20 Kasım 2023

Ava and/or Eva Pt. 07


Author’s Note – This story has 8 parts which I am releasing as I finish editing them. For the best experience, please read them in sequence or you may not be able to follow the story properly. Although this is a work of fiction, it is based on real characters and events. All names and locations are fictitious. To check on the status of the next part, please see my profile. Thank you.


Eva Comes Clean

I laid back against the pillows as Eva climbed on the bed and sat cross legged next to me. She sighed heavily, then began, “Here goes nothin’… I don’t really know where to start.”

“Look, Eva… the fact that mom gave you a dildo to practice deep throating with… or even the fact that she taught you how to do it… is not the whole thing that is going on. I have been seeing things that have been out of the ordinary since you came back home. You can tell me about your mom and the dildo first, if you want, but I know there is more.” She nodded as she listen to my speech. “I’m not mad, honey. I’m just confused and I think it’s time we cleared the air, alright? Come here, baby girl, and talk to me.” I opened my arms and she crawled in.

“Okay… the dildo was ‘you’, daddy… mom had a duplicate made of the dildo she had… the one you made a plaster cast of for her back after you met… remember?” I did… Ava told me she wanted it so that she could put ‘me’ inside her anytime she wanted. It was a take-off of the old ‘plaster caster’ fad from the late sixties. To hear her talk about it, I believe she used it all the time. Ava had a huge sex drive. I don’t want to call her a nympho, but she did live for sex and me.

“Yes, I do… she loved that thing,” I admitted.

“And, I loved mine a lot. Mom and I used to talk about sex and boys all the time. She taught me so much… and so did you, daddy… but, I couldn’t ask you about a lot of stuff like blow jobs and so on.” When she fidgeted a bit, I probed for more.

“What is it, Eva?… something bothering you?”

“I’m not quite sure how to say this… but all those years as I was growing up, and mom was teaching me about boys and sex… especially the last couple of years before she died… I… I…” She had a very pensive look on her face when she rose to look at me, “I had the feeling she was preparing me to be with you… not as a daughter… but as a lover.”

“What makes you think that, honey?” I was really in the dark at this point.

She started using her hands a lot as if gesturing would help her sort things out. “Every time I wanted to know something about sex, it was always you that she talked about. You liked this or that… she would do this or that to you to make you hot or happy. Look, I know how much you loved each other… how obsessed she was with you… and you were the center of her world… I got that. I guess it all started to sink in when mom caught me watching you two fucking.”

“She what?… she never told me about that.” I was dumbfounded.

“She saw me peeking through the closet door, then confronted me about it the next day. It was quite the conversation and I will never forget it. She wasn’t mad at me at all. She was more interested in how long I had been doing it… what I had seen… what my feelings were and what I did to myself during and afterwards. I pretty much told her everything.

“You were working on a property that you had to get done because they needed to move in the next day, so she knew you wouldn’t be home until late. She disappeared for a few minutes and when she came back, she had a DVD with her. Now I know where she went to get it!” She chuckled before continuing, “We sat on the sofa in the family room as I watched a video of just you and her together. She said you had made it as an anniversary present for her. It had to be one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

“You were making love so passionately and tenderly it was hypnotizing. All the positions and locations… tables, chairs, the floor… it was like watching a Kama Sutra show. I could see why you two were so much in love… you were made to be.” She had to pause, her face covered with tear tracks. Sliding off the bed, she went to the bathroom, returning refreshed in a minute. When she came beside me this time she was like her younger self, pressing into my chest with her arms wrapping around me tight. “I really miss mom right now.”

“I do too, sweetheart… I do, too.” I agreed.

“You know, daddy, at times I thought she was kind of brainwashing me. But the more time has passed, the more I have come to believe that she was seeing so much of herself in me that she knew what I would need to truly make me happy. All through high school and college… up until I met Jeff, I would spot things in boys that I knew I wouldn’t be able to stand later on, so I quickly moved on to the next one. I thought Jeff was the one because, on a basic level, he was a lot like you. But when the baby thing started to happen, I quickly saw what he really was. That last bursa eskort bayan year we were together, I finally began to understand that what I really wanted was you.

