he had buried it’s full length inside me.

“I like that,” he whispered hoarsely in my ear, “a nice tight ass.”

He pulled back and thrust his cock back into me. Straightening up and holding me by my hips he started to fuck me. The longer it lasted the easier he slid into me. The pain wasn’t that bad anymore, I could bare it, even relax some more. He groaned, fucked me faster. Suddenly I realized that this was the first time he fucked me in his human form. I wasn’t sure if I would have endured his bigger werewolf cock, the knot.

His grip tightened, the fingers digging painfully into my skin. With one loud moan he came, I felt his dick pulsating, shooting his cum in my ass.

Panting he relaxed, pulled away after a moment.

“Get back to your place and clean yourself”, he commanded as he closed his pants again.

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