20 Kasım 2023

Beach Body Ch. 06


Nora had two outfits laid out on her bed. She couldn’t decide. Why was it even a decision? She wasn’t even going out. This wasn’t a date! Which one would he like more, though?

On the left was a navy blue tank top, which looked thick but only from the illusion created by the lined pattern of the material. It was the kind of top that held/showed off her tits nicely and slimmed her waist. And her nipples would poke through visibly, even when she wasn’t particularly excited. Obviously she wasn’t going to wear a bra to hang out at home. She could pair it with this white skirt which she couldn’t recall the last time she wore, because really? A white skirt? Asking for all sorts of unmentionable troubles there. But it went well with the tank…

On the right was something perhaps more conservative. A t-shirt, pale yellow and would be a bit tight around the chest. To be honest most of her shirts were these days. This one would show off a bit of her midsection due to said tightness raising the material up. A con, Nora felt. The faded print of a cartoon cat’s face at the front made her nipples less apparent, at least from that angle. A pro? She would wear a pair of red shorts with it, a white stripe on the sides. They were more like hotpants really… but she was confident they still fit. That she could still squeeze into them.

The ensembles were casual enough to wear at home in polite company, she felt, although on second thoughts the skirt might have been a bit much. She decided against it in particular, tossed it aside. The red shorts then. She regarded the shirt. She decided it was too childish, what with the cat, and got rid of that too. Tank top then. She lined them up, and aside from it reminding her of some kind of strange, reversed American flag, she thought it was probably fine. She shed her pajamas with a sigh. She was going through a lot of underwear lately. She would have to change this pair too. So many decisions to make for a simple Sunday afternoon watching the game with her dad.


“I brought popcorn!” proclaimed her dad at the door, as if the big clear plastic bag of it in his arms wasn’t obvious enough.

“Er… aren’t we just watching the game?” she said, not that she minded the snack. This just wasn’t usually a popcorn thing. She took it from him so she could find a bowl in the kitchen. It was warm.

“I popped it myself!” he explained, as if that was reason enough. The sweet, buttery scent of it when she untied the bag was convincing though. “Thought we could watch a movie too I guess,” he said then, rubbing the back of his head. Nora was pleased to know he didn’t plan to go home as soon as the game was over. She would be lying to herself if she said the prospect of spending an entire afternoon snuggling with her father on the couch wasn’t exciting. She kept her cool and poured out a sizeable bowl of the popcorn, emptying about half of the bag. She trusted that it was barely buttered and low in salt, since her dad was her personal trainer and all. She didn’t much care really. It was Sunday, so she decided she could indulge. She collected some beer from the fridge.

Adrian was making himself comfortable on the couch, excited to watch another game on this big screen. He had worn jeans today, an old, comfortable pair. More importantly they were more restrictive in the crotch area so it would be harder to… well he hoped nothing would need restricting today. It was almost summer so he wore a loose and airy basketball jersey from when he used to have a team with guys from the gym and played pick up. The whole getup was very Dad Look. Dad looked up, hearing the hiss of bottle caps popping off. He liked Nora’s outfit, which was an odd thought for him to have. He saw the tantalising nubs under her tank top and swallowed. He ought to have been scandalised but soon found his eyes falling to her wide hips and thick legs.

Nora returned to the couch and put the bowl of popcorn and the two bottles of beer on the glass coffee table. “Ankle’s good,” observed her father. Before he could reach for his beer a foot fell into his lap.

“Want to check?” his daughter asked, wiggling her toes. He stared dumbly at her leg for a second then she retrieved it, tucking her feet together as she curled up on the couch. “Your face,” she scoffed, playing it off like she was making a joke at the expense of his doting. He shook his head with an ‘oh you’-smile and picked up a perspiring bottle. Nora glared at the floor, screaming internally. Now you’re flirting with him!

She grabbed a handful of pop-corn, stuffing her face as if that might stop it from turning red. She watched him sip the beer and smack his lips. Would he be into foot stuff? She wondered idly. What were his kinks?

“This is pretty good,” he said, raising the bottle to check the label. He knew his daughter tended to buy fancy craft beers that were limited runs or something. Adrian would consider trying more new things now since he had (marginally) expanded his recipe book. Beer tasting seemed a good hobby to get into, gorukle escort bayan despite the carbs.