“Mom also told me something one time that I never forgot. I remember we were all around the pool… Tammi and Lacy were over, and we were swimming while you and mom were just lounging around. All of us had a crush on you, and we tried our best to get you to notice us. I even went so far as to lay by the pool on my belly with my ass facing you, my bottom pulled to the side so you could see my pussy a bit. But… you never flinched. When one of us would flash you a boob out of our suits while we were playing in the water, one of us was always off to the side checking for your reaction… but, nada… it was a pretty disappointing day.

“A while later, I asked mom why you didn’t think I was sexy. She asked me what made me think that, because you always seemed to be telling me how pretty I was. I explained what we had done at the pool and then she laughed like crazy and told me ‘Oh, he saw you, honey… he saw you!… He just managed to hide it really well. We talked about it inside and I saw his hard-on. If you hadn’t been his daughter, he would have taken you right there on the deck. He called you his little cock teaser a lot after that.’ She also hinted indirectly that you would never make a move on me… that I would have to be the one to do something.”

I remembered that pool day well and chimed in, “Aw…the infamous pool party. Your mom was dead on, sweetie. Yes, I saw the boobs popping out in the pool…and, yes I saw the ‘shot’ you gave me… I figured that ‘shot’ was just an accident because I didn’t think you girls were that bold. You were teenagers testing your sexual attraction skills…I just happened to be the target that day. And, I did have a hard-on half the time, but that’s not suppose to be something a dad shows his girl. If your mom hadn’t given me a blow job in the utility room before you girls came back inside, I would have gone upstairs and jacked off.”

“Really, daddy?… that’s funny! And all that time I was worried I wasn’t cute or sexy enough to make you notice to me. Pretty stupid, huh?”

“Honey… not stupid at all… just girls trying to figure out who you were and how to be women. And, you were a ‘little cock teaser’. I knew all your games… from squirming on my lap, to laying on the floor in front of the TV flashing me your little cotton panties. I wasn’t blind, Eva… you got me hard way more than you know… but you were my daughter, and it was incest… it just wasn’t acceptable back then… or now for that matter. But we are consenting adults now… so I really don’t give a shit. I love you and there is nothing wrong with that in my book.”

“Me too, daddy. It’s best we keep it to ourselves… but I don’t really give a damn either. You’re mine now and I don’t plan on letting you go,” she proclaimed.

“Your mom was an amazing woman. If she saw this coming and helped lay the groundwork to make it happen, then I thank her very much. She was right in the fact that you are my type of woman. You are like her in so many ways it’s creepy. She certainly knew what it took to make me happy… someone like you, and I couldn’t be happier. She was also very right in the fact that I never would have made the first move. I’m glad you did.” We lay there for a long time, just thinking our thoughts and enjoying being together.

She sat back up and faced me, very serious again. “Okay… this is the tough one, daddy.” I waited patiently for her to continue, “Mom and I made love.” Now this one did blow me away… I was totally not expecting this. “About 6 months before she passed on… when she was in her last remission, we were spending the day together while you were off working, and it just… happened…

Eva says goodbye

I was on my fall semester break. I had just met Jeff at the college a few weeks earlier, but hadn’t brought him home to meet mom and dad. He had run home to the Springs to be with his folks, and check on what was involved with transferring to CSU next year. I was helping mom do some of the things around the house that were becoming more taxing on her physically, and literally had to get mad at her for trying to do these things by herself when I wasn’t around. I almost think she had the belief that if she couldn’t do them, then she was done for.

We had just finished making the bed in her room when it seemed she was getting a little tired. “Mom, lay down for a minute and rest. Let me get you a glass of tea, okay?” I implored.

“Okay. Thanks, honey.” She sat on the side of the bed and kicked off her house shoes before swinging her legs up and lying back while I ran downstairs to get her drink. When I returned, she was laying there with her eyes closed. Although she almost always had a tired look about her now from the treatments and medications, she refused to just let herself go. Her hair had thinned a bit but was bursa merkez escort still lustrous and beautiful, pulled back into her usual ponytail. She wasn’t wearing much makeup… never really needing it as her skin was still smooth and almost blemish free. She had that quality of always looking youthful. I was hoping I would be so lucky as I aged. Her short, sleeveless, blue sundress was fanned out around her with her still flawless legs cocked sideways as she relaxed.

