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An Unethical Proposal Ch. 04

Big Cock

Authors note: This is a four chapter story about incest between a brother and sister. It’s a story within a story. This chapter would be hard read on its own. You’ll will have a much better understanding of the story and characters if you first read chapters 1, 2 and 3.

I hope you’ll enjoy it. Please stick with it until the end. Comments are appreciated. Thanks!


My cell rang at 1:00AM. Jolted from sleep, I looked at my phone, it was Clair. I picked up. “What’s up Clair?” I could barely utter in my sleepy stupor.

“Billy, It’s John… he’s left me,” Clair bawled.

“What?…Why?…When?” I asked, astonished, yet confused, still not awake enough to process thought efficiently.

“He just left. We’ve been fighting all night.”

“He’ll be back,” I tried to console her, and wanting to make short the conversation so I could go back to sleep.

“No. No, Billy, it’s over. He found out about us, you and me, Billy. He knows.”

Suddenly, fully awake, I was stunned. Clair and I hid our incestuous relationship so well, for all these years. No one had a clue, or at least we thought.

“What happened? How did he find out?”

“Billy, it’s all my fault. I was talking in my sleep. I was dreaming of you. We were making love. I dreamt you were eating my pussy, and I was apparently saying your name while masturbating in my sleep. I was so loud, I woke John during the dream. He watched me, and listened until I was done. He then woke me and asked me about what he’d witnessed. I tried to blow it off as just a silly dream of someone else named Billy. He didn’t believe me, Billy. He said he knew there was something fishy between us.”

“Clair, I don’t know what to say… I’m in shock…I…”

“I had to confess, Billy, he had me cornered. It’s over, Billy. We argued and fought for hours. He want’s out. He said he knew something was wrong with me, he said I couldn’t really commit to him. He wants the house, and our savings and investments. He says he won’t drag this through the courts, or say anything to our family or friends, if I just sign the divorce papers and walk away. I don’t know what to do, Billy.”

“I’ll be right over, Clair. Sit tight.” I hung up and got dressed. My mind was abuzz. I was feeling bad for Clair and what she was going through. I was feeling embarrassed for the both of us, we weren’t supposed to get caught. I was mad at John for leaving her and hurting her. But, most of all, I was feeling relieved that John was finally out of her life. What did this mean for us? I couldn’t help thinking about us.

As I drove to Clair’s house, my mind played over and over again what would happen if John came back while I was there. What would he say? Or do?

When I walked in the door, Clair was balling her eyes out on her couch. She got up and ran to me. We embraced in a strong hug, our bodies rocking side to side as she continued to sob. After she calmed a bit, she looked up into my eyes, and I dried her tears and told her everything was going to be OK. My face moved to her’s and our lips met for the first time in many weeks. We kissed a long passionate, soft kiss. She continued to sob as we kissed and her salty tears mingled with our wet lips.

“We need to get you out of this house now,” I said. “John may be out getting drunk, and he may come back and harm you.”

“I don’t think so, Billy. When he left, he was emphatic that it was over. In fact, he told me he was seeing someone else, someone from his office. He told me I drove him to it, since I was so distant.”

“Well, then you have grounds too, Clair. It’s not all on his terms,” I said, feeling angry that John cheated on her.

“Billy, he had an affair; you and I have been having an incestuous relationship for ten years. I don’t think the courts will see it as tit for tat. Never mind, what our friends and family will say. Not to mention our careers… if this gets out…”

A sinking feeling came over me as Clair talked. Clair was screwed. We were screwed.

“Well, then walk away, Clair. Give him everything he wants. Come live with me. I’ll take care of you. If he is true to his word, we’ll pretend to the world that your marriage just didn’t work out. No one’s business why, no one will be the wiser. You’ll still have your job, your career, and I’ve got mine, we can make a new start.”

“What, as husband and wife, Billy? How will that work?”

“No, you’d just be living with me while you got your life together. No one will question that. We’ll figure out something long term.”

“I don’t know what to do, Billy.”

“Come, let’s pack your things. You’re coming to my house for now. I have a spare bedroom. We’ll figure it out another day.”

