5 Haziran 2021

Zorro’s Girl


This is a resubmission of an April’s Fool story for 2021 with a minor change recommended by a reader. Thank you.


Mardi Gras! Carnival! The season was Emily’s favorite. She loved spring colors, warming weather and, most importantly, wild costumes seen at the crazy parties that were held all over campus during the season. Her roommate Ashley had been invited to a big masquerade party on the last Saturday of the season and wanted Emily to go with her. Emily was torn. She had also been invited to a frat party that same night and as she was getting fairly horny, she thought she’d have the best chance of finding a good hook-up there. But Ashley kept applying pressure until Emily agreed to go with her.

“Look, there will be plenty of guys there and unlike the frat guys, some of these might not be shit-faced by nine pm. That way you’ll get to know them…”

“Ok, ok, Ash, I’ll go with you. There just had better be some nice guys there who are willing to make me happy. I’m feeling an itch, you know?”

“What? You plan on sleeping with someone that night?”

“Look, I’m horny. Jack dumped me six months ago and my BOB isn’t enough. I need some serious dick.”

“OK, Em, we’ll see what we can do. What costume are you gonna wear?”

“I haven’t decided yet. I want something sexy, but not slutty. I hate those stupid little nurse outfits that barely cover your ass. I’ll go to Carol’s Party Store and see what they have.”

The very next day she swung by the store after her last class. For Mardi Gras the store featured lots of decorations and had a large shipping container filled with costumes brought in for people to try. Once she told them she was interested in sexy but not slutty, the staff suggested she try something long and slinky. Out in the container she wandered back and forth until she found it: a flamenco dress. It seemed to be about the right size so she took it into the store to try it on. It fit like a glove. The strapless dress was held up by her boobs and a prayer. It was deep red and skin tight from the top clear to upper-thighs, where it became black and flared out a bit.

The owner Carol congratulated Emily on the choice. “That fits the bill perfectly. All you need to do is pull your hair up into a bun on the side, stick a rose through it and wear the deepest red lipstick you can find. You’ll be sex personified.”

“I hope so. I really want to get some guys’ attention.”

“Honey, that will get their attention. Hell, that dress could even get me interested,” Carol laughed. “Here, slip it off and pay up front. I’ll need it back no later than seven days after the party, OK?”

Once she got back to her room, Emily tried it on for Ashley.

“Oh, my God, that’s the sexiest outfit of all. You’re not exposed, but anyone can see you’ve got a figure to die for. I want to hang around with you, maybe I can snag some of your rejects,” Ashley giggled.

“Well, I’m going to go and have fun. Two, or maybe three drinks max. I don’t want to be so blitzed that I can’t enjoy any guy I might land. I just hope I can still dance in this dress.”

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll do fine. Now let me show you my witches outfit.”


The next few days before the party were hectic. Emily had three exams and a paper to turn in but she was still able to call around and order a single red rose and arrange for a time at the beauty parlor on the afternoon of the party. She wanted a tight bun to be made off to the side of her head and the rose, with thorns removed, would be threaded through the bun. Light mascara, faint eye shadow and deep red lipstick would complete the outfit.

On the evening of the dance Emily ate a light meal and then went to her room to get ready. Since her hair had been professionally done earlier that day, she wore a shower cap while she cleaned up. Once she was dry, she used a tiny bit of perfume on her neck, above her breasts and just above her trimmed pubic hair. She pulled on a tiny thong and got out the dress. There was a tiny hidden zipper along the side from the waist up to the top. She undid this and pulled the dress up until it covered her breasts. Watching herself in the mirror she could see how incredibly sexy she looked. Once the zipper was pulled up, she realized two things: First, the thong had to go; one could clearly see it under the dress, so she reached down and pulled it off. Secondly, she knew she’d have to use tape to help keep the dress up over her breasts. After loosening the zipper, she pulled the top away from her breasts and realized there were already two horizontal strips with double-sided adhesive tape. Once she peeled the backing off the strips, she pulled the dress up and rubbed the dress to get the tape to stick to her skin. It felt odd since the tape crossed the tops of her areolas, just missing her nipples. In any event, she felt more confident that her dress would not suffer a wardrobe malfunction.

