21 Kasım 2023

A Weekend at Nana’s Ch. 01


I’m buzzing with excitement in the backseat of my mother’s car as it speeds down the freeway, watching out the window as the outskirts of the city give way to the open countryside. Weekend visits to Nana’s country home are an annual tradition amongst the women of my family, and having finally reached womanhood myself less than a month ago, my mother is bringing me along on this yearly getaway for the very first time.

Now, there are a lot of people to introduce in this story, so why don’t I start with myself? My name is Elizabeth. Lizzie, really. Only my Nana calls me Elizabeth. I’m 18 years old, a senior in high school. I come from what one might term rich Aryan stock. Blonde hair and blue eyes. And from what is almost unanimously agreed to be a long line of fair-haired beauties. I’m quite shy and kinda bookish, so would never describe myself in such terms (unlike my sister, but we’ll get to her later). But I’ve spent my entire teenage years hearing from my mother’s friends about what a ‘young beauty’ I’m turning into. ‘Just like [my] mom.’

Speaking of my mom, her name is Rachel. She’s 41, and while I would never describe myself as a beauty, I have no such qualms when it comes to my mother. She truly is a stunningly beautiful woman. Always has been. I know 40 isn’t exactly old these days, and there are actresses like Kate Hudson and Kristen Bell who look just as great at that age as they ever have. Well my mom is the same.

She had me at 23, so I can remember what she looked like since she was about 30 and, I’ve gotta say, she looks just as beautiful now as she did back then. Maybe moreso. She keeps herself in great shape and bares none of the telltale signs of a woman advancing in years. Luck, clean living, good genes; attribute it however you like, but my mom could easily pass for a woman of 30. Or younger even. In fact, I’ve overheard people mistaking her for my older sister!

Which brings me to my actual older sister. Katy. 20. Sophomore in college. Just as beautiful as my mom and, as I alluded to earlier, well aware of it too. She was the typical popular girl in high school. Mall rat cheerleader with a quarterback boyfriend. I guess I kinda grew up in my sister’s shadow. At least in terms of stupid things like popularity. For things that actually matter, like academic performance, I have always been way out in front.

While Katy squeezed into a local college that you probably won’t have even heard of, I will have my pick of the top schools in the country when I graduate in a few months time. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Two sisters; one with the beauty, the other with the brains (though also the beauty, according to many). Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? Well, the truth of the matter is, Katy and I have always got on pretty well. Sure, we bickered a little as kids. Who doesn’t? But since I reached high school, we’ve been on pretty amicable terms.

Anyway, where were we? Oh, yes, the weekend getaway. So, I’d been pestering my mom and sister incessantly since we set off on our journey. Much like I had been for the past two years, ever since Katy was first invited on this annual retreat. I was dying to know what they got up to, and just what it was that prohibited me- a minor, as I was at the time- from accompanying them. But Katy had remained tight-lipped. Impressive really, considering that, in true popular girl fashion, she was one of the biggest gossips in school. My persistence was all to no avail, and Katy and my mom remained as quiet on the subject as ever. ‘You’ll see when we get there,’ was all my mother had said.

We finally arrive at Nana’s place around noon on Friday. As we pull into her spacious driveway, my Aunt and cousins are already unpacking. My mom and her sister had grown up in Minneapolis and remained there to this day. But when my grandmother divorced my grandfather about three years ago, she’d moved out to the countryside to start her life anew.

I thought it kinda odd at the time that my grandmother split from her husband at the age of 60, and to be honest, I still haven’t figured out why. I still see my grandfather from time to time and he is a very nice man. I always remembered them getting on well enough, and while I’m no expert on the ins and outs of a long-term marriage, I kinda figured that once a couple had made it to the forty year mark (which my grandparents had) then they were pretty much set for life. But I guess not.

Anyway, so my mom’s sister is two years older than her. Her name is Lori and she’s very beautiful too. Maybe even more than my mom. I guess it’s the same kind of dynamic as Katy and me. My mom was the smart one, Aunt Lori was the pretty one. Or rather, the prettier one. She has three daughters. Sam is the eldest. She’s 21, a junior in college. I guess you’d say she’s kind of the rebellious type. She dresses kinda punky and often dies her hair. Right now it’s a kind of light blue. Looks pretty cool.

