5 Haziran 2021

Who Dat Girl? Ch. 02

Big Tits

Editor’s Note: “Who Dat Girl?” is the story about our recent trip to New Orleans. In part 1, husband and wife — David and Tia — get frisky on the plane to New Orleans and attract the attention of two hot co-eds.


Erin and Danielle climbed into the back of the Suburban, and David and Tia took the middle seats as the cabbie loaded their bags.

“Where to?” he asked taking his seat behind the wheel and flicking the meter.

“Renaissance Hotel on Common Street, right off Canal,” David responded.

The Iranian cab driver took off like a bat out of hell, and all four passengers grabbed on to something to keep from getting tossed around.

“So,” Tia began, “this is your first time in the Big Easy, huh? You’re in for an eye-opening experience. Where are you from?”

“We go to school at the University of Texas in Austin,” Danielle said. “I’m a sophomore and Erin is a senior. She’s studying art, and I’m pre-med.”

“We’re roommates,” Erin added.

“It sounds like you’ve been to New Orleans a lot,” Danielle said.

“We have this year,” David replied. “I’ve been working on a project in Baton Rouge, which is only about an hour from here. I travel so much in my work, that we get to use frequent flyer miles and hotel points to vacation on a regular basis, and Tia fell in love with N’Orleans.”

“So, what should we do and see?” Erin asked. “We’re a little wary about not knowing our way around.”

“If you’d like, we’d be glad to show you around,” Tia offered, perhaps a little too quickly. “I mean, we don’t want to cramp your style or anything, but if you’d like, we could hit a few of our favorite spots, buy Danielle her first “official” drink, and when you’re ready to go off and do your own thing, you can have at it.”

“Are you sure? Erin asked. “We don’t want to impose any more than we have already, but it would be great to have someone show us around, and we’d love to spend some time with you guys. What do you think Danielle?”

“That’d be awesome!” she said.

“Great, then, it’s settled,” David said. “Why don’t we get checked into the hotel, get freshened up a bit and then meet in the lobby about 6 p.m. How does that sound?”

“Better make it 6:30, honey. There’s something I need to do before we go out,” Tia said.

“Uh, OK,” David replied, not sure exactly what his wife could possibly need to do, but the way she said it made it clear he shouldn’t question it right then.

“6:30 OK?” he asked.

Erin and Danielle both nodded as the cab driver pulled up and the bellhop began unloading the bags.

David got checked in, and turned to the girls who were still talking to the desk clerk.

“We’re in room 1907. Call us if there are any problems; otherwise, we’ll see you in the lobby at 6:30. OK?”

“Great, see you in a bit,” Danielle replied as Erin continued to talk with the clerk.

“My God!” Tia said as the elevator doors closed, “They are gorgeous. I would totally do them both,” she said, shocking David a little.

“I take it you liked them, then?”

“Are you kidding? What’s not to like? Killer bodies, funny, intelligent.”

“You got all that from a 20-minute cab ride, did you?” he teased.

“Fuck you,” she said playfully. “I’m the psychiatrist, mister, and it’s my job to evaluate people quickly and accurately.”

“And it’s your professional opinion, after careful analysis, that given the opportunity, you’d do them both, huh?”

“Yes,” she said in mock seriousness. “That is my professional conclusion, and don’t question me. Remember, I’m a doctor.”

David cracked up laughing just as the door opened on the top floor, and a stodgy old couple looked disapprovingly at them as the exited the elevator.

That made David and Tia laugh even harder as they hunted for their room.

Their suite (thanks to hotel points) had two large rooms, a main living room with a couch, chairs, TV, bar, bathroom and sliding glass door that opened onto a balcony, and the bedroom and master bath that included both a glass-enclosed shower and whirlpool tub. It also had a sliding glass door leading out onto the balcony. The whole suite was about the size of four normal hotel rooms.

“This will do,” deadpanned Tia, as she collapsed on the bed and broke into laughter at her understatement.

David was putting their clothes away, when he asked, “Besides freshening up, what did you need to do?”

“Come here,” Erin said, sitting on the edge of the bed.

He walked over to her.

“Yes?” he said.

“I wanted to properly thank you for the hand you gave me on the plane.”

As she said it, she reached for the buckle on his belt and undid it. Next, she popped the button on his pants and slid the zipper down. She could see him hardening, and she rubbed his shaft through his boxer briefs.

