20 Kasım 2023

Barefoot Girls Love Playing Games Ch. 05


Well I did fall asleep and I really was super comfy the whole time, but all good things must come to an end. I was awoken by a set of lips kissing my own and I should not have been surprised by the fact that it was not my new girlfriend Amy’s lips, but Kelly’s. I smile against her lips and kiss her back, I can still feel Amy laying on me and Erica’s head on my leg, but Kelly has my full attention this morning. I will admit I am disappointed when she pulls away, her green eyes already alert; it is her slight frown that wakes me up completely.

“I have to get to work Mac attack,” she says with a pout. Those eyes making me want to call in to her job for her and tell them she is far too adorable for such a job, whatever it is that she does. This causes me to check the clock on the wall for the time: 9:01am, damn it we slept in big time. Well no big surprise there, I look around at the three beautiful girls sprawled around me.

Amy: with a few locks of her hair still draped across her face just brushing her cheeks, her long shirt had fallen off her shoulder again and the sun shining in the room off her pale skin showed a few tiny freckles on her shoulder. Erica: her long beautiful legs trailing from the red caps of her toes up to just a peek of her hardly covered, generous rear hidden at the moment by her shirt; her long dark hair in a tussle around my leg. And the lovely Kelly, leaning over me, the neck of her shirt at just the right angle for me to see her lovely body clearly. I can see her very pink nipples are stiff right now, was that just from kissing me? Or was this girl in a state of perpetual horniness? I look up into her bright green eyes and promptly start hoping that is the case.

Disappointment again as Kelly bites her lip and leans back from me. Resisting a temptation to kiss me again maybe? Kelly reaches over and gives the other two girls a hearty shake. I laugh to myself slightly as they both make grumpy sounds. Amy clings a little tighter to my chest as she wakes up, and my heart gives an approving kind of purr. I know for a fact that Erica is the stereotypical bombshell of the room and Kelly’s wild side is certainly very attractive, but knowing that the innocent little punk girl to whom I have crushed on for years was now officially mine was very appealing to me. I run my hand across her cheek catching some of that loose hair and tucking it behind her ear (I have ALWAYS wanted to do that!). Amy blushes a little as she turns her face toward me, keeping her nose pressed on my chest she opens up one beautiful blue eye to peek up at me. I can’t help but smile at her, she smiles back and keeps on blushing bright. To think this shy girl had first 69ed with me in front of Kelly and then proceeded to be the first of the three girls to have sex with me last night. Kelly, seeing this intimate moment between Amy and myself, gives Amy and Erica another shake.

“Come on guys, I have to get to work by ten and I still have to go pick up my uniform!” she whines. I look over at her and catch the slight frown on her face before she wipes it away with a smile. I blink at her, was she really going to be jealous of me and Amy? I have a hard time believing that seeing as yesterday was the first time any of them had shown any real interest in me, sexual or otherwise. Oh well. I mean, it would be the first time I ever dealt with the whole love triangle thing, so just like last night I was not going to do anything about it and ride it out as best I can.

Amy sits up looking grumpy, but she smiles at me and plants a quick kiss on my lips before sitting up and tussling her hair. It was kind of fun to see hot girls just waking up after a long night of sex and drinking, not altogether unlike some anime I had seen. I feel a hand on my leg and then my shoulder as Erica’s long body uses mine to pull herself up, her full chest brushing my arm as she does so. She is smiling slightly as she looks at me with half closed eyes.

“Round two?” she asks offhandedly. My heart and dick both give a jump at those words. But Amy and Kelly both frown at Erica, who promptly smiles wider and sits back on her legs. “I’m kidding I’m kidding,” she says with a hint of having not been kidding at all. She does look at Amy again as she too starts brushing her hair with her hands. “If you ever want to invite me again though please don’t hesitate, ok?” and that gets a few laughs and calms the mood. Kelly again insists that they have to start moving. So Amy, with another quick kiss, hops off of me and says she has to pee. She and Kelly have a small pushing fight as they both insist they need to go first. The two of them leave and I look at the doorway they just passed through. Man those two are…just as I start to think a soft leg crosses over my lap. I look up to see Erica’s smiling face just past her large chest poking out from under her shirt. She straddles me letting my hardness press firmly between her legs. The shock of the moment keeps me from saying anything, up until she leans down to become the third girl this morning to kiss me. Not wanting to be unfair I kiss her back as she thrusts her tongue inside my mouth, and grinds her pussy onto my now fully hard cock. She smiles as she escort bayan pulls away from our kiss.

