20 Kasım 2023

Amy’s GrandPa Ch. 1


I had promised to pick Amy up at the airport, but wasn’t sure I would be able to pick her out. The last time I saw her she was only twelve and girls change very quickly at that stage.

As I watched the people file off the plane, my eye (and most male eyes around me) was caught by one strikingly beautiful girl who seemed to be just bursting with youth and sexuality. Her high, proud tits were straining to be released and continue their flight to heaven and her short shorts promised delights beyond the imagination of normal men.

As I watched, trying to hide my leer and my growing erection, this delicious specimen of pulchritudity came directly to me with a huge smile on her face and grabbed me in a big hug.

“Well, at least you haven’t changed much, GrandPa. You always did try to sneak peeks at me.”

“But, but, but…..,” I stammered, trying to reconcile this near woman with the image of the little girl in my mind. “You look so grown up,” I finally blurted.

“Yeah, guess that was why you were checking me out, huh?”

I’ve never been one to dodge the facts when they are so indisputable. “Must have been,” I admitted. “Ready? Is this all you’ve got.”

“No, I’ve got lots more, believe me.” I laughed. “No, I mean do you have more bags?”

“No, this is all in the bag department. Mom said I wouldn’t need many clothes here for the summer.”

“What else did she tell you?” I wondered.

“She said to watch out for you, that you were a horny old goat that would fuck a snake if you could keep track of the head.”

“I see.” (Hummnh, built like a brick shithouse and talks dirty, too.) “For some reason, we don’t have many snakes around here any more. Seems to be a shortage of sheep, too.”

“Oh, GrandPa, how you do go on,” she punched me playfully and hurried to keep up with me as we walked to the truck.

“Yeah, but now that song has such special meaning for me.”

“Which song?”

“There’ll Never Be Another Ewe.”

She smiled as she climbed in the pickup. So did I. I was watching her fantastic ass as she climbed up in the cab.

“Like what you see, GrandPa?”

“You’ve grown into a mighty fine young lady, Amy. I may have a hard time fighting the boys away from you this summer.”

“Don’t worry, I can take care of myself. The ones I want, you couldn’t keep me away from and the ones I don’t won’t get anything I don’t want them to have.”

“Sounds like you’ve grown up in many ways.”

“I hope so. Is it ok if I snuggle up against you while we ride? I miss my dad. He always used to let me lean against him while he drove, and put his arm around me. It made me feel so safe.”

“Sure! Scoot on over here and lean your head against my chest. Take a little nap if you like. We’ll be home in about half an hour.”

The idea of having that hot bod pushed up against me for half an hour was really heating up my blood. When she leaned against me, the view of her hard young boobs raised my temperature some more, and when she casually draped her hand on my thigh, on top of my quickly swelling prick, I almost blew a fuse.

Let me explain a thing or two here. I’m not much for taboos. I’m 65 years old and get excited by anything that would have attracted me sexually at any age. The fact that this vision of sexuality was my granddaughter had no meaning to me. I had no plans to father children by her or anyone else, so the taboos put into place to avoid inbreeding were of no value to me. She was hot!

For that matter, so was I. It’s a good thing I had changed from my shorts to some loose slacks when I headed for the airport. My dick was at it’s full size, now. If I had been wearing my shorts, they would have either ripped some skin off my pride and joy, or the head would be sticking out the leg hole. As it was, I wondered if Amy would make any comment. Her hand was still resting lightly on Long John as he swelled.

Apparently, though, she was asleep or feigning sleep, so I relaxed and simply allowed the good feeling of having her hand on my prick flow over me. As I drove, I couldn’t take my eyes off the view down her open shirt and had a hard time keeping the truck in the lane. Speaking of “hard times,” I stayed incredibly hard for the full length of the trip. At an earlier age, I would probably have shot off several times from the sensations the movement of the truck caused her hand to send flashing through my body. However, after all these years, I have learned how to extend my enjoyment of sex for hours without reaching complete orgasm. This allows me to stay hard for as long as I like and the sensation is at least as good as shooting off.

“Wake up, Sleeping Beauty, we’re here.” I shook her shoulder lightly, delighting in the ripples it created in the tops of her firm titties.

“Wow! I must have dropped right off!”

Was it my imagination or did she give my cock a hard squeeze as she sat up and disengaged herself?