Her youngest are Lauren and Madison. They’re twins. Identical twins. I forget which is which sometimes. They’re 19 and are freshmen in college. bursa bayan eskort They’re both a bit like Katy and their mom. More blessed with an overabundance of looks than brains. But when you’re one half of a drop dead gorgeous set of twins, does it really matter if you’re not too bright? I mean, the world is literally their oyster. When you’re an unspeakably beautiful young woman with another who looks just like you, you can pretty much do what you want in life. They’re already part-time models with an agent that’s trying to push them into Hollywood, despite what I think would be fair to call a somewhat limited set of acting skills. But looking as they do, I have no doubt they’ll be world famous in a matter of months.

So, Mom parks up and we climb out of the car, greeting my aunt and cousins with a full round of hugs. I get the usual, ‘my, how you’ve grown,” from Aunt Lori as she squeezes my body against hers. Lori, like Katy, my mom and me, has very, very blonde hair. Golden, I guess you’d call it. She married a man of a darker complexion, meaning that the twins and Sam (when she isn’t dying it some crazy colour) have more of a dirty blonde tone. And though our shades may differ, this meeting of the two families really is every blonde lover’s dream come true.

We head for the front door and Nana is there to meet us. Another blonde. Her name is Cathy and she’s 64. But you would never know from looking at her. Remember how I said my mom could pass for 30? Well my nana could pass for my mom’s age! Before she moved to the suburbs, she used to come and pick me up from school sometimes, and some people thought she was my mom.

I remember a kid coming up to me on the school bus one morning and telling me how hot my mom was. I told him that she was my grandmother and he was like, ‘wow! I’ve never beaten off to someone’s nana before!’ TMI, of course, but you see where I’m coming from. She’s in great shape, has no wrinkles, no crow’s feet, and her hair is as golden as mine. I guess she probably dyes it but, honestly, you’d never know.

“There’s my girls!” she calls out as she opens the door, greeting us individually as we pile inside.

“Hey, Nana,” I say, exchanging pecks on the cheek.

“Elizabeth! My, how you’ve grown!” There it is again. “Great to have you here, sweetie. Come on in.”

Lunch is already prepared and we leave our bags in the hall while we sit down to eat. Mealtime conversation is pretty standard for a family that haven’t seen each other in a while. ‘Rachel, how’s work?’. ‘Have you picked a school yet, Elizabeth?’. ‘Samantha, what hair colour will you think of next?!’.

After we’ve eaten, Nana shows us to our rooms. She only has four rooms (including her own), so some of us have to share. I’m put with the twins. Slight problem though, our room only has one bed. Oh well, I think nothing of it. It’s quite a big bed and we’re all pretty small. Should fit in it just fine. Nana leaves us to unpack and tells us the first activity is starting in an hour. I ask what this activity is, but of course she remains secretive. I consider asking the twins but figure there isn’t much point. I know what the answer would be.

With our bags unpacked, we head downstairs and into the lounge. The others are already waiting, gathered around Nana’s four piece suite.

“Ah, there you are, girls,” says Nana. “Come on in and take a seat.”

“Lizzie, come and sit here, honey,” says Aunt Lori, patting the seat beside her.

I sit down next to my aunt as Nana addresses the room. “OK, now that we’re all here, let’s begin. Lauren, why don’t you go first?”

“Nana,” says Sam, “shouldn’t Lizzie go first? Since she’s the newbie and all.”

“No, Samantha,” Nana replies. She loves calling us by our full names. “I think Lauren should go first. Then Elizabeth will know what to do.”

“Who’s she going to do it with?” asks my mom. I still don’t have the faintest clue what’s going on and everyone knows it.

“Hmm.” Nana thinks for a second and then answers. “How about Katy? Since you’re two of the youngest. I want to know if you were paying attention last time.”

“OK, Nana,” Katy says.

This first ‘activity’ has been pretty weird so far, and only gets weirder as Katy and Lauren kneel down on the carpet in front of one another.

“OK, girls,” Nana grins. “Whenever you’re ready.”

Katy and Lauren look into each other’s eyes, giggling like a pair of schoolgirls. I can’t quite believe what I’m seeing and an audible gasp escapes my full set of lips as they lean into one another and press theirs together. I’m utterly speechless, mouth hanging open and practically sucking up passing flies as I watch my sister and cousin…kissing each other. Actually, not kissing. Making out. Lips locked together. Tongues practically tangled in a knot.

I look around the room and see that everyone else is watching intently. My mom is licking her lips with what looks to me like burning desire. One of her hands is rested on Madison’s thigh, inching slowly towards bursa evi olan escort the hem of her short denim skirt. I feel Aunt Lori’s arm drape softly across my shoulders, a manicured finger drawing circles on my skin.

“Very good, girls,” says Nana, lips curled up in a grin. She looks across at Madison. “You two have been practicing, haven’t you?”

“Yes, Nana. Just like you told us.”

