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3 M’s, My Many Mothers Ch. 13


This is a story I can finally share. It is a tale that covers many years so if you are looking for a quick read you can stop here. Like I have mentioned many times I am not a true writer but so far my submissions have been well received.

This story is the one that truly started it all, even though it is not the first story I submitted. It is about a real person I was introduced to through a close friend. I met Daniel years ago having purchased a home from his grandfather and years later Dan himself.

I learned his story first hand and since then have documented much of his life for you to share. Daniel is his real name, the others have been changed for their protection. I offer you his story that has been updated just this year, 2016.

Enjoy and vote if care to.

The final chapter

I reminded Lizzy she was my wife and I was here to make her happy. We kissed and I groped her ass.

“Now are you going to tell me your other secret?” I asked as she sat on my lap.

Lizzy’s happiness sobered up quickly now.

“Danny, I can’t.” Lizzy complained. “Please don’t make me!”

I could see the fear in her eyes and feel the stress in her body. I had waited this long, trying to pry it out of her now would do no good. We needed to leave soon, the whole family would be waiting so I backed off. I pulled Lizzy close and held her tight.

“When you’re ready then.” I whispered.

Lizzy instantly relaxed knowing she had won a reprieve. I kissed her cheek and then her nose.

“You go get the kids up and I’ll load the car.”

Lizzy stood up and walked to the door before stopping.

“I love you Danny.” Lizzy said smiling, then turned down the hall.


Daniel and I just welcomed in the New Year 2014, and with it he offered me the opportunity to be a stay at home mom. I should have known he would do something like this. I’ve been wanting to tell him how I’ve been feeling of late but I didn’t want to disappoint him, or Nikki.

Danny asked me about my secret, he probably knows that too since he would never just come out and ask, that’s not his style.

No, he will find some subtle way to get me to reveal it. He knows that way I can take credit and feel good about myself. That’s what I love about Danny. He almost always thinks about the other person first.

My name is Elizabeth Master’s, Daniel’s second wife and mother of our daughter Mikayla and our son Casen. Danny and I adopted Cindy, who calls me mom. Kyle, Kenzi and Hunter, are his oldest three children with Nikki his first wife.

I just want to go on record to let you know I was against this whole idea of sharing our story, his story. Call me selfish if you will but that was how I felt. Then I talked to Sally last night.

I was just thirteen when my mom Sharon came home from work one day. She told us this extraordinary story about Kathryn and her son Daniel. Kathryn had come in to apply for a job, but it was Daniel that made a huge impression with mom. I can still remember how excited she was, almost giddy as she recounted the meeting. Sharon hired Kat that very day, something she had never done before or since.

“Val you just have to meet them both!” Mom gushed as she told my grandmother and her lover.

I’ll never forget the twinkle in her eye. I knew then I needed to meet him. Funny thing when I did he was nothing like I expected. Now you need to remember my grandmother Valerie is African American, and so is my dad. Only my mother Sharon is Caucasian. That makes me and my brothers African American as well.

In my mind Danny was some dark chocolate or maybe caramel colored black man. He would be taller than me, big and strong, bulging muscles, my own personal Adonis. I knew he had to be the star football, basketball, or baseball player.

He would drive a sports car, have massive gold chains around his neck. His teeth would be pearly white, his clothes would be impeccably in style, maybe glasses for that sophisticated look. In my dreams he had to be a smooth talking personable guy. This man that so impressed my mom must be some player for sure. I can still see that gleam in her eyes. I knew this woman, she’s my mother.

Then I met the real Daniel Masters, and I was right about just one thing, he is taller than me! All those dreams and fantasies came crashing down that fateful Fourth of July when he and Kathryn stopped by the house to see mom.

I almost ran to my room and cried I was so crushed. Danny is white? Tall and skinny, he was awkward as he moved, thoroughly average in the looks department, that and he has this crooked front tooth. Not by much, but every time he smiled it was all I could see.

Danny’s clothes were clean and tidy, but, well, dated ……… and boring. They hung on his skinny ass bones almost like rags. There wasn’t a muscle to be found including his bright white chicken legs. Danny was and to some extent still is a dweeb.

