20 Kasım 2023

Auntie Sally Ch. 01


Part 1. Getting To Know Her Inside and Out.

Based on a real fantasy.

I’m not sure exactly when, but at some stage during puberty I developed a sexual attraction towards my Auntie Sally. Call it a cliché, but she is everything a man looks for in a woman. Curvaceous, amazing ass, gorgeous face that looked like a slutty Sandra Bullock, perfect tits — and to top it all off she knew exactly how to present herself. Her tight pants, cleavage exposing tops and trendy hair just accentuated her features. She was already in her 30s and what any guy would call a MILF. Whenever I was showing family photos of her to friends they would always comment on the ‘hot chick’. That being my auntie. Of course, I already had the hots for her at that point but kept my silence for fear of looking like some sort of incestuous freak.

Fantasising about her never grew old, and considering she was always updating her look, I always had something fresh to think about. One day my dream became a reality.

Sally wasn’t my blood auntie, she was married to my blood uncle and had two kids with him, James and Sandra. My uncle was out on business a lot and I used to hang out with my cousins, who were practically like brother and sister to me. It was that fateful day that my life changed forever.

I was 18 and a virgin. Despite my intense and frustrating attraction towards Auntie Sally, I was pretty good at covering it up. Every now and then, I used to wonder if she somehow, as if by divine intervention, liked me as well. I got even harder thinking that she fantasised over me doing her as well.

Auntie Sally was in the kitchen, being a ‘home-maker’ she was often to be seen doing tasks around the house — ones that involved her doing repetitive motions or bending over or bobbing down…that drove me absolutely crazy. It was a Saturday and I was over at her place, ‘unfortunately’ my cousin James went to the movies with his friends and Sandra was at another cousin’s place. I had no idea that they wouldn’t be home and arrived to find just Auntie Sally home. First time that happened since I was a kid. She offered me food and drink and said the kids wouldn’t be back for at least another 3 hours, so if I wanted to stick around I could. Uncle Bob was interstate on business, of course. As she was fixing me something to eat I sat around at the kitchen bench talking to her and observing her as she moved around and bent over. “God I’m such a pervert’ I thought. She was wearing her usual low cut tops and as far as I could see no bra. She leaned over the counter to talk to me.

“So how was your week been?” she enquired, “Exhausting, I’ve been up to my neck in tests and homework” I replied, “Oh, poor you. You need something to relax you” “Haha, yeah, that would be good, at least I have no homework today, that’s a start” I joked

She must have noticed my eyes kept drifting down her top. It was unavoidable. Her body language was changing. I had no idea what to think.

“Would you like me to help relax you, Tom?” “Umm h-h-how?” I was stuttering like an idiot “Let your Auntie Sally give you a nice, soothing back rub” she said, innocently enough, “O-o-ok,” my nervousness was obvious.

She came around to where I was sitting and put her hands on my back. Fuck, her hands felt so good on my back. With a couple rubs she was already relieving my stress

“How’s that?” “Actually I can’t feel it that much through my top” I said, calling her bluff, if it even existed, “Oh, that’s no good, here, is that better?” She slid her hand under my top, her hands rubbing the bare flesh of my back “That’s amazing…I mean that’s really um, relaxing” “Gooood” she replied with a feline-like satisfaction

But of course, all this excitement was doing something to me and in no bursa otele gelen eskort time I developed a raging hard on. I was half praying she wouldn’t notice and half hoping she’d see it and do something. “What am I thinking?” I thought, “Here is my Auntie giving me an innocent back rub and I’m trying to turn this into something sexual. She is my Auntie after all, I can’t just think of her like that” But I knew my train of thought regarding her was already corrupted. There was nothing I could do but savour the moment.

All of the sudden she stopped,

“Sorry Tom, I’ve got to finish off the food” “No worries, thanks for that” “My pleasure”

She went back around the counter and bent over again. But this time her movements were more deliberate. When she bent over she seemed to wiggle her ass side to side a little bit, and then she pushed it out as she was looking into the oven, I saw the outline of her ass and the best part, her camel toe. This was freaking me out. “Was she doing it on purpose” I wondered? All I knew was that if I did as much as stroke my dick, it would explode. My balls were ready to burst. She got back up and tended to the food on the stove. As she licked the spoon to sample the sauce she was making, she moved it in and out of her mouth slowly, half closing her eyes as she did it. “Surely she’s being suggestive” I thought. Then the straw that broke the camel’s back. She pointed out to the window behind me,

“What’s that?” she asked, I turned around, there was nothing outside, when I looked back, the greatest thing ever happened. She was standing there, lifting up her top, exposing her boobs to me. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Not only was my auntie who I fantasised about endlessly and desired more than any woman in the world exposing her breasts to me, they were everything I imagined and better. So round and supple, perfectly shaped and her nipples — my god — they were rock hard. She must like me!

