20 Kasım 2023

Allen , Ashlyn: Winter Break-Christmas


This is the combined work of me and my lovely online daughter Ashlyn. Together we are sharing our fantasies so other’s can enjoy what we do. This is just the first story of a series that we will be writing. Any and all feedback is welcome. We will be looking forward to it.

(Allen) Christmas break for my daughter Ashlyn who was away at college was approaching fast. I had not seen my lovely daughter for four months now and I could not wait for the day to pick her up at the airport. I had a special Christmas planned for us and the thought of my daughter being so far away really saddened me.

Everything started to happen when my lovely daughter turned eighteen. It was then that she was beginning to leave those girlish looks behind and began to transform into a budding young lady. That was also the time I began to look a little differently at her as well. My daughter lived with me since her mother up and left the both of us. We were both deeply affected by what happened and we vowed to each other that we would never hurt each other.

When my Ashlyn’s eighteenth birthday arrived she wanted to have a party. We had a wonderful evening with her friends. There were a lot of good looking girls there but none as beautiful as my daughter. After the party we decided to clean up the mess. Ashlyn ran to her room and returned wearing her sleep shirt that came down to mid thigh. I knew I had drank a few beers but when I saw my daughter’s legs and bare feet I was transformed momentarily. The toned and tanned skin of her thighs and the curves of her calf’s were perfect. Her ankles and feet led to her sexy pretty toes as her toenails were painted a light shade of pink. I could only imagine what her sexy feet and legs would look like in a pair of high heel pumps. Better yet what her legs would feel like as I caressed them while sucking hungrily on her toes. I don’t think she saw me starring but I couldn’t help myself. Here I was starring at my daughter’s sexy legs and enjoying them. As we cleaned up the mess I did everything in my power to control myself.

We were just about finished cleaning up the mess when I sat down on the sofa for a moment. Ashlyn was about ten feet in front of me facing away from me when she bent down to pick up a piece of trash off of the floor. Suddenly I swallowed with such a loud gulp I was sure my daughter was going to bust me. I stared in disbelief when her shirt rode up the back of her legs. Half of her ass was now exposed to my gaze. I stared in disbelief at her panties as one cheek was exposed because the material was pulled up into the crack of her ass. I stood up so my daughter wouldn’t catch me looking and pretended to be cleaning. Finally we were finished and Ashlyn turned to me and hugged me and thanked me for throwing her a party. As she hugged me she squeezed me tightly and I was terrified that she was going to feel my raging hard on. In the process I was able to feel her breasts pressing into my chest and knew that she was bra less under her shirt. “Thank you daddy” Ashlyn said as she kissed me on the cheek. We broke our hug and Ashlyn said “good night” daddy as she walked down the hall to her room.

I shut off the lights in the house and then retreated to my room for the night. I laid down on my bed but couldn’t sleep. Lustful thoughts of my daughter were filling my mind and seemed to be controlling me now. I couldn’t help it but I had to reach down and squeeze my cock. I knew it was wrong to fantasize about my daughter but that is what I did. I closed my eyes and slowly began to stroke my member as I replayed the events that occurred a few moments ago in my mind. I fantasized that I was kneeling behind my daughter and kissing her ass under her sleep shirt. That night I pumped cum higher into the air than ever before. I cleaned up and was now able to sleep.

(Ashlyn) As I was riding on the airplane on the way home from college on my Christmas break, I began thinking of how wonderful my dad was. I felt like a spoiled child most of the time. Although my mom had abandoned us, my father and I were always there for each other, supporting each other. I knew I could never repay him for being as wonderful as he was.

I was always daddy’s little girl and I knew my mom hated that. She felt like I was competition. For some time, I blamed myself for her leaving but through therapy, I came to realize that she was selfish and had issues beyond the total dislike of how close dad and I were.

Daddy always lavished me with small gifts, he always had a smile for me and always made me smile. As I sat in the seat, I remembered too my 18th birthday. Daddy always made my birthdays wonderful but for my 18th, he went all out. I had my party at the house, a pool party with tons of balloons, a cake, my favorite homemade ice cream. All of my friends came in their bikinis. I wondered if daddy was looking at them, since mommy had left, I don’t think he had seen anyone.