My little brother Sam however saw the izmir escort bayan real Danny that first day. Mom had already seen it. I went over to my grandmother Val.

“He looks like a dork!” I whispered to her.

“Lizzy, that is one book you can’t read by the cover.” Val whispered back. “You read the pages of that book and you will find a man like few others.”

Even from forty feet away Val had seen what mom and Sam had seen. It took me awhile longer.

I didn’t see Danny very often back then but circumstances would change that. Val died when I was fourteen. Our dad was having a rough time then. Mom told us Danny would be coming to spend the a few days.

Jr. and I knew what that meant so we asked to go to our aunt’s instead of staying at home. Sam of course insisted on staying just to see Danny. When mom called the next day I knew they made love the night before. I could hear it in her voice.

I told Jr we needed to go back home the next night and kick Danny out. Our mom is still married and so is Danny. What did she see in him? Besides he is at least ten years younger than mom.

He had bulked up slightly over those last few years but then, and to this day, is still a slender man. He wore suits now, but boring suits, like business suits. On top of that he still had that slightly crooked tooth. I thought I hated him.

When we got home from school mom was waiting for us. The moment I walked in the door and saw her my heart sank. She was in love. Oh mom would never admit it of course, but she had that look, that look she had each day she came home and saw my grandmother Val.

Jr and I were not nice to Danny that night. Early the next morning he came out of mom’s room. I know what they did, I listened to them with my ear pressed against the door.

“Sam was looking for you.” I whispered.

Danny nodded in acknowledgment as I looked at mom’s room again.

“Is she happier now?” I asked, my voice dripping with sarcasm.

Danny glanced over his shoulder at the room. Turning back to face me I expected him to boast about his conquest.

“She misses Val and your dad. But to answer your question, yes I think so.” He whispered.

Danny started to walk past me, I grabbed the sleeve to his robe.

At that very moment I knew what Val meant long before when she told me Danny was special. There was no boasting, no smugness, not even the slightest smirk. Danny looked me straight in the eyes and I knew he loved my mom as much as she loved him.

His being here was not just about sex, it was about helping Sharon grieve and deal with the drama that would surely come. Mom told me Nikki and Kathryn sent him, now I wanted him to stay.

It would be years before events would unfold in ways I couldn’t have imagined back when I was just fourteen. Then the day after I turned twenty one all of my dreams and desires stood before me. It was Danny. Nikki had told me her plan just days ago, since I didn’t know Danny was home he took me by surprise.

He stood in our kitchen unshaven and in a rumpled suit. He was babbling about standing my ground when all I could think of was throwing myself at him. I was confused, and excited, and mad, and ecstatic all rolled up in one ball of emotions.

When he knelt on his knee and presented that black diamond engagement ring ……………………. I knew he would be mine forever. Crooked tooth and all.

With all the fortitude I could muster I gained my composure and listed my terms. I was hot and sweaty from packing when he carried me up the stairs to the shower. I squealed in delight we frolicked in the mist. I made Danny promise me we would get married right away.

The reality set in that we were going to make love, and to be honest I panicked. Short of intercourse I had done some pretty heady stuff the last few years, but Danny had so many lovers. I sent Danny to clean up and bolted to my room. Then I called my mom Sharon.

“Mom Danny proposed and I said yes!” I blurted out.

“I’m so happy for you baby!” Mom shrieked.

“Mom I’m scared …………….. I’ve never….” I started to explain.

“Lizzy, its ok.” Mom whispered.

“What if I’m not good enough?” I whimpered.

“Elizabeth, Danny is in love with you……….” Mom whispered. “Close your eyes baby and think of the first kiss you ever gave him.”

“Their closed.” I replied.

“This will be a hundred times better.” Sharon giggled as she assured me.

“Mom I have to go!”

I wore the sexy things Nikki helped me buy for just this occasion. I was waiting for him when Danny came in my room. His eyes warm, soft and playful, fixed on mine like they did each time we kissed.

I can tell he sees only me at this moment, Danny undressed me then picked me up and lay me back in the bed. His tongue delved between my pussy lips and made my toes curl. Danny had me on the verge of my first orgasm almost immediately.