“There’s plenty room here. You can bunk anywhere you like. I’ll drop your bag in the room across escort bayan from mine, but feel free to make your own choice.”

“Thanks, Gramps. You don’t mind if I call you Gramps, do you.”

Such a sweet smile! “Honey, you can call me ‘Horny Old Goat’ if you like. When you call, I will answer.”

“Wow, that’s neat! Okay, then, you old goat, what are the rules here?”

“It’s like Australian Rules football–there are no rules. Well, there is one rule, actually. We care about how our actions affect others. It’s not really a rule, just a way of life. You can say anything you want to me, on any subject. I don’t have any taboos that I know of.”

“How about spitting on the sidewalk?” There was a twinkle in her eyes.

“Just try not to hit my feet if you don’t want me to spit back.”

“What about cussing? Mom really hits the ceiling if I say fuck or shit.”

“No problem I say them, too. I don’t like Puritan games. I believe in the old slogan-‘Say what you mean and mean what you say’.”

“Can I actually just say anything to you that crosses my mind, without having to worry if it will bother you?”

“Try me.”

“Ok. This bra Mom made me wear is killing me. Do you mind if I take it off?”

“Does the Pope fuck the choirboys? I told you. Just make yourself comfortable. If I don’t like something you do, I’ll tell you. You do the same. Ok?” I couldn’t wait to see those tits swinging inside her blouse without a bra, although they looked so firm, it might not make much difference.

Holy shit! The kid looks me right in the eye and peels of her blouse and spins her bra around to put the clasp in front. Of course this allowed her luscious goodies to pop right out in front of my astonished eyes.

“These damn hooks are so hard to reach in the back, so I always do it this way.”

“Like I said. I’ll let you know if you do something I don’t like. If you’re going to keep doing stuff like that, though, I can’t promise not to look like a deer caught in your headlights.”

” Did they call them headlights when you were young, too?”

“Sure did. Do they still do it?”

“Yep. Like ’em?”

“They are beautiful and so are you. You’ll find that I don’t wear many clothes around the house, either. Actually, I’m a nudist and don’t like wearing clothes at all. I only dressed up to go pick you up.”

“When in Rome, I always say.” Her shorts hit the floor before she finished the sentence, followed quickly by her thong panties. She stood before me, a vision of naked loveliness. “Bet Mom would shit if she saw me now.”

“I’m sure she would. Your mom just never allowed herself to relax and enjoy life. She seemed to be uptight from the beginning.”

“Yeah. When she was warning me about you, she told me about all the times you tried to put your hand up her dress.”

“Did she, now?”

“Yeah. She said if I wasn’t careful, you would be trying to look up my skirt and down my blouse. Guess this takes care of that problem, huh?

“Sure does. Well, you asked for it.” I whipped out of my slacks like they were on fire.

“Wow! GrandPa! What a log! Bet you’ve made a lot of women very happy.”

“Your Grandmother seemed to like it, but it’s gotten pretty rusty since she’s been gone. I don’t hang out in bars. I refuse to go to church just to meet women and there seems little point in going, otherwise, so I don’t meet many women these days. Want a beer?”

“Sure! I think I’m going to like it around here. Mind if I lie around the pool all afternoon?”

“Just remember to use plenty lotion. The sun gets very intense at this altitude.”

“Will you help me put it on?”

“Why do you think I suggested it?” We ran out to my very private back yard, delighting in the feel of the sun on our bare skin. “Lie down,” I said, trying to keep my voice even, although she would be able to feel my hands shaking, I’m sure.

Amy laid down on her stomach while I squirted a generous amount of lotion on her back and began to rub it into her taught body with wide circular strokes. I didn’t pussy-foot around (NPI [well maybe]), just rubbed her like I would have my wife of many years. I didn’t try to make it sexy, but the mere fact that I was rubbing the nubile body of my naked granddaughter was sexy enough.

She spread her legs wide so I could get to her inner thighs more easily, and I rubbed the lotion there, too, brushing against her delicate pussy lips, just a bit. She covered any reaction she might have had by flipping over on her back. “Now do the front,” she commanded.

“My pleasure!” I meant every word.

“I’ll bet. If it gets too hard for you I can do it.”

