10 Şubat 2021

Three’s a Circle, Not a Triangle Ch. 09


William and Liz masturbate while watching Susan stripping off her clothes and masturbating.

“Veronica. Veronica. Veronica.”

As soon as he said her name, he was filled with a sexual excitement that he hasn’t felt in years. Now that he’s not having sex with Liz anymore, he wouldn’t mind having sex with Veronica again. He’d love for her to suck his cock again before making love to her again. With Ronnie sharing his bed every night for years and having grown accustomed to having her there with him in the dark, he couldn’t sleep without feeling her next to him. It was so comforting to know that she was always there ready and willing to have sex with him whenever and wherever he wanted. His closeted secret, he remembered all the times she sucked him and all the times he fucked her. His fantasy woman for years while coming of age, without a doubt, she helped him become a man when he was alone in his college dorm room.

The one behind all of his sexiest dreams back then, she helped him ease and erase the horniness that plagued him as if his sexual frustration was a dastardly disease that poisoned his thoughts enough to make it impossible for him to concentrate on his studies. Not proud of it now and feeling more than guilty that he used her for his own selfishly sexual reasons, indeed he used Veronica as his erotic medicine to relieve and eliminate his always present horniness when all that he could think of was sex instead of his studies. If it wasn’t for her, he never would have graduated summa cum laude with emphasis on the cum loudly. If it wasn’t for Ronnie there with him every night and day helping him to study while he read out loud to her for him to learn and memorize the material he needed to ace the tests, he would have not only been so horny but also so lonely. Confessing all of his secrets to her, she knew more about him than anyone.

With her facial expression always happy to see him and her mouth gaping open as if surprised to see how big his cock is, tall and shapely, she was so stunningly beautiful. Always giving him the special attention that he needed, her eyes never looked away from him. The center of his world, she made him feel so special and he was honored to not only have her in his life but also to have sex with her. A time when he had few friends, she was not only his best friend but also his lover. Definitely, if his mother knew that he was having sex night and day with Veronica, she’d never approve.

Yet, no one knew about Veronica. She was his closeted secret, the skeleton that he kept hidden in the closet. If only his mother knew that, instead of thinking of Ronnie when having sex with her, he thought of her, his mother, she’d be humiliated. She’d be outraged. She’d be deeply offended that her son wanted to have sex with her naked body.

Nonetheless his mother’s disapproval of his sometimes perverse behavior, especially whenever he was around her alone, he was always flashing her his cock while making it appear accidental. Sexually enamored with his mother, when he wasn’t flashing her his cock, he was always trying to steal up skirts peeks of her panties and up nightgown peeks of her pussy. When up skirts and up nightgowns were available, he was always stealing down blouse peeks of his mother’s bra and cleavage and down nightgown views of his mother’s tits and nipples, especially when she was only wearing her sheer nightgown. Whatever he saw of his mother, he used as fodder to masturbate over imagining having sex with her naked body while in his room.

After having seen so much of his mother’s body while imagining even more, he thought of his mother whenever Ronnie sucked his cock and whenever he made love to her. If only his mother knew that he wished it was her naked body he was holding, her tits he was feeling, and mouth and pussy that he was ejaculating in, she’d have his head examined. He wished his mother was in his dorm room bed instead of Veronica. Even now, although his mother has been dead for years, he still thinks of having sex with her when masturbating. She’s the woman he thought of and not Ronnie.

Ten years before he met Liz, he would have gone mad had it not been for Veronica always being there willing and ready to give him the sexual pleasure that he wanted, needed, and had to have to complete his studies. Too sidetrack with sex and all things sexual, if it wasn’t for Veronica keeping him balanced and maintaining his focus on school, he may have dropped out of college and never enjoyed the successful career he’s had as a top attorney. Without a doubt, he owes a lot of his success to Veronica.

“Veronica, Veronica, Veronica. I love you Ronnie.”

Even though he used her, he never abused her. She meant too much to him to not treat her with respect. He was always careful to show her his love and appreciation for all that she did to help him focus on school. After sexually using her, when he was done with her, he took great pleasure in bathing her. He loved washing her naked body. He cherished his bath times with bahis firmaları Veronica. Even though his bath times with her was fun, bathing her somehow always turned sexual. She was always very naughty as soon as she was in the bathtub with him naked. A time when he was able to have sex three, four, and five times daily, definitely his equal sexually, Veronica never said no.

