20 Kasım 2023

Aunt Peggy


My Aunt Peggy is 75. She is my father’s youngest sibling, and the only relative left from his family. I, Bill, am 64. My father came from a big family who had a wide of ages. I went to Aunt Peggy’s house, about a half hour away from our house, to help her while her husband, my Uncle Joe, had surgery. He would be in the hospital for at least four days. My wife, Debbie, sent me off with her blessings, saying she was going to have a few girls’ nights out, and to keep her updated on Uncle Joe’s progress.

Aunt Peggy had coffee on when I arrived. She asked me if I wanted some. I said yes, and I followed her into the kitchen. Aunt Peggy, at 5′ 8″, was about three inches shorter than me. She had grown a bit plump over these last years, taking on a sort of grandmotherly appearance. She was kind of round, but her rather large, prominent, soft and cushy bottom was still fun to look at for me as I followed her. My spanking fetish always centers on me getting spanked, but every now and then I think that it might feel good to smack someone’s bottom. This was one of those moments, even though Aunt Peggy was definitely not looking hot to me. At just eleven years older than me, she looked like someone’s plump Grandma. I am 5′ 11″, and about 160 pounds. Except for my belly, which grew a bit after I quit smoking, I’m pretty slim.

We sat at her kitchen table, drinking our coffee. Aunt Peggy reminisced about her brother, my Dad, and said how much I was starting to look like him. We talked of many memories. She got around to remembering a family barbecue years ago, when I was nineteen. She said she remembered my father telling me to stop teasing my younger girl cousins and chasing them around. Aunt Peggy said, “When you kept chasing them, Bill, and pushed your cousin, Carol, into the pool, I thought that my brother hadn’t been strict enough with you!’

“It was all in fun.” I said to Aunt Peggy. “Nobody got hurt.”

“Yes, I suppose.” said Aunt Peggy, “But I would have gotten it from our dad for doing something like that. Even at nineteen!”

“Gotten it?” I asked, glad that Aunt Peggy knew nothing about my desires.

“Yeah, Bill. Our parents believed in spanking. We got it a lot. I know you didn’t.” said Aunt Peggy. “I even thought at the time that you needed a good spanking. You were nineteen then, right? I was twenty seven. Maybe I should have spanked you for pushing Cousin Carol into the pool, since your parents didn’t!”

“Hey..” I said.

Aunt Peggy said, “You would have deserved it, if I’d put you across my knee right there in front of everybody!”

Aunt Peggy was laughing. I decided to take it as a joke, and just let it go. I crossed my legs, though, so she couldn’t see the growing bulge in my pants from the twitching erection that was growing. Threats of spanking turn me on. I couldn’t help it. But, I sure wasn’t going to let on about it to my Aunt Peggy!

I was kind of relieved when our conversation turned. After a while, Aunt Peggy asked me to wait for a UPS delivery, while she went to the hospital to see Uncle Joe. She said I should make myself at home. She showed me the TV remote, and said her computer was on, just sleeping, and didn’t need a password.

Aunt Peggy left. I cleaned up our coffee, and then wandered around jn her back yard, looking at her garden. Coming back in the house, I channel surfed on the TV for a few minutes. Then, bored, I went to the computer. After checking email, I found myself drawn, as usual, to my spanking websites. I went on several, before spending a good hour reading stories on MMSA. This day, all the stories I searched on and read were female dominant, male spankee stories. I had spent a lot of time recently on male/male stories and thoughts. I smiled to myself as I realized what I was doing. I thought it must have been watching Aunt Peggy’s plump bottom earlier, that got me going on thoughts of getting it from a woman. I really enjoyed the stories, and lost track of how long I’d been on the computer.o

When I heard a car on the driveway, I knew Aunt Peggy was back. Before putting the computer to sleep, I went, as usual for me, to clear the browsing history. But, I found that Aunt Peggy was one of those people who never cleared hers. The list of visited websites was very long. I knew that she might notice if I cleared it! So, in the seconds I had, I decided to hope that Aunt Peggy never looked at it, and just closed the browser, and put the computer to sleep. I walked into the living room just as Aunt Peggy was walking in the front door with some packages from the supermarket.

“Hey!” I said, reaching to take the bags. We brought them into the kitchen and I helped put the food away, as Aunt bursa escort bayan Peggy told me that Uncle Joe was doing well after his surgery yesterday. It was Tuesday, and the doctors thought he’d be released on Friday. Aunt Peggy said she’d start dinner. I convinced her to let me take her out, seeing as she had enough stress running to the hospital and worrying about her husband. We went to a local pub, where we spent a couple of hours talking over our meal and a few drinks. It was really good to re-connect with a relative who remembered our family the way it was years ago.

