20 Kasım 2023

An Incest Birthday Ch. 29


Six more chapters left, getting close to the end.

Just as I thought, last night was a long night. I thought three hours was long, we went damn near double that, if not more. I felt like I’d just finished a triathlon. We didn’t bother getting in the shower last night, I couldn’t even if I wanted to, there was no way I was leaving the bed as exhausted as I was. She lay there in the bed still asleep with a smile on her face like she was dreaming about bunnies and rainbows and unicorns, but the way she acted last night she was anything but nice, not that I’m complaining, most men would love to have a girl that wanted sex more than they did, that loves sports as much as we do, that plays video games as often as we do, hell that even goes ham on junk food like we do, I guess I lucked out. Now that I was done reminiscing, I needed to get up and get in the shower, a task I was not looking forward to after last night, but was needed to both cleanse me from the smell of all night sex and to loosen me up and put some strength back in my muscles.

I slugged to the bathroom and took longer than usual washing my face and brushing my teeth, then turned on the shower. I didn’t feel like getting down on the floor for a bath, but I also didn’t feel like standing up for a shower, so I was at a crossroads. I got in the shower and just as I’d gotten my whole body wet I thought of a solution. I dragged myself outta the tub and went back to our room and grabbed the leather armless leanback chair from the computer desk and dragged it to the tub, and to my relief it was just thin enough to fit in the tub without causing any problems. I positioned it perfectly on the shower mat and sat down in the chair as the water sprinkled across me, pure contentment. I just sat there, not moving, letting the water wake me up as I felt my strength returning under the tings of the hot shower hitting my skin. We had a wide adjustable shower head, but it was set for thin stream, so I got up and turned it to the widest setting and sat down back in the chair, now being fully covered by the water. I was in there for a while before the bathroom door opened and Rita came in, I couldn’t see her but I could hear the door open and noone else was there so it couldn’t be anybody else.

“Morning Randy. What’d you do with our computer chair? It wasn’t in the room.”

“Good morning, I moved it, I found a better use for it,” I yelled over the water.

“Better use for a computer chair than in front of a computer? Ok. So what are we doing today?”

“Well we can call Chris and Stephanie back and see if they have plans for today, if they don’t we can go hang with them, if they do it can just be me and you again today.”

“I like the sound of that, we can pick up where we left off last night.”

“Left off? We had enough sex to last us three months! How are you not tired?”

“Because I’m the daughter of a nymphomaniac who passed the trait on to me, which means it’s more than double the effect than it was on her, which means I need lots of sex from you, lots!”

“I’m gonna need to start training to keep up with what you consider normal.”

“But it’s completely worth in because in the end you… really Randy?”

She stopped when she pulled back the curtain and saw me sitting in the chair, I couldn’t help but laugh at the expression on her face.

“This is what you meant when you said you found a better use for it?”

“It’s your fault! If you hadn’t fucked me to kingdom come I wouldn’t be on my last life bar!”

“Why did you put the leather chair in there? Why didn’t you get the plastic one?”

“Because it’s all the way downstairs and I wouldn’t have made it there and back.”

“Where the hell am I supposed to stand with that big ass thing in there?”

“You can sit on me, or I can get up and you can sit down and I sit on you, either way.”

“I like me sitting on you better, there’s a better chance of a happy ending that way.”

“No! you gets no sex from me right now! I think you broke it, I’ll be lucky if I can get it up by the end of the day. Poor guy pulled an all nighter for little pay.”

She plopped down in my lap when I said that. “He had plenty of pay, he just wasn’t used to so much overtime he didn’t know what to do with the money.”

“No, you don’t get to win that, I strike your comeback from the record.”

“That’s ok, I’ll just bring it up fourteen years from now in a fight about cupcakes.”

“The messed up thing is that actually has the potential to be true.”

“Women are like elephants, we don’t forget anything. Anything. ANYTHING!”

“I hope that’s the only way you’re like elephants.”

“We’re scared of mice too, and we like nuts, well most of us anyway.”

“Speaking of nuts, you’re kind of crushing mine, can you shift over a little bit?”

“I am gonna need them later down the line… so I guess I can move a little bit.”

“What does that mean, later down the line?”

“Nothing. Can you hand me your body wash, I wanna smell like a man today!”

“Any gorukle escort specific reason, you trying to tell me something?”

“Yes, I have a penis, it’s tucked inside my vagina and only comes out when the moon is full.”

