20 Kasım 2023

An Arrangement

Amateur Blowjob

Laura called during the evening asking if she could stop by the next night to discuss something with the two of us that she had been thinking about for a while now. I spoke to Lisa about this and I told her to stop by for dinner at six thirty and we could talk.

Wednesday evening at six fifteen the doorbell rang and Laura was there dressed very sexy with make up to match her mood. I looked her over very slowly giving her my smile of approval as she came in. She gave me a soft kiss on my lips, reached down to rub my cock and told me how much she loved sucking on it. I whistled at her as she seductively walked into the living room and headed off to find Lisa who was busy in the kitchen.

“Hi honey, what’s cooking?”

“I’m making a shrimp scampi.”

“Smells absolutely great baby.”

Lisa turned to look at her mother when she asked why she was all dolled up. Laura told her that she had an urge to dress this way and seeing that it was us that it was appropriate attire. Lisa asked if she was sending a message to which Laura just smiled.

We sat down to eat and small talk came and went as did several glasses of our favorite wine, when finally Laura asked if she could talk to us directly. We sat quietly as Laura told us about the upcoming divorce and how she was going to take her husband for everything he owned which would put her in a very easy living position. She was getting very comfortable spending time with the two of us not mention the great sex that was involved on her every visit. Lisa tried to say something but Laura told her that she wasn’t done saying what she had to say.

“The two of you have made my world complete and I want to thank you for that. I know other people would think this affair was totally wrong but it works for us and as long as we are happy that’s all that counts. I am now asking the two of you if I would be allowed to stay here with you on a permanent basis until everything is settled.”

Lisa looked at me and I didn’t know what to say! Laura told us we didn’t have to answer that question right now but to think it over and give her an answer when we had thought everything out. Lisa got up to clean off the table and take the dishes into the kitchen when I told Laura to go upstairs into the spare bedroom and wait for us to call her back here. She obliged me and left the two of us to talk over what she had asked.

Lisa asked me how I felt about Laura being here 24/7 versus just the occasional weekend and our trip to Deb’s camp. I told her that we all got along great now because the sex was a big factor and what would happen when it became a dividing wall between us. Lisa looked at me with a frown and said that we won’t let that happen and if it needs to be part of the deal, so be it.

“How open do we want this to be so that there is no wall?” I asked.

“Well Joe here is the time where your sexual fantasies can become reality because I love my mother and if she as willing as she has been then I think we should be open to her.”

“Ok baby, let me get this right. If I make up a set of sexual rules, you will go along with then with no remorse or jealousy as to what happens.”

“What are you proposing Joseph?”

I knew that I had her attention now because she never called me that unless she was pissed.

“Lisa, you just said that my fantasies could become reality so I’m going to include yours in here also.”

“I guess I’ll have to trust you!”


We went into the living room where I told her to get undressed as I was starting to do the same. When we were naked I called for Laura to come down as we needed to respond to her question. She came down the stairs and looked at us with a very inquisitive stare and smiled at our nakedness as her eyes were roaming over our bodies.

“Laura. We talked over the situation and here’s what our terms are. If you stay with us we will be naked when we are here and when ever someone is horny sex will be offered to whom ever is available. When ever my cock is hard it will be serviced by whoever is willing and someone will be willing. I like being awoken by a set of lips wrapped around my cock so the two of you decide which one gets the load. If someone thinks that the other is getting more than their fair share a meeting will be held to discuss it. Any questions or comments?”

Lisa looked at me and smiled with that special glow in her eyes as she walked over to Laura and said that the terms were set. Laura took Lisa’s face in her hands and planted a deep passionate kiss on her lips that lasted about a minute. They separated with Laura having gorukle escort bayan a big smile on her face as she looked down at my throbbing cock which was now bobbing around looking for someplace to go.

“Well Mom, if you can get naked the hard on is all yours. I’ll just play with my pussy for a few minutes until I can get to yours to eat you out.”

Laura took her clothes off and walked over to where I was standing and knelt very slowly in front of me where she was eye level with my cock. She reached out to take my aching balls in her hand as she flicked her tongue out to lick the head of my cock which responded like electricity had been applied to it. Looking up at me with those soft eyes she formed an O with her lips and swallowed my cock all the way to my belly as she started a sucking action that took my breath away. She worked her way to the top of my shaft and removed her mouth and licked up and down my shaft for a while when she surprised me by telling me she wanted to watch my cock slide in and out of her baby’s cunt. Lisa told us to go upstairs and off the three of us went to our bedroom which was now all of ours.

