22 Şubat 2024

A Public Outing


The allure of attending kink socials alone had begun to wane. I was a tidy third who could neatly be tucked in to someone else’s fantasy but it was beginning to come at the cost of my own.

What had begun as a quest for adventure and authenticity had become a stage for performance and pretend. With each couple determined to out do the last with a cacophony of grunting and sighs to the detriment of anything true.

My hopes for something that captured my spirit were quietly dwindling.

I took a step back from the scene and reflected on it a while. The problem wasn’t with them, It was with me. I wanted to feel more from the experience and few could fulfil it. I took my phone out of my pocket and typed a message to my Master.

‘Would you take me to a dungeon social with you Sir…?’ I lingered over the flashing cursor for a few moments before clicking send, sucking air in sharply through my teeth as I watched the double tick appear.

It wasn’t often I would suggest a scene, moreover, take the liberty of circumventing his thoughts on my readiness. I held my breath for his reply.

‘I’m a little apprehensive Pet, I’ll admit. But OK. lets try it.’

I read his words, with terror and delight. I wasn’t sure either.

A year and a half had passed since M had agreed to train me as his Pet and with every day my trust in his handling was becoming more embedded protocol than conscious choice.

It had been a journey to get there and his patience had run some mileage. I was grateful and indebted, hoping to make good on his investment.

With the date set, the evening came around quickly and at 5pm exactly I stepped out from the shower, towelled my smooth pink skin and began the ritual. First brushing my teeth and rinsing my mouth, before scraping my hair back into a neat ponytail and running a sink of warm water. I drew a rubber bulb full and flushed myself clean before coating thick tapered steel with lube and penetrating my tightly closed asshole, savouring the now familiar dull, aching reminder of his ownership.

I lifted my collar and fastened it around my neck before unfurling a semi opaque bodystocking from my ankles up the length of my legs, across the narrow of my waist and to a full stretch over the top of my erect nipples. I looked in the mirror. Fully wrapped and visibly naked beneath.

A message tone interrupted my thoughts. It was from Him.

‘Here is some protocol Pet;

Whenever my drink is not full you are to offer to refill it for me.

You will address me as Sir and if describing our relationship you should say that you are my Pet and I am your Owner, Sir, or often frustrated trainer.’

My phone pinged again.

‘In a scene I would prefer ‘Red’ or ‘Yellow’ or if necessary I will place something in your hand for you to throw or drop.

Do your best to stand to my right when not facing me.

Lastly, I will assume that your outfit tonight includes your collar and plug.

See you soon.’

The message tones paused. As usual, I quietly delighted in his instruction.

‘Yes Sir.’ I replied and gathered my things to leave.

On arrival, we joined a quiet and cordial crowd in the basement of an old London townhouse. An exchange of opening pleasantries gave way to a rising feeling of terror within me as I realised that my Master was likely uninterested in abating our scenes to match the somewhat subdued mood.

He looked over and smiled, I excused myself quickly from the inquisitive company that görükle escort had now gathered around me and scuttled over to fill his drink and place myself to his right.

Standing in the warmth of his shadow I listened as he introduced me for the first time as ‘his.’

The words hit me like an explosion of colour. For some reason I hadn’t anticipated the scenario or what the significance of it might feel like.

I was his. His in private and now his in public too. I stood there wordless for a few moments, glowing with the gift of recognition.

Interrupting my thoughts the Dungeon Master called us all to gather in a circle. We stepped away from the group and took a low bench, whereon M motioned for me to sit on his knee.

One by one the 14 or so of us gave a short profile of ourselves and as the openers reached me I looked at him to speak.

‘Go on.’ he said, ‘You can introduce us Kitten.’

I looked up at the group.

‘I am Flick, she/her and this is my Master, M. I have been to group gatherings a few times, but never with my Master. I’m excited to do this together and whilst I am normally watching I guess I will be doing as I am told this evening.’

I looked around the room to a sea of smiling eyes and quiet well wishing. It was cute. Well done me. I beamed at M and tilted my head coquettishly to signal a passing of the baton.

