20 Mayıs 2023

A Brilliant Plan Ch. 01


“D’ya think he’s gay?”

“No, I’m pretty sure that’s not it.” Lynne shook her head.

“And you asked him to have sex, right?”

“I offered to join him in his bed. I think that was pretty clear.”

“Maybe he’s just slow. You should spell it out for him, you know, say something like ‘I want you to fuck my brains out.’ He couldn’t miss that.” Rebecca grinned at Lynne.

“He’s not slow. He’s the smartest guy in the department.”

“I don’t know. I hope you’re not offended but I made a play for him too and it seemed to go right over his head,” Rebecca said.

“You made a play for him?” Lynne was shocked. She had guessed that Rebecca was a lesbian. She was always hanging with that cute brunette, often holding hands.

“Sure, he’s pretty cute, in an innocent sort of way.”

“But I thought you were. . .” Lynne caught herself before she finished the thought.

“Oh. I’m bisexual. I like guys too.”

Lynne was no prude. She’d even slept with a girl in college once and enjoyed it. Nevertheless, she was fairly sure she was straight. Still, as open as she was to guy-on-girl sex, the girl-on-girl kind still left her a bit uncomfortable. She filled the awkward silence with, “Yeah. Sometimes you just need a hard, abrasive fuck.”

“Exactly!” Rebecca seemed pleased that Lynne appeared to understand.

“Well, I invited myself into his bed. What did you do?”

“Whenever we meet, I bring up something sex-related.”


“Oh, the first time, I discussed my campaign against female circumcision.” Rebecca was a passionate opponent of this barbaric practice and raised funds to help young women who wished to escape such mutilation. “I finished by saying that a working clitoris was absolutely essential to a woman. I mentioned how much I like mine.”

“How’d he react?”

“As though the discussion was just about stopping the mutilation of young women. He said he agreed and even offered to make a donation. But if he recognized the opening, I couldn’t tell it. Are you sure he’s as smart as you say?”

“Smarter,” Lynne averred. She paused to think and Rebecca continued.

“Another time I told him how anal I was.”

Lynne seemed not to hear. “I think it’s his wife.”

“He’s married?”

“Yeah. I think he really loves her too.”

“That’s usually why people get married.”

“But he’s just hung-up on fidelity” Lynne stopped for a moment, clearly frustrated. “You can love somebody and still have sex with other people.” She insisted. She certainly enjoyed having had many different lovers, some much older than she was.

“Tell me about it!” Satisfying her strong bisexuality precluded an exclusive relationship with just one person, though she felt fully committed to Paula, her brunette lover. For some reason, though she needed men, she didn’t imagine making a life with one. Women were easier to live with. At least to her.

“So. You think he’s just being faithful. That would explain it.”

“I can’t think of another reason he’d turn me down. Or you, for that matter,” Lynne added. Then she realized what else she’d just heard. “Explain what?”

“I all but offered to let him fuck me in the ass,” Rebecca said matte-of-factly. “I have never had a guy turn down a shot at this baby.” She patted her firm butt for emphasis.

Lynne admitted to herself that Rebecca’s ass was nice too. It looked a little firmer than hers and her hips were just a touch too narrow, but it was an alluring ass all the same.

“Do you really like him,” Rebecca inquired, “or is it just that he won’t sleep with you? It can’t be you’re not getting enough!” She winked at her new-found confidante.

In truth, just about every guy in the department trailed after Lynne, even some of the older faculty. At times, Rebecca was reminded of watching a bitch in heat. Something about Lynne suggested easy, steamy sex and her tall, lithe form had just the right curves. Well, her ass and legs, anyway.

Lynne was self-conscious about her boyish breasts.

She needn’t have been.

After seeing her walk by in a pair of designer jeans, not one guy in 20 gave a thought to breasts, hers or anyone else’s.

Rebecca agreed with all those guys. “No, anyone would be a fool to turn down the chance to have sex with you. He must be religious or something.”

“Yeah. At first, I though from things he said that he was an atheist but then he mentioned going to church one time. I guess that must be it.”

“You still want to fuck him?”

“Uh-huh. You bet I do.” Lynne was unused to having anyone turn her down and she had grown obsessed with this guy. “How’s ’bout you?”

“Oh, I could still go for him.” Rebecca too didn’t get turned down very often and almost never by guys. Her curvy, athletic form was just too good to pass up. Unlike Lynne, Rebecca had fairly large breasts for a small woman. Nothing out-of-proportion, just ample, shapely tits. She needed her sports bra when she worked out, even when she wasn’t running. Lynne, of course almost never https://www.escorthun.com wore bras of any sort.

