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Wilmington Woman’s Club Ch. 69


Chapter 69
Desoto Lines Up Talent for Val

Private Investigator Thomas Alva Desoto hung up the phone and smiled broadly. Fucking perfect! He thought. Valerie Marcolina would probably suck his dick when he told her what was on the plate for one of her meetings.

He had learned of a certain professor at UNCG who had a specialty that involved his seducing coeds — not all that unusual on a college campus, but this guy had taken seduction to another level — he had the young women performing before small audiences and filmed the proceedings for sales to certain collectors but not for general distribution.

Desoto followed the professor into the TGIF’s restaurant, and sat two stools away from him at the bar. Desoto waited until the professor placed his order then waited a little longer in the event someone was going to join the man he had under surveillance.

When no one did, Desoto shifted his lean frame to the seat beside the professor. “Hello, Mr. Blake,” he said, startling the professor.

“Have we met?” Blake asked pointedly.


“Oh, but you know my name?”

“You are a professor at the college are you not?”

“I am.”

“Professor Blake, my name is Thomas Desoto. I’m a private investigator.”

Desoto noted Blake stiffen at the last, and decided to press the attack. “You have a … shall we say… thing with certain female students that I’d like to discuss with you.”

He had Blake’s full attention.

“I’m not here to arrest you, nor do I wish to harm you in any way. In fact, I have an offer.”

“An offer?”

“Yes, professor, I have a client who would be interested in having you put on one of your performances for her and some friends.”

“Do you, now?”

“Yes, and it pays well.”

“Let me see if I understand you. You say I have a… thing with certain students.”

“Female students.”

Blake went on as if Desoto hadn’t uttered a word. “And you want me to put on some kind of performance for some female client of yours?”

“That is correct, sir.”

“For a substantial sum of money. Is that correct?”

Desoto realized the Professor wasn’t buying and tried to turn him back on course. “Professor, I’m not threatening you. I’m merely offering you a proposition.”

“A proposition? I think I had better call the police. Or are you the police, Desoto?”

“I assure you I’m not the police. I am as I said a private investigator.” He slid his business card across the bar to the professor.

“Who’s the woman?”

“I can’t tell you that without consulting her.”

“Consult away,” the professor said. “Until then, leave me alone.”


Ten minutes later, Desoto was telling Val about the meeting and how he had learned of the professor’s sexual proclivities with the students.

“I’ll meet with him. Can you get back with him tonight?”

If he’s still at the bar. I’ll check and get right back to you.”

“Do that, and thanks. This sounds intriguing.

It took an hour, but the three of them wound up sitting in Val’s Mercedes in a darkened corner of TGIF’s parking lot.

Val took control from the start. “My name is Valerie Marcolina. Do you recognize the name?”

Dorian Blake was no fool and said, “I recognize it. Am I to take it that you are Mrs. Joseph Marcolina?”

“I am. I have formed a little club, Mr. Blake, or do you prefer being called Professor Blake?”

“Please, call me Dorian,” he said smoothly. He was attracted to the lithe brunette sitting next to him. Desoto sat in the back, smoking a cigarette.

“Dorian, then,” Val said, “my club is just getting off the ground. It will involve sex, Dorian. A great deal of sex for me and the members, all of whom are female. I am willing to pay handsomely for certain services that may entertain the members of the club. Is that sufficient information for you?”

“I am very fond of money, Mrs. Marcolina. Let’s talk about risk.”


“Yes, my proclivities involve a certain degree of risk. My career as it is would be over with should these acts become known. You ask that I perform before your members, fine and good. But what if one or more should for whatever reason, become disenchanted with you and or the club and go to the authorities. District Attorneys use such cases to rise politically. No amount of clout can curtail them when they smell blood, Mrs. Marcolina.”

“What if the District Attorney’s wife were a member, Dorian?”

“Then I would be suitably impressed, Mrs. Marcolina. Is that the case?”

“It is on my agenda. I’ll be approaching her tomorrow.”

“Assuming you inveigle her to join, what kind of money are we talking about?”

“Exactly what kind of show are you providing?”

“Touché, Mrs. Marcolina. As a matter of fact, I have something in the works for this weekend.”

“Can you make it Friday night?”

“Why not?”

“So what are you offering? I’d like to know in order to establish a dollar value to it.”

Dorian smiled and said, “Earlier this evening a young woman came calling. She told me, and I quote: maltepe escort ‘I can’t stop thinking about what you did to me. I really, really enjoyed it.’

