20 Kasım 2023

Aunt Ellen Ch. 3


This is a work of fiction, written for enjoyment and amusement; hopefully yours as well as mine. Comment and constructive criticism invited.


Sunday was as empty as I had suspected it would be, with Matt gone on his trip into the desert. I enjoyed the company of the two dogs, and they listened attentively when I spoke to them, but they still weren’t great conversationalists. I sunned myself for a while – naked, because the pool wasn’t overlooked by any neighbour – then went indoors and tried to read. I really needed to brush up on my programming, because I was seeing Jack Elsman’s friend Sol Levy about a job on the Tuesday coming, and it was a programming job I was after, but the words just blurred after a while and eventually I gave it up as a bad job. I knew I was a good programmer and I figured that what I was selling was my talent, not a meaningless piece of casual code. I laughed to myself then went to see to the dogs and take them for a walk.

The evening took forever to arrive. I watched television for a while but switched it off after twenty minutes desultory channel hopping and picked up my book again. I read for a while, more successfully this time, then decided to have an early night.

I sleep naked; I have done ever since I no longer had to share a room with anyone, like at home or my freshman year at college. I don’t like the restrictions of nightdresses or pyjamas and I like the feeling of fresh sheets against my skin. Of course, as soon as I settled down I began to think of Matt and as I thought of Matt my pussy began to moisten and my nipples to harden and almost of their own volition my fingers crept into my crotch.

I enjoy masturbating. Don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather have a nice hard cock with a warm man attached, but yes, I enjoy satisfying myself. I took it slow and easy, gently lifting myself, my breathing gradually quickening as my fingers played with my cunt, my other hand teasing my nipples into hardness, warming myself, my juices flowing. My hand left my nipples and I slid two fingers into my cunt, my other hand teasing my clitoris, the sensations building and slowly overwhelming me until suddenly I tipped myself over the top into that sudden ecstasy. My orgasm was quick and violent and I lay, cooling, for a while then went to the bathroom and wiped myself. I went back to bed and tried to settle myself, but sleep took ages to come and when it did it was broken, my dreams strange and it was well after midnight when my torment eased and I drifted into gentle, normal sleep.

Next morning I lay in bed for ages and it was only the need to feed the dogs that eventually stirred me. Once the dogs were fed and exercised I was in a much better frame of mind than I had been when I woke as their uncomplicated affection had soothed me. I ate only a light breakfast after I had swum several hard lengths of the pool – naked of course – and I felt re-invigorated when I finished. I thought for a while, then dressed in t-shirt and shorts and carefully backed the Elsman Honda out of their garage.

My sister Alice, Matt’s mom, was pleased to see me. “Ellen! Come in.” She gave me a quick, warm hug. “I was just going to have a coffee. Want some?”


She busied herself with coffee, speaking over her shoulder. “Still taking it black?”

“Of course. My student days aren’t so far behind me that I can take cream or sugar without thinking about the cost,” I joked.

Alice smiled at me, gesturing towards the living room. “Let’s sit in comfort.” She led the way and I followed her, coffee mug in hand. “What brings you here, Ellen?” my sister asked, “I thought you’d be busily ‘looking after’ Jack Elsman’s swimming pool.”

I laughed. “I did that earlier. And talking of Jack Elsman’s pool, Matt has certainly turned out a heck of a swimmer.”

“Yeah. He made the team. Did he tell you?” Her tone was proud.

“He did. He showed me, too. I’m a good swimmer, as you know, Alice, but he left me standing when we had a little race.”

“Thanks for inviting him on Saturday, Ellen. He was full of you when he came home,” said Alice.

And I was full of him, sister dear, very full, but I don’t think I’ll tell you about that, I thought. Aloud I said. “I owed him for the Elsman thing, Alice. Anyway, he’s good company. I enjoyed having him there.” And there, and over there. I enjoyed the double meaning. “I need to get some of the clothes you’re keeping for me, the ones I thought I wouldn’t need for a while,” I said, changing the subject.

“Which ones? Your office clothes?” Alice was curious.

I nodded. “I told Mr Elsman that I was looking for work. He asked me what kind and I told him programming, so he ‘phoned a friend of his, Sol Levy?”

“I know Sol,” Alice said, nodding.

“I’m seeing him at ten tomorrow.” I shrugged. “I need something. I have no idea what kind of programming Sol Levy can give me, but I’ll find out soon enough.”

Alice was thoughtful. “I doubt if it will be for Sol,” she said, “but I’m bursa escort pretty sure Levy Investments has fingers in a couple of small software houses in town.”