We quickly packed her car and mine with just her immediate needs; her personal belongings, clothes, shoes, makeup, her computer and stuff she’d need for work. We’d come back another day and get the rest. When we arrived, exhausted, we left most of her stuff still packed in the cars, except what she’d need for her job the next morning. I showed Clair to the spare bedroom. She walked in, put down her bursa eskort bayan suitcase, turned and without a word, closed the door leaving me standing in the hall. Any thoughts of making love to Clair that night left me at that moment. I knew she needed time, this was rough for her.

It was nearly 4:00AM. I went to my room, stripped off my clothes and got into bed. I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned as I wracked my brain on what to do next. I thought about the two of us running away, to a new place, and a new start. We’d both change our names and get married. We could finally live as husband and wife, and out in the open, no more sneaking around. But there were consequences with that plan. Our father was still alive, and it would crush him if we suddenly disappeared. Not to mention our aunts, uncles, cousins, etc… We had a big extended family and we’re all pretty close. It’s a wonder no one found out about my sister and I, not even a whisper, until John. He better keep his end of the bargain.

I looked at the clock, and it was 5:00AM. I had been lying in bed, unable to sleep, for over an hour, and it was still dark out. I was just about to get up and go for a predawn jog, when I heard a soft knock on my bedroom door.

“Billy, can I come in?”

“Yes, of course, Clair.”

Clair hadn’t put the hall light on so I couldn’t see where she was until I felt her she slip between the sheets. She cuddled up to me and rested her head on my chest. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and rested my hand on her hip. She was naked, and whimpering softly on my chest.

“Everything is going to be okay Clair, you’ll see,” is all I could say, trying to console her. She soon started playing with the hairs of my chest; softly twirling my hairs with her fingers. She then started planting soft kisses on my chest. She traced a line with her fingers down my belly to my cock and wrapped her hands around it and started slowly stroking it. My cock immediately responded.

“Oh Clair, it’s been too long since I’ve felt your hands on me…ohhh…that feels sooo good,” I moaned.

I let Clair set the pace, and simply massaged the top of her ass softly as she stroked my hard member.

She stroked it as only Clair can. She has the magic touch and knows all my pleasure points. She cupped the head of my penis with her palm and spun her hand around my cock ridge as if she were opening a jar lid. She slid her palm down the length of the underside of my shaft and grabbed my balls and squeezed with just the right amount of pressure. She lifted my ball sack up and pulled, just the way I like it.

Clair got up on her knees and straddled my left leg, as she always had. My right leg had healed ten years ago, but Clair always uses my left leg, old habits die hard. She ground her pussy lips into my thigh in a gyrating motion. She moved lower to my knee, trailing moisture as she slid to my knee cap. I raised my left leg a little so she would have a perch to prop her pussy on. She ground her clit into my knee cap and humped my knee. Then moved her entire vagina opening over my knee cap and moved in a circular motion as if trying to suck my knee into her pussy. Slowly sliding further down my shin, her pussy left a trail of juice. When she finally rested her pussy on my ankle, she lowered her head to my crotch and sucked me into her mouth.

“Ohhh…haaa…Clair…Oh, how I’ve missed you…,” I exhaled deeply.

She swirled her tongue around my shaft cap, then swallowed my cock whole in one fell swoop. She deep-throated me before coming up for air, then down the length of my shaft again, taking me deeper.

She played my flute like the master flautist she is, attention to the finest details. Clair’s tongue danced a sibling flamenco on my shaft only our DNA could decode. As we were in the womb, we were rejoined again as one. My cock and her mouth again trading synapses. My skin tingled with joy.

Clair continued to grind her twat on my leg as her mouth played its repertoire. Her breath was getting heavier and my leg wetter by the second, I knew she was getting close to making her move. Then, as if on cue, as if an invisible conductor had waved his wand, she stopped sucking my cock, and slithered up my leg. Perched above my cock, she nestled its head into her warm leaves, then with a deft move, she impaled herself onto my shaft. Clair knew right where to go; she ground her clit deep into my pelvic bone as she brought my cock home. She moved back up my shaft, tickling her G-spot with my cockhead along the way. She played with my head at her opening, then down again she dove, her clit slamming into my pelvis.