“Phone,” Nora said, putting her hand out. She could watch him drink that beer all day (how many drinks would it take for him to really loosen up?) but there was a game to watch or something right?

“Oh the game!” Her father pulled out his phone, unlocked it and handed it over. He took another swig of beer and made an appreciative noise. There was a freshness to it. A youthful vigor about its bubbliness.

Nora screwed up her face again at how unorganised his phone was. App icons filled the screen with no rhyme or reason. He probably had a thousand apps open too, she guessed correctly. She considered just closing them for him, thumbing through the random programs he had running for no reason other than he didn’t know to shut them down. Something caught her eye and made her stop.

She swiped back to the web browser (which had a hundred tabs open too) and saw the last page he had visited. The current page, technically. Still opened. She swallowed, recognising the layout and colours of the website, but more importantly reading the title of the video. Nora’s eyes darted over to her father, who sat there obliviously, squinting at the ingredients printed on the label of the craft beer bottle. He didn’t know. Probably hadn’t realised he forgot to close the page.

She focused back on the phone. On the page. On the descriptively named pornography. The girl in it was some pretty redhead. Maybe he just liked redheads. But why this redhead? Why this video of this redhead? Why this bold title?

Naughty Daughter Thanks Daddy For Lunch

Had he-? Did he watch this right after they had lunch? Despite the blood rushing to Nora’s ears she felt oddly calm. Like everything around her was … right. She looked to the TV. The reflection of her and her dad sitting on the couch on the dark screen was like a little picture. A captured moment of a sweet father and daughter about to have a fun and clean afternoon. Or thumbnail for a video on a certain kind of website. A decision was made. She tapped on the page. She had the app find the TV. She pressed play.

The screen flickered on but Adrian was still investigating the makeup of this beer. It was brewed by Candy Apple Crush Brewery, which didn’t sound like a place that would do good beer but apparently they did.

“Mmm I’ll be a good girl.”

He didn’t quite recognise the suburb of the brewery’s address. He wondered if it would be available at the corner store near work. He put the bottle back down onto the coffee table and reached for the popcorn.

“Thanks for lunch, daddy.”

Adrian blinked, his ears confusing him. That sounded kind of familiar. Was it a commercial he’d seen before? Something was wrong.

“I’ve been looking forward to dessert though, daddy. It looks so yummy.”

His eyes darted to the TV. There was a big penis in the middle of the screen. The big screen. A big penis. Thick, veiny and in High Definition. There was a redhead holding it. Stroking. He recognized her then. Adrian’s heart leapt into his throat and he couldn’t speak. He remembered Nora and looked to her. She had a sheepish expression, eyes going from the TV then to him then back then back again. Adrian didn’t understand what was happening then recognized his phone in her hand. He had to do something and lunged. Nora squeaked, jumping back and he knocked it from her grip, the phone tumbling to the floor. The video continued, Adrian glued to the couch and watching helplessly as the redhead started licking and kissing that porn star dick in front of them.

“Oh my god dad relax,” Nora sighed, leaning down to pick up his phone. Too shocked to do anything he just glared at her, noticing how her tank top exposed more of her smooth and pink flesh from this angle. She sat up and met his eye. “It’s just porn.”

“Th-th-that’s… I mean I ..I …” Adrian stammered, utterly perplexed by the situation and too distracted by the incriminating video playing on her gigantic TV to think. He was even more confused by Nora’s weirdly affable response.

“I just pressed the wrong thing,” she said shrugging. “Sorry I ‘outed’ you. Oooo my dad watches porn. Big deal.”

“Mmm daddy your cock is so big…” moaned the girl in the video, her breathy voice crystal clear through the surround sound speakers. It almost echoed around the apartment. Nora swallowed, somehow still outwardly calm despite the somersaults her stomach was doing. Trying to placate her father as it continued playing in the background was too much fun. Dashe would have been beside herself.

“I’m not gonna shame you dad. Everybody watches this stuff,” she went on, gesturing generally. This stuff? Adrian couldn’t even begin to comprehend what she meant by that. They both looked to the screen now, the redhead using two hands to work that ridiculous cock.

“Oh yeah daddy…”

“I mean I guess this is a little bit kinkier than I was expecting,” nilüfer escort bayan Nora admitted. On the other hand she knew she was soaking right now. In fact she suddenly had a lot of ideas to search up later. “But whatever floats your boat. No judgement from me.”

