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Back Rub for Julia


A Back Rub For Julia
Originally Written By:Scott_Free


This is not a short story. It is not always a happy story, either. There is some laughter, some tears, and a whole lot of sex. In other words, it is about real life. It is about the choices that young people make, and how those choices affect their lives.

I guess that I should start at the beginning, since that’s where all good stories start. My name is Jackson King. I’m eighteen years old, and I’ve just graduated from high school. I live with my parents, and my little sister, Katie. I call her my little sister, but she’s actually eighteen too. No, we aren’t twins. She is actually ten months younger than I am. Yeah, mom and dad must have rushed right back into the baby making game. Although she was younger than me, she skipped second grade, so after that we were always in the same grade, sometimes even the same class. If everything works out right, Katie and I will both be attending the University of Michigan together in the fall.

Katie and I have always been close. Sometimes we fight like all siblings do, especially those who are close in age. When we were kids, most of our fights used to be about toys. Now that we are grown, we occasionally argue about the bathroom, and such, but nothing major. The only big fight that we ever had was a couple of years ago when her good friend Jenny tried to date me. Apparently, she was good enough to be Katie’s friend, but too much of a skank to date me. I guess that I understand, because I really wouldn’t want Katie dating any of my friends. But then, I know exactly what those guys have on their minds, and every one of those horny bastards has hit on her… unsuccessfully.

I guess that I would have to say that Katie is beautiful. After all, I have seen the way that all my friends have been panting after her since she was twelve. That’s about the time that she started developing her womanly figure. Katie is kind of short, with wild, long, curly red hair. She is really curvy in all the right places. It’s not that I’m checking out my sister, or anything, but I’m not fucking blind. I mean, when she parades around the pool in a little bikini, with her big bubble butt half hanging out, you can’t help but notice. Her and her best friend, Julia, are always wrestling with me when we swim, so I often get a close up view.

I have one secret that I would never tell my friends, because they would be so damn jealous: Katie is a back rub-aholic. Every night, for the past few years, she would come into my room, wearing all types of skimpy clothing, and want her nightly back rub. She will lay down, and stare at me with her big green eyes, and I rub her back slowly, and softly. I’ll scratch her back with my nails, and she will make the cutest little purrs of satisfaction. Ok. I’ll admit it. My ex-girlfriend used to make some of those same noises during sex. But Katie said that it helped her relax, and that it took away her stress. So even if it is a little awkward, I do it anyway. I’d do anything for my little sis.

I mentioned my sister’s best friend earlier. Her name is Julia. Not only is she my sister’s best friend, but she is also our first cousin. Not only are they best friends, and first cousins, but they were born three days apart in the same hospital. They have been practically attached at their hips ever since birth. Julia is everything most little girls want to be. She is tall, lithe, and beautiful. She was a straight A student, captain of the cheerleading team, and president of the student council. She also skipped a grade, aced the SAT, and got into UCLA with a full academic scholarship. She was the most popular girl in school, and everybody loved her.

She was tons of fun to be around. Almost every straight guy that I knew had a crush on her at one time, or another. I think that even some of our teachers would have married her after graduation. I have to admit, I wasn’t immune to her charms. I remember singing Bryan Adams’ “I Do It For You” to her when I was eleven. Fortunately, I learned what was right, and what was wrong, and I forgot about my crush on her when I was about twelve.

My life was going perfectly fine, until Julia went on vacation with my family after senior year. We went to our vacation house in Northern Michigan for a week of hiking, swimming, and enjoying the beautiful scenery.


After what seemed like months of waiting, it was finally the day that we would go on vacation. We had been going up north since I was a baby. Some of my earliest, and happiest memories take place at our vacation house. I would bet that some of my dad’s do too, because it originally belonged to his parents, and he’s been coming up here since he was a little boy.

My mom and dad are pretty cool, as far as parents go. My dad is a city planner for the city of Detroit. We tease him mercilessly about his job, but he really enjoys it, and he makes pretty good money. He usually works a lot of hours per week. My mom is a freelance garden and landscaping designer. She basically designs outdoor layouts for businesses, or homeowners. A lot of her job involves doing mock ups of her designs on the computer, so that her clients have a better idea what her layouts will look like on their property. Even though she doesn’t work for a big design firm, she works a lot. Even when she is at home, she’s usually locked away in the den working away on her Mac Pro.

Due to our parent’s hectic work schedules, Katie and I have had to learn to take care of ourselves from an early age. I don’t mean that we were neglected, by any means. It’s just that we never had a stay at home mom to take care of us. This has actually been a blessing in disguise. While we were jealous of our friends who had doting parents when we were small children, we laugh at those same kids now. Those type of parents seem to have a hard time accepting the fact that their children may have grown up, and those kids would probably kill for the amount of freedom that my sister and I take for granted. This has also uniquely prepared us for adulthood. Both of us know how to cook, do laundry, and many other tasks that young people have to learn when they leave the nest. I think that our parent’s work schedules have also brought us closer than normal siblings, due to the fact that we have had to depend on each other for so much.

Julia came over last night, and spent the night, so that we could all leave bright and early. Well, it was bright alright, but the early part never happened. It was about ten o’clock when we started loading up my mom’s Cadillac Escalade for the four hour ride up I-75 North. The girls came over to talk to me, while my dad was cursing fluently while trying to close the hatch.

“Hi, Jack.” Julia smirked a crooked smile at me. Why was she looking at me like that?

“Hi, Julia. Ready for the trip up north?”

“Sure she is,” Katie interjected. “Why wouldn’t she be?”

I was kind of dumbfounded at the question. Actually, Julia was… was simply stunning. Her shoulder length, light brown hair was streaked through with blond highlights. She wore a light blue tank top, and a darker blue pair of shorts. I use the word ‘shorts’ loosely. There really wasn’t much fabric involved in making them. Not only were they tiny, but they were very tight on her stunning teenage ass. The seam divided her ass cheeks, and highlighted her awesome cheerleader’s body. I thought that I could even make out a little camel toe in the front, when she turned just right.

My eyes gazed down her slim body, and back up to her face. Her eyes widened, and I realized I had been staring like I had never seen a girl before. What’s more, she realized I had been staring. My own fucking cousin! What the hell was I doing? Instead of being grossed out, or offended by my lewd leering, she seemed to think that it was hilarious.

“Do you like what you see?” She twirled slowly in a tight circle, slowing and posing at strategic intervals to highlight her gorgeous body.

“Ahh…” I mouthed. She and Katie just giggled. Sometimes I fucking hate girls. Instead of belatedly trying to make up a witty comeback, I just shut my trap, and not-so-gracefully made my retreat. Katie seemed to really get a kick out of my reaction to Julia’s shorts. After closer examination, Katie’s shorts weren’t a whole lot more modest. I guess that since they were on my sister, I just didn’t notice, at first. Wow, her bubble butt looked really nice in those pink shorts. I just shook my head, because now I was thinking about my sister’s ass as well.

Thankfully, we piled in the car a few minutes later, and set out on the long drive from the Detroit area. My mom was listening to her oldies on Sirius satellite radio, dad was ignoring all of us, and Katie and Julia giggled about some guy who tried to talk to Katie, and got shot down mercilessly. I knew the guy, and he was an asshole, so I didn’t feel sorry for him in the least.

I quickly emulated my dad by ignoring everyone. I leaned back, closed my eyes, and soon the rhythmic flow of the freeway put me out like a light. I awoke, a couple of hours later, after the most incredible dream. Sandy Curry from the girls’ track team was in bed next to me, giving me a hand job. She was a tiny dark-haired beauty with soft brown eyes. She tickled and stroked my cock lightly with a crooked smirk on her face.

A crooked smirk? What the hell?

I awoke with a start, and felt someone running their fingers lightly over my engorged head. This was no dream. I looked down into my lap, and saw a small hand, with powder blue nail polish. It was Julia’s hand. Julia was sitting in between Katie and I, in the backseat. I looked at her face, and she didn’t even blush. She just winked at me.

“So you really are Katie’s BIG brother?” She smiled crookedly at me again, and withdrew her hand from my shlong. The places where her fingers had stroked me seemed to burn with desire. Instantly, my face flushed brilliantly. Only two women had ever touched me there before, and now I was fully erect from my hot cousin’s caress. My head was spinning. Feeling this way was obviously WRONG, but my cock didn’t know that it was wrong. What the fuck was I doing?

Katie hadn’t been paying attention to her cousin’s antics, she had been looking out the window. Julia leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“Don’t you wish that you could have slept just a couple more minutes?” I hated to admit it, but I really did wish that my dream could have had a happy ending. She tapped my sister on the shoulder to get her attention. Katie was staring out the window, like she had been in her own little world.

“What?” she said breathlessly.

“Aren’t you glad that Jack’s not with Amy any longer?” My girlfriend and I had broken up a little over a month ago. It was kind of a mutual thing. There wasn’t any infidelity, or anything like that. Truthfully, our relationship just fell apart, and we both decided that we shouldn’t be together any longer.

“Thank god. I hated that fucking skank.” Katie had never liked Amy. I don’t know why, but they never got along, and had almost gotten into a fist fight several times.

“I think that we should have just beat the shit out of her, then maybe she would have left Jack alone.” Julia was much more inclined toward physical violence than my sister. Katie was by no means a fighter, but if anyone could have goaded her into a brawl, it was my ex.

“I wish that we would have held her down and kicked her in the cunt.” I was a little shocked to hear my sister say the “C” word.

“Watch your language, young lady.” It was my mother who spoke. She tolerated a small amount of profanity from my sister, but never really commented too much on my language. Maybe it was because I usually had enough sense not to curse like a sailor in front of her. Katie on the other hand, had little self control when something aroused her passions. To me, it was an endearing trait. True to her parenting style, my mother turned the radio up, so that she wouldn’t have to hear the girls’ foul mouths.

“Can I ask you a question, Jack?” Julia had lowered her voice, so I knew that what she was going to say wouldn’t be pleasant. One good thing, with all this talk about Amy, my erection had vanished. It was like reverse Viagra, one mention of her name, and it’s an instant soft-on. “How did you ever get that stupid twat to shut up long enough to have sex with her?”

My ex was a very pretty girl. She was almost perfect in every way: perfect white teeth, perfect skin, and perfect curly blonde hair. If you didn’t know her, you would probably think that her only flaw was the slight limp that she acquired after a near fatal skiing accident her sophomore year. She was hospitalized for two months, and had to repeat a year of school, which allowed us to be classmates. It also gave rise her one of Katie and Julia’s not so flattering nicknames for her, Limpy.

Like I said, that was if you didn’t know her. Once you hung around her for any length of time, other major flaws would readily become apparent. She talked non-stop. There were no such things as ‘comfortable silences.’ If she didn’t have anything important to talk about, she’d blabber on about stuff that nobody cared about; as if you would forget about her if she didn’t speak. To be honest, sex with Amy was less than satisfying. When I lost my virginity to her, I was afraid that my inexperience would make me ejaculate prematurely. I might have fallen victim to this unfortunate condition if I had been able to concentrate at all during sex. She talked the entire time about the most inane subjects. I just tried to ignore her as best I could, and concentrated on the sensations that I was finally experiencing. I finally came after forty minutes of labor and arduous conversation. It was definitely not the experience that I had hoped it would be.


My harassment continued for rest of the ride. I was teased mercilessly about Amy, and asked the kind of embarrassing questions that I would normally just walk away from. But since I was cornered, I resorted to man’s oldest defense, and started ignoring the girls. After repeated attempts to get me to speak, they relented, and just left me alone. Unfortunately we were only about ten minutes from our destination.

I can tell that the vacation house was built with children in mind. The master bedroom is at the far end of the house. It has it’s own bathroom, and is next to the living room. At the opposite end of the house are the other two bedrooms, which shared a single bath. One of the rooms has two twin beds, and the other has a single queen sized bed. I unpacked a weeks worth of clothes, and put them away in my dresser. It was nice to finally be alone. I thought back to the way that Julia had continued to stroke me, even after she plainly knew that I was no longer sleeping. Why did she have to look so damn sexy in those tight, little shorts? My erection had subsided, but the pent up excitement that I had experienced still begged to be let out. I had just started looking for my rattiest t-shirt, when a knock sounded on my bedroom door.

“Jack, get your swimming trunks on, the girls are dying to go to the beach.” It was my mom. Damn. A great orgasm would get me in better spirits, but that would have to wait.

“Give me a couple of minutes, Mom. I need to change.” I heard my mothers footsteps move down the hall. I pulled my shirt over my head, slid off my shorts and boxers, and searched around in my drawers for my green cargo-style swim trunks. My balls hung heavy with unreleased semen. My cock refused to shrink all the way, instead remaining just excited enough stay thick and full, but not enough to be erect. I thought about how that cold lake water would feel when it splashed up over my crotch, and I almost changed my mind about going. But I was here to have fun this week, and maybe I could pay Julia back for getting me so excited by dunking the shit out of her.

I still needed a towel, so I went out into the hall to the linen closet. That’s when I caught sight of Katie and Julia. My cousin was bent over at the waist, rummaging through a lower shelf, looking at the beach towels. She wore a transparent red wrap over top of her tiny yellow bikini. These wraps are supposed to be used to modestly cover up a swimsuit, but the clingy one that she wore had the exact opposite effect. It had rode up over her hips when she had bent over, so I had a perfect view of her teenaged ass. The fabric of her swimsuit was so tight that it looked as if it were painted on. It was wedged tightly up into her ass crack. To make matters even worse, she has spread her legs a tiny bit, clearly revealing every line and curve of pussy. I was instantly hard in my shorts. She glanced over her shoulder at me casually, and Katie giggled. I flushed spectacularly at being busted; again.

“See you in the car, big guy.” Julia smiled coyly as she flipped her towel over her shoulder. She paused to smooth her wrap over her hips, and glided past me, and out of the room.

Katie paused, her eyes lingering first on my erectness, then on my blazing face. She imitated her cousin by smoothing my t-shirt that she had somehow acquired to wear over her suit, and stalked out of the room after our her best friend.

I was left alone with just the towels and my hard on. I strategically placed a towel in front of my boner, so that I could go out to the car without embarrassment. I purposely walked over to the side that Katie was sitting on, and opened the door.

“Scoot over!” I ordered. She positively beamed.

“Get in on the other side, dork.” Katie pulled her door shut in my face. My mom looked at me like I had lost my mind, so I walked around the other side of the car, and got in.

Julia smiled. This time her grin wasn’t crooked at all. It looked hungry; predatory, like how a tiger might smile at it’s next meal. I smiled back, but there was no confidence behind it. All this fucking smiling was making me uncomfortable. When I looked back, Katie was smiling too. A big shit-eating grin. I could have cried.

The drive to the lake was uneventful. We parked, and the girls hurried down to the water, flip-flops flipping and flopping on their feet. I carried our cooler down to a picnic table where the girls had laid out their towels. I slipped my towel from my crotch, glad that my erection was gone. My mom, who wasn’t swimming, settled in at the picnic table with a book that she had been reading.

Katie and Julia were both noisily splashing around in the water. Katie in her blue one-piece, and Julia in her tiny yellow bikini. I walked down and put a toe in the water, and I found out why the girls were squealing: it was freezing cold. Damn, that’s going to hurt going around my full ball sack. I started slowly into the water, but submerging myself inch by inch was torture. The girls paused in their frolicking to watch my discomfort. Fuck it. As soon as the water was deep enough, I dove in.

As soon as I came up to the surface, both girls started splashing me. Naturally, I splashed back, only bigger and faster. I focused on Julia first, then I turned on Katie. As I was splashing my redheaded sister, Julia jumped on my back. She locked her legs around my waist, then rocked back and forth, trying in vain to dunk me into the water.

“Get him, Katie!” she screamed into my ear. It was then that I felt the most amazing feeling; she was grinding her hard teenaged nipples into my back. They felt like little pebbles on top of her firm, handful-sized breasts. It’s been a little while since my girlfriend and I had broken up, and these sensations felt wonderful, especially after the incident in the car.
So, being a guy, I got hard. I felt her smooth legs around my waist, and her soft hands on my chest. Katie had to help gang up on me, and made things worse by jumping on me from the front. She sprang out of the water, and wrapped her arms around my head. This pressed her taunt stomach onto my mouth, and her tits were pressed on the top of my head. She was smothering me. I felt her legs rub against my hard cock through my shorts.

I couldn’t take this anymore, so I did what any red-blooded American teenaged male would do: I tickled. My sister is particularly ticklish under her arms, so I grabbed a handful of skin and gently twisted. I wasn’t disappointed with her response, because she immediately fell off me with a splash, giggling madly. I then reached back to tickle Julia, but all I got was a handful of firm ass, and a sliver of yellow bikini.

“Do you like what you feel there, cowboy?” My hand sprung away from her backside.

“Aww. Just when it was starting to get fun.” I heard the smile in her words. She slowly released me, her tits slid down my back, until she settled into the waist-deep water. Her hand snaked around me, directly to the erection in my shorts.

“I thought so,” she said breathily. Her hand squeezed my shaft through my shorts. I froze, like a deer in the headlights. I didn’t know what to do in this situation. Do I obey the big head, or the little head? Katie giggled. She must have thought that this shit was really funny. Julia’s small hand began to slowly slide up and down my pole.

“Did I do this?” Julia asked with mock innocence. It felt like the blood was draining from my brain directly into my over-excited rod. She released her grip on me, then dipped her fingers under my waistband to grip my bare shaft. Her talented thumb swirled tiny circles on top of my sensitive head.

“Fuck.” That was all I could say. Where had she learned to do this? Why was she doing it to me? I didn’t fucking know, and right now, I didn’t fucking care.

“God, Julia, you’re going to make him cum if you keep doing that.” Katie said this comment casually, not with the wide-eyed astonishment that I would have expected. It all seemed to slide into place: my sister was in on this. Whatever “this” was.

“That’s kind of the idea, K. Do you wanna cum for me, Jack?” She squeezed me tighter as she asked her question. “It was so naughty, but I just couldn’t help myself earlier. You were so hard, and you were asleep, so I wanted to feel it for myself.” I turned my head around to look for my mother. She was still sitting at the picnic table reading obliviously, while I got an incestuous hand job from my cousin.

“Well, do you?” Julia asked. I looked over to my sister. Katie’s eyes were wild. She watched the scene in front of her unfold with apparent eagerness.

“Yes.” I hissed quietly.

“Yes, what? What do you want to do, Jack?” Julia asked. “What do you want from me?”

“I want you to make me cum.” I was starting to lose it big time. She moaned hungrily in her throat, and began to pump her fist in earnest. She reached around with her other hand, and slid the front of my shorts down, pulling my cock out into the open air. My head was sticking just above the water, throbbing slightly, and violently purple. Julia was panting into my back with exertion. My eyes sought out my sister. She was watching eagerly as her best friend, and cousin, jerked her brother off. It was getting to be too much for me to take. I felt my balls spasm, and huge, steaming jets of sticky cum launched three feet from my body towards my awestruck sister. Katie made no effort to avoid my spunk, she just watched us as if she were hypnotized. My back arched, and my hips bucked wildly, as I pumped my load through her fist and out into the water.

It was undeniably the most violent, and satisfying orgasm that I ever had. It quickly wound down, and she kept milking me until my last shudder was finished. I suddenly felt light-headed. How long had I been holding my breath? The air rushed from my lungs, and my entire body sagged against her. She let go of my prick, and pulled my trunks up. Huge globs of my semen were floating on the cold water in front of my gawking sister.

“Let’s get a soda, Katie.” Julia chirped merrily. She unwrapped her arms, which had been supporting me. She gave me a cute smile, kissed my cheek, and walked towards shore, with Katie following in her wake. I mechanically began walking toward the picnic table. I was done swimming for the day. My mouth was dry, and my balls throbbed, but I still felt the lingering warmth of her hard nipples on my back.


The girls were all smiles on the way home from the lake. They sat in the back seat, and whispered, and giggled among themselves. I just didn’t know how to feel about what I’d done earlier. Julia kept trying to catch my eye at dinner, but I just ignored her. I couldn’t meet her sparkling blue eyes. Katie just looked amused by my situation. Goddamn little sisters. Instead of watching TV with the family, I ended up going to be early.

I lay just on the edge of sleep, when I heard my door open. Luckily, it was Katie. She had come in for her pre-sleep back rub. This was a nightly ritual. I scooted over to one side of the bed for her wordlessly. I felt a little bummed out that it wasn’t Julia. Her hot little hand had been wrapping itself around my mind all day. My sister laid down next to me, and flipped her red hair over her shoulder. I saw her green eyes looking back at me silently.

“Did you know that she had planned to do that to me?” I asked. I rubbed her back lazily, in small circles, my nails scratching her skin through the ratty white tank top that she wore. She pointedly ignored my question. Women are experts at selective deafness. Katie closed her eyes and sighed. This was probably the most peaceful time of day for the both of us. I gave up my line of questioning, and continued rubbing her gently. It really didn’t matter anyway.

She breathed deep and slow. So slowly, that I thought that she was asleep, but she opened her eyes. She looked at me sadly, and gave me a kiss on the cheek. She slipped out of bed, and disappeared out of my door like a pale ghost. The scent of her body wash still lingered in the air. She must have been fresh out of the shower before entering my bedroom.

I began to deeply relax again, when my door opened. It was Julia, and she was wearing only a white bath towel. My breath caught in my throat, as her towel slid from her body to the bedroom floor.

“I’m here for a back rub, Jack. Your sister says that you’re the best.”

Her body was exquisite. Her light pink nipples were standing out proudly on top the gorgeous mounds of her breasts. They were just the right proportion for her athletic body type. They weren’t too big, or too small. My eyes raced down her body. Her tanned stomach was very tight, with just the hint of six-pack abs. Her hips swelled, and thighs flowed into the cleft between her legs. She had some light brown hair on her muff, which looked like it had been neatly trimmed so that she could wear that tiny bikini.

She posed in the moonlight that was streaming through the blinds. She arched her back a little, and slowly turned so I could gaze at her amazingly tight teenaged ass. Her cheeks were firm and round, with no visible tan lines. She rubbed her hands over her ass, cupping the cheeks, and spreading them slightly. I could just make out the tiny shape of her asshole. She arched her back a little more, and bent over so I could clearly see the shape of her pussy from the back. Her lips were swollen with excitement, and spread apart just a bit. She took one hand off her cheek, and slipped a finger between her puffy lips. Her finger tip glistened slightly as she dipped it into her pussy. Being a teenage guy, I was instantly hard. She sucked in air loudly as she slipped two fingers of her into her now juicy cunt. It was an incredible show. She spread her legs wider, and slowly began to frig herself right there in front of me.

“You should have gone back into the water with us, Jack. It wasn’t fair that you were the only one who got to cum.” She moaned softly as she continued to masturbate herself furiously. She scooted back on the bed until her body was right next to mine. She opened her legs up wide, giving me a close up view of her now glistening snatch. Her back was now against me, then she spread herself with one hand, and attacked her clit with the other. I was totally mesmerized. I had never seen a woman playing with herself before. Amy never did it in front of me. Julia sucked her slick fingers into her mouth, wet them with spit, and moved back to her little button. It was hard to see, but it looked angry and swollen in the moonlight.

“I got off once while I was in the shower, but it definitely wasn’t enough. I had to come in here to see you. You owe me one, Jack.” She looked me directly in my eyes as she rubbed herself, and sucked on her lower lip sexily. Her breathing increased in speed, and in intensity. Her magnificent tits jiggled up and down, as her right hand became a blur. I couldn’t take just watching her anymore. My hand moved up, and softly, slowly cupped her right breast. My cousin moaned at my touch. Luckily, my parent’s bedroom was on the other side of the house, so they would never be able to hear the sounds of her ecstasy. I pinched her nipple, squeezing gently, then rolled it between my thumb and finger.

She made a hungry growl in the back of her throat. I leaned forward and kissed her gently. Her lips felt very soft against mine, but she wasn’t in the mood for a soft kiss. Julia ground her mouth against mine, and her lips parted for her tongue to flick greedily at mine. It was a deep, passionate kiss. I slowly trailed my hand down her stomach, and then teasingly rubbed gently up her thigh. She wiggled slightly as I tickled her skin. I slid my hand beneath hers, and felt her extreme wetness. I slowly slid my middle finger into her juicy fuck hole. It was hot like an oven, and slick with her juices. When I had inserted it in up to my second knuckle, she clamped down on my digit with her cunt muscles.

“Oh shit, Jack. Fuck my pussy with your finger,” she panted. I had never heard a girl talk dirty during sex before, and it turned me on immensely. My cock pulsed involuntarily between my legs, and knew that my sheet was soaked in my precum. I slowly started to finger Julia, but she was too worked up for me to go slowly. Her tiny hand grabbed my wrist, and began to slam my finger up into her blazing hot snatch.

“Just like that, baby. Do it hard.” I obeyed my cousin, my sex goddess. I finger-banged her as hard, and fast as I could. My knuckles made a popping noise as they smacked up against her slit. I stopped suddenly, and she whimpered at the lack of sensation. I pulled my finger out, and slid two inside; and she cooed with pleasure. I began fingering away with abandon. She became wetter, and tighter as her orgasm approached. Her pussy went into violent spasms on my two fingers. She pressed her mouth into my thigh, and moaned loudly.

“Oh god, Jack. Oh fucking shit.” She came hard and fast. Her tummy muscles clenched and loosened, and she mashed her thighs together, trapping my tortured hand. Pleasure racked her body for almost a full minute, then she gradually started to relax. Her body was covered with a thin sheen of perspiration. Her damp hair clung to her face, but she eventually relaxed, and spread her legs again, freeing my trapped hand.

“I want you to fuck me, Jack.” She threw my bed sheet aside, and gripped my rock hard cock. Precum glistened like a diamond on the tip. How long would I last with this sexual dynamo? It didn’t feel like it would be long.

“Julia, I’m really close.” The desperation sounded plain in my voice. I didn’t want to disappoint my cousin. Instead of being upset, she beamed a brilliant smile at me.

“To cumming, you mean? Do I excite you that much?” To emphasize her point, she tightened her grip on my erect member. I couldn’t do anything but groan with pleasure.

“Yes… fuck yeah.”

“I want you to cum, Jack. It’s ok. Just pull out, because I’m not on the pill.” She guided my cock toward her wet slit, and I gladly allowed her. She pushed her hips forward to give me a smooth angle of entry. I felt her moist pussy lips against my prick, and she sighed audibly. I pushed forward a little, trying to penetrate her scalding cunt, but it was ultra tight. Amy’s hot box had never been this hard to enter. Slowly, I increased my downwards pressure, and she began wriggling underneath me. Finally, I felt my head pop in.

“Push it all the way in, Jack.” I readily complied with her wishes, but it was difficult. Eventually, I began to hump in and out, and a little at a time, she began to take more of my steel-hard shaft. She grunted softly, as we began to fuck in earnest. She took me most of the way in, almost to the hilt. When I would push all the way in, I would feel the entrance to her cervix, and she would make a squeaking noise. Just hearing that noise made me even hotter. I couldn’t stop myself now, even if I’d wanted to.

I started to thrust inside her harder and faster. She leaned up and nipped my shoulder roughly with her teeth. She grunted into me with each thrust, but her teeth remained locked onto my tender flesh. I knew I was going to cum soon, but I couldn’t make myself pull out. The feelings that I was experiencing were too much, too fast. Her pussy clenched in an orgasm that I didn’t expect, and my body betrayed me. I tried to pull out, but the combination of the vise-like grip of her sheath, and the power and fury of my orgasm slowed me. Cum rushed up my shaft, and the first spurt exploded inside my cousin’s belly.

I finally managed to pull out, and I spilled the rest of my seed onto her belly, and her dripping wet snatch. I felt totally spent, like an empty shotgun shell. I slouched down onto the bed, and nuzzled against Julia, but I couldn’t help but feel like shit. She came to me, and shared her body, and I couldn’t even pull out in time. Fuck.

She caressed my cheek softly, and kissed, and nibbled my ear. She seemed totally calm about our situation. What if I got her pregnant? What would we do then? The cat would definitely be out of the bag then.

“It’s ok,” she said softly. “Shit happens, Jack. You can’t always tell exactly when you’re going to cum.” She stroked my chest gently.

“But what if…” She silenced me with a hard kiss, and her fingers stroked my short brown hair.

“I have the morning after pill, so don’t worry, Jack. I’ll take it, and everything will be ok.” Her lips brushed my neck, and I exhaled softly, with relief. So it was ok, everything will be alright. We cuddled for a while, basking in the afterglow of our passion. She closed her eyes as she lay there, her body entwined with mine. She was so beautiful, and serene in my embrace. What did I ever do to deserve this? After a few minutes, she sat up. Her soft brown hair cascaded down to brush up against my chest.

“If I don’t go back to my room now, I’ll probably fall asleep here, and I don’t think we want to get caught like this in the morning,” she giggled a little to herself. I think she was picturing what my straight laced parents would say if they caught us in bed together.

She climbed over me, and got out of bed. Her lips brushed against mine softly, and I felt her warm breath against my mouth. Wordlessly, she picked up her towel, and covered her gloriously naked body. She gave me one last crooked smirk, and she walked out my bedroom door, closing it silently behind her.

I knew that my room must reek of sex, but I couldn’t find the energy to do much about it. All the urgency that I felt earlier seemed to have squirted out along with my semen. I eventually got up, and opened up the window, even thought the night was a little too cool. I tried to find a place to lay on the bed where there were no wet spots.

I laid there with my eyes closed, and thought about the events of the day. Not only did I get to go on a wonderful vacation, but somehow my cousin wanted to seduce me, and my sister was in on it. Julia didn’t find this project too difficult, due to her amazing looks and personality. Finally, I felt myself relax. I just had the most incredible sexual experience of my young life. Sleep came quickly, and with sleep came dreams.


Everything looked different in the light of day. Last night I had sex with my beautiful, vivacious, horny, and goddess-like cousin Julia. It seemed like the world should stand still, or something. My mind reeled. I got out of bed, pulled on my shorts, grabbed a towel, and headed to the shower. Luckily the bathroom was free. I closed the door, stripped off, and stepped into the gloriously hot water. Damn I love a nice hot shower! I really enjoyed the smell of my body wash, and the scratchy feel of my loofah. I was in heaven.

The door opened. What the fuck?

“Jack?” It was my sister Katie. “I have to pee, do you mind?”

“No, go ahead.” I saw her lower her panties through the occluded glass. My cock twitched. I always have had a thing about girls peeing. I guess I’m just a pervert. I heard her tinkling, and reached down with my soapy hand, and tugged on my growing dick.

“Did you have fun last night?” My hand froze in mid-stroke.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“What the fuck do you think I fucking mean, Jack? I could hear you banging her. I was right across the hall.” She sounded stressed. Why was she being such a bitch?

“What do you want me to say, K? Yeah, I had a great time. I’m an eighteen year old guy, and I had sex with a beautiful woman. You had to know it was going to happen, you are her best friend and all.” I heard the toilet paper rustle. She let out an exasperated sounding sigh. She muttered something under her breath, then flushed the toilet.

“What did you say, Katie? The water is loud in here.” She bent over quickly and pulled her panties back on.

“I said fuck off… asshole.” and she slammed the door.

My cock went totally limp. What is wrong with her today? Yesterday she watched me get a hand job from Julia in the lake, and stood there while I almost blasted her with my load. If I live to be a hundred, I’ll never understand the mystery that is woman. The joy had gone out of my shower. Katie was mad at me for something. Was it something I did to Julia last night? Did I do something wrong? Is she mad at me today also? Fuck. It looks like it is going to be one of those days again.

I finished rinsing my hair, turned off the water, and dried off. I wrapped myself in my towel, gathered my clothes, and flitted quickly from the bathroom to my bedroom, and closed the door. I wasn’t alone. It felt like my throat was closing up.

“Julia,” I managed to squeak out. She was laid out on my bed in all of her nude glory. Julia has a tanned, tight body. The kind of body only cheerleaders have. She had curves in all the right places, a flat stomach with just a hint at a six pack, and an ass so perfect that time would slow down, just so you could admire it. Top it off with honey brown hair, and a dazzling smile, and you had one killer package; and she was butt naked, in my bed.

“W-W-What are you doing?” She languorously ran her hands over the perfect curves of her breasts, and down the plane of her stomach. I tried to think about my mom making breakfast not thirty feet from where I stood, but I failed miserably. I reached behind me to lock the door, but I felt it open on my hand. Oh shit! It’s going to be my mom. I’m so dead!

It was Katie.

“What’s going on?” She froze in place when she saw Julia on my bed, then she closed my door. I heard the click of the lock button. Whatever was happening here, and I wasn’t sure what it was, it would not be witnessed by anyone else. What was Katie’s deal, wasn’t she mad at me?

Julia seemed unmoved by both the presence of Katie in the room, and by the smell of bacon being fried by my mother in the kitchen. Her hands continued to roam across her body teasingly. She rubbed across her hips to her thighs. Her thighs parted, and I was looking at the holiest of holies, not in the refracted moonlight like last night, but in the light of day. My cock twitched, and quickly began to grow.

Her pussy looked… hungry. Her labia were pink and engorged with her excitement. A finger teased between the lips, and up toward the clit, liberally spreading her glistening cunt juice. She slowly raised her finger to her parted lips, slipped it into her mouth, sucked it, and let it go with an audible pop.

“Mmmmm. Fuck, I taste good. Don’t I K?” Katie didn’t answer, she just stood next to me, mesmerized by her naked friend and cousin. Julia moved with the grace of a panther stalking it’s kill. She smoothly slid off the bed onto the carpet, and got on her knees in front of me. Her face was about even with my hard on, which was grudgingly covered by my towel.

“Is that for me?” she beamed an angelic smile. “Perhaps… it’s for Katie?” I looked over to Katie, and her eyes were glued on the tent in my towel. She had somehow moved over to sit in my room’s only chair, that was positioned directly across from the bed. She was radiant. Her gorgeous red hair flowed down her back, glistening coppery in the early morning sunlight. She was still wearing the ratty white tank top and pink panties from last night, and her nipples were hard enough to chip a diamond. She didn’t have on a bra, and the thin fabric of her white top did nothing to disguise her evident excitement. You could see the roundness of her areolas clearly, and right in the middle, protruding almost an inch were her nipples. She leaned back in the chair, and opened her legs slightly, apparently waiting to watch what was going to happen in front of her. Her face looked almost feral with hunger as her eyes still focused on my boner.

I was so caught up in seeing this new side of Katie that I almost forgot about the naked form of Julia that was kneeling in front of me, at least until I felt her small hand reach out and strip away my towel. My attention immediately shifted to Julia, even as I heard Katie let out a sigh. Julia licked her lips quickly, and sucked the tip of my cock between her lips. The heat and moisture of her mouth felt incredible on my erection. Her soft brown eyes looked right into mine, and she smiled around my pole, then she slid down until it touched the back of her throat. She sucked in gently, and slid back up to my head, her tongue gently teased the sensitive spot, right under the head.

Katie let out a small growl from the back of her throat, drawing my attention back to her. She was focused on what Julia was doing to my cock. She licked her lips sensuously, and I wondered for a second what they would feel like wrapped around my cock. Her hands were pressed firmly against her flat tummy, and she squeezed her legs together, than let them part again slowly. Was she teasing her pussy by grinding her thighs together? My gaze slid down her body until it reached her tight pink panty clad cunt. I could clearly see her camel toe, as it was perfectly defined by the way her panties tightened between her porcelain thighs. I thought I could see the faintest spot of wetness between her well formed pussy lips. I moaned at the sight, as Julia sucked me in, and Katie’s green eyes were riveted onto mine. I couldn’t believe it. I was getting sucked off by a sex goddess, and I couldn’t take my eyes off my sister!

Julia hummed with happiness as she bobbed up and down on my cock. I slid my hands behind her head, into her light brown hair, and rocked forward to meet her next bob with a thrust of my own. My cock bumped the back of her throat, causing her to gag slightly, but she quickly recovered, and continued on her relentless pursuit to drain all the cum out of my dick.

Katie appeared to be breathing rapidly, and she sucked her bottom lip between her teeth as if in concentration, but her eyes never left mine. She squeezed her legs tightly closed again, then spread them wide, and I knew that I hadn’t imagined the wet spot before, because now they appeared to be soaked. My breath exhaled like a shot, and I felt the unmistakable approach of my orgasm.

