20 Kasım 2023

Alicia — The Morning After


Alicia — The Morning After [sequel to “Slumber Party”]

Worn out after the memorable slumber party with plenty of sex but no slumber, I slept soundly. I awoke at about 11 a.m., pulled on a T-shirt and some shorts, and ambled down to the kitchen, where my younger sister Alicia was at the sink.

“Well hello, slacker! You must have had a good sleep! How ’bout some breakfast?”

“Sure!” I say, dropping into a chair at the kitchen table.

Her friends had all gone home. As she cooked, we talked about the night before.

“You got compliments all around,” she said. “We’re all off to college in the fall, but you’ll probably be hearing from a couple of those girls — maybe all four of them. You could have one busy summer.”

“Thanks, Sis. You sure are good to me.”

“Don’t thank me for last night. It just happened. Well, I should say it got started because Patti was so brazen and you were so buff. Thank yourself, for going to that gym so often. By the way, I should be thanking you for something. I know you had plenty of distractions, but thanks for not touching me last night.”

She brought me a stack of pancakes and a cup of coffee.

“Maybe you weren’t holding back — maybe you don’t find me attractive,” she said, walking back to the counter to pick up a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon and a glass of orange juice, which she set down beside the pancakes. “But what I’m trying to say is word would have gotten out if you and I had done stuff last night. It’s not the same as word about what you did with the others, which will get around and only end up benefiting your reputation. Hell, you might even get calls from girls you’ve never met! But you know what I mean. It’s still different for girls, and let’s face it, incest is still a major taboo.”

“You and I were on the same wavelength about that,” I said. “Is that why you cooked me breakfast, to thank me for being satisfied with only four girls last night?” Now she was leaning back against the counter. Slim and lithe, she wore tight jeans and a tight T-shirt with no bra. I admired the curves of her hips and breasts. Call her girl or woman, I don’t care. Here was an 18-year-old female of the species in her prime.

“No, that’s not why I cooked you breakfast,” said Alicia with an enigmatic smile. Her face was prettier than usual this morning, I thought. The cut of her medium-length, light brown hair complemented her cheekbones nicely.

“By the way,” you are very attractive, and you must know that, and you must know I think you are.”

“Yep, I thought so, but it’s good to hear,” she said. “I gave you plenty of food this morning because you’re going to need your strength today. Eat up, because when you’re done you’re going to scramble my eggs!”

“Whoa,” I gulped, choking a bit on my coffee and at the same time feeling a familiar rising in my loins. “I don’t know, Sis. Like you said, that sort of thing is heavy-duty. Even if no one else ever knows, could it mess us up?”

“I think we can handle it,” she responded with a confident, mischievous smile. “But it’s moot, isn’t it?

“What do you mean?”

“I mean it’s not as if we can turn back now. I saw the way you were looking at me a minute ago, and I see what’s happening in your pants now. And most of all, girls just wanna have fun!” She sang that refrain, of course.

“I’m sure learning about a whole new side of you,” I said. “I didn’t even know you were sexually active.”

“I never knew how to bring it up — you know how it is. It’s not like you shared any news of your conquests with me, either. But I could tell last night that you were no novice. Anyway, we’ve see both sides of each other now, haven’t we?”

“Front and back,” I replied with a lewd smile.

“I’m going to take a shower. I’ll see you upstairs after you’re done here.” She trailed her fingers along my forearm as she glided out of the kitchen.

I wolfed down the rest of my breakfast. I was still raunchy from last night, so I ran up to take a shower myself. We have two bathrooms upstairs. I heard the other shower still running, and I was tempted to join Alicia in it, but decided to let her call the shots.

I came out of the bathroom with a towel draped around my neck, and there was Alicia, lying prone bursa escort bayan across my bed, nude. She was resting on her forearms, so her face was at the level of my dick.

“So now we’re both as clean as can be. Come over here,” she said, reaching out to pull my rapidly engorging member to her mouth. She drew me all the way into that soft, warm orifice, which nearly took my breath away. I slumped forward, resting a hand on each of her smooth, tight ass cheeks.

She sucked me. The pleasure was exquisite. I didn’t move, except to squeeze her buttocks. “Mmmmmmmmm — the sound of approval from someone with her mouth full.

When she reached between my legs and tickled my balls, pulse after pulse of my semen splashed against the back of her throat. She swallowed it all, sucking me dry. I collapsed to the rug, on my knees.

In an instant, Alicia pivoted, turned over, and raised her knees at the edge of the bed. My face was now just a foot or so away from my sister’s lovely, dripping pussy.

And what a pretty view it was. I love the female form. I appreciate it as a whole, but the part where the legs meet carries the most magic for me. I am in awe of its beauty, its glory. The spongy flesh of the mons and outer lips are like no other flesh, and marvelous to knead. Her inner lips were peeking out like flower petals. Just to look at this most private spot that is normally hidden and withheld from me, is pure joy. Fine, fluffy hair covered her mound. Though she was not a virgin, I’m still going to call it maidenhair.

