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Bad Teacher Ch. 06


Bad Teacher Ch. 06Next morning I overslept, so I hadn’t any alone time with Carmen as Tony was present all the time. As Tony and I was ready to leave for school I just walked up behind Carmen and whispered, “Meet me at my place after school.”I didn’t wait for her reaction as I just walked out of the house.—As usual school wasn’t very exciting but the time went past and after I had dropped Tony off at the auto-repair shop to get his own car, I drove home to my own house.I watch the video of me fucking Carmen in her classroom. The sound was good but the pictures were often slightly off because of the position of my phone. But seeing and hearing how Carmen moaned and whimpered as I screwed her hard on her desk made me want to have an even better keepsake of our coupling. I sat up a couple of web-cameras in my bedroom, so I could get different angles on our union. I finished just in time as I heard Carmen call out my name from the entrance of the house. I activated the cameras as I called out, “In my room Mrs. G.”Moments later Carmen walked into my room looking hot. In awe I took in her beautiful face with those sparkling brown eyes and full, luscious lips. Her long, billowing black hair fell past her shoulders and just added to the impact she made. I thought to myself it was a face that belonged on a magazine cover and not on a Spanish teacher. Carmen had dressed sexy yet discrete for school today, as she wore a tight black, knee-length skirt with a red silk blouse. The blouse was only showing a little cleavage, but stretched under the weight of her luscious breasts. I was filled with desire for my mature lover, so I strolled over to her and moved a lock of hair framing her gorgeous face. I bent down and kissed her softly on her full moist lips and as I broke the kiss I softly said, “What are you doing to me, woman. I have never experienced such feelings. When I’m away from you, all I can do is think about you, wanting you and I just have to be with you. You’re becoming a d**g to me and I love it. I have to have a new dose every day or I’ll perish.””I feel the same, Ryan. I have never been made love to so passionately by anyone before you. You’re aggressive and kind of rough but also a thorough lover, leaving not one part of my body and soul untouched. I have great difficulties controlling myself around you – even when there are other people around.”I once again bent down and kissed my beautiful milf. This time it quickly intensified and as I broke the kiss I said, “Now it’s your turn to be the aggressive one Mrs. G. Take the initiative.”Carmen responded kissing me fiercely, with an urgency that took my breath away. Undoing my belt, she pulled my pants down to my knees, then pulled my boxers down as well. My huge penis was semi-erect and she clearly loved the sight of the long thick shaft. For the first time ever my best friend’s mother took my big balls in her hand and slowly squeezed them while saying with a husky voice, “I can feel you need me, baby. It seems to me, that your balls already have produced a huge load and just are waiting for some release.”She kissed me again and soon her tongue was deep inside my mouth, as she took my cock in her right hand and began stroking it. I felt myself stiffen.”Wow, it’s getting huge,” Carmen said in a low voice. She released my balls, and wrapped both her hands around my pulsating hard-on. “Follow me, stud,” she continued as she led me by my shaft across the room, using my dick like a leash. My pants had dropped to the floor and I kicked them away excited by this changed woman. She led me to the front of the bed. Turning me around, she maintained her grip on my cock and looked up into my eyes. “Please sit down stud, and let me show you how a woman pleases her man.”I ended up sitting on the bed and Carmen took a step forward and dropped to her knees. Lowering her head, she buried her face in my lap and took me deep into her mouth.It felt surreal, looking down on my married Spanish teacher, as she enveloped my cock with her tender mouth again and again. She took obvious delight in torturing me with soft kisses, bringing me to the edge of orgasm and then easing me back, again and again. I could see it also had an effect on her as her rock hard nipples now was clearly visible trough her red silk blouse. For some time Carmen continued to blow me and I loved it. Then she broke away and got up