Lauren and Katy’s hands start to run up each other’s thighs, sliding beneath the hems of their light summer dresses. The kissing intensifies and I can detect light groans escaping their mouths as their lips smack together. They’re clearly enjoying themselves.

“OK, Lauren, remember what I told you to do once you’ve made out for a bit?”

The girls break from their kiss.

“Yes, Nana,” Lauren replies, moving down to Katy’s neck and nuzzling in tight.

“Mmm,” Katy purrs, tilting her head back and closing her eyes, face lit up as her cousin kisses her neck.

A hand reaches up and strokes Lauren’s hair, while I notice one of Lauren’s own cupping at my sister’s breast. I can still scarcely comprehend quite what it is that I’m witnessing. My sister and my cousin engaging in…foreplay. And what’s more my mom, aunt and nana are not only sitting around watching, but actively encouraging it! I feel like I’m in some weird dream and I’m gonna wake up at any second. Though if it is a dream, I’m ashamed to say that it’s a wet one, and I can feel my vagina getting slicker by the second as Lauren kisses along my sister’s collarbone and down to her chest.

“Yeah, that’s it, Lauren,” Aunt Lori encourages, hand now under the hem of my cami and trailing along the flesh of my back. “Move down to those perky titties.”

Lauren does as her mom requests, stopping at my sister’s chest and licking one of her nipples through the fabric of her dress.

“Ooh!” Nana exclaims, a naughty grin tickling her wrinkleless lips. “Your daughter is a tease, huh, Lori?”

“Tell me about it,” Aunt Lori responds, her tone more than a little suggestive.

Finally, Lauren takes down the straps on Katy’s dress and her breasts spill out. It will come as no surprise when I tell you that my sister has bigger boobs than me. A hefty D cup to my tiny, little B’s. Lauren takes that full set of breasts in her hands and gropes them lovingly, kneading the flesh as she pushes them together.

I don’t have a lot of experience with boys but the few times I’ve let a guy feel me up, they clearly didn’t know what they were doing; their moves bumbling and unrefined. Well, this is nothing like that- Lauren looks like she’s doing a great job. Katy is definitely enjoying it and those light, breathy coos passing through her puckered pink lips certainly aren’t faked like mine were. Looking up at my sister as she dips down to her chest, Lauren cups one of those large titties and wraps her lips around the nipple, suckling like a famished babe.

Aunt Lori sits back further on the couch and throws a leg around my back so she’s positioned directly behind me. Brushing my hair from my right shoulder, she plants kisses on my bare skin, goosebumps quickly forming.

“Do you like that, sweetie?” she asks, fingers trailing up and down my thighs. “Do you like watching your cousin sucking on your sister’s titties?”

I’m ashamed to say that I do- a fact of which Aunt Lori is well aware. The heat radiating from between my legs is something of a giveaway.

“You’re getting really turned on, aren’t you, Lizzie?” she asks, whispering into my ear, a hand now rubbing lightly at the crotch of my panties. “Goddamn, you’re burning up down there, babygirl.”

I really am. My pussy is scolding hot as I watch Lauren suckling on Katy’s breasts, lips gliding seamlessly from one erect nipple to the next.

I look across the room and see that Madison is now laying back against my mom, head turned as they kiss each other passionately. This really does get more surreal by the second.

“Hey!” my nana snaps as she notices their canoodling. “Did I tell you two you could kiss?!”

“Aww! But, mom…” my mother complains, sounding like Katy used to when telling her she had to be home by 11.

“No whining, Rachel. Put Madison down and watch the show. There’ll be plenty of time for that later.”

“Ugh! Fine.”

Madison turns to watch her sister and cousin, grinning naughtily as my mom’s hand moves slyly down her groin and rubs at her little pink panties.

By now, Lauren’s breasts are out too and Katy is eagerly returning the favour; suckling away at her cousin’s nipples just as greedily as she had her own. Inching down her skimpy summer dress, Lauren retakes the initiative and kisses down Katy’s taut, little midriff, guiding her onto her back as she reaches her crotch.

Kisses continue across my tingling, bare flesh and Aunt Lori licks up across my neck and up to earlobe, holding me close and whispering tenderly. “You really like watching that, don’t you, honey?”

I nod slowly, nuzzling bursa rus escort my cheek against the side of her head.

“Then you’re gonna love what comes next.”

A hand slips discreetly beneath my panties as Katy pulls Lauren’s dress past her ass and down her long, slender legs. Sliding her fingers under the waistband of her panties, the crotch sticks slightly to Katy’s pussy as my cousin peels them down.