“No matter how hard it gets, I’ll find a way to come through for you.” This conversation was getting out of hand. I squeezed her golden globes a couple of times and finished her off by lightly pinching her nipples before giving her a pat on the thigh. “You’re ready for anything now. If you go in the pool, just call me for a refill. If you want anything to read, altıparmak escort bayan there’s books in the den you can check out.”

“Thanks, I hate to just lie here without doing anything, but I really want a great all over tan, and this seemed like a good chance to get one.”

“It may be hard to explain that to your mother when you go back.”

“Mom never sees my tits. She’s too uptight.” She got up and sauntered into the house to pick out a book. My eyes hurt from trying to keep from missing a single detail of her body. I had neglected to mention to her that most of the books in the den were ones I had written. Most of them were descriptions of older men fucking young girls, which was a subject near to my hard–err heart.

It seemed like ages before she reappeared, carrying a handful of books. I had been idly stroking my schlong while waiting and it hung at the place it does before starting to rise. It’s close to full length, but hasn’t yet swelled to full thickness.

“Wow, GrandPa! If that thing gets any bigger, you’re going to fall over on your face! All the books that looked interesting are by this guy Wyden Long. I never heard of him. Who is he?”

“Oh, just a guy. He lives in this area. Perhaps you will meet him sometime this summer.”

“That would be neat! I never met a real author. Did you know that’s what I want to be?”

“No. I know very little about you, but what I see I like.”

“I can tell that by the size of your radar. Do you always get hard when you’re with other nudists?”

“As a matter of fact, no. When I was first able to learn if my attraction to nudism was simply my yearning to see naked women, I was very concerned that I would be stiff as a board all the time and would be embarrassed beyond bearing. As it turns out, I guess it is this fear that has always kept my erection totally down. So much so, in fact, that I sometimes want to tell people that it really isn’t as small as it looks at the time.”

“It looks pretty fine to me, GrandPa. You could enter a contest.”

“It wouldn’t work if you weren’t there to inspire me.” I gave her a slap on her cute ass and half ran into the house before I threw her on the ground and fucked the shit out of her. I was going to have to beat my prick into submission if it took all day. As soon as I got to my bathroom, I beat the hell out of it and had a load of cream quicker than any I could remember for many years. It had been building up for a couple of hours and was ready to fly.

The problem was that it never completely went down. I sat at the computer the rest of the day, trying to work, but couldn’t. Finally, I gave up and joined Amy at the pool. “Mind if I join you? I’m not getting much work done, so I might as well get some fresh air and work on my tan, too.”

“Glad to have the company, you old goat. I’ve been reading your books. They’re all about older men fucking young girls. Is that all you ever think about?”

“No, but it sure is a fun hobby. Want me to touch up your lotion?”

“Sure. Give me a once over lightly.”

“Looks to me like somebody else enjoys reading about young girls getting fucked by older men, too,” I noted with satisfaction as I touched up her swollen nipples and couldn’t help noticing the moistness in her pussy hair.”

“It’s these stories. Whoever this Wyden Long guy is, he really knows how to pleasure a woman. I must have had ten orgasms, just reading about what the guy in the book does to these girls. Do you really think I will be able to meet him?”

“I’m sure of it. Want to do my lotion now?” I couldn’t wait for her small hands to rub me all over, especially with her current state of mind and the fact that she admitted to several recent orgasms. She must be hot as a pistol.

“There’s no point in doing your back. If you tried to lie on your stomach with that pole sticking out, you would break it off.”

“Maybe by the time you finish putting the lotion on that pole it won’t stick out so far.”

“Think not?”

“Wait and see.”

I closed my eyes and luxuriated in the feel of having her hands caressing me from head to toe. A few times over the years I had gone for a massage, just to have the feel of a woman’s touch on my body, but they always seemed to be afraid of losing points if they gave me any kind of sensual pleasure. As a result, they didn’t give very good massages, either.

On the other hand, Amy was matter-of-factly rubbing the oil into my body as I had done for her. She didn’t skip or avoid any areas, just covered me with a good layer of oil, all over. When she reached my prick, which was pretty full already, she poured a generous dollop of oil in her hands and began to stroke. She circled it with both hands and very firmly and lovingly rubbed it from bottom to top, then held the end firmly in one hand while going back to oil my balls with the other. My only fear was that I would get my gun too soon and spoil the game.

However, this was not to be. Amy nilüfer eskort knew instinctively how hard she could rub my dick and for how long, before I would be on the trembling verge of orgasm. Every time I reached this point, she would sit back and oil her cunt while I calmed down a bit.