Lynne was also jealous of Rebecca’s lovely light blonde hair. It was straight and long, reaching the tops of her thighs. And her eyes were a beautiful dark amber, the color of tiger’s eye, whereas her own were blue-grey.

“Ya know, I think he really wants to sleep with me. Sometimes he follows me around like a lost puppy.” In truth, those were the times when she found him least attractive. “And I think he tried to kiss me once.”

“You think?” Rebecca couldn’t imagine how anyone could be unclear about this.

“Well, it ended as sort of a friendly hug. It was after I’d finished a really tough assignment. Afterwards, he seemed kinda embarrassed.”

“Why. Did he have an erection?” For some reason, a lot of guys found their erections embarrassing anywhere but the bedroom. There, they were often overly-pleased with them. Rebecca never minded seeing that someone was aroused, male or female. Hell. She went around wet most of the time as it was. Sex was never far from her thoughts.

“I don’t think so.” Lynne wondered why she hadn’t checked that out. She had no inhibitions about that but their attempted-kiss-turned-hug felt so awkward that it put her off her stride. Like Rebecca, she too was often aroused by inconsequential stimuli. When she though he was trying to kiss her, she experienced an incredible desire to fuck. She was puzzled by her hesitation to reveal that to him. She wasn’t shy, as a rule, about sex or about asking for what she wanted.

Lynne thought out loud, “People should just say what they want and not beat around the bush.” She didn’t mind playing games but only as long as she won.

“You think so?” Rebecca perked up at Lynne’s assertion.

“Yes!” she answered emphatically.

“Then I’ll start.” Rebecca put her palms on either side of Lynne’s face and made sure she had her complete attention. She looked up into those pretty blue eyes and announced “We should fuck.”

Lynne was startled. They didn’t really know each other more than to say ‘Hi’ in the hallway or at the gym. In fact, she was surprised after her early morning workout when Rebecca asked her about her relationship with Ted. Lynne was sitting on the bench in front of her locker, toweling her hair dry when Rebecca sat down next to her, likewise fresh from drying off. Lynne considered that. A few minutes ago, they hardly knew one another and now their conversation had gone from guys to having sex with one another just like that. Lynne reflected that Rebecca may have planned it that way.

Rebecca continued, “I know you’re experienced but I can teach you a few things, even so.” Her gaze was intense and Lynne was sure that Rebecca was correct.

“I. . . I, uh. . . I don’t know what to say.”

Rebecca touched her finger lightly to the tip of Lynne’s broad nose. “Say ‘yes,'” she commanded.

Lynne thought about it. Rebecca was certainly attractive, especially in the black spandex shorts she wore to work out. In fact, she wore them most of the time. Now, however, the towel draped around her smaller frame de-emphasized her curves.

Lynne recalled her experience with that girl in college. It had been fun, truth to tell. Lynne had loved the novelty but that one time was enough. Neither of them had had any experience making love to a woman and it showed. The mutual exploration and discovery was part of what made it fun, of course. In any event, she had never felt compelled to try again. But maybe sex with an experienced woman would be better. Heck, she was sure Rebecca would be a better lover than several of the guys she’d been with lately.

“But I’m not. . . not. . .” she stammered.

“Homosexual?” offered Rebecca. “You don’t have to be. All you have to be is looking for pleasure. And I guarantee, sex with me is pleasurable.” She grinned unselfconsciously.

“You make it sound, I don’t know, so . . . clinical,” argued Lynne.

“Don’t tell me you’re one to insist on romance,” Rebecca laughed. “I’ve asked around. I know whom you’ve slept with around here. Half the guys in the department want to fuck you and the other half want to fuck you again.”

Lynne had to admit it, she slept around. She just couldn’t seem to settle on one guy. Partly it was because most guys left her unsatisfied sexually but mostly she just kept hoping to find someone special. One of her shrinks had told her she had ‘issues’ with sexuality. Well, if she had hang-ups, they didn’t keep her from having orgasms. Great orgasms. Listening to other women, Lynne felt grateful that she could not only cum, but could do so fairly easily and many times in succession. She pitied guys.

Maybe her mom was right. Sleeping with a guy right off the bat might not be the best way to honestly get to know him. She liked sex, she really liked cock. She just didn’t care for most of the guys she slept with. Even when she liked one enough to keep up a relationship for a while, she usually had things going on the side.

Lynne shrugged. No point in acting offended just because Rebecca was telling the truth.