Julia reached under and squeezed my balls gently, her long nails scratching slightly on my tightening sack. Katie glued her knees together again, and this time, she didn’t spread them apart. She continued to grind them together, as she dropped her eyes from mine, and leaned forward. Her face was only about a foot and a half away from the junction of my cock and Julia’s mouth, and she seemed to be eager to watch my impending climax.

I drew my eyes away from my sister, back to the beauty that had my cock buried in her face. She smiled again as she saw that she had recaptured my undivided attention, and slurped quite loudly, as her saliva dripped sexily down her chin, onto her perky breasts. I groaned softly, trying to be as quiet as possible, but it was really hard to tone down the noise. I wanted to shout at the top of my lungs. She sped up her onslaught on my pole, sucking me harder, and bobbing her head faster. Katie let out a small moan, and I saw her moving her ass around out of the corner of my eye. It suddenly occurred to me that she might be having an orgasm. She was cumming by watching me get sucked off!

Thinking about that was all it took, as I started feeling tingles building up in my balls, quickly building from tingles to a small flame, and building quickly towards an inferno.

“I’m gonna cum,” I hissed as quietly as I could. I was ever the gentleman. Katie moaned again softly, and wriggled in her seat. Julia smoothly slid my cock from between her lips, and started jacking it furiously.

“Cum on me, baby!” she squealed much too loudly. “Drown me in your cum. Oh fuck, I want it so bad!” The dirty talk was all it took to make me cum. My entire body tensed, and my cock literally exploded. It felt like I had never had an orgasm before, and this one was my first. Huge ropes of semen splashed across her cheek, nose, into her hair, and they just kept coming. Spurt after spurt of red-hot jizz lept out of my cock to douse this incredible cock-sucking beauty. Her face, neck, and tits were covered in my spunk. It looked like two or three guys came on her. Her mouth was open wide, and she moved in to catch the last couple of drizzles from my fire hose on her tongue. She swallowed greedily, making my cum disappear like a magic trick. I swayed as my knees seemed to unhinge, as my ridiculously hard orgasm wound down. It was all I could do to keep my eyes open, and to keep from falling down atop the cum frosted cheerleader.

“That’s what I’m talking about. Fuck, you came hard.” Julia cracked a smile as she smeared cum over her magnificent breasts. She scooped a glob from her cheek, and slurped in greedily into her mouth. Katie moaned softly again while she watch the cum covered nympho frolic in my spunk. Julia had never looked hotter than she did in that moment, with the bright morning sun bouncing happily off her perfectly tanned, jizz soaked body.

Then she did something that totally kicked up the heat about a thousand notches. She slid her finger across her forehead like a squeegee, raking up a huge amount of sperm, and popped it into her mouth. She sucked it slowly, moving her finger in and out of her mouth, mock-fellating it. She popped it out of her greedy, ensperminated mouth, and pulled Katie down and kissed her soundly.

It was the hottest thing I had ever seen, my sister and my sperm drenched cousin sharing a mouth load of my jizz. I felt like I could cum again. My cock never started to get soft, it just stayed rock hard at the sight of these two uncommon beauties’ tongues flashing in each others mouths. Katie’s hand slid down Julia’s neck, and cupped a semen coated breast. Her thumb swirled around Julia’s nipple, as she softly teased it. Julia’s hands were buried in Katie’s luscious red curls.

As quickly as it started, the kiss broke apart. Julia moved away from my sister, and Katie’s eyes flashed from my steel pole to my eyes. She smiled at me beatifically. Some of my cum had rubbed off of Julia’s face, onto her chin, and her tank top looked like it was wet from rubbing against Julia’s luscious tits. Katie stood up quickly, grabbed my towel from the floor, and flung it at Julia.

“Wipe off and get dressed quick, before my mom comes down here.” Julia complied silently. She wiped my cum off onto the white towel, and pulled her shorts and tank top over her gorgeous body. She stood, and kissed me gently, her lips tasted faintly of my cum. She wrapped her small hand around my pole, and gave it a tug.

“Thanks, stud. I really enjoyed that.” She slipped past me, unlocked the door, and disappeared down the hall. I was left alone in the room with my sister, an awkward silence followed. What could I have said after that? She smiled at me again, kissed my cheek quickly, then followed her friend. I closed the door, and let out a deep breath. What had just happened? No matter who was sucking my cock, it was Katie that I got off on. Her watching me was what really did it. My sister and I were always pretty close, at least for the past three years or so, and I guessed that I have had some racy thoughts about her, but that’s normal, isn’t it? This was a whole other level.

I mechanically got dressed in jean shorts and a blue t-shirt, and made my way out to breakfast before my mom could come looking for me. I was having scrambled eggs and bacon when the girls showed up, giggling to themselves. My mind was so clouded by thoughts of what had happened that I could barely choke down my breakfast, but they were their usual ebullient selves. Julia smiled at me without a trace of shyness or embarrassment. All I could think about was her face and body bathed in my joy juice. Katie grinned at Julia, then turned to me. Her piercing green eyes seemed to take all of me in at once, weighing and measuring me, then she smiled kind of shyly at me. At least she seemed to acknowledge the fact that what happened in the bedroom really had happened.

“What do you guys have planned for today?” my mom chirped cheerily. She was obviously oblivious of what had went on last night and earlier today. Thank god.

“We were going to see if we could borrow the car to go hike at Chapel Loop.” Katie said cautiously. She gave a guarded look to Julia, who came back with her signature smirk.

“That sounds nice. You guys have a good time, your father and I are going to mow the lawn and work on the flower beds today. We have to get them ready to plant tomorrow.” That sounded good to me, since I hate yard work. I never understood why people go on vacation to do more work, but that’s my mom for you.


The drive to Chapel Loop State Park was very peaceful. Katie rode shotgun, and Julia rode in the backseat. It was a very nice day outside, partly cloudy, and warm, but not too warm. Both the girls were dressed in tank tops, tight shorts, and comfortable shoes. Being that this was the first time that we were alone, I decided to get some answers from the girls. They were currently gabbing on about one of their friends who had got caught sneaking out of her house.

“Katie why were you so mad at me this morning, in the bathroom?”

The conversation immediately stopped dead. She looked at me with a cornered expression. I could tell that she didn’t want to answer me. The silence stretched on. She was so much better at this than I was that I almost regretted asking the question to begin with.

“Why do you think that I was mad at you?” Katie countered. So this was how it was going to be.

“Because you told me to fuck off, that’s why. Is that something that you just generally say to people for no reason?” I thought that my logic was sound.

“I had just woke up, and I was in a bad mood, alright. It wasn’t anything personal.” She looked at me challengingly, like she just dared me to continue, there were some things that I wasn’t willing to drop.

“What about in my room this morning, what was that about? You…”

“Stop!” This time it was Julia who spoke up. “Listen, just enjoy what happens. Live in the moment, because if you start asking too many hard questions, shit might stop happening. Do you get me?”

I was confused. They wanted to do things, but didn’t want to talk about it. What the fuck? If I live to be a thousand years old, I’ll never understand women.


Katie cut me off.

“Did you enjoy your blowjob this morning?” Katie quizzed.

“Yeah, you know I did.”

“Then fucking drop it, Jack.” Katie was done answering questions, I could see it in her eyes. I wanted to push, but my common sense, and my cock, told me to shut the fuck up. I put my eyes back on the road, and let silence fall over the car. If that was how it was going to be, then fine.


Chapel Loop State Park had a wonderful hiking trail. Katie and I found it the year before, and I was eager to try it out again. It wasn’t very long, only about five miles, but it offered beautiful scenery, and many picnic areas along the way. We planned on spending most of the day there. We parked about fifty yards from the trail head, and noticed that there weren’t many cars in the parking lot. That was one of the best things about northern Michigan, you never had to wait in line for anything.
We started walking leisurely, the girls taking the lead. Like the perv I was, I looked at their asses. I had to admit, both were spectacular. I usually didn’t ogle my sisters ass as a habit, but after seeing her and Julia swapping my cum this morning, usual definitely didn’t describe my mood. We walked along, having companionable conversation about mostly inane things. It was comfortable. My comfort level evaporated when the girls fell in step beside me.
“So Jack,” Julia quipped with a smirk, “Katie tells me you’ve only had sex with one girl. Well, besides me, of course.” I looked at Katie, and she didn’t even have the good grace to look at all abashed. In fact, she looked at me challengingly. How could she know that? I didn’t know, so I asked.
“How do you know that?”
“Girls talk Jack. Do you think sex never comes up in our conversations?” Katie giggled at my supposed innocence. “I know that you got a blow job from Phoebe Miller, when she was wasted at Nicole’s party.”
How could she know that? I never even told any of my friends about that. It wasn’t because I was ashamed, or anything. I was just never the kind of guy to brag about stuff like that. Besides, we were both drunk at the time, and that was probably the only reason it had happened.
“So you invaded a drunk girl’s mouth.” Julia said. “What happened to you being a nice guy?” Surprisingly Katie came to my rescue.
“The girl was a whore, and she probably blew half that party. It didn’t really matter if she was drunk or not.” She smiled cheekily at me. “His good guy status is still intact.”
“We’ll have to see about that. He did fuck his cousin last night.” Julia seemed pleased with herself. “You also can’t deny what happened this morning, either.”
“What’d he do this morning. You ambushed him, and gave him head. So what?” Katie looked a little bothered. She didn’t let anyone slam my reputation if she could help it.
“Well,” Julia started, “The so what is that he got off by looking at his sister.”
“You are just mad that he kept paying attention to me, while you had his cock in your mouth. You’re jealous.” I had never heard Katie use the word “cock” before. It was kind of sexy. I was tired of being on the defensive, so I decided to play a little offense.
“So Julia, it looked like that wasn’t the first time that you two had kissed. So is it a habit, or what?” I couldn’t see myself, but I must have looked pretty smug right about then. Julia was on one side of me, and Katie walked on the other. I saw them exchange meaningful looks.
“As a matter of fact, it is a habit…”
“… we’re lesbian lovers.” What the fuck? Whatever I expected, it wasn’t that.
“You fucking cunt!” I had never heard my sweet, innocent sister say the “c” word either, but apparently there was a lot that I didn’t know about her.

“What, are you ashamed of me, or something? It wasn’t like he didn’t figure it out already. We talked about showing him.” Apparently they had made plans concerning me. I fucking knew it.

“We talked about it, but we never decided to let him know.” Katie looked in genuine distress, and she stopped walking. I stopped beside her. Her eyes were tearing up. I took her in my arms and hugged her tightly. It wasn’t usual for us to hug, but it wasn’t unheard of, either.

“I’m sorry,” I started. “I didn’t mean for you to get upset.”

“I know,” she sniffed. “I’m just not sure that I wanted you to know about that.”

“It’s no big deal, honestly. It doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that you are happy.” She smiled at me, and I wiped the tears from her cheek.

“God, get a room. You know that he just thinks it’s hot. He wouldn’t care if you fucked a giraffe, as long as you’d let him watch.” She did have a point. I had to admit that the image of her and Julia played itself out in my mind even as I held her close. Between the fantasy of them going at it, and her close proximity, my dick started to get hard. She was pressed right against me, because of the firmness of my grip. I felt her tits rub up against my chest, and I smelled the strawberry shampoo that she used. She was driving me crazy! All these feelings were new to me. I guess it isn’t much of a stretch from rationalizing sex with your cousin to rationalizing sex with your sister.

“Hello there!” she giggled wildly, and ground her stomach up against my throbbing member. I had risen to full hardness in what seemed like record time. I loosened my grip around her shoulders to let her pull away, but she held fast.

“Is he hard?” Julia asked.

“Yeah, he is. It’s almost poking me in the ribs.” She giggled animatedly, all thoughts of her anger toward Julia apparently forgotten.

“You can’t say that one is for me this time. He can’t even see me.” I could hear the smirk in Julia’s voice. “He’s got a nice cock, doesn’t he?” I felt Julia’s body press against mine from behind. Her hard nipples stabbed at my back, as Katie’s stabbed at my front. I could have had a heart attack right there in the middle of the trail.

“Yeah, he does.” Katie said breathlessly. “It’s so thick.” She ground her stomach against my cock again. My cock surpassed hard, and went straight to petrified. I felt Julia’s hand slide between my dick and Katie’s stomach, and she gripped it fiercely.

“Oh fuck, that’s hard. We need to take care of this.” Julia teased, as she jacked my shaft. “We can’t have you hiking like this, it might get bent.” She giggled, and Katie mimicked her.

“We could go back to the car,” I suggested hopefully.

“That’s a half an hour walk,” Julia complained. She sounded like she wanted her fun now. She began to kiss my neck softly.

“There should be some picnic tables ahead. Last time we were here, they were about a half an hour apart.” Katie’s idea seemed best. I didn’t exactly like the idea of being ‘taken care of’ out in the open for anyone who walked by to see, but I was suddenly so out of my mind horny, that I just didn’t give a shit. Apparently Julia agreed with me because she immediately seized my hand, and began practically dragging me down the trail. Katie laughed musically, and grabbed hold of my other hand.

We walked for about another five minutes before we found the picnic tables that Katie promised. The hardness of my prick never wavered. If anything, the determination that Julia showed while stalking down the trail excited me even more.

As soon as we reached the small clearing, Julia threw her arms around my neck, and pulled my head down for a kiss. Passionate wouldn’t describe our kissing. She practically devoured my mouth, while she ground my cock against her belly. She moaned softly into the kiss.

“I need you, right now!” She wasn’t asking, she was telling. I looked over at Katie, who had taken a seat at the closest picnic table, and she gave me a small nod of the head. I wasn’t sure what her place would be in this, but right then I didn’t care. My entire thought process boiled down to seven inches of need. Julia walked over to the picnic table that Katie was sitting on , and began to undo her shorts.

“Take your shorts off, dumb ass. How am I gonna get to your cock through them?” I readily complied by undoing my own shorts, and pulling them and my boxers down. My cock sprang into the open air, gloriously hard. I had thought she was going to give me a hand job, but apparently she wanted to fuck. She was having a hard time with her shorts, since they were so tight. I moved behind her, grabbed the legs of her shorts, and pulled down forcefully. They slowly moved down, grudgingly at first, then quickly pooling around her ankles.

She had no panties on. I briefly wondered if this was planned, but found that I didn’t care one way, or the other. Pulling her shorts down put my face even with her ass, and I leaned forward and kissed it gently. She shivered at the touch of my lips. She bent forward at the waist, planting her hands on the table, and spread her legs. The sight of her glistening love monkey almost made me cum on myself. I could see how desperately wet she was. Just in the time since her shorts were down, her juices had begun to drip down her thigh.

I went from crouching to fully on my knees. I licked her moistened thigh, and worked my way toward the creamy center. She tasted and smelled terrific, and precum began to leak out of my erectness. I knew that I couldn’t last long during sex, I was way too overexcited. I had only eaten pussy once, and my inexperience showed. I focused on her slit, sliding my tongue over and between her lips. I explored the inside of her pussy, and quickly began to tongue fuck it. Though probably inept, my attentions had their desired effect, and she started grinding her pussy back against my face. Her moans spurred me onward, and my confidence in my abilities was quickly bolstered. The tonguing and grinding continued for a couple of minutes. Just when my licker started getting really tired, she came… hard. Juice rushed out over my tongue, and she cried out loudly, in a wordless release of sexual tension. I continued my efforts as she shuddered to a finish, and I stood up.

All I could think about was getting my rod into her slick tunnel. She started to turn to face me, but I wordlessly pushed her back around. I was done taking orders, this was now about me. She obediently bent over again, and I guided my cock up to her tight slit, her girl juice and my precum paved the way. I pushed in, none too gently, only burying about two inches of my shaft in her scalding hot pussy. It was so tight, even after last night, that it felt like I had died and gone to heaven.

“Give me all your cock, Jack. Shove it in, give it to me.” I didn’t make her wait. There was no teasing this time. I grabbed her by the hips, and mercilessly buried the rest of my shlong inside her.

“Awww, fuck.” I cried. It was all I could manage as I started to relentlessly plow her. I drew almost out, and quickly shoved it back in. Almost out, and back in. I just started to get a rhythm going when I looked over her shoulder at Katie. She was propped up on the picnic table’s bench, naked from the waist down. My breath caught, and my rhythm broke. I slipped out, and almost shoved it up her ass, before her squeal alerted me to the wrongness of the hole. It was a quick decision, but her pussy was so invitingly hot that I decided to save her ass for another time. I plowed back in at full speed.

Katie’s eyes locked on mine as she frigged herself at the speed of light. Her snatch was gloriously pink from excitement with just a little red tuft of a landing strip above her clit. It was beautiful, and I wanted it desperately. I wanted to bury my fingers, my face, and my cock in it. She moved the hand that was bracing her on the bench, and attacked her clit with it. She was now held up entirely by upper body strength, and her porcelain belly quivered with the strain.

I was plundering Julia’s love tunnel unceasingly, and my lusty excitement was building to the point of no return. Katie began panting and moaning, all the while her gaze was locked on mine. She looked seconds away from cumming, and so was I.

“I’m getting really close,” I managed to choke out, in between thrusting and sucking air. I needed to know where to cum, before I mindlessly blew my wad.

“Cum inside me. Cum in my pussy, PLEASE!” I felt her cunt momentarily tighten, as she began her orgasm, she was apparently thinking about me painting her insides with my jizz. An orgasm tore through Katie, as she heard her friend and lover plead for cum. As soon as Katie began to shudder, I lost my fight. Thick streams of my cum gushed out of my shaft into her eagerly spasming pussy. It felt like her greedy tunnel was milking my cock for every last drop of jizz, and that’s what I gave her, every single last drop.

As our orgasms wound down, Katie dropped her eyes from mine, and slumped bonelessly back onto the picnic bench. Julia had been holding up tirelessly to my onslaught, but her strength began to lag as I continued to bang her pussy, even after I was finished cumming. I let go of her hips, and ceased my motions, and she practically collapsed face first onto the table top. I had to admit, it was a lovely sight. Her tight, perky, teenaged ass bent over the table, with a load of our combined cum running down her leg. I slapped her ass as I walked around her and sat down on the bench next to Katie’s prone form. Julia pushed herself into a standing position, walked around, and sat down in my lap. I felt the warm wetness of her pussy up against my leg, and my cock twitched.

I held Julia on my lap, and began to kiss her gently on her neck. I slid my hand cautiously over to my sister’s pale thigh. It felt wonderfully smooth and silky as I stroked it. I wondered what it would taste like.

“You surprised me by eating my pussy like that.” Julia laughed throatily as she continued to try and catch her breath. “I didn’t think you did that, since you made no move to do it last night.”

“Last night was kinda crazy.” I said. “You were driving me insane with lust, and I couldn’t get to fuck you fast enough; plus, you were really into getting finger banged.” She laughed.

“Speaking of finger banging, are you alright K?” Katie had been laying back quietly, letting me softly rub her thigh.

“Yeah,” she said hoarsely, “I’m good.” She smiled up at us, and the girls started a riot of giggling.

“What were you thinking about when you came?” Julia asked once the giggles died.

“None of your business,” she said quite seriously for an eighteen year old girl.

“It’s cool if you got off watching him fuck the hell out of me.” I bit her neck teasingly, and she moaned. Katie stayed silent. “You weren’t really watching me though, were you?”

Katie looked hesitant. I knew that she was tense by the tightening of her thigh, but she finally answered quietly. So quietly that I didn’t catch the answer. I think I knew what she said just by the way she had looked at me while I was fucking Julia. She had been thinking about me. More specifically, she had been thinking about me plundering her goodies like I was Julia’s. Thinking about Katie this way was too much, and my cock began to push hungrily against the cheerleader’s ass in my lap.

“Wow, up again already, huh?” she said to my cock. It didn’t answer back, though. Julia grinned at me, gave me a quick kiss, and slid off my lap onto the grass. She attacked my cock with her dirty little mouth, sucking, licking, and bobbing. I saw her rapidly rubbing her clit with her free hand.

I looked at Katie, and she watched me defiantly, as if I was challenging her right to watch. “Take off your shirt,” I told her. She looked at me questioningly. Julia thought I meant her, so she stripped her tank top over her head in one smooth motion. I looked down at the naked goddess in my lap, who was willing to do the filthiest of things for my pleasure. I was sure that if I had decided to take her ass a few minutes ago, she would have cheerily complied with my wishes.
I looked back at Katie, and tightened my grip on her thigh almost painfully. “Take your shirt off. I want to see you naked.” She looked at me for a long minute. There seemed to be a war being waged behind her brilliant green eyes. I wasn’t sure who should win. She slowly stripped off her tank top, then undid her bra, and added it to the small pile of her clothes on the table top. She was now gloriously, and deliciously naked in front of her own brother.
Julia had clearly been confused by my second order to take her top off, since she had readily went along with the first. She saw where I was looking, and watched Katie take her top off. She smirked at me when I looked at her, then returned her slutty mouth to the task at hand. After a couple more minutes of foreplay she was ready for action. She was also in the mood to give orders.
“Climb up on top of the table,” she told me. I stripped off my shirt, completing my nudity, and got on the table.
“Not that way, dumb ass. Turn around so that you can see Katie too.” I felt stupid for a second, but quickly realized that she was giving her approval for me to look at Katie while we were having sex. Apparently she wasn’t worried about being upstaged by my redheaded sister. I turned around on the table.
“Now lay down,” she said bossily. I laid down, but I was frustrated because I couldn’t see Katie. “Easy, big guy,” she smirked at me, “Don’t look so disappointed, you’re killing my ego. I’ll get your hot little sis for you.” Julia got up on the table and straddled me, then Katie got up and stood right next to me, and spread her legs. Her crotch was just about even with my face, and she was only a foot away. I could see how wet she was, and smell how excited she was. I saw the look in her eyes. She looked vulnerable. It was something that I never thought I would see in Julia’s eyes.
I was instantly distracted from Katie when Julia slid my cock inside her in one smooth stroke. She was very, very wet, and hot like lava. Damn she felt tight. She made little mewling noises in the back of her throat as her insides adjusted to my fat dick being inside her. If Julia’s pussy had gears, she would have only one, and it would be labeled ‘fuck me hard.’ She lived up to that label as she rode me fast. Her pussy continually bottomed out on my cock, as she got into rhythm. Every time she would bottom out, she would make these little cooing noises. It was very cute, and spurred me to fuck her harder. So for every stroke, I had a counterstroke waiting, and our bodies settled into the timeless dance together.
I saw Katie playing with her nipples out of the corner of my eye. I turned to watch the show that she was putting on for me. Her nipples were large and beautiful, centered on impossibly perky breasts, the kind that only an eighteen year old could possess. I really couldn’t judge her cup size, being that I knew so little about such things. They were bigger than my ex’s, and bigger than Julia’s; maybe a big C, or possibly a D cup. She saw me looking, and stepped up her efforts. I reached out with my left hand, and softly trailed my fingers over her flat stomach. She shivered violently at my caress, and a small moan escaped her lips. I had the feeling that I was driving her as crazy as she was driving me.
My attention was drawn back to Julia as she quickly approached orgasm. Her previous coos, that I found so cute, had turned into small grunts. I placed my right hand on her hip to steady her, as she slightly started to lose control of her movements. It was hard to coordinate everything that I was doing at once, not at all like the porn stars that you see on video. It wasn’t a slick, coordinated effort, it was all of us doing our own thing, as we spastically rutted against one another in the open air. I stopped stroking Katie and concentrated on Julia, pulling my left hand up to her hip in order to stabilize her. I increased my upward thrusts when she came down, and received an immediate reaction. Her pussy went off like a firecracker. It tightened with a vice like grip, threatening to push my invading cock out. I fought against her cunt muscles, and plowed ahead, feeling her wetness spurt onto my stomach and crotch. She howled a mix of unintelligible noises, mixed with obscenities that prominently featured the words fuck, cock, cunt, and slut. I didn’t understand what the fuck she said, but I had a pretty good idea what it meant: she was having an awesome orgasm.
Before I could pat myself on the back too much for my heroic efforts in imparting female pleasure, she collapsed on top of me, shivering, shaking, and gasping for air. For a trim little cheerleader, I was surprised at how heavy she was as a dead weight. I kissed her neck, and told her how wonderful she was. I ran my hands all over her body, which was slick with a thin sheen of perspiration. She gradually came to her senses, and began to kiss me back.
“Wow,” I said stupidly, not being able to think of anything more appropriate. She grinned at me, then twined her fingers in my short brown hair, and kissed me passionately.
Apparently we were not the only people affected by the hotness of the sex. Katie half sat, half laid on the bench seat of the picnic table, directly below and beside me. Her pussy made wet sopping noises as her fingers rammed in and out of her slick hole.
“Awww, fuck,” she said dazedly as she attempted to finger herself off. Unlike last time, she was within ready reach of my left hand. I bent my arm back, and gently squeezed one of her firm breasts. Her insanely hard nipple poked between my fingers, and I squeezed it; gently at first, then with increasing pressure. Her eyes drilled into mine again.
“Oh god yes,” she exclaimed as I practically mauled her right tit. I saw little drops of wetness flick from her fingers as she fucked herself at what had to be a record pace. I wanted nothing more than to bury my face in her soaking wet snatch, but the weight of beautiful girl on top of me, and my own fears kept me in my place. Julia stopped kissing me, and watched the hot stroke fest that was my sister.
“Cum for your brother,” Julia said forcefully. “Think about how hard his cock is for you.”
“Oh yeah,” Katie moaned.
“Think about how his hard cock would feel inside you.. fucking you… filling your hot little pussy up.”
“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Her fingers blurred as she plowed her slit.
“Think about your brother fucking you and cumming inside you. Imagine him shooting his load deep in your belly.” That was enough to send Katie over the edge. She howled into the woods as she came hard on her fingers, girl cum soaking her hand and splashing her parted thighs and cunt. My hard cock jumped inside Julia’s snatch, as my sister’s eyes blazed at me, threatening to burn me to ash. I was dizzy with the idea of fucking my gorgeous, redheaded sister. I could smell the excitement of her hot little pussy as it continued to spasm on her now slowing fingers. It drove me insane. I released my grip on her breast as her orgasm subsided. Nobody said anything for a few long minutes. Julia slid off my hard cock, and started pumping it with her fist. It slid though her fingers smoothly because it was still slick with her cum.
“Do you want to fuck him?” Julia broke the silence bluntly. I looked at Katie, and she stared back at me. She slowly nodded.
“I don’t want to do it here, though. Not for our first time. I kind of wanted it to be special.” I understood her reservations. Katie was definitely a girl that craved romance, and getting shagged senseless on a picnic table was kind of tawdry.
“Do you want to suck him off or something? I bet he’d just go nuts fucking those pretty tits of yours.” She shook her head slowly. Julia beamed at me, and squeezed my cock. “It’s you and me, cowboy. What do you want me to do?” I honestly didn’t know. I felt a little guilty, but I was so focused on Katie that Julia kind of dimmed in comparison.
It came to me in a flash of realization. “I want to fuck your ass,” I said confidently. I certainly sounded more confident than I really was, since I had never had anal before. It sounded like a good idea, though.
“You are a dirty boy, aren’t you?” Katie laughed, and the tension between us decreased. “I told you that he wasn’t as innocent as you thought he was, K.”
“No, I think that you are just a slut, and that you are corrupting my brother.” Julia laughed at her friend and cousin’s comeback. She climbed up off of the table top, and bent over the side of the table, right next to Katie’s seated form. She stuck her ass out lewdly.
“My ass isn’t going to fuck itself, rump wrangler.” She smiled at me, and I quickly took the hint. I vacated the table top quickly, and walked around the table to join the two girls. I was about to take hold of Julia’s hips when Katie reached out with her small hand and grabbed my cock. She dazzled me with her pearly whites.
“It’s so hard,” she said breathlessly. So much for falling sexual tension. She pumped her hand a few times on my cock, experimentally. Lust was slowly but surely clouding my vision. My cock felt like it was on fire. I was drawn to her like a moth to a flame. She eyed my cock greedily, and kept pumping. I bent down slowly, and kissed her lips softly, while her hand still moved on my shaft. Our kiss deepened, our lips parted, and our tongues explored. I reached behind her head, and tangled my fingers in her red curls.
“That is so fucking hot!” Julia said. But she was ignored. The only thing that mattered was our kiss. It was truly a soul kiss. Kate moaned into my mouth, and I practically pulled her to her feet by her hair. She released my shaft, and her body molded itself to mine, my free hand cupped her magnificent ass. My precum coated her stomach, as she ground it against my cock. It was so slippery, and I thought I would explode before long, but I didn’t care. I let my finger slide down the crack of her ass, and I teased her puckered star. She moaned hungrily again, and I slid my fingers down farther, until I found the back of her dripping slit. She jumped like an electric current had ran through her. Katie reached back, grabbed my hand, and pulled in away from her pussy. She broke the kiss.
“It’s not that I don’t want to Jack, because I do. Please, just not here.” She demonstrated an iron will by taking a step back from me. I felt supremely disappointed, but I did understand, or at least my big head did. She ran her small hand over her stomach, idly playing with my slippery precum.
“Do you want me to take care of him, Katie?” Julia seemed a little perturbed by her demotion to fuck toy. Katie nodded.
“Take her ass, Jack. Take it hard. That’s how she likes it.” Julia positively beamed. She returned to the table and bent over.
“Use my pussy juice as lube. Just put it in, and get it nice and slick for me.” I complied lustily, sinking my shaft into her as far as it would go. She grunted loudly. “Fuck, your cock is big. Don’t go crazy in my ass right away. Take it slow.”
“No,” Katie said. “Fuck that slut to death. Don’t go easy on her, I want to hear her beg for mercy.” Katie started rubbing her clit, even as I was buried balls deep in her friend. I pumped a few strokes to get lubricated, and slid out. At that point I would have been satisfied with her pussy, because I needed to cum badly, but I was determined to give my sister the show that she wanted.
I located her stink star with my finger, and I used it to guide the placement of my cock. When I was positioned at her back door, I pushed slowly, but forcefully forward. Her asshole steadily denied me entrance.
“Try to relax, baby.” I reached out with my free hand, and spread one of her cheeks wider. She exhaled slowly, and I felt her tight ring give just a little. I took full advantage by increasing the pressure I was giving her. After a few seconds my head popped in. She exhaled in a rush as her insides tried to adjust to the relentless pressure. I pushed further in; an inch, two inches, three inches. I pulled back, and humped forward again, this time I went four inches. Soon I had my entire length buried in her gloriously tight tunnel.
“Come on Jack, you aren’t making love, you’re fucking. Plow that whore’s ass!” Katie looked serious as she was fingering herself off. She grunted, as she rubbed her clit. I pulled back, and really started fucking my cousin’s ass. I banged her so hard that my balls slapped up against her wet pussy whenever I would thrust forward. Whatever I was doing, it must have worked for Julia, because I fucked her for only about a minute, when a full blown orgasm tore through her. Her asshole spasmed, tightening and loosening around my cock. I was relentless in my fucking, and never slowed one iota. The friction in her ass was enormous, and I now knew why they made anal lube. With her ass feeling like that, I didn’t last long, only another minute or so until I felt my balls tighten before my inevitable orgasm.
“I’m getting ready to cum,” I stated. I didn’t know whether I should cum in her ass or not, so I left it up to her.
“Pull out!” she yelled. I felt disappointment in not shooting my jizz in her dirtiest of holes, but I pulled out anyway. I started jacking my dick, preparing to cum all over her ass, when she shocked me. She turned towards me, knelt, and sucked my cock into the back of her throat. She bobbed on my pole about three times before I unloaded in her mouth.
“Oh, shit. Fuck.” I came and came, and she sucked down every last drop of my spunk. Some of it hit the back of her throat funny, and she gagged a little, but it never slowed her feasting on my jizz. Katie came just when I blew the last of my load into my cousin’s pie hole. Her orgasm lasted longer than mine, if that was possible, then she slumped against the table top behind her, breathing raggedly.
We all sat down on the bench next to Katie. It was a few minutes until we all regained our breath, and composure.
“You really are a dirty slut.” Katie giggled. “I can’t believe you went ass to mouth. That’s hands down the most perverted thing I’ve ever seen.”
“You know what they said in “Clerks 2,” Julia joked. Katie looked puzzled.
“What was that?” I asked innocently.
“Sometimes it’s ok to go ass to mouth.” Julia smacked her lips appreciatively at the load of cum that I had just dumped in her throat. Except for the walk back, we were done hiking for the day.


I went on vacation with my family, and it changed my life. My mother and father, my sister Katie, our cousin Julia, and I, all went for a week of recreation in northern Michigan. Katie and Julia apparently concocted some kind of plan for Julia to seduce me, and it worked like a charm. We had sex the first night, and a couple of times the next day when we went hiking. Surprisingly, Katie and I have become increasingly attracted to each other, and she has decided to have sex with me too, but refused to do it on a public picnic table. Overall, this has been the most awesome fucking vacation ever.

I went to bed around eleven o’clock, because our hiking antics wore me out, plus I figured that the night time would be a good time for Katie and I to hook up. She wanted our first time together to be special, which I equated with being in a bed, as opposed to where we almost had sex, on a public hiking trail.

Katie and I had a peculiar night time ritual. Every night, before sleep, she would enter my room, and I would rub her back softly. It had always been a little erotic, in the way that all massages and rubs between attractive members of the opposite sex are. I would slowly circle, using my fingernails, until she would purr with satisfaction.

At about eleven thirty, she came into my room quietly, freshly out of the shower. I could smell her raspberry body wash, and her strawberry shampoo. To be honest, she smelled a little bit like a fruit smoothie. An insanely sexy fruit smoothie. My sister is a beautiful, buxom girl. All her curves are nicely rounded, she has a small waist, and a flat stomach. She has gorgeous curly red hair, peaches and cream complexion, and a few cute freckles scattered across her nose. I’d have to say that her best feature are her eyes, which are a piercing green. It’s not so much the color, as it is the fact that all her feelings and emotions are clearly expressed in them. I always loved her eyes, even before I realized that I was attracted to her sexually.

That night she was dressed in a powder blue tank top, and lacy pair of pale green panties. As soon as she walked in the door, I registered the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra. This wasn’t unusual in and of itself, because she rarely wore a bra to bed. This time was different because her nipples were hard like bullets. Sometimes after a back rub, I would notice that her nipples were aroused, but that was the first time in memory that she had arrived for a back rub with erect nipples.

“Hi,” I said lamely. I always hard a hard time talking to attractive girls, and ever since I started looking at Katie as a woman, and not just as a sister, I had an increasingly hard time not sounding like an idiot around her.

“Hey,” she said back, smiling an enigmatic smile. My mind raced to analyze the meaning of that smile. Was she smiling because she knew that I couldn’t talk to women without fucking it up? Was she smiling about what happened earlier, while we were hiking? I didn’t know, and I guess it didn’t really matter.

There were a few things that I had questions about that I wanted answered. I remembered Julia’s earlier warning about questions, but I thought that Katie would be a little more open about some things if Julia wasn’t involved in the conversation.

Katie laid down on my bed, next to me, on her stomach, like she had almost every night for the past several years. I began to slowly trace across her shoulders with the fingernails of my left hand. It would have been easier without the shirt in the way, but since she hadn’t removed it on entering, I decided to just play it cool, and ask my questions.

“Were you angry that I had sex with Julia last night?” That was chief among the questions that I had, due to her strange behavior that morning. She paused, probably to decide if she wanted to dignify my question with an answer. She was always a good one for keeping her silence when she didn’t want to answer someone.

“No, I wasn’t mad at you, not really. To be perfectly honest, I was… kind of jealous.” Wow, a woman that admitted that she was jealous, civilization must be ending soon.

“So that’s why you were being such a bitch to me, while I was in the shower this morning?” She noticeably tensed under my fingers, I guess I should have left the bitch part out. She exhaled loudly.

“I guess that’s fair. Yeah, that’s why I was being such a bitch.” I knew the world would get struck by a meteor within the next hour, a woman had admitted that she was both jealous, and a bitch. Damn.

“I just thought that she’d invite me to watch, but she just left me in the bedroom, all alone. So I was mad, mostly at her, not you. I mean, she knew.” That made no sense, she knew what?

“Knew what, K?” I prodded. She sighed loudly again, but answered.

“She knew that I… fuck!” My rubbing stopped.

“Katie, you can tell me, it’s ok. You can’t tell me anything that would make me think any less of you. You’re my sister.” She twisted in the bed to face me directly.

“That’s the fucking problem, Jack. I am your sister. I hooked her up with you, but she knew how I felt about you. She couldn’t even throw me a fucking bone by letting me watch.” I was stunned. I thought that the attraction that we shared had just developed as a product of the hot sex that Julia and I had been having, but apparently she had feelings beforehand.