Lisa got on the bed as Laura told her she would do the pre fuck lubrication for me which brought an evil grin to her face and Lisa smiled in anticipation. Laura climbed up between Lisa’s legs all the way to her face where she engaged in quite the passionate kiss which both of them held for a while. I was witnessing what seemed to me as two women totally in love with each other as they held and pampered each other. Laura worked down to Lisa’s tits and lovingly sucked and fondled them like she was a baby feeding for its meal. This continued until Lisa moaned to which Laura headed down across her stomach until she reached her pussy with her mouth. Laura slid her hands under Lisa’s ass to push her into her face where she lashed her tongue into her pussy. Her thumbs had separated Lisa’s lips for a direct shot at her hood and clit which sent Lisa off on an orgasm when Laura told me it was time for me to mount her baby. Lisa rolled over on her hands and knees for a better angle of penetration of my cock which worked great for me as I pushed the head in and slid up to my belly as she backed up against me. Laura told me to go slow as she wanted to get a better view to enjoy what was happening in front of her. She slid under Lisa and was looking up my cock watching it glide in and out of Lisa’s expanded pussy and commented on how amazing it looked from her vantage point. Every now and then she would lick Lisa or suck on my balls for some added enjoyment for all.

Lisa was asking for me to quicken my tempo as this pace was too slow for her to get off which encouraged Laura to work her tongue up against Lisa’s clit area as I began slamming her pussy with my cock. She was breathing heavy now which I knew from experience, meant that she was getting close to a big orgasm.

Laura started to rub Lisa’s clit with her fingers as she heard her moaning and watched my member pump like a piston when the giant orgasm rode over like a big wave and Lisa went crazy on us. I had all I could do as she acted like a wild woman bucking and screaming for me to cum in her pussy and fill her up.


That was enough for me as I let loose with three intense loads of hot cum to fill her which started oozing all over my balls as it spilled out of Lisa’s cunt. Laura was there to lick and lap up every drop as we continued to pump away before I pulled out into Laura’s awaiting mouth which cleaned me instantly before she attacked Lisa’s sopping wet pussy.

We laid there contemplating what had just happened when the three of us started laughing at the same time and the longer we laughed the louder it became until tears were streaming down. The ice was definitely broken so the rest of our time together will have to be a give and take proposition with me hopefully being able to give as much as they need. I told Laura that we needed to get some sleep as we had to work in the morning and she could sleep wherever she wanted.

It was six AM when I awoke to this unbelievable sensation in my cock as I found both Lisa and Laura licking my cock and sucking on my balls. I informed them I needed to go to the bathroom or someone was going to get a mouthful of piss instead of a load of cum. They both giggled as I got up to relive my bladder and told me to hurry back so they could share my load for breakfast as time was ticking away. I was back in a flash and had even stroked it for a minute or so to keep it hard so I would cum quickly and not be late nilüfer escort bayan for work.

As soon as my ass hit the bed they were on me with lips, hands, and mouths everywhere which brought me to the start of an orgasm which I announced to them. They shared my load kissing each other and milked every last drop of cum from my cock before they each planted a kiss on its head.

I ran through the shower, grabbed something to eat and bolted out of the house to head to work.

Laura lay there staring at the ceiling for a couple of minutes when she rolled over facing Lisa asking if she was awake to which she smiled.

“Baby, I love you.”

“I love you too mom.”

“No baby, I love you in that emotion filled way. I know that my love for you as a mother will always be there but this is woman to woman love.”

Lisa rolled over facing Laura and took her face in her hands and stroked her hair and cheek.

“Mom, we have this beautiful thing happening right now with the three of us. I feel the passion between us every time we touch and kiss which excites me and drives me for more. I love being with you and making love to you and that’s all that counts to me. You’re a very beautiful woman who turns me on sexually and emotionally and I would like to keep us on that level. You know I love you and always will.”

“Thank you baby. You make me feel good.”

Lisa kissed Laura with a passion of a lover to which she responded with an embrace and wandering hands as they intertwined their bodies kissing and fondling each other. They finally positioned themselves so they had the opportunity to suck on each others tits and nipples which were inflamed and hardened from desire.

Lisa pushed Laura on her back as she left a trail of kisses down to her belly button and finally her pussy. Pushing her lips apart she admired the shaven baldness as her head lowered and tongue darted out to lick the pink area which was wet with excitement. Lisa worked her tongue around for a few minutes before she reached down under the bed to find her special lube. Laura was in a state of excitement and didn’t feel the liquid being massaged into her pussy only a wave coming through her body as she reach her first orgasm. Lisa lubed up her fingers and hand as she got ready to give her mother an experience of her life as she smiled knowing this was going to be good. She inserted two fingers and started fucking Laura at a nice easy pace and when she knew she was comfortable with that another two slid in as Lisa listened for any objections or signs of discomfort.


Laura was having another orgasm as Lisa had placed four fingers in her so she didn’t object or realize what was going on. Lisa applied more lube as she readied herself to slide her thumb and hand into her mother’s pussy which was swollen and wide so she knew she would be able to accept Lisa’s fist. She pushed ever so slowly as her knuckles and hand disappeared down to her wrist as she rotated to find that sweet spot Karen had shown her. Laura was in another world now and was having feelings she didn’t think were possible as Lisa started to massage her womb and inner clit area. Neither one knew where the orgasm started from or the sounds that where coming from Laura’s mouth but who cared right then as Lisa watched her mother explode with an intensity that shook her body along with the bed. Laura’s breathing was sharp and her eyes were rolling around as this huge orgasm overcame her body and wave after wave forced liquid to shoot down Lisa’s hand and arm. When Laura settled down Lisa withdrew her wrist, knuckles, and fingers to watch the enlarged pussy slowly shrink to a swollen state which is where it stayed.