Just before leaving Emily stood in front of the mirror and thought she looked pretty hot. She knew she was çubuk escort moderately attractive. She was slightly on the tall side at five feet, nine inches and was slightly thin, but she had two very fine gifts of nature on her chest. She figured if she had been much smaller the dress would not have stayed up. As it was, her breasts stood out proud and drew attention away from what she considered was a slightly, too-big ass. She took the rose, threaded it through the bun, put on her three-inch heels and went out for Ashley’s inspection.

Ashley couldn’t stop raving about how good Emily looked as they got ready to head over to the party. “Oh, Em, you look like sex personified. I would kill just to look half as good as you.”

“Thank you. I hope some hunk thinks I’m hot. I really need to get laid.”

“Heh, you don’t need to worry about that. I bet there won’t be a limp dick in the whole place once you walk in.”

“I know, but I’ll need a tall guy, with these heels I’m almost six feet tall.”

“Well, you know what they say about tall guys…they’re generally well endowed.”

“I’d go for average, I’m so horny. Common, let’s go. I need a Lyft ’cause of my heels, OK?”

As they walked up the sidewalk to the house, they could hear the low pulsation of the bass music and the laughter and shrieks of the guests. It promised to be a fun party. Once inside they found a madhouse of costumed people. Emily recognized a few but to her delight, there were dozens of guys she did not know, several of whom were well over six feet. She was excited to think that she might be able to find a new guy somewhere in the crowd.

Right after they went in, Ashley and Emily were offered glasses of sweet, white wine. Emily preferred something with a bit more subtle taste and tartness so she nursed her drink slowly. She had promised herself not to overindulge, so holding onto the glass would keep her hands occupied and prevent anyone from pushing another drink at her.

Suddenly she was aware of guys looking at her. Some were very discrete but some just blatantly eyed her. One fellow even stared open-mouthed at her so she looked over at him and once she got his attention, that is when he was no longer looking at her boobs, she stuck her tongue out at him. He quickly looked away, blushing as he did. “Well, that’s one I can cross off the list,” she thought to herself.

It wasn’t long until she was asked to dance. A tall, lion-costumed guy approached her, introduced himself at the ‘Cowardly Lion’ and asked her to dance. Although she couldn’t see his face inside the lion’s head, he seemed to be nice and proved to be a good dancer. They danced a few fast tunes and then one slow tune. They couldn’t talk too much due to the loud music but she understood him to be a business major. He was quite the gentleman and didn’t try to dance too close or grope her ass so when the slow tune was finished, she told him she might look for him later in the evening.

The next guy, a bit shorter, was dressed up as a clown. Dancing with him was a problem due to the monstrous fake shoes that extended at least twenty inches. She kept tripping on them and then he accidentally kicked her shin. Although they laughed about it, she just didn’t have a good feeling about him so she declined a second dance.

Then there was an alien with a rubber mask. He wasn’t bad so she danced with him a few times before another alien-like creature cut in and started to dance. He clearly didn’t have any sense of rhythm and looked funny with his elbows jutting out and knees wobbling. She could hardly keep from laughing but was able to graciously decline another dance.

After getting a snack and finishing a second glass of wine, she felt much better. There was just the hint of a buzz as she loosened up and danced over the next hour or so with several different guys. But none of them seemed to be what she was looking for. Sure, some of them were nice, but her body was seeking a spark, a sign that would tell her that he was the one.

Between dances she would talk and gossip with some of her friends and classmates. She caught up on which profs to get for the next semester and who was sleeping with whom. It was around eleven pm that the D.J. started playing mostly slower and more mellow tunes. One guy she danced with was just a bit too handsy and she had to slap his mitts off her butt. “Jesus,” she thought to herself, “Here I wanna get laid and all he had to do was play it cool and I might have been interested. Guys just don’t have a clue, sometimes.”

She left him on the dance floor and wandered out of the main room and down a short hallway to the bathroom. After finishing there she saw several people entering and leaving a door further down a darkened hallway. Curious, she went there to see poorly lit room with just one dim light in a corner. The room oozed of hormones, pheromones and plain lust. Many couples were dancing closely and gyrating on each other while some women were sinuously shimmying in front of demetevler escort their partners. The costumes were generally sexier with more skin and even some nipples exposed. One woman was stripped to the waist and had a fluorescent face painted on her torso. The eyes were painted on her smallish boobs and wiggled up and down slightly as she danced. Emily scanned the crowd and was amused at how many of the guys were staring at the bouncing boobs. “Geeze,” she thought, “Haven’t these guys ever seen boobs in real life?”