Opening her eyes when she heard me near, she reached out for the drink I was offering her. She sat up against the headboard and sipped on her drink for a moment. When she had quenched her thirst, she handed me the glass and patted the bed beside her. “Come lay beside me for a bit… I want to hold you.” Mom had always been a physical contact person. Whether it was just holding hands when she was near… all the way to full-on cuddling, she had a need to touch. I was a willing participant as were dad and everyone she had any kind of a relationship with.

As I sat the glass down on the end table, she scooted over and made room for me beside her. I crawled to her and laid my head into the crock of her arm which wrapped around me and pulled me close. It was a position I had spent my entire life in and loved. While we laid there, I sensed that something was different this time… there was a sadness in her I hadn’t seen before.

“What’s wrong, mom?” I tried to get her to open up and tell me what she was feeling.

“I’m just a little sad because I know we don’t have much longer to be together like this. I want to be around when you get married, and when you can maybe have a baby.” She was just wishful thinking here, because we both knew the doctors didn’t have much hope, since I had the same cervical condition as she had contracted after I had been born.

Feeling some of the sadness she was speaking of, I raised up and looked into her eyes for a few seconds before leaning in to give her a quick kiss. But, for some reason, when our lips met I didn’t stop there. I was never quite sure why I chose to take it further… maybe I just wanted to show her how much she meant to me as a woman and not just as my mother… it just happened. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and felt her startle and stiffen for a second at my move, before accepting my desire to be closer to her. She let me explore, then responded to me, her tongue joining mine as her hand moved to the back of my head to massage me with her fingers. Our kiss lasted for ages as we lovingly eased all the pain and despair we knew was ahead. We just focused on the here and now, and what we were feeling.

When I pulled back and stared into her eyes, I could sense that she was not just my mother anymore, but was also going to be my lover now. If it was only going to be for this one time, I didn’t care… I wanted her in this way as well. We never said a word… we didn’t need to. She had the same look on her face as I moved back in and kissed her with desire this time. Her hand pressed my head to her as we gave ourselves to each other and kissed like lovers.

I slid my leg over and placed it between hers as my left hand went to her breast and began to fondle it through her dress. Her hands hesitantly moved to my chest as she fought her instincts for a moment before finally caving in and handling my tits. I was dressed in a baggy t-shirt and shorts, so when the cloth of my shirt impeded her hands, she moved them under the shirt to get to my bare flesh. Her touch was experienced, knowing how to tease and handle another woman. Tammi and I had engaged in lesbian sessions numerous times, but she had never come close to what mom was doing to me. She had a technique of how to pull, pinch, roll, palm and massage that had me shivering in no time.

My mouth moved to her neck and shoulders to nibble and lick for a bit before I decided to change position. I moved my other leg between hers as my hands pushed her dress up to her belly, exposing her pussy fully to me. I was not surprised since she had told me long ago that dad had a rule… no panties. She was bare… not a hint of hair anywhere… and, she was wet… in the short time we had been getting heated up, she already had a slight ooze headed for her sphincter. Her labia were glistening and opened wide, framing the tiny, dark opening of her tunnel.

Desiring to see the rest of her, I reached for the straps of her dress, sliding them off her shoulder s… yes, I know that I had seen her many times naked before in one state of undress or another, but this was different… I was seeing her in a different light now. She spoke for the first time as she pulled her arms through the straps and pushed the top down to her waist. “I want to see you, too, baby,” she complained. The breasts I was looking at were very familiar to me… I saw them everyday in the mirror when I was dressing or undressing. They had slightly more sag than mine but were still beautiful. bursa sınırsız escort bayan Pulling back, I removed my clothes for her. When I was kneeling there naked in front of her, she smiled at me and said, “You’re beautiful, sweetheart. You look just like me when I was your age… come here.” The only real difference between us was my pubic ‘landing strip’.