Lisa licked up as much juice as she could off her hand as she could before sliding up to embrace Laura and ask if she was feeling ok.

“God baby, where did you ever learn how to do that? My body is still quivering from that orgasm and the inside of my pussy feels like it never has! I need a nap to come down from that last explosion!”

Lisa gently kissed Laura and said she had to get ready for work and for her to sleep. She got into the shower and turned on the water to hot to help relax her and massage her body. When she started lathering her body she stopped at her tits to play with them and her nipples which were standing out at attention. She slid her hand down to her pussy, spread her legs and began masturbating with thoughts of her mom and Joe fucking her silly. Within minutes she had given herself a shuddering orgasm that caused her to bursa otele gelen escort bayan lean against the shower wall for support as she fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit. She dried herself, got dressed, grabbed some food and left for work with Laura sound asleep.

Laura woke much later that morning, took a shower, washed clothes and the bed linen, did the dishes after she found something to eat and cleaned the house all before three. Looking in the freezer, refrigerator, and cabinets she found some food for diner and figured out a meal plan so that when Lisa and I came home everything would be ready. Finally about five forty five the two of us popped through the door to the aroma of a great meal and a clean house that looked and smelled like a cleaning service went through it.

Lisa and I found Laura standing in the kitchen with three glasses of wine sitting on the counter and her with a big smile to welcome them home.

“How was your day you two?”

“Mom we didn’t expect this or for you do take care of the house! What got into you for all of this to happen?”

Laura told us that she wasn’t going to stay there and not do anything all day and this was good for her so she wouldn’t have to think about the divorce or watch TV. We were speechless as she reminded us about the no clothes rule and said she would be naked in a moment.

Lisa and I went upstairs to get undressed and talk over what her mother had done so far. We were naked in minutes and I was admiring Lisa’s body when my cock sprang to attention with anticipation of some usage pretty soon. Lisa spotted my condition and explained what she did to Laura after I left and we wondered what kind of shape her sexual appetite was in. We walked back down to the kitchen to get our wine and see if Laura needed any help with anything.

“Mom you need any help?”

“No baby I’m doing fine but your husband sure looks like he needs the day’s tension relieved.”

“Joe. Why don’t you get comfortable on the couch and I’ll get my little girl to come in and drain you.”

I went in to sit down and relax as Lisa and her mom talked for a couple of minutes.


“Baby, thank you for this morning. My pussy is still tingling from that workout it got so I need to pass on anything you have in store for it. Would you like me to go in there and suck off Joe while you watch?”

“Take a break mom. I’ll take care of everything.”

“Joe, mom needs a break so it’s you and me babe.”

I smiled up at Lisa and told her after we ate that maybe her mother would enjoy watching me fuck her little girl in the ass.

“Hey mom! Joe is going to fuck me in the ass after we eat. Would you like some too?”

“Wow baby that would be great. Do you have a strap on I can use?”

“Sure do. Hey, why don’t you fuck Joe while he’s fucking me?”

Laura came into the living room and told us that we would be eating soon and then told me to stand up turn around and bend over so she could inspect me. I did as she requested and Laura rubbed her hands over my ass and remarked how she was going to enjoy this as she slapped my ass leaving a hand print and a stinging sensation for me.

After we ate and cleaned up Laura accompanied us upstairs where we took out hot bottle and long tube to clean out bowels for anal sex. I still had a huge hard on after all that which I intended to make good use of as Lisa helped Laura with her strap on and my anal dildo that Lisa purchased especially for me. We put our special rubber sheet over the bed and Lisa got up again on her hands and knees near the edge with her ass pointing high for easy penetration for me. I got the lube and rubbed it on her ass as well as my cock before I probed her ass hole with a couple of fingers.

Laura was doing the same to me so that the words double penetration would have an interesting meaning. I was ready, as was Lisa and Laura so I moved forward placing my cock up against Lisa ass hole and pushed lightly being able to slide in nicely. Lisa let out a soft moan as I slowly began pumping in and out while Laura applied more lube to the dildo and probed my ass hole with her fingers.

When I pulled back on one of my thrusts she grabbed my hips and slid her dildo up my ass with one swift motion as I moaned like a cow with pleasure. We began a synchronized motion that allowed the two of us to fuck in unison without interruption which only added to everyone’s pleasure. I told Laura I was close and Lisa said she would be cumming soon as I noticed her fingers were in her pussy and Laura started ramming me with her strap on. We all came within seconds of each other as the strap on was riding on Laura’s clit making her excited as all hell. I pumped loads of cum in Lisa’s ass and she was screaming with her fingers doing a job on her pussy and clit while Laura just kept softly moaning while plowing away in my ass.

Wow. This was only the beginning!!!

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