8 Kasım 2023

A Friend in Need


A Friend in need.

It was late afternoon and I had just parked the car on my driveway and was carrying my shopping into the house. As I pushed the front door open I could hear the landline start to ring. I dropped the shopping bags and ran to answer it.

‘Hi granddad…its Chloe…I break up from university next Friday and wondered if I could come and stay with you for a few days the following week after I’ve dropped all my gear back at home.’

‘Of course you can’ I replied ‘you know as my favourite granddaughter you are welcome to stay here anytime.’

I heard her giggle…’I’m your only granddaughter so I’m bound to be your favourite you plonker.’

‘Well if you’re going to start calling me names I might change my mind.’ She knew I was joking by the tone of my voice.

‘I’ll let you know when I’m driving down…there’s a possibility I might have a friend…is that alright.’

‘I’m not having any of your boyfriends playing hanky panky in my house mind you’ I replied.

‘It’s alright granddad it will be a girl if she joins me.’

‘OK then…I’ll wait for you to confirm the times and dates.’

‘Thanks granddad…byeeeee.’

‘Bye love ‘I replied.

I’m James Ryan by the way, Jim to my friends, which accounts for most people. I have been a widower for a few years now but have three grown up children of my own who have given me six grandchildren. Chloe you know about but the others are all boys…I suppose I should say men. All of them are in their early twenties with Chloe the youngest at just twenty.

I moved to the south coast three years ago where I bought a three bed roomed cottage with a large private back garden. It’s in a small village within easy walking distance of the beach. It gets a bit quiet in the winter sometimes but the family love to visit in the summer as all the grand kids are into their water sports.

Luckily I have a double garage, as it’s full of paddleboards and canoes which save the family having to cart them backwards and forwards.

I’m a practising naturist so the garden is a nice place for me to wander naked, just have to watch out for the roses. There is a section of our local beach that is dedicated for nudists. It’s along by the headland and you have a short walk along the sand to get there. I often spend summer days there as it’s nice to be so close to the sea to be able to cool off when necessary.

I know a few of the regulars by name but there are often a lot of visitors in the summer months. Chloe has occasionally joined me there when she is here on her own but only goes topless. She prefers the rest of the family not to know, even though I have never kept my preferences secret.

I love all of my grandchildren but, although I shouldn’t say it Chloe is my favourite. We just seem to hit it off together in most ways. Sometimes I have to tell myself she is a blood relative not a close friend.

As promised Chloe phoned me on the following Friday after she had got home from Uni.

‘I plan to stay home with mum and dad over the week-end to give us a chance to catch up and then I’ll drive down on Monday. I should be with you early in the afternoon as long as the traffic isn’t too bad.’

‘OK love’ I replied…I’ll see you then…everything is ready down here.

It was early July and as the university’s always finished several weeks before normal schools it should still be reasonably quiet. I was looking forward to having young blood around me; it would make me be a bit more active than I would usually be.

It was bang on 14:00 when I heard the ‘beep beep’ of a car horn from the driveway. I walked over and opened the front door to see Chloe dragging a large suitcase towards me.

On seeing me she immediately dropped it and dashed over wrapped her arms around me and kissed me on my lips. I’m not really sure when this habit started but it just seemed natural to us. It was a bit longer than a welcome kiss should be but she then slipped her head over my shoulder and we hugged tight.

It was then that I saw her friend over Chloe’s shoulder, and I smiled at her. She had that shocked look that people have when they see something that seems inappropriate. I had a slight feeling of guilt come over me but then thought ‘No…we have always greeted each other this way…and others just start to accept it as normal after a while.’

Chloe released her hold on me and turned to introduce me to the stunning young lady whose face had eased from its first reaction.

She was almost as tall as me…5′ 9” I would guess with straight blond shoulder length hair and a lovely slim well proportioned body. I almost had to stop myself from staring at her but noticed how her eyes dropped to a very shy pose as I looked to Chloe for an introduction.

‘Oh sorry’ Chloe said ‘granddad…um…Jim…this is my friend Sam…short for Samantha, she’s the friend who I mentioned might come down with me.’

I smiled and stepped forward…’Hello Sam…is Sam ok with you?’

‘Yes that’s fine’ she said in a quiet voice. I reached şişli escort out my hand to her. I think she was unsure after seeing Chloe’s welcome to me.

