6 Kasım 2023

3 Gay Guys 1 Sleepover Part: 4 GRant, T, and Mike


Matt and Dom Left. I got on the computer and aimed with matt and dom. We talked then dom asked if we wanted to go over to his house. Well I thought about and said yes. I packed up some clothes and a sexy black jockstarp. I figured they would like that.

I had my mom drive me over to doms house. At around 2 matt arrived. We walked down to the local YMCA and went swimming agin. This time when we were done a 12 year old named Mike. He had the body of an angel. We walked on him completely naked and said wow that is one big cock. This kid was twelve years old with a large cock. We were stunned that a 12 year old was larger than us. We all got changed then dom went over to mike and asked if he wanted to come over to his house. Mike said sure and we left.

We walked back to doms house and played football. Me and Matt vs Dom and Mike. The Game was tied 7-7 then dom talked me to the ground and didn’t get up. He just layed ontop of me and just stayed there. I began to get a boner and I felt that he was already hard. All of us ran inside and decided tomhave an underwear wrestling match. Dom vs Me was the first match. He wore a grey jockstrap and I wore my black one. I fell ontop of dom and he kissed me on the cheek. He then began kissing my neck and moved to my nipples.
I began to rub his crotch. He then began kissing down my stomach and began licking my crotch. He then went down to my blls then he reached my as hole. He swirled his tongue around there and I let out moan after moan. Then He removed his jockstarp and began to insert his dick into my ass. Then I called over matt to me I removed his boxers and shoved his dick in my mouth he began to moan and moan. Then Dom was fully in and I let iout as small scream moan.

Then Mike came over to my crotch and began sucking my cock. Oh I was being gangbanged and it put me over the edge. I began to feel dom and matt beging to quicken and then matt’s cock pulsed then he shot his cum into my mouth. I swallowed it then suddenly I felt both my and dom’s cock pulse and almost at the same time we both came. I felt the hot lipquid hitting my prostate and I began moaning reall loud while shooting my own juice into mikes mouth. We all got our clothes back on and went downstairs.

At around 8oclock mike had to leave. So it was just me dom and matt alone. We ran upstairs and played truth or dare. First matt was up he asked me to do a striptease then give him a lapdance. I began removing my clothes and dancing really sexually. Dom and Matt both had enormous hard ons. Then I walked over to matt in just my js and began to dance right infron t of his face. Then I got on his lap and began arousing him. Then It was donms turn. Dom asked matt to strip naked. Matt stood up then removed his clothes. Then we were like what the hell we all now this is gonna end with u s having sex so lets just dom it. I grabeed dom and threw him onto his bed. I lubed up my cock and his a hole. Then I slowly pushed in athen pulled out. Then I felt matt shove his dick into my ass. I moved in and out of dom penetrating and being penetrated.

Dom was moaning matt was moaning I was screaming oh matt oh fuck yeah oh fuck yeah fuck my ass hit my prostate oh yeah. Then I began to go really fast then I felt matt tense up and he came in my asss. Then I said oh dom I’m goona cum oh dom I’m cumming and I shot itin his ass. Dom began screaming and I pulled out. gaziantep escort Then Dom threw matt on the bed and shoved his dick into his ass. I stoodon the side and masturbated. After a good fivem minutes of fucking screaming and moaning I stuck matts cock in my mouth and sucked away then my favorite part matt came in my mouth and while dom fucked him I swapped his cum with dom. Then dom overwhelmed with sexual energy pulled out a shot his load all over me and matt. Matt rolled over and began licking up doms cum. And dom licked the cum of of matt. We just sat there for awhile and talked about stuff. Then we fell passionately asleep.

We awoke to the sound of a powersaw. Doms dad was building a shed. We slowly got our clothes on and walked downstairs. We had breakfast the headed out for a run. We Ran a mile then returned back to doms house. While sitting on the grass Atilio and Grant walked over. Grant said hey ryan I said hi.
house. We got their and was immediately introduced to Marc atilio’s little bro. He was very cute and had the eyes of an angel.

We went out into the backyard and grabbed some sodas. We lied about talking about girls since grant and Atilio were Bisexual so they liked girls and guys. After talking T’s dad came and asked us what we wanted for dinner. We answered chicken or burgers. After we ate we walked around the neighborhood then stopped at Curry Freeze. We then had ice cream and heded back home. We got back and walked down to atilios Basement. We palyed Gears Of War 2 and CODWAW. By the time we relized it was 12 oclock. Grant had fallen asleep aswell as matt. So it was me T and Dom. Dom left and went to the computer. Me and Atilio heard two guys moaning and looked over at the computer. Dom was watching porn. So me and atilio talked about relationships and stuff. Then I kissed him on thelips he was like okay and began kissing me back. Then we broke out into a fullblown makeout session. I was grabbing his cute ass and he was rubbing my crotch then dom realized what we were doing and joined in. He began grabbing my as and kissing my neck. Then Grant and Matt woke up they walked over and began to make out.

Me and atilio stopped kissing and I remoed his shirt and pants revealing a pair of cute black briefs. I began kissing his nipples then moved down and down unti I reached his crotch I kissed his dick and balls through his underwear than I slowly bit the waistband and pulled them off. I shoved his dick into my mouth and began to deepthroat his 6” dick.

I bobbed up and down while attilio began moaning and moaning then I took my finger and shoved it into his ass. He was screaming oh yaeh oh yeah ryan I’m gonna cum oh I’m gonna cum. Hen he bucked and he shot his load in my mouth. While this was going on dom matt and grant were anal fuckingn and sucking. They finished up and we swaped people I grabed dom and threw him on the mattress. I began kissing his navel and moved down to hs crotch then I removed his boxers.

I began sucking his dick then I turned around and sat on his dick. His dick penetrated my ass and it felt so good. Then Grant came over and beagn sucking my cock. As I moved up and down doms cock grant sucked way I was beginning to moanloudly and louder then I couldn’t take it anymoe I came all over grants mouth the dom bucked and pulsed then shot his load into myn ass.
Dom pulled out and we all got our clothes back on and fell aslepp.

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