7 Kasım 2023

A Taste of White Meat


Goes without saying that I ain’t using my man’s real name, trashy ass sportswriters would have themselves too much fun dragging his black ass over the coals for some of what I got to say and he don’t need the humiliation of the rest of what I got to say. I’m just gonna call him Hollis, I always wanted me a man named Hollis. Anyhow, he’s basically a good man. It was just that the season was real tough on him this year, the team not playing up to expectations and all and him fighting all them nagging injuries and taking all that flak. If the fool hadn’t taken it all out on me right before leaving for that East Coast swing none of the following shit would have happened. But, he did and it did and even though I got me some regrets about cheating on the man, I certainly did enjoy myself at the time. Got to admit that, straight up.

We were having some landscaping done on the new place we bought in the hills. It was a hot day. I’d already changed into my cute little pink bikini, planning on swimming after Hollis left. Of course, then we got in the argument. Him in his fine blue suit and me nearly nude just screaming at each other. Thank goodness the man had to leave for the airport, before things really got out of hand. I was still steaming about all the shit Hollis had laid on me when I noticed that the landscaping crew was setting up the rose garden in the wrong damn spot. I called out to some little Mexican fella and told him to tell whatever idiot was in charge that I wanted to see him pronto.

I was, sitting on the porch with a tall, strong drink when this muscular young white boy with long blonde hair comes strolling up all tanned and sweaty. He wasn’t wearing no shirt which just showed off his fine shiny hairless pecs and six pack of a belly. With his tight, faded jeans looked like a cover bursa escort boy for some bodice ripper paperback novel. I was half expecting to hear some cultured European accent and fancy sounding words come out of them smooth white lips so it set me back a step when the words came out all backwoods southern honey.

“Excuse me, ma’am, Juan said you wanted to see me?”

His name was Lance and he was the foreman. I invited him into the house to take a look at the drawings I had of the layout. Just looking into his pretty blue eyes and smelling his honest sweat was giving my body a whole different interpretation to the word “layout”. I could tell he was sneaking a peek at my bronze body. I keep myself in good shape for a girl approaching thirty. My 36Cs still ride firm and high, my belly is tight and flat. My long brown legs are smooth and I got me them buns of steel from all my workouts. That little pink bikini didn’t cover much of my sexy brown body and I could tell that white boy was appreciating the view.

When I dug the drawings out of the bottom drawer of the desk, I lingered some to let him get a look at my fine, round ass, wiggling it around a bit as I dug through some other papers. Looking down at the big lump in his jeans, it was obvious that my booty shaking hadn’t gone unnoticed. I sat down on the bed, spread out the drawings and invited him to sit down with me. Leaning over the paper, I gave him a prime view of my impressive cleavage as I pointed out different features on the layout. Much to my surprise, it turned out that he was putting them roses right where the drawing said they should be. I went all apologetic, explaining all the stress I’d been under recently and bringing myself to the verge of tears. When he reached over to comfort me, it was like a surge of görükle escort electricity ran between us.

Before I knew it I was in his strong arms and we was hugging and kissing to beat the band. With confident hands he undid my bikini top and set my big brown beauties free. His callused white hands caressed them gently as I worked to unbuckle and unzip his jeans. He kicked off his boots while sucking on one of my big black nipples, sending waves of lust down from my boob straight into my pussy. With his jeans and black bikini briefs still down around his ankles he slid down and untied my bikini bottom with his teeth. He smelled of tangy sweat and saltines, his hard white butt was sticking straight up in the air, I could feel his warm breath on curly pubes. Twisting my body round, I sent us over to our sides. With my head down by his feet, I freed up his ankles as he started licking on my hot twat. I moved up his smooth, strong white legs and found his big, pink, uncut cock surrounded by a tuft of ash blonde hairs. The foreskin was red, as was the shiny slit poking out all friendly like. His cunt licking was making me crazy with desire. I gobbled up that pink shaft in between my full ebony lips, inviting half of its erect eight inches into my hot, wet mouth.

We lay there side by side, munching on each other and moaning for several delicious minutes. I liked the feeling of his pink balls bouncing up against my chin as I sucked his white cock and loved the sensational things his tongue was doing both inside and outside my hungry wet cunt. We were writhing on that big bed, lost deep between each other’s strong legs. It was my first taste of white meat and it was fine dining. Our hands were clenching each other’s butts as our hips twisted and turned from our intense oral attentions. escort bayan

We both decided to come up for air at just about the same time. Lance’s white chin was wet with my love juices and the boy rubbed them on my belly and tits as he slid over to look me in the eye. We locked into another deep kiss, tasting our own flavor in each other’s warm mouth. I spread my long, shapely black legs and felt his hard white cock pressed against my eager pussy. Reaching down, I wrapped my fingers around the shaft and guided him home. He slid slowly inside me, gently moving like he was afraid to hurt me. When he was buried all the way to the hilt and my black pubes were mingled with his blonde ones, I wrapped my legs around his tanned muscular back. It was time to fuck and my hips let him know, right off, that I wasn’t intending to hold anything back. I think he might have been throwed for a second by my hard thrusts but he soon started giving them back, driving his big pink dick into me again and again with powerful strokes that caused my toes to curl. Our thin veneer of humanity had been boiled away by the heat of our passion. We fucked in mad desperation his strong white sweaty body pounding up against my strong, smooth black body, my hard brown ass bouncing up and down on the bed, his pink balls slapping against the crack of my butt ever faster and harder while we groaned and panted loudly. If it was a race, I won it by about a cunt hair.

My legs tightened round his back when the orgasm ripped through my body, spreading waves of liquid heat flowed through my groin and belly and breasts as I cried out long moaning nonsense words. In the midst of my powerful cum I heard Lance begin grunting and felt strong spurts of hot, white sperm ejaculating from his throbbing cock while his hips jerked and twitched. Our bodies quivered together, white on black, sweaty and drained, with post-orgasmic tremors. Hollis had better take care to treat me nice, I could get to liking the taste of white meat.

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