2 Kasım 2023

An Unexpected Surprise


Don’t get me wrong; I wouldn’t trade being a father and a parent for anything in the world. But since the birth of our son, I had seen subtle changes in my wife Jenny that had, over a long, slow period of time, drastically altered our sex life.

As I escorted our young son out to the car so I could drop him off at the baby-sitters, I turned and waved as usual back towards Jenny who stood, as usual, at the front door, waving and seeing the two of us off.

Like most “young” couples, we both worked. And part of our “daily” routine was for me to drop our son off in the morning on my way to work. Jenny would now begin the process of getting ready herself, and would be the one to pickup our son at day’s end.

I thought then of Rob and Susan, our friends. Newly married themselves for less than two years, but as yet without children of their own. How when Jenny had landed the new job she now had, her friend Susan had come to “our” rescue in offering her services to watch our son for us during the day. Though I “knew” Rob through association, I had not had much contact with him beyond that. Susan however was a different story altogether. Though Jenny and Susan had been longtime friends, my mornings when stopping off at their place had resulted in a very friendly, sometimes “flirty” relationship over time with Susan. I found myself looking forward to the few minutes time I saw and spoke with her each day on my way to work.

Quite often when Jenny returned home in the evening, she’d also share some piece of gossip, or something she and Susan had discussed regarding Susan’s relationship with Rob. I knew from these brief tid-bits of information that as newly-weds, the Honeymoon was over. Susan had in fact confided in Jenny that she and Rob’s sex-life had been far less than what it once had been. A point seemingly lost on Jenny though not on myself for feeling and empathizing with the “changes” and loss of our once passionate intimacies together. The only difference of course being, we now had a child that consumed a great deal of our free time. Though I rarely offered up advice or suggestions for Jenny to pass along to Susan, my doing so now had of course a two-fold purpose. One, since I did have sort of an attraction towards Susan, and often fantasized or imagined her in specific situations or ways, I also wanted to possibly help her in reclaiming and once again enjoying a more active and stimulating sex life. After all, when she was happy, she seemed to flirt more with me too! And secondly, if I could get Jenny thinking along those lines, passing along, offering, or discussing various sexual possibilities for improving Rob and Susan’s sex-life, it was bound to have some carry-over in our own. Or at least I hoped that it would.

The perfect opportunity for implementing our mutual suggestions and ideas came a few weeks later when a three-day holiday presented itself. Jenny’s parents were traveling for the weekend and had at their suggestion, offered to take our son for the three days to allow us some time to ourselves. So with that minor obstacle out of the way, we contacted Rob and Susan and suggested spending some time together when them. Jenny had already talked with Susan earlier about Rob and I getting together for a round of golf. A good way for the two of us to get to know each other a little better at least, But the primary reason for getting the two of us out of the house, was in allowing Jenny to have the opportunity to have a chat with Susan and see if there was anything that could be done from that end.

As it turned out, it was one of the best moves we’d ever made. Several unexpected surprises awaited us all that would change things around drastically for the best.

On bursa yabancı escort Friday, as it turned out, Rob and I had a great time together playing golf. We got to know one another a lot better, and found we had many of the same likes and dislikes as well. We joked, candidly discussed our wives, and spent the time becoming what I knew would make us very close friends. We knew that Susan and Jenny had also gotten together in the morning as they typically had done on other occasions. But I also knew what Rob did not, was that Jenny’s main purpose was to come up with something in her discussion with Susan that would prove to be an unexpected sexy surprise for Rob, hopefully sometime soon. Little did I know just how profoundly that meeting would also change and wonderfully impact our own relationship.

I had arrived home after dropping Rob off at his place. Jenny met me just inside the door and I could see she was excited about something.

“How was golf?” She asked. Though I sensed her question was more rhetorical in nature.

“Great. We had a good time I think. Rob and I are alike in a lot of ways,” I added.

“Yes, I know.” Jenny said, and I saw what I knew to be the mischievous little twinkle in her eyes and the quirky little smile on her face when she had been up to something. She was dying to tell me what she and Susan had discussed, that much I did know. Not wanting to delay her telling me any longer either, I played along and asked her what it was that had obviously gotten her so excited.

