3 Haziran 2021

The Night


They had come back to the hotel room. Neither of them knew what to expect. They were both slightly drunk and she had come back to his room to sober up before driving home.

The room was comfortable for a cheap hotel. The covers were soft and turned down, much like what you would find at any motel.

The bed and a single desk were the only furnishings in the room. He looked slightly embarrassed, but she just shrugged and took her shoes off.

The bed was as soft as the covers had led her to believe. She waited patiently as he found the remote. The television was really a pretense they both knew what they wanted had little to do with the flashing screen.

She was determined that he make the first move. To this end she made no more contact than to touch her foot to his. She could feel his heat thru this slight contact and enjoyed the warmth.

Soon they were laughing and chatting. They made jokes about the random documentary he had selected. The foot turned into cuddling. He removed his pants complaining of the heat. Still she ignored any hint of sexuality. He would have to make the first move if he wanted this.

Cuddling turned to rubbing and soon his shirt followed the pants. She faced away from him and lay there spooning. His strong arms held tight around her. She bahis firmaları enjoyed the feeling.

As he turned her towards him she snuggled into his chest. She did reached up and stroked the beard along his cheek. She loved the slightly soft hair and leaned up setting a kiss on his chin.

She lay there continuing to enjoy the feel of his arms around her. That was when he threaded his fingers thru her hair and began to kiss her gentle.

Excited she began to use her tongue with vigor. He had different plans and would only engage her lightly. In frustration she sucked his lip and threaded her fingers thru his hair.

“You like to tease don’t you?”

He smirked and said. “uh huh”

She took her index finger on impulse and ran it under the elastic of his underwear.

“so do I.”

She heard him groan.

It was then he deepened the kiss. She felt his whole tongue surge forward invading her mouth. It was so wide and soft. She could already picture it buried inside her pussy lips. She was dripping wet now.

He ran his hand up under her shirt. In excitement she pulled it off and moved his hand towards her breast. He flicked the nipples gentle and continued to kiss her.

The feel of his large hands cupping her breast made her shiver. She was ready to fuck kaçak iddaa him Into the mattress. Still it was his first move to make. There would be no excuse for this happening.

He cupped her ass in his large hands. She mirrored the action. Finally she removed her pants and he pulled off his underwear.

The covers were thrown off as he came in close to her inner thigh. He began to kiss there ever so gently. She let out a light moan. He moved in suckling on the hood of her clit and lapping gently between her pink pussy lips.

As his large tongue pushed inside her she gasped and writhed. Her hands clutched the sheets and she began to buck her hips. Then his thick fingers replaced his tongue rubbing firmly against her front wall.

Soon she was bucking and releasing a steady stream of liquid. He lapped eagerly continuing to suck her clit. Once his face was coated in her juices he moved onto his for arms and she reached her hands behind his head kissing him solidly.

He seemed prepared to enter her in the missionary position, but she had other ideas. Pushing up she got him on his knees and began kissing down his chest.

Soon she came to his cock and began licking it avidly. He layed on his back giving her better access and him the ability to keep fingering her now tight kaçak bahis dripping pussy. The salty precum started to form and she licked teasingly around the very tip while fondling his balls.

She heard him groan again, his deep voice reverberating down his torso. So she took him all the way to the back of her throat. Simultaneously she began rubbing her finger between his balls and his asshole.

This brought him to full erection and she became desperate to bury his thick cock deep inside her. Still he fingered her as she reached another orgasm clamping down tight on his hand.

As she turned and straddled him he grasped his shaft and lined himself up with her dripping hole. When his tip entered her they both let out a large groan. He stretched her and she slid all the way down him.

His hand shot up hitting the headboard. This vibrated the bed causing her to buck and rotate her hips. She raised up all the way to the tip and began rocking back down in a steady rhythm.

He reached up and grabbed her hips. He sped up the rhythm by driving her down onto him. At the same time he drove his hips up into her faster and faster.

She pushed her breasts together yelling “fuck me, oh god fuck me.”

She could tell he was cumming when his head rolled back and he seemed to grab the headboard for support.

He sprayed inside her with hot cum.

“better” she asked like the cat who got the cream.

In response he rolled her over and pulled out.

“much” he said with a wide grin.

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