Clair was a master fucker when she rode me, our first, and her favorite position. While I love talking charge and driving the fuck in other positions, this position I let Clair control everything, it’s her turn to drive. I simply lay back and enjoy the ride. And that night, she was particularly reckless. Drunk on lust from our hiatus, and her frustrations and anger with John, it was as if she was having makeup sex. She fucked me hard, fast, and furious. As bursa otele gelen eskort bayan she neared completion, her familiar moans let me know. We always timed our orgasms, getting cues from each others sounds and movements. That night, I only had sound to go on, her movements too erratic for me to pick up the usual cues. I was ready, waiting to explode along with her. She moaned louder and louder, and then, she surprised me with a quick and forceful primal scream as she exploded into orgasm with one big slam of her clit into my pelvic bone. I errupted a second after her, and deposited my seed deep into her womb. Normally we’d be careful to exercise some sort of birth control, but that night, we were careless. Our lust had removed all caution from our thoughts.

Clair lay quivering and quaking on my chest in her post orgasmic state for what seemed like a blissful eternity. She moved her mouth to mine and we kissed softly yet deeply. Exhausted, we both fell asleep. When I awoke, the sun was up and Clair was still was still on top of me, her head nestled into my chest. My cock had slipped out of her sometime during the sleep. I needed to take a wicked piss, so I gently moved Clair off me. She uttered a sleepy moan as I covered her up with the sheet. I took a piss, a shower, and shaved, and then dressed for work. I wet a washcloth with cool water and brought it into my bedroom and gently washed Clair’s face. She awoke and smiled. As I dried her face, she said, “You’re too good to me, Billy.”

“I love you Clair,” was all I said. She smiled a knowing smile and then closed her eyes and rolled over as if to continue her sleep.

“I need to go to work, Clair. Are you going into your office today?”

“Yeah, I better get moving,” she replied, her eyes still closed.

“Why don’t you take the day off, you need a mental health day,” I advised.

“I’m not wasting a vacation day on that asshole John.”

I smiled. “What time will you be home tonight, Clair?”


I left for work. I’d be leaving my office early that day, I had an appointment with Jan at 3:00PM, my last appointment with her, I was sure of it. I thought about calling and canceling over the phone, but I had grown fond of Jan, and I didn’t want to end our therapy sessions like that, I owed her a face to face.


When Jan entered her waiting room to retrieve me, she looked flushed again, as someone who had just had an orgasm. Her blouse was unbuttoned one lower from the top than last week. I could see the top of her lacy bra and plenty of cleavage. Her skirt was also shorter than last week’s visit. If I hadn’t known better, I would have thought she was trying to seduce me. I smiled at the thought. As I entered Jan’s office I saw the last chapter of my story on her desk. She had printed it out again for her files, or perhaps her enjoyment. I had forgotten about the story already, my mind was filled with thoughts of a new beginning for Clair and I.

“I’ve read your latest chapter, William. So, now that you and Clair have gone all the way, now that you’ve had intercourse…”

“I need to stop you right there Miss Martin…”

“William, I thought we had settled that. You can call me Jan, I’m fine with that.”

“Jan, I need to tell you something, immediately.”

“What is it, William?”

“Clair and her husband have broken up, for good. She has moved in with me. We are back to having sex and I don’t want it any other way. I don’t feel the need to continue with this therapy. And, please, Jan, you may call me Billy, I’ve never liked William.”

“I see. Well, under the circumstances, Billy, I’ll have to excuse myself as your therapist.”

“I’m the one ending the therapy, Jan.”

“I know, Billy, it’s a formality. Even if you wanted to continue, I can no longer be your therapist. I need to document what was said, and that I’m formally extracting myself from this doctor patient relationship.”

“Okay…,” I said, shrugging my shoulders, a little confused, but not really caring how it was done.

“Billy, I need to ask a favor of you.”

“Yes, what is it?”

“Come have a drink with me. Off these premises, away from my official environment. I want to discuss an alternative with you.”

“An alternative what? I’m not interested in any other forms of therapy, Jan. Clair and I intend to remain together, somehow, someway. I haven’t figured out just how we’ll pull it off, but we’re done pretending we can be apart.”

“Please, Billy, come have a drink with me. I want to discuss something with you that I can’t do here.”

“Ok…I guess I owe you that,” I said, a little confused about what she might possibly want to talk about over a drink.

“Good, can we go for that drink now? I don’t have any other patients today, and we still have forty minutes left on our time. I won’t bill you for today.”

“Yes, I’m free until six, when Clair gets home from work, and I could use a drink right about now anyway.”

“Good. There’s a pub on water street, the Waterview, bursa eve gelen escort do you know it? It’s just five minutes from here. It’ll be quiet this time of day.”