“Well…for starters, we’re going over there later for a Bar-B-Q” she drawled out enthusiastically. “But the really exciting part is this…” And as I sat next to her at the kitchen table, listening, I couldn’t help but become excited over what it was she was about to tell me.

Jenny told me how over coffee, she had coaxed Susan into telling her what had been, or had not been happening for the two of them sexually over the past few months. As it turned out, it was the typical same old routine, stress, and pressures of day-to-day living that had taken its toll. And though I thought to myself “Gee…how come this sounds familiar?” I said nothing and continued to listen to her story.

“Anyway…” Jenny continued. “So I came right out and asked her if there had ever been anything that Rob had ever told her, was something he fantasized about, or had ever hinted at her wanting to do for him. That was when she told me, that he’d once mentioned how he’d love for her to shave her pussy for him sometime. It’s something she said she’s never done before, trimmed it yes of course, but never completely shaved it since she was uncomfortable with using a razor down there.” Listening to Jenny tell me this had already gotten my full attention, but I now had to shift my position as I was becoming both aroused, and slightly uncomfortable situated as I was. In the next instant, I found myself asking Jenny to repeat what it was she had just said. I wasn’t at all sure I had heard her correctly.

“You said you’d do what again?” I blurted.

“I told her that I’d be more than happy to help her do it, if she was willing to trust me.”

So I had heard her correctly after all.

“Oh God!” Was about all I could manage. “And then what?”

“Well, after that we got up and went into their bathroom!”

Jenny proceeded to tell me then how they had gotten out a couple of fresh razors, and the scissors. She had turned the water on in the bathtub while Susan disrobed. Jenny then placed Susan on the edge of the tub and taking the scissors, shortened her pubic hair to a point where she could more easily shave it away. I could only imagine the erotic bursa sınırsız escort little scene that occurred as the two of them got to work shaving away Susan’s pussy hair.

“We were both so nervous, you should have seen us, giggling and carrying on like we were…”

“I wish I had seen you!” I interrupted

Jenny shot me a quick teasing frown but she continued.

“Pretty soon, Susan was straddling the side of the tub as I shaved her, occasionally soaping her up and then wiping away the excess with a soft hand-towel.”

I heard Jenny catch her breath pausing, almost like reliving the whole entire experience in a millisecond.

“Your driving me Crazy Jenny, what happened then?” I demanded.

“Well…basically, here I was, bent over so close the way I was. I mean I could smell her…smell her aroma, her heat. I looked up briefly from what I was doing, and saw that her eyes were shut, her mouth was open and her head was tilted back. She was enjoying this!”

“No shit!” I added.

Once again Jenny shot me a reproving look.

“Though I had finished shaving her, I don’t think I was ready to let go of the moment quite yet either. Curious in a way as to what had happened, what might happen I guess.”

Once again I had to shift my position. My hard-on was painfully positioned at this point, and I was far from being comfortable. I noticed that Jenny’s hand was once again unconsciously brushing across herself, and this in itself was erotically stimulating on top of everything else.

“After I was done, I then began to apply some baby-oil to her, I used it generously and of course massaged it into her newly bared flesh. Her lips so recently covered and somewhat hidden were now slightly puffy and thickened by the process, and I am sure by my inadvertent touching and wiping of her with the soft towel she’d become very aroused.”

“Should I?” I wondered to myself as Jenny continued. And eased down my zipper.

“I was still massaging in the oil when my finger slipped just for the briefest of moments inside her. Susan gasped and I heard her say “Ohhhh yessssss!”

Zipper down. Cock free. If Jenny made a point to look, she might know what I was doing, but the angle of how we sat next to each other at the table, prevented her from knowing perhaps. And I stroked myself. Slowly.

“In the next instant I was sliding my finger up her moist slit. And it wasn’t the baby-oil either; the texture was different. Her fluids were pearly-soft, wet to the touch, exciting! And I heard a low soft moan escape from her lips.

“Oh yes!” I barely breathed, the pre-cum from my cock- tip already being gathered between two of my fingers as I smeared it around the head of my prick. I couldn’t help but notice that Jenny’s fingers had slipped beneath the edge of the shorts she was wearing as she continued relating their experience to me.