“Lauren,” says Aunt Lori, making the ‘gimme’ motion with her hand.

“God, mom!” her daughter laughs. “You’re such a freakin’ perv!”

Lauren balls up Katy’s undies and tosses them to her mother. Aunt Lori catches them and holds them to her nose, eyes clamped shut as she inhales my sister’s scent.

“Mmm!” she purrs, opening them up and licking the wetness from the crotch.

“Lauren’s right, mom,” Sam grins. “You’re a total freak!”

“Hush, you!” Aunt Lori retorts. “Wanna smell your sister’s panties, sweetie?” she asks, holding them out before me.

I’ve gotta admit, I kinda do. I don’t answer, but my silence, I fear, is speaking volumes.

“Here you are, honey,” she says, handing me my sister’s smalls. “Enjoy.”

I take the panties and put them to my nose. Aunt Lori has licked away most of the moisture but I’ve gotta say, they still smell great. I close my eyes as I breathe in the scent, my sister’s sweet aroma tickling my nostrils.

“See, Sam,” says Aunt Lori, “guess I’m not the only freak after all.”

“Guess not,” her daughter replies, grinning profusely as I open my eyes.

I finally notice that everyone in the room is looking at me- expect Katy and Lauren- and I blush slightly as I lower the panties.

“She’ll fit in well here, huh, ladies?” Nana declares and everyone else murmurs in agreement.

Everyone has been so engrossed in my exploits with my sister’s panties, that Katy and Lauren’s show on the living room has gone largely unnoticed. But not for long. Kissing teasingly along her inner thigh, Lauren finally nestles between her cousin’s thighs. Looking up at her with her deep blue eyes, she shoots out her tongue and laps at my sister’s bud.

“Ahhh!” Katy hisses as that tongue finds her spot; long, slow licks trailing across her sensitive clit.

A hand comes down and rests at the back of Lauren’s head, fingers combing through her dark blonde locks. Katy’s other hand paws at one of her breasts, lips agape and cooing softly as her cousin eats her pussy.

I’ve never seen two women do this before and didn’t think I ever would. Certainly not two members of my family! I’ve tried watching pornos before when my mom went out, but I always chose videos with guys in. It didn’t do a lot for me but I can’t deny that this is pretty hot. I probably shouldn’t admit this, but the fact that these girls are related, not only to each other but to me as well, only adds to the appeal.

And clearly I’m not the only one that’s enjoying the show. My mom has Madison’s hot little body held tighter than ever, a manicured hand rummaging diligently between her splayed out thighs. Aunt Lori is kissing my neck, teasing my pussy with a dexterous finger. Sam is clearly feeling a little left out and is nuzzling close to Nana. Nana isn’t reciprocating, but is happy to let my cousin kiss across her shoulder blades and up to her neck.

Groans of pleasure are pouring from Katy’s lips, the hand at the back of her head gripping a handful of Lauren’s hair and holding her in place. Briefly halting her expert tonguework, Lauren slips two fingers between her lips, slicking them liberally with her sticky saliva. Quickly returning to her stiff pink clit, those greased up digits rub teasingly at Katy’s slit, adding to the moisture before slipping inside.

“Wow!” my mom exclaims. “You girls really have been practicing, haven’t you?”

This draws the attention of the remaining spectators and we all look across as my mother slips her fingers between Madison’s lips.

“Mmhmm,” Madison replies, moaning as she tastes her arousal.

Aunt Lori’s fingertip has settled on my clit, running small circles around my pulsing flesh. Nana still isn’t joining in, but she’s allowed Sam to sit behind her, like her mom is with me, excited hands groping those still very perky breasts.

I’m no expert on fingering but if the noises coming from my sister’s mouth are anything to go by, then Lauren is doing a stand up job. I’ve been fingered a handful of times and didn’t react anything like how Katy is now. She’s absolutely loving it and that usually gorgeous face of her’s is contorted in all manner of unflattering ways as her 19-year-old cousin diddles her with delight.

“I think your sister’s gonna cum,” Aunt Lori whispers into my ear, nibbling softly at the lobe. “Do you want to see that, honey? Do you want to see your sister cum on my daughter’s face?”

I do. I really freakin’ do. And it appears that Katy is happy to oblige me. Before I know it, my elder sister is trapped in the throes of an incestuous orgasm. I’d never seen a real orgasm before. And certainly hadn’t had one. I’d seen the fake ones in movies (porno and regular) and the one my sister was having right now looked nothing like those. I didn’t know a lot about orgasms, but upon witnessing my first it was clear that even the most decorated actresses couldn’t even come close to recreating the euphoria of a genuine passionate climax.

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