“We don’t have much time,” she said, pushing his pants and underwear down to his ankles, and he stepped out of them.

His lengthening cock was rising up in front of her face, and she pulled him to her and engulfed the head esat escort in her mouth.

He rewarded her with a groan of appreciation, and she cupped his balls with her right hand as her left stroked the shaft.

She felt him continue to grow in her mouth, and she released the head momentarily so that she could lick the underside, paying particular attention to the sensitive area just below the head.

Taking him again in her mouth, she liberally coated his cock with her saliva, which allowed her hand to slide smoothly up and down his rod as her tongue circled the head and teased the opening.

He grasped her head in his hands and began gently thrusting into her face, fucking her firmly but not too deeply. He was already primed from the activity on the plane.

He pulled almost all the way out of her mouth and pushed back in. He repeated that process, going a little deeper each time until the head of his prick was bumping up against her throat.

Tia let him use her mouth, knowing he liked to be in control. As his cock slid in, she would lavish it with her tongue, making sure to keep her teeth away from his sensitive flesh.

She tugged and gently squeezed his balls, then released them and allowed her finger to tease and lightly probe his anus.

That was all it took, and David unleashed his load into her waiting mouth. She swallowed quickly before the next blast came, allowing only a little of it to slip out. She continued to suck on him, drawing out the last drops as his orgasm abated.

She loved how his cock softened in her mouth, well aware that if she continued sucking, he would quickly recover and be ready to go again, but they had to meet Erin and Danielle in a few minutes, and she still needed to freshen up.

She stood and kissed him on the lips, her tongue gently insinuating itself into his mouth.

“That’s just a taste of what’s to come this weekend,” she told him. As he licked his lips, he realized that she meant that both figuratively and literally.


Danielle looked up from between Erin’s thighs, her face glistening with her lover’s juices.

“You’re fantasizing that it’s her licking your pussy right now, aren’t you?” she teased.

Erin groaned, both at being so easy to read, but also that Danielle had stopped what she was doing. “Shut up and tongue-fuck me, you little tease! We have to be downstairs in a minute to meet David and Tia, and I need to cum before we go.”

Danielle, the more submissive of the couple, obeyed, and buried her tongue deep in Erin’s gash. Her fingers caressed the sensitive area between her anus and her vulva as she plunged her tongue in and out. She pressed firmly against Erin’s anus with her thumb, not quite penetrating her, but building the anticipation that she might at any second.

Erin’s nipples were rock hard and protruding through her tank top. She was squeezing both of them with her hands, pushing them together and tweaking her nipples.

Danielle’s tongue traced a path back to her clit, running along the outside of her labia. Placing her lips over the woman’s engorged organ, she sucked hard eliciting a new moan from Erin.

“That’s it, baby! Suck my clit. God you eat pussy so good. Come on, Baby! Do it! Make me cum, please!”

Erin released her breasts and grabbed hold of the bed covers to her side, using them to thrust herself against Danielle’s mouth.

Danielle flicked her tongue lightly around her clit and slipped two fingers into Erin’s gaping hole. She finger-fucked her, teasing her G Spot with each thrust. With knees bent and feet planted on the end of the bed, Erin was able to thrust in time to Danielle’s fingers and tongue and within seconds, she was cuming, her hips bouncing off the bed as she bucked against Danielle, her pussy contracting and pumping out even more juice, which Danielle lapped up.

As her orgasm subsided, Erin’s clit buzzed like electric current was flowing through, and she gently pushed Danielle away because she was just too sensitive to touch.

Danielle smiled up at her from between her legs. “Did that help?” she asked, knowing full well that it did. Erin could get really cranky when she was horny, and Danielle wanted to make sure that she wasn’t cranky on their first night in the French Quarter.

She slid up beside Erin and the taller woman kissed her deeply. Their tongues intertwined and their lips alternated between light delicate caresses and more forceful probing. They kissed for a long time until Danielle pulled away, gasping a little for breath.

“You know I love, you, right?” Erin asked her, her gray eyes staring into Danielle’s startling blue ones.

“Yes,” Danielle smiled, genuinely pleased. “And you know I love you, right?”

“Yes,” Erin replied with assurance.

It was important to Danielle that Erin was convinced of her love. Erin’s life had not been easy. She had suffered abuse, both emotional and sexual, at the hands of some very bad men. She had sworn off men completely, not trusting them to etimesgut escort any great degree, but Danielle was helping to heal those wounds and bringing her to realize that perhaps, all men were not sadistic animals.