“Why would she let you watch?”

“Sometimes, when Julia makes one of her conquests, she lets me watch. Then…” her voice trailed off, and she blushed prettily. I thought that I knew what she was getting at.

“Then you two would fuck?” I prompted. She nodded.

“You don’t seem shocked, Jack.” I propped myself up on one arm, so that we were eye to eye with each other.

“Shocked by what? That you two fuck each other; or that you watch each other fuck guys, then fuck each other?” She stiffened at the unintended accusatory etiler escort tone in my voice.

“You can be a real asshole, sometimes. Do you know that?” She huffed, and started to get up. I placed a hand on her shoulder, to keep her from leaving.

“I’m sorry, Katie. I didn’t mean it like that.” She paused in her attempt to leave. “Don’t go,” I pleaded. Her eyes locked with mine, and I saw hurt in those pretty green orbs.

“Just so you know, I don’t fuck guys and let her watch.” She said it bluntly, and it was obvious that she was insulted by my comment. “I’ve only had sex with two guys, Donnie and Mark. They both were my boyfriends, and I loved them. I’m not a fucking whore.”

“I never thought that you were, K.” What was she trying to say about Julia, her lover? Was she saying that she was a whore? I really didn’t get it, but decided not to push, since Julia was obviously a sensitive subject. “Why don’t you just start from the beginning. Not everything, because I don’t need to know. Just the part about me.” She calmed down noticeably, and lay back down. I started rubbing her back again to soothe her.

“The beginning. Let’s see. Julia will kill me if she finds out that I told you all this.” She paused noticeably, then blew out a deep breath, and continued slowly. “Well, Julia has had the hots for you forever. All through high school, anyway. Last month we found out that we were going up here on vacation, so I asked mom if Julia could go with us. She agreed. So Julia came up with the idea that she should finally make a move on you, and I agreed to help.”

“And it didn’t bother her that I was her cousin?” She shook her head.

“It’s not like she wants to marry you, or have your children, or anything. She just wants to fuck.” I nodded, and she continued. “So the plan was just to flirt with you, and get you all horny, then she would just initiate whatever type of sex that she wanted.”

“So you girls just figured that I’d go along with it?” She laughed openly.

“For fuck’s sake, Jack. You’re a guy!” She laughed again. “What fucking guy wouldn’t want to have sex with her?” She proved to have quite the potty mouth, but she did have a point. Julia was an extraordinary beauty. Not only was she pretty, and had a hot body, and was a cheerleader; but she was also smart, and funny, and had she had a way about her that just made you want to smile.

“So that was it? Get me all horny, then we would have sex.” It sounded kind of sketchy to me, but I trusted Katie, and she seemed to be coming clean. “So what happened today wasn’t planned?”

“The hiking? Of course it was planned. The blow job was all her, though.” I shook my head, but I don’t think that she could tell.

“No. I meant the stuff that happened between us.” Earlier that day, my sister and I had shared the most incredible kiss that I ever had. Then we almost had sex. She paused, then answered.

“No, it wasn’t.” I didn’t want to ask, but I had to.

“Do you regret it, K?” I held my breath.

“No. No, Jack. Not at all. Do you?”

“Of course not,” I said. She exhaled. Apparently, she had been holding her breath too.

“So you still want to have sex with me?”

“Say that a little louder, Jack. I don’t think they heard you back in Detroit.” I lowered my voice, but pushed on.

“So do you?” She smiled, and it lit up the entire room. She moved closer, and kissed me softly on the lips. I felt my heart pound hard in my chest.

“Yes.” She smiled, then kissed me again, this time much deeper. “But not tonight. You have to be worn out after today.” I felt like I could run a hundred miles after her affirmative answer, but I understood her meaning. After cumming three times for Julia, I probably had one more orgasm, possibly two left in me.

“I want it to be special too, Katie.” She smiled again.

“Tomorrow,” she promised. It was my turn to smile. We were still grinning at each other when the door opened, admitting Julia.

“Doesn’t that look awkward?” she chided. “What if I had been your mom, and she saw you two laying half naked on the bed, grinning at each other like retards? That wouldn’t look in the least bit suspicious.” She was right, we had been sloppy, and being sloppy could only lead to us getting caught. We both sat up in bed, guiltily. Julia turned, and twisted the lock button on the door, sealing us off from the outside world.

“What are you doing, Jules? You know that this is our time together.” Apparently Katie had laid claim to alone time status for our back rubs. I filed that fact away in the back of my mind for later processing.

“I’m here for you, actually.” It was her turn to grin. “I thought that I could instruct your dear brother in the art of cunnilingus.” Katie’s eyes narrowed. She looked at her cousin suspiciously.

“What did you have in mind, exactly?” Katie still seemed to be looking for an ulterior motive in Julia’s idea. At least, that’s what I imagined. To me, Julia always seemed to have selfish reasons for doing things.

“Well, I noticed today that he was kind of clumsy when he was munching on me, so I thought that we could teach him how to do it the right way.” She looked innocently at the two of us on the bed. Katie looked skeptical, but I thought it was a great idea. Who better to teach a guy how to eat pussy than another woman? More specifically, a woman who apparently enjoyed eating pussy, and knew what she was doing.

“What about him?” Katie asked. “What’s in it for him, other than getting some tongue exercise?” I was really flattered by her interest in my pleasure.

“I don’t know, K. I guess one of us can take care of him. It’s not like Jack pounding me into the mattress would be much of a sacrifice.” Julia looked at me intently. “Besides, you have been wanting to get your hot little hands on him for years, now you can get your chance.” Katie blushed furiously at Julia’s revelation. So she had wanted me for years? It blew my mind. How deep did this thing go?

Katie didn’t say anything, she just nodded. Her face was still flushed from her recent embarrassment, but I found her light pink shade to be very sexy. She stripped off her tank top, casually tossed it on my bedroom floor, and scooted closer towards the middle of my bed. Her breasts took my breath away, they were so impossibly perfect. Only a teenage girl could have tits that defied gravity like that. Her hard pink nipples were placed in the center of her lightly freckled mounds. I drew a hard breath at the sight.

Julia sat on the foot of the bed, next to Katie. I immediately started to get hard, since I was thinking about these two ridiculously hot bisexual girls attacking each other in front of me. Both of them looked at me expectantly.

“What?” I asked stupidly. I got incredulous looks in return. Julia laughed throatily at my ineptitude.

“Jack, you have to touch her, in order to eat her.”

“Oh, yeah. Of course. I know that.” Katie laughed, but not in a cruel way. She laid back on the bed, and surrendered her body to my depraved attentions. I slid down the bed, and positioned myself between my sister’s legs. My heart pounded in my chest, and the room suddenly started to feel just a bit too small for the three of us. If I said that I was nervous, it would be a gross understatement. She looked down at me between her knees, and licked her lips expectantly.

“No, Jack. Do it right,” Julia said. She huffed a quick breath, then started in on me again. “Kiss her, dumb ass. You don’t jump right to the good stuff. Do it slow, and get her in the mood.” She looked like she was in the mood to me, but I was judging my assumption on her hard nipples, and on the dewy look of her green panties. She was definitely wet, but I agreed with Julia. I wanted the first time that I did this with Katie to be perfect.

I went to my knees on the mattress, and stripped off my t-shirt, which joined Katie’s on the floor. I scooted up, and lowered my body carefully onto hers. Her breasts were hot against my chest, and her nipples poked me like little arrowheads. When our bodies were molded together, a little moan escaped her pink lips. Lust began to overcome me. I kissed her slowly, then harder with growing passion. The world faded away from my thoughts. Everything became about the body of the woman that writhed beneath me. Katie wrapped her legs around me, and ground my boxer covered cock into her panty covered mound. I felt the dampness of precum on my shaft, or maybe she was wet enough to soak through my boxers. I didn’t know, and I was beyond caring anyway. We kissed for minutes, enjoying the taste, and feel of each other’s bodies. She broke the kiss first, and we both gasped for breath.

“Jules, you need to leave.” Katie stated it as a fact, not as a suggestion. Julia looked perturbed at her lover.

“But I’m going to teach him…” Katie brutally cut her off.

“I’ll teach him what he needs to know, just lock the door on your way out.” Julia went from perturbed to pissed in about one second flat. She turned, stalked out, and slammed the door behind her. I doubted that she locked it, but my parents were asleep when I went to bed, so I knew that they wouldn’t come poking around. Once they went to bed, they usually stayed there.

“Why did you make her leave?”

“I didn’t want her to watch. I told you earlier that I don’t let her watch me fuck guys.” The meaning of her words hit me like a brick to the temple. I thought that I had butterflies before, but now it felt like I had swallowed live geese.

“But I thought…” I started, but Katie interrupted.

“I stopped myself once today. I can’t do it again. It’s too hard, Jack.” She searched my eyes, and must have seen my fear. Everything could change forever between us. Was that what I wanted? “I’m only going to ask this once, Jack, and I want an honest answer. Do you want to have sex with me?” Her eyes pleaded with me for acceptance.

I shut down my negative thinking. My sister was a beautiful, desirable woman, who wanted to give herself to me. It was just sex with a girl, just like it was with Julia; but somehow it felt different to me. Katie was different. She was special. She meant something very different to me than what Julia did.

I left her question unanswered, and simply kissed her soundly. The meeting of our lips said everything in a way that my clumsy words never could. Her tongue parted my lips in exploration, and I sucked on it greedily. She unwrapped her legs from around me, and her hands tore at the waistband of my boxers. After a few seconds of frantic scrambling, she managed to pull them down my ass, and I kicked them onto the growing pile of clothes on the floor. My cock sprang eagerly into the night air. Her hand found my hardness, and gripped it lovingly. She stroked it like it was made of pure gold. My body instantly reacted to her attentions, and I knew that I had to slow things down, otherwise it would be over too soon.

I grabbed her by the wrists, and pulled her arms up over her head. She moaned loudly into our kiss, much too loudly, but the haze of lust had settled over my brain, cutting off all caution and common sense. My mouth moved across her cheek to her ear, and finally to her neck.

“Oh god, Jack.” She groaned again, even though I had never even touched her panties. “I want you inside me. I want you to cum inside me.” Whoa, that made me break our kiss. I pulled my face back to look her in the eyes.

“K, you aren’t on birth control.” I knew this fact from a discussion that the three of us had while hiking today. Neither of the girls were on anything. The thought of getting my sister pregnant really began to kill the mood with reality.

“It’s ok.” She smiled at me reassuringly. “Julia says that she has the morning after pill. You can take it anytime within seventy two hours of sex.” I must have still looked unsure. She put on her best pouting face. “Please, Jack. I’ve… I’ve never had anyone do that before. I want you to be the first, big brother.”

Alarm bells that should have been going off long before this started to ring in my head. I pulled away from her and sat stiffly up on the bed, suddenly unsure of myself. What the fuck was I doing? Sure, my sister wasn’t pure as the driven snow, but deep down I always knew that she wasn’t a virgin. Did that justify me burying my cock deep inside her? Did I need to add her to my collection that badly? Fuck. My thoughts swirled round and round, but I kept drawing the same conclusion from them. It was one thing to fuck your sister in the heat of the moment, when you just couldn’t control yourself, but it was quite another thing to do it like this.

The moment was gone. My cock mocked me by remaining as hard as a steel post. I figured that I had two choices: I could kick my sister out of my room, and use my hand to take care of myself, or I could go across the hall to Julia. I had already crossed that bridge, and it couldn’t be uncrossed, but that didn’t mean that I had to compound the wrongness by involving Katie. Shit, after Katie’s callous dismissal, I didn’t even know if Julia would have me. She seemed angry and hurt when she stormed out a few minutes ago, so that might not be an option, either.

“What’s the matter, Jack? Did I do something wrong?” Katie looked horrified by my sudden lack of interest. I couldn’t look at her as she laid on my bed, half naked and sexually aroused. I tore my eyes away from hers, and turned my head.

“Jack, look at me.” Slowly, I shook my head. I couldn’t look. If I looked at her, my resolve might break. I had to be the strong one here. She clearly didn’t accept my refusal to face her. She rocketed off the bed, planted herself in front of me, and seized me by the shoulders. Her breasts swayed invitingly in front of my face, making my mouth water. Fuck. I squeezed my eyes shut. It seemed to be the only way.
“Open your eyes and look at me! What is wrong?”

“I can’t do this, Katie.” My voice was low, and I sounded like I was half way choking. The room suddenly needed to contain more air. My breath became short. Having sex with my sister might change everything between us, but what about this? What would this rejection do to our relationship? I really wasn’t sure. Would she hate me forever? What was the right thing to do here? The questions didn’t make things any easier. They also didn’t prepare me for the full on, roundhouse smack that she administered to my face. Whack!

My eyes snapped open. They blazed at the nubile form of my sister.

“What the fuck, K?”

“Do you want me to beg you to fuck me? Is that what you want? You selfish fucking bastard!” Tears poured down her face, and splashed down onto her breasts and belly. She reached down, hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties, and tore them down. Several quick sobs escaped her beautiful mouth.

“Fine! I’m butt naked in your room, nobody is around, and I beg you to please fuck me.” She sank down to her knees on my carpet. “Do you want me on my knees, here I am. I’ll do anything for you. Do you want my ass? Nobody’s ever been in there, nobody! It’s yours. Lube me up!” Her voice broke, and sobs temporarily took her over. “Do I have to be a perfect fucking cheerleader to get some cock? Is that it, Jack? Do I have to be Julia? Am I not fucking good enough for you?” She broke down and cried. She just stood there in front of me, open and vulnerable. It broke my fucking heart.

I couldn’t stand to see her like that anymore. My cheek still stung from her slap, but it was insignificant to the pain in my chest. She offered her body to me, she offered her heart to me, and I stomped it into the dirt. Would consensual sex have been worse than this? No. I felt like the lowest piece of shit on earth. What could I do to make this right? The sad fact was, there probably was nothing that I could do. If I could only take the last couple of minutes back.

I slid off the bed, and embraced her weeping form. She started to pull away, but I held her fast. She just cried harder.

“Shhh, baby. It’s ok. I’m sorry.” I didn’t know what to say, but I thought ‘I’m sorry’ was a start. She struggled in my arms, but I refused to let her go.

“I should leave now,” she said through her tears.

“Please don’t go.” She stopped her efforts to pull away. I kissed the tear tracks on her right cheek, then her left cheek. I was suddenly aware of my hardness pressed into her. I was done arguing with myself. I was done fighting this. My lips sought hers gingerly, but I wasn’t even sure that she wanted my kisses anymore. What had I done to my beautiful sister? I would rather die than hurt her. Surprisingly, she kissed me back. Before things went too far, she broke our kiss.

“What is your deal, Jack?” Her voice came out in a whisper, right against my cheek. “First you want me, then you don’t. Do you even know what you want?” I felt the softness of her breasts, which contrasted sharply with the hardness of her nipples. I felt my arousal start to build again. She started to stand, and I released her, and stood up too. Although we were no longer hugging, she still stood chest to chest with me.

“I just want to make you happy, Katie. I can’t stand seeing you like this.”

“Thanks so much for the offer of pity sex, but I think I’ll pass.” She started to turn towards the closed bedroom door, but I grabbed her shoulder and turned her towards me. She pointedly looked at the hand on her shoulder. It was a silent show of contempt for my touch. I couldn’t bear to hear her reject me audibly, so I removed my hand before it came to that. She was really starting to piss me off now. I was tempted to pay her back for that slap, but I restrained myself.

“Stop putting words in my mouth, Katie.”

“Well you certainly aren’t putting any words in your mouth for me to hear, so I’m just making up my own.” That slap was looking better and better.

“I had a moment of doubt, that’s it. You can try to pretend all you want that sex between us isn’t a big deal, but it is for me. There are serious feelings involved, and I just don’t want to see one of us get hurt.”

“I think it’s a few fucking minutes too late for that, Jack.”

I knew in my heart that verbal sparring would get me nowhere with her. She was much better at it than I was. A few minutes ago I felt that a kiss said everything that my clumsy tongue couldn’t, so I decided to try it again. Shit, at that point I felt that I really had nothing to lose. Another minute, and she’d be out the door, and possibly out of my life, both as a lover, and a friend. I could not allow that.

I was angry, and I used it. I picked her up by her biceps, and slammed her into the wall hard enough for the back of her head to make a satisfying clunk. I pinned her still dangling form to the wall by the press of my body against hers, and kissed her hard. Hard enough to taste the bacon that she had for breakfast. It took a second for her to respond, or maybe she just had the wind knocked out of her, but she started kissing me back furiously. I guess that she just needed me to prove to her that she was truly what I wanted. She wrapped her legs around my waist, and ground her wet pussy into my cock.

I summoned all the coordination that I could from my eighteen year old body, and did something truly awesome. I grabbed her by her ass, raised her up a few inches, tipped her hips slightly forward, placed my cock at the entrance of her tight slick tunnel, and pushed. Her breath came out in a huff as I took her roughly. My cock slid into her in one smooth motion, all the way to the hilt. Her pussy fit like a glove three sizes too small. I was just getting used to the ultra tight feeling of her cunt when she exploded. I guess that the buildup, the argument, and the way that I took her really affected her deeply. Her cooch spasmed all along her depth, and furiously tried to push me out, while she moaned much too loudly.

Julia burst in the door that she had previously left unlocked. Apparently the thump of my sister against the wall was not very quiet. Her eyes searched the room wildly for her lover, they came to rest on the figure of Katie entwined around my body, and impaled on my thick rod. For her part Katie didn’t notice anything, her entire being was focused on the sensations between her thighs. She had to be having the hardest orgasm that I had ever felt a woman have. Julia left with a short “oh,” and closed the door behind her. At least it wasn’t my parents that barged in. I can’t imagine what my father would have done to me had he discovered the fact that I was buried balls deep in my sibling, with her girl juice running down my thighs.

I fucked Katie against the wall for a couple minutes, as she came back to her senses from her devastating orgasm. The position wasn’t very comfortable for me, or my new lover, so I slowly carried her over to the bed, where we more or less collapsed in a heap.

“Oh fuck, that was good. I like it rough, Jack,” my sister whispered in my ear. “Fuck me hard, big brother. Take me like you own me.” I never would have suspected that Katie would like rough sex, she didn’t seem like the type, but I guess with sex there really are no ‘types.’ Her dirty talking definitely put me in the mood to do some serious damage to her little cunny.

We were in missionary, face to face, and I proceeded to try and pound her ass directly through my mattress. My cock drew back, and lunged forward repeatedly. I was like a machine. Almost every man likes rough sex, but some women don’t, and my ex definitely fell in this category. This was the roughest sex that I’d ever had. She muttered her appreciation for my cock slamming home in an all too audible string of moans and profanities, mixed with my name and god’s. After several long minutes, I pulled out. Her eyes blazed at mine, as she felt empty for the first time. I think she was afraid that I had changed my mind again.

“Flip over, I want you doggy,” I ordered her in a firm, authoritative voice. She eagerly complied with my wishes. I plowed back into her from behind, filling her tiny twat with my thick love muscle.

“Oh fuck… fuck… fuck!” I seized her by her long red curls, and pulled back hard. Her head jerked back violently, and she squealed loudly, as I continued to pummel her fuck hole. The pain from the hair being pulled, combined with my all out assault must have done the job, because I felt her cunt muscles try to crack my cock like a walnut. “Oh god, I’m cumming!” she yelled. I quickly snaked the hand that I had been using to steady myself on her hip around her mouth instead. She was being much too loud. I would probably be dead by dawn if dad caught me plowing ‘his little princess.’
The door opened, and we both froze solid, like an incestuous ice sculpture. Luckily, it was Julia, and not my dad.
“What the fuck are you two doing?” she said in a voice barely above a whisper. “If you keep being loud like that, the fucking neighbors are going to call the cops. Quiet down, this isn’t a pay by the hour motel.” She tried to keep a stern expression, but failed miserably, sliding into her trademark crooked smirk. She looked like she was about to give my sister a high five, but she just shook her head, turned the lock on the door, and shut it behind her.
I grinned at my sister, and she smiled back at me. We both looked like we were caught with our hand in the cookie jar.
“We’d better do something a little different, Jack.” She slid forward, sliding my cock out of her, and laid down on the bed on her side. The air was cold on my shaft, which was still slick with her wetness. She smiled at me, knowing that I already missed her body. “Slide in behind me, baby.” I quickly moved over her, and in behind. My shaft rested between her porcelain ass cheeks.
“God, you are so big.” She sighed, and wiggled her ass teasingly. I smiled at her flattery, every guy liked hearing good things about the size of his prick. She glanced over her shoulder at me, with lust in her eyes. “Look, Jack, I’ve had two incredible orgasms, now it’s your turn. Just use me any way that you want to get off.”

“Any way?” I said incredulously.
“God, Jack, how else do you want me to say it?” She turned around in bed, facing me, and placed her hand on my chest. Our faces were only two inches from each other’s. “I want to take that cock of yours any way you want to give it to me, in any hole, any time, any place.” She reached down, began to tug at my erection, and kissed me softly.
“I want to make love to you, Katie.” Her eyes blazed like California wildfires, threatening to singe my very soul. “I want to look at you when I cum.” She wasted no time in encouraging me to roll on top of her, returning to the tried and true missionary position. I hated to say it, I love being rough and wild, but that isn’t the best way for me to cum. I entered her slowly, feeling every inch of her as my shaft slid in. Her inner walls quivered as I filled her, sending delicious feelings through me, to the inner core of my being.
She was so wet that I slid effortlessly back and forth inside her. All the friction between us was caused by her general tightness, and by the rhythmic squeezing of her vaginal muscles. It felt so good inside her that I never wanted to be anywhere else. Her eyes were riveted on mine, and her cunt milked my cock steadily, in rhythm with my thrusting. She began to whisper to me.
“Oh fuck, your big cock feels so good in my little pussy. Please cum for me, Jack.” She moaned quietly, being a good girl for once, but sounding so very, very bad. “Please cum inside me, baby. I want to feel your hot… sticky… load. Please, Jack.” She began squeezing her cunt extra tight around my swollen Johnson. Between her tightness, and her words, I was quickly losing control of myself. I thought about trying to prolong the moment, to maybe think of something else, so that my excitement would curtail. But after searching her expressive eyes, I knew that she was sincere about wanting me to cum, and about wanting my cum. Her behavior wasn’t an act for my benefit. Everything that she was saying was the honest truth. She wanted me to cum now. The honesty, the eyes, the moist tightness, it was a perfect fucking package.
“Oh god, Katie. That feels so fucking good.” My stroking increased in tempo, along with her soft moans. We were both getting close.
“Cum for me, baby. Fill me up, Jack.” Her hands gripped my arms in a death grip. Her breath came in ragged bursts, she was breathing too hard to moan. Sweat ran freely off our bodies, as we prepared to finally consummate or forbidden love. My muscles tensed, and I buried my cock all the way inside her. I bucked and throbbed, and I painted her uterus with the fruit of our passion. My orgasm rushed over me, and time stood still.
“Oh god, just like that, baby. Cum inside me!” She felt my hot load explode inside her, and it pushed her over the edge. Her muscles rippled, further milking the last vestiges of my cum reserve, as her orgasm took her. She shook and stuttered, her breath rushed out of her body, and she muttered something that sounded like gibberish. But all while she was cumming, she looked me directly in my eyes, she never broke eye contact. It was unmistakable who she was thinking of, who she was lusting after, and who had made her cum: me, her big brother.
Her silent orgasm wound down slowly. Her arms and legs shook, then stilled. Her gripping cunt muscles finally let go of my entrapped cock, and I slid out of my sisters swollen puss. The strength was rapidly leaving my body. I felt like Samson right after a haircut. It was right before I collapsed in her arms that I noticed the tears tracking down her cheeks. Oh fuck, what did I do now?
“Sweetie… Katie, what’s wrong?” She looked at me with surprise.
“What do you mean? Why would anything be wrong?”
“It’s just… you’re crying. Did I hurt you?” I held her tightly in my arms.
“No… well, yeah you kinda did, earlier.” She saw the rising shock on my face at the idea of her pain. “No baby, don’t go getting sad on me. It was a good kind of hurt. No, I was just crying because I’m so happy.” Her smile lit up the room like the flashes from a thousand paparazzi’s cameras.
“So you are crying because you are happy?”
“Yeah, silly boy.” She giggled loudly. “I’m happy as a sissy with a bag full of dicks.” She reached out, and tweaked my semi-hard fuck stick, for emphasis.
“So you’re not hurt, then.” She laughed even harder than she had at her own joke.
“Do I have to call you a dumb ass, like Julia does?” She rolled over on top of me, straddled me, and pinned my arms to the bed, all while giggling. “Get this through your thick head, Jack… I like a little pain. As long as I’m not bleeding, it’s no harm, no foul. Jeez, I thought you would have picked up on that.”
“So you liked it when I slammed you into the wall?”
“Men.” She said it as a statement, like that one word should explain everything to me. She released my arms, and sat up straighter. I could feel her red hot snatch pressed up against my stomach, our combined cum was leaking out, and coating my treasure trail. I tried not to get turned back on again. “Look.” She poked me in my chest with her finger for emphasis. “I came even before you forced your way into me. That was so fucking hot!” I guess that I looked skeptical.
“That was the most awesome fucking sex that I have ever had, Jack. Don’t demean it by raining on my parade.”
“I would never do that, K.” She dazzled me with another smile, and curled up next to me on the bed, her head resting on my shoulder. “We probably need to have a talk about what you like, though, if you… if we are going to do it again.”
“Julia has it right, you really are a dumb ass sometimes.” She giggled wildly at her own witticism. “Do you think that I really would have seduced you just to get laid once, Jack? This wasn’t just a whim. I fucking love you.”
Once she said that, it all made sense. She didn’t just love me as a brother, she loved me as a man. I really had jumped into the deep end of the pool. I didn’t know what to say. Everything between us had happened so fast, for me anyway, that I just couldn’t process it all. She rubbed my chest comfortingly.
“It’s ok, Jack. You don’t have to say it back. Not unless you really mean it, anyway.”
“It’s not that I don’t, I just… fuck Katie. You were just my sweet little sister a few days ago. I mean… I always thought that you were attractive, and sure, I even beat off every once in a while thinking about you. I mean, you’d come in my room, wearing hardly anything, and you’d make these sexy little noises… but… but one thing that I always knew was that you were off limits. You were unattainable.” I was starting to sound desperate.
“Jack.” She said my name as an interruption. “It’s ok. You don’t have to defend yourself to me. Not for your feelings, and not for your motives for sleeping with me. I thought that I was going to have to fucking rape you, for a while there. You always do the right thing, Jack. Always. I didn’t tell you my feelings so that you’d confess your love to me. You said earlier that there are serious feeling here, and that you don’t want one of us to get hurt. I just wanted you to know that I’m aware that this isn’t a fucking game. I’m not playing around with you. I know that this is all new to you. Shit, it hasn’t even been a full day since I made it known to you that I wanted this to happen. I’ve had years to deal with my feelings, big brother, years. I don’t expect you to process this all in a few hours. It’s enough to know that you love me as a sister, and that you want me as a lover.”
“No buts, baby. I told you, it’s enough for now.” She snuggled closer into me, and sighed deeply. I let it drop. She understood my situation, and like she said, that was enough for me. A long time passed as we lay there enjoying each other’s presence. “Jack, can I ask you a question?”
“Yeah K, anything.” Sleep was lurking just out of sight, and it wouldn’t be long in coming.
“When you got all ‘holier than thou’ earlier, were you thinking about kicking me out of your room?” I paused before answering, but I answered her question truthfully.
“Yeah, I was thinking about it.”
“You didn’t want to corrupt your innocent little sister, huh?”
“Yeah, something like that.”
“I am eighteen, Jack. You know that, right?”
“I am aware of your age, yeah.” She paused, apparently lost in thought. Before she could resume her line of questioning, I interrupted. “Can I ask you a question, Katie?”
“Yeah, baby. Anything.”
“Well…” I started lamely. “I think that I understand your feelings for me, but taking those into consideration, why did you hook me up with Julia?” She sighed a little. It was kind of cute.
“Well, it was kinda for you, and kinda for her, and well… I guess it was kinda for me too.” That answer made no sense at all.
“I still don’t understand.”
“You will, big brother. You will.” she said mysteriously. “Tomorrow.”


Morning light blazed through my window, right into my eyes. I woke up, hating the dawn, just like every morning. The thing that separated this from all other mornings was the still slumbering form of my freshly fucked, naked sister, laying in my arms.
Her beauty took my breath away, as I studied her in the freshly minted sunlight. Her curly red hair cascaded over my pillow. It stilled smelled faintly of the strawberry shampoo that she used. Her milky white skin felt silky smooth under my palm. I rubbed across her shapely hip, up her smooth, flat stomach, to her perky freckled breast. Her nipple came alive under my touch, rising to full arousal within seconds. She moaned softly. My gaze moved back to her face, and her brilliant green eyes opened for the first time that day.
“Good morning, Katie.” She made a small grunt as she stretched languidly, her small arm extended over her head. My morning wood popped in between my sibling’s delectable ass cheeks, as her nude body moved against mine. She giggled softly, and pushed her ass back against my probing member.
“Geez, Jack. Are you always in the mood for sex?” Her ass cheeks clenched, seizing my throbbing erection. I groaned into her hair quietly, purposely not wanting to repeat the noise that was made during our frantic coupling last night.
“Always, K. Especially when it’s a certain sexy red head, with a fantastic body, that’s getting me in the mood.”
“Oh, and who would that be?” She flicked her fiery mane in my face for emphasis. I remember pulling that very same hair last night, right when she began to cum all over my stiff cock. The memory began to whip me into a sexual frenzy. I wanted to dip down in the bed, reposition my dick, and slam it into her waiting fuck hole. She said that she liked rough sex, and her actions last night demonstrated it plainly. I also remembered the advice from my cousin Julia; don’t jump right to the good stuff, go slow, and get her in the mood. It seemed like a good plan.
I moved her hair aside, and began to kiss her cheek, then her earlobe, and then her neck. She cooed happily at the sensations that my lips and tongue were making on her bare skin. She tasted faintly salty, from the sweat that we worked up not eight hours ago. I wanted to completely devour her, like a brain eating zombie in a bad horror flick. I mixed small, soft bites with the kisses on the neck. I didn’t nip hard enough to leave a mark, but it was a definite contrast with the soft smooches. Her coos became small, needy yelps, perfectly in time with the progress of my teeth on her skin. After lingering for a while on the neck, my kisses proceeded downwards over her shoulders, and along the ridge of her spine.
I had never before had the chance to study the nude female form in detail before. The sex that I had with my ex consisted mainly of routine sessions orchestrated by her out of a sense of obligation. They were satisfying to a young virgin male, who didn’t know anything. But the past few days had taught me some things. Sex should be about desire, about need, and lust. It shouldn’t be something that you have to force yourself to do, in order to keep your man. Sex like that is hollow, and ultimately emotionally unfulfilling. Sex with Julia, and later Katie was erotic, and spontaneous, and beautiful.
I drank in Katie’s naked form like a man who has worn a blindfold all of his life, and had it suddenly stripped away. It was as if I had been asleep, as if the five senses were something new to me. I felt different, changed. In that moment, I was sexually alive.
I continued kissing, licking, and biting down her spine, until I reached the small of her back. This area doesn’t get an overwhelming amount of male attention, but it is a very sexy place. Her muscles knitted together there to form the graceful swell of her fabulous teenage ass. My sister might not have been a cheerleader like Julia, but she was still very trim and fit. She was a vision of young beauty, without an ounce of unwanted fat anywhere on her small frame. My hands roamed over her body freely, keeping constant skin contact between us. I continued to rain kisses on her unblemished ass cheeks, and even nipped hard at the crack of her ass. This feeling of my teeth on her naked bottom made her moan lustily.
“Oh my god, Jack. That feels amazing, but you should stop.” Her mouth said stop, but the rest of her body disagreed. She breathed fast and shallow, a sure sign of her excitement. Her ass continually pushed back against my face, and I decided to continue my worship of her body. I kissed and sucked, licked and bit, and even rubbed my morning stubble against the erotic wonder that was my sister’s backside. I took my time, and it really seemed to be worth it.
My real objective was to eat her pussy. I’m not talking about the drunken licks that I gave Phoebe Miller as payback for a blowjob, or even the spontaneous tongue fucking that I gave Julia. I wanted to slowly tease my sister, before licking, and sucking her to orgasmic oblivion. I wanted to pleasure her in every way with my mouth, fingers, and tongue.
“Flip over on your back, sweetie.” I caressed her stomach firmly, to make sure that I didn’t tickle her.
“Baby, we can’t…”
“Katie!” I firmly cut her off, and my tone clearly displayed that I would have no more refusals. I was surprised at the sexual dominance that I showed during the past few days. It had never manifested like this with my ex, but maybe if it had, she wouldn’t be my ex.
Katie rolled over in bed, and spread her legs lewdly. She knew full well what I was up to, and submitted to it willingly. She propped a pillow behind her head, so that she could look down on my prone form, which settled in between her knees. I continually coached myself to keep things slow. This wasn’t a sprint, it was a full race.