“And even if you don’t want to invite anyone and just want me to yourself for once, I put my number in your phone ok Mac?” she says with a very seductive wink. The idea of cheating on the girl I literally just started dating, my first girlfriend, sounded like something I would never do…but…I can’t help but give Erica’s ass a very firm squeeze as she keeps grinding on me. I did quite a few things just last night that I never dreamt I would do. What were these girls turning me into!? As I’m thinking this Erica leans back to stand in front of me, as she re arranges her long shirt she accidentally flashes me a quick peek at her pussy, before she turns and leaves the den.

Now I know I really should not be smiling after a girl offered her body to me, to do with as I please, at the touch of a button on my phone…well yeah ok maybe smiling is normal, but still. After a minute or so my body has calmed back down and I realize that I want to keep Amy for as long as I can. And going behind her back to sex it up with Erica might be the fastest way out of my first relationship. Instead I get up and stretch. I do still feel really tired, and for some reason my head is sort of pounding but nothing could bring me down right now. I think about maybe whacking it after the girls leave, I can even use those fresh photos on my…and then I feel it…I feel the smile slide right off my face, and a cold sensation build up in my chest. MY PHONE!

The flashback of my sister asking to use my phone as my brain was shutting off after all the drinking and sex with her friends, you know, the ones that all took turns taking pictures of me in the act having sex with them! On the very phone she asked to use! Ah damn it, I was so screwed. I thought about bolting to her room right now and demanding my phone back, but I mean if the damage had been done what would that help? Then again If she had seen it, surely she would have come back into the room and flipped her shit right? So maybe she hadn’t looked through my pictures? I mean why would she? Well, she did snap that pic of me on the couch with them, would she want to look at that picture for some reason?

My slight panic lasts me right to the moment the three girls come out of the bathroom together, all mostly dressed now. Amy still had my shirt on but the rest of the clothing was still hers, even in my panic I manage to notice that Amy has chosen to carry her socks in her hand instead of putting them on, her feet looking pale and extra sexy now in tightly fitted jeans; I do love her style. I smile at her and she smiles back, blushing as she notices me glancing down at her toes. The other two are also still barefoot but owing to the fact that I can still remember the flip-flops they had on, it may not be for my benefit.

I walk the three of them to the door listening to Kelly bitch about how she does not want to go to work today. Erica still insists that we all get together again real soon, maybe at her place instead? I feel Amy put her arm around me with that comment, but she does laugh with the other two and I hear her say it is not out of the question. I break out of my stupor at that and raise an eyebrow at her. She is still bright red but she shrugs at me.

“I mean, I will want to go out with you sometime before those kind of plans, you know just the two of us. If that’s cool,” she adds with an attempt at sounding nonchalant. I am not sure what prompts it but this seems like the right time. I lean down and kiss her. She seems surprised, but kisses me back after a moment. ‘So, that’s what being on this side feels like,’ I think, and I smile as we break apart.

“Yeah I think a like, dinner and a movie kinda’ thing is in order,” I say, trying to quote like every cheesy movie ever. She laughs as Kelly pushes Erica out of the door with a “he’s not my boyfriend, I’m not losing my job over it!” The two of them laugh at a joke I apparently missed, but Amy’s blue eyes catch mine and I focus on her again. She bites her lip and takes a step outside the door.

“Yeah that’s cool, but some Call of Duty and pizza works too,” she says and giggles at my face which must show shock and awe.

“You play CoD?” I ask, and she winks at me. Kelly waves at me as she gets into her car, her bug eyed sunglasses on.

“See you soon Mac Attack!” she calls

“Very soon!” Erica echoes, winking at me. When Amy isn’t looking her way she puts her hand to her face, fingers to her ear and mouth. She mouths ‘call me.’

Ooooh man I am still grinning when the car full of beautiful girls drives off but that ‘call me’ had brought my mind back to the task at hand: my sister, and my phone.

I head upstairs to just outside her room. I do not feel the pressure of what I am about to do until I see that her door is slightly ajar, I slow my heart rate and start to think. What should I say?

‘Hey sis, I need my phone now ok? Gotta call…um…mom?’

‘Madison! Give me my phone right now! Or else!’

