20 Kasım 2023

Aunt Trixie’s Surprise for Mom

Big Tits

This is a continuation of Aunt Trixie’s surprise

Trixie basked in the afterglow of her hot fuck session. Her nephew Tommy had just left to return home and his recently deposited load of teenage jizz was seeping out of her well plowed ass.

Since that time several months back when she had seen it was her nephew that Micheal had arranged to fuck her blindfolded, the relationship between aunt and nephew had become very heated and very kinky.

The next day she had asked Tommy over to her house and let him know that she was aware he was in her pussy the day before and it had turned her on to no end.

She gave him her ass that day and in the months since had him over to her house as often as possible to fuck all her holes, cum in her mouth and on her face, and basically for them use each others bodies to slake their lust.

Micheal was now an afterthought and she hadn’t even seen him in two months. The youthful stamina that Tommy afforded was what the 41 year old nympho craved.

On more than one occasion Tommy had helped arrange gangbangs for Trixie in a motel just outside of town. She waited in the room in a wig and dark glasses as he brought schoolmates to the room for fuck sessions lasting several hours.

The boys could fuck her and come multiple times each during one session.

Tommy especially liked the time when he was on his back with his Aunt Trixie astride his teenage cock as she lay flat against him, her breasts mashed against his chest, her mouth on his while they french kissed. One after the other of the swim team ran his cock into her tight rear opening as Trixie ground her clit against Tommy’s pubic bone. She was in almost a continuous orgasm with her cunt clutching and spasming around young Tommy’s erection. Her juices soaked his tight nutsack and mixed with the sperm leaking from her twitching anus.

He had practiced control in delaying his own orgasm but it was very difficult. The friction of each boys cock was felt by his own through the thin membrane of flesh separating his aunts pussy and ass. Their balls bounced against his as their pricks bottomed out in the lovely blonds butthole.

As each of them came and dumped his load up her back door he could feel the ejaculation and Trixie’s pussy gripped and milked him with repeated orgasms. He eventually emptied a huge load into her hot box.

Some of the high schoolers he brought to these gangbangs suspected that this was not just some wanton slut who Tommy had contacted through a sex connection website. They were too smart however, to mention that they sensed a closer relationship.

That would not have been a good thing Trixie thought. escort bursa

Just as she was getting out of the shower from washing the sex sweat from her body the phone rang. ” Have you seen Tommy? ” she heard her twin sisters voice ask.

Penny was asking because she needed the car she shared with Tommy to get to an appointment.

Trixie thought but did not say ” Yes I’ve seen him, up my ass and in my mouth “. Instead she told Penny that he had stopped by after school to fix a leaky pipe and should be home anytime.

Penny was almost the exact opposite of Trixie in everything but looks. They were identical twins who were both fit and had dirty blond hair,C cup boobs, and heart shaped asses.

Penny had experienced a brief and bad marriage which had produced Tommy but turned her from men.

Her ex had left them when Tommy was an infant and not given any support since that time.

She had been hit on many times but had so switched off sexually that none of her admirers had really much of a chance to thaw her wall of ice.

Trixie remembered that when they were in college together, Penny had experimented with women and the two sisters had even eaten each others pussies as a hazing to the sorority they had pledged to.

Penny had dated a few guys but prior to meeting Tommy’s dad her libido drifted to the girls at school.

Tommy had confided to Trixie that he had fantasized about having sex with his mom and they often added that spice to their sex in role play. This was especially easy for his mom’s twin sister to pull off in playing his mommy and having her little boy fuck her.

Trixie had a hot lesbian friend in her mid 30s who was regularly trying to get Trixie into bed. Mandy had succeeded a time or two but Trixie preferred dick to pussy by far.

A plan to get her sisters sexuality reawakend emerged when Mandy came to mind.

” While I have you on the phone Penny ” Trixie said. ” I have a friend I thought you might be interested in meeting.”

“I know you haven’t had any sex in quite some time and she is just the type you used to go for in college”. ” Don’t say no right now, just let’s meet for coffee and see if sparks fly”.

And that is what happened. Mandy was struck immediately by Penny and how could she not be, given the case of the hots she had for her twin.

For her part Penny started to thaw and then warm by the attention being thrown her way.

Within a few dates Mandy had succeeded in bedding Penny and both women soon found themselves in lesbian heaven.

The pent up single mom enjoyed thoroughly all the delights her new lover was introducing her to. Experimenting bursa merkez eskort with toys, strap-ons, blindfolds, handcuffs, and more, had Penny gushing and squirting on a regular basis.