“Skip the foreplay,” she said. “I don’t think I’ve ever been so horny.”

“Did you even come last night?”

“Once — that Patti has a wicked tongue, doesn’t she? But nothing compares to what you’re about to show me — a good, hard cock.”

But I didn’t give her what she wanted, not just yet. Did I mention I love cunnilingus? By now, Alicia’s young pussy was arousing me still further by emitting my favorite scent — a bit like fresh fish, which is another of my favorite foods. Still on my knees, I ran my tongue all the way up my sister’s wet gash. Licking turned to kissing, nipping, and slurping her meaty labia and sticking my tongue as far up her as I could — the works. I was eating my sister out, and she was panting hard. She grabbed her knees and pulled them apart as far as they could stretch, opening up her whole yearning world to me. It was quite a turn-on. My hands went up to stroke her breasts for the first time. They were tender, yet firm, with small nipples, which I squeezed lightly. My tongue was pressing against her clit when I noticed her toes curling. She screamed out, “OH! OH! YEEAH!” and bucked like crazy. Then she went limp.

“I heard what you said about Patti’s tongue, so I had to try it myself,” I explained.

She just looked at me. She was sweaty, and her eyelids were half shut.

“Guess what I want now,” she said, lifting her heels to my shoulders.

“The same thing I want,” I replied, as I stood up and inched forward. The head of my penis pressed eagerly against her sweet folds, and now the backs of her knees were draped over my shoulders. I slid into her as I lowered my head down to kiss her. I was aroused, electrified, inflamed, thrilled. I started to move, speeding up a bit after savoring the first few strokes, settling into a steady rhythm for a minute, then faster, harder. Even though I had been thoroughly satiated the night before, I found myself in a rutting frenzy. Alicia’s eyes rolled back in her head, and then she came. And how. Her orgasm started out as tiny tremors and grew to cataclysmic contractions. During what I’d have to call her long, shouted moan, her vaginal walls spasmed erratically, out of control, fiercely clenching and unclenching my erection as she erupted, juices gushing.

“I guess I needed that,” she said, as her normal breathing returned.

Although our lusts were slaked for the time being and my wilting penis slipped out of her, we were at the apex of intimacy. We nuzzled and cuddled, settling into a “spoons” position on our left sides, with me hugging her from behind. We dozed off.

When I awoke a couple of hours later, still lying spoon-fashion against Alicia’s back, I could tell by her breathing that she was still asleep. gorukle escort Ever so lightly, my fingers brushed her ear and stroked her neck. As she awoke, she hummed approval, and my hand slid to her soft breast. The humming turned to a moan, and she reached behind her to my limp dick, which perked up immediately. She lifted her leg and put me at the entrance to her womb. I was rock-hard again, but I didn’t move, except for my fingers on her nipple. Instead, she did all the work, hunching down on me, engulfing me inch by inch, until her vaginal walls were milking me like milkmaid with a goat. My little sister was fucking me this time. I kissed her neck and held her tight. I moved my hand down and pressed into her abdomen, about where her pubic hair began. Then I touched her clit. My mouth was next to her ear. I whispered, “I love you, Sis,” and we both came again, like a double hurricane.

After more nuzzling, we slowly arose and put on clothes. We went downstairs and made dinner together. We shared a bottle of wine with the meal. As we washed the dishes, I said, “Let’s take another shower, this time together.”

“But I think I’ll like your funky smell,” she replied.

“No, really. I’ll make it worth your while…”

“Well in that case…”

A few minutes later, we were in the shower. After some quick soaping, we mashed our mouths together and started petting. As I jiggled the clit of my teenage sister, she tilted her head back in ecstasy, the water streaming over her smiling face as she pulled hard on my penis.

“We can do better than this,” I said. “Race you to your bed!”

Pausing only to turn off the shower and take a few swipes with a towel, we ran down the hall to her room.

I got there first, and sat on her bed. A split-second later, Alicia’s open palms hit my chest and shoved me down on my back, and she jumped on me! I felt her slick lower lips sliding along the underside of my cock, which lay hard but flat against my abdomen. She teased her clit with my knob. Straddling me, she reached one hand down to gently guide me into her, until her slick vagina encased me once again. As she raised and lowered herself on my staff, I looked at our union and marveled at the beauty of her delicate, fleshy folds stretched wide by my penis. She put her hands on my shoulders as she impaled herself on me again and again, smiling, blissfully insatiable.

It was a slower fuck this time, but it was no less passionate. I don’t have the words to describe how close I felt to Alicia. She is four years younger, so I watched her grow up, but four years is not a lot, so I grew up with her. We fought and teased each other as siblings do, but we were best buddies. Being inside the girl I had always known — the girl I had played with, learned with, laughed with, argued with, hiked with, eaten almost every meal with for so many years…. We had shared so much, and now this, the absolutely friendliest thing two people can do with each other. And here she was squeezing my sword in her sheath. She was my sister, the one person who shares all of my relatives and most of my memories. I was in her. I was inside my sister.

