5 Haziran 2021

You Come To My House


You come over wearing jeans and a sexy cotton top. I don’t care what colour it is, you look gorgeous anyway… I am wearing a t-shirt and shorts, nothing special. As you enter I give you a kiss on your lips, an elongated peck as it were, touching your hip as I do and invite you in.

I make you a cup of tea (or coffee, whatever it is you want) and we cuddle together on the couch under a blanket watching a movie. We start out holding hands. You know how nervous one can be. You never know how far to push it. Then some way during the movie your head drops to my shoulder, then my arm is around you and we are still holding hands.

Just after the movie you look at me, with a tired look in your face. That same look everyone gets after watching a long movie in a comfortable place. You look at me and smile and I smile back, feeling the tension build, knowing that I want to kiss you.

I look into your eyes and lean a little forward. Just enough for our lips to meet. Our eyes close and we savour that initial touch. My whole body tingles as I kiss you slightly harder. Our lips part for our tongues to meet. You shift your body to get easier access to me. We make out for what seems like forever. The excitement wells up inside me and I feel like I am about to explode. Our arms are wrapped around each other. Holding tight onto this moment.

You break away and move onto my lap, facing me and we continue in our kissing frenzy. Our tongues wrestling together savouring the sweetness of each other passion. I love the sounds made while kissing, the short gasps of breath, the smack of lips together, and the moans of pleasure.

The whole experience make my body go in slow motion to appreciate what is happening. My toes are slightly cold from sticking out the blanket; my calves are tensing up, trying hard not to thrust upwards to you, but wanting to all the same. My thighs feel yours on them, the touch drives me wild. My stomach is in knots. Nervous because it knows what I want to do, and excited because it may happen. My chest can feel your breast brush me every now and then, increasing my excitement with every touch. My shoulders feel your arms around me and your hand is occasionally on my neck. My lips are sending every little touch of your lips and every little flick of your tongue all the way back to my toes to start again.

You move your hands down onto my chest, pushing hard against me. My hands are on the small of your back playing with the bottom of your top, hinting that I want to take it off.

You slide your hands further down and touch my crotch. You can feel eryaman escort that I am very very turned on. My erection is straining hard to break free from my pants. You break the kiss and remove your top. My hands jump at the opportunity to touch your skin. And they slide quickly up your back and pull you back in to kiss me. You tug at my shirt and I sit up to remove it. We must look so sexy from the corner of the room.

Our kissing has transgressed from the nervous new kiss, to the wild passionate kiss. Our breathing is heavier and every touch is less of a caress, but still gentle. I unfasten your bra and remove it. Our kiss breaks long enough for us to look into each other’s eyes. I bite my lip gently and you smile. What a beautiful smile. I wish I could look at it all day. This pause is amazing, it gives us enough time to appreciate the fact that our semi naked bodies are so close together. I manage to utter a few words,” I want you!”

You start kissing me again. You kiss me hard like you never want it to end. Your hands are on my chest, my hands move from your hips up to your breasts, caressing them, squeezing gently and flicking a finger over your nipples.

I break the kiss and start kissing your neck. I can hear you moan and I move up and nibble your ear lobe a little. Then I kiss downward and start licking your nipple. Nibbling lightly every now and then and sucking it into my mouth in between. Your one hand is behind my head, encouraging me while the other slides down and is trying to get into my pants.

You kiss my neck and nibble on my ear while you touch me, this activity has made me very hard and my body tingles at your touch. I want to return the favour but your jeans are difficult to get into at this angle. My hand finds your crotch and is caressing you through your jeans. I can feel you are very hot for me and it makes me even harder.

I moan your name in the heat of passion. It feels incredible but is so frustrating at the same time. You stop kissing me and climb of my lap. I lean forward and start kissing your tummy. Undoing your jeans at the same time and sliding them down. I look up at you as you step out of them and kick them to one side. My hand slides between your thighs to touch you. Your panties are all wet as I push them to one side and trace you upwards with my finger, finding your clit and circling around it and back down, only to trace back up again and circle your clit again.