When we got back to the house, Aunt Peggy got ready for bed. She came out to the living room in her housecoat and slippers, to tell me that she’d left out a washcloth and towel for me in the bathroom. She said, “You know where the guest room is, Bill. Good night.”

“Good night, Aunt Peggy,” I said.

I thought about going back online, but I didn’t want to leave more of a trail on Aunt Peggy’s computer. I was a little nervous about that as I got ready and went to bed.

In the morning, Aunt Peggy made breakfast. We lingered and talked over a full pot of coffee. Then, Aunt Peggy asked me to go with her to the hospital to visit Uncle Joe, and talk with his doctor. We stayed with Uncle Joe, who was sitting up and had gone for rehab, until almost 1:00 PM when we went out for lunch. We returned to sit with Uncle Joe for an hour or so in the afternoon, before going back to Aunt Peggy’s house.

Aunt Peggy made us dinner. I cleaned up the kitchen afterward. She then suggested we watch a movie on demand on TV. I said that was great. Aunt Peggy then said she needed to go online to check her emails and messages. I felt a little start when she mentioned her computer. But, I reminded myself that she was apparently one of those people who never cleared or looked at her browsing history. I tried to relax as I said I would watch TV while I waited for her.

I turned on the 6:30 news. It was 7:30, and the national news was coming on before I realized that Aunt Peggy had still not returned from the other room where she was online. I stood up and went to look for her. As I entered the family room, there was my Aunt Peggy headed out to find me. She was wearing the funniest little smile on her face.

“Bill!” she said, “I was just coming to ask you to come in here. There’s something on the computer I want to ask you about. Come here and look.” Aunt Peggy said. I thought I’d die as I felt myself blush. ‘It couldn’t be!’ I thought, quickly. ‘Maybe it’s something she found about Uncle Joe’s surgery. Yeah, that’s it!’

But, I thought I’d die again, as we stopped by the computer, and I saw the malespank.net website open to a story!

“Interesting websites you’ve been on here, Billy-boy!” Aunt Peggy said, looking up at me and smiling.

“It’s just, ah,” I said, “It’s just an – ah – interest I’ve always had. It’s a private thing, Aunt Peggy. I didn’t mean for you to see it..”

“I’ll bet you didn’t, Bill!” laughed Aunt Peggy. “Does Debbie know you’re into this? From the stories I just read, it looks like you’re into getting spanked Bill, rather than giving. True?”

“Oh – ah – yeah, but – Yes, I like to get spanked.” I started. “And, yes. Debbie knows.”

“Does she spank you then, Bill, if she knows you like it?” Aunt Peggy said, smiling broadly at this point.

“Well,” I stammered, “Yes. She does sometimes, when I ask. I wish she would more often. But, do we have to talk about this, Aunt Peggy? I mean..”

“Oh, I want to talk about it, Bill. Oh, yes!” said Aunt Peggy, really smiling and animated now. “I was just thinking while I read the stories, about that day years ago at the family picnic, when I thought how you deserved a good spanking!”

“Well, that was a long time ago, Aunt Peggy.” I said.

“Yes, Bill,” said Aunt Peggy, “But I’m still twenty seven to your nineteen, am I not? And I did tell you that I had thought about spanking you myself, since your mom or dad didn’t.”

“I’m not nineteen anymore, Aunt Peggy. I’m sixty four.” I said.

Aunt Peggy continued, “What I didn’t tell you, Bill, is how cute I thought you looked in your little swim trunks that day, and how that made me kind of excited, thinking of taking you across my lap! In fact, you still manage to have a pretty cute little bottom! Not bad for a man your age!”

“Hey! Aunt Peggy! What are you saying?” I tried to sound confident.

“I’m saying that I’d like to give you that long over due spanking now, Bill.’ Aunt Peggy said with an almost girlish giggle in her voice! “You deserved it that day, long ago, and you deserve it now for reading these gorukle escort naughty websites on my computer! You know, I think I will go get my hairbrush right now, and take you across my lap!”

“NO!” I yelled. “No, you can’t! I’m a grown man! This isn’t right.”