“The truth was she wanted to watch the tape we’d made last weekend. Of course, I knew why she had come. I had already established a set of rules for her to comply with, and so while she — her name is Zara — leaned over the coffee table, I put the DVD of the event on.

I positioned myself behind her… does this type conversation embarrass you, Mrs. Marcolina?”

“No, not at all. Please continue.” She glanced in the rear-view mirror and caught Desoto rearranging his slacks, and smiled.

“Zara wore sweatpants. A convenience in that she was already prepared to have a nice little fuck. On the screen I was in the process of cutting her clothing off. A cheap and well used sweat suit she had been told to wear for the occasion.

“I pulled her sweatpants down to her ankles and finding her quite wet, entered her. Zara was almost totally engrossed with the goings on on the screen.

“Remember how nervous you were, Zara?” I asked her.

“Uh-huh!” she replied dully, already engrossed in the goings on before her, and quite possibly what I was up too behind her.

“I was fucking her twice: once in her mind; from the visual presented her by the eroticism on the screen; and again by my actual penetration. On the screen she could see herself standing completely naked with her arms bound behind her and her long slender body filling the picture on the screen. As I fucked her we both heard her recorded voice chanting, ‘My body belongs to him. He can do whatever he wants to it.’ When she began to repeat the chant — I’m speaking real time now, I gave her a good smack on the ass, and unable to control herself, Zara came hard, knowing that it was all too true.”

“Is that where you left it?” Val asked, thinking she already had the answer.

“Um, we stayed together and I played with her tits as we watched her orgasm on screen. I caressed her face and neck as she swallowed my ejaculate on screen. And I told her she was free to come back anytime to watch it with me.”

Desoto spoke for the first time since entering the Mercedes, “Will she willingly perform for Mrs. Marcolina?”

“I think for the right amount I can bring three girls and another gentleman besides myself. I can have them do any number of things. Is that suitable for your tastes?”

“Friday night, downtown. You know the little stage they put plays on? It’s on Front Street. I can’t recall the name.”

“I know exactly where you mean,” Dorian said.

“Fine. How does $4000 sound?” Val said.

“The monies good, but what about security and more importantly, maintaining secrecy with respect to our identities. Someone may recognize one or more of my performers. I will wear a hood and mask.”

“Well, anything is possible, but I don’t see any of the members letting the cat out of the bag, so to speak. They all have a lot to lose themselves. These are respectable women. Some married, some not, but all have professional careers to think of. I think it’s safe to say they won’t reveal anyone’s identity. Now as to whether they tell someone else about what they’ve seen… I guess they will. It sounds to hot to contain in that regard. But that will only attract more women to the club.”

“I’m sure it will,” the professor said, accepting Val’s assurances of confidentiality.


After the professor left, Val gave Desoto $550 for his services and asked him to have the man who fellated himself show up on Friday as well.

“Consider it done,” Desoto said. Then as he was opening the door to let himself out, he asked, “Is there any chance that I might be able to attend one of these performances?”

Val smiled and said, “There might be a time and a place for you Thomas. The question is will you be up for it?”

Desoto understood exactly what she meant and slowly took his penis out and stroked it until fully erect.

“Am I up for it, Mrs. Marcolina?”

“Come in here; sit next to me, Thomas.”

Desoto joined her in the front seat and without another word Val lowered her head to his crotch, opened her sexy mouth and licked the head of his rampant cock while looking into his eyes.

At first, Desoto sat there in a daze, moaning with the pleasure, playing with Val’s breasts, eyes shut and head lolled back; the very picture of a man who has just entered nirvana.

Val was sizzling hot. Desoto was a good looking man and she had not had much in the way of sex since catching Joe with his bimbo, and now that he was fucking Bernie too Val would never let him near her again. Returning to the moment, she realized she was really enjoying giving him a good suck and a hand-job, and how hot and hard he was.

Just then, Desoto’s eyes snapped open. “Oh, God, I’m going to come!”

She gripped his cock harder, squeezing it as hard as she could and jerked even faster. Her shoulder ached, but she ignored it. Desoto moaned wordlessly, his body went rigid, and he lifted mamak escort up off the seat, thrusting into Val’s hungry mouth.