Ah, I thought, if they’re small it will probably be contract work or possibly games. Either way it might be interesting. “I’ll find out tomorrow, that’s soon enough to worry about it. Now, tell me, how’s Karen doing?” We spent the rest of my visit catching up on family gossip.

Back at the Elsman house, I unpacked my charcoal-grey business suit and a crisp white blouse and hung them to air. Deeper in my suitcase, I dug out an item wrapped in a silk scarf. Unrolling the scarf, I revealed my lime-green dildo in all of its revolting glory. I kissed it and tucked it under my pillow. Later, I thought.

On Tuesday morning, as I showered after my breakfast, I thought back fondly to the night before. Yes, I thought, there may be no man attached, but that dildo can still give me a buzz when I apply it right. And I had applied it right. Three gut-wrenching orgasms had left me so limp that the only thing I could do was sleep, and I’d had a quiet, untroubled night.

Freshly showered, I decided that it would probably be best to wear a bra for my interview and clothed myself in a pink silk creation with matching panties. My legs were tanned nicely and I chose not to wear hose and shoved my feet into a pair of low-heeled, black sandals. The blouse was plain cotton and buttoned up fairly high, but not so high that I couldn’t show a little cleavage if I thought it would help. The skirt of my suit came to about three inches above my knees, which I thought was OK, so I shrugged into the jacket, grabbed my purse and set off to see Sol Levy.

I was a little early and the receptionist directed me to a comfortable seat to wait. She was pleasant and friendly, about my own age, red-headed and curvy. The reception area was quietly understated, in cool greys and natural wood. Sol has money, I thought. I was startled out of my musings by the receptionist.

“If you’d go in now, Miss Tranter?” Her smile was cordial, professional, but she seemed pleasant and I speculated about going man-hunting with her. Sol Levy was a surprise. I had expected some corporate shark character, power-suited, but Sol was an untidy teddy-bear of a man and I liked him immediately. Greying, half-bald, about twenty pounds overweight and only an inch or so more than my own five-seven. He held out his hand in cordial greeting.

“Good morning, Miss Tranter. Or may I call you Ellen?”

“Ellen, please,” I said.

“Ellen. Jack Elsman tells me you’re a programmer and you’re looking for a job. That right?”

I nodded. “I was working for a small software company in Illinois, but the boss was my boyfriend and had a wife he didn’t tell me about, so I left.” Tell it all, Ellen.

Levy smiled sympathetically. “You came home to get away from it?”

I nodded.

“What sort of programming are you looking for?” The tone was friendly, but the eyes were shrewd and I reminded myself that this amiable teddy bear was one of the richest men in town.

“Ideally, the sort that suits my strengths,” I said.

“And they are?”

“C, C++, Java or assembler. I can program in COBOL and VB, too, but I like to get my hands dirty.” He smiled at my phrasing.

“Assembler. Which processors?”

“X86 or Motorola 68K, normally. I can usually hack the 8-bit, too.”

He nodded. “I made a couple of calls before you arrived. There’s a vacancy with Trueman Software. They do a fair bit of games programming. Bill Trueman wants someone who can work to a strict brief, without needing constant supervision. Can you do that?” Levy was blunt.

I was equally blunt. “Yes.”

Levy smiled. “Go see him, then, he’s expecting you at eleven. Ask Sarah to give you a cup of coffee before you go. His office is only two blocks down and it’s only ten-twenty now. You don’t want to be too early, do you?” He offered his hand again and as I left his office he was already giving his attention to something else.

In the reception area I paused. The receptionist looked up from her keyboard enquiringly.

“Sarah?” I asked.

She smiled and nodded. “That’s me.”

“Mr Levy said I should ask you for a coffee. I have an interview with Bill Trueman at eleven and Mr Levy thinks I shouldn’t be too early.”

Sarah smiled again, this time a natural smile, more of a grin. “You’d be better off being late,” she said, “Bill’s a lousy timekeeper.”

“You know him?” Perhaps she could tell me something, but then, maybe it was ‘hands off’.

Sarah’s smile broadened. “All my life. He’s my big brother. Come on, let’s get that coffee.” She led the way to an alcove, where a coffee pot gave off an enticing aroma. “How do you take it?” she asked.

“Just black,” I said.

She looked at me shrewdly. “Are you a good programmer?” she asked, handing me the coffee.

“Yes, I am.” I had no time for false modesty, not with my potential employer’s bursa escort sister.