“Right or wrong, I’m going to spank you, Billy! You are far from the only person in the world who is turned on by spanking! Your Uncle Joe doesn’t know I am. Never told him. Now you know, Bill, – or you’re about to find out!” Aunt Peggy said, heading for her bedroom, the skirt of her old fashioned house dress swinging as she walked. “Wait here and I’ll be back with my hairbrush.”

“No!” I said. “I’ll go out.”

“Really, Bill?” challenged my grinning aunt, as she turned back to look at me, “And, should I tell your wife you asked me to spank you, then? She’d believe me, wouldn’t she? What would she think? What would Debbie say to you? Sorry, Bill, but I’m quite excited to spank you, and I’m going to!”

Aunt Peggy turned again, and headed to her bedroom. I knew she was right about Debbie, and I knew enough of my Aunt’s personality to know she’d tell her. Who knew Aunt Peggy would be into this? Wow! I was getting a little scared, but felt a twitch in my underpants anyway.

Aunt Peggy came back into the family room, tapping her big, oval wooden hairbrush on the palm of her left hand, wearing a big smile on her face. “Now, you’re going to get that spanking, Bill. The spanking you deserve for using my computer that way, and the one you deserve for pushing your Cousin Carol into the swimming pool!” She pulled the desk chair out from the computer, turned it around, and sat down. I just stood there looking down at her broad, soft looking lap, covered only by her thin house dress. She looked so much like anyone’s idea of a grandma, smiling up at me, and holding that serious looking hairbrush! “Get those pants down, Bill, and get over my lap!”

“Aunt Peggy, NO! You CAN’T spank me! I won’t let you!” I protested, loudly.

“Okay, Bill. Then I’ll just call Debbie and tell her you confessed your desires, and asked me for a spanking.” Aunt Peggy started to get up.

“All right. Okay,” I said. Aunt Peggy sat back down, and I started to unbuckle my belt and open my Dockers. I hesitated.

“Take ’em down,” said Aunt Peggy, looking right at the front of my pants.

I opened my Dockers and bent to slip them down to my ankles. I stepped out of them, pushing off my slippers. Then, I stood there in only my pull – over shirt, socks, and tight low – rise briefs, with Aunt Peggy staring at me!

“Come here,” Aunt Peggy said. I walked over to her right side. She looked closely at the front of my briefs, and, looking up at me, said, “Turn around, Bill.”

I turned my back to her, and immediately felt Aunt Peggy’s hand on my bottom! “Hmmm!” Aunt Peggy said. “Yes, you still have a cute little bottom, Bill.”

“Hey!” I started.

“Not as firm as it was at nineteen, but still quite spank-able!” Aunt Peggy giggled, as she caressed and patted the seat of my underpants. “Turn around again, Bill.”

I turned, and Aunt Peggy, laying her hairbrush on her lap, reached up with both hands to my briefs. She hooked her finger tips in the waistband, and whisked my underpants down to my knees!

“Oh!” Aunt Peggy exclaimed, as my erect penis sprang out to point at her! “We can’t say you’re not excited, Billy!” as she reached out to hold my erection for just a quick second!

“OH!” I yelled, as Aunt Peggy picked up her hairbrush with her left hand, and reached with her right to my right arm, and pulled me face – down, bottom – up, across her lap. Aunt Peggy’s left arm rested on my back, still holding the brush, and her right hand came to rest on the center of my bare bottom! I felt my erection pressing hard on her soft, plush, but somehow firm right thigh. It felt good! But, I was too overwhelmed and a bit too scared to enjoy it that much. (How much could a spanking hurt at my age? That hairbrush looks bad! Of course, she won’t be able to make me cry. Will she?!?!) I felt like I imagined a naughty teenager must feel, when he’s taken across his grandma’s lap! It was humiliating, but exciting and scary at the same time! I couldn’t fully understand that I was bare – bottomed, across my Aunt’s lap, and she just eight years older than me! But she is my father’s sister!

“Yes, very nice!” said Aunt Peggy, as I felt her right hand rub and pat my bare bottom.

“Please, Aunt Peggy! Can’t we just – do you have to do this?” I pleaded.

Pat-pat-pat, her right hand went on my bare bottom. “Oh, I’m going to do this, Billy! You’re bursa merkez escort bayan going to get a good, old – fashioned spanking from your Aunt Peggy, just like you deserve!”

“Aunt Peggy!” I yelled, as her hand left my bottom. Then, I felt her left arm wrap tightly around my waist to hold me in place. She felt stronger than I would have imagined! And then, it was the broad back of that oval wooden hairbrush that I felt come down on my right bottom cheek. WHACK! Then it came down on my left cheek. WHACK! Wow, it stung! Aunt Peggy kept alternating cheeks, and spanking all around my sit spots with that awful hairbrush! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! She just spanked on as I started to squirm, and kick my feet a little. “Ow!” “Oh!” “Ow!” “OW!”