As I jumped into the pool for the 3rd or 4th time, my top came down. I was so embarrassed, but it also kind of excited me. I wondered if escort bursa daddy had seen anything. Savannah helped me tie it back, but was laughing the whole time.

The party was fun and I loved my daddy for throwing it for me. I wished their was something that I could do for him. I was worn out after the party so daddy told me he’d begin cleaning as I went up and changed.

I walked in my room, wondering if I should put on pajamas or a night shirt. Thinking that since it was warm, I should wear a nightshirt. I went to my dresser and opened a drawer, pulling from it a short night shirt and pulling it over my head after I took off my cover up and bikini top. I glanced into the mirror and smiled. I really had developed this year and I kind of liked what I saw. My breasts were getting bigger but not huge. I had been working out for about 6 months so my legs looked pretty defined. And over the summer I had gotten a really good tan.

I walked downstairs and into the den where dad was. I thought my dad was so cute and couldn’t believe how my mom could just leave him. He was still in his swim trunks. He had a good tan as well.

As we cleaned, I noticed how nice of a body he had and I knew a few of my friends thought he was attractive. As I cleaned I wanted to give him a little something to think about. By no means was I a tease… I just felt sorry for him and wanted him to… oh I don’t know. I bent down to pick up some trash that was on the floor, hoping to give him an eye full.

I heard him make a noise, so I knew he was looking. That kind of excited me. As we finished cleaning, I gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I was tempted to kiss his lips. I gave him a little squeeze and pushed my breasts into his chest. I could feel his involuntary response in his pants.

As I walked up the stairs, I imagined what it would be like for him to come into my room tonight and give me a really good birthday present. I felt bad for thinking it, but I couldn’t help it.

As I laid down, I began thinking of daddy and how he could come in and kiss me and feel my body and turn his lil girl into a woman. I could feel my young virgin pussy get moist and I slide my hand down to feel it. My fingers touched my clit and I almost cried out, “Oh Daddy” but I didn’t.

I heard him walking up the stairs and into his bedroom; however, I did not hear him close the door. After mom left, daddy let me move into the room next to his so if I needed him during the night, I could just come one door down and not three. I heard a familiar noise coming from his bedroom, a grunt. I heard him do that a few times a week and I had learned what he was doing about 4 months prior to my birthday.

I quietly slid from my bed and into the hallway. Since there was a full moon, I could see him stroking his cock and I could feel my juices begin to run down my inner thigh. As he stroked faster, I reached down and touched myself. I just wished I could see it but he was under the sheet. I heard him grunt a little louder and his body was convulsing. I knew he was cumming. I wondered if he was thinking of mom, or one of my friends. We were all cheerleaders and all had pretty bodies. I wouldn’t blame him if he thought of one of them. As he came, my body began to shake and my pussy muscles began contracting. I was so careful as to not make a sound. After cumming, I retreated back to my bed and fell fast asleep.

(Allen) Finally the day arrived. It was the Friday before Christmas and I had to leave for the airport to pick up my lovely daughter. I was in an extremely good mood that day partly because my daughter was going to be home with me for the next two weeks but also I knew all of her friends from home would be coming over to visit her. That meant there would be all kinds of hot girls to look at.

As I drove to the airport I couldn’t deny the fact that it was my daughter that I really wanted to look at even though I knew that was wrong. I couldn’t help it though as my Ashlyn has grown into a voluptuous sexy woman. As I drove to the airport and thought about my daughter I couldn’t help the fact that I was becoming aroused. I tried to think about other things like cutting the grass or shoveling the snow to help reduce the swelling in my pants. It helped a little, but not much.

As I drove down the interstate towards the airport I couldn’t help but to remember my daughter’s graduation last spring. Ashlyn was very well developed compared to a lot of the other girls at her school. I had noticed one of her bra’s in the laundry and I just had to see what size it was. I gulped hard when I looked at the tag and saw she was already a 36C. I raised her bra to my face and inhaled her scent as I pressed the soft satin material into my face.

On her graduation day I did something that a father really shouldn’t do to his daughter. I didn’t really mean to do it but it just happened. Where I was sitting I looked out my bedroom door and looked into the mirror that was on the closet door on the other side of the hallway. I couldn’t bursa merkez eskort believe my eyes as the mirror was positioned perfectly for me to see into Ashlyn’s room. What I saw caused quite a stirring in my pants as I sat there watching breathlessly.