I kissed and licked her right knee. She laughed at the tickling sensation, but I continued my attentions, eventually moving up to her thigh. She moaned lustily. I guess it wasn’t funny anymore.
“Please baby,” she said. I thought that she would ask me to stop again, but her fingers entwined themselves in my short brown hair, and started pulling me towards her pouting pussy lips. I got a good look at it, from a very close perspective. Her hairless lips were puffy and tight, with a healthy pink flush from her excitement. Her engorged clit was clearly visible. She was also very wet. Her left thigh glistened with girl juice that had escaped during my ferocious attack on her ass. I took an immediate detour toward that spot, and her guiding hand slipped out of my hair. She sighed in frustration at her inability to get me to close the deal quickly. Her sigh evaporated into nothingness when my mouth made contact with her thigh.
I finally got to taste her sweet nectar, though from an indirect source. I feasted on her moist thigh starting near her hip bone, and working my way back toward her center. Her taste was a little musky, and kind of sweet. It wasn’t at all what I thought it would be like after a wild night of sex, her excited pussy even smelled fantastic. I worked my way to her inner thigh, and she could take being teased no more. She grabbed my head in both hands, and pushed my mouth down onto her wet slit. The by product of this motion was the mashing of my nose right into her engorged love nubbin.
“Oh god, yes!” She began to shudder slightly as a small orgasm ripped through her body. She ground my face tighter against her sex, pushing and pulling my face up and down against her pussy in a desperate attempt to get off. Her orgasm deepened, and so did her moans, despite the fact that I had not really done anything but let her grind against my face. My mouth and chin were already covered with her juices. I really couldn’t draw breath, but I just rolled with it, and thrust my tongue between her lips. “Oh fuck, baby. Lick my pussy. Lick my pretty little cunt.”
Her dirty talk was doing it’s job, getting me all fired up. I planted my hands on the insides of her thighs in order to get leverage to take a deep breath. I pushed my face away, breathed a couple of quick breaths, and dove back in. After that, she didn’t press down so hard, so I was able to breathe almost normally, though her hands stayed locked on the back of my head. I sucked first one, then the other labia into my mouth. They were plump and juicy, and felt delicious in my mouth. I hummed with satisfaction, and got an immediate reaction from her.
“Jack, please lick my clit,” she begged. “Please baby, stop teasing. Please.” Her pleading wasn’t just in her voice. I looked up at her, and her eyes pleaded too. Her bottom lip was caught between her teeth in supplication. I finally caved, and locked my mouth over her clit area. I sucked her clit into my mouth, and her grip on the back of my head immediately tightened. She crushed my face mercilessly into her. I wanted to move my lips on her little button, but found that I could not move. I was locked in place, so I made the best of the situation by attacking her clit with the rough side of my tongue. This must have been exactly what she needed, because her whole body began to squirm and buck under me. Her breathing became erratic, some deep, and others quick and shallow. I knew that she was close to an earth shattering orgasm, because she had stopped moaning loudly, and instead made little whimpering noises. Her back arched like she was trying to throw me off, while her thighs clamped my head firmly in place. She went silent as her whole body tensed in one divine shiver of ecstasy. Cum squirted out of her in thick streams, completely coating my chin and neck, and even running onto my chest. I kept my tongue moving throughout the entire suffocating ordeal, until her shaky hands roughly pulled my face away from her snatch.
“No more, baby. Please, no more. Please stop.” She couldn’t get anymore emphatic than that. If the sensitivity of my penis after an orgasm was anything to judge by, she might not want to be touched right now. I took the not so subtle hint, and instead began to kiss her flat belly. After a few minutes, she began to stroke my head like I was a cat that needed attention. “That was so fucking good, Jack. So good, baby.” She murmured “so good” over and over again, like it was a mantra, like she was meditating. In a way, I guess that she was. I finally ceased my kissing, and lay against her stomach, spent.
Over the next few minutes our breathing gradually returned to normal, her breath short from orgasm, mine from asphyxiation. Although this was probably not the most comfortable position that I had ever been in, I was very tired from my exertions, and soon fell back asleep.
I awoke later from a gentle shake from my sister.
“Jack, wake up. I’ve gotta pee. Jack,” she shook me again.
“Yeah, K. I’m awake.” I rolled off her, and our skin stuck together slightly from her dried juices.
“I’m sorry to wake you, but I really have to go.” She flashed me a quick smile as she exited the bed. “Besides, we both have to take a shower. I smell like a whore after a long weekend.” I laughed at the expression, but I had to say that she was probably right, we had to smell like sex. I stood up too, and Katie bent down to sort our clothes, since we had left them in a pile on the floor last night. She pulled on her panties and tank top, and waited until I pulled on my boxers and t-shirt. She swooped in towards me, and gave me a solid kiss on the mouth.
“I meant everything that I said last night, big brother.” I wasn’t exactly sure what she meant by that, because we talked about a bunch of stuff last night, including the fact that she was in love with me. “Thank you for the fantastic sex last night, and for this morning. I still can’t believe that I drenched you like that.”
“Does that happen all the time?” I wondered if it was normal for a girl to cum that much. I know that my ex never did, and although I could definitely tell when Julia came, it wasn’t like Katie.
“Umm… no, not really. Just sometimes, when I’m really excited.” She blushed a little, turning a cute shade of pink. I could tell by her refusal to meet my eyes that she was embarrassed. “It didn’t weird you out, or anything, did it? I mean… I didn’t mean to…” I cut her off before she could ramble on anymore.
“It was fucking hot, K. I liked it… a lot, especially this morning.”
“Really?” She stared at me with wide eyes.
“Yeah. It’s just kinda nice to know that I can excite someone like that.” She smirked at me, reminding me fondly of her cousin, and lover.
“Believe me, Jack. You have no problems in that area… Julia included.”
“Really.” She kissed me quickly once, then pulled back. “I really have to go, cutie. Could you check out there for mom and dad?” I figured out what she meant quickly. It would look really suspicious for her to come out of my room this early. I peeked down the hall, past the kitchen, and my parent’s bedroom door was still closed.
“All clear,” I announced. She slipped past me, and across the hall to the bathroom. I opened up my window, to air my bedroom out. It really wouldn’t do to have my room smell like hot, sweaty sex. I didn’t know what to do about my sheets, since I had a giant wet spot left over from this morning. It should be ok, since my parents really aren’t the type to go in your room, or check out your stuff. Luckily, they have a pretty hands off approach to parenting.
I was kind of zoned out when I noticed the wet spot on the wall. It was right where I slammed my sister against the wall, where our first sex had taken place. I knew that she had a really hard orgasm, but I didn’t expect there to be as much cum as I was seeing.
I picked the towel that I showered with yesterday up out of the floor. It was kind of stiff looking, and I remembered that Julia had cleaned herself off with it after I soaked her in semen yesterday morning. I threw it back on the floor. I could get one out of the bathroom. I opened my door, and heard the shower running. Katie must be in there. I crossed the hall, and knocked on the door to the room that the girls shared.
“Hmmph?” Julia answered sleepily. Fuck.
“It’s Jack, can I come in?”
“One sec.” I heard light footsteps approach the door, and the lock disengage. The door opened about six inches. I couldn’t make out anything through the crack, because it was still dark in there. After a few seconds I heard Julia call out, “are you coming in, or not?”
I stepped through the door, and closed it behind me. Julia was standing by the bed, naked as the day she was born. I looked her over appreciatively. She really is a knockout. She’s pretty tall for a girl, with a tight, athletic body that you can only have if you are an eighteen year old cheerleader. Her honey brown hair was worn down today, instead of her usual ponytail. All her curves were definitely in the right places, and her stomach is to die for. She has just a hint of six pack abs under her perfectly tanned skin. I couldn’t read her like Katie, but I think that she looked at me appraisingly.
“Can I use the towel that you took a shower with yesterday?” She smirked at me crookedly.
“Is this some kind of weird fetish? Wouldn’t you rather sniff my panties, or something?” I laughed, thinking about how silly that the request sounded. I guess that I could have just used a clean towel to clean the wall.
“No, I just need to kind of… mop up something.”
“Wow, I guess that I was right when I called you a stud yesterday.” She giggled, and pulled the towel off her headboard, and tossed it to me. “Did you guys have as much fun as it sounded like?”
“Yeah, it was awesome. A little different than what I would have imagined, but it was great. Were we really that noisy?”
“No Jack, I interrupted you guys twice just so I could get a peek at that magnificent cock of yours.”
“Oh, sorry.”
“You don’t have anything to apologize for.” I smiled a quick one at her. “Why do you say that it was different than what you expected?” I paused for a minute, and wondered if I should answer. I didn’t want to hurt Katie’s feelings.
“I just thought that she would be one for romance, not for the rough stuff.”
“Every girl likes to be romanced, Jack. She isn’t just some mindless skank that wants to be used, and then thrown away. Did you really get that impression?”
“No. No it’s not like that.” Her stare was accusatory, and I started to get defensive. “Like I said, it was just different.”
“Look.” She placed her hand firmly on my chest. “I don’t know what you two have talked about, but I do know that she really likes you. Please don’t hurt her.” My mouth hung agape.
“I would never hurt her, never.”
“Then listen to my advice,” she paused to make sure I was really paying attention. “Don’t bring up the fact that she likes it rough, she’s kind of sensitive about it. It’s the reason that her and Donnie broke up. He couldn’t get it through his narrow little mind that a girl just wants to be fucked hard sometimes. Maybe he was gay, I dunno.”
“They broke up over sex?” It was the most retarded thing that I had ever heard. Who would break up with a beautiful girl because of sex? Maybe he was gay. Jules giggled at my incredulous expression.
“Look, I’m just saying for you not to make this an issue. When you have sex, just do what feels right. If it feels right to just let go, and fuck the holy hell out of her, then do it. Believe me, she’ll thank you for it.”
“Ok, I’ll take your advice. You probably know her better than anyone.” She smiled at me fondly, I really did like her. She always seemed to know the right thing to say to make you feel good.
“I can’t believe that she spent the night in your room. What if your mom and dad got up early today?” I just shook my head, I didn’t know. I had to admit, I really liked waking up to her, I really could get used to that. “So, what did you two get up to this morning?”
“What do you mean?” I tried to play my innocent act on her, but I could see that she wasn’t buying it for a second. She leaned in close, and whispered seductively in my ear.
“Did you guys do it again this morning, while I was asleep? Did you stuff her tight little pussy full of that big cock of yours?” She reached down, and cupped the lump in my boxers. My prick jumped at her unexpected touch, and started to grow exponentially.
“No.” I swallowed hard, a lump in my throat. “I just went down on her.”
“Very good. Did she cum?” I nodded, my sudden excitement started to take away my ability to speak. “Did she take care of you?” Her breath tickled the sensitive skin of my ear. I shook my head, and she slapped my ass hard. “Well, I’m not going to, either. We have plans for you, big boy.” She cupped my balls, beneath my raging hard on. “I want these to be nice and full later.”
“Nobody likes a tease, Jules.” Both of our heads whipped around guiltily, to find my sister standing in the doorway. Apparently Julia hadn’t heard her enter the room, either. She came over, and kissed both of us on the mouth; first her, and then me. This deactivated most of the tension in the room.
“How are you doing, K?” My sister smiled at her best friend, and moved over to the dresser to pick out clothes.
“Good. Better than good, actually.” Julia giggled, and was mimicked by my sister.
“You have to tell me all about it. Details, girlie.” When they started giggling again, I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t listen to the play by play.
“See you at breakfast, girls. I need to get in the shower.” I pulled the door shut behind me, cleaned the mess up in my room, and headed off to the shower.


“So, how long have you two been together?” My parents had left for the day already, and we were talking casually. I was seated between them on the couch. I must be the luckiest guy on the planet.

“What do you mean by together?” My sister Katie countered with a grin. She loves verbal gymnastics. Julia giggled.

“How long have you been licking each other to orgasm? Is that question clear enough for you?” Julia positively erupted with peals of laughter.

“Sophomore year, right around Christmas. Julia had just broken up with Ian, and I didn’t have a boyfriend…”

“So I held her down, and ate her snatch until she became a lesbian!” Julia declared in a loud voice.

“I am not a lesbian. I have had two fulfilling relationships with men.” Katie looked mildly pissed, which could only mean that this is a sensitive subject.

“Your relationship with Donnie wasn’t so fulfilling,” Julia scoffed. “He couldn’t even make you have a decent orgasm.” I smiled as the two beautiful teens emphatically traded verbal blows.

“His lack of technique doesn’t make me a lesbian. I certainly didn’t have any trouble with orgasms last night, or this morning.” Katie’s smile spread across her face; apparently, she thought that she had proven her point.

“No shit, K,” her friend retorted. “I’m surprised that your parents didn’t hear, the way you two were going at it.” Julia stood up, as if to emphasize her point.

“So you two have been bisexual since sophomore year?” I cut there argument short by restating my point.

“No, she’s always liked girls, too.” Katie quipped. “I just never realized that I did until sophomore year. At that point, she had already been munching down on her slutty cheerleader buddies for almost a year and a half.” Katie beamed at finally having the upper hand in the conversation. Girls are very strange.

“I always wondered if that kind of thing actually went on, or not. There are always these stories about hot lesbian cheerleaders going at each other in the locker room.” I gave Julia my best ‘I’m so innocent’ smile.

“Wouldn’t you like to know the truth?” Julia giggled, and plopped herself down in my lap. “I could tell you some stories, but I’m curious about something that Katie told me earlier…”

“Jules!” Katie cut her off, and gave her a venomous stare. “I told you not to mention that.”

“Fuck that, K. You told your brother that you are in love with him, right after the two of you had sex, and you seriously don’t expect me to ask him about it?”

Julia looked totally unfazed by the animosity that blazed in my sister’s green eyes. I thought back to when we awoke together this morning. I could tell, by the way that Katie looked at me, that she regretted revealing the true extent of her feelings to me so quickly, and so boldly. Since then, I had been thinking non-stop about her declaration; well, that and her killer body. I had come to a quick conclusion. I was dead sure that I didn’t want sex between us to only be a one time thing. It was too good to pass up because of some stupid socio-societal proscription against incest. I was never one to cave to other people’s pressure to conform, and I wasn’t about to start now. In the past, I always compared every girl that I had feelings for to my sister. She was my measuring stick for women. Never had a challenger come out favorably in comparison to her. Why should I just settle for a pale comparison, a carbon copy, when I could have the real deal?

I knew deep down that Katie wasn’t really looking for just sex with me. She might settle for it, but it wasn’t what she was looking for. She was the type of girl who wanted a relationship. Would we be able to have a relationship? I didn’t know, but I was willing to explore the possibility, if she was also willing. I realized that I was lost in thought, and decided to diffuse the situation between the girls with the truth.

“I’m open to it,” I stated calmly. The daggers that Katie had been staring at Julia immediately turned to confusion.

“What do you mean, Jack?” Julia asked with a slight smile on her lips. To me, it seemed like Julia already knew how I would answer her question before she even asked it. She was just trying to help my sister get a serious, and scary topic out into the open.

“I mean that I am open to the possibility that I could fall in love with Katie.” I paused to look at the expression on my sister’s face. I can usually read her like an open book, but she looked startled by my answer. I didn’t really know what to make of it, but I had already started down this conversational path, so I was determined to finish it. “I love Katie more than anyone else on earth, and while Mike might be my best friend, I can tell her things that I could never tell him. So would it really be unnatural for me to fall in love with her? I don’t think so.” Julia looked like a cat that had just feasted on a particularly juicy canary.

“So you are in love with your sister?” Julia said it calmly, but I could hear the eagerness for a positive answer behind her words. Katie was sitting close to me on the sofa, as new lovers tend to do. I reached out, and clasped her hand in mine.

“K, I’m going to be completely honest and open with you. I’m not sure if I’m in love with you or not. Even the possibility of you wanting something like that from me is so new…” I paused, to look into her eyes. They were the purest sea-green, and so full of hope and love for me, that I felt that I should lose myself in them, and declare anything that she wanted to hear. I kept my strong resolve to tell only the truth, and continued with what I had planned to say. “…but you are definitely the type of girl that I could fall in love with, and we’re definitely compatible emotionally. I think we were a great match sexually. It was phenomenal for me, and you said that it was great for you. So, I guess what I’m saying is that if you really want to try to see if anything serious develops between us, that would be fine with me.” Katie’s eyes shone with tears, that started to run down her cheeks.

“Do you really mean it?” Katie gasped. Her hand crushed mine in a death grip, I guess that she didn’t want me to attempt an escape.

“Yeah, K. I do. I told you last night that I was done fighting it.” She released my hand, and launched herself into my arms. The laws of physics state that two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time; which was unfortunate for Julia, who happened to be occupying my lap at the time of Katie’s emotional leap. Katie wrapped her arms fiercely around me, and kissed me with abandon. Julia was jostled half way off of my lap, and came to rest indignantly with the arm of the couch sticking her in the ribs.

“Damn, K! Knock me down, why don’t you.” Julia sounded like she was more pleased with the outcome than she was upset, but I was too busy kissing Katie to pay her too much attention. It was a long kiss, but neither of us felt the need to break it off. Eventually, as all good things do, our kiss came to an end. She broke it gently, and smiled. I felt her labored breathing against my face. I must have been as excited as she was by what had just taken place, because I couldn’t seem to catch my breath either.

I had taken a couple of deep breaths when Julia clamped her lips down on mine. I struggled against her lips a tiny bit, because I didn’t know how my sister would feel about the kiss. Was this still permitted, or had my declaration of intent to Katie sealed off any access that I might have to my cousin Julia? It didn’t matter one way or the other, because Julia gripped the back of my head firmly, and the only way to stop her from kissing me would have been to throw her off bodily. My fears evaporated when I felt the moist heat of Katie’s lips on my neck. I slid my arm back around Julia. Now I had two gorgeous women sitting halfway on my lap, and both of them were kissing me!

Until that moment, I had never really noticed the difference in the way that they kissed before. My sister seemed to try to suck my soul out of my mouth every time our lips met. With my cousin it seemed like it was my semen that she tried to suck. She lived up to my analysis with the hungry way that she kissed me, and with the hand that I felt stroking my balls through my shorts. I felt Katie’s dainty fingers undoing the buttons on my polo shirt, and her kisses on my chest. Julia’s hand was undoing my belt. Between their lips and their hands, I was on sensory overload.

My shirt stayed on for about another thirty seconds, before Katie started stripping it off over my head. Julia took advantage of the break in our kissing to slide off my lap, position herself between my legs, and then she resumed kissing me on my stomach.

I looked at my sister, Katie. She had slid off my lap onto the couch in order to make some room for Julia to work her magic. Her tears had ceased, but her eyes still glistened like precious stones. She clasped my left hand in both of hers.

“We’ll have to keep our relationship a secret from everyone that we know, can you really do that, Jack?” Her question was asked nonchalantly, but her face revealed the true turmoil that she was feeling inside. I squeezed her hand reassuringly.

“Do you really love me, K?” She nodded solemnly. “Then we’ll do what we have to in order to make this work. Maybe we’ll have to go somewhere besides U of M for college, somewhere where no one knows us.” A smile beamed on her face like a sunrise.

“Do you really mean that, Jack? You’d do that for me, for us?” Before I could answer in the affirmative, Julia started pulling my shorts and boxers down. I scooted up to allow my clothes to slide off easier, and leaned over and kissed Katie on her luscious pink lips.

“Of course I would do that for you, baby.”

“You guys could always go to UCLA with me,” Julia said with a giggle. She had my semi-erect cock in her hand, and the way that she had it positioned in front of her mouth, it looked like she was talking into it like a microphone. I started laughing at the way she looked. Katie followed my line of sight, and began giggling too.

“Speak into the microphone, Jules.” Katie choked out, between snickers. Julia finally caught on to the fact that we weren’t laughing at her suggestion, but at her positioning.

“Well, if you were in Cali with me, I could suck you off all the time.” She licked her lips for moisture, and slowly slid my Johnson into her pie hole. My breath exhaled in a rush as the moist warmth of her mouth surrounded my cock. She started bobbing her head in a slow rhythm.

“Damn that feels good.” I reveled in the pure pleasure for a moment, then I motioned for Katie to take off her shirt. While Katie was slipping out of her tank top, I had an idea. “What happens when you get a boyfriend, Jules. As much as I would like to, I can’t suck that thing myself.”

“That’s what you have her for.” Julia smiled, and nodded her head at my sister, which did interesting things to the strands of saliva that trailed from her mouth to my dick. “I’m just kidding, Jack. I’d still suck you off, even if I had a boyfriend.”

“Wouldn’t that be cheating, Jules?” Katie prodded. “And why do you still have your shirt on?” Julia once again slid my glistening rod from the tight sheath of her throat, and lifted her shirt over her head. Damn she had such a beautiful body!

“Nope, it wouldn’t count as cheating, because he’s family. Besides, I never heard you mention cheating when we used to fuck each other while you still had a boyfriend. Is it not considered cheating as long as you fuck someone who is the same sex as you?” Instead of answering the question, Katie bent over my lap, and started blowing me vigorously. I stroked my sister’s curly red hair, slid my hand slowly down the satiny skin of her naked back, and grasped a freckled ass cheek through her tiny running shorts. Julia smiled, and took this as a cue to get rid of her boy shorts. She stood up, turned her back to me, bent forward ever so slightly, and began to slowly lower her shorts in the most erotic display imaginable. She began grinding her hips to imaginary strip club music, slowly swaying on the spot to heighten the excitement. This was not only tantalizing to be, but to my sister as well. She paused in mid knob polish to watch her best friend, cousin, and lover get naked.

Panties? Who needs panties? Julia certainly didn’t, because when she slid her shorts down her trim bronzed thighs, her panties were nowhere in sight. All I saw was tanned teenage ass. I slid my fingers across the taunt expanse of my sister’s backside, and didn’t feel any panties underneath her shorts, either.

“No panties today, K?” She raised her head up from my lap, and beamed me quick smile.

“I told you that we had plans for you today, and those plans included being able to get undressed quickly.”

“Then why are you still wearing your fucking shorts, bitch?” Julia exclaimed at the top of her lungs. “Take that shit off, right now!” My sister hopped off the couch, much to my cock’s dismay, and stood half naked in front of my cousin. Julia bent to one knee, grasped her shorts by the waistband and ripped them down. I used the term ‘ripped’ because that was the sound that the tight fabric made when it parted company with my sister’s luscious ass.

My cock wasn’t dismayed for long, because Julia immediately started planting tiny kisses on my sister’s flat belly. Her hand slid up Katie’s thigh, and parted her swollen pink pussy lips. Katie let out a small sigh as Julia gently worked one finger inside her tight fuck hole. My love muscle throbbed with excitement, as I watched these two horny nymphs go at each other. Before my eyes my sister threw an alabaster thigh over Julia’s shoulder, and none too gently guided her mouth to her engorged clit. Katie gasped as Julia’s tongue touched her love button, and I could stand idly by watching no longer.

I stepped up behind Katie, and began to kiss the back of her neck. My arms snaked around her quickly, and I cupped her pale, freckled breasts in my hands. She leaned back into my embrace, to steady herself, and moaned aloud at the combined assault on her nipples and clitoris. I felt the slippery feel of precum that leaked from the head of my cock, onto the skin at the small of her back. She hung suspended between us; helpless, as her first orgasm shook her violently. She leaned even harder against me as her climax took over, and she smashed her cousin’s face mercilessly against her sopping wet snatch. Her flat belly tensed for several long moments, then relaxed, and she slumped against me like a puppet whose strings have been cut.

“Oh god,” my sister managed to squeak out, after a full minute of hard breathing. “You guys have no idea how incredible that was.”

“I have a fucking idea, bitch. You almost pulled my damn hair out.” Julia may have sounded mad at my sister, but it was hard to take her seriously when her face was frosted in girl cum. She smiled toothily at Katie. “Well, since you came first, I have dibs on his cock.” Katie pouted for a second, then relented. She knew that Julia was due for some fun.

“I need to sit down for a minute, anyway.” Katie disentangled herself from between us, and slumped back on the couch, temporarily spent. This left me facing my cock hungry cousin, who never even bothered to raise up off her knees.

“C’mon cowboy, it’s just you and me now. Do you think you can handle me?” She reached out and stroked my stiffy with the confidence that only practice can bring. “You better not cum before I do, champ. Not if you know what’s good for you.” I knelt down, putting my face an inch away from my cousin’s.

“What happens if I can’t hold out?” I felt confident enough in my stamina to tease this vixen. I was excited, but not overly so, like the first time we were together.

“You’ll get it, that’s what will happen.” I lunged forward, so that she went from a kneeling position to a reclining position in a heartbeat. My body was on top of hers; face to face, chest to chest, and crotch to crotch.

“I think that I’m already about to get ‘it’, don’t you think?” I heard snickering coming from the direction of my sister. Julia didn’t get a chance to give a smart-ass retort because I leaned forward and kissed her forcefully. I really wasn’t sure my strategy of knocking her over would work, but by the wetness that my fingers found when they explored her needy slit, I didn’t think that it was exactly hurting my chances for success.

“You know that your sister is the one who likes the rough stuff, right?” she panted, when she finally managed to break the kiss.

I positioned my prick at the entrance to her love nest. I felt heat emanating from her pussy, like it was filled with hot coals. I slid inside her roughly, completely filling her tight little twat to the breaking point in one smooth stroke. Her wordless cry was so loud that it would have alerted the neighbors, if there had been any. I took it as a sign of encouragement, and began to pump my cousin’s love monkey for all I was worth. Her fingernails clawed at my back, but instead of cries to ‘stop it asshole,’ she merely pivoted her hips a little to let me deeper inside her. I am no slouch in the muscle department, so I am definitely no lightweight. All of my 175 pounds was converted to brute force, as I mercilessly pounded Julia against the living room rug.
A string of obscenities that would make a sailor blush poured from her perfect rosebud of a mouth. I really didn’t know what clown masturbation had to do with the situation that I found myself in, but I did hear a “fuck yeah” in there, so I took it as encouragement. I looked down at my partner, and marveled at her beauty. Her blue eyes were locked on mine in a way that could only mean one of two things: that she was going to explode in an intense orgasm very soon, or that I was in danger of dying a slow and painful death. With women, it is not unheard of for both of these things to happen almost simultaneously. Sweat ran down her neck to pool between her pert, teenaged breasts. If this girl were a car, she definitely would be a Ferrari, because she was built for speed.
Three things happened all at once. Her eyes closed, her nails sank painfully into the skin of my back, and her pussy clenched with such force that it broke rhythm. My cock twisted funny, almost like hit something solid, like bone. Whatever blissful feeling that I had accrued towards my own orgasm were brutally wrenched away. Her mouth was locked in a silent scream, and it looked like she had totally stopped breathing. Her torso shook with spasms that tensed up her entire body, from her pretty little feet, to her head and neck. Almost immediately, I returned to pummeling her pussy, even though it felt like my cock was gripped in the fist of a champion Russian weightlifter. The effect was instantaneous. The force of the orgasm that she was having doubled, no tripled! Her face went from flushed to crimson, and her body went from spasms to miniature seizures. Her heels made drumming sounds as they struck the hard surface of the living room floor. I didn’t know whether to continue banging her, or try to keep her from swallowing her fucking tongue.
Just about when I was about to stop, she started taking small, shallow breaths. This at least told me that I hadn’t inadvertently fucked my cousin to death. Try explaining that one to your parents. “Well you see dad, this is what happened…” Somehow I think that I would rather wrestle a couple hungry bears than to attempt that. Finally, her body went totally limp. It was like someone had unplugged her brain. The only movement that I could detect for over a minute was the shallow rise and fall of her breasts as she breathed deeply. After a few minutes, she muttered something in a voice so soft, that it was barely audible.
“What did you say, Jules?” I asked. Her eyes opened slightly, like it was a struggle to keep them open.
“I said that if you had stopped fucking me while I was cumming, I would have snapped your cock like a matchstick.” Her eyes slid closed again, and I slid my unsnapped cock from her still twitching love nest.
I watched her relax in her post-orgasmic bliss. She was an incredibly beautiful girl. I couldn’t help but compare her to my naked sister, who was seated just feet away on the couch. Both were drop-dead gorgeous, just in different ways. Julia was sleeker, tighter, and more athletically built. She was taller, and had smaller breasts. My sister, while still slim and trim, seemed to have been designed by a god with an eye for curves. She was shorter, with larger breasts than my cousin, and with thighs, hips, and ass to match. She wasn’t fat anywhere, by any stretch of the imagination; she just had enough in the right places to be quintessentially feminine. If she was a car, she would have to be a Rolls Royce, hand built by expert craftsman, and designed for beauty.
“Are you still alive down there, Jules?” my sister called to the statue-still form of our cousin.
“Barely. I don’t know what that walking slab of meat that you call a brother did to me, but I think it short circuited my brain.” Her lips formed a peaceful smile. “I don’t think that I had a single coherent thought for two minutes.”
“So you liked it then?” I probed gently.
“Are you really that much of a dumb-ass?” Julia smirked crookedly, as she peered at me through one barely open eye. “You’ll be lucky if I ever let you get farther than fifty feet from me. If I could find a state where it would be legal, I’d marry you this minute.” Her sparkly blue eyes opened fully as she warmed to her subject. “If you ever tried to leave me, I would hide in the bushes and stalk you like you were in a boy band. If I had to be a conjoined twin, we’d be connected…”
“Enough Jules, damn!” Katie giggled musically. “We get it. You had an awesome orgasm. Are you going to start writing my boyfriend love poems?”
“Boyfriend? C’mon K. He may be deep dicking you, but he’s still your brother.” I decided to end this argument before it even began.
“No, Katie has it right. I would be honored to be considered her boyfriend.”
“Yay!” my sister exclaimed. “I have a boyfriend!” Julia’s bottom lip jutted forward in a cute little pout. “Don’t worry Jules, best friends always share with each other.” It never felt so good to be a slab of meat. My sister tapped the couch cushion beside where slouched, wantonly naked. “Come here boyfriend, let your girlfriend take care of that erection. I’ve got just what you need, right here.” She slid her hand down her pale stomach to her red landing stripped pubic mound. She brazenly spread her wet pussy lips apart, revealing the tight tunnel that so many guys have fantasized about, probably while pleasuring themselves.
I stood, and flopped down on the sofa, next to Katie, leaving Julia laying on the floor. My sister reached her tiny hand into my lap, and began to tease my cock. She stroked me slowly, with just a hint of the scrape of fingernails on the underside of my member. I leaned down, and softly joined my mouth to hers. She kissed me back, without hesitation or reservation. When our lips parted, she tugged on my bottom lip seductively with her teeth.
“You need to cum, Jack. Both of us girls have, now it’s your turn.” She leaned over, and took me slowly into her mouth. She took her time, and didn’t try to rush anything. She bobbed her head, taking me as deep into her mouth as she could without gagging. It felt divine, but the most erotic thing about it wasn’t the way that it felt, but it was the look in her eyes as she pleasured me orally. She watched me intently, apparently looking for signs of enjoyment and satisfaction. I couldn’t have hid my enjoyment if I’d tried. She stroked my balls gently, and it felt like the entire length of my rod was burning white hot.
“I want you to cum, but not in my mouth, baby.” She straddled my lap, and wrapped her small hand around my engorged dick. “I want you to cum inside me, Jack. I want to feel it like I did last night.” Julia made a strangled sound in the back of her throat, but I didn’t let it distract me from this nubile goddess.
“I’ll go nice and slow, just like you like it, sweetie.” I felt her swab my head through her puffy lips, gathering lubrication to ease the insertion. She paused, with my hardness at the entrance to her holy-of-holies. “Just remember, Jack. Yours is the only cock that I’ve ever wanted. I’ve dreamed all my life about making love to you. I’ve dreamed about sliding…” She pushed back against my erection. “…your cock inside of me. I’ve dreamed about you cumming inside my pussy, about you making me yours forever.” She continued sliding down my fire pole, until she could take no more inside her. She was almost painfully tight, despite the vaginal Olympics that we experienced last night.
“Oh, god, Jack. You are so big. You fill your little sister’s tight little cunt so completely.”
“Fuck, K. Don’t give him a big head. He’s not that big.” She giggled. “It’s just that your other boyfriend’s dicks were so small in comparison.” I didn’t know whether my cock was big or not. In fact I could barely hear the back and forth of their conversation. I was focused on only one thing: the slippery feel of my sister’s pussy slowly sliding up and down my almost painfully erect penis. This incredible girl, my amazing sibling, continually re-invented the concept of sex for me. It felt like my first time all over again, and I knew that I wouldn’t last long inside this flame haired beauty.
I began to thrust upwards in rhythm with her down stroke, which got an immediate positive reaction from my partner. She began to moan as my cock slowly moved in and out of her sweet little cunny. I didn’t pick up the pace, but I put a little extra force on the end of my strokes, just as I began to bottom out inside her. This elicited a series of grunts at the end of her moans. I could tell by the look in her eyes, and the extra tightness in her pussy, that she was getting ready to cum. Her fingers, which she had been resting on my shoulders for balance, began to dig their nails into my soft flesh. My orgasm temporarily forgotten, she began to ride me faster, matching our rhythm to the one that would allow her the greatest release. Faster and faster she impaled herself on my steel hard shaft, and I gradually increased the force of my own strokes in order to keep up with my rapidly bouncing sibling.
“Oh my god, Jack! Fuck me harder!” Katie screamed this at the top of her lungs, which made me glad that we had no close neighbors. I leaped into action, slamming my cock home with all the brute force that I could muster. Sweat trickled down my back, and my chest from my exertions. After about a minute or two of unrestrained banging, Katie froze in place, crushing my body to hers in a fierce embrace. She didn’t say anything intelligible when she came, but she emitted a high pitched, piercing howl only inches away from my ear drum. Her pussy clenched in an impossibly tight grip on my shaft, and cum gushed forth, soaking my thighs.
I held her tight, and whispered to her. I told my sister how beautiful that she was, how happy that she was making me, and how much that I wanted and needed her. Her body was inhumanly tensed from head to toe. She was so tense that she trembled all over from the exertion. Her eyes were glassy, and her mouth was slack, and her face was blank. After what seemed like an eternity, she slumped limply against me, like a rag doll, shaking. When she could finally draw breath, it came in ragged gasps. I just continued to hold her tight, and gently kissed the sweat slicked slope of her neck.
My cock throbbed inside her, filled with a burning need for release. I had withstood intense orgasms from two tight, teenaged twats; now I needed to cum desperately. I leaned back a little further with her in my arms, and began to gently slide my dick in and out of her tight little honey pot. It still clung to me like a too tight second skin, even after the brutal beating that it had just taken. After a minute or so of slow but steady pumping, I began to feel her respond to my sexual rhythm. She began to ride me, tentatively at first, then with greater vigor, as her orgasm induced lethargy began to subside.
“God damn it, Jack. How the hell did you do that?” she croaked in a low, hoarse voice. I guess that screaming played havoc with her vocal cords.
“How did I do what, exactly?” She began to make her cute little grunting noises again, as I stretched her pussy to bursting with all my length that she could take.
“How did you make me cum like that? I’ve never, ever came like that.”
“I don’t know, K. I just did what felt right, and you enjoyed it. That’s all.” Julia snickered at my dim-witted explanation, but it was the plain, unvarnished truth. A little moan escaped my lips, as she began to flex her vaginal walls in time with the exit of my cock from her pussy. The milking sensation felt phenomenal.
“Oh, you like that?” The feelings were so sudden and intense that audible human speech was impossible, so I just nodded an affirmation to my sibling. “I want you to cum for me Jack. Cum inside your girlfriend’s little twat.” She leaned back a little, opening her quim up slightly for a bit more of my length to fit inside her. She growled a little as she concentrated on making herself as tight as possible for me.

She nibbled my ear, as she continued to talk dirty to me. “Oh god Jack. I want you to fill me up. Make me your slut… make me your little cum slut.” My cock throbbed violently inside her. The combined verbal and physical stimulation was proving to be too much to handle. I was involuntarily moaning in earnest now, as I slowly began to lose control of my body. A tingle started in my balls, and rapidly spread to my stomach, and chest. My legs tensed automatically, my toes curled, and I held her tighter to my chest.
She whispered, “Cum for me, baby,” and my cock bucked, and sprayed my sister’s insides with my thick, sticky semen. I couldn’t keep my eyes open, they seemed to close themselves in time with the throbbing of my shaft. It resulted in a comical blinking as I tried frantically to look at the gorgeous redhead who was receiving almost a days worth of my pent up, teenage spunk.
My breath came out in a rush, as I relaxed my hold on Katie. I hadn’t even realized that I had stopped breathing. Black flecks danced across my vision, as my sister looked at me lovingly. She kissed me on my lips gently, and thanked me; either for the sex, or for the semen. I didn’t say anything, I just hoped that my expression as I stared her in the eye would convey everything that my words could not. She began to tear up again as we looked through each other’s eyes, and into each other’s souls. No matter what I said earlier to Julia, I was rapidly falling in love with this incredible woman. I was falling in love with my sister.
I might have gone on staring at Katie until my parents came home, if it wasn’t for Julia. I could not imagine the ways that I would die if my father found me butt-ass naked on the couch, buried deep inside his “little angel,” with both of us covered in each other’s cum.
“Wow!” Julia exclaimed. “That was so fucking hot. But what ever happened to Two-Condom-Kate?” She turned her stare on me. “Did you know that your sister used to make her boyfriends wear two rubbers, just in case one of them broke? Now you want to be a cum slut? That’s just not like you.” Katie gave her cousin an impatient look, and slid off of my lap, freeing my semi-hard rod from her warm sheath.
“It sounds to me like someone feels jilted,” my sister said. She strode, magnificently naked, over to Julia, who looked half troubled, and half pouty. “You wanted him to cum when he was fucking you, didn’t you?” My sister captured her lover’s lips in a tender kiss. I half expected the hot tempered cheerleader to pull away from the kiss, but apparently the joke was on me, because the kiss only became more passionate. Their kiss was pure sensuality, distilled and packed into the two nubile, naked young women that stood in front of me. At this sight, my half flaccid member started to rise to attention. They broke their kiss, and Julia dropped to her knees in front of Katie.
“I’m going to get some of his cum, one way, or the other.” Julia stated. She dipped her head between my flame-haired sister’s thighs, and started licking at our combined cum that had leaked out of her greedy snatch. She snaked her tongue up to my sister’s slit, and ran her tongue over the wetness. She locked her mouth over her cousin’s honey pot. With a series of exaggerated, audible slurps, Julia sucked all the semen and vaginal secretions that she could from her cousin’s pussy. “Mmmm. You guys taste so yummy together. You two make a great couple.”
“I think that you missed a little, Jules.” My sister managed to get out, amongst the giggles. “I think he came so hard that some got on my pancreas.” Both the girls burst into giggles at this ridiculous statement.
“I get his cum next time, K.” my cousin stated flatly.
“Can I suck it out of you like you did to me?” Katie asked with a wide grin.
“Yeah you can, you nasty cum slut, but I’ll just make sure that your boyfriend cums in my ass.” Julia answered back, with her own shit eating grin.
“You are a nasty whore, Jules.”
“Yeah, but you love me anyway, K.”


I lay awake that night thinking about how that we almost got caught. The three of us were going at it for the second time. I was fucking Katie, while Julia sat on her face. Everything was going great until my sister’s cell phone rang. It was my mom, and she wanted to know what we wanted on our pizzas. My parents had cut their visit short, and were coming home after picking up our dinner. If it wasn’t for my mom’s thoughtfulness, we would have been caught red handed in the living room. I was picturing my own dismemberment at the hands of my father when the door knob to my room turned.

In walked my sister Katie… wearing nothing but a pink belt around her trim little waist.

“Hey, Jack.” she whispered. “Are you awake?” It was a ridiculous question, seeing as my head was raised up, and I was staring at her wide eyed.

