6 Kasım 2023

An Unexpected Guest Part 1B


18 year old Dylan was a short man who has a growth condition, he was usually picked on being the smallest kid in the school. He just finished his 1st semester in big school, when he was caught in a brawl with the local school bullies earlier at lunch. One of the p.e teachers noticed the brawl and abruptly ended it, as people watched he snagged all of them, with the help of others around them. He pulled them into his office and assigned them detention, in one of the classroom that was close to both gender locker room. After serving detention with the strictest teachers, one by one students left detention, a busty teacher walked in wearing only sports bra on and sports shorts on, the bullies was outside checking her out. “May I help you Ms. Ellis?” He asks the teacher standing outside the doorway, “do you happen to have a short kid in the class, his parents are waiting for him outside the school.” He shook his head as she shrug walking away as the bullies continue checking her out.

As the bullies soon followed her to wherever she was going, Dylan scurried away as detention was over, he followed the bullies and Ms. Ellis, slowly, and quietly, so they couldn’t hear his footsteps behind them. As she made her way to the teachers office by the gym, the bullies soon waited outside the building, where it was next to the girls locker room and across from the boys locker room. She met up with the other teachers who taught p.e as the bullies peeked in, Dylan could be seen peeking from the corner watching what was going on. Once the teachers walked out of the office, the bullies moved out of the way watching to see if Ms. Ellis made her way out. One of the p.e teachers saw the boys peeking into the office and yelled at them to beat it as they groaned in anger, trying to find another way around the buildings to make sure they don’t lose sight of her.

Dylan made his move making his way towards the office as he saw the door open, she was walking out of her office before he walked in. “Hey umm you came into that room where people was in detention. That’s right, I mean to ask how did you know I was there as in short guy in the room?” He asks getting closer to her, “I heard you started a fight during lunch after your p.e class, is that right? No it’s not right I didn’t start anything those guys who was staring at you, yeah them they started it not me” he said angrily as she reassure him that some people who were there will sort it out. “Don’t worry sole of the teachers will sort it out, in the meantime why don’t you stop by later on. Stop by later, as in personal business? See ya there,” she said taking her bag and walks out patting his head, he looks at her smiling as he walks out, making sure the door was locked.

While she went her to the girls locker room and he notice that she was going alone, one of the bullies flagged his goons she’s heading to the locker room alone, and they ran over to hi. “Hey look! Seems our fresh meat is all alone, let’s go check her out even more.” They all looked around to see if anyone was around, they kept walking until school security guard stopped them dead in their tracks. “Where do you think you’re going? We were just wandering around the school. Yeah man we’re just walking around. Seems suspicious, you’re suppose to be off school campus, it’s 3:55 pm and you’re suppose to be home, unless you’re up to no good. No sir we’re not we were just making sure nobody was here. Hmmm off you go then, begone!” He said as the bullies walked away, finding another way to evade the security.

Dylan was walking until he noticed the corner of his eyes the bullies were still here, stalking their prey that was walking to the girls locker room, he dashed over there quickly before one of them saw him again. “Hey look it’s that dweeb that followed us, get him!” Their ringleader yelled as the goons chased after him, he ran as fast as he can before looking at trash can cart driver driving to take the trash out, he ran and hitch a ride waiting for his opportunity to run to the girls locker room to warn Ms. Ellis what’s about to happen to her. Once the coast was clear he hopped off, scanning around if the coast is clear and notice the door was open as he made his way there. Once inside he closed the door quietly, but it didn’t slam shut as it was still open. He looked around to see where she was but he sigh, seemingly he failed until a noise was heard, he scanned for a place to hide as he notice a trash can nearby and jumped in.

“Is anyone there?” She said looking around while she was on her phone texting her friends, sitting on a stool in the equipment room with a cage door attached, and she sighed that she was close to being fired for wearing inappropriate clothings as she was with the teachers in the office. “Man that was close” he says looking at the time, he had open window as his parents were out of town so he was pretty much on his own, as he hid until the coast was clear. “I need to take a shower my body is all sticky and smelly, dirt and dust ugh,” she said getting off her phone and walked out, taking her small bag with soap and conditioner, she walked towards the bench and placed her bag down, that was when Dylan made his move, hopping out without making a sound, scanned around for movement, and hid behind one of the locker aisle, staying out of sight.