It’s been years since he played with and had sex with Veronica, not since his college days. Hoping she was still available and hoping he didn’t throw her in the trash when he was cleaning out the garage to fit his new car, the next day, he went out to the garage to look for her. Determined to find her as if she was an old girlfriend and hidden treasure and she was, if she wasn’t in the garage, then she may be down in the basement or up in the attic. Wherever she was hiding, he was determined to find her. Just because she’s not human, a blowup doll that had given him so much pleasure doesn’t deserve to be hidden in a box and forgotten forever. Maybe now that his little masturbating secret is out with Susan’s public display of stripping naked before masturbating herself, he can finally bring Veronica to the forefront where she belongs.

Digging through all of the old boxes stacked in the far recesses of the garage, he found her boxed away in the corner of the garage with the spiders and cobwebs and with her name prominently displayed on the box in big, red capital letters, VERONICA. He rescued her from her arachnid nest to a fate more deserving with all the sexual pleasure she has given him. He brought her up to his bedroom/office, unboxed her limped but cherished, rubberized body, and blew her up to the firmness of his blowup bed when using it for camping, which he hasn’t done in years either. Only, not as young and in shape as he used to be, in the way he was after having hot sex with Liz, by the time he finished blowing up Veronica, he was out of breath, sweating, and dizzy. That night, excited for them to meet after not introducing her to anyone, he’d introduce Susan to his beloved Veronica. No doubt, she’ll be so jealous of his blowup doll that she’ll wish that she was Veronica and in his room with him.

With not even Liz knowing that he had a blowup doll and specifically one named Veronica, he kept her as his sexy secret for more than four decades. Feeling a bit like Dudley Moore in Foul Play when he played against Goldie Hawn and accidentally exposed his wardrobe full of sex toys to her, William was intent on introducing Susan to Veronica. Curious for her reaction, he hoped that he wasn’t about to ruin their budding erotic relationship of exhibitionism, voyeurism, and masturbation, when he showed her all the things he’d do to Veronica. If he hoped for anything, he hoped to make her jealous and to make her wish that she was in his office with him.

First things first, before introducing Susan to Veronica and showing her all the things that he’d love to do to her naked body, he needed to watch her sexy show of stripping of her clothes and parading around her room naked, before getting in bed to masturbate. A sexy sight he never tired of watching, he love watching sexy Susan undressing. Then, hoping to break her focus while she masturbated herself, he couldn’t wait to surprise her with voluptuous Veronica. He wondered her reaction. Just as he’s loved her sexy show, he wondered if she’d enjoy his sexy show.

Done brushing her long, blonde, beautiful hair while sitting at her vanity table naked, he watched her stand and retrieve two handfuls of her masturbation toys before climbing on her bed in the way he imagined her climbing on top of him. Walking toward her bed, every time she walked towards her bedroom windows naked, with her body moving in sections, ass, tits, and pussy, slowly walking closer, he imagined her walking to him. With her round, naked ass poised in the air while trying to get comfortable, he so wished he was in the room with her. Seeing her exposed pussy in the light before she fluffed her pillows and moved to her back, she was such a sexy sight to behold while watching her getting in bed.

Readying himself for his nightly show of masturbation while waiting for Susan to mount her bed, as he’s done all of the other evenings before, he unzipped himself and pulled out his cock to stroke himself to a nice erection before turning on his office light to strip naked. In the way that he always thought of having sex with his mother when with Veronica, he never thought of having sex with his mother while watching Susan strip naked and masturbate herself. With her nightly masturbation show now in progress, Susan was already on her bed naked and touching and playing with herself with toy after toy.

He watched her feeling, fondling, and caressing her big breasts in the way he wished he could. Pulling them, turning them, and twisting them, he watched her finger her nipples before she put a vibrator to them to make them even harder and more erect. He watched her rub her clit and finger fuck kaçak iddaa her pussy before she replaced her finger with a vibrator and replaced her vibrator with a dildo. Swapping one dildo for the preference of another, he watched her lick and suck her pussy juices from her dildo to take her imagined prick in her mouth and suck it in the way that he imagined her sucking him.

