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It was 7:15 p.m. and I still sat waiting. Milking the Tanqueray and tonic I had ordered 15 minutes earlier, I realized I was ready for a new one. The time frame in which it sat barely touched combined with the growing heat of the club, as bodies began to quickly fill it to near capacity, the ice in the glass had melted. A warm, non-soothing drink, not to mention watered down, in turn losing it’s alcohol effect, was not what I needed at this moment. Another 15 minutes had passed, and still, no Antonio. While common sense was practically screaming out, informing me I had obviously been stood up, I stayed stationed at my empty table. My eyes, as well as my imagination were certainly making the best out of the situation. After all, I was sitting at the infamous Café Sole’, the “hot spot’ of San Antonio. Not only popular due to it’s being the only trendy club in town, it certainly was no secret that the bartenders in which it employed were by and large the most gorgeous men around! True dessert for the eyes!

By 8:00, I knew I had to accept my fate for the evening. Finishing up the last of 5 drinks, I focused my attention one last time on the hunk of a man, pouring Captain into a beverage glass, topping it off with cola! I certainly refused to go home empty handed. Rather, empty minded. The fantastic visions I had created while sitting patiently through the night, let’s just say, I was determined to end it, with any sort of enjoyment. Though I’d be going home unescorted, my bed empty, I would not be alone in thought!

Just as I sucked out the last drop of my drink, a female voice caught my attention.

“Jewel?” Looking up, I saw Mary and John heading toward my table. While the two were merely what you would call acquaintances, knowing very little of them, I was still somewhat relieved to see any familiar face. At the same time, a part of me, still quite disappointed, was not exactly up for mingling with such a pair. Nice as could be, they both were absolutely adorable, and absolutely in love. Here I sat, alone, having no partner of my own, watching the show of these two cuddle and kiss, making known to all around the love they had for one another. Simply a bitter and blatant reminder as to my loneliness. Nonetheless, I invited them to join me.

We drank, we talked. Of course, being I’d had quite the head start, an alcohol effect clouding my judgement, well, the last 2 weeks of my life were becoming an open book for the duo to read. Talking so fervently about this man I’d met while bartending at the local pub on First Ave. How Antonio’s nationality, half French, half Italian, speaking in a voice so utterly sexy, is what captured my attention. Our first, and only date consisted of conversations relayed mostly through that of the interpreter who accompanied us. yenimahalle escort However, his handsome, dark complected looks, a perfectly shaped muscular physique, combined with that sensual tone, as he spoke in words foreign to me, there was no discomfort, so to speak. I was awestruck, and until this night, I’d believed he felt the same. Apparently, it was merely wishful thinking on my part.

Mary and John’s eyes glimmering with intense interest, I couldn’t stop talking. Not to mention, of course, my drinks coming one after another, each one seemingly stronger, simply helped ease my ability to ramble. After another thirty minutes had passed, my story coming to a close, Mary looked at me with an expression almost sympathetic, yet a hint of excitement.

“You know, Hon, it’s already 8:30. John and I were planning to head to another club. Why don’t you just come with us?”

While I knew almost an hour ago, it was time to give up hope on the site of Antonio walking through the doors, the back of my mind held a slight “maybe”. Now, however, I knew it was definitely time to walk away from that image. Figuring the rest of my night would simply be spent alone, fantasies partnering me up with my vibrator should I go home, I decided I had nothing to lose. Offering to drive, John so gentlemanly opened the doors of his Outback for Mary and I, and off we went.

Two miles down the road, we pull into a parking lot greeting us with a neon sign reading: Club Ex. Though I’d passed this club every night that I’d worked, always wondering what venue it is, I’ve never ventured further than Café Sole’. Trying something “different” was never one of my strong points. Stepping inside, I immediately found, this was most definitely beyond any idea of “different”. To my utter surprise, it was a strip club. And… one not of the ordinary.

Unintentionally, fixating my eyes on the dance stage, I was nearly shocked to see these women, completely unclothed! Though I, myself, had never entered such a club, I at least had the knowledge, or so I thought, that Texas law prohibited strippers from baring all. Either I was simply wrong, or this world I had just entered, took no mind to rules. John led us through the room, seating us at a table, and ordering a double round of shots for each of us.

I almost chuckled at the thought of his apparent intentions. Obviously, thinking with his dick, as it commanded to have the two beautiful ladies sitting at his side, drunk and open to anything erotic. While the viewing of naked women was almost offensive in my mind, most certainly far outside the realm of sexually satisfying to me, the sparkle in his eye kept me silent. Of course, the intoxicating effect that had now started taking over not only my body, but eryaman escort my conservative frame of mind, had play in such a decision.