I struggled to find the will to stop him but I knew izmir escort if I waited any longer I would never recover. I grabbed his head and jerked it from my pulsing gash.

“Later!” I hissed.

Danny looked up, his eyes met mine letting me know that crooked tooth smile was for me. I gripped his cock and guided it inside my pussy. Oh my goodness he is so big! His eyes never left mine as he moved in deeper.

I had to look. After all of these years, all of the kisses, all of the teasing, I had to make sure it wasn’t a dream. Danny knew what I wanted even that first time, I wanted to see. I looked down and confirmed what my pussy was telling me wasn’t a dream. Danny was making love to me.

I gasped at the size of his cock splitting me open. He drug the rippled veins over my clit sending shock waves through me. I gasped in pleasure and pushed my pelvis up to let him know I wanted more. Danny drove me into the bed as my fingernails raked over his back.

“I’m cumming Danny.” I faintly remember saying.

I drove my nails deeper in his back to let him know he shouldn’t stop. He pulled back and drilled me again as the brunt of my orgasm slammed like waves against the shores of my body. I had never felt such an intensity of pleasure like that in my life.

I wrapped my legs behind him and tried to pull Danny deeper. He responded by pinning me to the mattress without moving as I fucked myself with his cock.

“Touchdown!” I cried out as my bucking subsided. I wanted to acknowledge Danny had delivered Nikki’s present.

“Oh god Danny that was so……. soooo…INCREDIBLE!” I purred. “Fill me with your love. Cum in me! I want your baby!” I gushed.

“You’re not protected?” Danny asked. He was clearly upset neither one of us was.

“Danny I’m a virgin why do I need birth control? Do you want to stop?” I remember saying afraid he might be mad.

“Should we shoot for twins?” He asked with a wicked grin.

Danny did love me, we made love several more times that afternoon. Exhausted, satisfied, and happy, I reached between us and guided Danny’s hard slick cock back in my pussy. I whimpered as it slid back deep inside.

“Ah. Right there.” I cooed.

I laid my head on Danny’s chest and closed my eyes. I fell asleep with his hard cock stretching my young black pussy. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

Jr’s girlfriend at the time and now his wife Rachel asked me how I could share Danny with all of the women in his life. I understand the question, but I’m not she will ever understand the answer. To do that you would need to understand Danny himself, and Kathryn.

As for Danny and the women? Nikki explained it best when she answered that same question for me.

“Lizzy when Danny is with you he is with only you.”

It took me a while to truly understand what she was saying but it’s true. I like to explain it like this, Danny is not just ‘with’ you, he gives himself to you.

I told that to Christi one day when we were talking on the subject. Her eyes opened wide and a big grin crossed her face.

“That’s exactly how I feel when I’m with Kat!” She squealed.

“Exactly.” I agreed.


Rachel suggested Danny was some kind of Svengali or polygamist. I have to admit those thoughts had crossed my mind a time or two. The fact is he is neither. Far from being reclusive or controlling Danny encourages independent thinking.

He has supported my mom Sharon in her professional career and even helped her take over her own business. His first wife Nikki is some ways his boss now, his Aunt Sally was his most trusted assistant. His mom Kat has had many job offers and Danny made it clear he would support her decision.

When Nikki’s mom Mary decided to get back with her ex, Mark, Danny facilitated the reunion. When his uncle died it was Danny that promised George he would end it with Sally. Danny is the one that brought Bill and Sally together.

Danny has never stood between any woman and her desires in life. We chose to be with him, to love him, and yes to share him if needed. And it’s not the sex, although his talents have been the subject of many a late night among the women when wine was involved.

Danny is not particularly handsome, but he is striking. If he walked into a party the room would not light up, but if you happened to talk to him as he stood in the shadows watching it all, you would go home glad you met him.

Danny does not so much sell real estate as he lets people buy it. He rarely speaks but when he does you would have heard every word and thought he was so smooth. Danny is friendly but not overly outgoing.

He is flexible but has an inner strength and a firm escort izmir believer in fairness. Danny is generous but frugal, sleeps only four to five hours a night. Loves children as much as they love him. Danny is funny, he can take a joke as well as give one.