‘Good.’ He said, nodding approvingly. ‘That’s good Kitten.’ stroking my back and holding my gaze, ‘because I will be using a pussy pump on you in front of these nice people and then taking that swollen cunt with a fucksaw later on, if anyone would like to watch.’

My cheeks lept into flames. It was a savage reminder of the nature of our hierarchy.

I squirmed on his lap, eyes cast to the floor while he kept perfectly still. The introductions eventually moved on before finally coming to a close.

I sank to the ground between his knees like some sort of serf reminded of my place in this house and looked up at him. His eyes met with mine, hands simultaneously unzipping his pants.

I wriggled my fingers into the opening of his shorts and he sprung up, customarily hard and thick towards my face.

I closed my lips around his circumcised tip and ran my tongue around the ridge. Maybe I could suck him to orgasm and he would forget about giving the crowd such a visual demonstration of ownership?

I was beginning to envy the neat performances with noisy floggers going on around me.

I was never neat when he finished with me.

He took the back of my head in his grip and slid my mouth down over him until I reached a natural choking point. His dick was smoother than usual. Almost hairless save for a shadow at the base and he slid down me with uncustomary ease. I bobbed my head over him eager to please in this new environment and to show others what a good little fuck toy I had become.

He lifted my chin off him and tucked his cock away.

‘Come Kitten. I’d like to use you now. ‘Go and fetch me some clips from the cross please.’

I took one from each extremity and returned to present him with four.

He motioned toward a spanking bench and I stepped towards it ready to kneel on its low padded rests.

‘Wait.’ he said, pausing to survey the scene,before spinning the bench 180 degrees so that the direction of kneeling would take place with my back to the crowd.

Every muscle in my body tensed. I was certain now that he wouldn’t spare me any modesty, I would bursa merkez escort be on show like a petty criminal receiving punishment for all to gasp and stare.

Methodically, strap by strap he worked his way up from my feet, fastening me in at the calves, thighs, waist and wrists until I became a human appendage to the bench, ready to be displayed in any way my Master should choose.

His footsteps in my peripheral hearing as he came to a stop behind me and in one short motion ripped a side plate sized opening through the body stocking and exposed my holes to the gentle murmur of the drinks party gathering behind.

Like a slutty magician’s assistant, I waited there, presenting my ‘best side’ ready to be sawed in half for the enjoyment of the crowd.

He returned and placed a hard plastic cup across the length of my pussy lips, the pressure of sucking almost immediate. Each pump swelling my sex and magnifying the designated showpiece for curious onlookers.

I winced with pain under the spotlight until the sucking ceased and he walked around to my head, chin propped on leather, my mouth at hip height, unzipped his pants and parted my lips with his cock, holding the sides of the bench and using them to lever his way deeper down my throat.

Revelling in the advantage of my inability to retreat from his thrusts. Every gag a sharp reminder that my cunt was stretched to the limit behind.

He slowed his invasion of my face hole and released the pressure valve from his palm as the cup fell away revealing the transformation of my tidy pink pussy into a primate like rear, ripe for a dominant male fucking.

Adverse to blocking such a view by taking me then he slowly unpacked a fucksaw and brought it to meet my swollen cunt. Savouring the theatre of a hard, black rubber dildo pushing its way through the puffy pink of my folds, and into the depth of my obedient vagina.

I moaned into the bench with the force of intrusion as the rubber drill started to punch with short jabs inside me.

Thump, thump, thump, at two and then three strokes per second, it’s punishment intermittently picking up pace.

‘Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh’ I was squirming now with all of the small margin I could muster in the straps. The dull thuds of machinery becoming more and more intolerable, as my knees slipped off the supports and I was suspended in a sling like fashion against the hard metal frame, unable to close my pinned and spread legs enough to make any difference.

‘Ohhhhhhhhh, pleasssssse Sir’ I couldn’t think of the right word. The impact jarring my mind from even the most simple of traffic light codes.