saying, “Get naked and lie down. Now it’s my turn.”I did as told and Carmen also shed her clothes standing glorious naked in front of me. I was laying face up as Carmen got up on the bed and stood over me, one leg to either side of my body, as she began to slide her hands along her pussy. Her juices moistened her fingers, telling me she was really excited as well. I lay with a smile on my face, watching how she pleasured herself with her own fingers, as she worked one then two fingers deeper and deeper into her moistening pussy. I wanted nothing more than to feel myself inside her again.Carmen lowered her moist pussy down on top of my massive hard-on and mounted me, her warm thighs straddling my body. She began fucking me, steadying herself with her hands on my chest. Her head leaned forward, her face a study in passionate beauty. I lifted my head from the bed and kissed her, burying my tongue deep into her mouth. She was taking me all the way into her pussy now, my huge mushroom head sliding back and forth over her cervix. Her eyes was closed, and her face had a look of pure ecstasy as her pace quickened. Carmen dropped her hips just a little bit more, and I felt myself bottom out inside of her. A low growl escaped from her throat as she continued grinding on me, driving me into her deepest point. I felt her orgasm come on with a rush, and she collapsed on top of me, planting my face deep between her breasts. I groaned as I fought hard not to cum myself. I just wanted to prolong this feeling and after a hard fought battle I succeeded. I decided to take control of the situation, so when I felt Carmen coming down form her climax I said, “Now it my turn, Mrs. G.””Oh, my God. You didn’t cum? You have such stamina, Ryan. I just can’t believe the control you have over your body. I want to make you cum.””Okay, but I want to cum deep inside of your tight wet fertile pussy. I want to blast your inside with a huge load of my baby-juice.” I said and for the first time I had explicit told my married lover, that I wanted to make her pregnant.Carmen nodded, “It’s all right with me. I love the feeling of you filling me up when you cum.” Quickly I moved us around, so I was on top and Carmen lifted her knees and let her legs hang open. She held her arms out invitingly until I lowered myself atop of her. I pushed a good portion of my length in with my first thrust. It definitely helped that Carmen was dripping wet.”You feel so good inside of me,” Carmen sighed and wrapped her arms around my torso, her hands upon my shoulder blades.”Soul-mates,” I just hissed as I moved deeper into my best friend’s mother’s wet cunt. Carmen smiled at me as I was hovering above her and replied, “Soul-mates.”I started to move in and out faster and faster and said, “I love you so much.”Carmen bit her lower lip and said, “Love you too, Ryan. I love everything about you.””Everything or just one thing,” I replied as I buried my ten-inches cock deep into my petite lover.”Aaaaaaaarrggggggggg,” Carmen screamed at this and then moaned, “Everything, but especially your huge penis. It’s making me feel sooooooooooooo goooooood.”Hearing this, I pushed forward with my hips until I hit her cervix again and again. It caused her to moan and shift beneath me.”Beg for it, Mrs. G.,” I said with a hoarse voice.”Ryan, please cum inside me,” Carmen screamed seyhan escort out loud.I was hammering my cock into my mature lover and decided to tease her as I said, “It might take a while. But keep on telling me, how much you want me and my cum. It’s a huge turn-on.””I want you, baby. I want your cum deep inside me. I want you to shoot a huge load into my womb.””Fuck,” I hissed clearly aroused by Carmen’s encouragements.Wrapping her ankles around the small of my back, Carmen tried to get my cock even deeper into her pussy. She was clearly aroused and very close to another orgasm. I decided to take it up a notch, so I said, “Part of being my woman is taking my sperm. You want to have your fertile womb blasted with my cum, don’t you?””Ohhhhhhhhhh, Goooooooood, Ryan,” Carmen moaned at my words and I could feel her pussy muscles contract.”Talk to me, Mrs. G. You want me to claim you as my woman, don’t you?” I roared increasing the pace of my thrusts. I started kissing Carmen’s cheeks, neck and rock-hard nipples.”What do you want me to say, Ryan. Let me tell you something. You want to forever brand my body with your c***d, don’t you Ryan? You want to mark my body as your