Danny is handy with most tools but not an expert. He would watch sports with friends but prefers spending time with the kids. He fishes on occasion but never alone. A voracious reader, he rarely watches TV.

Danny is in most ways an average guy. A nice guy, a dweeb if you will. But he is unique in ways few people get close enough to see. That part of his life he does control.

No, it’s not Danny that is in control of the women in his life, it’s Kathryn. Behind it all she alone is responsible for sharing Danny with us. It was Kat that shared Danny with Nikki. Kat encouraged Sally to seduce her son. Kat protected Nikki from Becky, and yet stood aside without complaint when my mom Sharon stepped in.

Before we married Kat promised me two things. First that she would never come between me and Danny. Second she would let me be myself sexually, and along with Sally, keep my secret. It was Kat that agreed I could bring Christi back to live with us.

So you see as much as this story is about Danny, it really about Kathryn as well. There is no way to explain the love and devotion they have for each other. I think they would both be truly lost without one another. That’s why I promised Kat I would never come between her and Danny.

My secret.

It started when I was younger mostly listening at the door of my mom’s room. By the time I turned eighteen I got bored of doing it alone. It was in college that I enjoyed the first time with others. Even though they didn’t know I was there I felt like part of them.

I had more failures than successes as a student. Most friends refused or found it creepy. That all changed after I married Danny. Sally was the first to figure it out, she even helped me for a while. As time went on Sally knew that she was not the one that could truly satisfy me.

Then there was that fateful day with Kathryn. I was pregnant and emotional. Sally had been so willing. I felt I owed her something in return. I needed my grandmother Val but she passed years earlier. If there was a woman most like her it was Danny’s mom Kathryn.

I wanted it to be right, I wanted it to be special for Sally. I had never made love to a woman before. In my desperation I told Kat what I wanted to do. Kat tried to tell me Sally would help, that she would understand.

It was me that insisted. The more Kat tried to dissuade me the more emotional I became. Seeing how upset I was becoming she finally agreed to teach me what she taught Danny. Kathryn taught me how to satisfy her orally.

Something happened that day as Kat patiently and lovingly helped me learn how to please a woman. We made a connection, spiritually more than sexually. As you know from Danny’s telling of the story I often say Lizzy is not a lezzy. That is mostly true, so let me explain.

I did bring Kat off that day to a glorious orgasm. I fingered myself to my own sexual bliss. I took the lesson Kat taught me and used it on Sally one night as Danny and I made love to her. After that night Sally made me promise I would never do that to her again.

The third time I made love to a woman was after Danny’s uncle died. Kat was with us in the hotel, emotions were high. They had both leaned the fate of someone significant in their lives. It brought back memories of losing my grandmother Val.

I made love to Kat, and to be honest it was the first time I truly enjoyed the entire event. This was not a lesson or a payback. This was my way of showing Kat how much I loved her. Our connection only deepened.

We all knew that George was not going to live much longer. Danny told me he would be sending Sally home where she belonged. She had moved out of our bedroom long before, I knew then Sally would never set foot in it again.

When we took Sally to the resort it was my way of saying goodbye to Sally. It was there we met Christi. I had been with Danny long enough to see the way he looks at people. Like I said he is reserved, observant, and usually very private about his family.

I knew that first day as Christi escorted the two of us back to the cabana. I was getting randy with Sally on the beach when Christi busted us, Danny saw something in her. Later that week Kat called and asked if Christi could spend the night. Even though Danny and I both agreed, I was a bit hurt.

Christi came to visit to see how she would fit in with our family. Danny even sent here along with Cindy and Kat to see Sally. I know Danny wanted Sally’s opinion of Christi not only with Kat but with Sally’s favorite child, Cindy. When they came home I knew Danny would send Christi back to the resort.

What I didn’t expect is he would let his mom leave days later. As you know he has done this many times over the years, but this time was different. As close as Kat and I had become I could still not fill the needs she had as a woman. I was afraid I would lose Kat to Christi if Christi returned. Now I was more afraid of losing Kat forever if she didn’t.

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