She stayed with him, sucking hard and swallowing the load that he was splattering against the roof of her mouth. She kept stroking, milking his cock even as he started to get soft. Val took him from her mouth and examined him close-up. She was looking for more of his sperm but saw none and slipped him back into her mouth and resumed sucking him although he was rapidly becoming flaccid.

Eventually he fell from her mouth and she grabbed him and inspected him once again; this time she spotted a drop of semen oozing from the tip and her tongue leapt out and captured the tiny amount and she moaned happily as she swallowed the last traces of his seed.

“Ooooh, Desoto, I never thought you had it like this! God, I should have gotten a piece of you sooner. Call me tomorrow morning. I want to see just how well you move that ass of yours.”

“Should I reserve a room at the Hilton?” he asked.

“Do that, I’ll join you at noon.”


At precisely noon the following day, Professor Blake knocked on Zara’s apartment door. He was more than pleased when her roommate, Christy answered the knock and opened the door for him to come in.

“When is your next class, or should I say, classes?”

“Mine’s at one, Professor Blake,” Christy chirped, and giggled knowingly.

“Three,” was all Zara had to say, but there was a glint in her eye that hadn’t been there before he knocked on the door.

“So, Christy, what did you like about the party last weekend?”

“What makes you think I liked it?” the curly haired blonde shot back.

“You stayed until the end, for one,” Blake answered, and watched her for any give-away signals he might use against her.

Embarrassed by his stare and what she was actually thinking, Christy blushed. “I guess I liked it,” she said after a brief hesitation.

Sensing she had opened the door, Blake pushed on, “You liked it. Liked it enough to stay to the end. From my vantage point — while I was fucking sweet Zara here — I’d say you were pretty damned well turned on by it all. Is it possible, is it remotely conceivable, that you were wishing it was you taking it from behind; taking it from the fellow whose name I picked out of the fishbowl to fuck her after I’d finished with the camera’s still rolling?”

“She told me she came watching us,” Zara volunteered, avoiding the sharp glance Christy gave her.

Dorian smiled, “Did she? Did you, Christy? Did you come just from watching us?”

Christy found herself looking down at the floor. “Christy, I expect an answer. Did you, or didn’t you?”

“Yeah… I told her that,” she reluctantly admitted.

“Would you have liked to switch places with Zara?”

“I… are you crazy?” She couldn’t bring herself to admit to that, no matter how true it was.

“Am I? You’ve admitted what we were doing got you off….”

Christy lost it and turning toward Zara, screamed, “Zara you bitch! You’re a cunt, telling him everything!”

“Hey!” Zara called out, ready to deny the whole thing, but having second thoughts on realizing the professor wouldn’t appreciate her doing so.

Dorian interrupted them, “Let’s cut the crap, girls shall we?”

Both girls gave him their undivided attention.

“There’s another party this Friday with an even bigger audience. Zara’s already in.” This was a surprise to Zara, but she said nothing. “Christy, I want you to participate too.”

“I don’t know….”

“Yes you do. You want in. You want to feel all those eyes on you as you get so fucked you can’t walk straight afterward.”


“Say yes, you know you want too.” Christy shook her head, clearly indicating she did not want to participate.

“Zara, I want you to put your hand down Christy’s sweats. Tell me if she’s wet from all this talk about Friday night.” Christy just stood there while Zara shoved a hand down her sweats and poked around in her cunt. “Very wet, Dorian.”

“Come over here, Christy.”

“I can’t….” But she was already moving toward him. He buried his hand in her bottoms, gave a light tug on her pubic hair and sent a finger into her. Christy sobbed, laid her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes waiting for whatever came next.

“Open sesame,” Dorian cooed in her ear and Christy automatically opened her legs to allow his fingers more leeway between her thighs. When his second finger entered her, she relaxed; there was no use trying to hide her true feelings anymore.

Dorian rubbed her neck with his free hand then he whispered into her ear, “Just show up with Zara, I guarantee you’ll have fun.”

Christy shuddered as his fingers rotated along the walls of her slick vagina.

She tilted her head backwards. She wanted him, right here, right now, on the filthy, stained couch. She squirmed as his finger slid past her clit when he pulled his hand out of her shorts and stood, walking to the door. She sank to the floor, ready to be ankara escort taken.

“I’ll take that as a yes. See you both Friday. I’ll come by and drive you to the party.” He was whistling an aria from Wagner’s Gotterdammerung, his favorite opera, as he walked out the door.

Unable to face her roommate, Christy cried out, “Zara how could you?” and ran to the bathroom, slammed the door and masturbated to a rousing climax.