“I don’t know. . .” It was so unlike Lynne to be unsure of herself.

“You afraid you’ll turn gay? I’m good but I wouldn’t worry about that too much.” She grinned at the taller blonde. “What if we included a guy?”

Lynne was no stranger to threesomes, with guys and gals, but they often seemed more awkward than sexy. When she did the girl-girl-guy thing, she and the other woman usually didn’t do much more than kiss or maybe some fingering. Most guys loved watching girls suck their juices off their fingers, for some reason. But usually, the guy was so into having two women pleasure him that he really didn’t notice if they got off or not. Some guys were such pigs! Most, actually.

Still, the idea was worth considering. “Who’d ya have in mind?”

“Ted, silly!” Rebecca half-swatted Lynne on the top of her head.

“But he won’t cheat on his wife,” Lynne pointed out.

“So let’s ask her too!” Rebecca’s enthusiasm was infectious.

“I’ll bet she’s even more uptight than he is.”

“Then we’ll start with just him. I have yet to meet a guy who’s turned down a threesome, especially with two hot chicks like us.”

Lynne’s experience was similar. It seemed almost every guy she slept with mentioned threesomes. That and anal sex.

“So we’ll ask him.” There was a loaded pause. “But we should make sure it’s really, really great.”

Lynne was puzzled. From her experience, all threesomes were great as far as guys were concerned. That is, all the girl-girl-guy ones. Most of the guys she’d tried it with really weren’t into the two-guys thing so those usually didn’t work all that well for her. The two who had been into it weren’t so much into her, alas. But sex was sex.

Rebecca saw Lynne’s confusion and explained, “We should practice, you and I. That way, when we do it with him, we’ll be comfortable with each other.” Again, she paused for effect. “Trust me; three-ways can get awkward.”

Lynne agreed. Put that way, Rebecca’s proposal sounded quite reasonable. And all this talk of Ted and sex had her turned almost all the way on. She had become so aroused that she’d never make it home without a trip to the lady’s room to get herself off. (Yes, she did masturbate. Sometimes, finding someone else was just too much bother.) Though her breasts were not large, her nipples were prominent. Now they were betraying her. She tightened the towel around her as her vagina clenched involuntarily at the thought.

“Ok,” she relented.

Rebecca looked excited too. “Great!” She took Lynne’s hand and had her stand up. She began to walk away and Lynne followed obediently, clutching her towel. She wasn’t shy and never had trouble being nude around the other women at the gym, especially going to or from the showers. She usually wasn’t so obviously turned-on, though. The terry cloth rubbed against her erect nipples and the sensation was at once pleasant and irritating.

“Here,” said Rebecca, opening the door to a small room. There were some cubbies along one wall, and a bench. A couple of workout mats stood rolled-up in one corner.

“What’s this?”

“It’s one of the private changing rooms. I always sign-up for one at the start of the term.”

“You can’t be shy!” Lynne wouldn’t believe it.

“Not a bit.” Rebecca actually loved strutting around the locker room in various stages of undress, though as far as she was concerned, many of the patrons looked much better in their clothes than while changing. “But a little privacy has its uses.” She turned the door lock, ensuring their privacy.

“So you, um, fuck here?”

“What do you think the mats are for? Pilates?” She laughed softly and began to unroll one in front of the bench. By the time she’d added the second one atop the first, they made a decent-looking mattress.

Rebecca stood and reached for Lynne’s towel. “Let me look at you,” she said with a yank.

“Hey! No fair.” Lynne acted more annoyed than she felt. She grabbed at Rebecca’s towel but the smaller woman dodged her attempt. She continued studying Lynne with an appraising eye.

“Turn around,” she ordered breathily. She admired her newest conquest’s body. Lynne’s long limbs and lovely bottom met with her full approval. “You are as pretty as I thought,” she informed her guest.

Lynne blushed. She often heard that she was ‘hot’ but not usually that she was ‘pretty.’ She disliked her nose. It was wider than current fashion favored and had been broken once in the fall from a horse. Not that anybody else ever noticed that but to her, it stood out. She wished her hair were the nice, clear blonde of Rebecca’s. Instead she was dishwater blonde and resorted to the occasional treatment to keep it lighter than its natural wont. Thus, she was thrilled to be called ‘pretty.’

Rebecca reached up and brought Lynne’s mouth down to her own. Their kiss lasted an age.