Eventually Adrian’s breath steadied and his shoulders unstiffened. He looked to his utterly accepting daughter and swallowed. No big deal. Just porn. Never mind the name of the video or the dirty things the woman in it was saying. Nothing seemed to faze his Nora… why should he feel awkward about it?

“Daddy you taste so good.”

He winced and looked away from his daughter, but the only other thing to look at was the video and he fixed his eye back onto Nora. He shifted them down to the interesting couch cushion.

“Can we watch the game?” he said, almost begging and wringing his hands.

“But I’m invested now. What’s gonna happen next?” Nora wondered, sitting up and biting her nails dramatically. “Will she ever get that dessert? Will it be icecream or chocolate cake?”

Adrian could finally laugh at something and it made the couch shudder a bit, as if that was the last of his tension shaken away. “Alright, you probably have it bookmarked. Let’s watch some sweaty people play with their balls instead.”

The video played for a few more seconds, the girl sucking her daddy in earnest now, then the sports app took over and the game loaded. There was cheering from the crowd and the squeak of basketball shoes on the court. Another wave of relief swept over her father. It was like he had woken up from a nightmare. He picked up his beer and took a long draft. Nora leaned over and did the same, grabbing a handful of popcorn on her way up and settling in.

They watched quietly for about a minute, Nora noticing how her father leaned forward and was really focusing on trying to pay attention to the game.

“Hey about that video,” he started, looking away from the screen to address his daughter now that he had a chance to order his thoughts. “That was just a random one I picked. I didn’t specifically pick … I mean I didn’t look for one where there was the… uh…”

He floundered a bit under Nora’s intent attention, a barely concealed smile on her face.

“You randomly watched a daddy daughter blowjob video,” she confirmed pleasantly. He regretted not leaving well enough alone.

“Well yeah. I mean I didn’t choose it because of that… thing… I just… she was pretty and…”

“Did it make you cum?”

Adrian’s eyes went wide and he turned his head back to the TV. Took another drink.

“I’m just going to watch the game,” he said.

“Dad it’s fine,” Nora assured him. “I don’t think you’re some weirdo or something.” His shoulders visibly sagged with relief. She shifted over to the couch and was glad he didn’t flinch or try to move away. She got a little bolder and put a hand on his shoulder and gave him a reassuring pat, as if to reinforce the fact that she wasn’t weirded out at all. Quite the contrary, of course.

“Thanks,” he said, which was really all the man could manage right now with all the strange emotions flying around his chest. Embarrassment. Relief. Excitement.

“It’s just some fantasy roleplay,” she went on, even though he wished she wouldn’t, but it did feel nice getting rubbed on the shoulder. “Nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with two consenting adults doing whatever they want to each other.” Her father nodded at that. Sipped his beer again.

“Consenting adults,” he repeated for some reason. He cleared his throat and Nora put her hand back in her lap. She remained close. They both drank their beers, Nora noticing that her father was already halfway through the bottle.

“Do you like the beer?” she asked, glancing at the label on his.

“Yeah it’s good,” he nodded, still unsure if he liked drinking it or he was just drinking it to do something. The change of subject was welcome though.

“You should try this one, it’s more hoppy,” his daughter said, showing him her bottle. He noticed the label had a different design although it was clearly from the same microbrewery. “And I haven’t tried that one yet.” She reached for his bottle.

“Oh okay,” he passed her his beer then took hers without another thought. He licked his lips then tried her drink. It was more hoppy. A bit more foamy too. It was nice. He looked to see how she was finding his original bottle and saw her tapping the rim against her lower lip thoughtfully. He realised then what he’d just done and instinctively licked his lips again. It wasn’t a big deal of course, he used to share food with Nora all the time. Used the same fork when trying out each other’s dishes at a restaurant. But this was a little different, especially with the way Nora flicked her tongue against the inside of the bottle he had been drinking from.

“Mmm I like mine better,” she said then, quickly switching their beers back. Adrian couldn’t help staring bursa otele gelen escort bayan at her, being so close to her. He saw how shiny her lips were, felt his heart thumping. Felt a sudden urge to find out what they tasted like. He turned back to the game and remembered to breathe.

Nora felt like she ought to be panting, but she was oddly composed. She was here, at home in her apartment. On her couch. With her dad. They were just watching the game. She decided she wanted to play another game.