Then Alicia leaned back like a porn star, supporting herself on her hands, to show me even more of her pussy, the lips of which were clinging to my dick on every upward stroke as if they never wanted to let go. It was a turn-on, but it seemed to turn her on too, probably because that position made the head of my penis rub against her G-spot.

Then she brought her head down to mine for a nice, wet kiss. She giggled, kissed me harder, slid her tongue in my mouth, and slowly began to move it in and out in time to her leisurely rhythm below. With every downward movement of her hips, she slid her tongue into my mouth. On every upward movement, she contracted her vagina. I reached down to toggle her clit, so on her downward strokes my finger was pinned between our pubic bones. She sped up, and before long we were coming again.

Late that night, she shaved herself for me, letting me watch, and explaining, “I saw how turned on you were by Patti’s naked pussy.” Then she was done, and she was all pink and smooth down there. My childhood fantasies were all coming true, and I could not wait bursa merkez escort bayan to get my mouth on that little bald pussy. We returned to bed, and I devoured her. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning was Sunday. I awoke to Alicia fondling my penis lovingly, and it leaped to life once again.

“There you are, my little guy. You sure can give me pleasure.”

“But you give him — the real me — even more in return, Sis. By the way, he gets hardest in the morning.”

“I just love it that I can have this effect on a guy,” she said, her head next to mine and her fingers wrapped around my hard member. She began a slow, teasing descent, kissing her way down my chest, lightly biting my nipples. She kissed my abdomen all the way down to my pelvis, and I could feel her hair flowing along behind her mouth — it tickled. I spread my legs as she nestled between them, flipped her hair to one side, opened her mouth, and leaned down to take the tip of my cock into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the knob. She took an inch or two in her mouth, then pulled away to lick my shaft — back and forth like that. My pleasure was intense. Sensing I am about to come, she withdrew her mouth and pumped my saliva-soaked erection with her fist. “Fireworks!” she yelled, as I shot my white stuff three feet in the air.

“And I love that I can do that to you,” she said. “For those few seconds when he shoots off, a boy is never more vulnerable. You’re helpless then. And I did it! I made it happen.”

All day long, we went at it again. Sweaty sex, raw sex, dirty sex, tender sex — all of the above.

“God, Alicia,” I said at one point. “You are really something.” She was on top of me, and after hugging me tighter she broke away, growling, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, bro.” She flipped around, and we were in a sixty-nine with my nose in her vagina. I stuck out my tongue to reach her clit. Down below, I felt her mouth take me in again. I lubricated my finger with her juices and stuck it in her asshole. Sure enough, she spit on her finger and did the same to me. More slurping and sucking, and we brought each other to yet another pair of epic orgasms.

In between couplings, we washed and dried our parents’ sheets, which were quite fragrant after Friday night’s frolics. Thanks to pre-soaking in stain remover, all the stains come out, thank goodness. We remade the bed.

Our parents were not due home until late that night. In the evening, we were sitting together on the couch watching TV when Alicia spread her legs — just a foot or so, but enough to draw her skirt tight across her lap. She turned her head to me and smiled. No words were needed — I knew what she wanted, and she knew I knew. She wore no panties. After some foreplay, she straddled me on the couch and lowered herself to once again encase me in her gooey socket. “Home sweet home,” I sighed.

When our parents got home, we were asleep, back in our own beds. After all, we both had to get up early for school the next morning.

So that’s my story. It was a weekend to remember, a weekend of searing pleasure and intimacy. Fortunately, there were no repercussions.

Correction: There were repercussions — good ones. (Are there good repercussions?) That weekend was not the last time Sis and I fucked, not by a long shot. Years have passed, and we now live in different cities. Both of us have families. We only see each other two or three times a year at holidays or other special occasions. But when we do, we almost always come up with a scheme to carve out a few hours of time for a secret tryst. Sometimes we’re at her house, sometimes at mine, and sometimes we’re in a car. We don’t waste time, and before long I’m back inside my little sister. There is nowhere else I’d rather be. When no one else is around and she’s in the mood, she gives the same signal every time. She knows I’ll be watching for it. She spreads her legs, just a foot or so apart. She turns to me and smiles that same, loving smile. Then it is only a matter of seconds before we are kissing. If she’s wearing jeans, my hand goes down the front. If she’s wearing a dress or skirt, my hand goes up between her thighs. I can take it for granted that by then she will be unbuckling my belt. Just last month at my house, with our spouses and kids all at the movies, we were in a sixty-nine with her on top. As we slurped and sucked each other, I reached down to tweak her nipples, then stroke her hips. We know each other well after all these years, and as we approached a dual orgasm she took my hands in hers. Our fingers intertwined.


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