Lynne adored kissing but most guys weren’t as into kissing as she was. Rebecca, by contrast, was, if anything, even more into it. She started with her mouth barely open, nibbling Lynne’s fuller, pinker lips. When Lynne’s mouth opened more, she probed gently with her tongue, running it across Lynne’s pearly white teeth and just brushing her tongue.

Lynne followed Rebecca’s lead for several minutes before asserting herself and exploring her bisexual lover’s paler lips and then her mouth. After many minutes more, they opened their mouths fully and let their tongues explore as they would.

As they kissed, Lynne worked Rebecca’s towel from around her. She reveled when Rebecca’s soft breasts brushed her just below her own. Feeling another woman’s hard nipples made her own stiffen even more. They were flushed to a gorgeous deep red, contrasting nicely with her pale skin.

When they finally broke their kiss, each woman looked at the other with wanton desire.

“Let me look at you,” Lynne insisted of Rebecca.

Rebecca stepped back, entwined her arms over her head, and slowly began to turn, showing off all of her firm, athletic physique. This pose counteracted the ever-so-slight sag of her breasts and Lynne was transfixed by their loveliness. Unlike her own nipples, Rebecca’s puffy nipples were so pale that had she been less aroused they’d hardly contrast with Rebecca’s skin, which was even paler than Lynne’s. When Rebecca ceased spinning, Lynne traced her finger lazily around each pale nipple.

“These are wonderful!” she exclaimed before she bent slightly to suckle them in turn.

Rebecca released a gratifying moan at Lynne’s gentle, patient attention.

Though she had not sucked many women’s breasts, she knew what she liked and treated Rebecca to an example. Rebecca had no complaints. Lynne reached around and alternated between gently stroking and squeezing Rebecca’s firm ass cheeks.

A short while later, Rebecca pushed Lynne away from her. She loved the attention but her urge to control asserted itself. “Sit.” She guided Lynne to the bench and then knelt down on the pads in front of her. Lynne instinctively opened her legs to offer herself to her equally-excited partner.

“I love your bush,” commented Rebecca as she ran her fingers lightly through the golden brown tangle. Lynne kept it trimmed for her swimsuit but otherwise left it as God intended (not that she was a believer!) Rebecca traced her fingers down to Lynne’s full outer lips. Even aroused as she was, her inner lips barely protruded beyond them. Rebecca licked her fingers and began to run them slowly up and down Lynne’s slit. She eased her middle finger inside and gently explored the slick textures of her lover’s cunt. When she withdrew, she was delighted to see the creamy secretions that bathed her finger.

She brought her hand just below her nose and inhaled slowly, savoring the scent that was at once new and familiar. Every woman was different but they were all the same too, she thought. Locking her amber-colored eyes on Lynne’s blue ones, she ostentatiously wrapped her lips around the gooey finger and began to suck it clean.

When she had finished, she exclaimed, “Oh my God, girl. You are delicious!”

The compliment thrilled the taller blonde and made her more aware of her growing wetness. She was ready to be fucked.

Rebecca brought her mouth to Lynne’s drooling pussy and began to gather those juices with languid strokes of her tongue.

Lynne shuddered, delighted by the sensations.

Rebecca kissed Lynne’s ample outer lips all over before returning to suck softly on the inner ones, which were surprisingly dark for a woman so pale elsewhere. As she drew them open, the flaming pink within was revealed. In no hurry, Rebecca took her time to lick, kiss, and suckle each little bit of Lynne’s pussy before she approached her ultimate goal.

Using her fingers, she carefully spread Lynne’s lips, loving the feel of the golden brown pubic hair beneath her finger tips as she did so. She sighed admiringly when Lynne’s clitoris showed itself. Swollen with her excitement, Lynne’s clit was nicely prominent, barely covered by its little hood. Rebecca had seen many clits and this was among the larger of them. She thought it looked like a shiny pink almond. She opened her mouth above it and bathed it in her hot breath.

Lynne twitched at the unanticipated stimulation. She was anxious for release and reached for the blonde head between her thighs. Pulling Rebecca in tight, she commanded, “Eat me, dammit! Eat me!”

Rebecca gave a tentative lick and Lynne twitched again, more violently. She then settled in to find the right rhythm for Lynne. Starting slowly, she used the tip of her tongue, carefully keeping it soft, to probe all around the fat clit, using Lynne’s breaths and moans as a guide to the best spot. She patiently tested many options before deciding which to go back too.

Then it was time to test speeds. She started with slow, gentle strokes, using the broad flat of her tongue, slowly increasing speed until she was flicking just the tip rapidly across the sensitive organ. Lynne’s various vocalizations indicated that Rebecca had found the right approach.

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