Adrian shifted in his seat, grimacing as the restrictiveness of his jeans came back to haunt him. Focus on the game. He tried, but couldn’t when he felt Nora’s fingers on his back. She was touching him under his shoulder blade where he was exposed by the jersey. He wanted to say something, but he wasn’t sure what. “You have grey back hairs,” she informed him, and he felt her brush at them with a fingernail.

“I’m getting old,” he admitted.

“Getting?” scoffed his daughter. He sniffed and smiled at the TV. For a few seconds he let Nora ‘groom’ him, then he felt her pinch and then pull at his skin.

“Ouch! What are you doing?” he complained, even though his body barely moved.

“Getting rid of the greys,” she said simply, flicking her fingers behind the couch. “Don’t move,” she added unnecessarily. “Just tell me to stop if you want me to stop.”

“Okay,” he sighed. Adrian endured it, wincing a little when she tried to pluck at him, but when she would gently rub her thumb against his skin to sooth the spot he found it immensely pleasant. “Shirt’s in the way,” noted his daughter. “Off.”

He didn’t question it. He was feeling a little warm anyway. Nora was pulling it up for him already and he raised his arms. He smelled like a hot iron poker pulled out of a burning fireplace. She fought the urge to bury her face in the sweaty jersey, or his armpit, and just tossed it over to a kitchen stool. She went back to admiring his great big back, ran her fingers from shoulder to shoulder. After a few seconds of this Adrian was thinking his daughter had gone off her task. Then he felt a hand on his thigh, Nora balancing herself as she reached to the other side of his back.

She plucked a few more hairs, perhaps a bit harder than before, and he hissed. Nora noticed.

“I can stop if you want,” she repeated. “Just tell me.” Her voice was right by his ear. He hmm’d noncommittally. His daughter removed a couple more hairs but seemed to spend more time searching with her fingers. She trailed around the swells of his muscles. He felt her breath on his skin every now and then. He had to shift, turning his hips a little, trying to sit up but also not sit up. Things had gotten really uncomfortable below the belt. Nora’s hand never left his thigh. She dragged her fingers down the middle of his back and Adrian couldn’t stop his reaction, straightening completely and shifting his hips forward. The lump in his pants was self evident now. He grabbed for his bottle of beer defensively and took a swig. Nora’s other hand had dropped to his waist now. She was staring at that bulge. “That looks uncomfortable,” she said. Her father said nothing.

She traced her fingers around to the front of his body, put a hand on his stomach. She applied some gentle pressure, like he would when correcting one of her yoga poses, and Adrian was made to lean back onto the couch.

“Nora,” he breathed, looking at her. He wasn’t exactly wide eyed, but there was a holding quality in his stare.

“I can stop if you want me to,” she told him again. “Just tell me to stop.”

She started to unbuckle his belt. Then his belt was unbuckled. She was about to undo his jeans, her delicate fingers working on the top button. She was doing it slowly but deliberately. Like she was giving him a chance to speak up now. And Adrian knew he could say something. He could tell her stop. It was in his power. And she was so matter of fact about it he believed Nora’s feelings wouldn’t be hurt if he did. But, like the other day when she ‘fell asleep’ in his lap, he didn’t want to say anything.

Nora’s heart was thundering now and she couldn’t believe how steady her fingers were. She popped the top button, then all that was left was the zipper. She could already feel the heat of him through the layers of denim and cotton and she could hardly wait. But she somehow stayed patient. She pinched the zipper, drew it down slowly. No sudden moves, as if she didn’t want to frighten him. Didn’t want to scare him off. Didn’t want him to run away. But if he hadn’t run away now he probably wouldn’t, right? That bulge was still taped flat to his pelvis by the thin dark fabric of her father’s underwear. More of its obscene shaped ballooned out of his open fly and she pulled his jeans down with a bit more force, jerking, to give the thing some much needed room. Her nostrils were in heaven. Molten iron.

Her underwear was ruined now. She could feel it squishing between her thighs. She took in the absurd shape of him, somehow contained by that flimsy material. That dark patch at the thick tip, the stain of his excitement had her mouth absolutely watering. She grabbed him and he sucked in a breath. The heat of it, steaming through the cotton, had her starting to pant. She had been patient enough. She pulled her dad’s underwear down, unfurling his cock to the world.

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