1 Haziran 2021

The Platinum Crescent


The Platinum Crescent, a luxurious five star hotel invites only the wealthiest of the city into their arms. As the night drew to a close, the penthouse bar was getting ready to turn in for the night. The glowing candlelight complimented the glamourous brown velvet walls. The soft city lights streamed through the large windows, giving the lingering couples a chance to indulge in romantic views before sneaking away to silk sheets and intoxicating glamour.

Edison bulbs dimly lit the bar area, a long grey marble surface surrounded with plush red chairs. Empty wine glasses lined the mirrored surface, the blonde barwoman wiping away lipstick smudges before loading the dishwasher.

“All I want is your number, babe,” a persistent man slurred.

“And all I want is a dishwasher that works in this place,” she muttered, slamming the door shut. “You’d think they could afford it in a place like this.”

“Come on, I got a room, let’s have some fun, babe-” a sharp glare stopped the man mid-sentence. His bloodshot eyes lingered on the woman’s full breasts as he pulled out a keycard. Her delicate silver necklace was accidently stuck itself in her cleavage. “You’ve been flirting with me all night”

“The name’s Eve,” the woman spat, taking the key card and throwing it back in his face to interrupt his gaze. “And for the third time, I’m not interested.”

All Eve could do was shake her head and try to return to her work. It was something she had become accustomed to in her job. A year of drunken stares and swatting away unwanted hands gave Eve a certain experience she never thought she would need. Usually, it wouldn’t bother her but tonight was different. Frustration levels were high and this man was beginning to prove too unrelenting for her liking.

“Of course…” the man stood, turning sour. He smashed his glass down on the bar and gritted his teeth. “Should’ve figured. Innocent bitch, go get yourself a dick and lighten up. I could’ve made your whole year-“

“I think someone’s had too much here,” came another voice, deep and smooth. “I think it’s time for you to go…”

Eve looked up from her glasses, her big blue eyes as wide as saucers. bahis firmaları The man that had just arrived was towered over her aggressor, his skin deeply tanned. A strong, deceiving grip held the drunk’s shoulder, pulling him away from Eve. His biceps bulged in the sleeves of his black shirt.

“Out,” he growled once more, shoving the drunk out of the way. Once glance at the man was enough to scare him away, scampering out of the bar with nothing more than a few swear words.

“Thanks…” Eve forced a smile. “But I could have handled it.”

“I know,” the stranger said, setting a sleek black motorbike helmet on the bar. Eve wondered what he would look like on a motorbike for a moment. His leather jacket screamed biker but his well-groomed hair and designer stubble made her doubt the image. “I’ve seen you ward off enough of ’em in your time here. A drink for the road?”

Eve raised an eyebrow. “The helmet?”

The man smiled, “Just a coke, love.”

Eve slid the drink down the bar. She searched his face for familiarities but couldn’t find any. “You come here often, then? I’ve never seen you?”

“Isn’t that my line?” he smirked, sipping his drink. “Name’s Damon. I’m usually here for a night cap in the booths.”

That made sense to Eve. The booths were hidden from her view. “I only work night shifts.”

“When all the freaks come out to play,” Damon joked with a low voice. He swirled the glass in his hand, almost as if he was drinking whiskey.

Her light laugh made the hairs on his arms stand up. Coming here was the right decision. All he had to do was stay calm. Cool. They descended back into silence as Eve finished cleaning the bar. Damon couldn’t keep his eyes from the beautiful woman on front of him.

There was a certain hunger that radiated from him. A darkness in the corner of his eye. A demanding presence.

“I’m giving you a ride home, love,” he announced a little roughly, his eyes not meeting hers.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me,” Damon pressed, his eyes fixed on Eve’s wide hips, swaying as she came out from behind the bar.