“Ever so softly, I began to lightly touch her still hooded clitoris. Her low throated moans of approval gave me the courage I needed to continue. I was wet now too, and my own ragged breathing was soon matching hers.”

“Jenny,” she said almost pleadingly. I stopped; fearful it had gone too far. “Let me, let me touch you too!” Susan had said.

I was palming the head of my cock at this point, squeezing it, and enjoying the sensations I was giving myself, much like a sucking pair of lips teasing and tantalizing me. Susan’s fingers, definitely exploring herself now and even with the distance separating us, I could begin to hear the frothy sounds of her juices being played with the more she got excited in retelling her experience.

“The next thing I knew, I had undressed, now görükle escort each one of us naked, sitting side by side on the edge of the tub, touching, playing. We sat, looking down at each other’s hands, touching the other. Susan would stroke me, caress me in some certain way, and I would then copy her stroke, her touch, and do the same back to her.”

My own strokes, though still slow and soft, were full and forceful. I still continued to squeeze my cock-head on the upstroke, enjoying the sensation of a new droplet of pre-cum, using it to coat my shaft in the downward stroke like a slowly lapping, licking tongue.

“With my freehand, I reached down, spreading my pussy lips more widely for her access. Then Susan did the same. We played more directly, clitty’s fully exposed, vulnerable to our touches, caress’s. We began to rub one another faster, a bit harder, what she did, I did. What I did, she did. I know we were both on the same level of passion, nearing that breaking point, that place where we’d both soon go crashing over the edge.”

Just as I now was listening to her tell me this hot erotic little encounter with Susan! No longer caring, my strokes no longer concealed, I played with my cock, lustfully, hurriedly.

“My hand, my fingers, seemed to be flying over the top of her pussy, differing sensations, the feel of her slit, the flowing moisture. The hardness of her clit-nub, the folds of her lips, each stroke different, each one a new electrifying sensation, driving each of us to higher levels of pleasure. Soon, we were pussy-patting each other, hard, fast!”

Closer, edging closer now myself. That feeling, that exquisite delicious tingly feeling so few seconds away now.

“Are you close?” I heard Jenny ask me.

“Yessss. You?” I gasped.

“And then I was coming. As was Susan. I felt her juices suddenly fill my hand, she was ejaculating! I felt her female spurts gushing out, like a dam of ecstasy breaking. Her cum ran between my fingers, drenching my hand. My own orgasm triggered by this, and though I didn’t squirt as she was still doing, waves of intense pleasure rolled through me, as I felt the moisture build inside me then flow from me as I came.”

My first hard felt spurt shot a ribbon of white milky cream across the distance between us. I watched it fall as though in slow motion landing nearly on her breast, a second one, even more powerful than the first, joining in flight to land at her neckline above her tank-top. “Oh my God” I groaned loudly as still a third was sent flying, though far shorter in its trajectory towards my lovely wife.

“Ohhhh,” I heard Jenny softly moan as she bean to shudder. I watched her head roll back slightly off to one side, saw her arching her back, her fingers fully buried plunging in and out in rapid repeated strokes as she came. “Oh fuck! She screamed, cupping her breast with one free hand, rolling and pinching her nipple through the fabric of the cotton-thin tank top she was wearing.

Cum still oozed from my cock head, it dripped down my shaft, covering my knuckles as I continued to slowly pump myself dry. The sensation still lingering, though the throbbing had ebbed.

We sat silently looking at one another afterwards, smiling.

“Did you enjoy that?” My wife asked.

I answered her with a lusty-evil smile on my face.

Suddenly she glanced at her watch, “David! We better get moving! We’re supposed to be at their place in less than an hour and I still have a lot left to do!”

I could only sit there. Still somewhat breathless, still savoring the moment, still feeling the warm cum covering my hand and now slowly dripping down onto the seat.

“Come on. You’d better get a move on!” She urged. “Oh…and by the way, did you know that you and Rob have another common interest?”

“Oh? And what’s that?” I finally managed to say out loud.

“You both have always wanted to see two women together. So if you hurry. You just might get your wish.”

We arrived at Rob and Susan’s exactly on time.

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