1 Haziran 2021

We Finally Meet Ch. 01


Long distance relationships don’t work. They never work. So how did I know that this one would? Fate? Destiny? They seem like such wishy washy words but the truth of the matter is that I can’t discount their power completely. Wouldn’t denying fate be tempting fate?

“What are the odds? What are the chances?” Yet here we are, up to our hairlines in coincidences and commonalities and head over heels, ass over tea kettle.

My sister says that my heart put out a cosmic call for what it needed. She seems to be in touch with the cosmos, maybe there’s some truth there.

For the record, I fought it. I hadn’t been (knowingly) looking for anything, but ever curious… and there he was. So familiar. Spooky familiar. Did I mention that we met on an online short story site?

I had erected all sorts of hurdles – He’s probably too short, his voice is probably squeeky, he’s probably riddled with bad habits and on and on. All of those were cleared with ease – dammit!

Of course the obvious hurdles, we live in different countries, oh and we’re both married. Not hurdles to be cleared without breaking stride. If at all.

So he’s way over there, unhappily married and I am way over here with whacking great holes in my marriage – arterial wounds. How many years have I been applying pressure? My hands are numb. My heart is numb. Of course things are getting a little messy, arterial wounds are like that.

So we’ve perhaps side stepped the ‘married’ hurdle, (is that cheating? yea, I know) and we’re left with the ‘impossibly far apart’ hurdle.

As luck (fate? destiny?) would have it, he’s going to be in the area (just a few states away) for a 6 month stint in a matter of days – 168 I think the current count is.

When his written word and canlı bahis his voice ignite me like the ‘on’ switch of HAARP and with the equivalent mega watts – 168 days is a very long time to wait. Painfully long.

This is me not waiting –

I love the way you answer your phone at work, a blur of title and location punctuated with your name.

“Hey.” I’m smiling. “Can you talk?”

“Hey you! Of course, just about to head out for lunch. How was your weekend?” your voice is warm and relaxed. Your office must be empty.

“Horrible. Yours?” I know the answer. Our weekends are always long and painful without any contact.

You laugh. I laugh. “I missed you” you tell me and I can hear it in your voice.

“I’ve missed you too. How many days now?” I ask

“Um, 168 I believe. Not long now!” you answer ending with both of us laughing.

“I don’t think I can wait. I know I can’t” I moan.

“No, I know. Me neither.” You pause, “what do you mean can’t?”

“I can’t. Its too long. I can’t take it. I’m going to die of frustration and dehydration.”

“Wet already? Its only…”

“Yea, I know.” I interrupt. “As soon as you answered your phone. Its the Welsh accent.” We both laugh. “I’m going to leave a little ‘watermark’ in this rental car”

You’re quiet. I’m smiling.

“Rental car?” you ask finally.

“Well yes. Too far to walk.” I’m enjoying this.

“What are you on about?”

I glance at the car’s clock. “Lunch time isn’t it? What are you going to have for lunch today?”

“I don’t know yet, tuna and mayo sandwich? Maybe. Why are you in a rental car?”

“Wrong.” I’m swallowing a giggle.

“Wrong?” You’re being so patient with me, I want to laugh.

“Wrong. You’re having me for lunch and a bahis siteleri packet of pickled onion crisps if you’re good.”

“Mmmmmmmmm. I love pickled onion flavored crisps” you tease and we laugh. “What are you up to?”

“I’m starving for you. I’m buzzing, squirming. I’m a little jet lagged,” a giggle escapes “and I’m parked across the street from your gate.”

“What the fuck?!”

“I know! They wouldn’t let me in, bloody bastards! Hurry up, you only have an hour for lunch.”

The line abruptly goes dead. I wonder if you’ve collapsed but my cell chirps with your mobile ID. Your voice isn’t even, I can hear that you’re walking quickly.

“I’m outside. You better not be taking the piss!”

I see you. I think its you – a guy marching in my direction a cell held to his ear. It is you. I can barely speak. “Red Peugeot”

You stop and your head turns towards me and you spot the red car “Fuck me!”

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Yes please.”

I can’t tell if its nerves or sheer excitement making me shiver. I slide out of the car to meet you as you cross the street my bare legs sticking to the leather as I turn. I’m saving the seamed stockings for later, my smile widens with thoughts of those plans.

I like the way this skirt moves when I walk, shifting in a fluttery pattern mid thigh. In this morning’s warm breeze it had a mind of its own, trying to expose lace and intentions. My white top clung and accented and did nothing to hide my excitement.

Of course I was completely oblivious to what my clothes were doing, how I looked. You were a mere few feet away, not 900 days, not miles and miles.

You step into my arms and your hands push my hair behind my shoulders and tilt my face to yours. Your lips touch mine and I try to bahis şirketleri pull you closer but you’re already pressed tightly against me and you smash my opening mouth with yours. My knees give a little as I taste you, as my tongue meets yours – it seems they’ve know each other forever as well.

My back is now supported by the car, my leg is between yours and your thigh is rubbing me, must be leaving a wet patch on your uniform – a fleeting thought as we continue to explore each other’s mouths.

You straighten and look into my eyes smiling “Hey you” I want to kiss you again but you don’t let me. “I can’t believe you’re here”

“I know!” I’m smiling. “But I have to go in a minute.” Your eyebrows twitched slightly. “Wanna come?” We both laugh.

“Where?” you ask.

I open the driver’s door and bend at my waist reaching into the center console. My skirt is very high on the backs of my legs and I pretend to search a little longer just for you.

I feel your hand graze my wet lace as you step closer and a finger slips beneath. I moan and move against your touch. I nearly bump my head while straightening out of the car but you guide me out and turn me to face you.

“You need seeing to” you touch my lips with your wet finger and I suck it into my mouth.

“I do,” I agree reluctantly removing your finger. ‘Very badly.” I dangle a key with a plastic numbered fob in your face. “So do you.” My hand drifts over the straining fabric of your pants. “Will you drive? I don’t think I could, I’m in a bit of a state”

I hand you the car keys and proceed to sit in the driver’s seat somewhat shocked by the appearance of the steering wheel. You laugh at me. I adore your laugh.

“You see?” I tell you as you walk me around to the other side of the car. “I’d be driving on the wrong side of the road as well.”

“How the hell did you make it over here in one piece?”

“Easy. I just listened to her…” I indicated the Garmin “and stomped on that pedal.”

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