“You got jokes, ok. You’re gonna need yours because mine is on vacation.”

“So I guess that means you won’t be fucking Stephanie this weekend then?”

“Is that why you fucked me like we’re going to die, so I wouldn’t be able to fuck her?”

“No, it was my idea for you to fuck her in the first place remember?”

“So then you wanted me to be so worn out I’d only last a little while, or that I’d be so bad she wouldn’t wanna have sex with me again? That’s it isn’t it?”

“That’s a pretty big theory to just pull out of thin air like that…”

“But knowing you it has the potential to be true. You set me up with sex, how dare you…”

“Or, next time don’t finger a girl who was already extremely horny and leave, you brought your broken penis on yourself buddy, and he is NOT taking a vacation, no way in hell.”

“Well then he’s gonna need some recuperation time, so no playtime for now.”

“I like how we’re talking about your penis like it’s a person, we’re so awesome.”

“We’re twins who fucked for a third of the day yesterday sitting in a chair in the shower planning the next time we’re gonna fuck each other, with a mother and aunt who fucks us too and a brother and sister who does the same thing we do, and with all that going on we still manage to lead a pretty much normal life, awesome isn’t a good enough word.”

“Touché. Ok I need to stand up and wash off. I didn’t realize your body wash was so strong.”

“It’s not used to touching soft skin, it’s made for manly men, chopping wood with an axe man, building a house man, patching a roof man, driving a truck through mud man…”

“Playing Killer Instinct over and over until you beat Shadow Jago on extreme difficulty man…”

“I beat him though didn’t I? Six hours well spent. That shit was hard though.”

“I guess finger control’s just as good as using a chainsaw.”

“Hey you knew what you were getting into the day you bent over the table at the beach, faking an ankle sprain so you could lure your brother away and seduce him…”

“I didn’t have to try very hard,” she said as she washed the soap off of her and let some of it rinse down on me. “You were inside me so fast I didn’t have time to finish my sentence.”

“That’s right, and if you do it again the same thing is gonna happen.”

“Oh really? So if I bend over this chair now you’ll…”

“Except right now, I need to recuperate from last night, I still have a sex hangover.”

“How come you aren’t a sex addict like me and mom? What’s a male nympho called?”

“A man. There’s no term for it, it’s normal for us, we just don’t have the stamina women have.”

“You can’t be good at everything. Ok switch, you wash up and I’ll sit in the chair.”

I was way too comfortable to want to get up and move, but for the sake of cleanliness I forced myself out of the chair and started to wash up. I made quick work of lathering up and washing off and went to sit back in the chair, but Rita wouldn’t get up, so I plopped down on her.

“Oooof! Get off me, you’re gonna put my legs to sleep!”

“You shoulda got up, now you gotta wait until I’m good and ready, and I’m pretty comfortable.”

“Stay there then, when the water gets cold I won’t let you up, I know how much you LOVE cold water and you know how strong I get when the moment calls for it.”

I checked the cold water handle and it only turned a little bit more, showing we were on the last of the hot water. I huffed, knowing she beat me and stood up to let her up and slowly climbed out of the shower. “I didn’t wanna be in there no more anyway.”

“Before you leave why don’t you come back in here and give me a lapdance?”

“Nope, you missed that chance. Now you get the chair all to yourself,” I said as I left out.”

“Aww come on baby don’t be like that! I was just messing with you!” Rita teased.

I laughed at our gender switch as I went back to our room in a hurry as I once again forgot to bring a towel with me. I checked my phone and saw two missed calls from Chris. I put some boxers on (I can’t talk to a guy while I’m naked, even over the phone, it’s just weird) and called him back, it got to the last ring before he finally picked it up.

“About time man, you two finally done fucking the shit out of each other?”

“I am, she’s not. We fucked for at least eight hours yesterday man, eight hours!”

“And she’s still not done? Normally that’d be a good thing but who has stamina like that?”

“That’s what I said, she’s like Hammy from Over the Hedge and I’m like Snuffy from Sesame Street, our energy levels aren’t even close.”

“Those are some weird examples to compare, but ok, I’m not one to judge, usually. Stephanie went in on me too, I guess it’s knowing that noones around that altıparmak eskort bayan brings out their inner freak, but we didn’t get anywhere close to eight hours, three at the most, maybe three and a half.”

“Consider yourself lucky, I’m gonna need six five hour energy’s to get back to normal me.”