She took hold of my hand with quite an insipid shake, I deliberately held it and said ‘don’t be embarrassed by our embrace it’s a tradition that we have had for years and even I can’t remember how or when it started.’

I released her hand, and with a slightly braver demeanour she said ‘that’s ok…Chloe said you were close…It just took me a bit by surprise…anyway it’s lovely to finally meet you.’

‘Come on then…let me help you with those suitcases. I’ll take them upstairs and put them in your rooms.’ I saw the two girls look at each other but nothing was said.

‘I left some salad in the kitchen if you’re hungry now and I’ve prepared a spag bol for later, can you pop the kettle on Chloe please.’

I staggered up the stairs with their suitcases and wondered what that look was all about. Had I mis-read something?

As I returned to the kitchen I saw the girls had helped themselves to some of the salad and Chloe was just pouring some cups of tea.

I joined them at the kitchen table. ‘So did you two meet at Uni or somewhere else’ I asked.

They glanced at each other and Chloe replied. ‘Yes we are at Uni together, different subjects, we share a flat with two other girls. There are two large bedrooms both with single beds. Sam and I share one and the two other girls share the other.

‘Oh that’s great’ I said ‘and you all get on well together?’

Sam’s quiet voice answered ‘yes we all get on really well…it’s nice to have such a group of friends.’

‘So…have you got any plans for your time down here?’ I asked.

Chloe answered. ‘Well the main reason for Sam staying with me is that her parents are on holiday in France at the moment and rather than staying at home alone I said she should come home with me till they get back.’

‘That’s kind of you Chloe…and you both get the chance to relax after the last term.’

‘I thought that for this afternoon we would have a little walk around the village and I’d show Sam where everything is and perhaps we might stroll along the beach as well. We can relax and watch something on telly with you tonight.’

‘That’s fine by me’ I said ‘I’ve got a few chores to get on with…I’ll see you when you get back.’

Chloe kissed me on the cheek and they both disappeared out of the front door.

I got on with a few of the jobs that needed doing around the house but my mind was wondering about something I couldn’t get clear in my head.

Suddenly the light bulb in my head lit up…’Main reason for Sam staying’…so there is something else at play here. Well I’m sure whatever it is will come to light at some point. She seems to be a nice pleasant girl, if a bit on the shy side for her age. Or is it that Chloe is much more outgoing for the same age, or an old man is getting it all wrong.

I was working in the kitchen with the windows open when I heard voices outside. It was the girls returning but they seemed to be having a conversation outside and not wanting to come in for a moment. I could hear parts of their chat but not all of it so it wasn’t completely clear what it was all about.

‘He’s really broad minded and won’t worry…mumble mumble…’

‘Yes…but he’s your granddad and I’m a complete stranger…’

‘If you’re a friend of mine which will become obvious to him…he would help anybody…’

‘Well we must find a way to ask that won’t be embarrassing…’

‘He won’t be embarrassed, honestly…on any of the subjects…you’ll find out yourself when we go to the beach.’

Well that’s basically what I heard, but as they were moving about the garden I missed bits and pieces but I concluded they wanted my help but would find asking awkward.

‘What could two twenty year old girls need help with?’ was the question rolling around in my mind. I tucked it away as the girls came in through the kitchen door.

‘Hiya…nice walk?’

Sam answered ‘it’s a pretty little place, I can see why you would want to live here and the beach is lovely. I’m looking forward to a swim in the sea tomorrow it’s been a long time since I last did it.’

‘I’m glad you like it…it can be a little quiet out of season but I enjoy it here and the family certainly enjoy visiting. If you want to pop up and wash your hands I’ll serve dinner in just a moment.’

Conversation over dinner was typical mundane catching up with what was happening in all of our lives. I did find out that Sam was an only child and concluded that must have contributed to her shy demeanour but she was easy to talk with although fairly private about her personal life.

After we finished eating and loaded the dishwasher I asked if the girls wanted tea or coffee or even a glass of beer or wine. Both chose wine which was pleasing as I fancied one as well. I opened a bottle of merlot and poured three glasses whilst Chloe checked what was on telly.

They decided to watch a half hour comedy show followed by a film. Sam sat in an armchair and Chloe and I sat on the sofa. We all enjoyed the comedy with several outbursts of laughter.