She made her way to the shower, turning the knob on as hot water filled the room with steam, she took her body cleaning supplies and placed it on one of the shelf in the bathroom, and went back to the bench. Dylan soon peeked moving away a smidge bit from his hiding spot, his massive erect cock took form in his basketball shorts, he looked down “oh shit.” He cupped his mouth making sure she didn’t hear anything. “Hey! I heard that!” She said covering her body as if she didn’t bring a towel that’s what she forgot, “oh shit! I forgot to take a towel!” she shook her head as she went to the equipment room, where there was clothes for p.e, sports equipment and oh towels, except they were dirty. “Ew fuck that’s disgusting!” she looks in disgust walking away as she prob won’t need a towel, but looked around to see if anyone came in spying on her.

That’s when she starts to strip her clothes off one kocaeli escort by one, she lifted her arms up removing her sports bra, her huge tits starts to bounce when they were set free from their confinement. That’s when Dylan struck her from behind, grabbing her huge tits from behind and whipped his massive cock out, grindin it against her fatass in her sports short, against she gasped loudly as she looked behind, seeing a huge hard cock grinding her ass. “Hey what, oh fuck, are you..” she starts to moan softly as he continue to grind his cock against her ass in her sports shorts. “why are you… fuck” she moans more he squeezes her huge tits, kneading and playing with them. “Mmh fuck your huge tits feels so good” he says squeezing her tits and rubbing her nipples with his fingers. He continue to ravage her tits with his hands, squeezing her tits and grinding her ass before spurting cum early “mmmh fuck there’s more to that.”

“Fuck your cock’s huge oh fuck” she moans out grindin his cock against her ass, he kept molesting her tits with his hands, the soreness kicking in with her fat tits “Mmh fuck your ass feels good against my cock, let me relieve you of stress” he says pulling her sports shorts down, looking at her huge ass “fuck I’m in heaven” he closes his eyes stuffing his face against her ass. “Oh fuck!” she moans bending over looking at his massive cock dangling while she grabs it, “Mmh fuck yes!” He moans feeling her hand wanking his cock in her hand while stuffing his face against her ass, sticking his tongue into her asshole, “Oh fuck!” she moans cupping her mouth as if nobody can hear in the locker room, his tongue licking her asshole all over, spitting and tapping his tongue nonstop, she presses her ass against his face even more grinding her ass against his tongue slowly.

“Mmh fuck oh fuck” she grabs her tits squeezing them, kneading as the soreness continue “oh fuck my tits are sore, mmmh your hands felt good on them I need it!” His tongue ravaging her asshole pulling away sucking and slapping her fat ass, “Mmh fuck your ass feels so good I can sleep on it” he boasts stuffing his tongue back into her asshole, darting his tongue in and not, her moaning loudly while cupping her mouth, “fuck your tongue’s doing it magic holy fuck I’m squirting!” She yells her eyes rolling the back of her head, her body shudders squirting while he moves his tongue from her ass to her pussy he says moving his tongue from her ass to her pussy, lapping her juices in his mouth. “Mmmh you taste so good, mmmh fuck come here!” He says looking up at her “mmmh your cock feels so good in my hands I must have you!” She pulled her sports shorts down halfway, yanking his shorts down until his feet were out as he looks up at her smiling. “Mmmh I’m gonna enjoy this” she smirks seductively taking his cock into her mouth.

“Mmmh fuck your mouth so wide” he moans as she took his cock inch by inch, pulling it out and took his cock into her mouth again. She bounced her head of his cock slowly, inches of his cock swallowed into her mouth moaning softly “Mmh fuck your mouth feels so good with my cock inside!” She bobbed her head up and down on his cock taking it all the way down her throat, she gagged, spat, stroking his cock while looking up at him, “Mmh fuck your cock so huge in my mouth” her saliva dripped down her mouth, slobbering over his cock, swirling her tongue around his tip, moaning more as he grabbed her tits. “Mmh fuck you’re gonna play with my lovely tits? Oh yes I will” As she continue to stroke his cock in her hand slowly then picking up the pace, he moans more watching her making his cock even more harder.

“Mmmh you like that shorty? Your cock in my hand and oh I forgot” she took his huge ballsack into her hand, massaging and tugging it slowly “mmmh yes I feel you’re excited with your balls in my hand. Mmh yes I love when you’re holding my balls, and my balls are yours.” He smirks down at her she sucked on his cock harder, moving her mouth off his cock and replaces it with her fat tits. “Mmmh fuck your cock feels so good betwen my big tits, you like that huh? Mmh yes I love that!” He sighs looking down at her, she bounces her tits on his cock slowly, pulls her tits out and stroked his cock fast, and and bobs her head all at once. “Multitasking I see, mmmmh I’m not the only one who can stroke your cock, bounce my big titties and sucking your cock at the same time.”