“Then take em and get back to it. What are you guys doing today?”

“Is that Chris? Hi Chris, hi Stephanie,” Rita said as she came in the room drying her hair.

“Rita says hi. I don’t know man, we haven’t seen a movie in a while, we can do that.”

“We can go the the drive-in, they opened the one in Coventry back up a month ago.”

“They did? I haven’t been there in over five years, that place used to be the shit!”

“We can go to Applebee’s or something first so we aren’t eating twelve dollar hot dogs.”

“Actually yesterday me and Rita found this place called Café Stratos, they got some real good food and the prices are cheap as hell, this girl Denise and her father own it.”

“Denise? Does Rita know about Denise?”

“Yeah, seeing as she was there too I’d think so. She’s only thirteen anyway, and I don’t plan on going to jail so I’ll be keeping my distance.”

“Yeah whatever. So are we coming over there or are you coming over here?”

“We’ll come over there, that way we don’t waste half the day on video games.”

“Nope, just a fourth of a day. Just come in when you get here, the door will be open.”

“Man you need to quit doing that, one of these days someone is gonna walk in there.”

“And they’ll get a chest full of bullets if they do, I don’t… oh shit, my bad man, too soon?”

“Nah it’s ok, I know what you meant. It didn’t feel pleasant when it happened though.”

“I would hope not, then what’ll be the point of having a gun for protection?”

“Yeah. Well we’re gonna be on our way in a little bit, gotta finish getting dressed.”

“Alright man, see you when you get here. Knock first, just in case.”

I laughed as I hung up and went about finding some clothes to put on. Rita was still drying her hair but she already had an outfit picked out, I always loved that she was the exception to most girls and didn’t need six hours to find an outfit and get dressed.

“So we’re going back to Café Stratos? I wouldn’t mind getting that parmesan again,” Rita said.

“Yep, and they opened back the drive-in on Coventry, so we’re gonna go there too.”

“Look at you two, planning everything out for us little ole girls!”

“I hear some girls like when men do that, so I figured I’d see what all the fuss is about.”

“If we’re going to the movies maybe I shouldn’t put on jeans…”

“We’re going to the movies, it’s not like we’re…” It clicked in my head just as she gave me that stare, she never was one to shy away from an opportunity at public sex. “Don’t put on a skirt, it’s supposed to get cold later, do you have any leggings or something?”

“Come on now, I don’t know any girl who doesn’t have at least three pairs of leggings. I guess I’ll go with the punk rock look and put on my Chuck Taylors with a long sleeve.”

“Put on the Hello Kitty Monster High looking shirt, it’ll go better.”

“Should I be worried that you know how girls should dress?”

“I just know what my woman looks good in that’s all.”

She tried to fight a grin, but failed. “You just got some points on that one.”

“And I wasn’t even trying to be slick or anything, that should be double points. I’m gonna go the complete opposite of you and put on a Polo and some jeans, my preppy-casual look.”

“Done you ever go full preppy on me or I’ll dump you in a second.”

“That escalated quickly! I can’t pull off the full preppy look anyway so nothing to worry about.”

“I hate that look, it reminds me of that asshole from Jersey Shore.”

“You’re gonna have to get more specific than that, there’s a lot of assholes on that show.”

“You get my point. I’m just about ready, waiting on you now, PaulieD.”

“I’ll be finished in a second JWoww, no Snooki, Snooki sounds better.”

“You’re so lucky I don’t feel like kicking your ass right now, call me fucking Snooki…”

“Hey if the thong fits…” I started before she charged at me. “I’m just playing, I’m just playing!”

“Oooh you’re so lucky… let’s go before I push you down the stairs.”

I kept my distance as we went downstairs to the car, laughing and making little pokes at her the whole way there. She drove even though I should have in her hyped up state, one wrong move and she could drive us off a bridge. It was nice to know the brother and sister jokes were still there, even with everything else going on, we still made time for sibling humor.

“So what exactly are we telling them? Just so I can know what’s going on,” I said.

“Were just gonna say it, just one time only you can have sex with Stephanie.”

“But Chris can’t have sex with you. This isn’t gonna go well, I know it.”

“I’ll nilüfer eskort bayan do other stuff, I just can’t have sex with him, he already knows why, it’s not like he’s just finding out about us or something. He’ll be ok.”