I refilled our glasses before the film started and sat back down on the sofa to watch. Chloe had popped to the bathroom and when she came back she sat in my lap as she has always done when we are alone. She wriggled about to get herself comfortable and from the corner of my eye I saw Sam’s unsure glances at us.

I whispered in her ear. ‘Do you think this is correct behaviour when we have a guest here?’

She looked at Sam’s expression and replied ‘it won’t be a problem.’

Anyway we were all concentrating on the screen and it soon looked as if she was correct in her statement.

I had always accepted Chloe sitting on my lap as a common tradition that happens in many families but must admit at her current age I wondered if it should continue. If truth be told I had often got a semi depending on what we were watching and occasionally she would wriggle on top of it.

I can’t believe she never felt it, especially with her wriggles, but neither of us ever mentioned it. Maybe she knew and didn’t want to embarrass me, or maybe she knew and enjoyed it and was loath to cause a halt to the practice.

All was fine until there was a bedroom scene in the film. It was cleverly shot and it was hard to tell if we saw real sex or just portrayed. It was real enough to wake up my cock and it slowly pumped a few times as it stiffened up.

I saw Sam’s reaction as she shuffled in her chair and crossed her legs before glancing our way, just in time to see Chloe wriggle her ass crack right on top of my cock. I found myself looking into Sam’s eyes and praying that my expression was blank.

As the film paused for a few adverts Sam said she need the bathroom and popped upstairs. While she was away I said to Chloe ‘I think we are causing Sam to become embarrassed by being sat this way and maybe it’s time we stopped doing it.’

She stared at me for a moment and then with a smirky smile said ‘can you honestly tell me you don’t enjoy it?’

Despite the closeness of our relationship even I was a bit taken aback.

‘I know your cock stiffens sometimes, It’s just natural, and I’ve always thought you recognised my getting comfortable on it was our non verbal way of saying it’s no problem.’

I didn’t know what to say…and wondered which one of us was behaving more as an adult.

‘Ok’ I said ‘but only with Sam and never anyone else.’ I realised that Sam who was returning down the stairs must have overheard that statement and wondered what we were talking about.

The film was about to restart when Chloe turned her head and looked at me for a few seconds. I was expecting her to say something but she just smiled and then as she turned away she squeezed her ass cheeks right on top of my cock.

‘You!!!!!!’ I whispered in her ear.

We managed to get through the rest of the film with no more incidents and Chloe slid off of my lap onto the sofa, but I knew she deliberately left her hand on my thigh as the girls looked at each other.

‘Um…before we go to bed’…hear it comes I thought…what is she going to say now?

‘Granddaddddd’…in that slow I want something drawl.


‘Um…Um…you know I said we share a bedroom at uni?’


‘Well sometimes we share a bed as well.’

‘I see’ I said ‘so you are telling me you have a lesbian relationship?’

They looked at each other then Chloe looked back at me.

‘Not exactly…we like the closeness and comfort of sleeping together…and yes sometimes we might touch each other but we are not emotionally involved with each other as such.’

They were both looking at me expectantly.

‘Sam might not…but you know my opinion in this area. You are both adults and perfectly capable of making up your own minds in this matter. Thank you for the consideration of asking me first though, it confirms my belief in your adult minds, and by all means you can share a bed in my house.’

Chloe came over kissed me on the lips and hugged me tight. I was a bit more surprised when Sam hugged me and looking me in the eyes quietly said ‘thank you.’

‘Ok…I’ll lock the doors while you use the bathroom and I’ll see you in the morning. Night girls.’

I ambled up the stairs to my en-suite and had a quick wash and then prepared for bed. There is one thing about a cottage in a quiet village; you can hear almost any noise at night. As I slipped under the duvet I could hear gentle moans coming through the wall. I wondered how they were pleasuring each other as I lay on my back listening and inevitably my cock rose and started throbbing.

There was only one way I was going to get to sleep so I had a quick wank with the vision of two girls in my mind.

My alarm went off at 7:00 and I jumped out of bed and showered, there was no sound from the girl’s room so I popped downstairs and laid the table for breakfast and made a cup of tea whilst listening to the news on the TV.