Aunt Peggy said, “It sounds like we’re starting to get somewhere!” WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

After what seemed like a long time, I was kicking my feet, and I thought I felt my eyes getting a bit moist! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! “Ow! OW! Oh! OWWW! P – PLEASE! STOP! OWWW!”

And Aunt Peggy stopped! The hairbrush hit the floor in front of my eyes, and Aunt Peggy’s right hand returned to caress and pat my hot bare bottom! “Your bottom is nice and red, Bill!” Aunt Peggy giggled. I started to try to get up. Her left arm tightened more around my waist, and she spanked me, hard, with her right hand, right on the center of both my bottom cheeks. SMACK!

“OW!” I yelled. Even her bare hand stung like mad, now that I was sore from the brush!

“We’re not finished, Bill. You’re a naughty nineteen year old boy who’s now going to get a hand spanking on his cute little bare bottom, from his twenty seven year old aunt!” said Aunt Peggy.

“NO! Aunt Peggy!” I yelled.

But Aunt Peggy’s hand patted again, and lifted, and SMACK! SMACK! on my right and left bottom cheeks. “Ooh! Ow!” And then, repeatedly right on the center of both bare cheeks. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Owwww!” Then, faster, SMACK!SMACK!SMACK! SMACK!SMACK!SMACK! SMACK!SMACK!SMACK!SMACK! “OWWWW!” “PLEASE!” “Please stop!” “OWWW! Don’t SPANK me!” “PLEASE! I’m SORRY!” I was briefly aware and overwhelmed that a woman, my aunt, only eight years older than me, was spanking my bare bottom with just her bare hand, and making me plead and nearly cry! Men don’t get HAND spankings! But then, all I could think of was the sting, as she continued. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!SMACK!SMACK! SMACK!SMACK!SMACK! SMACK!SMACK!

“OW!” and then I started to cry and sob! “OWWW! Wa! Wa!”

And then I let loose with an intense orgasm! I felt myself pump and my body and legs stiffen. I knew I must be shooting cum all down Aunt Peggy’s dress and leg! “OH! OW! OW! Wa! Wa” I was kicking and crying and coming all at once! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!SMACK! SMACK!SMACK!

Then Aunt Peggy stopped spanking me. I laid there across her lap sniffling and still crying. I felt her hand squeeze my bottom gently, and her fingers dug in a bit. Aunt Peggy moaned softly, and I felt her shudder. I knew she’d had an orgasm too!

‘Oh!.” She moaned.

She sat there for a minute, holding me tight across her lap, gently rubbing and patting my bottom. I stopped crying and just sniffled.

Aunt Peggy patted my bottom quite gently – pat-pat-pat, and said, “Okay. Let me help you up, my naughty nephew! All is forgiven.” She helped me, up off her lap, to my feet. For a few moments, I stood there, unselfconscious before Aunt Peggy. I was hopping a little, up on my toes, and rubbing my bottom with both hands. Then, I looked down at Aunt Peggy. She was smiling a really satisfied smile. Her house dress on her right side was stained with wet cum on the side of her thigh! There was a pool of cum on the floor next to her. I covered my crotch with my hands.

Aunt Peggy saw the look on my face. “Don’t worry, Bill. We both had some real fun here! Though it hurt you a bit, I’d say. I’ll clean this up. Take your pants and underpants and go get dressed. I’ll go change my dress – and my panties, I must confess.”

“Aunt Peggy…” I started.

“Don’t worry, Bill. It’s our little secret. But, I don’t think you can be a good enough boy for the next day and a half to avoid getting another spanking from your aunt! And I guess you’ll have to be on your best behavior in the future, any time we are together!” Aunt Peggy stopped talking, grinned, and reached out to pat my sore bottom again. “Yes. You’re so getting another spanking tomorrow!” And then she walked away to her bedroom.

I knew I was in for it, and I feared and loved that. I also knew I couldn’t ask Debbie to spank me the way Aunt Peggy did. Never. Aunt Peggy just loved spanking me. As I pulled my pants back on, I thought that I felt just like a naughty teenager who, much to his surprise at his age, had just been spanked to tears! It was like being afraid she’d spank me again, but knowing it means she loves me! I felt myself twitch again in my underpants at the thought.

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