9 Şubat 2021

The Librarian Logs Ch. 01


I’ve worked in the library now for a while. It wasn’t really my first job choice but I was tired of busy offices and I liked to read. The little kids get rowdy and the big kids have to be watched, and the adults usually seem to behave, usually.

Yesterday I had one of those unusual experiences with an adult. There were a few college students come in as they usually do in the afternoon. Let me explain something our adult section is primarily fiction with the non-fiction section all the way to the back of the library and real research material is up a tiny set of stairs into an upper alcove that was added sometime a good 100 years after the building was built. This section isn’t easily seen from the library desk. So when students come into the library if someone can keep an eye on them it’s a good thing. Yesterday I couldn’t, it was a rare day that was so busy I couldn’t keep an eye on anything but the desk.

Once the rush was over I sat back in the chair and reclined it back, stretching my arms up and over my head. I wasn’t tired just a little frazzled. Then I caught the sound, I sat for a moment listening to make sure I heard what I thought I heard.

“Mmmmhmmm oh Tommy don’t we shouldnnnn’t, please no, ohhh god, yessss right ohhh mmmmm.” The voice was soft but desperate.

I slowly got up sighing; young exhibitionists are not my favorite people to run off, mainly because I hate knowing other people are having sex when I’m not. I started to follow the moaning, its soft barely audible but in the quiet of the library to me its near screaming. I walked around the corner to the very back row of bookcases I peak around the corner. The young man had his arms wrapped around this girl’s waist and she was bent poker oyna forward leaning against a bookshelf. Her skirt was up over her hips. I couldn’t help but notice how wet she was, the inside of her thighs glistening from her own juices flowing. I just stared for a moment, as I started to clear my throat I heard a voice behind me, scared it could be a patron I spun around to find myself looking into the deepest set of brown eyes I’d ever seen.

“Do you really want to interrupt them?” his voice was soft and controlled. “I…I..have to.” I stammered; I was frustrated. I was just caught watching two kids having sex in my library, and I’m being questioned by god knows who, about what I’m going to do.

“I know you have to, I asked if you wanted to.” His eyes were mesmerizing so dark I couldn’t break away from his glance or I really didn’t want to. I still hadn’t decided.

He didn’t give me enough time to think about my answer. He reached out and took my hand and turned me back towards them. He stepped up behind me his arm now around my waist still holding my hand like some odd dance position.

He softly spoke into my ear, his voice deep and husky, “Look at them, watch them, you know the first sight of them made you all wet already.”

“I have to run them off, it’s my job.” I sighed as I said it, but denied none of his accusations. Yes, the sight of them being carnal in my library made me wet, what of it? Then it occurred to me I’m standing in an aisle with a stranger telling me what to do and his arm wrapped around my waist, and I am enjoying it way too much.

I tried to step away from him. His grip tightened around my waist.

“Who do you think you are?” I whispered, why, I haven’t figured canlı poker oyna out. I should have been yelling at the top of my lungs.

“Just someone enjoying an arousing event with a beautiful woman. Now, go do your job.” His voice was soft then stern, and I couldn’t take offense at him ordering me, when I was still considering the compliment.

I walked around the corner puzzled and nearly forgot why I was there. I cleared my throat.

“Children, this is no place…..” I didn’t have to finish. The skirt was pulled down and he was zipped up both a bit red in the face. I still have yet to figure out if it was from the blushing or the activity itself.

I watched them hustle away and remembered the man and started to look for him. I so wanted to give him a piece of my mind for getting me all worked up, and him a complete stranger. I couldn’t find him and I couldn’t figure out if I was disappointed because I wanted to yell and didn’t get to, or because I wanted to find out how far he’d take things.

The day went rather uneventful from then on. Closing time finally arrived, I locked the door and walked to my car, underneath the windshield wiper was a rose and a note.

“Beautiful lady, forgive an old man for keeping you from your job.” The words were neatly printed across the card.

I held the card and flower in my hand and considered what a freak job this man must be before getting into the drivers seat.

Once home I did what most women do, I thumbed through the mail as I kicked off my shoes. I fed the cat, made dinner, and ate alone while watching television. I got ready for bed then double-checked I locked the door. As I walked by the counter I noticed the rose again, internet casino this started the whole instant reply in my mind.

I tried hard not to think about it, but his words kept echoing in my mind “What do you want to do?” over and over and over. I didn’t want to think about what I wanted to do right then because it was carnal, it was disturbing. I couldn’t help it.

I wanted to drop to my knees in front of her and lick her pussy. I knew what I wanted. Just admitting it to myself made me so wet. This time I didn’t have to fight the urge, this time I could at least satisfy a bit of my hunger.

My hand trailed down my torso slipping beneath the elastic of my panties. I slowly stroked my clit, circling it with my fingertips, gently massaging the bud as it swelled beneath the blissful torment of my fingers. I moaned as I felt the ripple start. I reached into my bedside drawer and pulled out my favorite vibrator.

I moaned louder as I slipped the large phallus like tip into my aching pussy. I shoved it in deep arching my back like I thought I could get it any deeper. I snugged the little clitty extension against my swollen bud and turned it on. I started off very slow stroking the vibe in and out of my sopping cunt. I moaned louder every time the extension touched my tender clit. I turned the vibe up.

I stroked my pussy faster in long full strokes. I pinched my nipples as the waves of pleasure rippled through my body each stroke causing the chill from my clit to my belly button. I moaned louder forgetting that no one was around to hear me. I pinched harder the pleasure intensifying. I stroked faster and faster the waves starting to wash over harder.

I turned the speed up all the way. I held back a scream as the orgasm intensified to its peak. I turned the vibe off but I left it where it was at deep within my pussy. I moaned letting all the muscles in my body relax so I could fall asleep. My dreams filled with strange men that night.

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