At five after six that evening, Dorian waved to a smart looking couple as they entered the pub where he sat enjoying a German lager.

Rene’ and Jessie made their way to his table and sat down, Rene’ to his left, Jessie to his right.

“I’m pissed at you Professor,” Jessie said as he ran a hand through his thick brown hair.

“And why would that be?” Dorian inquired, although he knew the reason.

“That special ‘partay’,” Jesse said, putting an emphasis on the second syllable of “party.”

“Special party?” Dorian said feigning ignorance.

Rene’ jumped in. Dorian knew she would. It was as if he had written a play and they were players reciting his lines. “Yes, a very special party. You even filmed it.”

“Where on earth did you hear this?”

“It’s all over the campus,” Rene’ said quickly. It was clear that she was excited and wanted to discuss the event at length. Dorian capitulated, saying, “It wasn’t my ‘partay’, as you put it. It was Zara’s.”

While the couple digested this piece of information, Dorian took the opportunity to examine Rene’. With her long, dark hair and slim figure, Rene’ was easily one of the most attractive women on campus, even if she was almost completely flat chested.

“Is it too much to hope for that … Zara will be having another ‘partay’ soon?”

Dorian felt Rene’s hand on his thigh, and placed his hand on hers, moving it upward some six inches until it touched his rapidly growing erection.

She gave him her biggest smile. He returned it with one of his own. Jesse had no idea what was going on.

“Tell me, Jessie, just what do you think went on at the ‘partay’ as you put it that has the two of you in a dither?”

Rene’ took hold of his cock at this and squeezed. Dorian realized she wouldn’t be doing this if Jesse didn’t want her too. He relaxed and smiled at Jesse.

“Word is you fucked her in front of a small crowd, and then turned her over to Hank Borgous.”

“Did you, Dorian?” Rene’ asked, the innocent expression on her face belying the fact that she was jerking him off.

“Let me ask you a question, Rene’. Were it possible, would you have exchanged places with Zara?”

“What…?” She stammered and released his cock.

“It’s a simple question. Don’t you agree, Jesse?”

“Sure. It is a simple question. I think you should answer the man, René, sweetie.”

“Well… it all sounds so hot… and, I guess I would have.”

“There are certain situations where old René here would fuck like a cat on a hot tin roof,” Jesse laughed.

“Jesse!” she exclaimed, clearly embarrassed by the turn of events.

“I’m glad to hear you say it, René. Jesse, there is another ‘partay’ this Friday. Consider yourself invited. Be sure to bring René, she’ll be one of the featured stars.”

“Damn!” Jesse said. He was awed by the possibilities he saw ahead of them.

Dorian looked over to René. “How about it?”

“Are you totally serious?” she asked, turning to Jesse. Jesse ignored her. “Don’t worry, Dorian, she’ll do it. I promise.”

As Dorian looked back to René, he noticed she had an odd look on her face. “So what do you think? Would you be willing to do it?”

“If he says so,” she replied quietly.


An hour later, René was licking the underside of Jesse’s cock. “Good girl,” he hissed as she did that thing that always drove him crazy. Several minutes later, she took him from her mouth and stroked him as she looked up at him. “You really want me to do it, don’t you?”

“You said you would.”

René edged forward, positioning herself above him, ready to sit on his bobbing erection. “And you know I always will.” She lowered herself onto him, feeling him fill her up. “You know I grabbed his dick like you wanted me too.”

“You’re a good girl, René.”

“So tell me, why does it turn you on so much?”

“I’ve always dreamed of watching you get fucked. I guess I’m just a bit of a voyeur.”

She could see how turned on he was. She lived for that feeling, knowing how much he was enjoying himself, and that she was the one who was giving him that gift. Pumping hard, she slammed his dick deep into her, again and again.

“Then imagine Dorian here now, fucking me, because you’ll be seeing it soon. If that’s what you want, I’ll do it. My body is yours to use as you wish.”

Thrilled by her words, he exploded inside her.


Zara was day dreaming. Actually, she was recalling how she’d met Dorian. Her midterm had been approaching and she had no idea how she was going to pass. English had always been her best subject in high school; but this semester she had worked her ass off to no avail. She knew the reason; it was all his fault. The ‘he’ was Professor Blake, whose voice alone turned Zara into a jittery flustered wet mess. God only knows how many times she had stumbled out of his class and run to the bathroom to masturbate.

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