territory by making my belly fat with your baby. You want to show all your friends, that you’re a real stud, who fucked his Spanish teacher into submission and made her pregnant,” Carmen moaned.Hearing this made me feel like a wild a****l and I started hammering into my mature lover with abandon as I shouted out loud, “Fuck, yeah, Mrs. G. I want to make you pregnant. I want to see your belly swell with my c***d and I want to claim you as mine. And do you know what, you’re are mine. From I’ll have your body whenever I want.””Oh Goooooooooooooood,” Carmen moaned loudly. “Ryan,……….you’re making me cum again.”I powerfucked my huge pole into Carmen and soon she was cumming. Her sharp fingernails dogged into my back, as she whimpered and gasped through the explosions of pleasure, her inner muscles contracting.Burying my face into Carmen’s neck, I felt nearly there myself and humped against her fervently.”I’m close,” I grunted into Carmen’s ear.Carmen responded to this, locking her ankles over my butt and holding my cock in place deep within her, “Is okay, Ryan. Cum inside of me, shoot all your baby-juice into my fertile pussy, make me pregnant.”Hearing this I grunted once, pushed over the brink by my married lover’s words, and erupted deep inside her. My body shuddered as the content of my balls spilled out into Carmen’s womb, and Carmen held me tightly moaning into my ear. I felt myself cumming in extensive spurts, my sperm filling my mature lover. Carmen continued to hold me inside, gently rocking her hips up against me. Then I collapsed on top of her, but got a hold on myself and rolled us around, so Carmen now was on top of me. Breathing hard I stared at the ceiling of my room and exclaimed, “Wow. What the hell was that?”Carmen lifted her head from my chest and looked into my eyes. She traced her hand around my face and with a finger she touched my lips softly. Then she moved in for a lingering kiss before she responded, “I don’t now. Utterly amazing comes into my mind. I feel so desired, when we are together, but right now also really exhausted.”I kissed her and reached down and pulled the cover over us and said, “Me too, let’s take a nap.”With that said we both closed our eyes and soon Carmen was asleep. I felt the tension leave her body as she slept and I let my self go.—About half an hour later I woke up and noticed Carmen was still sleeping. In our sleep we had moved around and I was now spooning with my best friend’s mother holding her left tit in my hand and my soft cock had slipped out of her warm pussy. I started to caress her nipple with my fingers, while I lay there contemplating my situation. I wasn’t about to give up on Carmen and now I had videos, showing how she was into our fucking. I had taken the steps needed to insure that when I wanted sex with her, I could get it. I have to admit I’m an arrogant bastard and my affair with my best friend’s married mother had unquestionably made me aware of the fact, that I was becoming even more egotistic. I loved the extra spice to life I felt, as I had taken another man’s woman to my bed. I loved the fact, that I just had had mind-blowing sex with my married Spanish teacher, knowing before our affair she had been a churchgoing woman, who had gone up in front of her family and her God and swore she would be forever faithful. I had made her fall in love with me, and now she didn’t even give her husband Peter a thought before she hopped into bed with me. I pinched Carmen’s erect nipple and rolled us both around, so she was laying on her back with me hovering above her. I began to roll both nipples between my fingers and the contact made her let out a little moan. I bent forward and took her right nipple into my mouth and began sucking and caressing it with my tongue. After about ten seconds, I switched breasts and repeated it with her left nipple. Carmen moaned again and as she woke I could feel how she began to caress the the back of my head with her hands.”Oh my God, Ryan,” she muttered and exhaled quietly. “I like to wake up this way. Now give me a kiss.”Who was I to say no? I cupped her full round breasts in my hands and moved my lips to hers. Before I kissed her I asked, “Did you have a nice nap?””It was perfect and what a way to wake up.””You like?” I asked as I leaned in and kissed her lips. “Are you ready for some more fun?”She smiled at me and without saying anything she lifted her mouth up to kiss mine. I responded to this as my tongue slipped