“Mmmmh so far it’s working” he laughs watching her working out his cock, a bit of sweat coming from her, “mmmh fuck this cock so big I love it” she moans slapping his cock on her big fat tits, rubbing the tip against her nipples moaning even more. “Mmmh fuck my nipples feels so good with your cock rubbing it” he moans “Mmh fuck it feels so good” watching her tits bounce rapidly, he looks at her puckering his lips as she moans more. “Mmmh fuck I want you so bad” she moans getting up as she walks towards him, he notice her sports shorts were halfway on her knees, and pulls her to him, she falls on top of him he grabs his hard cock and rubs it against her pussy and moans softly “ohhh fuck your cock so…” her eyes rolls the back of her head feeling his cock enter her pussy. He gets up holding her in his arms as she reaches down pulling her shorts up, she wraps her legs around her as feels his cock inside of her pussy moaning loud.

“Ooooh fuck your cock feels so good!” she moans feeling his cock inside her pussy, he held her in his arms as he carried her into the shower as the water drench them both. He bounced her pussy on his cock slowly, she wrap his arms around his neck moaning loudly. “Oh fuck yes oh fuck” she moans her pussy bouncing on his cock slowly as she jumps up and down, his hands on her fat ass holding her tightly, “mmmh fuck your cock so damn big!” She threw her head back feeling his cock powerfully thrusts harder inside of her pussy, feeling it stretch slowly “mmmh fuck fuck I feel your cock stretching me out!” She looks back as he took her big tits into his mouth, she moans even louder as she let out another moan feeling her cumming on his cock, “mmmh fuck I’m cumming!” He continue to squeeze her in his arms as she took his cock all the way in her pussy, she slowly bounce her pussy escort bayan on his cock deeper, he mauled her big tits in his mouth as she looks at him. “Mmmh fuck taking my tits in your mouth, fuck it feels so good!”

He continue to bounce her pussy on his cock before pinning her against the wall, he powerfully pounded her pussy deeper and harder, sucking on her tits harder while moving his mouth from her big tits to her mouth, “mmmmh mmmmh fuck.” She moans in his mouth passionately kissing him while he pounds her pussy harder and harder, stretching her pussy apart with his massive cock throwing her head back. He lifted her arms up thrusting his cock harder and harder inside of her pussy, her tits bounced up and down as his mouth still clamped down on her tits, “mmmh fuck it’s so huge I’m cumming again!” She came again on his cock, her eyes watering taking his massive cock inside her pussy, he felt her cum on his cock moaning softly.

He moved her sports short all the way down taking it off, kicking it to the shower entrance, as he had her turned around her stomach against the wall, he ate out her pussy tasting her cum that covered his cum “mmmh fuck you’re cum tasted so good, Mmh fuck clean my pussy fuck!”

She moans placing her hand on her pussy, rubbing it as Dylan ate her pussy stuffing his face into her pussy. Oh fuck yes oh fuck!” She yells placing her hands on her asscheeks spreading them as he licks her asshole with his tongue, he licks it sloppily before going back to her pussy, she moans out feeling her holes being molested by his ruthless tongue. “Oooooh fuck I’m gonna cum again ooh fuck!” her cum flowing with her finger on her clit. She rubs it slowly he strikes her clit with his tongue, she moans louder than ever. “Ooooh fuck yes yes yes!” he but her clit tugging it while moving his hands on her fat tits once again, making it sore once more.

“Oh fuck not again ooohh” she moans more he licks her clit swirling his tongue around it, and she came once again, he laps her juices in his mouth moaning softly, she felt her orgasm hit so many direction it drove her crazy. Dylan continues his tongue assault on her holes that he’s yet to stuff his cock into her ass, she moaned heavily as a sensation went down from her neck each time he made her cum. “Fuck you’re so good at this!” He nods licking her pussy lips all over, swirling his tongue around her folds while placing his thumb against her hole, rubbing it as she gasp loud “oh fuck not again” she whimpers feeling his thumb popped into her asshole, a loud pop can be heard as she yelled “holy fuck!” He mauls her pussy with his tongue licking inside of her pussy, tasting her walls and slides his thumb slowly inside of her ass, her moans filled the locker room as he continue licking her pussy faster.