“I saw your hard dick through your pants, Tom” Oh my lord, I couldn’t believe I just heard her use the word ‘dick’ and it was in reference to my penis. She continued, “I’ve seen the way you look at me, stare at my tits, gawk at my ass. I know I turn you on. I’ve known it for a while now, you were always too young. But now Tom, you are a man. An adult.” What did she mean by that. She had put her top back over her boobs, “Come here” she said alluringly. I bolted out of my seat and went over to her. “Now fucking kiss me.” So I did. I may have been a virgin but I knew how to make out with girls. This very moment I had rehearsed a million times over in my head. She made out like a porn star, which was perfect for the practically porn-addicted me. We flicked out tongues around and made out passionately. Fuck it was so hot. She grabbed my cock through my pants and started rubbing it up and down.

“Play with my nipples Tom” I grabbed both her rock hard nipples between my thumb and forefinger and pinched them.

“Fuck yeah, that feels so gooood” she said, breathily. Her hand on my cock, even through my pants, was like heaven on earth. I was so caught up in the moment, it felt like a dream. It definitely was not computing at that stage. She took her top off, “Lick my nipples, suck on your auntie’s fucking tits” “Oh yeah Auntie Sally I’m going to suck your fucking hard nipples.” I was really getting into the sex-talk.

Her tits felt amazing in my mouth, but I made sure not so suck on them like a noob, I focused on her nipples and nibbled on them gently. “Fuck yeah Tom, oh you’ve got me so hot, please lick my fucking pussy…fuck I want it so bad” I’d never heard her swear so much, she really must’ve been horny. It was turning me on beyond belief. To get bursa eve gelen escort bayan to even see her pussy, let alone lick her out was akin to nothing for me. The taboo and naughtiness of the whole thing made my dick more erect than I had ever thought possible.

She ripped her top off and pulled her pants down, exposing red lingerie. I could already smell her pussy juices, the scent was intoxicating: primal even. That also meant she must’ve been wet. She wiggled her panties down, grabbed my head and hovered it around her pussy, I guess so I could take in the sight. It was such an amazing vagina. She had both her kids by c-section so there was no stretching. And because of the little sex she got off Uncle Bob, it was amazingly tight looking, and shaved, with a little thin strip of hair above it, just how I imagined it. “Are you going to lick your auntie’s pussy? Do you have a wank imagining you are eating my cunt out?” “Yesss” “Yes who? “Yes Auntie Sally”

Man, she was being domineering, and it was so sexy. She forced my face onto her pussy and I instantly started licking it up and down.

“Yeeaah, that’s so good. Feeling my nephew’s tongue on my pussy is so hot. Fuck, lick my cliiit”

I was going straight for her clit anyway. My face was virtually being bathed in her sweet pussy juices. I started flicking my tongue about her clitoris just like I saw in the pornos. I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing until

“Fuck! Oh my god Tom! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum from my nephew sucking on my hard little clit…aaah fuck! Yeeeesss!”

And there she went, she came all over my face, her cum soaking my lips and flooding into my mouth. I lapped up every bit of it. I was drinking my auntie’s sex juices and cum and it was everything I dreamed of and more. I got up and started kissing her, letting her taste her own juices in my mouth

“Oh yeah, my cum tastes so good, doesn’t it Tom?” “A-huh, it’s so tasty” I replied affirmatively. “Now it’s time for me to play with you” she said and just like that my pants were down.

“Oh I never imagined you’d have such a beautiful cock, look at the shape of your knob, mmm, I can’t wait for this” she said as she stroked my dick up and down in her hot hands.

She opened her mouth wide and pretended she was going to put it in, then backed off. My auntie was teasing me. She kept doing it and it was driving me insane

“Do you like your auntie teasing you, making you wait before she sucks your beautiful hard cock?” “Yes Auntie Sally, I love it you fucking slut, you incestuous whore” “Aaah Tom it turns me on so much when you talk dirty to me”

She started playing with her pussy with one hand and kept the other on the shaft of my dick. And then she put it in her mouth. She slid it in over her tongue and then closed her lips around it. I was in paradise. She gave me the most amazing, wet, accurate blow job. She used her tongue to play with my knob. She was moaning and I could feel the vibration on my dick.