‘Madison, I…’ AHHGH damn it man I just needed to get this over with, I gingerly walk up and slowly altıparmak escort bayan peer inside her door. My hand freezes a few inches from the door when I notice the locks of red hair sprawled out on the pillow at the head of her bed. She wasn’t moving, was she still asleep? Wow lazy bones! Then again I remember the events of last night, and her having a fight and apparently breaking up with her boyfriend so maybe she had a late night? I look around the parts of her room that I can see: her computer is still on, screensaver spinning, and so is the light on the dresser. I can’t see my phone near her computer either, where could it be?

I very slowly and carefully push her door open, it creaks slightly just like before and I keep my eyes on that red hair to check if she moves. Nothing yet so I creep all the way past her door before I stop to look around again. My eyes find Madison under her blanket, she must move a lot in her sleep because it is mostly on the floor, the rest of the blanket is pulled up all the way to her chin. Her eyes are thankfully still closed and her breathing is steady, still fast asleep. I think to myself I need to find that phone, but I do find myself looking at my sisters face a little longer than usual. The resting bitch face she wears all the time does not hold in her sleep, and the fact that my sister is actually quite a cutie is able to shine through. Her eyelashes are super long, something we share, but of course it looks much better on a girl. Her slightly round cheeks and soft lips are bare of makeup too, a look that actually works well on her which I guess I never noticed before.

I shake my head to wake myself up. I must have been standing in the middle of the room gawking at my sleeping sister for a straight minute, something that would look super pervy if she suddenly woke up. Not that I was actually being pervy, right?

I make my way over to the computer desk. I don’t see my phone right away, but I do see my phone charger. Sneaky little imp must have gone into my room last night to grab it. I do not feel so bad about being in here now, at least I had some ammo if she wakes up to find me here. I start moving a few things around on her desk to see if maybe it was under something when I bump her mouse, causing her screensaver to vanish. The sudden change to the screen makes me jump a bit but as I look at her screen I notice that her messenger is still up, complete with a full conversation between her and ‘PhatMattTheAllyCat89.’

‘What a stupid name’ I think, but without really hesitating I start reading from the highest point on the messenger history on the screen.

LilMadie says: Well why is that such a big deal?

PhatMattTheAllyCat89 says: Cuz bae Im a man. And men have needs ya know

LilMadie says: Yeah well It’s not like I did nothing for you!

PhatMattTheAllyCat89 says: Handys are not cutting it babe. All my boys give me shit cuz you wont even give me a blowie

LilMadie says: Who the FUCK cares what they think?! It’s none of their business anyways! I’m still pissed that you would even tell them that!

PhatMattTheAllyCat89 says: W/e madz if your breakin up with me then fuck it, guess I wasted my time any dam way

PhatMattTheAllyCat89 says: Hellllo??

LilMadie says: I will call you in a second. I need to go borrow Kelly’s phone.



PhatMattTheAllyCat89 says: Pick up! Iv called you like 10 times! I was not done talking!!!!


PhatMattTheAllyCat89 says: Fine fuck you bitch! Guess I will call Tayler. Bet she wont be a fucking hold out

Now I am not a violent guy. In fact I have never even been in a real fight before, and knowing Madison this guy was no doubt a bigger guy (she tended to date the bigger and dumber type). But after reading those few short interactions between them, I wanted to find this guy Matt and beat the hell out of him! What an asshole! He had been trying to complain his way into guilt tripping my sister in to have sex with him?! And how dare he call Madison a bitch! I mean I do that too but I never mean it really! And I am her brother, I’m allowed a few freebies.

Still fuming I think about copying this guy’s Messenger name so I can message him myself! I even start looking around for a pen and paper when I hear a noise from behind me. The sound of a sliding blanket comes from the bed behind me, I hear it fall to the floor with a soft ‘flump’ and my poor heart jumps, and then stops completely. Oh shit, I think this is what the phrase caught red handed was invented for. Fuck she was going to kill me, but still being slightly mad I decide to face this confrontation head on and confront her on why she did not tell me about this jerk on her Messenger. I turn slowly and try to keep my face as angry as possible but as I turn fully around to look at her this proves to be impossible.