between her lips and I pressed her head back down on the pillow. Our kiss was soft and arousing. As always she tasted sweet, it was a taste I couldn’t get enough of, and I began to swirl my tongue around hers to play. All the while I cupped my hand over one of her tits and lightly toyed with her nipple as we savored each others mouths. Carmen moaned in the back of her throat, sucking on my tongue when I pulled away and looked down at her.I let my fingers do the walking down over her abdomen to the black hair between her legs until I touched the swell of her swollen clitoris. I moved the tips of two fingers over it and Carmen moaned out loud.”Mrs. G. Have you ever thought of being waxed or shaved?” I said as I got an idea.”Oh, what?” Carmen stuttered clearly surprised by my question.”Have you ever been shaved or waxed down here?” I asked again and to emphasis my question I grabbed hold of some of her black pubic hair and pulled up.”Oh, my…I don’t know what to say… I can’t believe we’re talking about such a thing.” Carmen stuttered again and blushed.Clearly enjoying myself at the distress of my mature lover I waved a hand and said, “It’s no big deal. All the young girls are doing it. I was just wondering…””I’ve never shaved myself…Only trimmed it a little and not to often. I wouldn’t know how.”I got up from the bed and said,”Let me help you, Mrs. G. I think you would like it.”She looked hesitant at me; “I really don’t now.”Standing before her with my hard-on swaying in front of me and pointing directly at her I teased her, “Come on Mrs. G. All the girls have it, and after-wards you’ll feel great. I promise.””I’m not sure it’s such a good idea,” Carmen hesitated.I held out my hand, “We’ll go to my parents bathroom. There is a big tub and I’ll shave you. Do it for me, Mrs. G.”I took her hand from the bed and tenderly pulled her up and slipped my arm around her trim waist. I kissed her and caress her all the way to my parents bathroom with its huge bathtub. I started running hot water while Carmen just was standing tufanbeyli escort beside me. “Please sit down on the edge of the tub and I’ll get a fresh razor and some cream,” I said.Carmen obediently did as I told, and soon after I had found a new razor and some cream.”I don’t think we should be doing this. It’s crazy. What if Peter would notice.” Carmen said trying to stop me.”It’s not crazy and trust me you’ll like it. And please don’t talk about Peter right now.” I said and continued, “I’m just going to shave you. And then we can go and buy some sexy lingerie.””You’ll be careful?””Of course. Now look at you, I think you like the idea. Your nipples are rock hard.”Carmen looked down herself and blushed again as she noticed how her brown nipples that tipped her luscious breasts were hard as steel, “Okay, what should I do?””In the tub with you,” I replied, “Get nice and wet.”Throwing caution to the wind, she sat on a small seat in the tub and I sat on the rail next to her. I lifted her up by her mature hips until her vulva was floating just above water. “Is the water too hot?” I asked.”No, it feels wonderful.””Good.” I sprayed a thick ball of foam into my hand and, without preamble, began lathering up her snatch. Her thatch was a not terrible thick, she had clearly done some trimming. My best friend’s mother arched her back and groaned as I thoroughly coated her with the rich cream all the while I admired my conquest. This Latina housewife had nice, slightly wide hips and her smooth legs were toned and sexy as hell.After a little while I knew she was ready and I got the razor and began carefully scr****g away her pubic hair. It was very easy and I worked really slow, cautious not to hurt my lover. I was using my fingers to spread her pussy lips to get every hair around the delicate folds. Every time I touched her pussy Carmen moaned.”I knew it,” I exclaimed loudly.”Huh….what did you say,” Carmen moaned.”I knew it,” I replied.”What do you know?””Now your pussy is perfectly smooth and I can see it in all its glory. You have the sexiest fucking pussy I’ve ever seen. Your outer lips are quite small and it looks rather delicate. I can’t believe how small you really are. Now I better understand, why you was so sore the first time we made love.”Carmen looked down and said, “Let me see…”I moved my hands and she said, “Oh, my…”I had left a little patch of hair up high and asked as I caress her right above her clitoris, “Do you want a bikini stripe? A little bit