“We have GOT to go,” Danielle suddenly said. We’re supposed to meet David and Tia in 10 minutes, and I’ve got cum all over my face.”

“I have a feeling that would only excite our new friends,” Erin laughed.

“I think you’re right, but still … I’m going to go get cleaned up. You’d better freshen up too.”

The two quickly headed for the bathroom, jockeying back and forth for position to use the mirror and the sink. 10 minutes later, they stood side by side to appraise their efforts.

“Better than mere mortals deserve,” Erin said matter of factly.

“I couldn’t agree more,” Danielle said. “Let’s go get to know our new friends and see what the night has in store for us.”

“Who knows,” Erin said, “You might even lose your virginity tonight.”

The look in Danielle’s eyes told her that she was thinking the same thing.


The two girls stepped off the elevator to find David and Tia seated in the lobby talking quietly as they waited.

“Sorry we’re late.” Danielle said, “There was something I realized I had to do too.”

The way she said it made it pretty clear that she knew what Tia had had to do, and that it was very similar to what she had done.

There was a moment of silence, as everyone realized that a line in the sand had been crossed.

“Well,” Erin said to David, “now that we’ve been “done,” are you ready to head out for some more fun?”

There was a brief pause, and then everyone broke into laughter.

“So, where are we off to,” Erin asked.

“We thought we’d start at Tropical Isle,” Tia replied. “We’ve both been craving a Hand Grenade, and we want to see if one of our favorite bands is playing tonight.”

“What’s in a Hand Grenade?” Danielle asked.

“The recipe’s secret,” David said, “but we know it has melon liqueur in it and a bunch of other alcohol. One will make you feel pretty good, and two can knock you on your butt.”

“I’ll have three, then!” Erin said, laughing.

“I think I’m going to like this girl,” Tia said, linking her arm in Erin’s and pulling her toward the door. “Come on, let’s hit the Quarter.”

David and Danielle watched them head toward the door.

David offered her his arm. “Shall we join them?”

“I think we’d better,” she said. “No telling how much trouble they’ll get into if we aren’t there,” she said with a wink.

They walked a block to Canal Street and crossed over to Bourbon Street where what appeared to be 20 members of a high school marching band were belting out jazz. A group of people had stopped to enjoy the performance.

The two couples pushed on through, Tia definitely on a mission to throw herself on a Hand Grenade.

Erin and Danielle’s eyes were wide open and their mouths gaped at the sights and sounds. One of the first businesses they passed was a strip club/sex shop with dildos, garter belts and leather in full display, not to mention the scantily clad woman in the doorway trying to lure people into the club with her siren call.

“Man, and I thought Austin was over the top,” Danielle said.

“Yeah, we’re definitely not in Kansas anymore, Toto,” Erin responded.

They continued down the street, which was crowded with many of the people decked out in purple and gold, the color of Louisiana State University. The No. 1-ranked Tigers were taking on the No. 2-ranked Crimson Tide of Alabama on Saturday, and it promised to be a crazy weekend in the Quarter.

Erin and Danielle’s eyes swept back and forth, trying desperately to take in all that they could see and hear.

Danielle’s head swiveled as a fat guy wearing cowboy boots, short shorts, garters and a bra (without shirt) passed by, and she almost missed the guy painted entirely silver, including his long beard, who was reclining motionless against a box with a long penis-shaped balloon extending from his crotch.

Erin couldn’t keep from laughing at the site. “Oh My God! This place is off the charts!”

David and Tia had seen it all before, so they were actually having more fun watching Danielle and Erin’s reactions.

Neon and loud music emanated from the bars they passed. Classic rock flowed seamlessly into jazz, which morphed into hip-hop.

Danielle and Erin were experiencing sensory overload.

“Ooh, what’s that smell?” Danielle asked, her nose wrinkling up as they passed by an alley.

“That’s N’Orleans, honey. This city has definitely been “lived” in,” Tia said. “Don’t worry. A drink will help.”

“Does it mask the smell?” Danielle asked, somewhat naively.

“No, it just makes you not care anymore,” Tia said with a laugh.

“Then I need a drink ASAP,” Erin joined in, “because that smelled awful.”

They all laughed.

“We’re almost there,” David said.

A block further down Bourbon Street, ankara escort they finally arrived at the corner establishment adorned with signs reading “Home of the world-famous Hand Grenade – the strongest drink in the French Quarter.”