“What the fuck are you doing, K? What if mom and dad had seen you like that?”

“You worry too much. They went to sleep two hours ago. You know that they never come out here once they go into their room.” Technically, she was right. My parents had their own private bathroom, unlike our shared one, and my dad kept a pitcher of water in there for him to drink during the night. Still, the uneasy feeling didn’t completely go away. The close call that we had earlier was still fresh in my mind. Luckily my parents hadn’t noticed that we had turned the couch cushions over, because if they would have investigated, they would have found the cushions drenched in my sister’s girl cum. We had immediately opened a window, and set a scented candle to burning. By the time that my parents had pulled up to the house with our pizza, the tell tale scent of our sexual escapades had dissipated.

“What do we have under here?” she said with a smile. She gripped my sheet, and ripped it away from my body. “Boxers, big bro?” She giggled.

“Well not everyone goes to sleep wearing only a pink belt, K.” She fingered the pink belt that rested loosely against her alabaster skin.

“This isn’t for sleeping silly, it’s for gripping.” I must have looked puzzled, because she elaborated after an exasperated sigh at my ignorance. “I want you to fuck me doggy style, and this belt will help you get a little extra leverage.” The vision of me slamming my cock into my sister’s fuck hole from behind flashed through my mind, and my cock started to rapidly rise.

“Katie, if we’re going to do this, you have to be quiet. I don’t want to get caught.” She totally ignored what I said, crawled up into my bed on all fours, and stuck her ass out toward me.

“Most men wouldn’t be talking right now, they’d be fucking me. Don’t you want this?” She rubbed her hand first over çapa escort her ass, and then over her pussy. It was obvious to me that she was already very excited, since a gentle rub spread her wetness over one of her perfect ass cheeks. My eyes roamed over this red headed goddess. Her skin was pale and freckled. Her breasts, ass, and hips were amply curved, and flawless. My dick was rock hard, when she began wiggling her ass invitingly. Sister or not, she was the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen.

She rested her face against the bed, so that she could use both hands to spread her ass cheeks. She arched her back, exposing her dripping wet snatch to me. I required no further encouragement. My boxers hit the floor in record time.

I knew what she needed. She wanted to be fucked as hard as I could manage. My sister liked pain, and while I wasn’t overly experienced in rough sex, I was a quick study. I positioned myself behind my erotically posed sibling, and grabbed her roughly by the pink belt that she wore. I aligned myself with the entrance to her slick tunnel, and used the belt to slam her roughly against me, impaling her on my cock in one swift stroke.

The almost instantaneous filling of her tight little pussy with my thick prick made her scream into my mattress. Luckily, my parent’s bedroom is at the other end of the house, so her muffled cry probably wouldn’t be heard by them. I bottomed out inside her violently with over two inches of man meat sticking out of her passion fruit. I hit bottom inside her so hard that my tip went numb. It was like I had hit the funny bone in my beef bayonet. This hard fucking was strictly for her pleasure, so as long as I didn’t go limp, the numbness didn’t matter. As soon as my cock crashed into the back of her cooter, I pulled out entirely, and pushed forward even harder than before, while simultaneously pulling her by her belt. The resulting crash of our genitalia seemed to push all the breath from her body, because instead of another scream, there was just the sound of her ample ass smacking up against the top of my thighs as I filled her up completely.

Her speechlessness was explained the next time that I thrust forward. Her pussy was clamped as tight as a vice, and only granted admission to a couple of my inches. Pain radiated in my groin from the place where my cock bent almost in half. Her cum squirted out around my trapped shaft, and soaked my sheets. I thought that I might go limp, but it didn’t happen. I continued to stuff her muff as best as I could during her orgasm, because I knew that continued pumping would only increase her pleasure. It was a long, hard orgasm; and when it stopped I paused outside her to give us both a break.

“God, Jack. You make me feel like such a filthy slut.” I didn’t exactly know how to respond to this.

“I’m sorry Katie. I didn’t mean to…”

“Don’t be silly, big bro.” She interrupted me with a chuckle. “I just meant that you make me want to be extra slutty for you.” She peeked around at me, her eyes were riveted to mine. “You know that I’d do anything for you, baby.” She paused, and her eyes sparkled extra bright in the moonlight that steamed in through my window. “Do you want to fuck my ass?” She smiled, and wiggled her ass teasingly. “C’mon Jack. Shove it up your sister’s tight little tail pipe.”

“I dunno, Katie. We need lube and everything. I don’t want to hurt you.” I saw the disappointment on her face.

“We could go slow, sweetie. You know, until you are comfortable. Besides Jack, I like a little pain, remember?” Believe me, I remembered our first sexual encounter, where I brutally took her. At least, that’s the way that I had felt at the time. She did genuinely enjoy it, just like she liked the rough treatment that I had just given her. I had never done anal with anyone but Julia, but I imagined that it would take forever to get a cock as thick as mine inside my sister for the first time, at least without doing great bodily harm to her cute little asshole.

“Why don’t we just do some more of this, K.? I think that we need to wait until we have more privacy to do the butt.” I made my best imitation of her pouty face. “I promise that we’ll do it soon, sis. I just want to make sure that you enjoy it. Didn’t you like the doggy style?”

“Of course, Jack. I just thought that you might like to try something a little different. I don’t want you to get bored with me.” That made me laugh out loud.

“Katie, I don’t think that I’ll ever get bored with you.”

“But you’ve already fucked Julia in the ass.” Now I saw what the problem was. It was all about Katie feeling like she had to compete with her cousin.

“Katie, come up here.” I sat down, and patted the bed beside me. She scooted up wordlessly, only pausing long enough to grimace at the gigantic wet spot that she had made in my bed.

“I’m sorry about that.” I waved her apology away. I laid down, and pulled her in close, so she could put her head on my shoulder.

“Understand the words that are coming out of my mouth,” I said in a cheesy Chris Tucker from “Rush Hour” impersonation. “I like Julia, she’s fun, sexy, and she’s cool. But you…” I paused, and poked her in the chest for emphasis. “… I way more than just like you. If I never had sex with Julia again, I’d be sad, but I would live. But you… I don’t think that I could make it without you.”

She turned over, and hugged me fiercely to her. I heard her sniff a couple of times, and felt the wet splashes of freshly shed tears on my neck. Women. I ran my hand comfortingly over her soft red hair. It smelled like strawberries. I would remember that scent, and this night for the rest of my life.

“I guess what I’m trying to say is… that I love you Katie. I don’t think that I would ever want things to go back to the way that they were.” There, I had said the thing that had been on my mind all day. She just hugged me for what seemed like an eternity, as I waited for her response. Finally, she looked up at me.

“What did you say?” Her eyes glistened with unshed tears.

“I said… understand the words that are coming out…”

“Not that part, asshole.”

“I said that I love you, Katie. I think that I will always love you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.” She looked at me, as if she was trying to figure out if I was telling the truth or not.

“What changed, Jack? Earlier you said that you didn’t love me.”

“That wasn’t what I said at all. I said that I wasn’t sure if I loved you, that’s all. I’ve thought about it all day, and now I am sure. I tried to imagine what life would be like without you, and I just couldn’t. So I thought that I would tell you how I feel.” For a second I thought that I had made a mistake by telling her my feelings, because her eyes blazed like they do when she is royally pissed off.

Her mouth clamped onto mine with a desperation that I had never witnessed in my sibling. She grasped the back of my head as I fought for breath against the crushing force of her soft lips. Slowly, the kiss became softer, deeper, and less frantic. Her tongue slid tentatively into my mouth, gently probing. I sucked it eagerly, and probed her mouth with my own. It was a lot like the kiss that we shared earlier in the day, when I told her that I was interested in exploring a relationship with her. We kissed for an eternity, and only broke our lip lock to catch our breath.

“I love you too, Jack.” My sister managed to spit out, in between gasping for breath. “God, I want you so bad. Will you cum for me again?” That was like asking a one legged hobo if he knew how to hop around. Of course I would cum again for her, especially after the way that I was so rudely interrupted in the middle of sex by my parents, earlier in the day. I didn’t bother to answer, I just rolled over on top of her, and assumed the missionary position.

“Mmm. I like it when you take charge, baby.” I slid my joystick all the way into her cockpit. It was still tight, but it was also highly lubricated. I stopped when I reached the bottom, without bumping her cervix. It was time for me to feel good, not numb.

I started sliding in and out of her tight little love nest slowly, enjoying the delicious way that it gripped my fuck stick. Instinctively, she began to milk my shaft by rhythmically flexing her pussy muscles in time with my motions. It made me cum fast and hard earlier, and she seemed determined to make this a repeat performance. Her fingers ran through my short brown hair as she rubbed my head. I doubted that she could know it, but touching me that way drove me insane with lust.

“Cum for me, baby. Cum for me, Jack.” She urged me on towards orgasm. “Oh, god, baby. Give it to me!” I knew that I only had maybe a minute until my cock would explode inside her like a pipe bomb.

I grasped her around the neck with my right hand, not hard enough to choke, but tight enough that she should get a thrill out of the rough handling. I was correct in my assumption, because as soon as I squeezed her throat, I felt a tremor run through her pussy, and a passionate cry escaped her rosebud mouth. She wrapped her legs around me, pulling me in when I entered her, and squeezing me with her cunt muscles as I exited. I had thought about cumming on her smooth, flat belly, but her leg lock around me left me no choice in where I could shoot my load. After another minute, her vaginal squeezing turned to spasming as she came again. The tightness of her fuck hole, plus the way she looked and sounded when she came put me over the edge. I buried my face in her hair to keep from screaming as my cock bucked repeatedly, buttering my sister’s love muffin. It felt like I buried a huge load inside her, and I was once again thankful for the foresight of my cousin Julia to bring the morning after pill. Katie would definitely need to take it soon, if she hadn’t already.

After my orgasm was over, I collapsed in a heap on top of my sister, gasping for breath. After a second I regained my senses, and realized that I was squashing her tiny body beneath me, and I rolled off her to one side. I reveled in the afterglow of our lovemaking, because that’s what it was. I was with the woman that I loved.

“Wow.” she said simply.

“Yeah.” It was a lame reply, but I couldn’t do any better at the time.

“Do you know that I think about you all the time when I masturbate? Because when I do, I cum harder. Most of the time I actually cum harder like that than I would during sex with my boyfriends.” She giggled at her own frankness.

“I thought that Julia said that you never had an orgasm with Donnie.”

“Well, it is true that he never actually gave me an orgasm, but I would bring myself off when I was with him.” She giggled. “Sometimes I used to fantasize that I was with you. It usually would make me cum really hard. It was so naughty.”

“Do you think that the naughtiness of it all is the reason that it is so good between us? I mean, Amy never made me cum nearly as hard as you do.” She frowned momentarily at the mention of my ex’s name. I knew that there was no love lost between them, and I now had a whole new outlook on the reason that Katie hated her so much: pure unadulterated jealousy.

“I hated that skank. She wasn’t good enough for you.” Her frown turned into a smile as she realized that Amy would never be able to come between us again, either as siblings, or lovers. “But to answer your question, I think that the taboo aspect probably does add a little to the excitement; but I really think that the reason that it is so good between us is because it’s us. I mean, who knows you better than me? We’ve always been close. Now, we’re just… closer.” Her explanation, while simplistic on the surface, actually was brilliant, in it’s own way. She smiled an even bigger grin at my agreement with her. “I think that it’s so good between us because we are meant to be together, siblings or not.”

I cuddled up to her, and buried my face in her fiery hair. I fell asleep, spooning with my sister, while the scent of strawberries danced in my dreams.


I awoke early the next morning to the sound of angry voices coming from the girl’s room, next door. The girls didn’t argue often, but when they did, it was usually an epic blowout.

“… retarded fucking cunt. I should kick your ass for this.” This voice sounded like it belonged to my sister. I wonder what she could be so mad about this early in the morning? I never even felt her get out of bed. The girl was like a ninja.

“It’s not my fault that you are a stupid bitch. I never told you that. You just assumed, and you know what happens when you assume, don’t you?” This voice belonged to my cousin Julia.

“I’m about to assume an ass kicking on you…”

“Girls! Stop fighting! What’s going on?” That was my mom. They must have been fighting even before I woke up in order to get my mother down to this end of the house. One of the reasons that were are able to get away with having sex is because of my parents’ lackadaisical parenting style. They leave us alone, unless we are about to kill each other. I guess she was up early, and decided to find out what the commotion was all about. Sex could sound an awful lot like an argument, so I made a mental note to try and be a little more careful in the future.

I heard some non-committal muttering from the girls, apparently they didn’t want to tell my mom what they were fighting about. I hope that it wasn’t over me. You can never tell what girls will argue about though. Girls are very strange.

“I don’t want to hear anymore of this arguing, girls. I don’t want the rest of our vacation spoiled over your petty disagreements. Understood?”

“Yes, Mom.”

“Yes, Aunt Lucy.”

The door closed, and I heard her footsteps go past my room. There was absolute silence next door. I wondered whether the girls were arguing in whispers, or if they were just being quiet. Hopefully it would all blow over in an hour or two.

That would not prove to be the case. The girls gave each other the silent treatment for the entire day, only communicating with each other with a series of dirty looks, and icy stares. We didn’t get any alone time that day, much to my disappointment. My parents piled us all in the car for a trip to the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum. It would have been mildly interesting to me, but I was distracted because both the girls seemed to be giving me the cold shoulder. I expected them to be out of sorts with each other, but I didn’t think that I had done anything to either of them.

I asked Katie what I did to make her mad at me, and she replied that she wasn’t angry at me, and that I should just drop the subject. I took the hint, and left them both alone for the remainder of the day. Dinner was a tense affair, with only my mother attempting to initiate any sort of conversation. As soon as I was able, I fled to the solace of my room. With all the unpleasantness of that day, I was tempted to lock the door. I decided that maybe one of the girls would like to talk, or maybe do something a little more sexually exciting. I figured that Katie might at least come in for her nightly back rub. I fell asleep waiting for her.

I woke up with a tickle in my nose. It was my sister, the ninja’s hair. The clock read 2 a.m. She had crawled into bed with me and cuddled up, but she wasn’t asleep. I could plainly see that her eyes were open.

“Hey,” I said lamely. Her eyes focused on my face. She was crying. “Katie, what’s wrong? Why are you crying, sweetie?”

“Because I’m a fucking idiot, that’s why.” I waited for her to continue, but instead of talking to me, she rolled over, putting her back toward me. I crossed the three inches that her movement had placed between us, and spooned against her.

“You are not an idiot, K. Is it because of the fight that you had with Julia this morning?” There was a very long pause before she replied. I had almost given up on her answering me.

“You are going to hate me.” She whispered this in a voice so low that I could barely hear it.

“I could never hate you, Katie. Even if you killed me, I would still love you.” Her previous comment was a whisper, but her answer this time was inaudible. I took my face out of her strawberry scented hair, and placed my lips close to her ear. “Whatever it is, we can work it out. What is it that has you so upset?” She took deep breath, then exhaled; like she was getting ready to bungee jump, or cliff dive, and she needed to psych herself up.

“There is no morning after pill, Jack.” Whatever I had expected her to say, that wasn’t it. I was speechless for a few moments. It took a good thirty seconds for the repercussions of this seven word sentence to sink in. She tensed in my embrace, almost as if she expected me to hit her. I had no thoughts of doing this. I had no anger, no pain, I just had one simple question.
“Julia said that she had the morning after pill, so there was nothing for her to worry about. What she failed to explain to me was that the doctors only give you one dose at a time. She took it the morning after you two had sex for the first time; so she’s safe… and I’m not.” Just the effort of the explanation left her shaking in my arms. My arms tightened around my sister to try to reassure her.
“We could always take you to the doctor, and he could give you a prescription for the morning after pill. We do have insurance, that kind of thing would probably be covered.”

“What would we tell mom and dad? ‘By the way, Jack might have gotten me pregnant, when we had unprotected sex, so we need to go to the doctor.’ Somehow, I don’t see that scenario having a happy ending.” I totally agreed with her. If my dad stopped at just kicking my ass until I was the one who needed a doctor, I would be lucky. I ran through the options in my mind, and found none. The only thing that I could think of was to wait and see what happens.

“Katie, I love you.” I kissed her neck gently. She sobbed a couple of times, but I held fast to her. “Whatever happens, we will be alright.”

“But what if I’m pregnant, Jack? I love you too, but is it really realistic for us to have kids together? I don’t want a bunch of half-wits, or flipper babies. I thought that if we ever got to the point in our relationship where we wanted children, we would just adopt, or I would get artificially inseminated, or something.” Even with the gravity of the situation at hand, I was impressed with the amount of thinking that she had put into planning our relationship. If I wasn’t in love with her, I would have said that it was a little creepy.
“Turn over, K. I want to look at your face.” She turned over, and placed her head on the pillow next to mine. She was no longer sobbing, but the tears still trickled down her cute little nose, making a small wet spot on my pillow case. “If you are pregnant we will deal with it. That’s what adults do. Do you still want to be with me?”
“Yeah, Jack. I want that more than anything.” I kissed her lips tenderly.
“Then no more tears, Katie. We will figure this shit out one day at a time.” She nodded, and gave me a sheepish smile.
“For what, K?”
“For everything. I was stupid. It’s all my fault, but you don’t even seem mad at me.”
“Katie, we both did what we did together. You didn’t trick me, or rape me. When you have sex, sometimes the girl gets pregnant. That’s just a fact of life. It’s true that there was a misunderstanding, but sometimes shit just happens
“So you aren’t angry?”
“No. I’m not, and I think that you should make up with Julia. It really doesn’t sound like that it was her fault.”
“No, it wasn’t. It was my fault…” I cut her admission of guilt off with a kiss. When our kiss finally broke, she smiled at me again.
“No more of that. The past is in the past. It’s over and done with, and we can’t change anything that happened. It doesn’t matter who was at fault.” Her smile seemed to brighten up a few thousand watts, dimming the pale moonlight that shined through the bedroom window.
Our lovemaking afterward was slow, just the way that I like it. I think that it was her way of trying to pay me back for being so understanding. It was true that I wasn’t angry with the girls for the mix up, but I was very, very afraid. I was scared not only for Katie and I, but for our hypothetical unborn child. What would it be like to grow up knowing that your parents were brother and sister? What would it be like to raise a child while keeping our true relationship a secret from him, or her? Her orgasm was a pitiful thing, and my own was a long time in coming. No amount of hot teen Kegeling seemed to speed my climax. When I finally came, I pulled out and spurted across her pale, flat belly. She almost looked disappointed, but she never uttered a word about my choice of shooting range. She rubbed it into her skin, and tasted her fingers; but my sister’s heart really wasn’t into her porn star imitation. I guess that we both had more serious matters than sex on our minds.
It was a long time before sleep returned to me. She laid in my arms, with her head on my chest. I heard her almost silent snores for the best part of an hour before darkness claimed me. Unfortunately, things that were much worse than insomnia awaited me in my dreams.


I awoke the next morning after a night of tossing and turning. Much to my delight, Katie had once again taken the opportunity to spend the night in my room. I thought that she might have abandoned me during my restless night, but she had just moved a little bit over on the bed, so that my nocturnal stirrings wouldn’t keep her up all night. I turned over from my side onto my back, and Katie immediately started rubbing my chest, and murmuring sweet nothings to me. I turned my head, and smiled at her. Could I love anyone else more than I loved her?

“Hey, cutie.” She smiled back at me. For someone who had to have had a bad nights sleep, she looked remarkably beautiful. My sister is a very low maintenance kind of girl. She can look absolutely stunning without applying any make up at all. She also spends less time fixing her hair in the morning than some guys that I know. All she has to do is run a brush through her curly red hair, and it looks perfect. If she could bottle what she has, she would have more money than Bill Gates.

“Hey yourself.” She continued to rub her fingers soothingly over my smooth, hairless chest. “You didn’t sleep very well last night, did you?”

“No, I didn’t. I had bad dreams all night, and every time I woke up, I was in a different position. I even thought that I was about to fall out of bed once.” She giggled a little, but worry furrowed her brow.

“It’s about what we talked about last night, about the unprotected sex, huh?” I just nodded. I could never lie to my sister. She had a bullshit detector that was probably more accurate than the ones that police officers possess. “It’s alright, Jack. I didn’t sleep much last night, either. I had a lot of time to think about it.”

“So what did you conclude?” Her pained grimace transformed into a half smile, like she was trying to put on a brave face for me.

“I don’t know, but I can’t see us doing anything different than what you said last night. We just have to wait and see what happens. I should get my period sometime next week; so if I miss it, we’ll go to the doctor then.”

I really felt like shit. If I had only brought some condoms with me, we wouldn’t be in this predicament. A guy should never be without rubbers, because you never know when you might need one. I had never had sex with my ex-girlfriend without wrapping it up, but as soon as my sister said that I didn’t need to wear one, I immediately went along with the idea. Now my sister might have to miss out on college, and raise a child of dubious origin, all because of my lack of self control. I made up my mind to go into town and get some rubbers today, just as soon as I could convince my mom to loan me her car. It might be like locking the barn door after the horse had already escaped, but what else could we do? I didn’t want to be careless. If she wasn’t already pregnant, then we needed to take precautions. My sister and I are usually on the same wavelength, so it wasn’t that difficult for her to pick up on what I was thinking.

“It’s not your fault, Jack. There is no way that you could have known that Julia had only one dose of the morning after pill. If anyone is to blame, it’s me.” I pulled her to me, and held her close to my chest. Our tightly molded bodies didn’t make the fear, and uncertainty go away, but at least it made it more tolerable.

“It isn’t anyone’s fault, K. Sometimes shit just happens.” We didn’t make love that morning, as had become our habit lately. I just held her close until it was almost time for our parents to get up, she then reluctantly returned to her own room. I would be glad when it was time to go to college. Perhaps then we could have better sleeping arrangements.


Although we had a lot on our minds, that day started out to be pretty good. My sister and Julia made up soon after Katie left my room. I listened through the wall as they talked quietly, then cried loudly. I didn’t even have to convince my mom to lend me her car. She was making lasagna, when discovered that she was lacking some of the essential spices. She asked me to go into town to buy them for her. I had thought that the girls could accompany me, so that we would be out of parental oversight. My parents weren’t overly attentive, but they seemed to have planned to spend the entire day doing things with us. My dad nixed the idea of them accompanying me, because he needed them to help him plant flowers. I gave them both a shit eating grin as I pulled away, leaving them both elbow deep in dirt.

It was only a ten minute ride into town, and I occupied myself with listening to the one local radio station. They mostly played classic rock, which wasn’t exactly my thing, but anything that would get my mind off my situation was worth it. I cruised into the drug store, and picked up a jumbo pack of Trojans. Having sex with two women would take some getting used to. I went to the grocery store, and picked up the ingredients that my mom needed: fresh basil, fennel seed, and some Italian parsley. It was only as I neared our vacation house that I realized I had no place to hide that big box of prophylactics. How could I get them from the car, and into the house without my parents seeing them? I had no logical explanation as to why I would need a jumbo pack of condoms when there was no obvious recipient of my sexual attraction. It was then that the devious nature of my mind surprised me. I popped the condoms out of the box and stuffed them down my pants. I stashed the empty box under the seat. I would have to dispose of it later when my parents weren’t paying attention. I dropped the lasagna ingredients off to my mom, and practically ran into my room, where I shut the door.

I had just slipped the condoms into my dresser drawer, when my door opened. It was Julia, who was looking oddly attractive in her soiled gardening clothes. She had worked up a sheen of perspiration, but the sweat did nothing to subtract from her natural beauty. Her light brown hair flowed out from her usual ponytail, and her tight body was proudly displayed in a pair of cut off shorts, and a small white t-shirt. She pointedly locked the door behind her, and crossed the room to me in an instant. Before I could even spit out a greeting, her lips locked onto mine. She kissed me greedily, and I felt her small hands undoing my belt. I was a little alarmed, so I broke the kiss.

“What are you doing, Jules? My mother is right in the next room.” She had my belt loosened, and my pants unbuttoned by this time. One thing about my cousin, when she wanted something, she moved fast.

“Well, I guess that you’d better be quiet when you cum, stud.” She laughed quietly, and flipped her ponytail over her shoulder. “I think that I’d better suck you off, because I’m so horny that I doubt that I could keep the noise down if you stick that monster in me.” I gave her a dubious look.

“The other day, you said that my cock wasn’t anything special, that it wasn’t all that big.” She smiled toothily at me.

“Baby, both your cock, and the rest of you are magnificent. I just said that to fuck with your sister. I wanted to hear Katie say that her two boyfriends had small dicks. It was nothing against you.” To emphasize her point, she slid my pants and boxers down past my knees, exposing my nearly flaccid prick. “Mmm. We can’t have you all soft, now. What? Little Jack doesn’t want me all of a sudden?” She grinned crookedly at me, as she stroked my rapidly inflating shaft with one hand, and rubbed my balls with the other. This young woman knew how to get a man going quickly. “Maybe I need red hair, and a big ass, like your sister?”

She slid my cock into the warm moistness of her mouth. She closed her lips around my shaft, and sucked me gently. My dick went from al dente noodle to steel hard shaft in about one second.

“Is this for me, or should I stop sucking and go get your sister?” I didn’t bother to reply to her teasing line of bullshit, I just grabbed the back of her head, and re-inserted my shaft between her lips. I thought that she might let out a muffled indignity, but she didn’t. She just sucked it happily, and even hummed a little. I rocked my hips forward a little bit, humping her mouth. She took the amount of dick that I gave her, with no problem. I was curious about how far that I could take this. I tightened my grip on the back of her head, and began to gently fuck her mouth. She moaned a little as I touched the back of her throat, but she didn’t choke.

The only times that I have ever heard my cousin to go for thirty seconds without a sarcastic comment, was when I had my dick inside one of her orifices. Instead of talking shit, she greedily opened her mouth wider, and took more of me inside. I actually felt my cock slide past her tongue, and into her throat. It was incredibly tight. I pulled back, and slid it back home. She adjusted the position of her neck, and I felt myself slide even further into her windpipe. Instead of pulling away from me, she actually pushed her face forward until her lips touched my pubic hair. I was being deep throated for the first time ever.

It had been pure pleasure, ever since her saliva touched the head of my dick, but the feeling of her throat made me audibly exclaim, “Oh, god!” Her eyes locked on mine, as if to tell me to be quiet, but she didn’t stop blowing me. She cupped my ass cheeks with both of her tiny hands, and proceeded to use the muscles in her arms to repeatedly force my cock farther down her throat. She would back off just far enough for the sweet spot to slide out of the confines of her throat, then she would push me back inside. I went from being “just excited” to “really, really fucking excited.” This went on for the better part of a minute, before she needed to come up for a breath.

She looked so goddamn sexy, with her saliva dripping down her chin, onto her shirt. She took some deep breaths, like she was getting ready for a really deep dive, and slid me back in. She worked me in and out of her throat another dozen times before she came up for air. Instead of just inhaling me again, she stood up, and began to try and lower her ridiculously tight jean shorts.

“I need your cock in me,” she whispered, and she labored to remove her painted on cutoffs.

“But didn’t you just say that you’d get too noisy?”

“Listen, help me get these shorts off, and fuck me before somebody gets curious as to where I’m at. God, I’m so wet.”

I knelt down in front of her, and gripped her shorts at the bottom, and began to tug along with her. She wasn’t lying, she was really excited. There was a big wet spot on the front of her shorts, right in the middle of her camel toe. Her stomach muscles tensed and relaxed in a very sexy way, and this made me want to get her unwrapped as quickly as possible. After a few seconds of frantic struggling, her shorts slid down her thighs, revealing the fact that she had no panties on. This seemed to be par for the course for my cousin. When I held her shorts still so that she could step out of them easily, I was face to face with her hot muff. I leaned forward, and kissed her just above her tiny patch of light brown pubic hair.

“Baby, I would really like for you to lick me off, but some other time. I need that big cock of yours inside of me… right now.” She pushed my shoulders, indicating that she wanted me to lay down on the floor. My prick throbbed with the need for release, so I wasted no time in complying with her wishes. She straddled me, and began to rub my cock back and forth in her cleft to lubricate me sufficiently. Then it dawned on me… condom!

“Wait, Julia. Shouldn’t we use a condom? I mean, I don’t want to get you pregnant or anything.” She giggled softly.

“You have a lot to learn about women, Jack. You can’t get me pregnant until I ovulate again in a couple of weeks. I took that pill, remember? We are completely fine until the end of our vacation. Besides, I’m kind of jealous that your sister has been hogging all of your sperm. I think it’s time that you shot a load in my belly, for a change.” She gripped my pole firmly, and positioned it at the entrance to her slick tunnel. She shifted her weight, and I felt my shaft slowly start to sink into my cousin’s pretty little cunt. She seemed even tighter than I remembered, but I had no trouble entering her because of her extreme wetness. I wondered what made her so excited, all of a sudden? She continued slowly until no more of me would fit inside comfortably. She wasn’t quite as shallow as Katie, but the ability to fill her up like that did wonders for my self esteem.

“Just relax, and cum whenever you feel like it. You don’t have to hold back to please me, Jack. I’ll probably cum in about a dozen strokes, anyway. But remember, we have to be quiet. We can’t have any of the noise that you make at night when you are with Katie. Remember, Aunt Shelly is right next door.” To be honest, it made it about a million times hotter to know that my mom was in the next room while my cousin and I were fucking.

She began to work me slowly. She didn’t exactly use the up and down motion that is so popular in the porn that I watch. She kind of worked me backward and forward, while rolling her hips at the end. I think that the extra hip motion allowed my shaft to have prolonged contact with her clit. It felt really good to me, but I guess it was exactly what she needed. She was already a little sweaty when she walked in my room, but now her thin t-shirt clung invitingly to all her curves. Her eyes were closed in concentration, and her face had turned red with her exertions. She did know her body well, because after about forty-five seconds of hot cowgirl action, her entire body became unnaturally rigid, and small shudders shivered through her. It was very sexy to see, but it was definitely a joy to feel. Whatever exercises that cheerleaders did to keep in shape seemed to have strengthened her cunt muscles too. It tightened, and spasmed around my invading cock, until it was hard for me to push in, or to pull out. After a few seconds, she finally relaxed, and opened her eyes, and smiled at me.

“Well, that takes care of me, now it’s your turn. Your sister told me what to do to drive you absolutely crazy, and make you cum really fast.” On her next stroke forward, she tightened her pussy almost uncomfortably around my girth. I think that she might have been able to crack walnuts just by Kegeling them. She obviously noticed my facial expression.

“I’m sorry, baby. Was that a little too much?” I nodded, and the next time that I was exiting her, she tightened up a little bit less… and it felt heavenly. I grunted softly at her milking strokes, and she knew that she had me at her mercy. “That’s it, cum for me, Jack. Let me have a dose of your baby batter. Give it to me, baby.” She balanced herself by placing her hands on my chest, so that she could concentrate more on her milking action, than on her rocking motion. This intensified the feeling even more. She even seemed to squeeze slightly when pushing me inside her, giving me the feeling of uninterrupted tightness.

My lovemaking session with Katie last night had been lackluster due to our anxiety, but there was no reason to be anxious now. This beautiful, nubile young woman wanted me to cum inside her. Why did it seem like such a hard thing to do? Just a few days ago, I had accidentally dumped half my load inside her belly because I couldn’t pull out in time. Now, she was totally safe, unable to get pregnant, but I still felt hesitant to do it. My inability to hide my emotions is a curse, and it is definitely something that a savvy, sophisticated girl like Julia would pick up on.

“What’s wrong, baby? Doesn’t it feel good?” There was a look of concern on her face that I usually didn’t associate with my cousin. Why did my pleasure matter so much to her? She never struck me as an exceptionally attentive lover. In our past sexual trysts, she usually did care that I had an orgasm, but not until she had gotten herself off multiple times. Why was this time so different? What was her reason for coming into my room to begin with? Just to blow me? It seemed kind of farfetched. Unless it was another one of those competitive things between her and my sister, or maybe Katie put her up to it. She paused in her grinding, and looked at me questioningly.

“What’s the matter, Jack? Please tell me. What did I do wrong?” The look of pure innocence on her face left me unable to accuse her of just wanting to fuck me because of Katie.

“I don’t know whether I should cum inside you, or not. Given the present circumstances, I’m a little nervous about doing that, Jules.” Her bottom lip immediately jutted out in a classic pouting face. It was really cute because I know that she didn’t mean to do it.

“Please, Jack. Cum inside me just this one time. I’ll do anything for you, if you do it.” Her eyes were glued to mine as she spoke, and she renewed her fucking motions in an effort to rob me of my load.

“Anything?” I said dubiously.

“Yeah, anything. Think of the possibilities; besides, you are the only guy to ever cum inside me, and it was an accident, and you pulled out halfway through. I was too busy thinking ‘oh, shit’ to even enjoy the sensation.” She moaned softly to herself as she rose and fell on my cock. I wondered to myself if it was me who was making her excited again, or if it was the unknown prospects that the promise opened up between us. I quickly made up my mind to fulfill her desire.

“Ok, Jules. But remember what you promised me when it’s time for you to pay up.” She nodded briefly, and bit her lower lip. I could tell by her lack of coordination in her motions, and by the frequency of involuntary spasms in her cunt muscles, that she was pretty close to cumming herself. I wasn’t sure how close I was to cumming, but I knew that I would probably be much closer after her impending climax.

I gripped my cousin by the hips, and instead of being an unmoving participant, like I had been doing, I started to stoke up into her. I heard a couple of muffled obscenities escape her pouty little lips, before she closed her eyes again. I thought about the strange differences between the women in my life. Katie loved to lock eyes with me when she came, Julia closed hers, in what I supposed to be an effort to concentrate on the sensations that she was experiencing. One thing was for sure, my sister would never have been able to remain as silent as Julia did during her orgasms.

Julia stiffened all at once, like an electrical current had been run through her body. She froze in mid-movement as an orgasm tore through her. It wasn’t the feeble trembling that went through her limbs when she came earlier, but full on thrashing motions. It felt like she had snapped my cock in two inside her. How she could tighten up that much without cramping was beyond me. I continued my attempts at stroking in and out of her, but I made very little headway. She expelled air, and sucked back it in rapidly, and in almost total silence. Not one cry or moan escaped her rosebud of a mouth. After a good forty-five seconds of non-stop thrashing, she slumped against me, spent.

I allowed her to rest for about a minute, but I knew that I had to achieve my orgasm quickly, because time would soon run out. Whatever excuse Julia had used to get away from my father would expire soon, and he might come looking for her.. The best case scenario was that she could sneak away, and I would have to finish myself off, which wasn’t an attractive option. Julia had a wet and willing pussy that she was practically begging me to fill up. I slid out from under her, and lay beside my panting lover. I pulled her on her side, and hugged her back to me. I could still faintly catch the scent her shampoo over top of the smell of sweat and topsoil.
I scooted down a little bit, and slid my cock back up inside of her. This set off another series of minor spasms inside her, which seemed to breathe life into her once again. This position allowed for a little less motion on her part, but allowed me to enter her a little deeper, and at a different angle. A moan did escape from her then, but it wasn’t loud, and would not have been heard outside of my room. With her legs together like that, she was impossibly tight, even without her muscle squeezing voodoo. I stroked for about a minute, then I had an idea. I rolled her over onto her belly, crushing her tiny frame beneath me.

I straddled her hips, and took her doggy style, on her belly, with her legs together. I don’t know if she was flexing her muscles, or not, but she was insanely tight in this position. Luckily, she was so well lubricated that it wasn’t uncomfortable to me, just very snug. She moaned a little too loudly when I sank my shaft even deeper inside of her love mound. I covered her mouth with my hand, and set a slow pace. I used strokes powerful enough to overcome the pressure of her pussy walls, but not strong enough to bottom out hard inside her. This was all about me, and I didn’t want to deaden the feeling in my most important appendage by beating it against her cervix. I let go of her mouth, when I was sure that she wasn’t going to make a bunch of noise, and I used that arm to brace myself in a kind of swaybacked push-up position. This afforded me a little more leverage because I could kind of swing myself backwards and forwards. This required me to be up on my toes the entire time. I had never before thought of sex as particularly athletic in nature, but as I pushed all my mass and energy into inserting my rod into her teeny tiny space, I gained a new respect for the level of fitness that professional porn stars must achieve to excel in their chosen profession.

