5 Haziran 2021

Yup, Still In Highschool


Peeking around the corner of my moms house, I check to see if the coast is clear. Seeing no sign of my mom, I tiptoe towards the stairs, with you close behind me. Rasing a finger to my lips, I motion for you to follow me upstairs. When we reach my bedroom, all hell breaks loose. Your hands are all over me, up, down, everywhere. Under my shirt, in my pants, everywhere. I can’t say my hands were dormant, though…they were going places. Dirty places. Tearing each other’s clothes off, I crash on top of you onto my bed.Waiting for my mom to leave was fucking hell…

I heard a faint voice from the bottom of the stairs. Stopping the mad feel-up-frenzy, I listen to hear what she’s saying. Yelling okay, I return to my previous commitment. Occasionally looking out the window to see if my mom has left, I’m all over you…licking you, everywhere. Making my way from your neck, to your chest, to your stomach, to your sex, pushing my face against it, kissing it, licking it. Just grasping it between my hands, I enclose your head in my mouth, and circle it with my tongue, mapping out a mental image of it. Hearing the car keçiören escort engine start and the sound of the car backing out of the driveway, the action intensifies; you flip me over, and grab me by the throat. Startled, I freeze, but you don’t pull your hand away. Your grip was loose, but not loose enough for me to break away. Giving me a look of reassurance, you inhale a great big whiff of my throbbing sex, you lick me from my lower lips all the way up to my tits, sucking them, and inserting a finger in me. Gasping, I seize the hand you’re holding my throat with, not in an attempt to push you away, but to stabilize myself. The shear blow of pleasure took the breath out of me. Pulling out your fingers, you tighten your grip around my throat and shove two into me, and begin to slowly pump. My face is tingling, and I grope around for your cock, and find it hard and raised. Raising my eyebrow, I start to fist you. You slow down on your service to me and eventually stop and pull out.

I keep handing you, and your eyes close and you need to lie down…Rolling over, I climb on top of you, kızılay escort stradling your legs, and lean forward. Opening my mouth, your eyes open and watch me as I lower my mouth down over your shaft. My breath is hot on your cock, my tongue soft and warm. Moving my hand and head in opposite directions, I simulate a steaming pussy with magic fingers. Quite enticing. I watch your hands grip the blankets and I can feel you thrusting your hips upward, toward my face, going deeper and hitting the back of my throat with your head. Taking a deep breath, I push my head downward, hard, and get it all the way in, and my lips brush the base of your pulsing shaft. I continue this for a minute and then pull away. Wiping my mouth with the back of my hand, I shift my body forward, over your hardened cock, my dripping pussy touches the head and I feel it jump. Smiling, I continue my trek up your body until I’m stradling your waist. I lick your lips and lean forward, reach behind me and guide your cock to my steaming lips.

Hitting the entrance, I hold my breath and you hold yours, I sit back, and it slides ankara escort in….all the way, jabbing me in the stomach. You reach up, yet again, and snatch my throat. Your other hand falls to my tits, and you squeeze them while I ride you, up and down, up and down. My hungry snatch eating you all up, every last centimeter of your cock is inside me. Increasing pumping speed and oxygen intake, I squeeze my eyes shut and grip your sides, forgetting all else but what is before me. You feel my tunnel closing around your cock as I near orgasm. That sets you off, sending waves of pleasure through your body. As we both approach orgasm, we intensify the strokes ever more deeply. Hard, fast piston-like motions capture us in a machine like state, and feeling your overwhelmed prick begin to spasm, I clench and tickle my mountainous clit. Our hands grasp one another tightly and excitedly, our breathing evolving into gasps as a wave of heat encloses our mortal flesh, and releases us into a world unknown by the real. A sheet of tingles, pressure, heat, relief and exhaustion covers us and we mentally collapse, unable to move. The tension is so high, you forget to breathe, and you exhale loudly and suddenly. I collapse onto your sweat-glistened chest, my tits smacking against the wet, hard surface. We drift in and out of a light sleep as the exhaustion from passion engulfs us both.

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