His jaw was tense. Hard. Locked. He was starting to lose control. kaçak iddaa The situation that he had planned out so carefully was starting to crumble because of a pair of tight, black skinny jeans. He couldn’t help it. All the time Damon spent in the bar, he could only imagine what Eve’s ass looked like. However, nothing could prepare him for her completely slapable perky one. He felt his pants tighten around his sizeable bulge.

Eve raised an eyebrow one more. “I don’t live far. I appreciate the help earlier, but I think I can manage.”

“It’s the bike, isn’t it? You scared, love?” Damon stood up, strategically using his helmet to cover his growing member.

“I am not!” Eve stated. She snatched the helmet from his hands. “I just don’t see how this is gonna prevent a head injury.”

Damon went slightly red as Eve’s eyes lowered to his obvious erection. His motives dawned on her slowly. The outline left nothing to the imagination.

Eve gulped.

“You’d be surprised, love.”

“I don’t think I will be.”

“I’m talking about the bike helmet.”

“O-Ooh,” Eve stuttered, “Yeah, that’s what I thought.”

A small smirk curled itself at the side of Damon’s lips. He rushed forward, seizing the moment as he pushed the woman up against the wall. Their lips crashed down on each others but Damon quickly pulled away.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself-“

“I don’t give a shit.” Eve grabbed his face roughly and pushed her plump lips back into his. He grabbed her hair and yanked it back, leaving a trail of kisses down her neck. “Apparently I need a dick.”

Eve felt his lips mumble with laughter on her collarbone. It sent waves of electricity up her body. Her eyes closed with ecstasy and before she knew it Damon had lifted her onto the bar.

His hands exploring higher up her thighs, a heat dangerously radiated between the two of them. “Let me eat you,” he growled, nails digging in to her jeans.

She whimpered, fumbling to undo her belt. Damon ripped the jeans from her legs, revealing a fairly normal black thong. But to Damon, it was the only thing between him and tasting glory. He pulled it to the side, revealing her kaçak bahis glistening pussy – soaked. He buried his head into her thighs, lapping up every bit of the fluid.

Eve’s eyes rolled back, gripping onto Damon’s dark hair for dear life. Her moans echoed through the empty bar. “Oh!” she screamed in shock, “What the fuck?!”

She looked down to see Damon grinning, holding up her black thong split in two. “Opps,” he chuckled with a devilish grin, “Guess I’ll have to take you shopping..”

“Fuck off,” she growled, pushing his head back down. Her body jolted, a sudden finger pushing into her pussy. She moaned, in unbelievable pleasure as his tongue circled her clit and his fingers squelched as they entered and left her pussy.

He pulled his black shirt off, revealing the most perfect, chiselled chest and abs Eve had ever seen. It took her a minute to compose herself before pulling her own shirt off. The only thing she was wearing was the simple silver necklace resting in her cleavage.

Damon started to fondle her breasts and kiss her neck but Eve pulled at his belt. Too much waiting. “Now,” she demanded. His jeans dropped to the ground along with his boxer briefs.

They were both sweating, their foreheads touching as he thrust his 7 and a half inch dick straight into her. It was excruciating ecstasy. Eve felt herself breaking from the inside out, the shear force almost knocking her off the bar. Damon paused, grabbed his prey and then flipped her over onto her stomach. The cold marble against her nipples made her flinch.

He entered her again, taking her doggy style as she screamed his name over and over again. It was the sound of a door opening and a mop bucket coming into view that sent them over the edge. All at once, they climaxed. Damon grabbed onto her blonde hair, grunting as he pulled out and came all over her pert ass.

“Fuck,” Eve exclaimed, her hair sticking up in every direction. “When I said I need a dick, I didn’t expect you to give me all of that!”

Damon grinned. He handed her a napkin from a near by table and pulled his pants up. Eve wiped the cum away, her eyes focused on his deep V.

“If you’re good I’ll take you back to mine and I’ll give you even more,” Damon chucked Eve his helmet and she caught it, fumbling a bit. Standing stark naked in the middle of the bar, she smirked and put it on her head.

“Let’s go.”

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