The weather forecast was good with mostly sun and a few fair weather clouds and a gentle breeze off of the sea. A day made to be on the beach I thought to myself.

After half an hour I heard the sound of movement upstairs and soon the girls were down having breakfast.

‘I’m planning to go to the beach and have a relaxing day as the weather’s so nice. Do you have any other plans or would you like to join me?’

‘I think we plan to join you’ Chloe said looking at Sam who nodded her head ‘but I haven’t told her yet.’

‘Haven’t told me what’ she said, looking between Chloe and me.

‘Um…granddad goes to a section of the beach where nudists are allowed.’

‘OH…I’ve never gone naked on a beach’ Sam said with a surprised, unsure look on her face.

‘Sam’ I said ‘it’s ok…it’s not compulsory…you can keep your swimwear on. Chloe usually just goes topless when we are alone together on the beach. You can choose how you want to dress, whatever you will be most comfortable with. I am nearly always naked…will that be a problem for you?’

Sam looked at Chloe still with the unsure look on her face.’ Um…um…I know what it will look like but I won’t know where to look…or not look.’

‘Whatever you decide I will not be worried, I know you will look at me…it’s a natural reaction and I am used to it. It’s polite not to keep staring though’ I said with a smile. ‘Why don’t you and Chloe have a quiet chat by yourselves while I put a couple of paddle boards on a trailer?’

I loaded the paddle boards up as it’s easier and quicker to get them to the beach on a trailer than carrying them. We set off together having grabbed a few bits and pieces for lunch

‘Did you make a decision on clothing when we get there?’ I asked.

Chloe said ‘I’m going to go topless as normal but if it’s quiet I might drop the bottoms, Sam is going to see what it is like and may start by going topless.’

‘Good on it for both of you…but don’t feel you have to join in because I am. If you have any concerns don’t be scared of asking my advice.’

We soon arrived at the seafront and made our way to the designated area. It was fairly deserted with just a few older couples dotted about.

We selected a spot that was not too close to anyone else. I unrolled our blankets and casually stripped off trying to ignore the girls as I sat down with my book for a read.

Chloe said they were going to practice with the paddle boards and would stay in their bikinis to protect from scratches if they fell off. I watched them go down to the sea edge but I was thinking that’s a nice pair of pert bottoms…then told myself off for being a pervert.

They struggled to get balanced at first then both seemed to gain control quite quickly and paddled away from the shore. As I watched them move a way I heard a voice say ‘Hi Jim’.

It was two local ladies…both a similar age to me and both long time nudists, taking their regular walk on the sands. They often stopped and passed the time of day.

‘I see you have some company today’ one of them said.

‘Yes…it’s my granddaughter and her friend down from Uni, staying for a few days with me.’

‘How nice…hope they have a good time with you.’

They carried on with their stroll. After reading for a bit I went for a swim to cool down. The water still had a chill but I soon got used to it. I was about to get out when I heard laughter and turned to see the girls trying to race each other, in a rather wobbly fashion, back to shore. Chloe fell off of her board with a scream and at the same time Sam, trying to turn to see what happened, lost her balance and fell off virtually on top of me.

I put my hands out trying to protect myself, and half caught Sam in my arms, and in doing so my fingers got caught in her bikini top and pulled it off as she continued her fall screaming with laughter.

She turned and looked at me as she found her feet.

I held her top out and said ‘Sorry…it was a complete accident’. After a fraction of a second she burst out laughing and said ‘Not much point putting it back on now is it.’

‘Oi… Pervert’ Chloe shouted at me pulling her own top off, whizzing it around her head and then throwing it at me. ‘You may as well carry mine back up for me.’

They both had a fit of the giggles as we clambered back up the beach and towelled ourselves dry.

Just then the two local ladies passed us on their way back. ‘Seems to be a lot of frivolity on the beach today’ was the comment thrown to us from smiling faces as they carried on past.

I heard Sam say to Chloe ‘did you see that?’


Sam looked at me then lowered her voice a little as she turned back to Chloe. ‘Those two women…they had no hair…down there.’

I thought it was time to stand up for those of a more mature disposition. ‘It’s not just the young who choose to remove body hair you know…even I keep myself tidy.’

They both stared at my nether region…then my cheeky granddaughter said ‘think it’s time you bought a new razor Jim’ as she moved away laughing her head off.

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