“Good. Bill can talk to programmers, but he’s not very good with women.” She shook her head. “He’s a genius, but he’s very shy.” Sarah studied me for a moment. “I hope he gives you the job. It will do him good, having to respond to a woman who isn’t his mother or his sister.”

I wasn’t so sure, but I offered no comment. Hell, I hadn’t even met the guy yet. I sipped my coffee reflectively. Sarah sipped her own, studying me. I raised my eyebrows in question. Sarah shook her head.

“I’m trying to decide whether I know you,” she said.

“I’m from around here,” I said, “but I just got back from Illinois.”

“Did you go to university here?” Sarah asked.

“No, New York.”

“High school?”


“You’re twenty-three,” she began, then laughed at my look of surprise that she should know. “Mr Levy likes to know who he’s talking to,” she said in explanation. “I guess you must have been a couple of years behind me in high school, that’s probably why you look familiar.”Sarah laughed. “Hell, who notices kids two years behind them!”

I laughed with her, then looked at my watch. Seven minutes to eleven. I put my cup down. “I’d better go. Even if Mr Trueman is a lousy time-keeper, I’d better not be late for a job interview.”

“Good luck, Ellen,” said Sarah.

“Thanks,” I said, then went out. The office where Trueman Software was located was two blocks along and it took me only a couple of minutes, so that it was just coming up to eleven when I entered the office.

There was a room divider with a bell and a sign saying ‘Ring for Attention’. Behind the divider were four workstations. Only one was occupied, but the apparent occupants of two of the others were involved in heated debate with the lone worker. No-one was paying any attention so I rang the bell. Nothing changed, so I rang it again. Zilch. I was the invisible – or should it be inaudible – woman.

“Excuse me,” I said, but nobody took a blind bit of notice, so I said it again. Louder. Still nothing, so I took a deep breath and prepared to let out the kind of yell which is extremely unladylike but has been known to stop a New York taxi. Luckily I was spared the embarrassment because one of the spectators finally looked up and saw me, then nudged his colleague. “Company, Bill,” he said.

The one he’d addressed as Bill looked up, saw me, and hit himself on the forehead with the heel of his hand. He turned and came across. “Miss Tranter?”

I smiled. “Yes, I’m Ellen Tranter.”

He held out his hand. “I’m Bill Trueman. Sorry about that.” He swung open the gate in the divider. “Come this way, please. Hank,” he called to one of the others, “I’ll be in the think tank with Miss Tranter. No interruptions unless it’s vital.”

Personally, I thought his phrasing was open to several misinterpretations, but the sandy-haired individual addressed as Hank just waved and carried on his animated discussion at the workstation. Trueman led me into a room off the open plan office. The room was untidy, with computer listings on every available horizontal surface. I smiled in familiar recollection, but I think Bill Trueman misinterpreted my look because he began to apologize for the mess. I stopped him.

“Mr Trueman, I’m a programmer, I’m used to having listings of work in progress just about everywhere except actually covering my keyboard.” I smiled at him and saw him visibly relax.

“OK, Miss Tranter,” He began.

“Ellen, please,” I said.

He nodded. “Ellen. What makes you think you want to work for me?”

“Whoa,” I said. “Mr Levy sent me down because he thought I might be what you’re looking for, but I have no idea what you do, and I have no preconceptions about me being what you’re looking for. What do you do?” I asked bluntly, “apart from argue and ignore visitors?” And I mentally consigned my chance of a job to the pits of hell.

Surprisingly Bill Trueman laughed. “That was an animated discussion,” he said, “not an argument.” He smiled. “Actually, we produce some damn’ fine software, although rarely under our own name. We do a lot of work for the big name game producers.”

“I see,” I said. “What would I be expected to do?” I asked. That started the interview off on a technical track and it was with some surprise that I noted the time as almost twelve-thirty when Bill called a halt.

“OK, Ellen,” he said. “I’d like you work for me for three months on trial. If we suit each other, you get a two-year contract, and after the two years, if you want in, there’s the chance of a partnership. What do you say?”

“I guess, ‘yes’,” I said, smiling at him. I don’t know if it was then that he noticed me as a woman, but he flushed slightly and avoided my eye. I remembered what Sarah had said about her brother being shy. I hadn’t noticed any sign of it during the interview, but then that had been technical and as Sarah had also said, ‘Bill can talk bursa eskort to programmers’.

“Come on, I’ll introduce you,” Bill said. “Hank and I are partners already, and Jeff will be in a month.”