“You’re looking at it from your view, imagine from his, you finally agreeing to let me sleep with a girl who wanted to sleep with me for a while, who just happens to be his current girl, while the girl he wants to sleep with won’t let him sleep with her. He’ll have to live with the fact that I had sex with his sister but he couldn’t have sex with mine for the rest of his life.”

“Are you saying you want me to sleep with him? To make things fair?”

“Yes…no… I don’t know what I’m saying, I just don’t wanna be the jackass in all this.”

“You’re not, it was my decision, if anyone’s the jackass it’s gonna be me.”

“I don’t want you to be the jackass either, I don’t want anyone to be the jackass!”

“Well we don’t have that many options then, either we come to some kind of agreement on what he gets to do or we’ll have to forget about the whole thing.”

“I agree. Which would you rather do? I’ll go with whatever you pick.”

“No don’t make me be the one to pick, you’re the one feeling guilty, you pick.”

“My pick won’t mean as much, I’m not thinking completely straight, I’m thinking like a man, I’m thinking with two heads, my opinion is completely biased right now.”

“I don’t think biased is the right word, but I get what you’re saying. I’d be willing to give him a blowjob, and let him give me head, but do you think I should let him fuck me in the ass?”

“I don’t know, it’s not as meaningful you know, can’t get pregnant or anything like that.”

“Yeah, and if I was a virgin and I let him fuck me in the ass I’d still be a virgin, so…”

“I don’t know, maybe we should just call the whole thing off. Yeah, I would like to have sex with Stephanie, but I don’t know if I want you to have sex with Chris, and I know he probably feels the same way. Why does sex have to be so damn complicated? It’s just sex!”

“Yeah, but when it’s with the person you wanna be with for the rest of your life, it’s more than sex, it’s love. If I ever did have sex with Chris, that’s all it would be is just sex. I would never let him make love to me, he would only fuck my ass, you’re the only one who gets my pussy.”

“I don’t think I can go that same route with Stephanie, I don’t think she does anal.”

“She doesn’t, I tried it on her once and she freaked out, that was a long time ago though, I mean since then I slipped a couple fingers into her and whatnot and she warmed up to it and all, but I don’t think she’s ready for an actual penis, especially one that’s thick like yours.”

“So after all that we’re still at square one, with no idea how to move forward.”

“We have ideas on how to move forward, it’s just agreeing to those ideas that’s the issue.”

“Why don’t we just wait and see what they have to say, let’s not try to figure it all out on our own, they might not even go for it, we could be assuming the wrong things.”

“Trust me, I’m a woman, I know women, and Stephanie still wants you to fuck her, she wasn’t even shy about letting Chris know that, her minds not gonna change overnight, unless Chris did something hella drastic like purposed to her, and we both know that didn’t happen.”

“Well in either case, we can all talk about it together. We can bring it up at the restaurant or something, that way none of us will be tempted to cause a scene or something.”

“Well at least we’ll have some good dinner conversation if anything,” Rita laughed.

We pulled up to their house and remembering our conversation on the phone earlier I knocked on the door, even though it was unlocked. Chris yelled for us to come in after we announced ourselves and we walked in to the exact opposite of what our house looked like when we left. Their house was a mess, it looked like they hadn’t cleaned up since our parents left for the trip. Like us, it was obvious they had sex all over the house, but unlike us, they didn’t cover their tracks. Chris came down the stairs when we took too long going up to their rooms.

“Yeah I know it’s a mess, but hey, we got all day tomorrow to clean right?” Chris laughed.

“I’m just happy there’s no condoms with semen in them hanging off the TV,” Rita joked.

“Come on don’t be ridiculous Rita, we don’t use condoms,” Chris retaliated.

We followed him upstairs to his room, which ironically was the only clean space in the house next to Stephanie’s room. It looked like the Bewitched lady came in and cast a clean spell on the room, even the bed was made, his bed is never made when were over here.

“I made him clean up,” Stephanie said as she looked up from the TV. “The rest of the house can be junky but I’m not sleeping in a pig sty, let alone have sex in one.”

“Oooh Stephanie put her foot down on you Chris! She threatened you with the ass!” I laughed.

“First of all, she didn’t threaten me, I was gonna clean up anyway, and second, the only one putting their foot down is me, now finish cleaning up this room woman!”

“You better go back to being a kiss ass because you won’t be getting any from me talking like that, must be out of your mind yelling at me…” Stephanie


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