“I can’t wait for her to meet Veronica. Wait until she sees Veronica,” he said. “She’ll be so jealous that I have a toy that she doesn’t have.”

Always keeping her hidden in his closet when he wasn’t using her, never showing Veronica to anyone before, he picked Veronica up off the floor and paraded her back and forth across his office window as if he was dancing with her on Dancing with the Stars. Then, bending and positioning her rubber body to her knees, he gently placed his beloved Veronica in front of his erect cock. In the way he used to think of his mother sucking his cock when he was an 18-year-old college freshman, he now thought of Susan giving him oral pleasure. With a hand behind her ingrained, rubber, black hair, he impaled her always opened mouth with his erect prick and pretended that she was blowing him and sucking his cock in the way that Susan had just been licking and sucking her dildo. The familiar feel of latex, albeit mixed with the musty odor of being in the garage too long, thinking of her in the way that Robert Cummings, no doubt, must have thought of his Living Doll, Rhoda, played by Julie Newmar fifty years ago, he remembered all the lonely and horny nights his rubber doll kept him sexual company.

In the way he wished he was doing with Susan now in her bedroom, he humped her mouth and fucked her face. Giving her a real, sexy show, he continued making oral love to Veronica while wishing he was making oral love to Susan. Even though she was right across the street from his house naked, he’d give anything for Susan to be on her knees in front of him sucking his cock instead of her being on her bed masturbating her pussy. Definitely, he’d trade his rubber doll for Susan, his imagined living doll.

He stared across the street at Susan’s naked body while she touched herself, felt, fondled, and caressed her tits and massaged her pussy with her vibrator and fucking her pussy with her dildo. Looking as if she was about to have an orgasm, she turned her head to watch him with his blowup doll. William was excited that after all of these years he was finally able to show someone his sexual secret of him having Veronica in his life. He just hoped that she wouldn’t be offended and think of him as the obvious pervert that he is.

Only, not one to be outdone, surprising him by upping the ante, Susan interrupted her sexy masturbation show. She climbed off her bed and walked to her closet and, before opening her closet door, she turned to watch him with Veronica. He was really giving her a show now. Humping her mouth, he was nearly ready to cum. Only, he stopped while wondering what she was doing to disrupt her nightly masturbation show. He watched her open her closet door and pull out a box. He couldn’t imagine what was in the box, more vibratos and dildos, no doubt. She had so very many toys after all. Then, as if pulling out something from the future or as if she were a magician pulling out her male assistant from a magic box that held his contorted, deflated body, she pulled out her own rubber man.

“Wow! Look at him. He looks so frigging real. If I didn’t see her pulling him out of a box, I’d think there was a man in her room with her.”

Way better than his sexy, sexual toy and putting Veronica to shame, what took him twenty minutes to fill her with air, with just a push of a button, took only mere seconds. In an instant, she unleashed an anatomically correct blowup doll of man. With hair on his head, pubic hair around his cock, and a hard erection that any male human would be happy to have, as soon as he saw her blowup doll, Veronica sprung a leak and deflated. He looked down at her limp, wrinkled, 42-year-old, rubber body before looking over at Susan with her new, super, deluxe blowup man standing so proud and ready.

“Wow! This woman is amazing.”

Completely resplendent with all of the extra cost options, her doll even had an ass opening, something that he wished Veronica had. He wished he could have fucked Veronica up the ass while hanging on to her big, latex, pointy tits. Once again, he was jealous of Susan’s sexually adventurous side not only to have so very many sexual toys but also to have the better male version of his blowup doll. Just no way, he couldn’t compete with her. All that he could do was to enjoy her nightly striptease and masturbation show while giving her a view of him stroking his prick. As it was for him, perhaps watching him stroking his cock to her playing with herself was enough for her. Certainly, it was enough for him to watch her strip off her clothes, to see her naked, and to watch her masturbate, that is, until he imagined having sex with kaçak bahis Susan in his bed or until she invited him in hers.