The walls were painted green, and there had been some attempt at a tropical theme, but basically, it was just a bar.

In the center, an elevated stage, empty at the moment, rose up behind the bartenders and a surprisingly sophisticated lighting system cast pinpricks of dancing light over the patrons, who couldn’t care less.

The four captured stools at the bar, and David ordered four Hand Grenades from the male bartender with the cockeyed ball cap and sparse beard.

“I’m going to need to see some ID,” he said, and David began to reach for his wallet.

“Not you, man,” he said with a smile, “just the ladies.”

Chagrinned, David replied, “Dude! That is so going to cost you when it comes to the tip.”

The girls all started laughing at David’s expense, but he didn’t really mind.

Danielle proudly handed over her ID, and Facial Hair stared at it a little longer than normal, and David could tell he was trying to do the math in his head.

“Hey, today’s your birthday!” he said.

“Yep,” she replied, “and this is going to be my first “legal” drink since I turned 21.”

“You picked the right place and the right drink to start,” he said, “and since it’s your birthday, all of your drinks are on me tonight.”

“You might come to regret that offer,” Erin said, drawing an elbow from Danielle.

“Oh, do we have a party girl here?” he asked.

“Definitely,” Erin replied.

“Well, then, how ’bout we say the first four are on me. If you can drink more than four Hand Grenades without falling flat on your face, you’ll be a better ‘man’ than every guy in here.”

“That shouldn’t be too hard,” Erin said a little too caustically. Danielle shot her a look, and Erin grinned sheepishly, “present company excluded, of course.”

Erin saw Tia watching her, a touch of concern in her eyes, but she quickly masked it and put her arm around both women. “Tonight, it’s all about having fun. No worries, no cares. Just let loose.”

“Good plan,” Danielle said, giving Erin and understanding nod.

Facial Hair returned with four Hand Grenades in their signature custom plastic green container. The bottom was shaped like a hand grenade (what else?) that extended up into a long thin neck, making the whole thing about 18-inches tall. On top of the thin crunchy ice floated a tiny plastic hand grenade that was totally useless and could be found littering the streets of the French Quarter. A long straw protruded from the top of the drink.

David and Tia took a long pull from their drinks, as the girls sampled theirs for the first time.

“Oooooh,” Danielle said, “I like it … A LOT!”

“Holy crap,” Erin added. “What’s in these things?”

“Sorry, Ladies. That’s a secret,” Facial Hair said. “I guarantee you, though, that before the night is over, you won’t even care.”

“If this thing is half as potent as it seems,” Erin said, “they should change the name to the ‘Leg Spreader.’ “

“I don’t know,” David replied. “That might keep guys from ordering them,” and they all laughed, agreeing that he was probably right.

Tia raised her glass. “Happy birthday, Danielle. We’re really glad that we are getting to spend it with you tonight.”

They all joined her toast and Danielle smiled in appreciation.

The four were halfway through their first drink when the band took the stage.

“Whoooohooooo,” Tia yelled when she saw it was the band she’d hoped for. She didn’t even know their names, but they seemed to play regularly at Tropical Isle, and they always played her requests. Plus, she liked the way the lead singer and drummer flirted with her.

They mostly played classic soft rock and beach music, but they’d throw in a little country and even an occasional popular tune. Tia noted that they had a pretty young woman singing with them tonight.

As the band worked through their first set, the four young people got to know each other better, laughing and kidding as if they had been friends forever.

Tia inserted a song request and a $5 bill into the canister and slipped it into the pneumatic tube. Tropical Isle had an ingenious way to pass song requests to the band on the elevated stage. The pneumatic tube, like you would see in at a bank, shot the request up the tube that traveled overhead and deposited next to the lead guitarist.

Tia watched him pull the money out along with the request, and saw the grin spread across his face when he read the song she wanted to hear.

He turned to his band mates and whispered, and they grinned too.

The lead singer turned to the mic and said, “Well, we may be taking our lives into our own hands by doing this next request, but it did come with a $5 bill attached to, so we’re going to risk it. I just want to say, though, before we sing this song, GEAUX TIGERS!!”

As the loyal LSU fans cheered in agreement, the guitarist strummed the first extremely distinctive chords of “Sweet Home Alabama,” and the cheers quickly turned to boos, but they were good-natured.

When Erin heard the chords, she let out a Rebel yell. “Turn it up!”

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