10 Şubat 2021

The Third Day


This time she didn’t leave a trail of giggles as she ran from his embrace into the bedroom.

It was their third day. On the first day he had penetrated only her mouth and on the second day only her vagina. Both of which she knew were unusually small and delicate. She hadn’t found much pleasure in either activity, or for that matter in the reciprocated oral sex that followed.

He had been both times precise and delicate in the way he folded back her labia with his thumbs and licked the right side of the ridge of her clitoris. Or maybe it had been the left side. Either way, it worked both times, and each time she had felt ashamed as he lapped up her fluids immediately after the orgasm.

Maybe she had been ashamed that he could see the dark shock of pubic hair around her anus and under both cheeks that she often missed when shaving her legs and pubic region in the bathtub. Of course that was no reason to be ashamed. He couldn’t care less. At least he shouldn’t. Still, she didn’t like her undercarriage so exposed.

But this time it was unavoidable. She ran from his firm embrace into the bedroom, burying the side of her face on the pillow and raising her small bottom to the doorway. Down the curve of her spine she ran her delicate fingers until they touched her cheeks. She grasped them firmly and pulled them wide apart, exposing a small puckered anus and a thick perineum that ran down to the wispy petals of her tiny vulva. Her toes hung over the side of the bed and she curled them tightly as she imaged what he would see as his measured footstep approached.

She felt nothing but the throb of her knees poker oyna against the mattress and a coldness against her exposed anus. A tingling sensation crept through her sphincter as she remembered their previous encounters in the bed. He had not been careful with her mouth or vagina in the same way he was with her clitoris.

His breath suddenly hung over her. She pulled her hands off her bottom and wrapped her arms around her head and gently bit down on her narrow bicep. A tingle shot up her spine as she felt his finger touch and then glide up her perineum, pausing in the knot of her anus. His finger disappeared and she suddenly felt his thumbs pulling her cheeks roughly apart. She imagined her anus stretching like a forced smile. But she realized it was still tightly sealed as the bulbous tip of his penis brushed against it. Before she could think, he way halfway inside her. She shrieked and then let out a weak groan through her arms as he forced the last three or four inches into her strained cavity.

She felt his scrotum slap against her perineum and graze her soft vulva, and she remembered how it had also slapped mercilessly against her chin on the first day and then against her perineum on the second day. Both occasions had lasted at least ten minutes until she had felt the final warm fluid trickle across her throat and vagina. She hoped now that this time would not last as long, and she let the mechanical throbbing lull her mind into a haze.

As she dug her fingernails into her forearms she tried to recall her girlfriend’s name, the one who bragged all the time about her positive experiences with sex canlı poker oyna toys. She couldn’t recall the name now and barely the face, and now his penis only felt longer and harder. She felt something tear around the edges, and let out a resigned sob. This would be the last time. She would let him finish, but this was the last time ever between them.

It seemed a lifetime later when he seized her shoulders and gave one final triumphant thrust through her body, pulling her anus tightly against the base of his penis. Through the searing pain she discovered an embarrassing thought. How exactly would she tell him? Her girlfriend had never talked about that part of the experience. Can you hurt a sex toy’s feelings? Of course not. There is nothing to hurt. That is the beauty of it all. Maybe the only beauty of it. Yes, the only beauty of it.

His penis slowly withdrew and a warmth began to fill her veins. She felt even more exposed and naked now as she felt him stare between her open legs. She pleaded to herself that her distended anus would close, but it refused. She felt that he could look through it and into her thoughts.

The curled end of his tongue suddenly found the clitoris hanging between her legs. For a fleeting moment, she had the urge to slam her thighs shut, but his tongue was already lulling that urge to sleep. The faintest traces of an impending orgasm ran through her thighs as she recalled the plastic casket-like box by the bed. It would be an easy enough task to put him back in it, once it was all over. Although she couldn’t just now remember how to power him down.

An orgasm surged through internet casino her and she let out a harsh moan. She lay still on her knees for a minute. Then she began to sit up when he grabbed her waist and plunged a fresh erection into her shocked vagina. This was not part of the routine they had agreed on the first day, but she felt a sense of resignation. At least this time her vagina was mostly unfurled and his penis could only graze her sore cervix.

Her fluids rapidly depleted as he forced himself back and forth through her canal. She felt burning sensations around her stretched lips as the pounding increased. She thought with horror of the carnage she would find between her legs some hours later in the bathtub. When she would raise her defeated groin out of the soapy bathwater and gaze at it in her little round mirror.

He finally relieved himself inside her narrow vagina and let out a small gasp. She imagined he would attack her mouth next. At least nothing would tear. There was still a lump in her throat from gagging relentlessly only days before. But only ten minutes of discomfort and one last taste of his sterile fluid. What exactly is it made of anyway? All that pain to endure for the artificial pleasure of a mindless sex doll. It would almost be humorous if not so brutal. Suddenly the old lonely was nothing. She decided against presenting her face for the moment. Maybe he wouldn’t come up with the idea on his own.

As she lay with her hands around her head, he stood up and slowly grabbed the scanner on bedside table. He bent over her and hesitated, then wiped it across her jet black hair. She fell into a limp pile of limbs over the sheets and he dragged her into his arms. Standing up, he kissed her gently on the forehead. Then he let out a low embarrassed chuckle and stuffed her into her box and shoved it under the bed.

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