Now giving him the show with her blowup doll that he wished he could have given her with Veronica as reciprocation for all the times he watched her strip naked and masturbate with her toys, he watched Susan with her rubber man sucking him and fucking him while looking over and smiling at him and at Liz. She was such a sexy tease. Maybe she isn’t lesbian after all. If she was lesbian, wouldn’t she have a female blowup doll instead of a male blowup doll? Yet, if she was lesbian, she’d never have sex with a man, especially with all the men she’s sucked and fucked in her porn movies. Maybe having sex is just a job to her. Maybe she’s bi-sexual. Definitely by all the sex she’s had with women in her porn movies, if she’s not lesbian, she must be bi-sexual to have sex with other women.

He wished she was sucking and fucking him instead of sucking and fucking her rubber man. Jealous of that big, silicone bag of air, he wished he was in bed with her instead. He wondered if she named her blowup doll in the way that he named his blowup doll Veronica. Too creative not to name her doll, no doubt, she did. Maybe she named him after one of her co-stars, Biff Jerky or Lance Johncox, or Dick Hardon. He wished he could be in one of her movies in a starring role, a role where he had hot sex with her. Forever recorded on DVD, he’d love to watch his movie role with her over and again while masturbating.

Becoming a little bored with their nightly masturbation game, something he never thought he’d be, he wondered what Liz was doing to get Susan’s attention. Who knows? In the way that he kept his secret for decades, maybe Liz has a blowup doll of her own that he never knew she had. Now, after all these sexless years, he wondered if she had been faithful to him in the way he’s always been faithful to her. Maybe Liz is more of a sexpot than he ever knew. Perhaps with her hairdresser, her personal trainer, her tennis pro, or some other young man she met while shopping for shoes and flashing him her panties in purposeful up skirt views, he wondered if she had a lover.

Just the thought of Liz flashing her panties in the way she used to do with him when he accompanied her to the mall, especially to buy shoes and boots a size too small, was so erotically exciting. Just the thought of Liz having sex with another man excited him as if she did have a lover. With him pleasuring her and her pleasuring him, he wished he could watch her sucking and fucking another man. Now with his wife hopefully having sex with their new neighbor, the porn star, there’s a movie that he’d watch over again while masturbating.

Willing to have sex anywhere and anytime, Liz was such a sexpot when she was younger but, with the hormones freely flowing, everyone was sexier and hornier in their youth. She was so very pretty and still is so very beautiful, especially for a 60-year-old woman. Now with swollen ankles, painful knees, bad hips, bum backs, and sore shoulders, feet, and neck, pain medication replaced condoms, lubrication crème, sex toys, excess amounts of alcohol, and naked pool parties. He missed those days of sexy, naked foolishness.

Alas, with the advent of old age, their sexual adventurous side had been dead and buried for years, that is, until Susan moved in across the street to rejuvenate their libidos by making them temporarily forget their pain with her nightly striptease and masturbation show. As if receiving a shot of adrenaline, a dose of testosterone, or a sudden increase to his human growth hormones, watching her stripping naked and masturbating made him feel younger and sexually vital again. Wishing he was forty-years-old again, in his ten years of gradually deteriorating health, Susan was better medicine than any doctor had prescribed.

“Susan, Susan, Susan. I love you Susan,” he chanted over her in the way that he used to chant over Veronica before Liz.

After stripping herself naked and masturbating herself with her windows uncovered and her bedroom light on, while knowing her horny neighbors were watching, he wondered what Susan would do next that she hasn’t already done. As if she already hasn’t done enough by reaching in her bag of sexual surprises with all of her masturbation toys, he wondered what her next step would be. He wondered if he should talk to Liz about Susan’s nightly striptease and masturbation show that they obviously both so enjoyed to see what she thought and if she was as excited over the thoughts of bedding Susan as he was. He wondered if Susan was waiting for him or Liz to approach her and ask her for sex.

Definitely if he were a younger man with more hair and less of a paunch, even being married and with Liz living across the street, he would have asked her for sex already. If he didn’t feel that she’d reject him, he’d ask her for sex but what would someone who looks like her, someone who could have any man, want with him. He wondered if she’d actually have sex with him, a man old enough to be her father. With all the women he’s bedded over the years, before he was married, he could have had a daughter her age somewhere and maybe he did for all that he knew.

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