20 Kasım 2023

Anal virginity


I worked at a charity shop over summer. I had just turned 18 and needed something to write on my CV. A lot of young people worked there part time while a core group of staff were full time retired women.

I wasn’t the most popular in school but I had friends at the shop. I was only 5’6″ with curly blonde hair which was dyed black and fell down to my chest. I wasn’t fat but I wasn’t skinny, I carried a little extra weight but looked okay. I had pale skin and my breasts were only just about a B cup. I got no attention from guys usually until Jamie at work sparked a conversation.

He asked me about my dating life and what type of guys I fancied. I was really shy about the fact that I had never had a boyfriend and had barely kissed a guy. I was annoyed about having to admit I was a bit of an Emo.

I thought nothing much of it and went on with my shift. I was upstairs in the shop. This is where all the donations came up to which needed prices and putting on the shop floor. The room was old and had a door to a toilet and another to the roof. The room was cluttered and there was little room to move. Nick came up to me that morning while we were alone sorting donations that had been received.

“So I heard you have never had a boyfriend?” He said.

I felt so uncomfortable that people had been talking about me. I was very aware of how I was dressed. I had on a white My Chemical Romance band T-shirt with black jeans and boots. I felt like my top was too tight and was very aware of my body shape being visible.

“No I haven’t” I replied.

He stopped what he was doing and looked at me. Nick was taller than me and was maybe about 25. He had tanned skin and was very slim. He was dressed in a grey t-shirt, black jeans and dark boots. He was pretty cool with how he spoke to people and I guessed had previously had many girlfriends.

“Want to change the part about kissing?” He asked.

I just looked up at him shocked. I couldn’t move as he turned towards me. He placed a hand on my waist and started to lean forward. I was so excited by this. His lips crashed with mine and in a moment my tongue found his. His hand after a moment drifted higher until it cupped my little breast. I wanted to jump his bones at this moment. His hand started squeezing my breast and I couldn’t believe how I had been missing out on this for so long.

I heard someone coming up the stairs and we both broke away trying to look normal. I was feeling so excited about being kissed by a real man. I didn’t know what I wanted from him but I knew I wanted something.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to speak to Nick alone that day before I went home. I decided to text Nick and asked if I could come over to his place after school the next day. It wasn’t long before he text back saying how he’d love to. He asked me to send pictures of myself. I heard guys asked for these. I felt so alive sending myself in various states of undress while I was in my room. I only lived with my mum who was a nurse and she was out at work.

The next morning I got dressed. The night before I had really tidied myself up, I got hair dye to do my roots, makeup and I shaved myself down below. Usually I would wear a white bra under my school shirt but today I went with a pink one. I wanted to make my little boobs stand out somehow. I picked bursa otele gelen escort a shirt which a little snug on me. It gaped between the buttons and you could see a small part of where my pale breast met my bra. I tied my red and yellow striped school tie and put on my black knee length skirt. I didn’t often wear a skirt really but I wanted to impress Nick. I don’t know what he saw in me but I didn’t want to disappoint.

Later after school after taking the bus I arrived at Nick’s by 4 o’clock. He answered the door to a nice detached house in a very nice part of town. He was topless and wearing a loose pair of pajama bottoms. He had a nice set of abs and my eyes were fixed on his stomach. I closed the front door behind me and put my school bag down. I took off my jacket and let him take me in. I was expecting him to undress me but he just stood their and took me in with his eyes. They stopped on my chest where you could see the pink of my bra through my cheap shirt. I started to undo my tie but he stopped me.

“No no, I like the schoolgirl look. I kinda wanna fuck you dressed like that.” He said.

I didn’t argue at all. I wanted him to fuck me any way he wanted. I was ready to be a woman. He went to grab my breast and somehow got my nipple between his finger and thumb. He gave it a gentle tug and I moaned a little moving closer to his body. His hand moved down between my legs and puled down on the fabric on my knickers. I’m sure he could smell the scent of my wet self in the air and I was his willing whore.

I looked down and could see his erection. It was about 5″ long and pointing right at me. I didn’t have a frame of reference to know how big it was compared to others. He pointed towards the living room and I walked in with him following. He placed his hands on my waist and then moved them up towards my breasts giving them a little squeeze before pushing me on the sofa on my front. I could hear the material of my cheap shirt crumple as he squeezed. He reached towards me as a fell and pulled my underwear off till it was by my ankles. He got on top of me now and his cock just flopped on my leg. I turned my head to look at him and he stuck his tongue down my throat while his hand grabbed my hair roughly.

“I’m going to fuck you from behind Lucy.” He said so direct and with a sense of authority. I knew this is how real women had sex as I had heard it mentioned before.

He pulled out a bottle of lube from his pocket. When he squirted some lube on my virgin asshole I got a shock from the cold. I watched him get into position behind me and playfully slap my ass. Then the moment arrived. The head of his dick touched my asshole and I took a deep breath and grabbed the cushion of the sofa. He slowly began easing his cock into my asshole, listening to my gasps. It felt like I was shitting a brick at first.

His body fell into mine and with it his cock impaled into me. I pushed my body up with my hands and I could feel the material of my shirt straining over my breasts. I could feel his hand coming to grope them. His cock was slowly expanding me and I knew the lube was helping.