“Tom do you…like your auntie sucking your dick?….Am I doing a good job” she said between sucks “Oh yeah Auntie Sally, you are so good at sucking dick, you cock-hungry whore. I bet you always dreamed about tasting my dick in your mouth, didn’t you?” “Yes Tom…I have to admit…I’ve seen it tenting your pants before…I just wanted to take you in my mouth there and then…please…fuck my face Tom…fuck my face with your big cock”

So I did, I thrusted my hips back and forth and she made gurgling/choking sounds as I rammed it down her throat. Her eyes went big as I put the full length of my appendage down her pharynx. I dipped it in a couple times then ripped it out.

“Oh you love to suffocate bayan eskort bursa your auntie with your cock, I need you to fuck my pussy pleeassse”

This is what I was I was waiting for. I picked her up and placed her on an L on the kitchen bench. She spread her legs. I rubbed my cock up and down her moist pussy lips and slapped her clit a couple times which made her yell in ecstasy. Then suddenly I just thrust my dick in, the whole way, the entire thing.


It was the ultimate feeling. I still couldn’t believe this was happening. Her cunt was literally soaking with juices. It was so warm, soft and wet…and tight. That was the best part. I started pumping her box and she responded by spitting on her hand and rubbing her clit ferociously.

“I never thought I’d get the chance to actually fuck you Auntie Sally, you are the most amazing woman I’ve ever seen, even hotter than all the girls in pornos and in magazines” “Yes Tom! I’m so fucking hot aren’t I? Letting my nephew fuck me like this. I’m such a dirty slut. I need to be punished…fucked harder. FUCK ME HARDER!!”

I started going real quick, man that felt amazing. The friction was so intense. Then all of the sudden, “AAAH I’M CUMMING!” She was squirting this time! Is there anything she can’t do? She grabbed my head and put me straight in the stream of her squirting cum. My face was covered in it and I lapped it up. What an awesome taste. I went up to her and she started licking her cum off my face and kissing it out of my mouth.

“Mmmm” she moaned as she licked her lips “That was good,” she said, very satisfied, “I haven’t had a good fuck like that in years, I’m so happy that my nephew could do it for me. You’ve made me cum twice. Now it’s my turn to make you cum.

She got back down on the floor and started sucking my dick again.

“Oh my pussy…tastes so good on your dick…,” she said, in between gasping breaths, “I love you so much and I love that we’re now fucking buddies…You can come around and fuck me whenever you want…I want to give all of myself to you…I want to be your little whore…your little slut auntie that you fuck whenever you’re horny…I want to be your fucking slave.” And with that I blew, it just wouldn’t let up. I never came so much in all my life. I had enough to glaze her tits and fill her mouth up. She lapped my cum up. It had to be the best orgasm ever.

“You fucking love my cum don’t you you cum-hungry slut. And now that you’ve tasted it you’re going to crave it like the nasty whore that you are” I said during mid-climax. “Yes Tom, not that I’ve tasted your cum I can never live without it. It tastes sooo good!”

Finally she swallowed all my cum and palmed it off her tits, licking it off her hand.

“I tasted my cum, now it’s time for you taste yours!” she exclaimed

Fuck, I had always wanted to taste my own cum. When I masturbated I convinced myself that I would eat my cum and that got me to orgasm, but when I came the feeling just went away and I whoosied out. Now, in the heat of the moment, still massively turned on, she stood up and I kissed her, tasting my cum in her mouth.

“Lick it out of my mouth Tom, prove to me how fucking dirty you are”

It was such a sexy, slutty taste. Then, as the orgasm was finally wearing off, I had a reality check.

“Oh my god, I am licking my own cum out of my Auntie Sally’s mouth that I just blew in.” I was almost ready to faint when the phone rang and snapped us both out of our incestuous trance. Auntie Sally went over to pick it up.

“James will be home earlier than we thought. He’ll be here in 20 minutes, Tom. Let’s get ourselves cleaned up.”

We went into the shower and made out as we washed ourselves and each other. We put our clothes back on and returned to normal. I sat on the couch playing Playstation, my hands almost shaking from the after-shock of what just happened and she put the finishing touches on the meal which almost burnt.

James got back home and we hung out in the living and ate dinner. Little did he know I just fucked his mother.

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