of hair right around here?””I don’t know. What do you think?” Carmen gasped.”No. I think it would be better for you to be totally bald the first time. If you don’t like it, we can always get you a bikini strip later,” I went back to shaving and some minutes later she was smooth. Carmen really had an exquisite vagina, with soft folds and looking really delicious. As I poured water over her, washing away the foam, I began running my fingers between those folds, gently, then with more force. “Lets get back to the bed, so we can give your new look a test drive.”Excited Carmen just stood up in the tub. I helped her out of the tub and wrapped a big terrycloth towel around her. After drying her, I put some lotion on her smooth pussy and we returned to my bedroom.Carmen laid down on the bed. I smiled down at my attractive mature woman and climbed onto the bed between her legs.”I love how passionate and adventurous you have become the last couple of days,” I praised Carmen and leaned forward to lightly kiss her lips.”Mmnnn, I love it to, Ryan. But I haven’t had time figuring what has gotten into me,” Carmen responded with a purr.”I know,” I said with a chuckle.”Oh, Ryan. You really are a bad bad boy,” she giggled and smiled up to me.”I know, Baby. But you like it a lot, don’t you?””Oh, God yes,” Carmen answered with a heavy breath. “Now I want you to let it all out…” I said as I once again leaned in and kissed her moist lips, “Show me how wild and passionate you can be.”She smiled, lifting her mouth up to kiss mine. I let my tongue slip between her lips as I pressed her head back down. Our kiss was soft, yet intense. She tasted sweet, and I swirled my tongue around hers. I cupped my hand over her left tit and gently squeezed her nipple between my thumb and forefinger as we devoured each others mouths. Carmen moaned in the back of her throat, and began sucking on my tongue taking an initiative. I enjoyed it for some time before I pulled away and looked down at her.I definitely like the new you, Mrs. G. It turns me on, when you take the initiative.”Looking into my eyes, Carmen smiled and leaned up to kiss me again. I pressed her back down on the bed and she closed her eyes moaning as I pinched her nipple and twirled my tongue around hers.”Oohhhhh,” Carmen whimpered into my mouth and caressed my hair as she pressed her mouth tightly against mine. We kissed some more and then I pulled away and began kissing her jaw, down to her neck until I reached her full round breasts. I sucked a nipple into my mouth while I squeezed the other with my fingers. Carmen continued to moan and with her hands on the back of my head pulled my mouth hard against her tit. I slid my hand down over her tight abdomen and over her smooth pussy until I reached her swollen clitoris. I moved the tips of two fingers over it, and as I began sucking hard on her breast I also started frigging her clit back and forth rapidly while pressing down firmly. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrggggggggg….Gooooooooooood,” Carmen screamed as she lifted her hips up against my hand.”I want to taste your bald pussy, Mrs. G.” I groaned and moved, so I could lick her sopping wet cunt. I began kissing down her firm stomach and ended with my mouth at her bald vulva. I smiled to myself, as I could smell my Spanish teacher’s excitement and her swollen lips clearly indicated her state of mind. Already her juices were running from her chute. Her beautiful, smoothly shaven vagina excited me and I settled between her legs. I stuck out my tongue and gentle began to lick Carmen’s swollen lips.”Oooohhhh,” Carmen whimpered. I used my fingers to pry the small outer lips open, leaving the inner lips exposed. I stuck out my tongue and barely touched the swollen clitoris with the tip of my tongue. Carmen let out a huge moan as I flicked my tongue rapidly over her clit, before I sucked the quivering nub into my mouth.”Ooooooooooooooooooohhh….fuck, Ryan,” Carmen screamed while her body started to spasm as she experienced an orgasm.I let go of my mature lover for a little while before I climbed up next to her. I caressed her gorgeous face with my hand and then tilted it up to the side. And then I began kissing her tenderly. As Carmen came down from her climax she started to kiss me back. I broke the kiss and said, “Love the taste of your bald pussy, Mrs. G.””Oh, do you,” Carmen lazy responded as she gently nipped my bottom lip with her teeth.”You are so hot,” I