He pulls his thumb out of her ass and rubs her pussy, she gasped loudly feeling his thumb rubbing her pussy “mmmh fuck!” She moans loudly feeling his finger sliding into her asshole, she yells louder feeling his finger slid in and out of her ass, and slides it back in “oooh fuck your finger in my ass ooh fuck!” She yells louder as her moans could be heard outside of the locker room, he rubs her pussy faster moving his thumb over to her clit, rapidly rubs it while keeping his finger in her ass, “oooh fuck I’m gonna cum again oh fuck!” She came again trying to breathe as she starts to feel weak, “ooh fuck I’m feeling a bit weak” he smirks knowing his moment has come.

He pulled her ass out as he slaps her ass, she held the wall for support feeling him pulling his finger out of her ass and tasting it, “Mmh your ass taste good” he smiles grabbing his fat cock slapping her asshole, she moaned loudly “oooh fuck please go slow” she whimpers looking back at him as he nods, pressing his tip against her asshole and stuffs it in, making a loud pop as she gasped loudly, “holy fuck!” She moaned out feeling his cock slowly enter her ass slowly inch by inch, she curled her toes and clawed the wall, feeling his cock stretching her walls while he gripped her hips, “mmmh fuck oh fuck!” her eyes widen open feeling his cock inside her ass halfway, her legs shuddering tears flowed down her face as she never taken any cock all the way inside of her ass before.

“Ooooh fuck fuck fuck I can’t hold it in,” her eyes rolled back of her head as she came again as her legs trembling as he pulled his cock out of her ass slowly, before stuffing it back in her ass but this time, he stuffs his entire cock inside her ass much to her eyes widen even more, “ooooh fuck my ass gonna hurt oh fuck!” She cried out feeling his cock stuffed her ass all the way. “Mmmh fuck your ass feels so good oh fuck” he moans as he thrusts his cock deep in her ass while holding onto her, pumping his cock inside of her deep and slowly before pulling it out and shoving it back in. As time went by her ass continue to be stuffed by his cock as they were on their sides, her leg was in the air as she licked her fingers and rubbed her pussy, mao I got louder watching his cock stretch her ass out even more, “ooooh fuck fuck ooh fuck!” She threw her head back as he pulled her head back, kissing her passionately while grabbing her tits squeezing them and slaps them.

“Mmmh fuck your ass feels good when it’s stretched out.” He pounds her ass deeper and harder feeling her walls stretch out even more, she grabs her tits and squeezes them while he reaches down rubbing her pussy, “mmmh yes rub my pussy shorty” she looks down watching his cock pump inside her ass before he pull out. After fucking her ass over 15 minutes, his cock was inside of her mouth she moaned loud, feeling his cock hit the back of her throat as he held her head in his hand, slapping his tip against her lips, stuffing his cock and thrusts his cock halfway and then all the way down her throat. “Mmmh fuck your mouth feels so good” he moans more stroking his cock in her hand, after over 15 minutes sloppily sucking on his cock, he grabbed her by the hair thrusting his cock faster and faster inside her mouth, moaning more before pulling out and rubs his cock against her pussy, she moaned softly feeling his cock slap her pussy lips while looking up, spreading her pussy lips for his cock to seize izmit escort its moment.

There were shuffling footsteps could be heard from outside, the door was unlocked as both didn’t know there were gonna be company. “Hmm it must be coming from here.” One of the said, “wait out here, let us know when you find something.””Mmmmh fuck I’m gonna enjoy stretching your pussy” he smirks opening her legs guiding his cock into her pussy, he lifts her legs resting them on his shoulder, stuffing his cock inside of her pussy. “Oooh fuck oh fuck fuck!” She gasped feeling his cock stuffed inside of her pussy he drilled his cock deep inside while looking at her “mmmh fuck you’re so sexy naked, I want to hold you” he says thrusting his cock deeper and harder inside of her pussy. He watches her tits bounce up and down while his cock stretches her pussy slowly, drilling her pussy harder and deeper looking at her “mmmh fuck your pussy so tight I’m gonna stretch it out.” He says powerfully thrusts his cock harder and harder, drilling his cock deeper inside her pussy she moaned out loudly “mmmh fuck yes oh fuck yes!”