I saw my lovely daughter sitting on her bed completely naked. She sat on the edge of the bed as she raised her right leg. In doing so my daughter gave me a complete open view of her pussy which was so neatly trimmed. She reached down to her foot and rolled a stocking past her toes and over her foot. Ever so slowly she rolled the white nylon stocking up her leg until it was all the way up past mid thigh. I couldn’t believe my own eighteen year old daughter was wearing such sexy lingerie.

I realized that my cock was now sticking out of the hole of my boxers as I continued to watch my lovely daughter. I reached down and slowly began to stroke my member as I watched Ashlyn raise her left leg. Again she rolled the other stocking past her toes and foot and then up her sexy leg. She stood up and adjusted the stockings so they were both in the same position. She walked over to her dresser and opened her drawer and pulled out what I thought was a pair of panties. I watched as Ashlyn bent down and stepped into her underwear. I watched intently as she slowly, almost teasingly pulled the dainty material up her sexy stocking clad legs. I looked at my daughter’s naked ass one last time as her panties were about to cover it but I was treated to a pleasant surprise. I watched as the material from her underwear disappeared into the crack of her ass.

“Oh my god” I thought. I couldn’t believe my daughter was now wearing a thong. Just then I felt the rush race through my body and escape my loins as I began to pump my manhood even faster. As I watched her adjust the waistband of her thong on her hips, I began to cum. I grunted as quietly as I could and quickly reached for a tissue to cum into. I looked back into the mirror and saw my daughter pulling her gown over her head. I couldn’t believe my daughter was about to go to her graduation topless and dressed in such sexy lingerie.

I quickly shoved my rapidly deflating cock back into my boxers and tossed my cum filled tissue into the trash. Moments later I dressed and was ready to go. My daughter walked into my room in her cap and gown and announced that she was ready also.

As I drove towards the airport my cock was now so hard. I had to force myself to think about something else before I would cum in my pants. Finally with a lot of will power I was able to get my blood back into the rest of my body. The sign said to get off the freeway at the next exit. As I did I could see the planes landing. Looking at my watch, I was still early.

(Ashlyn) My plane was getting closer to my hometown and the man sitting next to me was folding up his USA Today. I had learned while on the flight that he was an executive on his way home from a business trip and one of my old friends’ dad. Christina and I had graduated high school together but she had decided to go to a different college, pre-med. She wanted to become a pediatrician. The last time I had spoken with her was the day of my graduation.

My mind drifted for a moment, remembering the day I graduated. We had to wear all white under our baby blue cap and gowns. That morning when I awoke, dad had made me breakfast – grits, eggs, sausage, and toast, yummy. As I drank the last of my orange juice, dad reminded me that I needed to get in the shower or I’d be late.

I quickly ran upstairs and into the bathroom, leaving the door cracked… almost hoping he’d come up and see me through the clear shower doors. As I showered, my mind raced with thoughts of my dad coming in and taking me in his arms like he hadn’t done to a woman in a while, but that didn’t happen.

I finished and threw my robe on, walking down the hall with it open. I walked into my bedroom, leaving the door open. I sat at my dressing table and crossed my legs, the robe totally open, exposing my developing body. I dried my hair, applied what little makeup I felt I needed and then reached in my drawer for my stockings that I had bought especially for today. I walked over to my bed and let the robe slide down to the floor.

Sitting on the bed, I could see in the mirror that my dad was watching. I wanted to put on a good show for him and I was glad I bought these new nylons. I had learned since my 18th birthday that it was me that my daddy thought about when he touched himself. The way I learned… I heard him moan my name several times as he stroked himself to climax.

I spread my legs, hoping he could see that I had shaved my young pussy lips the night before. I reached down and rolled one thigh high from my toes to my thigh. I looked back into the mirror and saw him looking and touching himself. I slowly took the other one and rolled it up. God how I wanted to go help him, but I knew I’d be late and I didn’t know how he would react. I did not want him to bursa sınırsız escort think I was a slut like my mother who had been with 4 men since she left my dad and I.