However much Julia enjoys being in control of sex, and getting her way; she enjoys being taken even more. She started to amp up for another orgasm, even as I was approaching mine. It was impossible for her to do much of anything in her position, other than to poke her ass up in the air a little, in order to give me better access to her fuck hole. But she did this small thing with all the vigor that she’d shown earlier, when she tried to swallow me into her stomach. I repeatedly lunged and retreated, and although I tried to hold back my impending explosion until after Julia had her next climax, I found that I simply could not do it. I felt a tremendous pressure in my balls, then a tingling, then my cum rushed up my meat stick and into my cousin’s belly. All of my strength seemed to flood out of me, and my weight crushed down on top of her, pinning her lithe little form to my bedroom floor. It didn’t matter to Julia, because the sensation of my semen exploding inside of her for the first time sent her over the edge. It wasn’t as intense of an orgasm as her second, but it was still better than the first one that she experienced.

We lay sprawled in a heap, on the blue bedroom carpet, both of us exhausted, and panting for breath. She wasn’t the only one who was sweaty now. I had worked up quite a bit of perspiration myself, and it had mixed with the topsoil on her shirt, and discarded shorts to make quite a mess.

“Goddamn, you are good at this. How many girlfriends did you say that you’ve had?” She smiled at me coyly.

“Just one,” I replied. “Other than Katie.”

“Bullshit. There is no fucking way that you could have got that good at sex by only fucking Amy. C’mon.”

“Well, I watch a lot of porn. Does that count as experience?”

“I dunno, Jack. Maybe. But damn!” She looked me over for a minute, as if she was sizing me up. I couldn’t help but smile like a smug bastard. “Can I tell you something, without you getting a big head about it?”

“Are you going to tell me that I have a big dick, again?” I smirked at her.

“No, you dumbass!” She punched my arm hard enough to elicit a small yelp of pain. “I knew that I would regret telling you that, so just forget it.”

“Awww, come on, Jules. What?”

“No, because if I compliment you, it will just give you an even bigger head than you have now.”

“You seemed to have been enjoying my big head a whole lot a couple of minutes ago.”

“See, just like I said. You are so full of yourself.” She tried to sound stern, but she ended up giggling anyway.

“Technically, I think that you are the one who is full of myself, because that was one huge load, if I say so myself.” She laughed again, but quietly enough so that it wouldn’t alert my mother. She reached down, and started playing with the juices that were leaking out of her cunt. She dipped a finger into a particularly messy spot that had ran onto her leg, brought it to her lips, and sucked it erotically.

“Do you want a taste?” she asked me, and held out another finger full of spunk in my direction.

“No thanks, I’ll pass on that.” She giggled, and popped her finger into her mouth again.

“You don’t know what you are missing. Haven’t you ever been the least bit curious about how you taste?”

“No, not really. Stop trying to change the subject, and give me your damn compliment, woman.” She laughed again at the mock commanding tone that I used.

“Well…” she started, “I’ve been with a few guys. Not a lot, but some.”

“Yeah. Go on.” She visibly squirmed. I could tell that she didn’t want to give me this compliment. Maybe she felt that it would relinquish some kind of power that she held over me.

“Okay. Here it is. Nobody that I have ever been with has ever rocked my box like you have.” After she dropped this bomb on me, she paused to examine my expression, so that she could try to read what I was thinking. I could see why she wouldn’t want me to know that little factoid. Up until that moment I had never knew why she continued to have sex with me. Maybe it did relinquish a little bit of her power over me. I kept my face blank, even though I was giving myself high fives inside.

“Well?” She stared intently at me. I finally smiled. Not a smug smile, or a “now I get it” smile, just a friendly, regular old Jack smile.

“You are fucking incredible, Jules. I didn’t think that I even needed to tell you that.” By the way that her face lit up at the compliment, her self esteem wasn’t as astronomically high as I had once thought. She was a very complex girl, my cousin, and I was just starting to scratch the surface of her inner being.


Our third episode in a row of “The Chappelle Show” was going off, and I just couldn’t take it any longer. I had been throwing hints at my cousin Julia, and sister Katie, that it was time for bed for the last hour, but I had been unceremoniously ignored by the both of them. My mom and dad had stayed up uncommonly late, and were sitting at the kitchen table talking quietly to themselves. I don’t know what was up with my parents, but I hate it when anything out of the ordinary is going on. The oldsters staying up past midnight definitely qualifies as out of the ordinary. I tossed the remote control into my cousin Julia’s lap.

“Fuck this, I’m going to bed.” For some reason, the girls found this remark hilarious. I stood up with a huff, and walked out of the room, without a backward glance at my two lovers. My sister had made several vague comments earlier that led me to believe that she was wanting sex tonight, or that all three of us would possibly be getting together later for some fun. I was a little discouraged at their lack of interest, but I was sure that they would come around looking for sex sooner, rather than later. Both of those beauties seemed to have sex drives equal to, or greater than my own. So if I was horny, I probably wasn’t alone.

I closed my bedroom door, and stripped off all of my clothes. I used to sleep in only my boxers, but since the girls had begun wandering into my room, at all hours, looking for sex; I had taken to sleeping in the buff. It just made things easier for all concerned. I opened my window, turned out the lights, and climbed into bed. It was about four minutes until the girls passed by my room, giggling at some joke that I didn’t hear. I heard the bathroom door, then the shower running, and then the bathroom door, again. It was about five minutes later when the door to my room opened, admitting my sister, Katie.

“Hey, sweet brother. Can I get a back rub?” Katie was looking very beautiful tonight. She was fresh out of the shower, and her pale skin still retained some of the pink hue generated by the hot water. She was wearing a small pair of lacy pink panties, and a tiny pink t-shirt that left her midriff bare. It was apparent that my sister wasn’t wearing a bra, because her erect nipples stood out from her ample breasts like cotton covered pencil erasers. Her long, curly red hair was still damp, and had been hastily pulled back into a ponytail.

“Sure, K. You know that I can never say no to you. Climb on in.” A brilliant smile appeared on her face, and she walked over to the bed, putting a little extra sway in her hips for me. She turned around, proudly displaying her beautiful round ass to me. Her pink panties were very small, and high-cut. The lacy fabric left very little to the imagination, as they clung magnificently to every curve. I felt my cock start to rapidly expand in response to my beautiful sibling. She laid down next to me, on her stomach, which emphasized her beautiful bubble butt even more. Katie is gorgeous, and I love everything about her, but her ass is a work of art; designed, and sculpted by God himself. I reached out, and trailed my fingers softly across the exposed flesh on her backside. It must have felt really good to my sister, because she broke out in goose bumps along the back of her thighs, and up across her hips.

“Oh, wow, big bro. That feels awesome. I love it when you touch me softly.” She made a meowing sound in her throat that would have made any cat in heat proud. “God, for years I used to get so out-of-my-mind horny, and when you’d rub my back… Well, I’d be laying there next to you, and my pussy would be so damn wet. I would have to get up, go back to my own room, and finger myself until I came, all the while thinking about you just touching me. You have no idea, Jack; how much that I wanted you to be the one fingering me. I wanted you to be my first lover. I just didn’t know how to make it happen.” Katie turned her head, so that she could look into my eyes.

“Katie, don’t you think that I wished the same thing? Don’t you think that I now realize just how much time that I wasted with Amy? If I could take it all back, and only be with you, I would; in a heartbeat.” My sister sighed, and I saw her eyes mist up at my confession. “You think that I never had naughty thoughts about you, while I was rubbing your back? You would lay there, and moan so fucking sexy. Damn, K, how could any man not want you?” My little sister smiled mischievously.

“So did you ever jerk off while thinking about me?” Her eyes were big with expectation, and I knew that I should lower my head, and tell her the truth.

“The truth? Yeah, K. I do.” A smile spread across her beautiful face. I could tell that she this made her happy.

“Did you do it just once, or a bunch of times?” She giggled a little, but it seemed to be more from nervousness, than from amusement.

“I jerked off plenty of times thinking about you. I even pretended that Amy was you sometimes, when I was having a hard time cumming during sex.” This made her eyebrows raise. By the look on her face, this was more than she hoped for.

My cock was becoming painfully hard at the close proximity of my hot little sister. I needed her desperately. I stroked my fingers across her panty-clad ass, up to the exposed part of her back. I don’t even know why she bothered to put on those skimpy clothes, unless it was to further entice me. If that was her reasoning, it definitely worked. I started to slip my fingers under the delicate pink lace, when there was a knock at my door.

“Jack, I need to talk to you. Are you awake?” Oh shit, it was my dad! The first thing that went through my mind was that he knew about Katie and I, but that was ridiculous. He shouldn’t suspect a thing. I quickly turned on my side, to hide my erection; and threw the corner of the bed sheet that was covering me over top of my sister, effectively covering her skimpy lingerie. It wouldn’t have been out of the ordinary for Katie to be get her back rubbed while wearing only her underwear, because she flounced around the house in her panties all the time. She also never wore a bra when she was trying to be comfortable, only t-shirts, so there was no problem there. But the French cut lace that she now wore was a little more sensual that the cotton ones that she tended to wear around the house, and I didn’t want to plant any suspicions in my father’s mind. I started rubbing her back sedately, as if I really didn’t enjoy doing it; but instead, that I just wanted to be nice to my little sister. Katie gave me an understanding grin.

“Come on in, dad. It’s open.” My father is a physically imposing man. All six feet, six inches of him walked in the door. I always wanted to be even taller than he was, but I seriously doubt that I will grow any taller than my current height of 6’3″. I guess that I have a little too much of my mother in me. My mom, like Katie, is only a couple of inches over five feet.

“Kids, we have an emergency at home.” I hate to admit it to myself, but deep down inside, I was relieved at this news. Thank god. He didn’t know about our incestuous relationship. “Your great aunt Barbara is in the hospital, and it doesn’t look good.” I could tell by my dad’s grave expression that he was very worried.

“Is there anything that we can do to help out, dad?” Katie’s voice was appropriately concerned, but I knew that she didn’t like my dad’s aunt any better than I did. She was always overly critical of my sister, and it was plain that Julia was definitely her favorite niece. Nothing that my sister did was good enough for Aunt Barbara, at least in comparison to Julia’s accomplishments. Fortunately, the two girls were so incredibly close to each other that no amount of favoritism, or discrimination could separate them. I hated the way she tried to play the girls against each other since we were little kids, so I never really liked her much either. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t want anything bad to happen to her. After all, she was still family. Call me selfish, but I hated the idea of cutting the best week of my life short because of her poor health.

My sister’s eyes were locked onto mine, and I could tell that she knew what was about to happen as well as I did. It was totally stupid, but I just felt an acute sense of dread. It was like the bond that Katie and I had formed with each other might vanish at the end of this vacation. It was a stupid thought, because this wasn’t a fairy tale, this was real life, and real love. I was in love with my sister, and she returned my feelings with, if anything, a greater intensity. She claimed to have been in love with me for years; my love for Katie was incredibly strong, but my realization of those feelings was only a few days old. I had no rational explanation for the inexplicable sense of dread that I was experiencing, but I knew that I didn’t want this vacation to end.

“No, Kitten,” my dad said gently, “it’s all up to the Lord now.” He sighed, and I prepared for him to drop the bomb. “We need to talk about the arrangements for our trip, though.” Here it comes. “The way that I see it, we have two choices. Either we can all pack up tonight, and we can all leave early tomorrow morning, or Jack can drive your mother and I into town tonight, and we can get a rental car. You kids can finish your vacation time, and drive home on Sunday, like we originally planned.” This was certainly not what I expected, and by the size of Katie’s eyes, she hadn’t anticipated this development, either. My dad was offering us two entire days of unsupervised freedom. The possibilities were endless. Katie nodded her head almost imperceptibly.

“You want me to drive you guys into town, tonight?” I asked skeptically, still unable to believe this incredible twist of events. Katie looked like she had an intense desire to smack the shit out of me. I guess that it was a dumb idea to give my dad a chance to renege on his offer.

“Yes, unless you kids want to leave tomorrow? We kept you busy working all day today. You’ve only got to go to the lake once since you got here. It wouldn’t be fair to ask you to come home now. Your mother and I can go back, and you guys can relax for an extra couple of days. After all, you are all adults, and we’ve raised you kids to take care of yourselves.” I didn’t make the same mistake twice. I readily agreed.

“Sure, dad. When were you going to be ready to go? I’ll need a few minutes to get dressed.”

“Julia and I will want to come too.” Katie piped up quickly. “We can’t let you and mom go home without a proper send off.”

“Ok, kids. Your mother has already started packing, and I have to call AAA, and the car rental company, so it’ll probably be about an hour before we can leave.” My dad patted my sister’s damp curly hair, and exited the room, having closed the door behind himself. Katie slowly sat up in bed, exposing an ample amount of pale freckled cleavage.

“Do you know what this means, Jack?” She whispered quietly, but her eyes were wild with excitement.

“Yeah, baby. We can finally be together without sneaking around.” I kept my voice down, just in case my dad wasn’t out of earshot. I was unprepared for Katie’s reaction. She launched herself to me, mashing her mouth against mine with the most hungry kiss that I had ever felt.

My mind felt completely empty of conscious thoughts; rather, it was totally enveloped with my feelings of love, and lust for my sister. I wanted her, to possess her; mind, body, and soul. I may not have been her first, but I planned on being her last. The intensity of her kiss was proof that my wish had been granted. She was indeed mine. Without meaning to, I found both of my hands on her bare ass. Unconsciously, I had slid them under the sheer fabric of her panties. Since we had been underneath the same sheet, our bodies were now molded together. Only the thinnest pieces of lace, and cotton separated our bodies. It was as if someone had lit a fire in my brain, and it had burnt away all reason, leaving only my animalistic urges, that were totally out of control. Something similar must have possessed Katie, because she continued to kiss me with a passion that I had never felt from her, or Julia, until now. She ground her pussy against my hard cock with urgency, as if she had to prove her undying love to me through the most intimate of acts.

Her movements progressed from excited grinding, to a blatant attempt to mount me, despite the small scrap of a lacy barrier. I stopped devouring her mouth, and trailed kisses and nips down her cheek, to her neck. Katie never uttered a word. She just reached down, pulled her panties to the side, and slid my cock inside her, all in one smoothly choreographed motion. She sighed contentedly, as I entered her. Like always, my sister’s vagina was amazingly tight, but her slick secretions made our frenzied coupling possible. My fevered brain only had one goal in mind, to cum as fast as possible. The fact that this orgasm would be achieved inside my sister, while both of us were totally unprotected, never occurred to me; or probably to her, either. She was driven by the same insane desire as I was, to satisfy the most primal of urges.

She rode me with an urgency that I had never previously experienced. There was absolutely none of the talk that usually occurred during our sex sessions. While making love, we would instruct each other exactly how that we wanted to be touched, or exactly what actions felt good. Now, she used my cock exactly the way that she wanted, she had total control, and her orgasm wasn’t long in coming. The urgency of our lovemaking excited me immensely. As soon as her pussy began to contract with her mind bending orgasm, I came; dumping a huge load of my seed into my sister’s belly. My orgasm was so intense that I could not keep my eyes open, to watch her face. Luckily for us, I couldn’t even cry out. I just had to ride it though, until it was over. My cock stopped twitching, but she continued to spasm around me, her pussy clenching rhythmically, further milking me. Her orgasm continued for an incredible amount of time. She too seemed to have been robbed of the ability to utter any sound. Her face was frozen in silent ecstasy, until her body slumped against mine.

We both were short of breath, but I had finally regained my speech ability. I had absolutely nothing to say, however. She too said nothing, but grinned down at me. Her little pink shirt clung even more enticingly to her body, because it was drenched in our sweat. Deeper pink patches had appeared under, and between her breasts, and along her back. Since she was fresh out of the shower, she didn’t even smell sweaty, it just brought out the scent of her raspberry body wash.

When she finally was able, she leaned forward, and kissed me. It wasn’t the same kind of kiss that we shared a few minutes ago, it was devoid of the previous intensity, but was a little more sisterly. She stood up on wobbly legs, and adjusted her panties so that they covered her dripping wet slit. She smiled at me, but her grin looked both apologetic, and mysterious at the same time.

“I love you, Jack. More than life itself. Never forget that.” With that enigmatic pronouncement, my sister turned, and walked out of the room. Both her cryptic vibe, and my premonitions about the doom of our budding relationship, dissolved the afterglow that I usually experienced after sex. The sense of insane lust, and purpose had left my mind, and the only thought that emblazoned itself on my mind was that I had just ejaculated inside my unprotected sister, yet again. If she wasn’t pregnant before, she damn well might be now. The only positive thought in my mind was the advice that I gave Katie: what is already done cannot be undone.

I was lost in thought as I pulled on my clothes. It was about a twenty minute drive to town, and I had about forty-five minutes until it was time to leave. Some time within the next two hours, I would be completely alone with Katie, and Julia. My sister and my cousin. My two lovers.


I had thought that my dad would drive into town, and that I would drive the Escalade back to the vacation house. But I guess that he wanted to rest for those extra few minutes, because he handed me the keys, and climbed into the passenger side, all the while deep in thought. The girls rode in the back seat, along with my mom. Julia’s hair was still damp, since she had taken a shower while Katie and I were having sex, earlier. I still didn’t know how to feel about our earlier encounter. It was almost like Katie didn’t care if she got pregnant, or not. I don’t really think my feelings were fair to my sister, because I had been a more than willing participant in our frenzied lovemaking.

I looked over at my dad. He was so tall that his head almost touched the roof of the Cadillac SUV. He looked really tired, but I guess that he should, since he worked outside all day doing landscaping. He still had four hours of driving ahead of him, and I didn’t envy him that. I had never thought of my dad as old, or as having any weaknesses. He was the toughest man that I knew. He had been a golden gloves boxing champion when he was young, and he was base champion twice when he was in the Army. My dad wanted me to follow in his footsteps, but I never seemed to have the coordination for boxing.

“Thanks for letting us stay until Sunday, mom and dad.” Katie said. I glanced into the rear view mirror, and I saw her and Julia lock eyes, in a knowing gesture. They both had impish grins on their faces.

“I know that you kids can take care of yourselves for a few days, Kitten.” For some strange reason, my dad had nicknamed my sister Kitten when she was only one year old. “Besides, I know that we raised you both right. We don’t have to worry about you guys throwing any wild parties, do we?”

“No!” all three of us chanted in unison.

The drive to town was completely uneventful. The roads were almost abandoned. We only passed one car on the way. My mom never said a word, and I thought that she would probably sleep most of the way home. We pulled into the rental car agency, but had to wait for almost ten minutes until the agent arrived. The rental place wasn’t usually open at this hour, but it was an emergency, so AAA Travel Services had called the poor guy at home, and rousted him out of bed. My dad went inside for about ten minutes, and he came out with the keys to a blue Toyota Camry. I helped my parents load their luggage into the trunk, and watched them drive off into the night. We were finally free!

All three of us climbed back into the white SUV, and headed back to the house. Curiously, neither of the girls rode shotgun, since they both piled into the back seat. I decided against listening to the satellite radio, in favor of plugging my ipod into the docking station, which played through the car speakers. Instead of my usual hip-hop, I played some Taylor Swift, which I knew to be a favorite of the girls. We were listening to “You Belong to Me,” when my suspicions were confirmed. I looked into the rear view mirror, and I saw the girls kissing in the backseat. It was hard to look away, but I didn’t want to run off the road, and kill us all. I heard a smack, as their lips broke apart.

I saw a lot of motion out of the corner of my eye, and a raspberry scented shirt hit me in the head, covering my right eye. I pulled it off, and tossed it into the floor.

“Hey, girls. Please keep your clothing to yourself.”

“You’re just jealous, Jack.” Julia chirped. “You know that you want to join in.” A pair of small shorts whizzed past my head, and hit the windshield. They were teal, and looked too small for my sister’s big gorgeous ass to fit in, so they must be Julia’s. I heard more rustling in the backseat. The there was a loud smack, and my cousin moaned. “Oh god, Katie. Use your mouth on me, you filthy whore.” I looked into my mirror at the girls, and they were both gloriously naked, and stretched out on the big leather back seat, in a 69. I heard wet noises, and lips smacking. I glanced back at the road, and realized I was over the line into the next lane. I quickly swung the SUV back on course, jostling the girls in the backseat.
“What the fuck, Jack?” It was my sister’s voice, but instead of criticism, Katie quickly became distracted. “Oh, yeah, Jules. Just like that, bitch.” I heard my sister moaning softly. It didn’t take a fucking genius to figure out what was going on in the back seat.

“What the fuck, K?” Julia screamed.

“Huh?” my sister said distractedly.

“Why does your dirty snatch taste like cum, bitch?” My sister giggled.

“I guess that you aren’t the only one that got a quickie from Jack today…” Katie’s voice cut off with a loud squeal. “That’s my asshole, slut!” I looked back and saw Julia furiously fingering my sister’s virgin asshole. “Oh, god, Jules!”

Katie’s back curved in ecstasy as Julia’s fingers and tongue did their work. Both of my cousin’s hands were working. Apparently, she was fingering both her asshole, and her pussy. Her face was locked on my sister’s clit, and Katie snatch was making exquisite little squelching noises. It was too much for my little sister.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck, Jules. You’re going to make me fucking cum.” Julia was laying flat on the seat, and Katie was grinding her snatch hard against Julia’s mouth, as she was being fingered. My sister let out an animalistic howl when she came. The liquid sounds of her cum squirting against Julia’s face, and on the leather of the seat was plain, even with my sister’s screams. My cock had risen to it’s full length in my shorts, and threatened to bump against the steering wheel, despite the immensity of the SUV’s cockpit.

Once Katie’s orgasm had died down, Julia tried to say something, but it was muffled my sister’s dripping slit. Katie still humped her cousin’s face furiously, not even pausing when I had to swerve again to re-adjust our course.

“Make me cum again, Jules. Please? I’m so close, and so goddamned horny.” Apparently, this was not an uncommon event in their lovemaking, because the sound of my sister’s pussy getting fingered never wavered. She looked so fucking wild, and beautiful. Her curly red mane was disheveled, and her face was flushed pink from her passionate exertions. Katie looked into the rear view mirror, and locked eyes with me. “Jack, sweetie, you know that I love you, right?”

“Yeah, baby. I know. I love you too.” I did love this gorgeous woman, with all my heart.

“I need your cock, baby.” Her eyes blazed, and I could tell that she was deadly serious.

“Sure, K. We’ll be home in about ten minutes.” She shook her head furiously.

“No, Jack. I mean right now! Pull over, sweetie.”

“Yeah, dumbass. I want it too, and I can’t wait ten fucking minutes.” Julia’s voice still sounded muffled, like Katie’s muff was still partially covering her mouth. I couldn’t believe that I was even contemplating this, but I slowed down, and pulled over onto the shoulder. I had never considered having sex out in public before, but having sex in close proximity to my parents the last few days seemed to have brought out some unknown exhibitionist tendencies. Both girls were now sitting up, and both were gloriously naked, as they sat on the black leather backseat. Julia was tall, slim, and athletic; Katie was shorter, curvier, but still in excellent shape; and somehow, both of these women wanted me. I was the luckiest guy in the entire fucking world.

I parked the SUV well away from the flow of traffic, and switched on my hazard lights. I figured that it was better to be safe than sorry, and I didn’t want some truck driver to accidentally plow into the Cadillac, because he couldn’t see us. I turned around, and looked into the back seat at the girls. Both of them were practically bouncing up and down with unbridled excitement.

“Don’t just sit there, dumbass.” Julia taunted. “Get back here, and fuck us.” She didn’t have to ask me twice. I started around the truck to my sister’s side, but when I opened the door, it was Julia who slid out, wearing nothing but a pair of flip-flops. She gave me a crooked smirk. “What? You wanted your little girlfriend first, stud?” She took my blank expression as an affirmation. “Well, it’s my turn, because that skank already came once.” My cousin turned around, leaned back in, over the seat, and poked out her firm little ass. Katie poked her head out overtop of Julia’s back.

“Hey slut, I was just about to cum. Why can’t I go first?”

“Jack can last long enough for both of us, K. By the time he gets to you he’ll be about ready to cum. You know how much you like his cum inside of you.” Laughing to herself, Julia looked back at me, and smiled. She poked her ass out at me, again. “What do you need, Jack, an engraved invitation? Take me, big boy!”

I moved in close behind my cousin’s tight ass, and gave it a slap.

“Oh yeah. Spank that dirty whore’s ass, Jack.” My sister cheered me on. The glow from the Cadillac’s interior lights made my sister’s pale, freckled skin shine. Her firm, ripe breasts bounced as she laughed. “Spank that bitch harder, she’s been very fucking bad.” I brought my hand down on her bare butt again, leaving a red hand print on her soft skin.

“Oh god, Jack. I’m such a dirty slut, and I deserved to be punished.” She moved both of her arms, and lay face down on the seat, with her head tilted to the side. She brought one tiny hand around, and began rubbing her clit. I spanked her again, as she jilled herself furiously. My sister grabbed Julia by her light brown ponytail, and pulled very hard. This motion flattened her torso to the seat, and it brought her up onto her tip toes. This rough treatment elicited a gasp, and an “Oh my god” from our cousin.

“Punish her, big brother. Punish her with your big, long cock.” I saw Julia’s elbow moving at the speed of light, as she diddled herself. Her legs began to shake. I’m not sure if it was in anticipation of great sex, or if it was her uncomfortable position, but I’d like to believe that it was the former. I reached down, unbuckled my belt, pulled my jean shorts, and boxers down to my ankles.

“Oh god,” Julia moaned, “please take me, Jack.” I pushed my cock down, underneath her ass, and felt her wetness against my tip. Her pussy was sopping wet, and ready to be speared. But I didn’t just want to fuck her; I wanted to take her, to possess her. I wanted Julia to desire me like no other woman has ever wanted another man. I rubbed my head between her slick folds, to lubricate myself, and pushed inside her in one violent motion. A guttural cry escaped into the night, as I violated her tight little pussy. I pulled back out, and slammed forward with all my considerable bulk, bottoming out painfully inside my cousin. The gigantic SUV actually rocked with the force that I applied to her tiny fuck hole. On the third stroke, she screamed loudly and came, her legs collapsing beneath her. I ignored the mind numbing tightness of her snatch. I continued to plow my cousin mercilessly, as she danced on her toes through her entire screaming orgasm. I patted myself on the back proudly about the small amount of time it took me to make her cum; but, I guess that her frantic fingers deserve at least part of the credit.

I tried to hold her wiggling hips in place as she danced on the spot, but I was unsuccessful. I pulled back a little too far, and I slipped out. When I pushed forward again, she was no longer standing as high on tippy toes, which dropped the altitude of her beaver slightly. I pushed forward hard, and in her new position, my forward motion made me push into her miniscule puckered asshole. I felt the wrongness almost instantaneously, but the momentum that I had generated in my forward movement could not be halted, which meant that before I could react, I had buried myself up to the hilt in her tight little sphincter.

“OH FUCK, JACK!” Julia screamed. Her tailpipe was ultra snug, since I had not stretched her out in any way, and the only lubrication that I had was what I had from her pussy. It felt so good that instead of pulling out all the way, I pulled back, and inserted myself, causing her to howl again. She struggled beneath me, but I held her down, and pummeled her ass fiercely.

“Plow that whore’s ass, Jack. Give it to her.” My redheaded sister cheered me on as I plundered her best friend’s back door. The friction was becoming intense, so I pulled out, spread her ass cheeks, and spit a big glob of saliva into her stretched anus. It only gaped for a second, then it contracted as soon as she flexed her muscles. Katie had been perched on the seat, fingering herself, but she was so cock hungry that she could no longer only be a spectator. She climbed over Julia’s back, with the look of a hungry jungle cat in her eyes. She wrapped her tiny hand over my steel hard shaft, and guided it into her waiting mouth. The difference in the sensations that I had experienced in the last thirty seconds was like night and day. I had went from the dry confines of my cousin’s sphincter, to the moist enclosure of my sister’s mouth.

“Oh god, K.” I couldn’t help but moan at the intense feeling, and at the taboo nastiness of what my sister was doing.

“What is she doing? Is she sucking your cock?” Julia couldn’t see what Katie was doing, since she was face down, and beneath my sister. I didn’t answer my cousin’s questions, because I too, like the girls, had become lost in a sexual frenzy. I wasn’t satisfied with just getting head from my sister, some primal part inside me needed to take it. I grabbed a couple of handfuls of Katie’s curly red locks, and began thrusting myself forcefully into her mouth. At first, she wasn’t prepared for it, so she gagged a little; she then relaxed, and received me into her mouth, with apparent joy. She looked up at me, and her eyes glistened in the moonlight as I used her. I was her brother, her man, and her lover.

“You nasty slut,” Julia managed to say over top of her giggles. “I never thought Two-Condom-Kate would ever go ass to mouth.” Katie couldn’t reply to her best friend, and lover, since she had a mouth full of man meat. I pushed my cock all the way into the back of my sister’s mouth, and I felt the back of her throat bump my head. I wrapped my right hand around the back of her head, and pushed my cock into the constricting depths of her throat. She gagged a little, but I just ignored it, and continued inserting myself deeper.

I was so consumed with fucking my sister’s face, that I barely felt her move, as Julia slid out from beneath her. This left Katie laying down on her belly, with her legs bent so that her dainty feet were up in the air.. Her porcelain skin looked very erotic against the black leather upholstery. Her head hung half way out of the car, as I used her mouth like a very tight, and very wet pussy. Julia sat on the edge of the back seat, next to my sister’s tiny waist. She scooted a little to the side, then pushed her right hand around Katie’s beautiful ass, and began to move her hand in between my sister’s parted thighs. I could tell by her motions, and by the squishy sounds, that she was fingering Katie’s fuck hole with abandon.

“Use her, Jack!” Julia exclaimed. “Just take what you want from that slut, she will fucking love you for it.” I looked down at my sibling, who was currently taking my cock down into her windpipe. I paused until she began to blink rapidly, and tiny tears leaked out the sides of her eyes. I pulled back, allowing my sister to breathe once again, and her eyes locked on mine, as if in affirmation of Julia’s statement. She wanted to be used by me in every way possible. She wanted it rough, and she wanted it now; and I was just the man to give it to her.

“Enough foreplay, K. I want you right now.” I pulled my cock out of her mouth with a slurping noise, and it stood straight out, quivering slightly, in front of the object of my desire. The only way that I could describe the look in her eyes was animalistic. She looked every bit as cock hungry as she did earlier this evening, when we both lost control of ourselves. In the back of my mind, I knew that the end result of our all consuming passions would be another bout of unprotected sex with my sister; but at that moment, I just couldn’t bring myself to give a shit. Wordlessly, Katie imitated her cousin by sliding out of the car, turning her back to me, and presenting her magnificent rear end to me. She turned her head to look at me, chewed her bottom lip for a second, then submitted herself to me meekly. Her round ass swayed back and forth invitingly, and her pose displayed her puffy pink labia to great advantage. Her excitement was evident from the ample amount of wetness coating the insides of her creamy white thighs.

I moved in close to my sister, and slapped my spittle damp erection across one of her ripe butt cheeks. My engorged johnson had a satisfying weight to it, and it left a pale pink slash across her otherwise unblemished white skin. At the moment of impact, Katie let out a satisfied growl from the back of her throat, and I knew that I was on the right track towards giving her what she wanted. I gripped my cock at the base again, and delivered another heavy blow to her buttocks. She grunted in pleasure again. I had already spanked Julia’s ass today, and I try not to be a one trick pony.

“Spread your legs, K.” She turned to face me slightly, but without making eye contact, and moved her feet a few inches. This was not at all what I meant for her to do, and she knew it; she was trying to be obstinate. She wanted to be punished. I leaned over my sister, and grabbed a handful of her curly red mane, and pulled back on it hard, causing her to involuntarily arch her back. I then put my foot against her tiny heel, and pushed, spreading her legs generously.

“When I tell you to do something, Katie,” I growled into her ear, “I expect you to fucking do it. Now you have to be punished.” This simple statement elicited a groan of longing that was much stronger than her other satisfied sounds. I was definitely on the right track. “Do you know what happens to bad girls, Katie?” She shook her head. This was definitely a test, and I would not let this stand as it was. I reached my free hand around, grabbed her roughly by the throat, and wrenched her into an even more unnatural position. This had to hurt, but the noise that escaped her lips wasn’t a sound of someone in pain, but of someone in ecstasy. “I asked you if you fucking know what happens to bad girls, Katie?”

“They… They get punished?” she asked hesitantly. I smiled inwardly at the look of exultation on her face. I let go of her throat, allowing her to relax out of the ridiculous position that I had bent her into.

“That’s right, little sister. They get punished.” I caressed the silky smooth skin on the back of her taunt thigh. She was positively drenched in her own juices. Her lubrication had not only ran down her thighs, but had liberally coated the side of the seat between them.

“Yeah, Jack. Spank that big, beautiful ass of hers.” Julia cheered me on from the darkness of the back seat. I saw one of her hands working energetically between her own legs. I guess that seeing her long time sex partner being pleasured was exciting to her also.

“No… please, Jack. Don’t spank my ass!” Her voice quivered in a credible imitation of genuine distress, but this was all spoiled by the inviting look that she gave me.

“Oh. Don’t worry, K. Your ass is safe… for now.” Her inviting look turned to a puzzled look, in the blink of an eye. I kept my grip on her hair, and swung my open palm up hard between her thighs, making direct contact with her sopping wet pussy. She screamed as she took the smack on her cooter, and her knees buckled satisfyingly upon impact.

“Oh god, Jack. Please… no. Please don’t spank my tight little pussy.” I silenced her with another hard smack. I felt her wetness coating my palm, and it just made the next swat hurt her engorged pink lips even more. After the third staggering blow, it seemed like she was having a hard time keeping on her feet, and she made small whimpering noises; but whether they were from pleasure, or from pain, I could not tell. I let go of her hair, and moved behind her, so I could examine her pussy closely, as it glistened wetly in the moonlight. It now looked more swollen, than puffy; and the color on her completely hairless lips had went from a flushed shade of pink, to a bright, burning red. Her clit stood out proudly from it’s hood, farther than I’d ever seen it protrude before. Upon closer inspection, I saw that her cunt was twitching convulsively. I had brought my sister to orgasm by viciously slapping her cunt. I could hold myself back from taking her no longer. I stood up, and positioned myself behind my sister. Her small hand seemed to automatically reach back, and somehow found my rock hard erection, and guided it toward her dripping wet snatch.

“Put me inside you, Katie. I want to feel your pussy around my cock.”

“I love you so much, Jack.” The raw emotion in her voice touched me in a surprising way. Her voice sounded small, almost little girlish. My sister looked back at me, her green eyes glistening like emeralds in the moonlight. She sounded like she desperately needed me to respond to her. I stroked her back gently, in reassurance.

“I love you too, Katie. I love you so much.” Her smile melted my heart. She was always a truly gorgeous girl, but she never looked more beautiful to me than she did at that moment. Her love for me showed clearly on her face. I decided at that very second that no matter what society dictated, no matter what obstacles that were placed in our path; our love would prevail. This woman would be mine, and I would be hers, forever.

Katie turned her face away from me, and I felt her tiny hand guiding my cock. She rubbed me a couple of times along her slit, to properly lubricate me, then she pushed back into me slowly. I felt some resistance at first, then I slid in, an inch at a time. It was still very snug, but after our quickie just a little over an hour ago, it wasn’t as brutally tight as it usually was. She was very wet, and her warmth crept up my fuck stick until she could take no more of me inside. I could still feel the residual spasms from her earlier orgasm. She seemed to pause for a moment to adjust to the feeling of being so completely filled.

“Oh fuck, Jack. It feels so damn good when you’re inside me. I wish that you could be in there all the time” I silently agreed. I didn’t know to proceed. Should I go fast, or slow; hard or soft? She took the decision away from me when she began repeatedly impaling herself on me, hard and fast. I grabbed her hips, and tried to match her motions. “Fuck yeah, Jack. Just like that, baby.” I moaned as I felt her start to milk my cock rhythmically with her cunt muscles. This red headed sex goddess knew exactly how to push my buttons; after all, she was my best friend, and my sister.

I peered into the confines of the Cadillac’s back seat. The interior lights of the SUV would never do for Hollywood lighting, but the image of my athletic cousin masturbating on the black leather seat, would have fit well into any Hollywood produced porno. Her deeply tanned legs were spread so that one leg was over the back of the seat, and one leg was in the floor. She had leaned back against the door, so that she could make use of both of her hands at once. Her fingers on her left hand were making little circles on her love button, and the first two fingers on her right hand were plunging in and out of her fuck hole. She chewed her bottom lip while in deep concentration, but her eyes remained locked on our scorching hot, incestuous lovemaking.