I feel my face heat up like a pot on boil! The whole blanket had fallen to the ground and my sister had apparently decided to take my old shirt off before crawling into bed! For there she lay with nothing nilüfer eskort but a thin pair of black underwear on, her pale body nearly naked and laid out for me to see! I was frozen in place; my body may as well have turned to stone, very hot stone, and I can feel my heart pumping blood to every corner of my body as my eyes start scanning with great detail over my sister’s small pale form. Naturally my scan starts at the bottom: her soft, small feet are slightly dirty from walking around house, maybe from pacing her room a lot too. Little flecks of dust still cling slightly to her soles. Her small ankles trail up to her legs, looking longer than normal most likely because there was nothing to stop me tracing them all the way up to her hips. Those jet black panties stand out in very stark contrast to her pale skin, even paler then Amy’s I think, and the panties cling tight to her mound in front clearly visible due to her laying on her back and pulled tight from moving around in her sleep. My eyes keep on moving up slowly, taking my sister’s sleeping body in with as much detail as possible. One of her hands is resting lightly on her belly, so smooth and flat with a cute little innie belly button that I know she would love to get pierced. Her waist is very small and petite. My eyes then come to her breasts, bigger then Amy’s and her nipples are a very light pink, soft looking right now, owing to the fact she is not cold or turned on. The little key she wears on a small silver chain is nestled between her breasts, shining ever so slightly in the light from the lamp as she breathes in and out. Her collarbones were very visible right now too with light smatters of freckles dotting her neck. She really did have quite a few, more than me even, around her shoulders and dotting her face. I had never really noticed how much they added to her beauty before, like a thousand little beauty marks instead of one. I stare at her, stuck in time until I feel something warm on my lips. Something…coppery.

I wake up enough to put my hand to my face, I look down at my fingers to see red. Blood! I shake myself slightly as I realize what just happened. A nosebleed! A freaking nosebleed! I just got a nosebleed from looking at a naked girl. My sister! I did not even know that was something that could really happen! I grab my nose and squeeze hard, trying to stop the flow, but it is all over my fingers! Holy crap, this really is a thing.

My sister moves slightly and I in contrast freeze, but all she does is let her hand fall off her belly and onto the bed…right next to a phone…MY phone. Well that sucks, no way I was reaching for that with her not wearing anything and me bleeding like some anime character. I would never be able to explain that one. It looks to me like it was time to cut my losses. I decide to get out of Madison’s room before she wakes up, but…I do linger a moment more looking her over. I mean, yeah she’s my sister but man she was freakin’ hot! Like, what the heck man? Girls should at least have to go to the gym or something to look that good! ‘So not fair’ I think as I let my eyes trail once more to the perfect little mound between her legs. What was I doing? ‘She’s my sister’ I think, yet still I cannot seem to stop staring. After a second or two of just admiring, I notice that my sister has a kind of white stain on her panties. I furrow my brow and wonder what that might be. I mean, it kinda looks like the same stain I get when I don’t wipe myself down after I…well you know, after I am done wanking it. But that wouldn’t make sense would it? I start to think about last night, and the stains I kept seeing on Kelly or Amy’s panties. Did that mean my sister had played with herself last night before falling asleep? As much as I shamefully enjoy that idea it just does not fit. She just broke up with her boyfriend and surely she wasn’t getting horny thinking about that.

I stay perfectly still as Madison moves again, shifting her head slightly and then snoozing on. I needed to get out of here, and trying to figure out a stain on my sister’s panties while in her room as she was sleeping almost naked was probably not in my best interest.

I tiptoe my way into the hallway and lightly put Madison’s door just as I found it, slightly open. My nose seems to have stopped but I was a mess. Some of the blood had spattered onto my pants and chest. So I decide on a shower, a quick one. After letting the warm water calm me down and clean off the blood I start to notice quite a few things about myself, and then I do something I have never tried before. As it turns out, ‘manscaping’ was a lot harder than I had guessed, but I do feel a lot cleaner and more tidy down there once I am done. It may not be porn star quality but with those three girls acting the way they had been last night I guess being prepared was not such a bad thing. After my shower I walk, towel clad, over to my bedroom. I glance at Madison’s room, the door still being open must mean she has not woken up yet. I sigh as I close the door to my own room. I wonder if this is how people on death row must feel? Freaking out at first but then cleaning up and accepting their fate. *Sigh* Well I was still very tired and even though my head had stopped it’s throbbing, I decide to just give a nap a try. I crawl in to bed after throwing on a pair of boxers and just lay on top of my blanket. My back was feeling better, so as I drift off my mind replays the amazing highlights of yesterday, and even one from this morning too.

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