As the two sat wide eyed, staring at the model shaped figures, moving seductively on stage, my attention was focused on the many lust driven males, absorbing every ounce of eroticism being thrown at them. Many of which, lacking any form of discretion as their hands placed just below table level, arms moving feverishly back and forth, desperately awaiting the pleasure of personal explosion. Still, there were others. Groups of men partying in a birthday celebration, or providing a wake for the man preparing to sign away his life with an “I do”. Then, there were the sophisticated, mature gents, simply there for the sight. Not only for themselves, but as of now, mine as well. They were indeed the distraction I so desperately needed, having just been stood up. However, Mary and John had a mindful diversion of their own.

After we each downed our second Kami shot, John raised his hand, a planned motion and in seconds a beautiful blonde stood over me. Looking away, glaring with confused and somewhat disapproving eyes at the two watching me, I pondered the idea of removing myself from the situation. Having looked back at this gorgeous female, however, her firm breasts level to my view, staring at me, I suddenly felt an urge, one completely unbeknownst to any in which I’d had before. A surprising desire to touch, to be touched. Placing her hands on each of my shoulders, gently pressing my body to the back of the chair, and graciously caressing my arms, she whispered, “Just relax”. A part of me was reminding of the fact that arousal from another female was a feeling that should be forbidden in my mind. Yet, an even stronger, overpowering side of my being, was lighting the path of a new sexuality.

She began dancing, moving her nakedness all around me. Rubbing her breasts against my arms, then turning, she backed her ass into my own breasts, swaying from side to side. Oh, how I wanted to caress the smoothness that was so swiftly turning me on. To grab and pat the bareness of her perfectly rounded bottom. Before I had a chance to move, she pulled away, turned and leaned in to me. Using her hands to brace herself on the back of the chair, falling forward, her hardened nipples grazing the edges of my lips. My tongue wanting to taste, slipped out for a quick flicker of her reddened nub. Again, she pulled away, knowing the teasing was forcing my heart to pound. Moving down, lower, I felt her hands at my knees, pulling my legs apart, opening me wide for her eyes to see.

Starting mid-thigh, I could feel the warm wetness of her tongue through my pants as she glided it higher, her fingers set upon my crotch as she ankara escort began to rub and lick, unflinchingly. My clit began to pulsate as my satiny thongs, grew wetter with each touch. Still caressing my tender muscle with the fingers of one hand, the other made way to my blouse. Feeling cool air seep in as she unbuttoned it, feeling the tips of her fingers inching down, until I soon found my shirt parted. Without hesitation, she yanked the cups down, exposing my breast, my painfully hardened nipples to the outside.

My entire body weakened, my head fell back resting on the chair, as I could feel the covering of moist tender lips. Her tongue flickered feverishly, teeth clenching lightly, nibbling my now sensitive gland. I was almost unable to control the moans as they escaped. Hearing my excitement billow out, she worked harder, grinding her body over her working hand. Sucking, biting, prodding at all parts of my body, I felt the building of sensations, ready to explode. Grabbing firm to her breast, my other hand on top of hers working in sync, a flurry of spasms began to run ramped. She set her head against mine, cheek to cheek, hearing her words, I couldn’t hold back:

“Oh Yes! Yes! I want to hear you cum. I want to feel your warm juices spurt out. I want to feel you erupt with pleasure”.

Molding her crotch against mine, fingers still moving, tempting my throbbing nub. It was the demise of all I had once believed. Closing my eyes, bellowing out one last gasp, “OHH! YES! GOD, YES!! UHH!!” I clenched her nipples, squeezing hard, and with such exotic motion, came the release of my warm fluid. Exhilaratingly flowing out, filling my underwear, seeping through the fabric of my jeans for her to feel. Panting, wiggling by ass as my body sat shaking against hers. Still feeling the gentleness of her hand as she slowed the movement.

She sat up, staring at me with a smile indicative of the ending of my absolutely astounding experience. Removing her hand from my still aching crotch, she placed her forefinger inside her mouth, slowly pulling it out in a suckling motion, then licking it up and down tasting my sweet juices that had soaked through, oozing onto it. Finally, she leaned in, placed her lips against mine, allowing me a taste of my own pleasure. With one last swivel of our tongues, she stood up, winked and walked away complacently.

Her now being out of my view, I glanced around, eyes peering at me from every direction. Realizing that, for the last ten minutes, I had been tunneled into a moment of sheer pleasure, the idea of many around to see had been lost. Yet, I was so tantalizingly satisfied, I didn’t care. In fact, for the last hour of the night, as Mary, John and I continued to drink, conversing so openly of what I had just experienced, many men, having had the pleasure of watching such and exotic sight, were all too happy to approach me. So blatantly disclosing the felicity that had come over them. Never had I thought, a once forbidden indulgence would be the tell all for my distraction. And… the means of many a future pleasure.

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