whispered back and let my mouth slide down to lightly tongue and suck on her exposed neck, “I can’t wait to fuck you.”Carmen just sighed as I let my lips nip along her neck under her jaw.”Would you like that, Mrs. G.? Would you like me to fuck your bald pussy with my huge cock?””Oh, God…yes,” Carmen groaned. “Then show me your passionate side. Take the initiative, Mrs. G. Tell me what you want me to do…””I want…,” she started, and then sighed as she felt my lips fasten to her neck and suck on the skin there. “I want you to make love to me, Ryan,” she whispered. “Come on, Mrs. G. Don’t ask like that. This time you don’t want to make love. Tell me, what you really wants…” I replied as I continued to kiss and such on her delicate neck.For some time Carmen yumurtalık escort just whimpered and didn’t respond to my bait, so I teased her even more, “Don’t be shy, Mrs. G. Embrace your passionate side and tell me, what you really really want…”Carmen inhaled deeply and then said with a fiery voice, “I want you to fuck me, Ryan. I want you to take me and make me yours. I want you to fuck my smooth tight pussy and make it yours.”Hearing this I rolled her onto her back and moved in between her legs, spreading them as I leaned down to kiss and suck on the other side of her neck. With my fingers I once again found her swollen clit and began to stimulate it. I wasn’t ready to fuck her yet, I loved to hear my best friend’s mother talk dirty.”Please, Ryan,” Carmen moaned. “Take me.””Did I hear right, Mrs. G. Do you want me to take you like a good little slut. Do you want me to fuck you with my huge dick?” I teased her even more while I kept stroking her clitoris.”Oh, my Gooooood, Ryan. Yes, I’ll be your little slut. I’ll do anything you want. Now please fuck my smooth pussy with your big thick cock.”I lifted my head and looked down into her passionate brown eyes. Without using my hands, I shifted my hips and felt the tip of my cock at her moist opening. I leaned down to kiss her lips once and then raised up to watch her eyes. Then I forced myself deep into her tight pussy hitting her cervix.”Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggg, Ryyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaan….” Carmen screamed out loud. Her eyes sparkled with desire and I said, “Is this what you want?””Oh, God…yes. Fuck me with your thick cock, lover!” She hissed.I slowly pulled out until only the mushroom head of my huge pole remained inside her and teased her, “Do you really want me inside you, Mrs. G?” “Yes, please put it in again, Ryan,” Carmen pleaded.”Do you want me more than anyone?” I asked deciding to get her to express her true feelings.”I want you more than anyone, Ryan. I only want you inside me,” she promised.”More than Peter….your husband?” I now dared to ask the taboo question as I looked my mature lover deep into her eyes.This made the once faithful wife hesitate.”Tell me, you want me more than Peter,” I said once again as I caress her clit with my fingers looking deep into her eyes.Seconds later Carmen gave in, “Oh, God Ryan. I want you more than I want Peter. I want you inside me way more than my husband. I only want you inside me, Ryan.”Congratulating myself on my complete conquest, I plunged my huge organ back in and Carmen bucked up against me, while her luscious tits were bouncing wildly for a moment. As I slowly withdrew, she hooked her legs around my waist and crossed them, trying to pull me back in with her heels on my buttocks.”Oh, yeah, Ryan,” she moaned.”Tell me, what you feel right now,” I asked.”You are the best lover ever, Ryan,” she cried out, lifting her hips and pulling with her heels.I plunged in again, making her squeal as my balls slapped against her naked ass, and then slowly withdrew as she groaned in frustration.”Tell me, how I am compared to Peter, Mrs. G.” I groaned, as I slammed my thick pole back into her. She grunted enthusiastic as I pressed hard against her. “You are so much bigger than Peter. So much better than he ever was. I don’t think I have ever felt so aroused.” Hearing this I began to pound deep into her hitting her cervix with every thrust and my best friend’s mother bucked with pleasure. “Keep telling me, how much you want me,” I grunted back.”I only want your thick cock in me from now on. Only yours, Ryan.” Carmen screamed.”Glad to hear, Mrs. G. Let it all out. Tell me your deepest secrets…” I said as I pounded my mature lover again, and then again. Now she started