‘Pleeeeeeease Sir I can’t’

He leaned over me and retracted the device.

Replacing it immediately with his fat cock and fucking me with forceful rhythm.

‘ahhhhhhhh ‘ I moaned into the leather padding as my eye caught the gaze of a couple seated in front. A stranger’s foreign fingers buried deep in his muse as he masturbated her to the scene of my undoing.

So this was the kind of the stage I had been looking for.. The thought, passing through my head in the second between being pounded again into the bench, pussy swollen and now bruising around his dildo like dick.

My eyes were wetting.

‘Enough Kitten?’ He asked softly so that only my ears could hear.

I nodded into the leather and creased my face in self consolation. Had I done enough to make him proud? I wasn’t sure.

He unfastened bursa escort bayan me from the straps and lifted me up into him. I shrunk a little into his chest.

‘Come.’ He took my hand and we walked a little way to another room away from the gathering.

He lay me down on my back and put his mouth to my still swollen clit.

‘Uhhhhhhhh’ I sighed as his tongue flicked around the fleshy bulb, with impossibly soothing dexterity.

He slid three fingers into my used pink hole and pushed them against my front wall hard.

‘Uhhhhhhhhh its so fucking good Sir…’ with that he fucked me harder on his hand, while I watched. God, I loved to watch him.

Sucking and tending to my pussy. A rare and irresistible treat. The weight of my tired limbs sinking into the floor beneath.

I was drifting into a state of bliss when my cunt began squirting against his wrist. Like a spitting fountain sending jet after jet onto the floor and showering my thighs. My eyes widened.

‘Its never happened before.’ I said. It was the truth. I was dumbfounded.

‘Good.’ he replied and swung himself around, placing a knee on either side of my head and moving us into a 69.

I opened my mouth instinctively. At this angle he slid himself down my unresistant throat and held his dick there, my nose buried between his silky balls. I brought my hands up to grip his thighs in encouragement. I wanted him to make all my holes leak.

He began to fuck my mouth, each withdrawal making me sloppier and clogging my hair with saliva. He took his dick out, cradling it and his balls with one hand and hovered above me for a moment.

I was a mess.

My sodden mouth opened and I leaned upwards to lick at his asshole.

Such a whore for him. It was going to be an evening of a few firsts.

I lapped at his neat opening like a dog, until he had enough and flipped me on to my front.

‘You didn’t think we’d forget this one did you?’

He put the tip of his cock against my puckered little brown hole.

I waited for him to reach away and find some lube but instead I felt his thick helmet explore the folds of my creamy cunt, slide back to my ass and prise me open instead.

‘Fuckkkkkkkkk.’ I gasped.

Pain shot through my pelvis. I reached down for my clit to try and rub the shock away.

He pushed against me slowly using his body weight to nudge through my resistant anal passage, each inch of him seemingly wider than the last.

‘Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh’ I squirmed and whimpered into a pillow, still taking it like a good girl.

He finally bottomed out and I breathed a short lived sigh of relief. Before he began gently rocking me on and off the base of his cock, until my ass finally started to acquiesce.

Feeling my ring let go he began to build pace and conquer my final hole. I rubbed my clit harder in circles. Orgasm began to build. My asshole starting to gape around his dick, fingers sliding across my clitoris lubricated by my own squirting juices.

I whined into the ground and he fucked my destroyed little toy ass harder in response and slid a hand around my neck.

I was going to climax, hard. My back passage already spasming with anticipation.

‘I’m going to cum Sir.’ I announced.

‘You may Pet.’ He replied. Waves of ecstasy coursing through my body before he could finish speaking.

It was fucking magic.

Not slowing, his cock pounded pleasure though my rectum and my orgasm rippled back to meet him.

I rolled over like a spoilt pet and panted my words out from underneath him.

‘Thank you Sir. I really needed that.’

The truth was that I really needed him. It was hard to admit that sometimes. But like all testing little fuck toys sometimes it takes one person that knows exactly how to use them.

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