20 Kasım 2023

Amanda Teasing Two Ch. 09


Even Gerry was a little surprised by what I was wearing, but he soon settled into enjoying the view.

I went to check on Jeff. I took the handcuff and snapped it round his good arm, and then up under the pillow to the bed rail. I stopped.

“Do it,” he hissed.

I really didn’t want to even though right now I hated him, I snapped the handcuff to the bed.

“Happy now are you Jeff?” I grizzled.

As we sat in the pub I was very aware that my pussy was naked underneath my skirt. I had to be careful how I sat. I saw Marcus taking sly glances at me as Gerry held my hand. After a few wines I had relaxed a little more. Marcus was sat with his arm around Ellie. Now and then they would kiss, and Marcus would look straight at me with a slight mocking grin on his face. I watched him grab Ellie’s ass as she got up to go to the loo. She gave a stupid little giggle. God she was so bloody childish!

“Hey you’re wearing stockings,” Gerry whispered in my ear.

I looked down at his hand as he traced a finger over my thigh. I grabbed his hand before it went right up my skirt. I looked over to Marcus but he wasn’t there. He was stood at the bar talking to a couple of his mates.

I stood at the bar with Gerry, now he knew I had stockings on he was trying to grope up my skirt all the time. I had to eventually tell him I wasn’t wearing panties before the whole pub got to see!

I wish I hadn’t said anything because it just made him worse. I began discreetly fighting his hands off. I could see Marcus watching me.

“Gerry please, you mustn’t do that!” I hissed in a whisper.

He just grinned drunkenly at me. Marcus too was grinning at me and Ellie looked rather shocked, and disgusted. Shit they must have seen!

I took a deep breath and pretended not to care. As I walked back to them I was aware of men grinning at me, and the odd look of disdain from the girls.

Gerry came back and was all over me again. He was really getting drunk now.

We went onto the next pub, and Gerry pulled me into an alley. He began kissing me and squeezing my breast, his hand had pushed up under my jumper. I started pushing him off until I saw Marcus watching.

“When you two have finished we’ll be in the Rose.”

I don’t know what came over me at that point. I grabbed Gerry’s hand and shoved it up my skirt. Marcus just stood there watching. Gerry pinched my fanny lips real hard. I winced and screamed out.

All of a sudden he was gone. Marcus was pulling him back into the road. He was holding him hard by his face. He was telling him something I don’t know what. Then Marcus jumped back as Gerry puked.

“Fuck look what you’ve done now!” Marcus screamed at me.

“ME!” I shrieked in disbelief.

“Oh gross!” Ellie spat.

“Ellie I’m sorry,” Marcus began.

“OH fuck you! You and your tart of a stepmother can fuck off!”

I got a taxi home leaving Marcus to deal with Gerry.

I undid the handcuff and stormed out of Jeff’s room, ignoring his pleas to tell him what had happened.

I went upstairs feeling really pissed off. I heard Marcus come in and his footsteps on the stairs.

My bedroom door burst open and I spun round in shock. I grabbed my pink jumper to my chest.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” I spat.

He moved forward.

“Shut up or dad will call out,” he spat.

My words became muffled by Marcus’s hand over my mouth. I struggled and kicked his leg, luckily I still hand my shoes on!

He cringed and swore, and then shoved me back on the bed.

I opened my mouth to have another go at him but he dived on me. His hand went over my mouth escort bayan bursa again. I struggled but he just pinned me there, until several minutes later I quit trying to get him off.

“Do you know what you looked like in that pub tonight? Most of the men saw your cunt. You really deserved what Gerry was doing to you!”

He stared down at my tits again. I grabbed my pink jumper to try and cover my chest. He just pinned my arms out stretched. His eyes went to my heaving breasts.

His head bowed slightly.

“Don’t you dare?” I whispered.

He stopped then looked from my eyes back to my tits. His head started moving slowly down. I struggled now trying to fight him off.

“No you bastard,” I grizzled in his ear.

“You go around prick teasing then this is what you deserve!”

“FUCK!” I screeched, as his cock pushed hard into me.

His hand went over my mouth once again, and he just held me there. We just stared into each others eyes.

“You think you’re god’s gift don’t you? You’re not, you think I fancy you but I don’t.”

I felt him push hard into me again, just one deep thrust.