While he was pounding her pussy ferociously harder and harder, one of the bullies who was bigger and fatter, was stalking close by he heard noises coming from the shower. “Hmm what do we have here… that little shit, my boss will be pleased with this. Wait a minute, is he no way!” He said walking slowly, stalking to where their clothes were and looked around. Soon he came by around the shower entrance, where the soaked sports shorts were. She came on his cock sighing in relief as she began to be weaken after so many orgasms, he thrusted his cock deeper and faster before she turns on her stomach. After fucking her pussy for over 10 minutes, she raises her ass up to him, he stuff his face against her pussy licking her pussy juices, he moans licking her asshole stuffing his tongue deep inside her ass, tasting her walls while stroking his cock, he was close to cumming before standing up, he rubs his cock against her ass, sliding his cock into her ass slowly, before plunging it in few moments later.

He soon took a small peek at what has happening before he gasped “holy shit!” He whispered as the busty teacher was fucking Dylan “oh man this little shit dead to my guys, I better take footage and send this to them” he said pulling his phone out and record what’s happening. “Oooh fuck your ass feels so good once I finish stretching it out” he says thrusting his cock deeper and faster she reached her clit rubbing it rapidly faster, resting her head on her forearm as she tried to breathe before cumming once again. He pounded her ass ferociously harder and deeper, she rubbed her clit each time he thrusts his cock faster inside of her ass before pulling out. “Mmmh fuck my ass feels sore,” she whimpers feeling a hole open inside of her ass, closing her eyes before heading a squelching noise enter her pussy from behind, she gasped feeling his cock drilling her pussy deeper and faster looking back at him. He reached her her arms as he pulled them back, he pounded her pussy from behind ferociously faster and harder, rapidly drilling her pussy all the way down into her womb. “Mmmh fuck there baby right there fuck!” She yells louder her eyes rolling back of her head once again, she cummed on his cock as he rapidly thrusts his cock faster and faster She looks up as he nods while thrusting his cock rapidly faster as he was very close. He powerfully thrust his cock deeper and harder, grunting as he gave her slower thrusts inside her pussy, before pulling out and turns her as she’s on her knees.

He grips his cock looking down at her “oh fuck I’m gonna cum open wide ahh shit!” He moans as she opens her mouth, unloading stream of thick cum inside her mouth, she swallowed most of his cum as ropes of cum shot onto her tits as she moans softly “holy fuck look at all of your cum! It’s all over my big tits!” She says scooping his cum off her lips and smiles. He moaned softly rubbing the last of his cum on her lips, she took his cock into her mouth and sucked on it making sure he drained the last cum out of his ballsack, she licked the tip and winked up at him. “What a massive load you gave me” she said as she looks at her big tits, covered in globs of thick cum, she smirks up trying to get up after multiple orgasms rendered her very weak, he caught her and held onto her.

Once they were finished fucking, the bully finished recording them fucking each other, “oh no man this is golden! Watch his reaction when my boss sees this!” He sneered sending the footage to the boss of the bullies, “well well what do we have here…” the boys gathered around as the bully hid at the last locker aisle, the goons looked at the boss phone as they saw both arms. Ellis and Dylan fucking in the showers. “Mhm you did well my friend, great job!” Some of them high fives each other at the success of one of their goons recorded the best fucking ever. He scampered away before they came out in hind sight, he ran out of the girls locker room and regrouped with his goons. He walked her towards the bench her legs were weakened by his cock after having multiple orgasms, she held him close he sat on the edge of the bench as he pulled her onto his lap. He looked at her and wraps his arms around her.

“Why did you follow me into the girls locker room? You know boys aren’t allowed. Well I came because you asked the mean buff dude, if I was in that room. I’m not sure why you were looking for me, I hope I’m not in too big trouble” he looks at her wrapping his arms around her. “Well you did cause a big scene out there at lunch, well I didn’t start the fight I swear. I’m sure we’ll get to the bottom of this I promise.” She said as she looked at the time on her phone. “It’s 5:30 pm oh shit I need to get home, we need to leave.” He looks up at her kissing her lips as she kissed him back. He picked up her clothes and hands it to her, he put his shirt and basketball shorts back on, while she slipped her wet sports shorts back on, she put her white sports bra on as his thick cum seeped through her bra as some went between her tits, smirking down at him. “Mmmh your cum fell betwen my tits and sticky I love it, let’s go home shorty, I love that name” he said taking her hand as the bullies were hiding from the corners of the boys locker room as both Dylan and Ms. Ellis walked to the parking lot and drove him home, this one isn’t over, not one bit.

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