“Yes, I’m familiar with it.”

“Good, I’ll meet you there,” Jan said, as she arose from her desk and grabbed her pocketbook. She opened the door to her office and held it for me. As I passed by, she smiled at me. A different smile than ever before. This was a warm, slightly sexy smile, not business like.”

I followed her car to the pub. As we walked thru the door, the barmaid said, “Hi Jan, what brings you here this time of day?” Apparently, this was one of Jan’s hangouts, or maybe this woman was a patient of Jan’s.

“I need a quiet place, Martha, is the backroom available?”

“Yes, of course. There’s no one in there now. What’ll you have, I’ll bring your drinks to you.”

“Cosmo please…make it a double,” Jan stated. “A beer for me,” I replied.

Jan led the way through the pub’s front room and around a corner and through a doorway into the backroom. It was dark in there at first, but as we entered, the lights came on. Martha must have hit the switch. Soft music started playing at low volume. There was a row of high backed wooden booths along the far wall and a scattering of separate tables within the rest of the room.

Jan kept walking to the farthest corner of the room, and selected a booth. I was curious as to why she wanted to recede so deeply into room, but I tagged along without comment. We sat for a brief moment just looking into each others eyes.

“Billy, I need to ask you a favor. This meeting never happened. Anything said during this meeting was never discussed. I’m already crossing the line meeting with you here. I risk losing my license to practice if the board finds out. So, before we go any further, do we have an understanding?”

“Yes, of course. I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize your career, Jan,” I said, still confused by all the secrecy. But, I was certainly getting intrigued by all the intrigue. A beautiful woman sitting across from me, her blouse unbuttoned to her bra, her cleavage seducing my stare, and her asking that our meeting be kept a secret, what wasn’t there to love about that.

Martha entered the room, and brought us our drinks. Jan, took her cosmo and gulped half of it at once.

After Martha left the room, Jan took a deep breath, then she just blurted out, “Billy, I can sympathize with your situation. My brother and I are in a very similar situation to you and Clair’s.”

My jaw dropped open. I was floored. I took a deep swig from my beer.

There was another pause in the conversation as her revelation hung in the air for a few long seconds.

“I have not told anyone about this, Billy, you are the first. No one, but my brother and I know about this, or the circumstances that led up to it. So, I’m really reaching into my soul here to tell you this.”

“Why me? What did I do to deserve this honor?”

“That should become clear soon. I’d like to share how it happened, first. The incest started when we were young, but not due to an injury, like your situation. My brother is a year and half younger than me. My mother died giving birth to him.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I said, belated condolences, but not knowing what else to offer.

“Thank you, but that was a long time ago. I was only one and half years old, and don’t remember my mother. Our father tried to raise us on his own. He did the best he could. He drank, a lot, mostly to drown out his sorrow. My mother was the love of his life, and he never dated after she was gone. As my brother and I got a little older, my father would find excuses to beat us, usually after he’d had a few too many. Any little thing, or sometimes nothing at all, would set him off. He didn’t spare me, but my brother, as you can imagine, got the worst of it. My brother, Steve, and I bonded over the situation. Either, he or I would seek each other out after the beatings, and just hold one another, and cry. It became routine for one of us to slip into the others bed and console each other. We’d sleep together as our father snored in his drunken state in the other room.”

I could see where her story was going, but I just listened intently, without comment.

“Sometime after puberty, my brother would get a hard-on while hugging me in bed. He soon began rubbing himself on my leg. Well, I’ll spare you the details, but one thing led to the other, and like you and Clair, we’ve never stopped.”

Jan took a second swig from her drink, and downed the rest of it. I was both shocked, and at the same time, comforted by what she just confided in me.

“Like you and Clair, we tried many times to stop. We dated others, and still do from time to time, but always came back to each other. Just as I’ve read in your story, Billy, there is just an unbreakable bond, an attraction, a connection, a sexual need- if you will, between my brother and me that no one else can satisfy. It’s been excruciatingly painful to keep this secret from the rest of our family. Our father finally drank himself to death a few years ago, but we have an extend network of cousins and aunts and uncles, who were all indispensable to us as our surrogate family as we were growing up. I’m sure you have the same situation with Clair and yourself, Billy. Steve and I have never been found out by our friends or family, no one knows, and we need to keep it that way.”

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