He started thrusting his cock in and out of my hole and with each thrust it felt less painful. After a few thrusts more he was starting to bursa eve gelen eskort pick up pace. He was moaning now as he pushed into me right the way in. It didn’t take too many more thrusts before I felt a weird warm feeling inside me and the thrusting stopped.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

He told me that I had been perfect and that I was so good he had cum inside me. He sounded out of breath and I was looking at his soft cock. I was so confused at what happened. We had just had sex and now it was over and it hadn’t felt that good. He hurried me up and almost shoved me out of his house as quick as I could put my knickers back on again.

I walked to the train station wondering if I hadn’t looked sexy enough. I didn’t have to wait long until the next train arrived. I saw a fella waiting who was pretty hot, we made eye contact a few times and we both got on the same crowded carriage. We both had to stand next to each other. He was tall and clearly worked out a lot. He was holding the train strap on the rail but I couldn’t reach which meant from the moment the train started I was sent flying into this huge man. My hand grabbed his tight waist out of natural reaction and he looked down and smiled. “You hold on to me if you like till it’s your stop”. I put an arm around him and he put his large hand on my stomach to stop me falling forward too much. Each time the train jolted forward his big hand would catch me while getting a little feel of my small breasts. I was so turned on each time his strong hand pressed against my nipples.

I watched his eyes trace the curves of my body. Never had I seen a man so obviously stare at my chest before because I had always thought they were too small to hold a mans attention. I looked down and noticed my shirt was gaping between the buttons and he could clearly see I was wearing a pink bra. I pretended to drop my bag on the floor and I put my tits into his hand. He made no effort to move his hand away and I felt a slight squeeze. I slowly got up and gave him a huge smile.

I knew I was sexy. I just knew I was and I was going to prove it to myself.

I decided the next day to have a little fun. My dad’s friend was staying with us because of a divorce and I figured he would sleep with me with some encouragement. After school I came home as quick as I could. I was dressed similarly to the day before except I decided to go with a black lace bra and matching thong. My shirt was snug against my breasts and my skirt clung to my thighs. I had a bottle of vodka in my room and I decided to drink half of it. I hardly ever drank and I wanted to have a smell of alcohol on my breath so I seemed easy and slutty. I regretted this quickly as the alcohol was making me feel really funny.

I went downstairs and sat on the sofa with my arms outstretched and my legs crossed. I decided to look as if I was resting without a care in the world. My hair was a little messy which I think added to the look. All that was left to do was wait for my dads’ friend Paul to find me and I could begin the teasing. I lost track of time as the alcohol took a grip of me much faster and stronger than o expected it to. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I was aware of was a hand on my leg slowly moving up and down and each bayan escort bursa time tracing the lace of my thong. I moved my legs to let him in and let out a soft moan. I didn’t want to open my eyes as I wanted to feel every sensation. I felt a strong hand push aside the material of my underwear and push into my vagina. I let out a very involuntary “Oh fuck!”

I spread my leg wider apart eager to let his hand explore me deeper. This felt so different to the last time and the sounds were all new. I could hear what sounded like a stream of water and his finger moved in an out of me vigorously. I couldn’t contain the moaning and it sounded like Paul was enjoying himself too. I could feel him almost humping my leg as he started to kiss me deeply. I kissed back while undoing his belt and pants. I took out his dick and even with my limited experience I knew this was a huge one. It hardly fit into my hand and it was solid as a rock. He was still kissing but was now positioning himself above me and I could feel him at my entrance. The first inch spreading my lips apart and I couldn’t help but open my eyes as he pushed his meat into me and I let out a cry of pure pleasure. As I opened my eyes time slowed down and I was thinking about where I should let him ejaculate, maybe on my face, my uniform, my tits or maybe in my mouth.

Then the horror hit me, this was not Paul.


“Oh fuck that fells good!”

“But dad, Fucking STOP!”

I said stop but I spread my legs further apart to let him in all the way. I could feel his passion drilling into me and I didn’t want it to end. I felt almost out of reality as his hips rhythmically fucked into me while my wetness could be felt and heard literally soaking me between my legs. This was nothing like before, no awkward fumbling just pure lust inside me and I didn’t know how to feel. My body, outside of my control for the first time in my life, was responding like a fine-tuned instrument to male depravity and lust.

I was rising to orgasm, inevitably, gloriously, humiliatingly, from a few simple strokes of his cock into my pussy and I was his slut.

I moaned, encouraging him. “Use my pussy, please fuck me like a… slut!” He started grunting with each thrust, and I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him deeper into me each time he filled my hole. His body pressed against mine, and he grabbed my shoulders in order to reach even greater depths than before. And on the last thrust, when he reached as deep into me as he could possibly go, he stopped. I flung an arm out losing control of myself. I felt his cock swell inside me, then release. His cum shot deep into my body; I could feel each spurt shoot against my inner walls. The first was the most intense, but the subsequent spurts added to the load that he was leaving inside me. I could feel the warmth spread, the raw eroticism of which triggered my own orgasm. I moaned his name over and over, and pushed my body tight against his own as I pulled him into me with my legs. I lost myself, forgetting everything except for the feeling of our two bodies and the climax that overwhelmed me. I could feel my pussy contract around his cock, as though it was trying to make sure that I received every drop he could offer to me, and I could see the look of horror mixed with a look of lust.

He collapsed onto me, and we laid together for several long moments. I could feel his cock start to soften inside me, but I didn’t care. I could feel his heartbeat against my tingling skin, and hear his breath start to slow. Everything was right with the world. Everything was beautiful and perfect, and I bathed in the glow that we shared. Things at home would never be the same again.

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