“I’m going to pull out now and leave you,” he hissed.

“Why can’t you finish what you started? Am I too old for you, do you need them young so they haven’t had better? I hissed.

He jabbed into me again.

“Oh careful another one and you’ll shoot!” I moaned.

“Oh you really are a good prick tease I’ll give you that. But you really deserve to be punished.”

I just looked up into his face. He was bright red. But I saw the slightly frightened look he was trying to hide.

“Go on then do me you have wanted to for ages, touching me pretending to tease your father. The only person you teased was yourself. And now you haven’t got the balls to do anything about!” I snapped viciously.

I felt him start to withdraw.

“Yeah go on pull out. I can get a hundred cocks better than you! All those men in the pub that saw me, Hell! I might just go back there. You think I’m a slut, then I’ll have no problem will I?”

He was panting hard again. I could see him thinking hard.

I went to push myself up. He pushed me back down and rammed hard up me. I winced and gasped.

“No you fucking bitch. You are going to pay for your prick teasing slut!”

I began struggling hard again. Marcus was now holding me down and rocking his hips back and forth.

“You are going to take this you bloody slag!” he snapped, as he grabbed my face.

I began panting trying to push him off. He just matched my force with his greater strength. I wriggled and managed to get a hand free. I pulled his hair back hard. He grabbed the hollows of my cheek forcing my mouth open. His tongue slipped into my mouth. I shook my head free.

His lips locked onto mine again as his cock slid in and out. God I was so wet down there, I hoped he didn’t think I was enjoying this?

I felt his hand ease on my wrist. Now was my chance to push him off. I mustered all my strength ready and took a deep breath…..I waited……..I waited some more…..

My tongue began to welcome his. My hand that had pulled his hair away from me now began to hold his head. My other hand went onto his backside and pulled it into me. My hips started rocking to meet his thrusts that had now become less frantic. His tongue slipped out of my mouth with a plop, and we both gasped for air.

I clung to him as he gently nibbled my ear. I whimpered encouraging him.

“OOOOHHHHH!” I groaned in delight.

I felt warm inside my body, I was quivering and the rush between my legs was so wonderful!

I cooed bursa sinirsiz eskort and moaned. This was heaven, just one long constant orgasm. I could feel tears in my eyes I was so happy.

I looked up into Marcus’s face. He was panting and his eyes were closed. He looked so beautiful.

His body began to shudder, and he grimaced.

“I can’t hold on!” he panted.

“Then don’t, give it to me Marcus, don’t hold on,”

He gave a long shudder, and his arms that held him up buckled a little.

“Oh I can feel it, “I groaned, as my eyes watered with joy.

He collapsed on top of me. We held each other, sometimes stroking each other sometime just little gentle kisses.

Marcus began to sleep, and I gently rolled him off of me. I pulled the covers up on his body, and I ran my fingers through his hair. We heard crying from down the hall.

When I got back to bed Marcus stirred.

“Is he alright?”

“Yeah just a dream I think,” I replied.

He watched me undress, and now and then we shared a little smile.

I waited on the station with Jackie and Nick. Their daddy was due home from his 4 month tour of duty in Germany. Jackie was 5 and Nick 3.

I saw Julie on the station with a black man; she looked at him as he went to the loo.

“Anne right?”

“Amanda,” I corrected.

She looked at the kids I could tell she didn’t like children much.

“You bought my house.”

“Yeah, well I split up with Barry; we sold the house to some guy who plans to rent it out. Listen would you mind doing me a favour.”

Her eyes shot quickly to the toilet door.

Before I could refuse she stuffed an envelope into my bag.

I turned my attention to the train, still wondering why I shouldn’t let the black man know about the envelope.

I cried when I saw him, my husband. He ran up to us and hugged all three of us.

“Oh Marcus I’ve missed you so, so much.”

We shared a long passionate kiss, and then he picked up the kids in each arm. I went to pick up his bag but I was soon struggling with the weight.

“Here allow me.”

“Who was that?” Marcus asked.

“Oh Julie’s stepfather I think.”

Marcus grabbed my hair giving it a playful tug.

“You know what happens to girls who act like a slut?” he whispered.

I smiled.

We got the kids settled in the car. I sat behind the wheel, and opened the bottom half of my coat.

“Oh dear I was in such a rush I forgot my skirt,” I said with a chuckle.