a stream of constant pleading and promising.”I’m your dirty little slut…Ryan….Aaaaarrgggg…. You’re the best I’ve ever haaaaaaaaaad”I continued hammering all the way into her with long steady strokes as she grunted out encouragement. As I pick up the pace, she continued to squeeze her legs to hump herself against me, causing her breasts to make wide looping bounces with her rock hard nipples dancing on top.”I want to mate with you. Make you my woman and make you with c***d,” I groaned.”Oh, yeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, stud. Cum in me…Giiiiiiiiiveeeeeeeeeeeee meeeeeeeeeee your seed, Ryan. Cum deeeeeeep inside my unprotected fertile pussy. Give me your c***d…I loooooooooove you. Ryan!” Carmen screamed as she once again reached a climax. I continued pounding into her through her orgasm. I fucked my huge pole into her harder, deeper and faster than ever before and as my cock swelled inside her, Carmen experienced multiple orgasms. I reached down and began stimulating her clit and could feel how her orgasms came one right after another. “Oooohhhh Goooooooooood, Ryan. What are you doing to meeeeeeeeee,” Carmen wailed as her cunt pulsated in a flood of uncontrollable convulsions. I decided to use this moment to my own perverted domination of my best friend’s married mother. While moving in and out of her drenched pussy I leaned forward and hissed into Carmen’s ear, “Carmen. From now on, you’ll be my wanton slut, whenever and wherever I want…””Aaaarrrrrrrggggggggggggg, yes…yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, I’ll do anything you say, now keep fucking your slut hard,” Carmen screamed as I once again pushed myself deep into her hitting her cervix. I could sense, I would cum in a matter of seconds, so I really began to jackhammering into her with my long, hard shaft. Sweat dripped from me onto Carmen and I could feel my balls pounding against her cum soaked buttocks.”Oooohhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccck Mrs. G, here it comes. Take my seeeeeeeeeeeeeeed,” I growled and with a shudder I could feel myself explode and my cock started to pulsate inside Carmen’s pussy. I shot load after load deep into her cunt and collapsed on top of her. Soon after I rolled off of her and laid down next to her, we did not speak or say anything for some time.Later I gathered enough strength to push myself up on one arm and looked down into my mature lover’s eyes. I could feel her labored breathing matching my own. Eventually, we both caught our breath. I moved my hand down and caress her tummy, “Do you think you’re pregnant.””I don’t know. It may seem odd but I hope so. I have always wanted another c***d and now it very well could become a dream come true,” Carmen said in a voice so soft it was barely audible.”Even if I’m the father,” I asked.”I know it sounds dreadful but I no longer care. You have showed me a side of me, I have never known. But can I ask a favor?” she whispered.”Of course you can.””Please let it be our secret for the time being. I still don’t know what to do. Maybe in a couple of weeks you’ll grow tired of me and then my life will shatter.” Carmen said.”Of course I’ll keep it a secret. But it’s not going to happen, I’ll never let you go. You’re my soul-mate. I’ll keep up the pretense as long as you want me too, but I also have some demands. I can have you whenever and wherever I want. And you can’t have sex with anyone besides me – only if you get my approval. So no hanky-panky with Peter,” I told my best friend’s mother.”But…” Carmen started but I interrupted her, “No buts..You’re mine and if you are pregnant you can still pass it of as Peter’s c***d. But you’re my woman now. Today I have claimed you, taken you and now I own you.”Carmen blushed at this but then smiled shyly at me, “How can an eighteen year old be so dominant. You have grown up to be a strong, powerful and virile man. I think I’m lucky to have you in my life.”I leaned in and kissed her and then said, “Look at the time, Mrs. G. We better get a move on.”Carmen quickly got up and started getting dressed. I just laid in bed watching her getting dressed and admired her body.”See you at home and thanks Ryan, for everything.” Carmen said as she was leaving.I got up and walked over to the cameras and stopped them. I watched some of the takes and wow it was hot. I saved the files and then got dressed and drove over to the Grants.

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