I moved to her breasts first, my mouth exploring one while my hand was on the other. Then, I added my other hand to her pussy and began to stroke and caress her there. Her hands were on my shoulders and back, massaging and adoring me as I pleasured her. She trembled at my every touch and I believe it was mostly because it was me touching her so intimately… not someone else. Although I knew this was supposedly taboo, I also knew it didn’t feel wrong at all. I was loving my mother… it was just in a new way.

Wanting to taste her now, I laid down between her thighs and put my lips on her tenderly. As I sucked, licked and probed her with my tongue, her fingers were in my hair and touching my cheeks. Her clit came out for me and I teased and sucked it as her trembling increased. Just a minute later, she came in my face. It was a soft and vibrating orgasm, her thighs closing on my head and holding me to her as she shuddered and then relaxed. She only moaned once… a long, protracted sound that carried from the start of her climax, then faded out at the end.

I looked up at her face as she was staring back at me, her eyes watery from her tears. Now, all I wanted to do was hold her as I crawled forward and took her in my arms, laying my head on her chest and closing my eyes. We laid like that for almost half an hour… her stroking my head, and me listening to her heart beat and breathing. When I finally rose up, we kissed again deeply with love, but said nothing… just got up, got dressed and continued with our work.

Later that afternoon as we were doing laundry, she made a remark like it was nothing special, just some useful information… a kind of ‘oh, by the way’ statement. “If you ever want your father, honey… all you have to do is tell him.” Then, she went on folding towels.


She finished her story with a heavy sigh and squeezed me hard. There was nothing for me to say. The sadness in her was deep and I just let her feel it.

About 10 minutes later, I told her, “I don’t know what made you think that I would hate you for what you and her shared, cuddlebug. Your mom had a way of drawing out stuff like that from people. Almost everyone I know wanted to be with her as a lover of some sort. She had something about her that drew lovers like moths to a flame, so I don’t blame you at all for what you did.”

Her breath was hot against my chest as she replied, “I don’t know what made me think you would be mad, daddy. I just know I couldn’t stand to lose what I have found here with you. It would be too much to bear.”

“I’m not going anywhere, Eva. I’m yours for life and you’re stuck with me, so just quit worrying, okay?” I slid down in bed, pulling her face to me and kissing her. I could almost feel the relief in our kiss that she was feeling since this emotional burden had been lifted. We held each other tight, slipping into dreams of what tomorrow would bring.


My girls were a-buzz when I came downstairs… there was a lot for them to do and they were excited to get started. After a frantic breakfast, they ran upstairs to change out of my shirts and into something for shopping. When they came back down, I had them line up for inspection before unleashing them on the world.

They had chosen sexy shorts and simple tops with no bras, their hard nipples poking out from their excitement. “Panties?” I questioned, and was greeted with a chorus of ‘No, daddy.’ as they lowered their shorts to show me their nakedness underneath. “Very nice, my little sluts.” I gave them a few instructions for the trip, “Since I won’t be there to enjoy it, I don’t want you to tease the boys too much… your hard nips and cute asses should suffice for today. Eva, here are the keys to your new place…make some copies for everyone after you show them around. And, here is my credit card to get your outfits and plugs.” She smiled, taking them from me.

“June… what was Jake’s last name and your mom’s legal last name? I want to check and see what happened to them… it was in Kansas City, Kansas… correct?” She confirmed the location and gave me their names with a grateful look on her face. Satisfied that they were all set, I released them for their day’s adventure. “Have fun, sluts.” They exploded out the door.

It felt nice to have the place to myself for a bit, what with all that had transpired in the last two days. I wanted to check out Jake and Brenda’s situation first, so I headed into my office just past the stairway. Once a large, downstairs bedroom, I had converted it into a combination workout room and drafting studio. Along one wall were my drafting tables, which I hadn’t used in years, plus shelves and racks full of old plans and materials. The area by the sliding door leading to the deck had my cross trainer and some weights for my upper body strength workouts. Against the other wall sat my computer with dual monitors and shelves holding my miscellaneous software and tapes.

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