Hank Walton was a thirty-year-old Canadian who’d headed south along the West coast from Vancouver, met and married a California girl and was busy raising kids. There were three tow- headed youngsters and a casually beautiful blonde woman in the photographs on his desk. Jeff Ellis was local, single and intense and as I later learned, a programmer who approached genius in his work.

“OK,” said Bill, “you’ve met everyone. When can you start?”

“There’s a slight snag there,” I said. “I’m looking after the Elsman place while they’re in Europe, looking after the dogs as well. Is there any chance I could work at home at first? It’s only for five weeks. I have a lap-top computer. It’s got a modem, so I can transfer work in, and I can come into the office every day for a while, if necessary. How about it?” I asked anxiously.

He paused for a moment, thinking, then smiled. “We’ll give it a try,” he said. “After all, I did want someone who can work unsupervised. When do you want to start?”

“Can we make it next Monday?” I didn’t want to live on savings any longer than I had to, although the six hundred dollars from Jack Elsman had eased that particular problem considerably.

“Monday’s fine, Ellen. Don’t come in until ten, because we need to get you a set of keys in case you want to be in the office while we’re aren’t here.” He rummaged in a drawer and passed me a folder. “If you have time, take a look at that, because that’s what you’ll be working on.” He grinned. “Scribble on it if you like, I can soon print another copy. When you come in on Monday, we’ll discuss your approach, then you can take it away and work on it.”

“That’s marvellous. Thanks Bill. I’ll see you guys on Monday, then.”

“OK, Ellen,” said Bill. “Oh, Ellen, one other thing.”


“We don’t have dress rules, so if you feel better wearing jeans, go ahead.”

“Thanks. See you Monday.” And out I went. I had a job, now all I needed was somewhere to live, once the Elsmans got home from holiday. I walked back towards the car and as I approached the Levy building, Sarah came out. Seeing me, she stopped and waited.

“How’d it go?” she asked as I drew near.

“I start Monday,” I said. “Now I start looking for somewhere to live.”

“Suzi Ellis at the real estate, she’s a friend of mine,” said Sarah. “Want to go down and see her?” I nodded and she linked her arm in mine.

“I was just going to lunch,” she said, “but Suzi’s office is just down the street so I’ll introduce you before I go eat.”

Two hours later I had a three-month trial lease of a small apartment in the same block as Sarah, with an option to extend. My lease was due to start just before the Elsman family came back from Europe, but the good thing about the apartment was that it was only ten minutes walk from the office where I would be working. Which meant I wouldn’t need a car, which was great as I didn’t have one, not of my own.

I drove back to the Elsman house in contented good humour, fed and walked the dogs, watched some idiotic programs on TV, went to bed early, didn’t give my dildo a single thought and slept like a baby.

Wednesday and Thursday were much like Tuesday but without the job interview and apartment hunting. I cleaned around the house and swam a lot, fed and walked the dogs and generally enjoyed my diminishing days left before I rejoined the rat-race. I read and re-read the specification that Bill Trueman had given me and made some careful notes on various points. Friday morning the ‘phone rang. It was Matt.

“Hi, Ellen,” he said cheerfully, “I’m just ringing to confirm that we’re still on for tomorrow?”

“You mean you and Kathy?” I haven’t forgotten, Matt.


“Sure are, kiddo. Hi, guess what, your Ellen got herself a job.”

“Great!” said Matt. “Programming?”

“Yep. With Trueman Software. I dunno if you’ve heard of them, probably not. There’s only four including me, but Bill Trueman tells me they’ve got a good reputation.”I laughed. “I’ll have to make sure I don’t ruin it.”

“I’m sure you won’t,” said Matt, chuckling. I could hear girlish laughter in the background and I had a sudden thought.

“Hey,” I said, “I thought you were out in the desert until tonight.”

“We should have been,” Matt said, “but Todd turned his ankle and he and I came back Tuesday. I’ve been staying at the Larson place to keep Todd company.” He laughed. “At least that’s the theory, but with his girl-friend Cindy around I might as well not exist. Still, Kathy’s here, too.”

I had a sudden twinge of jealousy, but stifled it, then had a thought about the coming day. “Matt?” I said, “can I ask a personal question.”

“Yeah, of course,” he said cautiously.

“Look,” I said, “if there’s anyone within earshot you don’t have to answer.”

“No, it’s OK,” he said, “the others are all in the pool.”

“Kathy; have you fucked her yet?” Crude, Ellen, crude, but you need to know if what you’re thinking is going to work.

There was a pause. “Well, er, yes, I have,” he said. He chuckled. “Damn’ good it was, too.”

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