In no time at all she was approached by Frankenstein who asked her to dance. He was at least six inches taller than she and had nice, muscular arms. She felt so petite next to him, even in her high heels. They danced to a couple of tunes before she felt the beginning of his excitement. “Maybe, just maybe,” she thought, “This could be the end of my drought.”

Near the end of the second song, he was holding her very close and let his hands drift down to her lower back and butt. Before, she had slapped a guy’s hands for fondling her, however here she was very glad for the attention. She nuzzled up against him, reached up with her hand and lightly stroked one nipple. “If that doesn’t tell him something, nothing will,” she mused.

The song ended and as they stood there a foot or two apart, she felt a tap on her shoulder. Zorro stood there, nodded to Frankenstein and whispered in a hoarse voice, “May I?” Suddenly Emily forgot all about Frankenstein. Zorro was unbelievably striking. He was not quite as tall as Frankenstein but had a handsome, squarish jaw under a half-mask covering his eyes and forehead. He wore a brilliant, white shirt with a fluffy collar, a heavy vest and a coat with a red and black cape. The slacks were tight and fit his lean legs like those of a professional dancer. His lips appeared sensuous and she suddenly couldn’t wait to taste them. She turned to Frankenstein, thanked him for the dances and turned to Zorro.

“Sure, I’ll dance with you.” As they came together, she could feel the thin but muscular arm that held her while her left hand clasped his slightly calloused right. Once the tune started, Emily was transported by the sensual moves of her dance partner. After just a few seconds she figured he must be a trained dancer. His timing was impeccable, his leading her was smooth and controlling and his eyes stared unblinking into hers. As sexy and sensual as his dancing was, he kept his body just a fraction of an inch from hers, leading her with just his arms and feet. Emily had never had such a skilled dance partner, particularly one who exuded sex appeal like Zorro did. She felt she was the total object of his concentration. As fun as Frankenstein had been, Zorro was more intriguing and way, way sexier.

“Maybe this is the guy for me,” she thought as he led her through a series of complicated twirls and dips. She was getting almost giddy with excitement even though he had not done one single thing the least bit inappropriate. “He respects me, but his eyes are saying he wants me,” she thought.

After their first dance, an alien came up and asked for a dance. Zorro pulled her close and shook his head ‘No.’ Emily was so relieved she didn’t have to turn the guy down and she was delighted that Zorro clearly wanted her. “Thanks for asking, but Zorro and I are together for the night,” she lied, partly to be nice to the alien and partly to let Zorro know she was interested.

The next tune was a slower one and Zorro led her through a series of sensual steps and turns that made her heart sing. She felt like a goddess as she followed his lead. She never considered herself a great dancer, but here Zorro was turning her into Ginger Rogers in the arms of Fred Astaire. They swayed, they spun, they seemed to be in complete sync as they moved around the room. Being in the arms of a man like him was uplifting, exciting, sensual and, most importantly, sexy as hell.

After the second dance she reached up and hugged him lightly. Unlike so many guys, he accepted her hug but quickly released himself, smiling down at her. “You are a fantastic dancer. You make me feel like a dancing queen,” she whispered up at him, “Would you want to keep dancing a bit more?”

Zorro nodded ‘yes’ and just as the music started up again, Emily felt herself being transported once again into a world of music and motion. They then danced a fourth time and then a fifth. Instead of getting tired, she was invigorated and wanted even more. She had a quick fantasy about being on Dancing with the Stars and how she and Zorro would take the top prize.

After their sixth or seventh dance (Who was counting, anyway?), she suddenly became aware of her physical response. She was getting turned on! She could feel her nipples beading up. And she could feel herself getting wet. Emily could produce a lot of moisture when she was sexually excited. One of her previous boyfriends had commented on it saying he’d never seen so much lubrication with other women. And now ankara escort that she had no underwear on, she was worried about getting her dress wet if she went to sit down. As it was, she could feel a beginning trickle along one thigh.