I take both hands and pull your panties down to the floor. You have an exquisite naked body. I just want to explore esat escort it and appreciate every inch of you. You drop to your knees and pull my pants off me. Your hand is again stroking me. I lean forward and kiss you, trying to prolong what is about to happen. You kiss me back but push me away back into the chair. Then you lean forward and take me into your mouth. I have never felt as aroused as I do. I start to question what I must have done right to feel the pleasure I am feeling right now. You look up at me in between and see me in awe of you. your hand and mouth taking me and teasing me, making me want you more…

I stop you and suggest we go upstairs. You nod and smile and we both stand up and embrace each other in another kiss. Our bodies right up against each other. Our arms holding tight, not wanting to let go.

I lead you up the stairs and jokingly push you onto the bed. Then I jump on top of you and make silly roaring noises as I playfully bite at your tummy then your neck. I enjoy hearing your laugh. It makes me smile so much my cheeks hurt.

We kiss again, your arms around my neck and I’m propped up above you. I move to position myself between your legs. Again I feel your thighs against mine. It feels so much better without clothes.

I take your arms from around my neck and lightly pin you down. “I’ve got you now Kate.” I say.” I bet you like to be teased.”

Smiling at you a push forward and allow the head of my dick to brush your clit. I then rock back and forth, teasing you. I place myself almost ready to enter you, asking you if you want it. As I tease you by pushing just a little into you and then pulling out again. I want to know of you want it first… and how bad?

I let your hands go and kiss your ear, then down to your neck. I move from your left to your right and kiss further down your chest. I stop to flick my tongue over your nipples. I give both breasts a few minutes of attention, kissing and licking while caressing with my hands giving you a gentle squeeze occasionally.

I trace a line of kisses down your tummy and across your navel. I kiss right down approaching your clit, but I move to your thigh and kiss up the inside of your leg. I ask you to roll over onto your tummy and I start at your neck again, kissing and taking a nibble on your ear. I massage your shoulders for a short while before leaning in to place lots of little kisses all over your back. I kiss down your back before making a cheeky bite on your bum then I trace kisses back up your back again.

I motion you onto your back ankara escort again. I take your leg and kiss upwards from your calf, onto your thigh. Right up to your pussy (can I call it that? I hope its not offensive) where I give you a long lick, from the bottom to your clit. I move across to your other leg where I kiss up your thigh to your calf. By the time I get to your calf, my hand is touching you, appreciating how wet you are for me. I kiss back down your leg and get into a position where I can go down on you properly. I reach up and caress your breast with one hand while the other is on your tummy. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoy doing it…

While my tongue makes small flicking circles on your clit I look up to take in your body. You are so sexy. All I want to do is please you. I can hear you moan and I know I can bring you to an orgasm like this. I feel you pulling my arm up wards, beckoning me to get on top of you.

I get up and move onto you, your legs touching me all the way. I look into your eyes and the head of my dick meets your entrance again. I push a little, just enough to enter you slightly. It feels so good; your body wants to accept me inside you. None of my wildest fantasies compare to this. As I push very lightly in and out of you, not going any further in, teasing you and making you want me.

You are moaning for me to enter you, tugging at my back wanting me. I also want you so bad. In one slow movement, I push deep into you making it last. I feel every nerve tingle as my whole body feels nothing except for my dick, commanding all my senses to pay attention to what is happening. I am so hard and you are so wet we just fit together perfectly. I lean in and kiss you as I am fully inside you. I don’t want to move, I wish we could push pause and stay like this.

I start sliding out of you again as we look into each others eyes. Our passion is linked as we make love. Every movement is like a new orgasm for me as I am slowly in and out of you. We are going faster and our breathing gets heavier. We gaze into each others eyes and all we can both say is our names,” Jeff,” you moan.



It’s becoming more urgent now and I am going a lot faster than I started. The pleasure is swelling up. I can feel your breathing get heavy. I can feel your body tense up. Your hands grabbing at me, pulling me closer in an attempt to make our bodies one.



Your arms pull me close as your eyes close. Your pussy tightens around me and your legs pull me in. You can feel my dick shudder as my body also tenses up. I fell every pulse of your orgasm and you feel every pulse of mine as we share the pleasure of coming together.

For a few minutes we lay just like that, catching our breath. I get off you and lay next to you. Kissing your lips and wrapping my arms around you.

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