Instead of worrying about Tommy being away from the house she encouraged her son to stay out, thinking he was with a high school girlfriend and unaware that he was regularly banging her twin sister.

Trixie had confided to Mandy that she and her nephew had become lovers. She asked the brunette pixie if she might help her give the boy a special treat.

The plan was hatched after Mandy had agreed. Mandy was going to have Penny blindfolded and tied hand and foot to the four poster bed in her bedroom. This had become one of their regular routines in their increasingly torrid affair. Mandy would be eating and toying with the helpless blonds pussy while Tommy and Trixie entered the bedroom.

Tommy went into the closet and closed the door behind him all but a crack through which he could spy the action on the bed.

He dropped his pants to his ankles and began to stroke his engorged boner.

Trixie went to the foot of the bed beside Mandy and nudged the dark haired vixen aside. She then placed her head between her sisters legs and began to gently lap at her steaming twat.

Penny noticed the change in technique immediately and raised her head. The blindfold held but she asked what was happening.

Mandy did not answer but waited until Penny’s next orgasm was flooding Trixie’s face to peel back the blindfold. ” Hi sis ” Trixie said and then began to furiously finger fuck her helpless sibling until Penny soaked the sheets with another gushing orgasm.

Tommy sprayed the closet door with his first orgasm watching his Aunt make his mother squirm in delight.

Mandy noticed the boy and their eyes met while her own fingers sought out her engorged clit. She sidled close to the open crack in the door and their mutual masturbation session began in earnest.

She even went so far as to moisten her fingers with her vaginal juices and then reach into the closet and stroke the young man’s cock to slicken it up for him.

Trixie had untied Penny who was taking a turn gratefully eating her sister as they had done at the sorority those many years ago. “You can really munch a carpet sis” Trixie said as she juiced her sisters face. ” You can thank Mandy for that “, Penny replied, nodding toward the closet where the brunette was furiously rubbing herself.

Mandy says that you have also learned to enjoy a good strap-on fucking and I have a new lifelike dildo that I would like to give bursa sınırsız escort a try.

I would like you to tell me how real it feels to you so it would be great if you would wear the blindfold again. That way it might be a true blind test so to speak.

Penny agreed, and after the blindfold was in place she got up on all fours to accept a doggy style strap-on fuck from her sister. Before the blindfold was on she had watched Trixie take a realistic looking penis from its box, lube it up with the warming oil, and place it into the strap-on harness.

She was anticipating the feeling of the dildo parting her pussy lips when she felt hands on her ass cheeks. She edged back closer to the foot of the bed to accept the standing form getting ready to press that realistic cock into her.

What she did not anticipate was that the form standing at the foot of the bed was that of her son Tommy. When the blindfold had been placed Tommy had emerged from the closet and Mandy had helped him don a dildo harness identical to the one Trixie had on. The only difference was that an erect teenage boner and not a dildo was protruding from it.

Trixie kept her hands on her twins ass cheeks as Tommy slid his cock deep into his mother’s pussy in one deep stroke. “Mmmm” was all his mother could manage as the boy slid in and out of the vaginal walls from which he had emerged just eighteen years previously.

After several minutes of incestuous fucking Trixie reached one hand under and rubbed her sisters slickening cunt to a gushing orgasm. Tommy was in the process of emptying his seed deep into his mother’s womb when Penny became aware of a second set of hands stroking her breasts and pinching her nipples.

Tommy had forgotten himself and was playing with mommies tits as his balls were emptying.

Penny asked what was happening and was in the process of removing the blindfold when Trixie hurriedly pushed Tommy back. His cock exited with the pop of suction as his mother’s cunt lips kissed the head of his weeping dick good by.

He raced back to the closet and Mandy stepped forward. She was in place playing with her lovers breasts when the blindfold came off and before the teenage jizz could drip out of Pennys pussy and give the game away Trixie dove down to suck it all out of her twin sisters twat.

Trixie was still slurping away when Penny thought she noticed movement in her bedroom closet and that the closet door seemed to be more open than she had remembered it being.

“Oh well” she thought. ” Perhaps there is a mystery man in there. My sister might be gently trying to reintroduce me to heterosexual pleasures.”

Rather than reveal her suspicions she thought she would wait until they were ready to let her in on the surprise.

When she bent down to kiss Trixie the unmistakable taste of semen on her lips was left unremarked upon.

In the closet Tommy unleashed another torrent of sperm watching his mother and aunt swap his cum.

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