“Goddammit Jack, give it to me harder. I’m about to cum!” My sister’s pussy did seem to be getting tighter, and wetter. She started pushing her ass back into me faster, so I quickened my pace, and put more force into my already brutal strokes. I grabbed a fistful of her curly red locks, and pulled until her neck bent back. We were fucking so hard that our sweaty skin made loud slapping noises when our bodies met. It was lucky for both of us that Katie had an ample ass, otherwise both of us would have been black and blue from the force of our impacts.
I started to feel something strange in my nether region. Usually when I am really pounding my sister’s pussy, I bottom out, because I am a little longer than she is deep. This means that the head of my penis gets bumped very hard repeatedly against her cervix, causing me to become slightly numb; therefore, I become slightly less excited. Usually, slow and steady is the way to make me cum. But now, even as I felt myself to bottom out mercilessly, I began to feel strangely excited, instead of numb. Grabbing her hair must merter escort have worked for Katie, because as soon as I pulled her head back, her pussy really started clamping down on my thrusting cock. If she wasn’t already cumming, then she must really be on the edge. I figured that one more thing might either push her over the edge, or at the very least would make her cum harder. I took my free hand off of her hip, drew my hand back, and slapped her ass cheek as hard as I could. There was a very satisfying smacking noise, and I knew that it must have hurt her, because my hand stung like hell.

“OH FUCK,” Katie cried out at the top of her lungs… and she came. Her insides went into frenzied contractions, which were in no way her usual rhythmic twitching, that were designed to milk a cock of it’s semen; but these were insanely intense, and her spasms seemed to envelop her entire body. Her body seemed to seize up, from head to toe, and become rigid. If I wouldn’t have been holding her close to me, she probably would have fallen. I had a simple solution to this problem, I let go of her hair, grabbed her by her waist, and pinned her body beneath mine to the SUV’s seat. Her cum squirted out covering my legs, the black leather upholstery, and it even sprinkled on the ground around us. I continued to stroke into her as best as I could, but at the same time, I felt my own orgasm approaching like a runaway train. I gritted my teeth to try to keep from cumming. Katie loved the sensation of my hot cum splattering against her insides, and I knew that in her present state that she might not even notice my orgasm, let alone enjoy it. But her wild orgasm took it’s toll on me, and I felt my cock begin to jerk, and I poured my hot seed into my sister’s greedy belly.

“Oh fucking shit, K,” I moaned. I couldn’t even continue stroking, I collapsed against her, and just let the spasms of her orgasm suck the semen out of my erection. Julia seemed not to be able to be a spectator any longer. She opened her door, rounded the white SUV, and dropped to her knees beside of us.

“Pull out, Jack. I want to taste you.” It took a second for my body to respond to what my mind was telling it to do. Finally, I regained my footing, and pulled out of my sister’s still twitching cunt. Julia was eagerly waiting, and as soon as there was sufficient space, her head darted in, and her mouth sucked in my sticky, wet rod. She moaned deep in her throat, which would normally have felt really good, but in my sensitive post-orgasmic state, it was just too much. I pulled back, and my cock slid out of her throat. “Goddamn Jack. You both taste so fucking good together.” Her tongue darted out, and she licked across my stomach, and down around to my balls. She continued her tongue bath, since there was an ample supply of Katie’s cum splattered across my crotch, and legs.

“It’s your turn now, slut,” Julia said. My cousin turned around, the dirt from the shoulder of the road being ground into the tender skin on her knees. She tugged a little on my sister’s rounded hips, to adjust the angle, then she latched her mouth against Katie’s tiny fuck hole, and proceeded to try and suck all of our combined cum out of her. I saw her throat working, like she was swallowing an ample amount of our nectar. It was one of the sexiest fucking things that I ever saw. My tanned, athletic cousin was sucking my seed out of my pale, curvy, redheaded sister. This scene excited me so much that I started to regain my flagging erection. Julia positively hummed with satisfaction, and she went about her task of cleaning my sister like it was a good paying job. She licked, and kissed every inch of her beautiful pussy, sexy legs, and magnificent ass. Finally, she seemed satisfied, and she gave my sister a playful swat on the butt. Katie seemed oblivious, though. She still looked like that she was lost in the afterglow of her own powerful climax.

“Do you kids need any help?” What the fuck? Both of our heads snapped around to focus on the interloper, but Katie remained oblivious. The deep voice belonged to a friendly looking man, who appeared to be somewhere in his late forties. He wore a blue pair of work pants, work boots, and a white t-shirt. I now noticed what I had failed to see during Julia’s cum eating spectacle. There were two headlights shining brilliantly from a pickup truck parked not twenty feet away from the back of our Cadillac. The man’s eyes were wide with surprise. Whatever he had expected to find when he pulled off of the road, I don’t think that he expected us… doing this.

“Hello, sir.” I looked at Julia, who seemed to be relaxed, even though she was stark naked, and her face frosted with both male, and female cum. A mischievous smile played at her lips, as she took in this helpful stranger. “We really aren’t in need of any assistance right now. We just stopped on the side of the road to have a little fun with each other.” The man chuckled to himself.

“Well, you guys sure do seem to be enjoying yourselves.” Julia’s smile seemed to disarm any caution that he might have felt at discovering three completely nude strangers, who were unquestionably having sex with each other by the side of the road. He returned her smile, which was hard for me to do, since my now flaccid johnson was out in plain view, and was pointing towards the ground. “I though that you guys might be broken down out here, and I thought that you might need some help.” He chuckled again to himself. “But you guys seem to have everything…” he laughed again, like he just couldn’t help himself, “um… under control.” The stranger seemed to be blushing at our predicament, his red hue might have even matched my own.

“Well, thank you for stopping, sir.” Julia said. Then her smile turned from teasing, to something a little more predatory. “Is there anything that I can do for you, maybe, to thank you for stopping?” She licked her lips in an unmistakably erotic gesture. It was a clear invitation from a beautiful naked girl with a face full of cum. The stranger smiled back at all of us.

“No, thank you, miss.” He held up his left hand, and the twinkle of a gold band was plain in the illumination from his truck’s headlights. “But if I wasn’t married…” He shook his head, as if he couldn’t believe that he was turning down such an attractive offer. “Have a good night guys.” He laughed again, good-naturedly, and turned his back on us, and walked back towards his truck. The stranger opened his door, got in his truck, and pulled onto the road. He gave us a final wave, then he was nothing but a pair of tail lights in the distance. I heard both of the girls start giggling hysterically. Apparently, Katie wasn’t so out of it that she didn’t know what was happening. Julia was hugging my sister around the waist, neither seemed able to stand on their own.

“Come on ladies, lets get out of here, before the fucking police show up.” This seemed to make them laugh even harder, and suddenly I joined them, as the tension of the moment drained away, leaving nothing but the three of us standing naked in the cold, looking ridiculous.

“Damn, Jack. I think that she’s going to have a bruise on her ass where you hit her.” Julia rubbed her hand gently over the red handprint on Katie’s rump.

“Mmm. That’s ok, Jules.” Katie said. “He can bruise me anytime, just as long as he makes me cum that hard.” The girls exchanged knowing looks, then they both turned to me, in unison, and smiled. I didn’t know what that was all about, but I really didn’t care. Since I was no longer close enough to the girls to share any of their body heat, I was getting cold. Luckily, my erection had abated. I pulled up my shorts, walked around to the driver’s side, and got in. The girls had totally stripped off their clothing, so they just gathered up the couple of items that had fallen out of SUV, and climbed into the backseat; as naked as the day that they were born.

It took us only a little over ten minutes to reach our destination, but it was a struggle to maintain concentration. Exhaustion seemed to overtake me all at once, and the girls didn’t help me out at all. Katie still seemed to still be partially out of it, and just stared blankly at the roof of the Escalade. Julia had laid down, and put her head in my sister’s lap, and seemed to be snoring gently. It was a beautiful sight, and if I hadn’t been so goddamned tired, I might have enjoyed it.

I pulled into the drive, and the girls slowly evacuated the vehicle. They shuffled listlessly into the house, without even bothering to take their clothes with them. We proceeded to our parent’s bedroom, and climbed into the king sized bed. I stripped down in record time, and found myself nestled between the two most beautiful, and amazing women that I have ever known. Sleep must have come swiftly, because I don’t even remember dozing off. The last thought that went through my mind was that I was one lucky son of a bitch.


The light glared through the slats in the blinds, and Jack groaned. It was like an entire marching band, playing only the percussion instruments, was stomping across his brain; wearing metal cleats. Something tickled his nose, and he squinted through one barely open lid to see what the offending object was. It was a strand of curly red hair. He felt his sister Katie’s soft breath against his neck, as she slept beside him. He also felt his cousin Julia’s leg draped across his midriff. The events of last night started to come back to him, like a movie watched long ago, and mostly forgotten. He and the girls had gone to town, and the girls sweet talked a middle aged man into buying them two bottles of spiced rum. Jack had never known that either girl had any real experience with drinking. He assumed that maybe they had experimented with wine coolers, or beer; but he had never dreamed that they were into the hard stuff.

Jack was surprised at the amount of alcohol that his two lovers could consume in one sitting, since they were both barely over one hundred pounds apiece. The girls got giggly about half way through the first bottle, and by the end of it they were almost gone, and Jack was certainly feeling no pain. He remembered the girls making jokes about how the booze would “loosen him up.” He couldn’t remember most of what happened later, but he was reasonably sure that he wasn’t the only one who lost their inhibitions.

He felt the crisp morning air on his erect penis. It wasn’t sexual excitement that had his cock stiff, but what almost every man experiences when he first wakes up: morning wood; the overwhelming need to urinate. Since he was sandwiched between two very beautiful naked girls, there was no way to slide out of bed unnoticed. He reached down, and patted Julia’s thigh.

“Mmmmph,” she muttered incoherently. Jack turned his head slightly, so that his mouth was facing his cousin’s general direction.

“Jules,” he whispered. He paused to see if she would respond further, but he had no such luck. “Julia, wake up, please.” His cousin’s eye lids fluttered open, and they gradually focused on Jack’s face, which was only about five inches from hers.

“Hey, baby.” She replied nonchalantly. The familiar crooked smirk affixed itself to her mouth, as she blinked to let her eyes adjust to the sunlight streaming into the room.

“Good morning, sunshine.” Jack said casually. “I need to pee, can you help me untangle myself from Katie?” She giggled softly, and looked like she immediately regretted the action; clearly, Jack wasn’t the only one who had a hangover.

“You want me to hold it while you pee?” Her smirk evolved into a full fledged grin, and her eyes sparkled with mischief, as she explored the possibilities in her imagination.

“Sure, Jules,” Jack said, while his cousin, slid out of bed beside him. “Whatever floats your boat.” Jack padded quietly to the bathroom, in an attempt to leave his still sleeping, but beautiful sister undisturbed. Julia followed, close at his heels. Jack stood in front of the open toilet bowl, trying to relax enough to urinate.

“Hey!” Julia said quietly, “you said that I could hold it.” She pressed her naked body close against Jack’s back, snaked her arm around his waist, and grabbed his stiff, meaty cock. Jack felt his erection pulse in her hand, and thought that it will probably not be until next month until he would be relaxed enough to pee.

“OK,” she whispered into his ear sexily, “you can start peeing anytime stud.” Jack swallowed noisily, and willed his dick to perform this simple task. The only thing that happened seemed impossible as it seemed to Jack; his cock seemed to get even harder.

“Julia, a guy can’t pee when he has an erection.” In response, she said nothing, but gave his prick a firm squeeze. He tried once again to plead his case. “You need to let it calm down for a minute, gorgeous.” Julia blatantly ignored his request, and instead started sliding her hand up and down his shaft, jerking him off slowly, which didn’t help his situation at all. Jack began to question the wisdom of inviting his beautiful cousin into his morning ritual.

“Do you want me to show you how it’s done, cowboy?” she said in an oddly husky voice.

“Yeah, miss smarty pants, why don’t you show me?” He didn’t have to look at her face to know that she was wearing her trademark smirk. She released his organ, and danced past him, chuckling softly to herself.

“The toilet is over here, genius.” Jack pointed out.

“I’m not going to pee in the toilet, and I missed being a genius by only three points on my last I.Q. test.” She slid the shower door open, and climbed in. Her sparkling blue eyes focused on her lover. “Aren’t you coming in and joining me? You do want an up close view, right?” Jack didn’t have to be asked twice. He climbed in quickly, and closed the door behind him. Julia leaned her back against the cold marble of the shower’s wall, and tilted her pelvis, so it exposed her pussy fully. She spread her legs lewdly, and began to rub her fingers up and down her slit. To Jack’s eyes, she already looked moist with excitement. She stopped rubbing herself, and parted her outer labia with two fingers. “Don’t miss this, baby. I won’t be able to do it again for awhile.” Jack moved closer, and bent down a little bit, for a closer vantage point. He was close enough that she must have felt his breath up against her stomach. She giggled. “If you get too close, you’re going to get wet.” He switched his gaze from her open vagina, to her sparkling blue eyes, and back down again. “OK, stud, suit yourself.”

He heard his lover take a couple of deep, calming breaths, and then her amazingly taunt stomach tensed slightly. He saw a couple of drips fall from between her pink pussy lips, and then a small stream sizzled out, making small spattering noises against the marble tub. It wasn’t what he thought a girl peeing would look like at close range, but then women didn’t ordinarily prop themselves up at such an odd angle, and spread themselves that way, unless they had a willing audience.

“Oh god, that feels amazing.” Julia practically purred with satisfaction. Apparently, Jack wasn’t the only one who had to pee after drinking. The stream increased in intensity, so much so that it resembled a man’s. She moaned softly, and adjusted her hips so that the stream hit Jack’s leg just below the knee. Her pee was very hot. It was much warmer than he would have guessed. Surprisingly, he did not feel disgusted by the fact that his super hot cousin was pissing on his leg. In fact, he was really turned on by her shameless display. He had always gotten a little tingly in his nether regions when he thought about the sound that his sister’s pee made in the toilet, while he was in the shower. The beginning of this fascination seemed to coincide with the time that his family had went camping, and he held onto Katie’s hands while she peed, so her naked bottom wouldn’t touch the ground. He had a raging erection by the time she had finished. He grudgingly admitted, to himself, that his mind would occasionally wander back to that day when he would pleasure himself.

His cousin’s stream went on for an unnaturally long time, due to all the liquid she consumed the night before, but it soon began to dwindle from a steady stream, to a trickle, to just a few drops. Jack looked back at her face, and saw that her eyes were shut in an all too familiar look of empty-bladder-ecstasy. Her eyes popped open, and she smiled at his mischievously.

“I need you to wipe me, Jack.” Her eyes glittered like magnificently polished sapphires. She stood erect again, but kept her legs shoulder length apart.

“Can’t we just turn on the shower, Jules?” He knew by the way that her gaze changed in intensity that he should follow her instructions, without any further questions. He shook off his urine soaked leg, causing her to smirk, as he exited the shower. Jack returned after a few seconds with a handful of folded tissue. As he approached, the longing in her eyes revealed that she wasn’t just doing this for his benefit. This was something that she had been fantasizing about for awhile. He reached out, and dabbed her dampened lips dry with the tissue.

“It’s not made of glass, Jack. Wipe my pussy like a man.” The sultry smokiness appeared again in her voice. He moved forward until he was inches away from her body. He felt her breath hot and fast against his neck, as he was so much taller than she. He pushed her against the marble of the shower. He expected a hiss of disapproval, because of the cold tiles against her skin, but instead she moaned softly. He bent slightly, and roughly rubbed the tissue between her spread thighs. He felt the soft tissues of her pussy ripple under his strong pressure, and his lover moaned again. Jack leaned down, and kissed her firmly on the mouth. He tossed the damp tissue out of the shower, and used his free right hand to brush through her honey brown hair.

This kiss was different somehow. It was odd that in the heat of the moment, an ordinarily clueless guy like Jack would have noticed such a thing. Instead of her usual style of trying to devour his mouth, she seemed much more patient, and definitely more sensual. In a word, more like… Katie. The kiss continued for a couple of minutes. Jack’s hands glided over her supple, young body. All that cheerleading practice, and working out had definitely paid off. Her body was very lean, very tight, and very hot. It was still very feminine, and velvety soft in all the right places, but it was different than his sister’s curvy figure. He slid two fingers into the cleft between her legs, and her body immediately responded by tensing up. She broke the kiss, and looked deep into Jack’s brown eyes. He didn’t know what he did wrong, since she was so dripping wet that her thighs were slippery.

“Mmmmm. Not yet, baby. You haven’t had your turn.” Jack was a little confused. When he had first entered the bathroom, the only thing he could think about was pissing. After that kiss, however; the only thing he could think about was getting inside the warmth of his now very moist cousin.

“Turn for what?” Jack asked. She reached out, and gripped his throbbing cock.

“Jack, you still haven’t peed yet. It’s your turn.” He could tell by her amused look that she knew he was confused. He started to pull away, but she did not loosen her grip on his erect member.

“OK, Jules, just give me a sec, and I’ll be right back.” He tried to pull away again, but she still would not release him. She giggled softly, but still in that smoky tone that was so unlike her usual musical voice.

“No, baby. I want you to do it here.”

“In the shower?”

“Yes, Jack. In the shower.” Jack paused, and Julia continued to look amused by how lost he looked in this situation.

“OK, Jules,” he paused for a second, as if his point was so glaringly obvious, but that she just couldn’t see it. “You have to let me go, or move out of the way, or it is going to get it all over you.” Julia just rolled her eyes at his obliviousness. She closed her eyes, as if to ask god to grant her more patience.

“That’s the point, Jack. I’m going to hold your cock right here, and you are going to pee on my stomach.” She tugged slightly on his erection to make her point.

“Are you sure?” She exhaled slightly, and Jack knew from many painful experiences with his cousin, that she was quickly losing patience with him.

“Jack, do you want to have sex with me now?” Jack almost rolled his eyes at her. If his dick got any harder, he thought it would burst like an overfilled water balloon.

“Yeah, Jules. You can feel that I do.” He purposely flexed his cock, so that it pulsed in her hand.

“Then pee on me, so we can get to the fucking part, then after fucking like crazy, we can shower it all off.” That sounded more like the regular Julia. She tugged his prick again for emphasis. He closed his eyes, and willed himself to relax again. Usually if he had morning wood, he would relax for a minute in front of the toilet, and it would subside enough to let him do his thing. But with this smoking hot beauty holding his cock, there was no way that his erection would calm down. He tried again, but still nothing. Thirty seconds passed, then a full minute. After about a minute and a half, Jack started to get frustrated. Not only did he want the sex, but he had never had to pee more in his entire life; unfortunately, he still couldn’t do it.

“What’s the matter, baby?” Her eyes looked expectant.

“Ummm. I’m having a hard time doing it, Jules. I told you before that I can’t pee when I’m hard.” Julia leaned in close, and raised herself up so that her lips were an inch from Jack’s ear.

“Do you know how dripping wet that I am for you right now, Jack?” She paused, and waited for his response.

“Ummm. Yeah, I have a pretty good idea.”

“Do you know how much I want this?” She seemed to want to change what she had just said, and quickly added, “Do you know how much that I need you inside me right now?”

“No… I don’t.” he said simply. She sighed.

“I want you so much now that I can’t even put it into words.” Jack was staggered. Julia was never lost for words. She always had a witty saying, or smart-ass comeback for any occasion. To think that she couldn’t describe how much she wanted him was mind boggling. She seemed flustered for a second at her apparent vulnerability, which was something Jack never though he would witness. “Just push hard, and keep pushing until it comes out, Jack.” And then she added in an almost inaudible whisper, “Please.”

Jack tensed his muscles in his stomach, and put pressure on his bladder, but he was still met with resistance. Any man can tell you, the more you have to pee, the harder it is to go. It seems illogical, but that is just the way that men are built. He increased the pressure, and felt a little trickle escape the head of his penis. He pushed again, even harder, and another jet of hot pee ran out. This broke open the floodgate, and a powerful stream of steaming hot piss flowed forth, and splashed up against her belly. Jack closed his eyes, and let out a giant sigh of relief.

“It’s so fucking hot,” Julia said in an oddly husky voice.” She pushed her belly closer to her cousin. She was so close that now Jack could feel it splashing off of her stomach, and back onto him. It ran down her belly, over her tight little pussy, and then cascaded down her perfectly tanned legs. She was correct, it was hot. He figured that it was just about as hot as her stream had been. “Oh Jack, baby. Give it to me.” They remained in that position for what seemed like forever, until his stream trickled down to just a few drops, then stopped.

She leaped up into his arms, and kissed him solidly. But again, it was a more passionate, more sensual kiss than her normal ones ever were. Jack knew that what they had done together was a little out of the ordinary; but it seemed like it might mean a little something different to her, than it did to him. It was as if they had just shared something very secret, and very special to her. She grabbed him by the shoulders, and wrapped her legs around his body, rubbing her steaming hot pussy up against his aching manhood. He leaned her against the wall again, in order to make some slight adjustments. He reached his right hand down, and guided his cock toward her opening, while keeping her body steadied with his left. He entered her slowly, and gently, with none of the roughness that his sister seemed to get off on. She was very hot, and tight; which was unusual because she had been repeatedly fucked by him just a few hours before. Jack figured that all that cheerleading had exercised her inside muscles too. Jack lifted her slim frame, then he lowered her onto his rod. He slid into her as deeply as he could, and started pumping in a slow, steady rhythm. Julia hooked her feet behind his back, and flexed her legs to lift her pelvis. She rode him slowly for a couple minutes, but she seemed impatient for something harder.

“Oh, yes, Jack. Fuck me hard, baby.” Jack abandoned the slow pace, leaned her back up against the wall to brace her, and began to bang the shit out of her. Jack’s entire universe consisted of thrusting, pumping, and grinding. His entire being was focused on one thing: to make her have a monster orgasm. Julia took Jack’s onslaught of her pussy like a champ. He could hear the progression of her pleasure in the sounds that she made, so he knew that he was definitely doing it the right way for her. When she had been riding him at a sedate pace, Julia had been moaning softly. But after Jack began to assault her pussy in earnest, she began to make little grunts. These sounds grew in length, and in decibels the longer they fucked. But after a couple of minutes of pounding Julia’s sopping wet pussy, her grunts became almost a continuous howl. He knew she was approaching orgasm, so he redoubled his efforts. The sheer force with which their bodies met caused a loud smacking sound, at the end of each quick stroke. Jack bet that she would be wearing bruises later, but she really seemed to be enjoying herself. He knew that if he stopped his attack before she climaxed, he was likely to be dodging punches from his athletic cousin. Privately, Jack hoped that she would hurry it up, because he knew that he could only continue this blistering pace for a couple more minutes at most, before tiring. Her howling reached a fever pitch a few seconds later, and she bit down hard on his shoulder. The pain radiated down his arm.

“Owww! Goddammit Jules! What the fuck?” He got no answer from his cumming cousin. Not only did she not acknowledge him, she never eased the pressure of her bite one iota. She bucked, and shook like she had a put her finger in a light socket. Her howling went silent, and the only sounds she made were from her labored breathing.

Finally, after almost a full minute, she fell limp against him. It was like the calm after the storm. Her arms, and legs lost all mobility, and she slumped in his arms. Jack stopped mashing her into the wall, and held Julia in his arms like a rag doll. He pulled out of her, and cradled her like a baby. She seemed to be in a high state of post orgasmic bliss. He looked down, and saw that her eyes were open, but unfocused. He also noticed that Julia’s teeth had actually drawn blood from his shoulder. Fuck. Jack’s erection mockingly poked into his cousin’s firm butt cheeks. Jack thought it highly unfair that his lover got to cum so hard, while he remained unfulfilled. He estimated that he was maybe halfway to his own climax. He enjoyed having rough sex; but for his own satisfaction, he liked a slower, more romantic pace. He would probably not have outlasted her if she had continued in their original rhythm, but strangely enough, at a fast pace, he could last a long time.

He stepped back away from the shower head, and placed his body between Julia, and the potential water stream. He reached one hand around, and turned on the water. It was very cold at first, but it gradually began to warm. Through this entire series of events, his cousin never even stirred. When the water was adjusted properly, he turned, and rinsed Julia off gently, making sure he got all her secret crevices. Her eyes were closed, and her breathing was slow, and deep. He figured that she must be asleep, since she never even reacted to the feel of the warm water. Jack briefly peeled her away from his chest, so he too could get clean. He turned the water off, and carried his unconscious lover out of the shower.

“Good morning,” Katie giggled. “It sounds like you guys were having fun in there.” Katie was perched on the edge of the toilet like a frightened bird. He could tell that the seat must be really cold because of her tense posture. She crinkled up her nose, and he heard the sizzling sound of her pee hitting the water. After what had just happened with his cousin, Jack was totally turned on by this. He watched his sister, transfixed by this common action. After she finished, she unrolled a small amount of paper, wadded it up, and wiped. Only after finishing did she notice that her cousin was asleep in her brother’s arms.
“It looks like you wore the bitch out, Jack.” She giggled musically, then frowned. “Awww. Poor baby, you’re still hard. Didn’t she get you off?” Her expression looked like a mix of amusement, and exasperation. Jack shook his head in the negative.

“Ummm. No, she didn’t.” He could trace his sister’s gaze directly to the elongated form of his stiff cock. She never took her eyes off of it as they spoke quietly, as if she was afraid that his cock would escape if she left it unobserved. Jack shifted his cousin in his arms.

“Hey,” Katie said suddenly, looking concerned. “What happened to your shoulder?” Jack studied the spot where Julia had bit him. He had just momentarily glanced at it earlier; but upon her closer inspection, he saw that the mark was much worse than he had first thought. It was a clearly defined series of teeth marks, in a crescent moon shape. Blood still coagulated in the couple of spots where her teeth had actually pierced the skin.

“Julia bit my shoulder when she came.” Katie seemed to take this fact in stride.

“Sometimes women mark their property Jack.” Katie said this in a matter of fact tone, but it made no sense to Jack. Property? What was he supposed to be, her sex slave? Whatever. Apparently his sister wanted to drop the property subject too, because she picked up on an earlier topic.

“Julia was making so much noise in here, that she woke me up. Let me tell you, brother; waking up to her crazy ass screaming is not the way I prefer it, especially when I’m hung over.” Katie massaged her temples, as if she had a headache, but her eyes still never wavered from her desired target.

“I’m sorry, K.” Jack spoke to his sister in a very soft voice. He wondered if he was really being reproached for the noise, or the sex. Women can often say one thing, but mean another. “We didn’t mean to wake you up, or anything.” Katie stood up, flushed, and walked over to her brother. She leaned in close, and spoke to him in a whisper.

“Why don’t you put sleeping beauty back in mom’s bed, then I’ll meet you in your room, and we can help each other out.” She reached out, and stroked her fingers lightly across his erection, making it jump, and leaving no doubt in Jack’s mind that she would gladly take up the torch for her sleeping cousin, lover, and best friend.

Jack carried an unconscious Julia through the door, into his parent’s bedroom, where they had all slept last night. He was pretty sure that his parents had long ago broke that bed in with sex, but he seriously doubted that it ever saw the amount of action that it had last night. He laid Julia down gently, avoiding the various wet spots, as best he could. He pulled the covers over her, and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. He had always felt close to his cousin Julia. She had often felt like a second sister to him, but he had never felt as close to her as he did this morning. It was too bad that she wasn’t conscious enough to be able to enjoy it. She would probably just call him a dumbass anyway.

Jack stood outside the doorway to the room that had been his since he was a small child. Inside was the bed in which he had first made love to Julia. It was in this room where he first ravaged his sister, and then later confessed his love to her. Katie was waiting in his bed, naked. He stood and marveled at her beauty, and wanted to burn this image into his brain for all eternity. She lay back on the bed, with her curly red hair spread around her, like a unique halo, for God’s most perfect angel. Her ivory skin was very pale in the early morning sunlight that beamed through the blinds. Her skin was flawless; her curves were ripe, and luscious. If Jack had been asked to design the perfect woman, he couldn’t have possibly come up with anything half as good as his sister. The absolute best part; was that she was waiting, naked, for him.

“Come in here, Jack.” Katie’s voice was musical in the silent house. She watched him intently as he stood in the doorway studying her. Jack crossed the small room in three strides, and stood beside the bed. His erection had never wavered, but it was reinvigorated by the sight of his beautiful sibling. Katie reached out her hand, and softly stroked the underside of his hard cock with just her fingernails.

“No rough stuff this time, baby.” She sat up in bed, and leaned towards him. Jack tried to concentrate on the heavenly form of her shifting naked body, but he couldn’t look away from her big green eyes. Her eyes were so open, so honest, and so loving, that Jack was temporarily mesmerized. He could have looked into her eyes for days if she wouldn’t have spoken, releasing him from the trance. “This is all for you, Jack. You have been so wonderful, and attentive to my needs when we have sex. But I know that being rough isn’t really your thing.” Jack looked like he started to interject a comment, but she quickly made a hushing gesture, and he closed his mouth. “It’s OK, Jackie. I love you, and I love the time that we spend together. I love that you are willing to do what it takes to please me in bed, but I also know what is inside of you. You are a romantic at heart, and as exciting as the rough stuff is for me, it just isn’t your cup of tea. I know that you like it slow, and hot. You like to make love. That is what I want to do now, just for you.”

She slid her pale legs off the side of the bed, leaned forward, and slowly began to engulf him in her mouth. She placed her hands on his hips, and took him inside her, inch by inch.

“Oh my god, Katie.” He moaned softly. “That feels so fucking amazing.” There was nothing violent, or rough about what was happening. It was a pure expression of adoration from one lover, to another. She got a little bit over half way down his pole, and Jack felt the back of her throat. He figured that she probably could not take any more of his man meat into her luscious mouth without choking. She slowly started back the other way, continuously licking the bottom of his shaft, and coating it liberally with her saliva. Jack was in heaven. His sister was no deep throat queen like Julia, but that didn’t mean that she didn’t have some serious blow job skills. It also didn’t hurt that Jack was more attracted to his sister than any woman on the face of the earth. She began to bob her head faster on his rod. Her tongue action slowed a bit, but never stopped. About every four or five strokes, she would pull back a little further, and run her tongue across his head in a circular motion, a move which never failed to illicit a groan from him.

He snaked his hands down into her red curls, and gripped the back of her head. He knew that Katie would probably get off on him taking control, and forcing his cock down her unwilling throat, but he accepted the romantic sex that she offered him as a gift. It was just for him, and he was simply going to enjoy it. After a couple of blissful minutes, she released her suction on his member, and raised her head to look him in the face. Her saliva glistened on her chin, and had dripped down onto her freckled breasts. Jack was once again transfixed by the voodoo of his sister’s womanly charms. Jack’s reverie was broken by a hard tap on his inflated prick.

“I’m talking to you, big bro.” Katie’s tone was commanding, but her smile took all the sting out of her words.

“Sorry, K. I get lost sometimes when I look at you.” Katie looked like she had started to say one thing, but changed what actually came out of her mouth at the last second.

“Awww. You are so sweet, Jack. What did I ever do to deserve a guy like you?” She smiled at him so sweetly. “I asked if you wanted me to keep doing this, or if you wanted to fuck?” She re-thought her words for a second, and then cleared her throat. “Err… I mean, make love with me.” Jack thought that her saying fuck was so cute that he didn’t mind it at all, but he found it endearing that she would try to cater to his romantic tendencies.

“That felt awesome, K. I really liked it, and I would probably have came in no time; but if you don’t mind, I’d kind of like to fuck.” She looked at him intently, as if to say that he was not playing the game by the correct set of rules. “I mean,” he added hastily, “I really want to make love with you.” She gave him a winning smile, and patted the bed next to her. He sat dutifully beside his sister. “Would you like me to go down on you, K? You know, to get you in the mood?” She giggled as if he had just told a very funny joke.

“Believe me, Jack. I am really in the mood. You won’t have to do anything extra.” She giggled again, but Jack didn’t really understand. “Lay down, big bro. I want to do this for you.”

He laid back, and within about three seconds, Katie had straddled him. Apparently, she was in the mood for some cowgirl action. Jack definitely was not going to argue about it. His cock slid in between her thighs, and he thought that he understood what she was laughing about now. She was soaking wet. The insides of her thighs were coated with her lubrication.

“Damn, K. You must have really enjoyed blowing me.” She smiled down at him. She looked so innocent, so vibrant, so alive. He couldn’t believe that he had waited so long to be with his sibling in this way. They could have been together like this for a year, or more, if he had only read the signs. No, that wasn’t quite right. He had read the signs. He had noticed his sister’s attempts at flirting with him; but he had either misinterpreted them, or discounted them as being a figment of his overactive imagination. Looking back at Katie’s actions, her behavior was a clear indicator of her feelings toward him. The simple fact was that he had just been too thick headed to recognize what was going on.

Katie interrupted his analysis by firmly grasping the base of his large shaft with her small hand. She leaned forward over Jack, allowing him to get a ringside seat to the ripe glory of her luscious breasts. She rubbed his cock head between her pussy lips for a few seconds, so that it would be well lubricated, lined him up with the entrance to her pussy, and gradually started to push back against it. Jack felt her warm slipperiness envelop him, and sighed in contentment.

“How’s that feel, baby?” She began to slowly work her hips up and down, working him deeper into herself, until she could take no more of her brother inside. Jack tried to answer, but when he went to speak, nothing escaped his lips but a hoarse moan. He just nodded at his sister. She laughed. He enjoyed banging Julia hard and all, it had really excited him; but this was heaven.

“Jack.” He forced his eyes to focus on his sister’s face. “Just cum whenever you feel like it, sweetie.” He nodded again, and closed his eyes. Some men close their eyes so that they can fantasize that they are with someone else, but that was not Jack’s intention. He just wanted to feel her pussy flex on his steel hard rod without getting lost in her eyes, or focusing on how beautiful her hair was, or by getting distracted by one of a thousand other things about her. He was hyper aware of who he was actually with; and if he was never with anyone other than her ever again, he would still die a happy man.

Then Katie started doing just what he had hoped for when he closed his eyes, she began to flex her vaginal muscles in rhythm with her strokes. She would slide him into her slowly, all the way inside, until his head would bump her cervix. Then she would contract her pussy, and slowly move herself upward. She called this technique “milking.” And she had milked her brother’s seed from his cock several times using this technique. With the earlier excitement having driven him insane with horniness, he knew that he wouldn’t last long inside of his sexy sister.

After only a couple minutes, he couldn’t take concentrating on these glorious sensations any longer. Jack opened his eyes, because if he didn’t get a little distraction, he would probably be cumming in a matter of moments. Katie might have said that he could cum anytime, but sex just wasn’t right if both partners didn’t get to ride the train to “O-town.” He knew how orgasmic his sister was, and he felt the way her insides were quivering after just a couple of minutes of hot cowgirl action. This position was one of Katie’s favorites, because it allowed her to pick exactly what spots would be stimulated, and for how long. Luckily for Jack, this position always made quick work of his sister’s climax.

Jack felt her getting tighter, and wetter. Her juices had run down his balls, and were probably making a new wet spot on his sheet. He concentrated on how perfectly she was proportioned, to distract himself. Her ratio of hips, to bust, to waist was almost Jessica Rabbit-like. It was almost like god was showing off when he created her. Big hips, and butt, and breasts… tiny waist. Then Jack made the mistake of looking her in the face. At first, her eyes appeared to be totally focused on him, and his actions; but as he watched her closer, she actually was completely concentrating on maintaining her milking rhythm, and on achieving her own orgasm.

Jack was still in control… until she stopped concentrating, and began looking at him in earnest with those soulful, expressive green eyes. He felt the warmth of her love, and the comfort of her touch, and the desire inside of her; all interlaced, through her jade orbs. This was the final straw, and Jack lost control. He erupted inside of his sister, coating her insides liberally with his living seed. Again, and again, his cock twitched, forcing him to fight to maintain visual contact with her. Katie, for her part, felt Jack’s cock flex, and the heat of his semen flooding into her belly, and immediately began her own climax. It was sudden, and violent, almost squeezing her pussy tight enough to push her sibling out. Katie fought to continue the rhythm as long as she could, but finally gave in to her own spasms, and collapsed on top of her brother satiated.

They lay in a silent heap for several minutes; both of them were sweaty, and exhausted from their exertions. Katie kissed Jack’s chest softly, and traced intricate patterns in his sweat with her tongue. Jack enjoyed the tickling sensations, until Katie bit down hard on the skin of his chest.