She kept me that way for what seemed like hours. When she finally stopped, I had been hard for so long, it just stayed there.

“I don’t know, GrandPa. I think your dick is just going to stay hard forever.” She laughed. “You’ll just have to lie there like that while I read. I’ll just imagine it as the one in the book I’m reading. This girl put lotion on the guy like I did to you, and he stayed hard the rest of the day. Did you read that one?”

“I read it. As I recall, the guy was in agony, wasn’t he?” Sure I read it. I always read what I’ve written. She had played out one of my all time favorite fantasies, exactly as I had envisioned it. Speaking of deja vu’. I only hoped that she would carry through and do the rest of them.

It appeared that she was on the right track. I lay there in my sweet misery for the rest of the afternoon. Every time my prick would begin to wilt, she would lightly run a finger through her pussy lips, which would bring me right back up.

If she was going to stick to the script, I knew I would not get relief that day. She would never let me come. The point of the whole technique was to gradually increase the sensitivity of my prick until she could make me cum without anyone touching my prick. I had visualized it, I had fantasized it and I had written it, but would it work? Would it work on a senior citizen who had been masturbating so often for 15 years that the infrequent pussy I got just didn’t provide enough stimulation to make me get my gun?

Whether it worked or not, this was one hell of a journey!

Needing some degree of relief, I mentioned that she should call her mother to let her know she got here ok. By this time, we had our lounges arranged in 69 fashion, side by side. This gave her a good view of my standing prick and let me watch as her dainty finger disappeared inside her cunt from time to time, just to keep me hard.

“The cell phone is on that table near you. Since you are so good at torturing people, let’s see if you can carry on an intelligent conversation no matter what happens.”

Her eyes lit up. Apparently, she had reached that section of the book already. She wiped her hands and picked up the cell phone as she spread her legs in anticipation.

I let her get into the conversation pretty well before starting. My oily hand began working very slowly up her thigh toward her pink lips. Her voice became a bit more animated, but she had excellent control so far. We would see what she could take.

“Has that old goat tried to put his hand up your dress, yet, Dear?”

“Not so far, Mom.”

I slid my hand higher.

“Has he been hinting that you should sit on his lap?”

My fingers brushed her coral colored lips lightly.

“No, Mom. No hints.” She opened her thighs even more, as if daring me to invade her pussy. “I’m working on my tan, out by the pool. GrandPa’s been in the house all day, working on his computer.

I brushed a finger the length of her moist pussy, then stuck the finger in my mouth.

“I’ll bet he’s peeking out the window trying to get a look at your body and imagine what you would look like without your swimsuit. I know the old goat. I know how his mind works. It’s a good thing I got you such a modest bathing suit. I probably never should have sent you there for the summer, but there were a lot of reasons why I needed to. Just don’t let him take advantage of your innocence. Ok?” I was up to my second knuckle in her baby’s cunt when she mentioned the word “innocence.” It nearly made both of us break out loud with laughter. I left three fingers embedded in her tight cunt while Amy finished reassuring her mother that I was being a perfect gentleman. My thumb was rotating on her clit and she was obviously on the verge of a gigantic orgasm when she terminated the conversation very quickly and hung up the phone.

I immediately stopped my motion and pulled my fingers from her inflamed cunt with an audible sucking sound.

“Oooow!” came a petulant moan of disappointment.

“Now you see how it feels. Sweet and sour, huh?”

“Yeah, but I can tell when your plate is about to fall off the stick. How will you know mine?”

“It’s all digital, honey. Just like a computer.”

“Digital? You have a computer that tells you when I’m about to cum?”

“I have something better than a computer.”

“But you said it was digital.”

“It is. I keep a digit in you.” I slipped my social finger slowly into the depths of her twat and gave her clit a little flick with my thumb.

“Oooooh. I see. Digit-al, huh?”

“Now you’re learning.” I traced the moisture from her leaking pussy to her asshole and tickled it with a free finger, not trying to penetrate, just stimulate.

Amy looked at me with a sparkle in her eye. “Guess you’ve read the book, too, huh?”

“Guess so. Let me know when you’re ready to eat.” The book she was reading was the one where the old guy eats his dessert out of the girl’s pussy and she spreads whipping cream all over his balls before licking it off.

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