7 Eylül 2021

A new meeting with my old friend Jerome


A new meeting with my old friend JeromeA new meeting with old friend JeromeI was alone in New York on a business trip, while my loving Victor was flying to Chicago. On the second day I got really bored out of my two coworkers I travelled with and then decided to hit up my old friend lover Jerome, the most handsome nigger I had fucked in my whole life…He was also in town and of course delighted to hear I was horny and looking for a dick.I asked him to meet me at the hotel where we could have a couple of drinks and eat at the restaurant inside the hotel. We would see later what could happen…I was sipping margarita at the lobby bar when Jerome walked it. I was sure he noticed how the size of my eyes grew when they became fixated on him. He could not know how wet was my cunt now….He kissed me, taking good care of my round waist and hips. He told me I was really sexy that night, the best sexy white wife he had ever fucked…After some drinks we decided to order some food and continued our conversation.Following the meal, I suggested we could have another drink. We sat at the bar with just a few people around. He turned towards me with his legs spread slightly so that his legs were on both side of me as I sat on my stool. Out of nowhere I reached down and slowly rubbed his thick cock through his pants.As I rubbed, his cock began to stiffen. I smiled and invited him to my room, grabbing his hand and leading the way.On the way up to the room he stopped at the men’s restroom. Just seconds after he entered, I decided to surprise him by going in after him. As I walked in he turned with a surprised look as he finished drying his hands at the sink. He turned and asked me what I was doing in there. I pushed him back against the sink, grabbed his cock and kissed his soft, full lips. Before he could really react I had his belt unbuckled, pants unbuttoned and his thick, black cock in my mouth…I could feel the thickness of his cock head between my lips. I could instantly taste his warm, sweet pre cum oozing from his enraged cock head. I could tell he was sakarya escort thoroughly enjoying his cock in my mouth by the way he relaxed back on the sink, with his hands through my hair. I started to lick his heavy balls back and forth, slowly sucking them and popping them in and out of my mouth. I felt that his balls were swollen and full, begging to be emptied. His cock was hard and rigid as it began to slide in and out of my mouth. His hands were going crazy in my hair and his cock moving in and out as if he was fucking my face. Then I felt a hot, salty load of cum shoot down my throat as I continued to suck every last bit of cum out. I could feel his thick black cock spasm between my wide stretched lips, I heard him moan and feeling him relax I knew my job was complete. I stood up to pull myself together and said to him:”Meet me in room 504; just give me ten minutes for starting round two.”Ten minutes later I heard the door open and I saw him walk in. I was on my hands and knees on the bed waiting for him, wearing only a black lace nightie. He locked the door behind him and walked up to me, looking me in my eyes and bending to slap my buttocks.“You are the hottest bitch I have ever fucked…” He whispered in my ear.Jerome told me that it was his turn to play. He pushed me back onto the bed and slid between my legs, continuing to kiss me deeply: his hands rubbing all over my body. He began to kiss and nibble my ears, his tongue sliding down my neck, his hands squeezing my breasts. My pussy was soaking wet. I could feel his big black hard cock through his boxers pressing against my mound. I tried to grind my pussy on it as he began to lick around the edges of my erect nipples. I was trying not to cum right there on the spot just from the sensation and the sheer thought that big black cock soon being crammed into my tight, wet pussy. Jerome continued sucking my breasts, one, then the other, grinding against me. Slowly he began to move down. He looked me straight in the eyes and told me he wanted to taste my sweet pussy. adapazarı escort I put my hands on his head and guided him down, somewhat in a slight pushing motion as if telling him to hurry up and get down there. Then I felt his lips move across my clit, his teeth hitting my clit ring, then his tongue. My pussy was so wet and creamy I could feel it dripping as his tongue pressed against my swollen clit. His hands gripped my ass cheeks and he pulled me into his face hard. He began to suck my clit and occasionally slide his tongue deep inside of my horny cunt… I began to cum and cum hard. I couldn’t hold it back. His mouth felt so amazing. My legs began to tighten and shake, my ass lifting off the bed, and he didn’t miss a beat. Then he yelled: “Hold on, slut, who did tell you that you could cum?” Before I came again I lifted up and yelled back to him: “Give me your big black cock!”He rose up and attended to my request. He pushed his already loose boxers down to his calves. His black cock was sticking out like a huge missile ready to be deployed to my pussy. It was fucking huge, hard and throbbing. I could see pre-cum leaving a clear trail from the head down the shaft, the sweet, shiny juices glistening on his dark cock. He pointed his weapon at my pussy and inched closer as he continued to stroke it. I felt the massive head touch my tender swollen pussy, pressing on my sensitive clit. His cock mixed his pre-cum and my creamy pussy juices together as he rubbed it all over my throbbing pussy, using it as lubricant to prepare me for his cock. Easily and gently he pressed inward. I could feel every little ripple and vein on his enormous member as he entered me. My cunt was so tight. My hands clawed at the mattress, my teeth clinched down on the corner of a pillow. As his huge cock finally disappeared deep inside of me I exhaled, finally taking a breath. I came hard right then and there and he had not even done anything yet. His cock was touching places no other cock had ever been close to. My pussy was trying to contract around sakarya escort bayan his cock as I came and he began to slowly move back and forth. His cock was sliding in and out, so long, so thick and so fucking hard. It literally felt like I was being fucked with a baseball bat. After he fucked me slowly for a few minutes I got brave and grabbed his ass, digging my nails into him, I told him to fuck me like he meant it. Then he smiled and began to slam his huge dick in and out of my pussy like a real fucking machine. I was cumming over and over; I could feel the thick cream of my pussy leaking out between my pussy lips every time he slammed all the way into me. I could see my white cream all over his dark cock. It was driving me crazy. I begged him to fuck me harder. Telling him I want that big black cock to fuck me hard and how much I needed to finally be fucked like I deserve. Then I felt him tense up, pressing deep inside of me and begin to moan. His warm semen splashed against the inner depths of my pussy and it felt amazing. After he took his cock from me, I could see his incredible weapon was still hard and then Jerome said he was not done with me and jumped up and flipped me over. On my knees he rubbed my ass and he told me that my ass drove him crazy. He grabbed my hips and plowed his cock right back into me balls deep. He was furiously fucking me from behind, wildly, like a real stallion. He spanked my ass cheeks, one side and then the other. Slapping it hard enough to sting but not hurt. I was wiggling my ass all over that huge dick. I couldn’t believe how hard he was and how hard he was fucking me. One hard slam after another, again and again just like a machine. I could feel my pussy dripping juices. He took his fingers and inserted a couple into my ass. Suddenly I felt my asshole burning when he shoved his piece into my back door…He pumped me hard and in a real wild way, until both of us came at same time.Again I felt an amazing splash of hot liquid blasting into my rectum.He got dressed and with one last passionate kiss, Jerome told me I was no doubt the horniest white wife he had ever fucked… Then he left the room.I stumbled to the bathroom, with cum leaking from every orifice on my body, hoping that tomorrow my work mates would not notice I was barely able to walk…

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