“Owww!” Jack howled. “Fuck, K. What was that for?” Jack lifted his sister, and saw angry red teeth marks, on the skin just above his heart.

“Sometimes women need to mark their property.” Katie said in a matter of fact tone. Maybe Jack should bite her a couple of times; but then again, it wouldn’t have the same effect on his pain-loving sister, as it did on him. He just decided to ignore Katie marking him; since she did own his heart, after all. Jack had never felt as complete as he did as he lay in bed naked holding Katie in his arms.

“I really needed this,” Katie said in an unsteady voice. Jack nodded in agreement. Katie smiled at her brother, and continued her train of thought. “To be honest, when I woke up to you two in the shower, I was really jealous. After a minute or so, I started picturing what you two must be doing, and I started getting that little tingle in my pussy. The one that I always got when I would see you without your shirt on.” She blushed a deep crimson at her confession. “I really wanted to get in the shower with you guys, but I figured that you two might need some alone time too. I don’t want to seem like some jealous little bitch.” She blushed prettily again.

“Katie, we weren’t trying to be alone. You were asleep, and I just didn’t want to wake you up.” She grinned again; but strangely, she didn’t really look amused.

“Jack.” She let out a deep sigh. “I don’t want you to take this the wrong way. Julia and I enjoy ourselves when we are together… alone. You get me?”

“As lovers, you mean.”

“Yes.” She seemed to hesitate, but after a few seconds, she pressed on. “We also enjoy our time together with you. I know that I, for one, really enjoy our time together as a threesome.”

“Yeah, K. I like it too. Both you girls are awesome.” Jack watched his sister. She appeared very reluctant to say what she had on her mind. “What’s the matter, K?”

“I don’t want it to seem like I am trying to ruin everything for you.” Jack knew his little sister, and whatever was going on here was really bothering her. She actually looked close to tears.

“Katie. I love you with all my heart. You are my whole world, and you aren’t going to ruin anything for me.” Jack hated how he always had to tease and coax everything out of his sibling, but he had long ago accepted this eccentricity. Katie’s words finally came out in a torrent.

“Jack, I think that both of us enjoy our alone time with you, even more than with all three of us together. I’ve been thinking about it, and it seems to me like Julia and I have been competing for time alone with you.” Katie exhaled loudly.

“Katie. My love. There is no competition. You are already the winner. I don’t see what the problem is.”

“The problem is that I’m not sure if that is really what is best for all of us, Jack.” This answer floored Jack. All of the air seemed to be quickly exiting the room, leaving him in a vacuum. Did the love of his life just say that she wasn’t sure that she wanted to be with him? What was this whole week for? Was it just to mess with his heart, and his head?

“What do you mean, K?” Jack said with a calm that he really didn’t feel. Katie looked like she recognized the blunder that she made with her words, and immediately sought to correct it.

“Jack, I didn’t mean that I don’t want you. That’s just crazy. I’ve always wanted you. Let me ask you a question.”

“OK,” Jack said in a non-committal tone.

“What were you two doing in the shower?” Jack raised his eyebrows at this question. Katie couldn’t possibly know about that. She had been sound asleep in the bedroom. He thought that from the noises they had been making in the shower, it should have been obvious to her what they were up to. He didn’t think that he should have to draw his little sister a picture.

“We were fucking, duh.” Jack snorted.

“Were you two just fucking, or were you doing something else? I didn’t even hear the shower start running until the sex noises had stopped, so you obviously weren’t taking a shower together. So why were you two in the shower?” Jack marveled at his sister’s deductive powers. This must have been what the much dimmer Watson felt like when Sherlock Holmes was busy solving mysteries.

“Yeah. We did… other stuff.” Now he was the one who was blushing. Jack felt his face grow hot.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed, big bro. You can tell me anything.” She paused, but Jack still hesitated to tell his sister about their water play. “Did she ask you to pee on her?” What the fuck? How could she know that?

“How did you know that?” Katie looked a little uneasy again. She looked like she had accidentally told half of a secret to someone who shouldn’t know, and was now deciding if she should just go ahead, and tell them the rest.

“OK. But you cannot tell Julia that I told you this.” Jack nodded. “She has had that twisted little fantasy for a couple of years now, but…” Her voice trailed off.

“But what, K?” Katie exhaled again, and drew what seemed to be a calming breath.

“She said that she would never… ever… do something like that with just anyone. It would have to be someone who she had total trust in… someone that she… loved.” The whole incident shifted into place in Jack’s mind, especially the change in Julia’s behavior toward him. It all made sense now.

“So you think that Julia loves me?” Jack slid halfway out from under his sister, so that they faced one another.

“I know that she loves you Jack, but I really think that she is IN LOVE with you.” Jack didn’t really see the difference. It seemed like a very fine distinction to him. Jack did not know how to respond to this. “If that is indeed the case, then I think that we might have to re-think our relationship, Jack.”
“What do you mean by re-think? Are you dumping me, Katie?” His sister’s eyes grew large at this question.

“No! Not at all, Jack.” Jack exhaled the breath he had been holding, but the lump in his chest refused to go away. “I just think that we might want to reconsider our exclusivity as it pertains to Julia.” Jack thought for a moment, but it still didn’t quite make sense. No woman would ever propose what he thought she meant.

“So you think that all three of us should be exclusive with each other?” She nodded. “So instead of you and I being a couple, we would be a threesome?”

“It’s called polyamory, Jack.” Katie’s eyes sparkled as she warmed to her subject matter. “It would be an exclusive, committed relationship, just like any “normal” relationship; except that in a polyamorous relationship, there are more than two participants.” Jack had actually heard the term a couple of times before. “All of this is, of course, dependent upon Julia actually wanting this kind of relationship.” Could this all be a joke? Jack looked for any sign that his sister was trying to mess with his head. She wasn’t laughing, though. In fact, he hadn’t seen her look this serious in a long time.

“K?” Jack paused to try and get his words to come out correctly. “Are you OK with that?” She looked at him flatly. “The polyamory thing?” Katie did not answer right away. That was a good sign. At least she was really considering the options, not just telling him what he wanted to hear.

“Well. To tell you the truth, I’m not quite sure.” She paused, not for emphasis, but to collect her thoughts. “I was just barely getting used to the idea of you being mine. I love her… and I love you… so maybe we could make it work. I mean, Julia and I have been sharing you anyway.” She blushed a little bit when she said that, as if she was a little scandalized by her own behavior. What about you, big bro?” Jack thought for a second, but came to no conclusions. He could not really see a downside for him, but he had a duty to consider not only his own well being, but also the happiness of both the girls.

“I dunno, K.” That was the honest truth.

“Do you love her, Jack?” Katie’s expressive eyes clearly showed her inner turmoil.

“I’m not sure. I think I get what you meant earlier. I do know that I love her. She has always been special, kind of like a second sister to me. But if you are asking me if I feel the same way about her, as I do about you, then I’m honestly not sure.” Katie paused for a full minute before she spoke. She curled up next to her brother, and laid her head on his shoulder.

“Jackie, if you remember correctly, you reacted the exact same way when I told you that I loved you.” She let this statement sink in for a few seconds. “Even if you aren’t in love with her now, do you think that you might be able to fall in love with her over time?” Jack pondered this question. He thought about all the good times that the three of them had experienced together; not only throughout this week, but through his entire lifetime. If Katie was the most important person in his life, Julia had to be a close second. The more Jack considered this possibility, the more logical it became in his mind.

“I will tell you the same thing that I told Julia a few short days ago: I am open to the possibility.” The tension seemed to drain out of Katie with his answer. Things were going to change very soon. Jack didn’t know if the changes on the horizon would be good, or bad. He knew only one thing for certain; he and Katie would deal with whatever that life had in store for them together.


I woke up exactly as I had yesterday morning, entwined with the two most beautiful women that I knew; my sister, and my cousin. We all lay in a tangle of limbs, naked as the day we were born. This day started like yesterday, but I knew that it would end much differently. Today was the last day of our vacation. In a few hours, we would pile ourselves into the big Cadillac SUV, and make the four hour drive back to our house in Sterling Heights. Katie and I would go back to sleeping in our own bedrooms, under the supervision of our parents, and Julia will go back to her own house. As much as I tell myself that the feelings between Katie and I are real, there is this nagging little voice in the back of my head. It says to me that our relationship will all be over once we walk out the front door of our vacation house. I know it’s all bullshit, but I just can’t get that damn voice to be quiet.

“Hey, big bro. What are you thinking about?” The voice was whispering softly, directly into my left ear. I felt soft lips touch my neck in a sweet kiss.

“To be honest K, I was thinking about us.” I felt the rough side of her tongue flick my earlobe.

“Why were you thinking about us, Jack?” I saw her curly red mane shift, as she raised her head to look me in the face. “The ‘us’ part will be easy. We love each other, and we’ll be together… end of story.” She could tell by my expression that I was nonplussed.

“Do you really think it will be that easy, Katie? What if people find out? What if mom and dad find out?” She had a hard glint of stubbornness in her eyes, and I knew that arguing with her would get me nowhere. That has never deterred me before, and it didn’t now.

“Jack, we are going away to school. I can just put on a ring, and we can act like we are married, and no one will even question the fact that we have the same last name.” I paused for a moment, and marveled at the simplicity of her solution. My little sister might be a genius.

“That is an excellent idea, K. It might actually work like a charm, but what are we going to do until we go away to college?” She paused, and a frown twisted her pretty mouth. She sat all the way upright in bed, giving me a spectacular view of her ripe, teenaged breasts. Even though we were in the middle of a serious discussion, I marveled at the pattern that her freckles made on her porcelain skin. I stretched out and enclosed her much smaller hand in mine. “It’s going to work out, Katie. You said it yourself, we love each other…” She wrenched her hand from my grasp, and slid quickly out of bed, jostling the still slumbering form of Julia.

“Love doesn’t always conquer all, Jackson. Not in the real fucking world.” She turned, and stalked out of the room in a huff. I stared after her in disbelief. All I had done was agree with her. I guess that I never will understand women.

“Nice going, Romeo.” Julia was looking at me, smirk firmly planted on her rosebud of a mouth.

“What the fuck did I do, Jules? I just agreed with her, didn’t I?” She sat up in bed, and shook her head.

“Jack, you just hit a nerve. She doesn’t know what you two are going to do any more than you do.” She sat up in bed, her tan athletic build was a definite contrast to my sister’s pale lushness, but I happened to be a fan of both types. “Go after her, dumbass. She needs to be reassured that you are dedicated to your relationship with her.” She swatted me hard on my bare ass. This did nothing to get me moving, but I found it strangely hilarious in this moment of tension. I slid out of bed, and stood next to it. I saw my cousin admiring my nude form.

“Thanks, Jules.” I bent down, and kissed her gently on the mouth. She seemed to hesitate for a moment, before beginning to kiss me back tenderly. Her arm wrapped around my neck, and I felt her tongue begin to probe my mouth. I pulled back, as gently as I could. “I owe you one, and I’ll be back in a few minutes to pay off my debt in full.” I turned away, and she slapped me briskly on the ass cheek a second time.

“I think you owe me more than one, big boy. Don’t wear yourself out with that skank.” I waved vaguely as I was walking away, because I was already contemplating the impeding conversation with my sister.


Katie was standing in the kitchen, in front of the sink. She had a hand over her eyes, and I could hear her quietly sobbing. The sun streamed through the window over the sink, illuminating her pale skin, and setting her red hair ablaze. The contrast nearly took my breath away. Her beauty was flawless. I paused for about thirty seconds, and just marveled at how lucky I was to have this woman’s heart. I walked up behind her, and enclosed her in my arms. I hugged her tight, and she melted into my embrace.

“It’s going to be ok, Katie. I promise. We just have to be careful while we’re at home.” I kissed her softly on her shoulder.

“Do you really think so, Jack?” Her voice was timid, and I could tell that she needed to be reassured.

“Yeah, K, I do. Our parents have no reason to be suspicious. As long as they don’t walk in on us butt naked, like this; they have no reason to think that anything has changed between us.”

“But won’t we have a hard time being together? With mom and dad around, how are we going to ever get any alone time, Jack?” I laughed softly at her words.

“K, think about it. Mom and dad work all the time. Mom is always in her office, banging away on her computer, or running off to meetings with clients; dad routinely works sixty hour weeks. We will have plenty of alone time.”

“So you really think it will be that easy?” I could tell by my sister’s expression that she was skeptical.

“I never said that it would be easy, Katie. Being alone together won’t be difficult. The hard part is going to be not getting caught.” She paused for a second to think, and then nodded. “Think about it, K. We already spend a lot of time alone together. The only thing that will be different is that we will be naked, and having sex. In case you haven’t noticed, you are quite noisy.” She punched me solidly on my chest. She could hit quite hard; for a girl.

“I’m only noisy because you make me feel so good.” She reached out, and stroked her fingers lightly across my chest, making me break out in gooseflesh. The soft touch on my chest was in sharp contrast to the hard blow.

“No, you are just an obnoxiously loud, whore.” Both of our heads swiveled around to see Julia. The sunlight streamed in through the open blinds, illuminating her tanned skin with an otherworldly glow. Her light brown hair sparkled with blonde and red highlights. Her blue eyes took us in with apparent amusement. “You two have to be joking. If you try and have the same type of sex that you guys had here, you will be busted inside of a week.” Katie looked petulant at this statement from our cousin, but I saw some truth in her words.

“C’mon, Jules,” Katie said. “Jack’s room isn’t even on the same floor as mom and dad’s room. As long as we stay out of my room, we should be ok.” That familiar smirk spread across her pretty face.

“Jack’s room is right across from your mom’s office. All that would have to happen is for her to forget to turn off her computer, and you two will be goners.” My sister’s expression changed. It would have been undetectable to someone who didn’t know her as well as I did. The fact that she bothered to continue to put up this false front indicated that she didn’t really believe what she was saying. Julia still looked confident in her logic. After all, she has known my sister as long as I have.

“When my mom is at home, we can just go up to my room. It’s no big deal.” Julia began to laugh, as if someone had told her a hilarious joke. She actually held her stomach, and doubled over. This sight even brought a smile to Katie’s eyes, if not to her lips. “What the fuck is so funny, bitch?”

“What is so funny, K? Do you actually have to fucking ask me that? What do you think that your mom will do the first time she hears him slam you up against the wall, like he did the other night? Remember, there is not an entire house separating you at home. Your house is not a ranch. Your mom will be one floor below, and only about fifteen feet from your bedroom.” Katie dropped the hostile look, and appeared to be picturing this event taking place in her mind. “I’ll tell you exactly what would happen. Your mom will think that you have had an accident, or that you two are fighting.” She paused and looked at my sister squarely. “Either way, Aunt Lucy will come running, and will find you impaled on Jack’s fuck stick.” The logic of Julia’s argument was too much for my sister to contradict, no matter how petulant she was feeling. Her chin slowly went from being raised in a challenging manner, to being lowered to a position of resignation. I had to step into this, to keep Katie’s hopes from being crushed.

“Julia, you are right, up to a point. While still at home, Katie and I will have to be careful about what we do, and when we do it. I think that we will be ok, as long as we keep ourselves under control; at least a bit. We will only have to worry about it when one of them is home, and only for a little while longer. School starts at the end of the summer, and we will be able to do anything we want, any time we want.” My sister shocked me by springing onto me, and wrapping her arms around my neck. Her action was such a surprise that I teetered on the brink of balance for a second. Luckily, I did not fall over with her in my arms. I looked through my sister’s fiery mane to Julia. She smiled a genuine smile at Katie’s excitement. I nodded to her, in acknowledgement that my sister was probably grossly underestimating the amount of control that she would have to have over herself. My sister is a redhead in temperament. She acts first, and then thinks second. It is not always the wrong way to do something, but it sometimes makes life more difficult than it needs to be. The crisis with my sister seemed to be averted, at least for the time being. I think that it is going to be a tough road ahead for the both of us, at least until college starts.

“I believe that someone said that he owed me something, and I intend to collect.” I felt a little extra tension in my sister’s embrace. I slowly lowered her to the floor. Katie’s big green eyes locked with mine, and she gave me a nod.

“I’m going to watch a movie, and give you two some alone time.” Katie planted a swift smooch on my cheek, squeezed my hand reassuringly, and sauntered off towards the living room.

“I didn’t mean that you couldn’t join in. K.” Julia didn’t appear to know how to take this turn of events.

“No, I don’t really feel up to it, right this second. I’m sure that you two can figure out which hole to stick it in, without my supervision.” She giggled softly to herself. “Hell, Jules, you are such a slut that it really doesn’t matter what hole he sticks it in. You always seem to enjoy it, anyway.” My sister beamed at us beatifically, and then sat down in my dad’s recliner to watch “The Hangover.” She picked up the remote, and focused her attention on the television.

I took Julia’s hand in mine, and pulled her towards my parent’s bedroom. For someone who had just instigated sex, she seemed reluctant to follow me. She wasn’t pulling away, but there was a definite air of timidity about her. Why was she acting weird about this? It’s not like we haven’t fucked each other a dozen times in the past week.

“Why don’t we take a shower together, Jules?” I’m not sure what inspired this idea exactly, but I know that I should wash up anyway. I wanted her to get up close and personal with Little Jack, and I figured that she might be more willing after a shower, especially since the last thing her and I did last night before sleep was anal.

“Ummm… yeah Jack.” There was a definite hesitation before the agreement. “That sounds good. Why don’t you hop in, and get the water warm, and I’ll get us a couple of towels.” I wasn’t sure what the problem was, but I decided that if I just roll with this, it might resolve itself. She padded out of the bathroom. I stood and admired how her hips swayed enticingly, and how tight her tanned teenaged ass was. I’m sure it could easily pass the quarter bounce test. She turned around at the doorway, and looked back at me. I made no secret that I had been checking her out. I expected a comment of “dumbass,” or at least her confident ‘I have this guy wrapped around my finger’ smirk. I got neither. She looked nervous, and she darted out of the room, without any of her usual gazelle-like grace. I turned on the water in the large granite shower. I turned enough cold water on so that it wouldn’t scald us, and switched the water from the faucet to the shower heads. I love this shower. Instead of having one shower head blasting you from the front, you have one forward, and one rear shower head. There are also four minor jets that strike a little above my waist. This was the perfect shower for two, or even three. I wonder why Katie didn’t want to join us.

I looked at myself in the mirror while I waited for the water to heat up. I had to admit that I looked pretty good. I flexed my muscles, and they jumped out into view. Honestly, my body is not bad, but it is mostly due to good genetics, rather than to a strict regimen of diet and exercise. My attention was pulled from my posing to a quiet conversation being held in the other room. With the door being closed, and the water running, I couldn’t make out a single word. The tone sounded tense, and the exchanges of words between the girls were quick. After another minute of talking, the conversation stopped, and I heard the movie start back up. The linen closet door opened, and shut, and the door to the bathroom opened. Julia walked in with two pink towels held in her arms. All the nervousness that I saw in her face a few minutes ago was gone, and was replaced by her normal confidence.

She tossed the towels on the sink, and slowly crossed the room to me. She placed her hand flat against my chest, right above my heart; it was also right on the bite mark that my sister gave me as a token of ownership. She paused for a second, and just appeared to be feeling my pulse through my chest. Her eyes locked with mine.

“Does your heart beat harder when I’m near you, Jackson?” This was not what I expected. I hesitated in answering, and she slowly closed the distance between us. I bent down slightly to allow our lips to meet. She was taller than average for a woman, but even on her tip toes she couldn’t match my height. The kiss was slow, and tender. I don’t describe it that way to detract from the passion of it, but rather to contrast it with the hungry, needy way that she had kissed me the first day we had sex. What had changed between us? Maybe Katie was right about her being in love with me. Her body molded itself to mine. We fit together perfectly. She was the yin to my yang. Her hand rubbed the back of my head, and pulled me down farther. Without breaking the kiss, I picked her up, pivoted, and set her down on the sink. This kept her from being on her toes. I placed a hand on either side of her hips, so I could lean down, and not have to hunch to kiss her. This was the deepest kiss that I have ever shared with my cousin. It was very passionate, and we were taking our time in getting to the “good stuff.” She broke the kiss, and smiled.

“If we don’t get in the shower now, Jack, we never will.” I nodded, grabbed her delicate hand in mine, and guided her towards the running water. She walked on rubber legs, like she just couldn’t get her coordination right. I moved into the hot water first, and then she moved in behind me. “Let’s shower fast, big guy. I need to have an orgasm really bad. I was almost there with that kiss.” What? She had almost came just from kissing me? She got the loofa, and started putting body wash on it, with her back to me. I couldn’t take her close proximity any longer without being in skin to skin contact. I reached out, grabbed her by her hips, and pulled her body against mine. I kissed the nape of her neck gently, and my right hand roamed down into the cleft between her thighs. My cock was as hard as a steel pipe against her lower back.

“Oh god, yes,” she murmured to no one in particular. I slid two of my fingers into her crevice, and found it slick, and wet with her juices. I found the small nub of her erect clit, and pushed her little nubbin in. She dropped the loofa, and muttered something about “fuck oral.” I increased the intensity of the kisses on her neck, but purposely tried not to leave any marks. I slicked my right middle finger with her secretions, and began to rub it rhythmically. I would push down, and rub my finger across it, until it would pop loose, then I would pressure it from the other side, rub over it, until it again would spring free. She leaned hard against me, and she was concentrating more on her orgasm, than on remaining on her feet. I held her body up with my left arm, and began to rub her right nipple. I made slow circles around the areola, and ran my finger over the nipple proper in alternating time with her clit popping.

“Oh god, Jack.” She moaned. “Just like that, baby.” I followed her wishes, and fifteen seconds later was rewarded with a massive shaking orgasm from my cousin. I continued stroking her while she came, and held her while she recovered. Her recovery took longer than I anticipated. I held her up for at least four minutes before she began to support her own weight. Once she was standing on her own, she became a woman of action. She grabbed me by the hand, and pulled me out of the warm confines of the shower. She actually jerked my arm when I paused to turn off the water. She grabbed one of the pink towels, and threw it in the general direction of my head.

“Dry off quickly, Jack. I need your cock inside me.” She threw her towel over her head, and began to furiously rub the water off of her honey colored hair. She ran the towel over the rest of her body quickly, and efficiently. She dropped her towel on the floor, and looked at me impatiently, while combing her hair with her fingers. I was only finishing my back, and still had the lower half left to dry off yet. She snatched the towel out of my hand, threw it on the ground next to hers, and pulled me by my hand into the bedroom. “C’mon big boy. When I said that I wanted your cock, I didn’t mean tomorrow.” I waited for it, but this statement was not followed by ‘dumbass.’ This puzzled me for a second, until she shoved me down on the bed. She straddled me, but made no move towards inserting me.

“OK. I really, really want sex, but I think that we need to talk for a sec first, Jack.” I tried really hard not to knock her off me, and take her against her will.

“What the fuck, Jules?” It was a struggle, but I conquered my horniness, because it seemed like whatever she had to say was important. “First you want to almost rape me, now you want to slow things down?” She smiled mischievously.

“Just listen for a minute, Jack. I need you to remember something when you are with me, because it appears that this might be a semi-regular thing. I am not Katie. I admit that I have enjoyed our sex up until now, because it was so hot; but that rough stuff is not for me. I know that up until now I have been really uninhibited, but the fact is that I wasn’t serious about anything between us. This was just a fling to me, so it really didn’t matter, I just went with it. Now, however; I am beginning to see things in a different light. I am not exactly sure where this thing between us is going, but I want to set the record straight. If I’m with someone that I am serious about, I like it to be more on the tender side. I know that is what you like, because I can see the difference between the rough, and the romantic when you are with Katie. You are only rough with her because you are trying to please her. I want you to be romantic with me all the time when we are alone. That is what you can do to please me. We don’t have to get wild every time we have sex. It is ok sometimes, but I would like for us to get to know each other sexually, and become familiar and comfortable with each other. I’m sure that we will still be having threesomes, and I think that those will continue to be no-holds-barred, but I want it to be different when it’s just us. Is that ok with you?” Her blue eyes studied me intently. I struggled with the right words to say to her. Things had shifted from sex to talking so quickly that my brain seemed not to be able to keep up. If Katie was right about her feelings for me, then this was an important conversation. I did not want to fuck this up.
“Yeah, Jules, you are right. I do enjoy being tender, and romantic, and I would really like exploring that side of myself with you.” A wide smile spread across her face.

“So this would be something that would belong to only us, right?” I saw a bit of tension in her face, like she was holding her breath. This didn’t seem like a big deal to me, but this must be important to her, for some reason.

“Of course it will be, Jules. Don’t think for a minute that I don’t enjoy being with you. You have always been important to me.” I hesitated to say more, because I really didn’t know what I wanted to say. I didn’t entirely know how I felt about my cousin.

“So that means that there is something between us?” She bit her bottom lip nervously, and waited for me to say something. I exhaled a little too loudly; apparently, I had been holding my breath.

“Yeah, Julia, I think that there is, but what about my sister? I have already committed to her. What does she have to say about this?”

“I think that she is going to be ok with us, as long as she is at least an equal.” She started stroking my hard cock softly with her left hand. It felt really good. I wanted sex as bad as I ever have, but I knew that this was important. It might even be a life changing moment.

“This is something that all three of us need to discuss together,” I said, “but I think that I would like there to be something ‘official’ between us.”

Apparently, this was an adequate response; because she beamed a winning smile at me, and leaned over to kiss me.

Her lips met mine gently. I guess that this was part of the new program between us. Before, she would mash her mouth down on mine, and force her tongue into my mouth. There was none of this happening now. Her lips brushed against mine; then again they met, this time with more firmness. I slid my left hand down her back, and I rested my right hand on the back of her neck. I slid my left down, and began to caress her ass, and she let out a small moan of approval into my mouth. Her tongue probed my lips, tentatively, and I eagerly allowed it entrance. We kissed for probably ten minutes. We were not in any rush. The only problem in this equation was that my erection was trapped between us. It must have felt like she had a tent peg poking her in the belly. I wasn’t trying to speed up the sex; well, not exactly. I just wanted to ease my discomfort by getting my cock inside her. I slid my fingers down the crack of her ass to where I felt her wetness pooling. I was rewarded with another, much louder moan from my cousin. I worked my middle finger around the entrance to her holy of holies. Her ass wiggled around in response to the stimulation. I couldn’t tell if she was trying to make my finger slip inside faster, or if she was attempting to block my entry. I think that it was probably involuntary, because the movement did neither effectively. I held her bottom still with my left, while I eased myself inside her with my right middle finger. She broke the kiss with a sharp exhalation of breath.

“Oh my god, Jack. Yes!” She tightened her grip on me, which molded her torso to my upper body, and she pushed her ass up, so I could get easier access to her fuck hole. I got my finger all the way inside of her pussy. She was unnaturally tight. It was like all the excitement, and the conversation about ‘us’ had made her more excited. I felt her vaginal walls quiver as I slid my finger in and out of her snatch, very slowly. She kissed me faster than before. It was not ferocious, like our kisses used to be. Instead of getting the impression that she wanted to devour me whole, I felt instead that she wanted to merge with me. This new dimension was different, and much more attractive to me. It was both a physical and mental attraction, versus purely physical lust. I knew the difference with my sister, but this was the first time that I was aware of it with Julia.

I felt her grab my wrist, and pull my slippery middle finger out. She grabbed the base of my cock, and began to guide me slowly into her tight, wet pussy. She leaned back, sitting erect, and took as much of me into her as she could. She closed her eyes in contentment, as she balanced herself on my pole.

“Damn, Jack.”


“I’ve never had a guy as big as you before.” A blush crept across her face and chest with this admission.

“I don’t think it’s anything special, Jules.” She giggled softly, and pushed down, trying to squeeze just a bit more inside of her tight little box.

“That’s because you only see guys with erections in porn. They are chosen specifically because they have elephant cocks. You can’t compare yourself to them. I would say that if you actually compared your dick with one hundred random cocks from guys on the street, you would probably be bigger than ninety, or ninety five of them.”

“You are actually serious?”

“Yeah, Jack.” She smiled, and began to ride me slowly, taking me almost out, then back inside as far as I would fit. She would grunt when I would bottom out inside her. I think she was trying to get it all to fit. Whatever she was attempting, it felt really good. The pressure on the end of my cock seemed to ease a little after a minute, and disappear almost completely after two.

“Finally,” Julia sighed.

“Finally what, Jules?”

“I finally got you all the way inside me, without you being rough, and rearranging my insides.” She beamed with a look of accomplishment. She changed her stroke, so that instead of moving her hips up and down, she began to thrust her hips forward, and then rock back. It had a very different feel to it. It felt good, without feeling so good that it put me in imminent danger of cumming. She moaned softly, and put her arms up, and placed her hands behind her neck. She looked radiant in the morning sunlight that streamed into the room. Her honey colored hair was still damp, so it glistened as much as her sweat sheened body. Her jiggled breasts jiggled only slightly as she sped up the rhythm of her rocking.

“Oh god, yes,” she panted, as she grew closer to another orgasm. I wondered if I should try to push up inside her, when she put her hands down on my stomach, and placed most of her weight on me; effectively holding me into place. This orgasm would be her doing, and if I correctly read the look of blissful concentration on her face, it was going to be a good one. She moved faster, and harder, until she screamed out my name in a violent climax. Her nails unconsciously dug into the sensitive skin on my belly, as her pussy clenched on my cock. Her eyes focused on nothing, and no further words escaped her lips. She no longer increased her pace, but it never faltered either. She continued cumming for what seemed like an incredible amount of time, and then her body slumped against my chest like a rag doll, all of her energy spent. She just lay panting for a few minutes, trying to catch her breath. I held her tight, and waited for her to calm down a little. Finally, she spoke.

“Holy shit,” she whispered. I laughed softly, and kissed her on the neck. “That was really fucking intense.” I laughed even harder. “What’s so funny?”

“It’s just that you seemed like you were never going to cum, and then it seemed like you were never going to stop.” She giggled, it sounded feistier; she must be getting her strength back. “I don’t think that I’ve ever seen you look sexier than when you were riding me. You were so graceful…” She lifted her head, and I looked directly into her big blue eyes, and suddenly found myself unable to complete my train of thought. She leaned forward and kissed me deeply, and I felt her pussy spasm on me again.

We kissed for several minutes, our bodies entwined, our tongues and hands exploring the wonders of each other’s bodies. She scooted up, and slid my erect cock from inside her, and began to kiss down my neck to my chest. She kissed the bite mark over my heart, and then kissed my left nipple. She licked it slowly, and sucked it between her teeth. To my surprise, it was a pleasant sensation. I grunted softly. I had never had a woman do that before, and had never given the sensation much thought. She smiled a wicked smile, and kissed her way across my pecs to my right nipple, and began to kiss and lick it. I ran my fingers through her damp hair, and caressed the back of her head encouragingly. She sucked my nipple hard as she licked, and even bit it gently. She worked her way down my abs, and paused to look at me through her hair, her face poised above my rock hard johnson.

To say that Julia knew a little about fellacio, would be like saying that Enzio Ferrari knew a couple of things about building fast cars. Julia licked her lips, and slid my slippery cock into her mouth. I kept expecting her to stop, but she just kept sliding more in. I felt the back of her throat, and she tilted her neck, so that I slid comfortably past. With the amount of suction she was generating, and how small her throat was, it felt incredible. She swallowed, and her throat scraped the sweet spot under my head, and I moaned softly. She started back up my rod, and her tongue was busy all the time. After a couple minutes of this, she grabbed my arms, and placed my hands firmly on the back of her head, so it was held in place. She looked up at me with those blue eyes of hers, as if willing me to understand what she was trying to communicate wordlessly. Sometimes I wish that I wasn’t so dense about things like this.

She put her hands on top of mine, and pushed them down, so that she swallowed a good portion of my throbbing member; then she pulled my hands upward, and most of my cock slid out. A light bulb lit inside my brain: she wanted me to fuck her face. I grasped the sides of her head more firmly, and pushed down; while simultaneously thrusting my hips upward. My cousin grinned her approval around my shaft. I got a steady rhythm going, and started to explore. I went deeper, then faster, and then pulled out more. None of these things made her gag, or choke. To me, it felt really, really good. I was supremely in control. I was just getting to where I thought I might cum pretty soon, when she pulled my hands away, and got up. She got on the bed on her hands and knees, her pert little ass facing me.

“I want it doggy, Jack.” She put her face down on the bed, and wiggled her ass, as if I wasn’t moving fast enough for her. “Earth to Jack… get your ass up here, and fuck me, stud.” I didn’t need an engraved invitation to recognize a party when I saw it; well, not usually. I got up behind her, and grabbed her by the hips. I felt my hardness slide in between her thighs, which were slick with her juices. I felt her dainty hand wrap itself around my flag pole, and guide me into her hot little honey pot. I slid in slowly, all the way to the hilt. When I was all the way inside, I could just brush her cervix at the end of my stroke. She cooed softly when I was deep inside her, and I bottomed out. She pushed back against me, making our slow strokes have more power behind them. Then she did something amazing: she clenched her pussy while I was pulling out. I let out an audible gasp, and she giggled.

“Yeah, your sister finally spilled the beans on how she was making you cum at will.” It felt wonderful. Every stroke felt like it was the first time that I had ever been inside a woman. My entire body shuddered with need.

“Ok, cowboy. I want you to fuck me hard, but, when you have to cum, then just do it. Don’t hold out for me. The only thing I ask is that if I am in the middle of an orgasm, you don’t stop stroking because you are cumming. Sound fair?” I grunted an affirmation, and increased my pace, and force of my stroking. She pushed back against me, meeting every stroke with her counterstroke. She clamped her pussy down on my cock with perfect timing.

“C’mon, baby,” she encouraged. “Harder! Harder, Jack! Fuck me like you fuck your skanky sister.” With that, I finally knew what she wanted, she wanted me to beat the hell out of her pussy, and I was only too happy to oblige. I tensed my muscles, putting all my strength, and weight behind each stroke. She met every one, faster and faster, until out bodies made a slapping noise from the impact of pelvis on ass. She kept time with the clenching, until with a desperate howl, she came, and lost all control of her pussy muscles. They squeezed, and writhed at awkward times, but between the way it felt, and the heavenly way Julia looked as she writhed in ecstasy, I lost it. I wasn’t even aware of my impending orgasm. One second, it felt really good, and I was patting myself on the back for making her cum; then the next second, my body was shaking involuntarily, and my seed was exploding inside my cousin’s belly. I remembered what she said, and kept humping away as best I could, but I think that all semblance of rhythm was gone from our lovemaking. I managed to keep going until her orgasm seemed to have ended, then I unceremoniously collapsed on top of her, crushing her to the mattress. We both lay there in a pile for a couple of minutes, breathing hard, and soaking the sheets with our sweat.

“Jackie, you need to get off me, you are crushing me to death.” She slapped at my arm weakly, and I slid out of, and off of her. I lay on my side, and she snuggled into a perfect spooning position. I held her in my arms, and just basked in the afterglow, while enjoying the closeness. “Jackson…” Julia began timidly, which was unusual for her.

“Yeah, Jules, what’s up?” She paused for about thirty seconds, and I could tell that she wasn’t sure how to say what was on her mind.

“How did you know that you were really in love with Katie?”

“Honestly, Jules… it just took a lot of thought to see something that should have been obvious to me the whole time. Shit, it should have been as plain as the nose on my face that she was in love with me, but I managed to overlook that fact too. Sometimes, I wonder how I walk around without crashing into things.” She giggled musically, and the amusement lit up her beautiful blue orbs.

“Maybe I should buy you one of those white canes that blind people use, because there is a whole lot going on that you don’t see.” Her giggling increased. “Remind me to never let you keep watch, because you continue to miss things.” Her giggling turned into her holding her flat, tan belly, and rolling around on the bed. I pinned her down, and kissed her lips soundly. Her laughing stopped, but there was a distinct smile to her parted lips. Our kiss broke gently. It was very nice kissing her, now that she had become ‘serious’ about our ‘relationship.’


Three hours later, we had finished cleaning, finished packing the SUV, and were hauling ass south, back to the Detroit metro area. This vacation had been the one bright spot in my short, but mediocre life. Now it was over, and the three of us were headed back to the real world: a world that would not accept the choices that we have made; a world that would condemn our relationships to be ‘incestuous,’ or ‘unnatural.’ I looked into the rearview mirror at my beautiful sister, and cousin. They were sleeping peacefully, but I wondered how long that peace would last. I turned my eyes back to the road ahead, because the road ahead is all we truly have.

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