Then she thought to herself that she just didn’t care. She had come to this party wanting to have a guy, wanting to get laid. And if she was super wet, well, so be it. With this more relaxed attitude she began to enjoy herself anew. Partway through the next dance she reached up and offered her lips for a kiss. Zorro bent down and with the tenderest of kisses took absolute control. The kiss was sweet and probing, but Zorro didn’t try to thrust his tongue to her tonsils. No, his tongue teased, stroked and caressed hers. His tongue made love to hers while the two continued to dance slowly and sinuously. Once they broke apart, Emily looked into his masked eyes and saw raw, naked desire.

She felt him take her hand as he turned and started to work their way through the dancers. Once at the door, he led her away from the crowd and further down the darkened hallway. At some stairs she was escorted down and then to a door at the far end of another, shorter hallway. After he pushed it open, she saw the room was completely dark, save for a tiny bit of light from a darkened TV console. Her heart beat rapidly as she realized that her dream was certainly coming true. She was going to get lucky!

She heard a lock click before Zorro started backing her up gradually until a bed was just behind her knees. He pushed her a bit more as she fell back with a giggle and then he crawled on top. She reached her arms around him only to have them gently, but definitely, pushed back onto the sheets above her head by his calloused hands. Zorro then climbed on her and attacked her lips. The kisses were tender yet determined. They were sweet, yet dominating. They were light and teasing, yet so masculine. Such kisses she had never, ever experienced.

She struggled a bit to release her hands pinned to the sheets only to be met by a soft, “Uh-uh.”

“Please, I want to feel you.”


Emily was never one to be submissive, but that night it seemed perfectly ok and part of their costumed character’s personalities. She had been a sinuous and sexy dancer and now Zorro was in control and claiming her as his prize.

Then he released her hands. She started to bring them down and he pushed them back up. “Uh-uh,” he whispered.

She relaxed a few seconds until he let go and then she tried a third time. His hands grabbed hers again and pinned them to the sheets. “No!” he muttered through clenched teeth. “Not tonight.”

Emily knew she had to follow his commands, yet she felt perfectly safe with him. Because he was tender and loving but oh so much in charge, she relaxed back to let him take over. After a few more minutes of ever-increasingly demanding kisses, he relaxed his hold on her hands. “Don’t move.”

She didn’t dare as she felt him lower his hands to hold her face, gently but firmly, as he kissed her again and again. Then his kisses drifted down to her neck and across her upper chest. “He’s going for my boobs,” her heart sang. “Yes! Tonight’s my night.” Then she felt him fingering the top of her bodice and curl his fingertips under the cloth. She could tell he was wanting to pull the top down but the tape prevented it. Without warning Zorro grabbed the top and yanked it down. She gasped as zings of stinging pain tore across her breasts and areolas where the tape had been. Just as quickly, the zings were soothed by a slow, long lick of Zorro’s sweet, moist tongue. Her gasps were replaced by moans of delight.

Zorro then made love to her breasts. There was no rushing; these kisses were not just a pause on the way to her pussy. These kisses were heavenly. Sort little dabs followed long, slow licks. Long, deep sucks followed short little pecks. Just when Emily thought she was getting used to one type of kiss, Zorro changed things up again and again. And whichever nipple was not being kissed was being rubbed by his fingers with their slightly roughen tips. The contrast of delicate mouth work on one side and the slight chafing on the other drove her excitement further.

She moaned over and over, not believing what wonderful sensations coursed through her body. At one point she was able to mutter briefly, “You know just what to do, don’t you?”

“Mmm-hmm,” was the response with the vocal vibrations stimulating her even more. Then it appeared as if everything that he’d done up to that point had been mere foreplay. He started to more intensely make love to her nipples. He teased, he nibbled, he sucked and he even bit lightly, only to follow with soft licks. Emily found herself suddenly arching her back, taking in deeper and deeper breaths. Her hands clutched at the sheets over her head and then it happened. One of the more powerful orgasms she had ever experienced tore through her body. Her body pulsated and throbbed. Piercing, intense pleasure shot from her nipples to her brain as she saw vivid colors in her mind and heard someone in the room screaming out, “Oh, God, oh God, oh God…” Eventually she relaxed back onto the bed, gasping for air. A few minutes later while Zorro gently licked her nipples, she reached down to gently stroke his hair.

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