I finished with that one and walked over to my dresser, reaching for my new white thong. As I slide it on, I turned so daddy could see that his little girl wasn’t so little anymore. Although, still a virgin, not completely innocent, after all, I was a cheerleader.

All of the cheerleaders decided that we weren’t gonna wear any bra’s to the gradation ceremony, in fact, we weren’t gonna wear anything under or robes except panties and hose. We planned to flash the crowd at the end of the ceremony. By then, what were they gonna do to us, kick us out of school?

I knew too that we wouldn’t get arrested. I had become really good friends with a few of the police officers in my small hometown due to our fund-raisers.

As I pulled the thong all the way up, I heard daddy grunt and knew that he was cumming. I almost came myself knowing he was. I was wet and very bothered. I gave him a few moments to get dressed and then went in to see if he was ready.

I was brought back to reality when the planes tires hit the ground. Mr. Simmons told me to call the house that evening, Christina would be home. Since I had other plans on my agenda, I declined, telling him that I would give her a day to settle and that I would call the following day. He smiled and said that he would love to see me again. I smiled back and told him he may get to.

I wanted to go dry myself before daddy hugged me but wasn’t able to. All this day dreaming about him cumming while thinking of me, made my thong soaked. As I exited the plane and entered the terminal, I saw my daddy standing there with flowers. Such a loving man.

(Allen) As I looked through the passengers as they came walking through the terminal I spotted her. God my daughter looked so lovely as she spotted me and walked quickly in my direction. As she came closer I admired her body like no father should. Instead I gazed at her legs, ass, and breasts as she came closer. The lightly faded jeans really accented her legs and ass. She had on a winter coat that was open and I could see her now well developed breasts pushing out her sweater as if there were two small cantaloupes under her sweater.

Our eyes locked as she walked closer to me. My arms were open and holding a bouquet of flowers as my lovely Ashlyn dropped her suitcase and fell into my arms. “God” I thought as it had been about four months now since I had last seen my daughter. As we hugged, I could feel that my daughter had developed even more as I felt her breasts smashing against my chest. I lowered my head and went to kiss my daughter on her cheek to welcome her home but right there in the terminal my daughter turned at the last moment and lined her lips up with mine. It was such a soft kiss. Such a tender kiss as it lasted for only a couple seconds.

I could feel the stirring in my pants again as we walked towards the parking lot arm in arm. Along the way she told me about her first semester at school. I felt so proud as we exited the airport and made our way to the parking lot. We placed her suitcase into the trunk of my car and we proceeded to drive home.

Along the way we caught up on what had been going on over the last four months. It was so nice having my only daughter back home with me. She was almost nineteen and I had that excited feeling inside like I had a new girlfriend. I just hoped that I would be able to contain myself like every father should around his daughter.

When we walked into the house Ashlyn saw the Christmas tree and all the presents under it. “Are those all for me” Ashlyn asked? “Yes they are sweetie” I replied. “I missed you so much these last four months I think I went a little overboard with my shopping”. I saw the lovely smile on my daughter’s face as she ran her hand and fingers through her hair. God, if she only knew how that affected me.

We moved her suitcase to her room and I left her alone so she could unpack. I went down and turned the television on. A few moments later I was joined by my daughter as she came and sat next to me on the couch. She snuggled up against me as it was a little chilly in the house. She reached up on the back of the couch and grabbed the blanket that was there and opened it and covered us.

I was so nervous right now. My lovely daughter although completely clad in clothing was now snuggled up against me under a blanket on the couch. Her perfume and wicked smile were now having an effect on me. Hearing her soft sexy voice so close to my ear and being able to smell her fresh breath caused my loins to tingle with excitement. After about a half hour of chit chat my daughter laid her head down on my shoulder and dozed off.

Carefully looking at my daughter, I could tell that she was asleep. I was so turned on right now I just wanted to stroke myself but I knew I couldn’t. Instead I became bold and slowly raised my hand up and lightly brushed it against her right breast. Looking into her eyes I knew she was fast asleep. This time I placed my entire palm over my daughter’s breast and squeezed it slightly. My god that felt wonderful as it had been so long since my wife left us. I removed my hand for fear of waking her and laid my head on the couch and fell asleep myself.

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