Marcus fondled my leg, and we kissed.

The kids stayed up a little later than normal, but as soon as they were safely tucked up in bed, I could see I was in for one hell of a night!

I got into bed first watching him undress. His body was quite well tanned and still as fit as the day I married him.

“God you’ve got a great ass,” I purred with delight.

He turned round and there it stood in all its glory.

“Hey did you start without me?” I joked.

He giggled, and then reached under the covers, and yanked me down the bed by my ankles. I twisted and wriggled trying to get away. I began giggling as his head disappeared and I felt him kiss my stocking tops. I tried to close my legs giggling like some excited schoolgirl. I threw the bedcovers off and started pounding him with the pillow.

Finally he pinned me to the bed and lay on top of me. That was when the larking stopped.

“God I love you Amanda,” he said, looking deep into my eyes.

We kissed softly and tenderly at first.

“Have you missed me?” I asked.

“Yeah of course I have. escort bayan Have you missed me?”

“Well I suppose. Now and then when a bulb needed changing?”

He slipped my hand onto his hard dick; it soon stopped me joking around. I began to squeeze his cock in a sort of pulsing motion.

“God I’ve missed him,” I said, smiling into his eyes.

I guided him to my wet fanny and started to rub him on my lips. He pushed into me, and I gasped. He started pushing slowly in and out.

“I love you,” I groaned.

He began thrusting deeper, and buried his head in my neck. I stroked my fingers over his back savouring every inch of his skin. Slowly I moved down to his backside and began pulling him into me. I could already feel myself getting close to an orgasm.

This was the man I loved, and he made me so very happy. I couldn’t imagine life without him, or anyone else.

He began stroking faster, and then slowed a little.

“Sorry,” he mumbled.

“No don’t be. If you want to get carried away do it,” I whispered into his ear.

He began bucking harder again. I lifted my legs around his back drawing him deeper.

“Fuck me harder,” I panted.

I closed my eyes as his speed increase. I clung to his tight ass and pulled him quicker.

“Harder Marcus, harder,” I whimpered.

My legs started to shake and I bit my bottom lip. Marcus started panting and his motion was now quite frantic. I could feel his balls slapping on my ass.

“Wait, not yet…..not yet!” I groaned excitedly.

His cock was going the full length now. Right in and right out!

I screeched and held on tight. My legs began to shake more violently. I could feel sweat from both our bodies running into one.

“Now darling now!” I hissed.

We shuddered and held each other tighter. I gasped a long low whimper that turned into a scream of ecstasy. I could feel his cock pulse at the same time, he jabbed it deep and held it there. He gradually pulled out then rammed again.

“I can feel it!” I screamed.

He collapsed holding himself deep in me; I was still shuddering feeling my whole body tingle. His cock pulsed and pulsed, as his spunk fired deep into my soaked cunt.

We panted and gasped together, just clinging to each other and coming back down.

This was my heaven.

“Are you crying again you silly cow?”

“I’m not the only one,” I grinned, and wiped away a tear from his cheek.

“No your son is as well, god he’s got a knack he must know when we are at it.”

He got off the bed and pulled his pants on.

“At least he lets us finish,” I giggled.

Christmas morning was fantastic, and as usual it rained rather than snowed. This was only our second Christmas together since Jackie had been born; Marcus had been overseas for the others. We loaded the kids into the buggy and walked round to Marcus’s parents for dinner.

I stopped off at Jenny’s house to deliver the envelope Julie had asked me to post. We had only gone a few yards down the road when Jenny came running out of the house.

Where the hell is she?” she screeched.

I saw tears streaming from her face. An older woman was also hot on Jenny’s trail.

“Did you post these?” she bellowed at me.

I clung to Marcus. The old woman couldn’t stop and knocked Jenny over. Photos went tumbling to the ground.

Marcus picked them up, and I saw one of two men that seemed to be cuddling on a bed!

“Julie asked my wife to post them through your door, and if you frighten my kids I’ll bloody well brain you woman or not!”

I pulled Marcus back.

“Now just calm down and go home,” Marcus snapped.

Jenny snatched the photo away from Marcus. The older woman turned and started shouting at two men that had followed them. All sorts of insults started flying at the men as Marcus and I left them.

“Did you see that photo?” I asked in disbelief.

“Yeah come on I don’t want to think about it.”

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